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Ashley goes to stay at her Girlfriend's house for a few nights. Mr. & Mrs. Logan stay at the house, but something horrific befalls them.
A Ghostly Haunting
Chapter Nine
by Simon Fear

The year is 1794 early in the morning around 9:00. A small two-person horse drawn carriage is slowly traveling down the dirt road through the wooded area. As the man nears his destination He notices another horse drawn carriage with a man standing near by, and at his side a great dog. The man pulls his horse to the side bringing his carriage up next to the other one and hops down. The other man had been watching him approached from the distance and now moves closer. The man who had just pulled up was wearing a suit made for that time, his collar upturned. He notices that the man who was already there was wearing a military uniform of blue color, customary for soldiers of the new country now known as The United States. The suited man pulls from his carriage a leather satchel full of papers and then walks over to the soldier extending his hand. “Mr. Selmer I presume, allow me to introduce myself, I am Daniel Stern representing the...” he stopped as the soldier raised his hand up. “It’s Lieutenant actually.” Mr. Stern was taken aback from the abrupt interruption but then recomposed himself, “Beg my pardon sir, I did not realize, I do not know how to tell one ranking officer from another.” Lt. Selmer finally reached out his and shook hands with Mr. Stern, “Quite all right Mr. Stern. I take it all the documents are ready for me to sign?”

Mr. Stern nodded his head, “Yes Lt. Selmer. Since the war is over the new government gave you choice of claim for 200 acres of land. All the documents have been received and are now ready for you to sign, to finish the deal.” Lt. Selmer nodded his head in approval, “Tell me something, the land surrounding the property that is about to mine, does anyone own it?” Mr. Stern had to think for a moment. “No sir, it belongs right now to governing board of the town, ready to be purchased. Valuable farming land I must say, rich soil. Land is being sold to farmers east of your property but no one has yet bought the land west and south of your property boundaries. The land north of this dirt road here belongs to William Pritchett and he was eyeing this bit of property here but was unable to afford at this time. I must admit he was not happy when he found out that some one was getting it for free.” A look of anger passed over Lt. Selmer’s face, “Free, hardly. I have served during the whole war freeing us from the tyrant in Britain. By all means, I believe I have earned it through my loyal services as a patriot for our new nation.” Mr. Stern stepped back, “Forgive me sir, I did not mean that badly in any way, I too am a patriot and loyal to our nation, but I was only telling it how Mr. Pritchett put it.”

The dark look on Lt. Selmer’s face faded as he turned to face his new property. Then turning back to Mr. Stern he smiled, “Mr. Stern I wish to add another 600 acres to this property here. How soon can the deal be made?” Mr. Stern scratched his chin for a minute. “If you can come by my office tomorrow say about noon time we can go over the map to see exactly what is open for sale and then I can fix up the documents and have them ready to sign within a weeks time, once payment is received and the town governing board sign the appropriated documents, but I will say that 600 acres will cost a fortune. These soils are widely sought after.” Lt. Selmer nodded his head, “Money is no problem for me. I inherited a small fortune from my parents when they passed away. I wish to cultivate this land and farm it, and raise my children up here.” Mr. Stern smiled, “Aye, perfect place to raise children, I have two children myself, well they are grown up now and married but still children to me. They grow up so fast you know. How old are your children Lt. Selmer?” Lt. Selmer smiled, “Three beautiful daughters, the oldest is 12, then 11, and the youngest is 9. I have missed a lot of their growing up because of the war, but they are growing up to be beautiful women. They are home with their mom, most beautiful woman I have ever set eyes on. She came up here a year ago with me when we started looking for land to claim. We found this spot and thought it perfect for our future home. Already have the plans made up.” Mr. Stern nodded his head, “Wanting to get away from the noisy life I bet.” Lt. Selmer, “That’s pretty much it, I’m ready to settle down, we all are.”

