A true story of a wild wild night in Sheffield.
Background: This is a true story. I don’t write fiction and personally don’t get a kick out of reading sexual fiction either. There are some fabulous writers out there, but unless it’s real it just never turns me on. I have copious notes on my experience and a list with various marks/scores dating back to my teenage years. Most of my experiences are still crystal clear in my brain, but the notes of course help with details when needed. Feel free to comment or send me an email if you’d like a chat.

I was about 32 and living in Sheffield, England. My mate Clive and I went out to the Forum bar on a Wednesday night. It’s a cool place with live music and back in those days always more women than men. I’d had some luck there before, but I was there more for a night out and the dancing than anything.

Clive was always a hit with women. He’s black, attractive and in perfect shape. If I ever went for a pee I would come back to find him with a woman. He had regular girlfriends but always had 2 or 3 extra on the side. If he’d decided to be single he honestly could have had a different girl every night. I tell you about Clive to set the scene more than anything.

I went to the bar to get the beers as it was my round. We were drinking Stella as usual. While waiting to be served I looked back and saw Clive with a hot girl, I’d not left him alone for more than 2 minutes. When he scored, or on the occasion that I did, we had an unspoken rule to leave spend the rest of the evening solo, leaving the successful one to close the deal – and hopefully get laid.

I vividly remember turning around with a suck on my face and ordering the two drinks. It was about midnight but still, I would be stuck on my own for the evening now – much harder to meet girls of course.

Waiting for the drinks I got a tap on my right shoulder. Leaning up against the bar to my right was a nice looking blonde girl, about my age. She introduced herself and shook my hand while I greeted her in return. Of course we think faster than we can type and my mind began racing… she wasn’t exactly my type… I would sleep with her though… my god I’ve been picked up… I wonder if she’s with Clive’s girl…. Is this a joke? All the usual things. It seemed like an age before I had an answer.

I turned back to get the beers and she asked me who the other was for. I told her the story, that Clive had pulled and I was now on my own for the night. She gave me a big smile and said “perfect”. She then quickly told me that she was lesbian – again partway through sentences like that your mind races and guesses 10 alternate endings. She then told me she was with her girlfriend (not lesbian) who she now had to leave alone as she had to be some place. He next point, as she walked with me to give Clive his pint… was to tell me that her friend thought I was cute and would I like to hang out with her for the evening. Bingo!

Friendly lesbian then introduced me to single girlfriend. Without knowing, I had struck gold. Must have been the way I leaned into the bar and paid for two beers. My arse must have been sitting well in my jeans… some kind of magic had worked for me, without even saying a word.

I’ll cut to the chase. We were left alone. Turned out this girl (name changed to Marie) was just 18, long wavy brown hair, about 5ft8 with dazzling blue eyes. She was wearing a cropped top that revealed a very sexy stomach and tight blue jeans that would even make Britney blush. If you’re looking for a picture of what she looked like, Google Abby Rupsa – very similar look.

So Marie and I had a few drinks then she wanted to go somewhere else. I find the young girls I date want to go from bar to bar. As we get older we settle in one place for the night. So off we went to the Leadmill – a warehouse style night club. It was a summer night so we walked down there, about a 20 minute walk. She was flirtatious and the conversation was a little steamy but we didn’t kiss or touch in any way. So imagine, I still didn’t know where this would lead… and I was clearly older at 32.

We hit the dance floor in the club and had a few drinks. She was drinking those alcopops, bright coloured nasty drinks with plenty of booze and ounces of sugar. It didn’t take long for her to become tipsy and even more flirtatious. There’s a stage at the club, quite a big stage and everyone dances on it when a live band aren’t playing. We went up onto the stage and the dancing became grinding and eventually kissing. We propped ourselves up at the back of the stage out the sight and really began making out… hands groping over jeans and exploring a little more, and the kissing became wild and hardcore. We decided to leave.

I figured this might then be a bang up against a wall so I bought some rubbers from the club and we headed outside. In the street we walked a little and stood against a wall making out just as we had in the club. Over and over I said “fuck” out loud. I couldn’t believe I was with an 18 year old hard body that came to me out of nowhere. I was hard as rock and needed to fuck this girl. Would she go for it? What the hell, it all seemed on so I asked if she wanted to fuck and she said “of course”. How times have fucking changed eh?

