This is a true story and one which pisses me off more than anything when I think of what might have been.
I was to marry Tatiana, everything was planned. To this day she still rates the highest on my database of partners. Yes I keep a list and have done for years. I give marks for various things just for kicks (infantile I know). My list of names and quick notes helps me remember the women… the notes really help me when writing my stories and remembering girls. Needless to say Tatiana (not her real name) is still top for every mark.

This is a fucked up story and one that I should really write the screenplay for at some point. I’ll tell an abridged version here, but what you read will only be a tiny portion of the events that occurred with this crazy but beautiful woman and her family.

We met at work. She ran the company store. It was spring time and she wore the most sexy clothes to work. Tight jeans that revealed her perfect ass and crop tops revealing perfect abs. She was Czech too… so had that stunning face to go with the body. She was 5ft 10 with short brown hair. I thought she must be seeing some male model… but later found out she was banging one of the hotter looking guys in our building of some 1000 men.

I ended a relationship with another very sexy girl and heard from Tatiana’s friend that she wanted to date me now I was single. I thought it must be BS so went to see her. True enough, I asked her out and she immediately said yes.

It began wonderfully… a very romantic first date at a cool restaurant and then awesome first night sex at my place. Her body naked was simply to be seen to be believed. Like a catwalk model, indeed she’d done a little catwalk stuff previous to me knowing her.

Things became serious quickly, romantic and sexual. She quickly admitted all manner of wild fantasies, stories of snorting coke and fucking guys in clubs. She was a wild and edgy, but most of it when she was 21 and modeling. We talked of ex partners and things we enjoyed sexually.

One day at her place she told me one thing she’d never done was anal. I told her when she was ready we’d have a fun night exploring that - and I’d be easy with her. She told me she was ready now… stood up and bent over the sofa. She was not only relaxed but eager for it. She had me bang her as hard as I could and put anal porn on while doing so. She was a dream. Thought like a guy, looked like a slice of heaven. She could have been Petra Nemcova’s twin sister (Google her). You can see her picture here wit this article… although it doesn’t do her justice but you’ll get the idea.

She later told me a story of how she thinks she was date raped (drugs) in the ass by an ex boyfriend and his friends… but other than that she’d had no anal before. That was one of many crazy stories that I later found to be par for the course with Tatiana.

We were to be married in a month or two and booked a cruise for the wedding itself. Everyone thought it was quick...but why wouldn’t I sign up for this? She was perfect, if for the occasional weirdness. What guy wouldn’t? Petra Nemcova looks and totally wild sex!

The sex was fulfilling beyond my dreams. We even went to a swing club and fucked in public. We tried banging her best friend but it didn’t happen I’m sorry to say. I took plenty of pictures of us fucking though and have some real classics… just a shame I didn’t film it as I thought I’d always have her to look at!

As she was stunning I was a little nervous of other guys, not normally my style. I suspected the odd thing, but couldn’t put a finger on it and never really thought she was cheating. We had a holiday in Ibiza and she flirted with every hot guy we met though. Sometimes I’d take a pee and she’d be surrounded by guys when I came back. Not a nice feeling in some ways… and a little worrying because although we were in love, she really thought like a bloke and you knew she might be fucking someone when you popped out for bread.

Then a crazy set of circumstances unrolled. I was sick… at home and got a call to say I was laid off. But we worked together at the company! I was devastated as the job was perfect too… so I went out for a walk. While I was out walking she obviously came home to see if I was ok. When I got back a few hours later… she’d been there with a truck and moved out! WHAT?!?!?

To cut a long story short she got scared because of money and moved back in with me again the next day. Then she decided to leave the job as she was upset the company would get rid of me when they knew we were about to marry. So she dumped the job.

But the day before she dumped the job she came home late. An hour late in fact. It made no sense as the company store she ran didn’t do late nights. I normally wouldn’t freak or even think twice with any other girl but with other things… my mind raced. When she got home I told her I found out about her cheating on me and she should tell me all the details. Pure bluffing…but she broke down in tears and admitted everything. What the fuck?

Turned out she’d been that evening to see her ex and say goodbye as she planned to marry me and leave the country with me. She claimed when she got there he was jerking off “and I just sort of climbed on”.Unreal.

