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Lord elton ravishes a lovely young innocent. The Alice series begins.
Alice Deflowered by Will Buster

Lord Elton liked young girls. Not too young of course. After all he wasn’t a pervert or anything like that. However, he’d heard of many marriages where the girl was only thirteen or fourteen. For that reason the nobleman basically drew the line at twelve. If the girl wasn’t at least twelve it just wouldn’t do and the closer to 13 the better. After all he was a gentleman and a pier of the realm. He was not an uncivilized barbarian.

An honest appraisal of the situation was that lord Elton couldn’t resist tight young pussy or the even tighter little anal cavity that these zesty youngsters inevitably possessed. Elton craved the youth and inner fire of these budding virgins as they became addicted to the steamy delights of unbridled bed sport. Fortunately he retained the services of a very discrete butler by the name of Billings. Apart from the substantial raise Lord Elton had given him for procuring the highest quality in very young virgin sluts, the mid aged nobleman arranged for Billings to marry a pretty busty wench by the name of Karen. As a result Billings was very grateful and effective at supplying Lord James Elton the young, unsullied flesh that he required.

Most of the year, Elton’s two sons were away at school learning to become future crooked politicians. After mastering Latin and the rudiments of a strong classical education, Jared and Gavin would academically proceed to the law when they reached college age which was just about to occur. Gavin was the younger by a year but if anything he was more intelligent and scholastically productive than Jared and that was saying something, because Jared was almost a straight A student.

Lord James was very proud of his two boys. They were the most important people in his life since his wife of twenty years had passed away two years previous. Now he was free to play with the naughty, nubile serving wenches and willing tenant daughters to his heart’s content. After all, he needed a great deal of comfort in order to find relief from his grief over his beloved Leticia’s demise.


Billings not only had to procure the little darlings for his Lord but he also had to explain to the girls what their unique duties were and at the same time arrange suitable compensation for the family from which the sexy little slut was obtained. It usually involved an arranged marriage because sooner or later, the little angelic tart would become increased with child and in order to protect everyone’s reputations, the little sweet would be married off to a parson's son or a black smith’s boy. Obviously, these clapped up deals were conducted with the utmost secrecy when the negotiations with the marriage prospects were in full sway. The marriage partners for these little soiled angels were selected from at least a county away if not further. He’d even been able to get a girl by the name of Larissa hitched to a soldier who soon was stationed in India. Being able to find a husband for one of Elton’s former mistresses to be settled at such a vast distance away was the perfect solution to the sticky wicket of Lord Jim’s carnal escapades. Lord Elton knew that money talked and Billings added his gentle charm and perfect discretion to the carefully contrived mixture. This is why the Lord of Portland or James Elton as he was usually known, was so grateful to his urbane and ingenious butler.


It was late May, with the rich flowering spring verdure adding color and aromatic perfume in the warm countryside of Essex county. May Day was past and the local fair was in full swing with peasants, tenants and merchants doing brisk business. Elton was doing business also, but of a quite different kind. Billings had just engaged young Alice Cooper to entertain the discriminating aristocrat that very evening. When Lord Jim heard the timid knock at the door, he knew precisely what to expect.

Except when he opened his bed room door, his gaze was hit by the unexpected. His mouth opened of its own accord when he looked into the soft eyes of the stunning girlish waif that stood trembling in the doorway. She was perhaps four and a half feet tall, being a bit undersized for her twelve years and nine months of age. Her figure was very slender being somewhat undernourished, however her thin, yellow shift didn’t leave very much to the imagination. Two small mounds of jutting tit pushed out from her chest. Naturally, Billings had already informed his patron about the girl's age and parentage.

Elton’s throat was suddenly dry. So he whispered, “Come in Lassie.”

Alice gazed up into Lord Elton’s appraising hazel eyes. Her own voice trembled with both fear and anticipation. “Thank you my lord.”


One of the singular pleasures of possessing such timid, seductive creatures was the act of removing their clothing and gradually revealing the exciting, sensual body beneath. So it was with Alice. Her curly, blonde tresses fell well below her small, thin shoulders. Her gentle blue eyes were both a bit fearful and captivating. Even though she’d been told what to expect, it wasn’t everyday you got to bed a noble Lord. His fingers trembled as he unlaced or unbuttoned various garments until her nubile little tits were revealed. He couldn’t wait and a moment later, he lifted little Alice onto his bed and began greedily sucking the naked nymph’s breasts with his hungry mouth. He knew precisely how to pleasure young girls. The secret of course was patience and tenderness until the wench became comfortable with sexual contact. Alice was no exception because she soon moaned with delight as pleasant sensations zipped from her now stiff nipples to her rapidly seeping pussy lips. She tasted so warm and fresh, as if the little sweet heart had just gotten out of a lavender scented bath. Indeed she had because Billings made sure the new, young whore was properly prepared. One of the great attractions of deflowering a ripe young virgin was to make sure her body was spotless and cleansed from every possible stain. It gave James the exquisite delight of corrupting delicate, reluctant innocence.