Mr. Stern pulled out some papers and an ink well and quill. Setting them down on the back of his buggy he handed Lt. Selmer the quill. “If you will just sign the forms here. There are two sets of each document, one for you and one for our records.” Lt. Selmer dipped the quill into the ink well and began signing the papers. Once he was finished Mr. Stern folded up his copies and placed them into a large envelope, and then sealed it. He place that envelope back into his satchel and handed Lt. Selmer his copies. He shook hands with Lt. Selmer one last time and then got into his carriage, “Good day to you sir, I will be seeing you tomorrow at noon time? I’ll have the misses fix up a nice lunch for us as so we won’t have to go over the details on empty stomachs.” Lt. Selmer nodded his head, “I can’t wait Mr. Stern, tomorrow at noon it is then.” With that Mr. Stern steered his horse around and pulled back out into the dirt road and began his horse at a trot heading back into town. Lt. Selmer got into his own carriage and whistled at his dog. The great German Shepherd, who had been lazying around the shady trees got up and jumped into the buggy and Lt. Selmer started his horse drawn carriage down the road as well.

Present Day, Third Day after the Logans have moved into the Selmer House:
It was a little after 1:00 in the morning when most of the police officers had left the Logan’s house. Two local officers were still there with them for protection. They were sitting at the kitchen table playing cards, dressed in slacks and sports jackets. Mrs. Logan had fixed a pot of coffee for the officers and served it to them for which they were very grateful, “Thank you Mrs. Logan. I have to say it has been a long night and this coffee will pick me back up,” Officer Myers said. Officer Tyler nodded his head, “It sure is good, but you really didn’t have to go through the trouble of fixing this for us, especially with everything you and your family have been through.” Mrs. Logan smiled, “It’s the least I can do, you are guest in our home. Is there anything I can fix for you guys to eat?” Both officers shook their heads, “Please don’t trouble your self Mrs. Logan we’ll be fine.” Mrs. Logan nodded, “I have fixed up the bed in the spare room on the second floor.” Officer Myers shook his head, “If it’s all the same to you ma’am we will probably stay down here so we can hear if anyone attempts to come in. Wouldn’t be wise for us to fall asleep in a comfy bed.” Officer Tyler chuckled, “Besides if we did lay down the guys would never let leave us alone about sleeping in the same bed.” Mrs. Logan laughed, “Ok well if you gentlemen need anything just let us know.” Both officers nodded their heads and returned to their card game.

Mrs. Logan walked out of the kitchen and down the hallway to where her husband was. Mr. Logan was sitting on the couch looking over some papers. Mrs. Logan curled up next to him laying her head on his shoulder. Mr. Logan wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close to him. Mrs. Logan sighed, “This is now our third day here, and so many awful things have already happened.” Mr. Logan glanced down at her, “Maybe we never should have moved out here, maybe this was all a mistake.” Mrs. Logan shook her head, “You could never have known this would all happen, it was supposed to be a quiet little town. How could you know?” Mr. Logan rubbed his eyes, “I should have dug deeper into the history of this place before we bought it. Should have done something.” Mrs. Logan looked at the papers that her husband had, they looked like drawings of property lines. “What’s this?” Mr. Logan showed her the paper, “This here shows where the property lines are now, and who owns these pieces of land. See Mr. Reihnholt’s property actually touches our own south of here, just a few feet past that swimming hole Ashley and Vicky were at. He owns about 75 acres. Even though it is a two miles using the road, it’s just a quick walk to his place from here cutting across our property. And this is the property line dating back 200 years ago.” Mr. Logan pulled out another piece of paper. As Mrs. Logan looked at the paper that showed their property and then back to the paper showing the property lines 200 years ago she let out a gasp. “That Lt. Selmer, the one who built this house, He actually owned Mr. Reihnholt’s property.”

Mrs. Logan looked up with a start, “You don’t possibly think that Mr. Reihnholt is from a family that Investigator Dermweiler told us about?” Mr. Logan shook his, “No, I had asked Sgt. Lomack about it, Mr. Reihnholt’s father moved to this area bout 50 years ago before Mr. Reihnholt was born. They bought the land from a farmer who was being hurt by a depression. Mr. Reihnholt could have bought this land a long time if he wanted to.” Mrs. Logan relaxed, “Do you believe that this is being done by a live person and not a ghost?” Mr. Logan paused for moment remembering the episode in his shower, wondering if he should tell her. No he thought, I was probably imagining it and just jerked myself off, yeah that’s it. Looking down at his wife he smiled, “No sweety I don’t believe in ghosts.”

