Gemma: Nearly Twelve - Blonde Hair In Pigtails - Long, Slim Legs
Shelley: Thirteen - Redhead - Tiny, New Breasts
Lucille: Twelve - Long Black Hair - Half Oriental
Helena: Twelve - Twin - Scandinavian Strawberry Blonde
Rikke: Twelve - Twin - Scandinavian Strawberry Blonde


By this time Shelley's red hair was swinging from side to side as she moaned towards the first orgasm of her life. I reached out and stroked my hands around her little ass cheeks, then cruelly twisted and pinched them. Then I switched the direction of the cart - and for good measure gave her hot moaning mouth a couple of deep shaftings.

Next the cart came to a Screen-less area filled with a rack of identical Remote-Control devices. I took one and then the cart began to slowly move on.

The Remote was marked up with several options. I tried pressing a button at random - "BOTH". Suddenly both the vibrators embedded deep in my hot little nieces were buzzing.

I looked again at the Remote, more carefully. "SHOCK" looked interesting. But first I reached forwards and fondled their sexy firm little ass cheeks to bring both girls on more quickly. Soon the constant buzzing was bringing both girls to the brink of cumming, and that was when I pressed "SHOCK" - and saw how the girls trembled and jerked as a quick and painful electric shock ran up between their legs.

The cart then stopped some way from what looked like the exit, which I could see way off as a dot of light.

"EXPAND" looked unusual. I pressed it and both vibrators stopped vibrating. They clicked and whirred - and expanded their diameter by an inch. My little nieces gasped as their hairless little pussy mounds were forced open in front of my eyes to two and a half inches wide!

"THROB" was a new type of vibration, sending a long deep shudder up and down the vibrator instead of a low constant hum. After a few minutes of marveling at the width and the level of stimulation being given, this "Throb" mode seemed to be making them strive for their first orgasms again.

I wasn't going to allow that - so I tried "EXPAND" again. Again a click and a whir. This time the expansion took longer and seemed to go length-wise too. The girls didn't just gasp this time, they screamed. I saw - from just inches away - how their tense tight little pussies were relentlessly forced apart as the diameters grew to three inches of thick red vibrator. Their little hairless mounds virtually disappeared as they were stretched in an o-shape around the huge invaders, until the edges of each vibrator shaft was pressed into and indenting their tender inner thighs. Now the crotch-less area in the silky white leotards was totally filled with the vibrator's width and the stitching of the fabric's seams was straining to tear from the pressure.

They were in deep already, so I tried "PENETRATE" to see what it would do. It seemed to do nothing until I saw a small diagram flashing on the remote. It showed a sharp spiralling Head slowly moving forwards. I reached forward and ran my hands over Shelley and Gemma's split pussy mounds and then traced each bulging vibrator shaft up under the silky fabric of their leotards and tutus and then down into their tight seven-inch waists. Sure enough, I could feel the outline of a three inch wide screw-head working in each hot body, straining to screw and pull each fifteen-inch vibrator deeper inside each girl. There was only one button left to press - "SPLIT". Nothing happened. Then there was a muffled click and a whir - then nothing. Then there were two cracks and suddenly each girl's hips jerked sharply apart by a further inch, the fabric waistbands on their tutu's tore apart at their waists. The impaled vibrators had expanded again inside the girls to an incredible four inches wide, all the way to the spiral Head. Even in the low light I could see clearly the line of each massive vibrator - screw-heads still turning -running up and up into the quivering girls, still pulling deeper into their tiny vibrator-filled waists.

I gave the two moaning preteens a quick "SHOCK" again to make them fully aware how deep the massive dildos were embedded in their frail bodies, and then the cart rumbled and moved off again.


The cart slowed down to pass the three final screens.

The first screen showed a booth marked "Wild Bull Buck", and showed a slim but shapely little girl of about ten, dressed in a see-thru silky pageant dress, made all the more see-thru by some carefully-angled bright spotlights. She was strapped astride the wide leather saddle of a "broncing buck" machine and had her hands tied behind her back.