His mouth soon moved down her soft, flat belly until he slipped his tongue into her naval and sucked, tickling the young harlot in to a wild giggle. “Ooooo! It tickles!” She was laughing now as his fingers increased the stimulating flicks on her skin. “Oooo! My lord! Hehehehehehehehe!!”

James plucked back the coverlet and slid his new prize under the clean sheets. “Did Billings tell you what I need from you, sweet Alice?”

She watched him with wary eyes as he began to undress. “Yes my lord. I am to serve your body with mine for as much as you like and when you eventually tire of me, you’ll get me a nice husband. Billings said you like to train inexperienced virgins like me so that when we marry we’ll know what to do to please a new husband.”

He smiled down at her as he removed his boots and trousers. “I’m going to teach you how to give and take pleasure my little cherub. God you’re so appealing. Spread your legs open. I want to see all of you.”

Alice let her tongue slip over her smiling, moist lips. Her white teeth perfectly accented her deeply flushing skin. “Like this my lord?”

Elton gasped with delight as he saw her labia open for him like the petals of a flower spreading wide to welcome the warm, spring sun. The sex slit was small and pink and was already seeping from an inner slick wetness which his breasts sucking had just caused. He held her legs even further apart and began licking her inner thighs, slowly heading up further and further until his tongue tasted that glorious, fresh teen nectar. Alice crooned, “Oooooo! That’s so naughty! I like it! Lick me my lord! Stick your tongue in! Ooooooo! Yes! Suck it! Suck it! It feels so good!”

He licked her entire gash from her swelling little clit down to the star shaped pucker of her anus. Up and down, back and forth, in and out his serpentine tongue and experienced lips sent shocks of sharp lust pain into his brand new whore. He raised her legs back so her little feet rested on his shoulders. It wasn’t difficult for her because her body was so flexible.

Alice had never experienced such pleasure before in her poverty stricken young life. Her bones practically burst out of her young, slender body. He’d promised to feed her better food as well so that her new future husband would think her more comely and more likely to bear children. She was open to him now and with giggling little cries and wanton gasps she arched her groin upward to show him that she liked what he was doing to her hot, youthful body.

Soon he was tongue fucking her oozing pussy hole, eagerly drinking her fresh, lust juices. The angelic looking slut’s hands sometimes held her ankles or clutched his long, dark brown hair to make sure his sucking and licking continued. Alice felt like a relentless tidal wave was slowly building inside her. It felt like she was going to burst inside and then she did. The blonde youngster screamed out as she experienced her first, glorious orgasm. “Aaaaahhhhhh! Aaaaaahhhhhhh! Keep sucking my cunt! I want you in my cunt! Oh my lord! My lord! Lick me faster! This is so much fun! Wwwwwwwweeeeeeeee! Eat my little baby pussy!”

Billings had told her earlier what words to say and being a low class farm girl, she’d known some of the words already. The butler told her that Lord James liked his wenches to talk dirty to him and right now she felt warm, itchy and most definitely dirty!

He raised his head at last. “I think you’re ready for me to enter you, my delectable little Alice. Are you ready?”

She felt juicy and soft down below. Billings had told her about fucking to. She’d seen it when animals coupled and a few times she’d seen her parents doing it when they thought nobody was looking. She’d been told there would be a little pain but after the pain would be ecstasy. She would be a woman and Lord Elton’s full time whore though she preferred the word mistress. It made her sound more important than she actually was. Alice wiggled her thin hips seductively. “Split my little cherry and squirt your seed into me!

Elton grinned to himself. Billings had performed his job well. He slid a finger into the squirming little hole until he encountered the maidenhead that he would soon ravish. His cock was rock hard and wet with pre-cum. He was itchy and painfully stiff. He ached to have this slip of a waif. If nothing else, the powerful aristocrat had been very patient. His tongue had loosened her pussy muscles and gradually inflamed her lust for over fifteen minutes. Carefully he stroked his bulging cock head up and down her cleft, rubbing her clit, labia and anal entrance until the young girl begged him to enter her body.

“Stick it inside me my loving lord! Take my cherry now! Hurry! Yes! Slip it in! I wanna fuck!”

The helpless little fox felt him begin to enter her. Inch by inch he probed and stretched her ungathered beauty. He gripped her hips hard and suddenly slammed in, slicing through her virginity with a powerful thrust. “She screamed with the surprising stinging pain of the first fuck. He was triumphant. He had his eight inch cock lodged deep inside Alice.