Present Time/Reihnholt Ranch:
Vicky was showing Ashley through her house, which was very large. Ashley had been awed when they first pulled up into the long circular drive. Two stories with seven bedrooms, a formal dining room, informal dining room, living room, family room, five full bathrooms, and two offices. This place was a mansion. A sign hung over the drive way, which read Reihnholt Ranch. About a hundred yards behind the house was huge barn where Mr. Reihnholt kept his 10 horses. A smaller building was adjacent to the barn, which Mr. Reihnholt said it was his work shop. He loved building things when he wasn’t busy with job at the Real Estate Company. Mr. Reihnholt had carried Ashley’s bag into the house, then turned to Vicky, “Which room will you give her?” Vicky smiled, “Oh she is going to stay in my room with me.” “Now I’m sure that Ashley would like to have a room of her own,” Mr. Reihnholt said. Ashley spoke up, “Oh that’s ok Mr. Reihnholt, I would actually like to stay in Vicky’s room if that’s alright.” Mr. Reihnholt laughed, “Whatever you girls want. I’m sure you two are pretty tired, it’s been a long day for both of you. Ashley I want you to make yourself at home here, help yourself to any food you might want and drinks.” Ashley smiled, “Thanks again Mr. Reihnholt, this is really kind of you.” Mr. Reihnholt patted her shoulder, “Think nothing of it, you are always welcome here. Now if you girls don’t mind, I’m going to take a shower and then try and get some work done before I hit the sack.” Mr. Reihnholt walked off leaving the two girls in the entry way.

Upstairs Vicky showed Ashley the four bedrooms, one, which was hers. They went inside where Vicky quickly stripped her clothes off, till she was in the nude. Ashley could not help but stare at her girlfriend’s beautiful ass. When Vicky straightened up and looked at Ashley, she grinned, “Come on get those things off, have to be comfortable don’t we?” Ashley giggled as she unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down along with her panties. Then she took her shirt off and soon she was just as naked as Vicky was, except for her socks. She started to take those off when Vicky stopped her, “Leave those on, I think you so sexy just wearing socks.” Ashley blushed. Vicky walked to her closet as Ashley looked around the room. It was large, bigger than her own, which was saying something since her room was fairly large as well. Vicky had posters of her favorite band groups and movie stars all over the walls, her own 27 inch T.V. with DVD player, a queen size bed, with green sheets and comforter. Ashley loved it. Vicky noticed Ashley looking around, “You like it?” Ashley nodded, “Oh yeah, it’s perfect.” Vicky smiled, “So you don’t mind sleeping in my bed with me, I’ll have you know I sleep naked,” She gave Ashley a wink. Ashley grinned, “Oh I don’t mind at all, and I sleep naked too, though I usually wear pj’s when I’m at someone else’s home.” Vicky grinned, “Oh not here you won’t.”

Ashley laughed, sitting down on the bed. Vicky walked over in front of her and knelt down. Vicky slowly spread Ashley’s legs apart as her pink pussy lips came into view. Vicky saw the juices dripping out, her whole pubic area glistening wet. Ashley leaned back and pushed her hips out, till her ass was halfway off the bed. Vicky leaned forward and licked around Ashley’s nether lips, tasting her sweet nectar. Ashley moaned out. Vicky began planting kisses on Ashley’s wet lips as she reached her arms around Ashley caressing her ass. Vicky then slid her tongue across Ashley’s hardened clit which was poking out from her lips, then she began sucking on it. “OOhhh God Vicky yess.” As Vicky continued sucking on Ashley’s clit, she removed her right hand from Ashley’s ass and using her finger she slid it into Ashley’s hot pussy hole. Ashley’s body trembled as she let out a squeal, “MMMMM, uuuggghhhhh, ooohhh yessss, mmmmmmmmmmmmm.” Ashley began moving her hips against Vicky’s face as Vicky fingered her pussy, her juices flowing out, running down Ashley’s thighs. Vicky began sliding her tongue up through Ashley’s slit as she wiggled her finger inside Ashley. “OOhhhhh God baby, I’mm gonna cumm.”

