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Back when I was married
My husband would always say,
The best way to stay healthy
is to eat pussy every day.

Everyday he would bring it up
that I should have sex with another girl,
And I know that he resented me
for not giving it a whirl.

He always bugged me about it
everyday of our married life,
How could eating pussy
be something he wanted from his wife?

After 13 years of this shit
I had had quite enough,
I stopped all the things he liked
and even stopped shaving my muff.

Then he finally asked me
why things in the bedroom changed so much,
He had begun to notice that
I even cringed at his touch.

Why did you quit shaving
and stop sucking on my cock?
Lately it seems like
I've been sleeping with a rock.

You never get aggressive
and grab me by the balls,
There's no more spontenaity
and fucking against the walls.

I truely miss making love to you
and all those kinky things we'd try,
Something is really wrong with us
and I'm about to break down and cry.

Was it something that I said or did
that has got you acting this way?
Thats when I told him that his lesbian talk
pisses me off more and more each and every day.

He said that to go through your life
without eating pussy is a waste,
I know that you would like it
if you got just a little taste.

I never once had told him
that I often fantasized bout it,
Wrapping my warm and succulent lips
around a hard and throbbing clit.

Slipping my eager and hungry tongue
into a wet inviting pussy hole,
And my pussy having no more use
for his seven and a half inch pole.

I told him I would try it
but it would surely make him sick,
Because if I have to eat a pussy
then he would have to suck a dick.

He said that there was no fucking way
that he was going to suck on some guys cock,
I told him to drop it then
or continue sleeping with a rock!

It wasn't long after that
that our marriage came to an end,
Because of his constant bugging me
there was no way I would bend.

Three weeks after our divorce
I gave pussy eating a try,
And every since that awesome night
I haven't been with another guy.

Making love with a woman
is oh so much better,
And I can honestly say
That NO man has made me wetter!

What it all boils down to
is that the woman is the boss,
And since he wouldn't quit buggin me
It was his mother fucking loss!

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