She tried to twist as she felt something swelling inside both her tiny ass hole and her virgin pussy hole. Picked out in lights on a large board behind her were the shapes of two life-sized wild bulls -and the lit outline of their heavy cocks slowly grew to fill out to a rampant 4" x 12". The broncing machine began to buck the saddle and the girl slowly up and down and around - giving the cheering boys a good view of her from all angles, especially the splitting of her pert little rounded ass cheeks as the broncing machine became wilder, the growing dildos wedged ever more stiffly inside her - the only things holding her to the saddle.

The second screen showed a booth called "Handygirls". Three thirteen year old girls in white panties each had one hand tied behind their back, making their little mini-tits perk up and outwards. With their free hand they were each using their fist to enter the tiny mouth, ass and pussy of a very unwilling virgin girl of about eleven, dressed in a very sexy little skimpy school blouse and tie, pleated mini-mini skirt, white socks and no panties. On their upper arms each older girl had a contact-switch strapped on. Suddenly the older girls started getting electric shocks to their tender little clits - then they had obviously been told that the contact-switches needed to be thrown to stop the torment - and the only way to do that was to go deeper! The little schoolgirl's eyes opened wide as she was suddenly invaded by three fists going deeper than she ever imagined, all desperate to shaft over fifteen inches of thickening forearm into her hot little body.

The third screen showed one of those sexy "bangles, satin and tat" stores for pre-teens. Every pervert - including me - within miles of one was peeking in as he walked past. But one security guard there had got lucky. The neon LCD sign above the store entrance now read "SORRY - WE'VE CLOSED, FOR STAFF TRAINING." A few seconds later the scene switched to the store's interior. The store's lights were down, and a sexy music soundtrack played on all speakers.

The guard had caught two little Phillipinas who were absolutely perfect. Also one tiny red head and three blondes, each of slightly different ages and heights, had fantastic little budding bodies. All had creamy soft, immaculate skin, and all were destined for some severe "staff training".

The Guard had them dressed up in the store's new sexy flimsy silk lingerie for preteens. He had used hair-clips & pins from the shelves on their tiny nipples, while runched silk hair bands had been used as blindfolds. Pointy hairbrush handles had been used to take the blond girls virginities, using Hella hair gel as lube.

He then used scarves and velcro exercise wrist straps to tie the little redhead down onto one of the long stools used for trying on shoes. He had tied her in such a way that her pretty head was over one end, ready for oral. Her thin legs were hauled up and spread wide over the padded seat, her perfect tiny mound straining upwards. First he inserted the long thin spiked heel of a white stilleto shoe between the redhead's hairless pussy lips. Then he had the Fillipina insert her tiny foot into the shoe, and made her stand up on it. The shoe's heel was forced down into the redhead's virginity with all the weight of the little Fillipina on top of it. Already in pain from the hair-clips on her nipples, the redhead's high-pitched screams echoed around the shop. Then the Guard wheeled up a tubular machine, meant for firing tennis-ball at rich little bitches on tennis courts. He took three neon-colored shoe-horns and used them as speculums for the three-inch mouth of the ball machine. Pretty soon he had the redhead stretched enough to force the head of the massive tube into her deflowered pussy. He flicked a switch and th machine whined and then pumped a ball out, embedding it in the girl with a THUMP sound. The next ball forced the first to recoil further in, and after four balls, the little redhead had a series of ball bumps running up from the black metal tube embedded in her mound. The little girl was packed tight to bursting. The Guard then held the tube steady and pumped a final fifth ball into her. With no space left, the balls were forced to violently jerk from side to side to absorb the velocity, forming a controlled explosion which simply tore her pussy apart.


Then - suddenly - the cart was out into a small semi-dark open-air area at the back of the Fair, and there beyond the Fair's rear entrance I could see the Presidential limo was waiting to take me to the airport. I got out of the cart and looked back; the cart and my nieces were already rumbling back inside the tunnel.

The Finishing Fair's services had been expensive, but I had definitely had my money's worth! Let no-one say that the family of the President always gets lenient treatment in punishment!


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