Vicky slid another finger into Ashley’s pussy. Ashley was very tight, but her juices made it easier for Vicky’s fingers to slide in. Vicky began pumping her fingers faster into Ashley’s pussy, licking furiously at her clit. Ashley’s hips were bucking against Vicky’s face as her orgasm drew closer, moaning loudly almost to the point of screaming. “OOOOhhhhhh fuck yeeaaaah baby, fuck me, ugggggggghhhhhhhh, OOOOOOHhhhhhhhh Shit I’mm Cuummmmminggg!!!” Ashley clamped her legs around Vicky’s head, her juices squirting out. Vicky opened her mouth letting the juices gushed into it as she kept fingering Ashley. Ashley’s hips bucked as her orgasm hit her again, her juices squirting in such force that a lot of it splashed against Vicky’s face and ran down her neck and over her tits, coating her stomach. Ashley thrusted her hips out one last time as the last of her juices squirted into Vicky’s mouth. Ashley trembled as she slid down the side of the bed, sitting on the floor as Vicky wrapped her arms around her.

Ashley sat on the floor, her body still trembling, her breathing labored, and her juices slowly flowing out of her pussy and pooling under ass, she looked into Vicky’s eyes and knew at that moment that she was in love. Vicky’s eyes also revealed the love behind them that was meant for her. Vicky leaned in and began kissing Ashley, her tongue darting past Ashley’s lips and into her mouth. Ashley’s tongue met with Vicky’s as she tasted her juices from Vicky’s mouth, they held each other and kissed, their hands exploring each other bodies.

Back at the Swimming Hole:
The ghost girl, known as Samantha Selmer, stood at the boundary line of the Logan’s property, where the tree line stopped and open fields lay before her of the property of John Reihnholt. The moon’s pale light flowed over her pale naked body as she looked across that open field. This had once been all of her father’s land but for some strange reason she had never stepped across the tree line border, staying only in the immediate surrounding of the acreage of her old home. She had never had any reason to go farther and because of that it was believed that the ghosts of the Selmer House were only bound to the 6 acres that was left of the Selmer Property. Samantha herself did not know if she could cross that boundary, but now she could feel her dead father’s presence growing stronger again and she felt that Ashley Logan was not safe, even at the Reihnholt Ranch. She stepped across the boundary and into the open field.

Selmer House/Logan’s Home 2:00 AM:
Lt. Selmer stepped out of the shadows of the third floor hallway. He could hear moaning coming from the Master Bedroom. In the Master Bedroom, Lisa Logan was lying on her back, stark naked as she rubbed and squeezed her 36 c-cup titties. Steve Logan was kneeling down between his wife’s spread legs, his bare ass sticking up in the air as he licked Lisa's wet pussy. “Oh God baby you taste so sweet,” he mumbled into her pussy. Lisa shivered from the sensations flowing through her body, “Ohhhhh right there Honey, ahhhhhh, mmmmmmmm ohh yesssss.” Steve reached his between his legs and felt of his hardened dick. His dick was hardened to it’s full 10 1/2 inches, he began rubbing it. Steve slid his tongue further into wife’s wet hot hole, tasting her juices as they flowed into his mouth. Lisa began thrusting her hips up into her husband’s face as her orgasm came close, “OOOHHHHh fuck baby, I’m gonna cummmm, uuggghhhhhhhh!” Steve flicked his wife’s hardened clit with his tongue, then began sucking on it. Lisa screamed out as she shoved her pussy hard into her face, “AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH, YES, YES, YES, UUUGGHHHHHH FUCK AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Lisa’s own nectar squirted from her pussy as it shot into Steve open mouth. Even though his wife didn’t squirt all the time, he loved it all the same.