I was shocked but not totally surprised and she was upset and said she wanted me forever and it was with all the shock of things happening. I was a little stunned and didn’t buy it. Begging me she said she’d call him while I was there and tell him she never wanted to see him again. This is a guy she’d been with for years so that seemed unlikely. But there was one thing. She never allowed him near her ass… and he begged her for it all that time. I told her I would stay with her if she would call him on the phone while I fucked her in the ass and tell him I was doing it. Vengeance can be sweet.

Crying, she picked up the phone, I pulled down her jeans and let rip into that perfect ass. Believe me it was a sweet sweet moment. I was angry, there’s nothing quite like an angry and vengeful assfuck, if you ever had one you know what I mean. She cried on the phone to this joker and told him I was banging her in the ass while she spoke… he didn’t believe her so I picked up the phone and described the situation as I pulled out of her ass and shot on her face.

I hung up on him and told her we’d stay together if and only if she would accept her punishment of submission for 2 weeks. She accepted and said anything to prove she loved me. I can hear you saying…”they say romance is dead!”

She left the job and became my submissive, albeit for 2 weeks. Any time of night or day she would cook, clean and provide me with sex of any sort. I took full advantage and would constantly drive her insane with tedious requests. Why not? She owed me big as I’d given her everything and she’d ripped my heart out.

Many of my requests were sexual… wouldn’t they be with a stunning babe as a loving slave. We had anal sex at least once a day and I had so many blow jobs my cock was sore. I pushed through the pain though ;-)

Our sex was always rough, but I simply took what I wanted and did things like set my alarm for 4am, wake up and bugger her into submission. I made her do all the tedius things I’d been putting off for months around my place. I’d have blow jobs when on the phone to ex girlfriends, she’d kneel on the floor while I ate dinner from her back and basically do all of this while begging me to forgive her.

Late on in our story she told me she wanted my baby. I told her I didn’t want kids and she would have to find someone else. She talked of how pretty our babies would be… and I asked her if she wanted to have my baby or me. When pushed she said she had to have a baby in her life and wanted to have mine. If she must choose… she would choose the baby! Crazy… you bet.

(Of course what sane relationship can ever come out of that? Nothing but insane days followed. More misery and upset than you can imagine… mental torture and an eventual break up. It was a real rollercoaster from hell, like I say the screenplay must be written one day but the details aren’t very sexy to put here. )

That did it for me as you might imagine. She would rather have a baby that didn’t exist than me! We struck a deal. I would give her a baby and we would break up and go our separate ways… her home to Czech and me to another country to pick up a new job.

The plan was for a couple of weeks we would have sex as often as we could and I would cum inside her each time – giving her the best chance for a baby. After I came inside her she was to suck me to keep me hard and prepare me for sex again, then I would get to fuck her in the ass. Fair deal don’t you think? Something for her and something for me! Are you crazy? I faked it for 2 weeks and had a great time. Once she’d been left a few days I got a call saying she was 2 days late with her period… hilarious as I hadn’t dropped a single fish off.

Of course there’s no baby of mine out there. Finally we saw each other to exchange belongings as she had a stop over at Heathrow airport. I booked a hotel and she deep throated me as a goodbye gift. The first time in my life I had experienced real deep throat, and something she had clearly learned in the few weeks since we broke up. Hands down the best blow job I’d had at that point and all the more sweet because my heart had healed and this was purely sexual. She actually swallowed while my cock was deep in her throat, great trick.

No doubt Tatiana will be making some guy extremely happy and insanely crazy right now.


2008-01-07 16:05:57
self-loving bullshit


2007-10-21 03:08:01
To the idiot that said it would've been easy to forgive her, obviously you have never been cheated on.


2007-03-09 22:56:07
Good story.
Besides, sometimes reality is stranger than fiction.
Anyone who doesn't agree obviously never had a life.


2007-03-06 09:04:03
Amazing to me the passion with which some of the comments are written. Painful to read? What a weird comment. It's actually well written with paragraphs, spelling anf gramma all correct and in order. Not sure what makes it painful to you?

Utter Bollocks? Does that mean you don't find it real? Truth is stranger than fiction my friend, I no money posting my true stories here, so why on earth would I say it's true if it's fiction? Strange comments.


2007-03-06 07:05:46
Crap of the 1st order, 1/10 don't try again it's painful to read such rubbish.

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