I wanted to see and feel the quality of this babe, not a two minute grind. We lived at opposite sides of town though… and both had to work the next day. So I suggested a hotel and she agreed. Off we went to this nice place near the club. The walk there only served to drive us more insane with lust and we arrived in our room, with wine I bought at the desk, and began tearing clothes off.

The first thing I wanted to do was taste her. I peeled off her tight jeans to reveal a nude cunt, completely shaved. This added to the youthful vibe of the events as you can imagine. I played with her for a while, sucking on her, teasing her with my tongue and all the while watching her response. Looking up at her face over that hard tiny stomach was something else. You see these girls on the street; you don’t think you’ll have them in a hotel on a Wednesday night. She was clearly enjoying herself and handling the sex in a very experienced and mature way I have to say.

While I was enjoying her taste she told me she was looking for a regular guy to have as a fuck buddy… would I be interested? Are you fucking kidding me?

She grabbed my hair and pulled me up to kiss her, then flipped me over to my back so she could go down on me. She gave just as much attention to my cock as I had to her pussy. Slowly licking up and down, then nibbling like a cob of corn and finally pulling my skin back and bobbing up and down, all the while looking me in the eyes. I have to say she looked good sucking cock but her sucking wasn’t great, I gave her 60/100 in my database.

She sat up at my feet and pulled off her bra to reveal medium sized perfect breasts. I’d say a B cup, probably Britney sized I guess. She was about to climb on me so I pulled out a rubber from my jeans pocket and she put it on, grabbing it from me as she wanted to do it herself. Once the rubber was in place she slid onto me. This girl had been fucked many times, probably an older boyfriend with a place, as this was the kind of relaxed approach to sex you just don’t learn in cars and against walls.

Her tight cunt was wrapped around me and I remember thinking how wet she was. She rested her hands against my chest and began bucking back and forth on me. I was hard as I could possibly be and just watching the show. After a while I flipped her over and we fucked missionary style, then I threw both of her legs over one of my shoulders and pounded down into her as hard as I could. She was very vocal, yelping with every driving stroke from my cock.

I couldn’t wait to fuck her form behind, just to see and feel that perfect little ass. I’m an ass man. If I can’t have it any other way when I’m an old guy I will pay for sex just to keep having those perfect little asses.

I flipped her over and there it was; a tiny perfectly formed ass. I slid into her pussy, I wanted the ass but figured it might be asking for trouble with a girl this young. I hadn’t seen an ID; I trusted her older friend on her age.

I fucked her, then I fucked her some more. I started really hammering into her from behind and savouring the body, the tightness, grabbing the tits while I fucked. As I often do I became rather rabid and dark, just using the girl and really caring less for her enjoyment as the night went on. After a while I could see she was no longer enjoying it, she was going along for my pleasure. Fair enough, I carried on… and on… and on. I could see now this would be a one night thing and was determined to squeeze every thrill I could out of it. I’d blown the regular fuck buddy option at some point in the evening.

I ramped up my driving, pounding into her so much I could see she was wincing and she asked me to cum, and she desperately wanted it over with. I asked her where she wanted my cum and she said in the condom. I asked what about her face or her tits. She told me nobody ever came on her face, so my tits if I had to do it anywhere. So I agreed and pulled out of her and knelt by her tits. I had her massage under my balls, digging into my prostate from the outside while I built up a head of steam.

I was ready, she was bored and wanted me to cum quickly, so I agreed! Spasms inside me began twitching cum from deep inside me and I shot many spurts of thick white cream from my stiff cock. The first shot went on her tits… the rest? I grabbed her hair and pulled her face to me… she tried to pull away but I covered her with it. She spat and spat and wiped it off as quick as it landed but there it was; her first facial cumspray. She should have thanked me for the introduction to facials really, but I wasn’t too hurt.

She rolled over, angry and of course a little drunk, and went to sleep. The next morning she was gone from the room when I woke up. I didn’t have a number or anything. As I thought, I’d screwed the fuck buddy plan, but ended up with one heck of an experience. I called Clive from the hotel, he didn’t believe a word of my story and still doesn’t.

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