As Lisa’s body continued to shake under her orgasm, Steve quickly climbed on top of his wife’s body. He placed the head of his dick at his wife’s pussy, he began rubbing the tip through her slit, as he felt her juices squirting around his penis. Steve then quickly slid his dick into his wife’s slick pussy as he began fucking her. Lisa’s own orgasm had just begun to subside when she felt it begin to build again. “Ohhh shit baby, I’m gonna cum again.” Steve began fucking his wife, as he thrusted in and out of her pussy, feeling her tight pussy clamped around his shaft. “Cum for me my sweet baby,” he said. Lisa raised her hips up again allowing Steve to slide further into her pussy. Lisa moaned out, “Harder baby, harder, ugghhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh fuck me baby!” Steve began pounding away at his wife’s pussy, shoving his dick deep into her, he began to feel his own orgasm get near. Lisa wrapped her arms around her husbands back, feeling his muscles through her palms, she dug her nails into his back, then wrapped her legs around his waist as she screamed out again, “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH, UUUUUGGGGGGHHHH, AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!” With her finger nails digging into his back, and her pussy clamping tightly around his dick he shoved inside her one last time, he grunted out as his cum erupted from his dick, filling his wife’s pussy, “UUGGHHH, UUGGhhh, OOHHh YEAH BABY, UUGGghhhh.” Lisa’s pussy milked the last drops of her husband jizz as he lowered himself gently onto her body, kissing her neck and face. Lisa’s body continued to tremble as her orgasm subsided, she could feel her husband penis beginning to go limp inside her pussy, his jizz flowing out of her, mixing with her own juices. She held onto him as she returned his kisses.

Lt. Selmer had seen enough, as he turned around and walked through the close door, invisible to the Logan’s eye, they never knew that someone had watched them. Lt. Selmer began searching the house starting at Ashley’s room, then through the bathroom into the spare room. She was not here. He went downstairs and exited the entry room, going into the hallway. He went into the Kitchen where he noticed two men sitting at the table drinking some sodas and playing cards. Officer Myers shivered, “Damn, it feels as if the temperature just dropped about 15 degrees.” Officer Tyler looked up from the cards in his hands, “Now don’t be trying to make me lose concentration, just because your losing.” Officer Myers shifted, the side of his sports jacket falling away from his side which revealed a 9mm Glock holstered to his waist, “I ain’t trying to make you lose concentration, it really feels colder in here.” Officer Tyler also noticed the temperature drop as he shivered. Lt. Selmer had seen the gun on Myers waist and knew that they were some type of law enforcement officials. But why were they here? Where was that bitch, he knew she had to be here somewhere.

He left the kitchen and went down the hall to the living room. She wasn’t there. He went through the living room to the adjoining utility. Not here either. He flew through back through the living and down the hallway to the family, his anger building. When he came to the Family room and did not see her there either, his rage exploded, as he yelled out. In the Kitchen, both Officer jumped up drawing their pistols as they heard the loud booming yell burst forth. Up in the Master Bedroom on the third floor, Steve and Lisa Logan quickly sat up as they heard the inhuman yell come from downstairs. They could hear the Officer’s muted yells calling out, “Who’s there, Identify yourself!!” Steve jumped out of bed, and pulled his khaki pants back on, not bothering with his underwear, then threw on a blue t-shirt.

Officer Myers and Officer Tyler walked down the hallway with their guns pointing in front of them as they made their way to the Family Room, where the howling yell was still coming from. As Officer Tyler led the way, he reached around the doorway searching for the light switch, his gun held before him as the deafening yell filled his ears. Officer Tyler found the light switch, and the second he flipped the light on, the yelling stopped. The Officers quickly went in the room, looking around. No one was in there. Up in the Master Bedroom, Steve pulled his 9mm. Smith & Wesson Gun from the night table’s drawer in slipped in the waist band of his jeans. Lisa had just put on a t-shirt that only covered half of her ass, and her pussy was still in full view. As Steve’s hand touched the doorknob the yelling stopped. He cracked open the door and called down to the officers, “What’s going on down there?” He heard Officer Myers’ muted response, “Stay Put Mr. Logan, We’re checking things out down here.” As Lisa looked over the floor for her jeans she shivered, “Hun did you feel the temperature just drop?” Steve noticed the temperature drop as well.

Downstairs the Officers began checking the Living Room, heading to the Utility room where the back door was at, they both noticed fog forming from their breath. Officer Tyler looked back at his partner to say something when suddenly he saw Officer Myers fly backwards through the air as he crashed into the far wall, “Who’s there? Who are you?” As if in response to Officer Tyler’s question all the lights began flicking off and on throughout the house. Upstairs Lisa ran to her husband as he wrapped his arms around her shoulder as their own light flicked on and off. Then the foundation of the house shook, causing the house to tremble as the deafening cry resumed, this time sounding as if it was coming from all over the place. Lisa covered her ears as Steve opened the door. Suddenly the yelling stopped again and Steve was shoved out of the door by unseen hands and as he turned around he saw his wife fly backwards through the air landing on her back on the bed. When he tried to go back in the room the door slammed in his face. Steve pounded and kicked at the door, but it would not budge. Then he heard his wife scream out.