“Now my little dove, I’ll hold still until you are used to it inside you. Try squirming on it and clutching it with your cunt. It will feel good soon.”

She groaned at first from the pain that slashed into her with his vicious first penetration. But he was true to his word. He didn’t move further and ever so gradually the pain receded. His hands cupped her tiny tits and his mouth found hers. His tongue stabbed between her virginal looking lips and once again pleasure swarmed through her vulnerable insides as he played some very fancy tricks with her beautiful girlish body. While he explored the wonder of her lusty young shape, she was doing some exploring of her own. Her fingers toyed delicately with his balls and anal entrance. She moved her legs around his back side but couldn’t get her ankles to lock because she was so short. Then her cunt began to react and she worked him with little jerks and caresses.

James recognized the moment and pulled out almost to the tip. Then with all his massive strength he thrust back in and out several times into that squishy, tight paradise. Her cunt was exceptionally hot and vital as it welcomed its new lover. “Ooooooo! Ooooooo! Yes Lord! Yes! Am I your baby whore now? Is this what they call fucking?”

He gritted his teeth as his passion built. “Yes! Fuck my cock you little slut! Fuck me! God! Alice you’re so fucking tight! I love it! I need your cunt! I need it! Yes! Oh you little angelic bitch! Yes!”

He grabbed her left foot and crammed her wiggling little toes into his sucking mouth while he increased his urgent dick strokes. The sensation on her dainty toes tickled her and she giggled. At the same time, the pretty wench gasped with whimpering squeals from the powerful fucking that his cock was doing to her tiny pussy. Suddenly the passion building inside her cunt exploded! “Fuck me Lord! Fuck my baby cunt! Oooooooo! It’s so fucking big! Put it to me! Oh God! God! God! Harder! Fuck me hard!”

He found himself sucking the other foot. His fingers tweaked her sexy little nipples and once again she screamed as rapture tore through her like some unexpected earthquake. “Fuck my baby pussy! Yes! Yes! Yes! More! More!”

Her little fingers gripped his ass, demanding him to do her harder. Her cute, heart shaped face flopped from side to side while her body writhed and arched with one powerful climax after another. The butler hadn’t told her about this unbelievable joy.

Elton’s thrusting became urgent and frantic as Alice’s extreme tightness finally had the desired effect. She was so firm and winsome with her innocent looking smile and her silky, smooth body. He grabbed her thighs hard, reared back, tensed and plowed into the young whore hard and deep, blasting into her burning cervix.

His mouth opened in a silent scream! Alice yelled! “Fuck my cunt! Fill it! Fuck a baby into me! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Ooooooo! It’s so dirty! You’re wetting my pussy! I can feel it squirt me! Ooooooo! It feels so nice!”

The combination of her sexy words and gyrating little cunt did the trick. His balls erupted with a volcanic flood of sperm into the freshly violated pussy. On and on he pumped his seed down her fuck hole, through her cervix and into her little baby pit. Again and again his cock spasmed, releasing his pent up lust into her until at last, he lay on her warm, skinny body, gasping for air.

Alice had learned a lot in one hot hour and she new this was only the beginning according to what Billings had told her. Lord James, he’d said with his droll south London accent, needed a girl with a zest for life, meaning of course lust. She would know if she were worthy if Lord Elton kept her for more than a month. Alice smiled to herself. Apparently she’d gotten off to a good start because his cock was still inside her, draining its contents right where she wanted it. She held him close, gently moving her hands over his thick shoulders and sweat damp hair. “Would you like to take me again, my loving Lord?”

He looked down at her in the flickering candle light. “I need to rest first you angelic little vixen. You still have much to learn but don’t be afraid my precious. I’ll go slow and gentle. I’m afraid I got a little carried away just now. There’s fire in your veins little one.”

She slipped her hands back to his ass. “Stay inside me. You feel so good when I’m full of you. Do you think I’ll be a good little mistress my lord?”

He chuckled, “When we’re alone like this you can call me Jim or James. We don’t need to stay so formal Alice.”

She looked a bit surprised. “Is that all right? I can call you by your given name?”

“Yes Alice, as long as you keep saying those naughty words to me to. It really excites me when you demand that I fuck your little cunt or suck hard on your seeping little slit hole. Does it feel good to be my whore Alice?”

“Oh yes Jim! I was afraid before but not now. I like it when you shove it in hard and bang it into me. Please kiss me like you did before.”

His lips found hers and soon their tongues were dancing together and saliva was generously shared while Lord Jim slowly recovered his strength. This was going to be a very enjoyable evening indeed.
Let me know if you want the adventures inside Alice to continue.


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