Not jacking off 4 three days it is very hard when your a teen. So here is one of my storys i had when i had a wet dream
All this week i have been jacking off every night but to me it just got played out after tuesday night. So after that night i said i would hold the the nut for a few nite's tell friday but ass thursday was a ruff day i went on the internet to look for porn. As i went on xnxx-stories and began to read my dick began to grow I could feel it tensing in my basketball shorts as i read my dick dick was so hard it started to precum. Then all the sudden my neighbor called to ask me to baby sit within ten minutes so i had no time to hurry and jack off when i went over there they said i had to stay the night so i went back home and packed all the things i needed and put a few porno's on my psp .Once i got there just flopped on the couch and i started to watch tv i got a little drousy but i couldnt nod off i was very sexually frustrated so i had to figure out what i was going to do cause i really needed to bust a nut. And all the kids were alloud to stay up late so i was fucked so as i was near complete boredem there older cusin came in. There casin is around maybe 5'9 5'10 beutiful skin and very big breasts i think they might be dds and as she came in she said she was tired and said i could go home.

So i went home thinking about her big breasts how it would feel with her mouth on my cock as i walked in the door i hurried to my room to get ready to give my cock a good stroke. i layed on the bed naked and turned on my psp and plugged in the headphones i just started watching the movie it was making me so hard i just rested my hand on my cock and started to squeeze it.

I could feel the blood pumping into it it felt so good i slowly started to stroke it not fast just really slow at a nice and easy pace. But as i got more aroused i spead up and i need more sadisfication so reached over and grabbed the lotion i put a few drips al over my dick and i grasped it with my hand and began to stroke it felt so wonderful stroking my cock i have neglected it since tuesday. and as i started to speed up the pleasure increased i felt my climax cumming i looked at my psp in my left hand and i just kep going i was on a mission of the iltimant fufillment and as i came with 3 big cum shots landing on my stomach i was in bliss.

I just sat there stoking my cock admiring what i had jsut felt for a good 10 seconds then ni grabbed a towl the wiped my cum off of me and through it in the dirty close hamper and i drifted off to sleep.As i got into deeper sleep i felt my hormones kickin i dreamt that i was in this weird house and this gas truck had tipped over in front and all the gass was leakin every were so i went outside with a shirt in my hand to try and put it out and somehow i did. So as i was able to finally get it out i could leave but as i was leaving i saw a beutiful black women she was beautiful she was light skinned with a big booty and real big breasts. And my flacid penis started to get kinda hard but i just kept walking and i reached this weird place it was nice as i kep walking i went to the back of the building and i saw this beautiful women sitting there .She was latina with a nice but and real tight stomach and real pretty face and big breasts and with my cock still half way hard i dont know what i was thinking i just went up and pulled my black dick out she just stood there in aww she was hsocked that i would do that to her and she tried to back up but i just kept scootin closer stroking my dick and i started to say cum on. she just reached down and took ahold of and started to stroke it i loved the feeling of her soft hands on my cock.

As she started to pump faster all the sudden i felt the erge to pee and i said stop she let go and i just astarted to be in the grass to the left of us she just stood there and waited for me to get done btu for some reason i could not stop pissing i looked at her and saw the impacient look on her face and i said " just hold on im amost done" she said " okay" but then i just couldnt stop so i turned around again to see her walkin back into the building through the back door and then i finally stopped pissing after a few seconds. Some other latina women was watching from behind a dumbster she was taken out the trash she was a maid from the holiday in next door.

She just came from behind the dumbster and gigled that i was not able to get my load off she saw the look of sadness on my face.As i just looked down at the ground she felt bad for me but i did not notice the she was lookin at my hard cock the hold time i had just looked up and noticed her eyes and they were lookin at my cock i was getting ready to zip up when she said no dont with a sexy accent. I jsut stood there as she took control she guided me back against the wall behind the dumbster so we would not be sene but it was around 12:00 anyways. She just puulled my pants down all the way and took ahold of my hard neglected cock and she started to stroke me it felt so good she the started to slowly massage my balls by squeesing them and pulling them all in the same sequenxe i was in exstasy. then as she kept stoking me faster and faster but from then on i think i might have passed out or blacked out cause when i woke up she was still neeling in front of me pumping my cock but something was different there was cum al over her especially on her maids uniform she said ooh papi that was a good one what a load.And then i woke up.

THE END.........................

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2012-08-31 04:58:24
Just a little advice, next time you have the urge to write a story...cut your fucking fingers off instead!!!! Absolutely this is in the top five worst ever submitted.

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2007-09-28 03:50:08
holiday in.....or Holiday Inn... learn the English language before writing a story


2007-05-12 12:57:18
lost for words to denigrate.


2007-05-04 18:49:57
what a fucking dumb ass you talk about the girl you were babysitting and you don't fuck her are u kidding me get a life 2/10

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