In the bedroom, Lisa’ felt her arms being pinned against the bed on either side of her head, as she felt something spread her legs open, her bare pussy coming into full view. She screamed out, “STEVE, STEVE HELP ME!!!” She could hear her husband pounding on the door, “LISA, OPEN THE DOOR BABY, LET ME IN!!” “I CAN’T, I’M STUCK!!!” Lisa cried out as something slapped her across the face. “HEEEELLLLPP!!!” She got slapped again. Then to her horror she felt something touching her pussy lips, which she thought felt like a penis. She looked down her stomach and watched in horror through the flashing light as she felt some big and thick, slide into her swet pussy. “STEVE HELP ME, I’M GETTING RAPE!!!” Steve threw himself against the door, then suddenly something big and hairy jumped against his chest with loud growl. He felt something like a mouth full of teeth clamp down on his arm. Steve stumbled and fell down the stairs.

Lisa tried forcing herself up from the bed, but whatever held her down was far stronger than her. She felt the intruding dick pumping in and out of her pussy. “Please no, stop, stop please,” she pleaded. The thing just picked up his pace on fucking her pussy. Lisa could feel an orgasm building up deep inside her. “NOOO Please stop, uggghh, don’t ahhhhhhh, uggghhhh.” She tried forcing her mind on something else, trying to ignore the sensation flowing through pussy. Suddenly her t-shirt flew up over her face, exposing her firm rounded tit. Her eyes covered, she could not see anything. Then she felt a mouth clamped over one of her nipples as she felt it being sucked on. Her orgasm continued to build, “MMMM, uggghhh, aahhhhh, uugghhh.” Her hips began to thrust up forcing more of the invading dick into her pussy. “UGgghhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhh, oohhhhh fuck I’m gonna cum!!” The dick in her pussy shoved hard into her, which brought her over the edge, “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” The orgasm racked her body as her hips bucked upward. “UUUGGGHH, AAAAHHHHHH, AAAAHHHH!!” The dick inside her pussy continued to fuck her, keeping her orgasm going.

Steve opened his eyes. He was laying on his back on the second floor landing. He felt bruised and battered from the fall. Slowly he raised himself up.

In the living room Officer Tyler knelt down beside his partner who was unconsious, when he heard a growl issue from behind him. He turned around and saw a large German Shepherd glaring at him, his teeth bared. Officer Tyler stood up and pointed his gun at the dog, “Get back, go on, go away.” The dog just growled again. Officer Tyler felt his finger twitch on the trigger. The dog suddenly leapt at him, as he fired his gun.

Steve heard the gunshot, then heard his wife scream again. He ran back up the stairs. He had to get to his wife.

Officer Tyler had dropped his gun as he fought the dog who his jaws clamped around his arm. He felt the teeth sink into his skin, the blood soaking his sleeve. He pounded at the dog’s head. A crash came from the entry room. Steve heard the crash and spun around to look over the railing but heard his wife scream again.

Two uniformed State Police Trooper ran in through the front door that they had just kicked open. First thing they noticed was that every light was flashing on and off. The Troopers heard yelling coming from the down the hall, then they heard a scream come from upstairs. One Trooper ran down the hallway while the other one ran up the stairs. Trooper Patrick entered the living room where he observed Officer Tyler fighting a beastly dog. He also noticed Officer Myers laying unconsious on the floor. Trooper Patrick ran over to Officer Tyler and put his gun against the dog’s head, but before he pulled the trigger the dog just simply vanished right in front of their eyes. Trooper Patrick helped Officer to his feet then both men ran over to Officer Myers. Ignoring the pain in his arm, Officer Tyler assisted the Trooper and picking up his partner as they carried him out of the living room, down the hallway and outside of the house. Both men looked back at the house and saw through every window that the lights were still blinking on and off. Then a scream pierced the night from the third floor. Trooper Patrick ran back inside.

Trooper Slater ran upstairs where he saw Steve pounding away at the bedroom door, as a woman’s screams came from inside the room. Steve saw the Trooper, “Help me, my wife is trapped inside.” Trooper Slater ran up next to Steve as both men began ramming their shoulders against the door. Trooper Patrick got upstairs where his partner and Steve were attempting to break down the door. He ran up to them, “Who’s in there?” “My wife. Something is happening to her. Something forced me out of the room and then pinned her to bed.” Trooper Patrick drew his gun back out of his holster, “Where is the bed at?” Steve pointed his finger at an angle to the right side of the door. Trooper Patrick then aimed his gun up at the top left corner where the hinge should be. He fired his gun. The woods splintered away as a gaping hole tore through the door. He then shot at the middle left side of the door, and another gaping hole blew out. Then he aimed at the bottom left corner and fired again. The last hinge was blown from the door. Both Troopers rammed their shoulders into the door, causing it to fall down. All three men entered and stopped at the sight before them. Lisa Logan was laying on her back spread eagle, her t-shirt up over her face. All three men saw that her pussy was gaping open as if something invisible was inside of her, her hips bucking up and down as she screamed out, “AAAAAHHHHHhhh I can’t stop...can’t stop cummming, UUUGGGGHHHH, AAAAHHHHHH!!!” Steve ran over to his and slid his arm under her shoulders and tried lifting her up, but could not. Lisa screamed out, “HE...HE WON’T STOP FUCKING ME, UUGGGHHH, AAAAHHHHH!!!” Her hips thrusted up again as her orgasm hit her once more. Steve looked at the Troopers, “Help me get her off the bed.”

Both Troopers ran over to the bed. Trooper Slater wrapped his arms around Lisa’s stomach, while Trooper Patrick wrapped his arms around her waist. Trooper Patrick could not feel anything above Lisa’s body, but when he looked down at her pussy, he saw what appeared to be bulge in her pelvis above her slit that would move up through her cervix and then back out as if a penis were fucking her. All three men pulled with all their might. Lisa felt the invading dick slide out of her pussy as the men dragged her off the bed. She collapsed in her husband’s arms. The lights stopped flickering and remained on. All four of them looked around, perplexed by what was happening. It was an eery silence. Lisa buried her face into her husband’s chest and began crying. Steve wrapped his arms around his wife’s body, pulling her close to him. They thought it was over.

As all four of them got to their feet, the foundation shook again, causing the entire house to tremble violently, knocking all four of them back down. The house shook again, as the lights began flickering once more. Trooper Patrick yelled out, “WE’VE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE!” All four of them struggled to their feet when suddenly the bed shot upward and smashed into the ceiling. The dresser drawers began opening and closing, and the closet door slammed open, all the clothes flying out of it. All four of them ran out of the room and down the stairs. Lisa didn’t care to grabbed her jeans, she just wanted out.

As they got to the Second Floor Landing, Ashley’s bedroom door flew open and all of them stared in as the bed flipped up against the wall, her dresser drawers flew out and smash against the wall. Inside the bathroom the water faucets in the sink and shower turned on and water began spraying to the ceiling. The toilet bowl water exploded upward. They continued downstairs when they heard popping noises. The light bulbs in the bedrooms were exploding. As they got to the entry room, the light bulb in there exploded, spraying them with glass fragments. They heard the dishes in the kitchen flying out of the cabinets and smashing into the wall. They actually saw the kitchen table lift off the ground and fly to the doorway where it smashed to pieces against the doorframe. They had had enough. They all ran out of the house. They got to where Officer Tyler and Officer Myers were. Officer Myers had awakened. All six of them turned back to look at the house when they heard it shake again. Every light was now out. Then every single window in the house exploded, glass fragments flying everywhere. Then all was calm. Not a single one of them knew what to say. Finally Trooper Patrick grabbed his radio from his belt and began calling for some ambulances and reinforcement. Steve held onto his wife.

Reihnholt Ranch, Current Time:
The ghost girl Samantha stood in the back yard of the Reihnholt Mansion, the moonlight spilling across her bare 34 c-cup tits. She sensed something horrible was happening at back at the Selmer House, but she felt she needed to be here. This time she was going to make her presence fully know to the girl and communicate with them. As much as she wanted Ashley Logan to stay so she could pleasure her, she had to warn her to get away. Samantha walked up to the locked backdoor and passed through it.

To Be Continued..........................


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