As Sarah walked into the main office reception area she heard a string of curses coming from under the computor desk in the middle of the room, she saw a pair of shoes, the distinctive big flame designs leaving no doubt who it was.
“Simon.” She said kneeling down to look under the desk.
“Yeah.” Was the reply, Simon looked at her and his eyes immeadiatley flicked downward to wear her blouse parted. Quickly his gaze flicked up to meet her gaze,
“Can you give me a hand with something in the stationary cupboard?” She asked her heart beginning to pound
“Yeah.” Simon replied and slithered out from under the desk. “Sure” He stood up to his full six foot height and flicked his long hair back.
Sarah led the way up the stairs and Simon purposefully kept three steps down so that he could see up her skirt slightly. A tall women with a slim figure Sarah was one to watch even if her blonde hair wasn’t cut in a style that suited her face.
At the top of the stairs Sarah opened the door and Simon went in. Sarah followed and the door shut with a gentle snick. The stationary cupboard wasn’t huge but it did have the advantage of having the door window blacked out.
“Whats up?” simon asked turning to face her. Before her rational mind could intervene Sarah stepped forward and kissed him, her lips pressing hard against his. She felt his body tense in surprise and Sarah pressed herself closer fully pushing her entire body against his, her hand reached around and grabbed his ass pulling his groin to hers.
His lips parted and she slipped her eager tongue into mouth relishing the gentle taste of his mouth. A gentle pressure against her thigh told her of his cock swelling in reaction to her. Her pores opened at the thought and he inhaled her scent increasing his ardour for her. She broke the kiss and pushed him back toward the back wall the only place where there wasn’t shelves. Her hand came up and grabbed the front of his work tunic and pulled it apart. Metallic sound ensued as the poppers let go exposing his torso, her fingers gently running down his chest to his navel, she exerted some small pressure with her nails and Simon gasped as her nail pressed a nerve and it jumped within him she bent forward and kissed just under his neck and moved her mouth down. Sarah without stopping dropped herself to her knees putting her head down around his stomach, she bit his taunt body gently as her hands frantically undid the buttons of her blouse.
As Sarah went lower she flet his cock jutting against her chin. Sliding her hands up his legs she moved the over his crotchto his belt buckle. Sarahs hands trembled with lust, her knickers were getting soaked as her pussy juices leaked through in eagerness to part her lips for his cock. Unsnapping the belt buckle she unthreaded it and quickly undid the jean buttons using her hands to pull the buttons all the way down. The blonde feeling ever so delightfully slutty slid his trousers down around his thighs and reverently and slowy pulled his underwear down as well. His rock hard cock all eight inches of it was there in her face.
“oh gods yes.” She whisperd and slowly wrapped her fingers around it as she gently stroked it. Looking up he gave a grin.
“Can I suck it?” She asked knowing the answer yet wanting permission.
“Yeah.” Simon whispered.
Savouring the moment her eyes locked on his face she lowered her mouth and extended her tongue. Her very tip touched and its heat seemed to infuse her mouth. God she wanted this. More of her tongue touched it and moved down the base. Once she reached the base she moved back up. there she reached the helmet she closed her lips around the helmet and tightened her cheeks providing a vacuumed grip. As her head lowered to his entire length one of her hands moved down over her own body to her skirt, reaching under it she slid one side of her knickers across and inserted a finger. She gasped as he moaned his hands running through her hair and she bobbed her head up and down al5ternating her rhythm tasting his precum as it leaked out of his tip. Without warning she slammed her head down filling her throat delighting in the choking sensation. As quickly as she deep throated she stopped though enjoying the teasing. His breathing stopped and his hands clenched in her hair. She knew what was coming next. Mentally grinning she shoved two fingers deep into herself as at the same time he drove her head into his groin his entire length slipping into her mouth. Eagerly she accepted it pumping frantically at her cunt feeling juices running down her thighs from the stimulation and the entire experience itself. She fought to move her head back and Simon allowed it, her free hand slid on his wet shaft and gently cupped his balls massaging them gently.
She released his cock and looked up at him her eyes lingering on his chest before locking his gaze.
“Im going to make you come” she3 whispered huskily, “im gonna make you explode my mouth and swallow every drop, then I want you to fuck me hard in my cunt and up my ass.”
“Stand up.” He said. She rose and stood before him, her thighs wet from her love juice her blouse open exposing her white bra her breasts heaving with desire, her flat stomach flat. He wanted to bite her navel.
“Take of your blouse.” He said. Sarah smiling shrugged her shoulders letting shirt fall down her amrs and onto the floor, knowing what was next she reached behind her back and unclipped her bra and slipped it off. Her breasts freed, her light pink nipples fully erect.
“finsh me I want to blow my load in your mouth.” He whispered harshly.
Sarh resumed her stance sliding down him her skin to his, her firm tits running over his cock, she pushed her tits together so that his ercetion slid down between them in a firm grip, with breaking stride she took him in her mouth once more, she could taste his salty precum.
“Im not far.” He said, “your so fucking sexy.”
Up and down her mouth went her head bobbing her tongue wrapping around his cock to create a second layer of presser. She moved her mouth up the tip of her tounge flicking the sensitive area just beneath the bottom the helmet.
“Oh god yes.” He said
Suddenly she couldn’t wait any more, she was getting ready to cum herself but decided to hold off until his cock was in her pussy. She just wanted to taste his cum. She moved her head faster her hand movements complementing the mouth action providing an extra stimuli for Simon. Sarah was very good at sucking cock and loved the feel of a man in her mouth. Gradually yet surely she built up the speed and rhythm taking the strokes faster, deep long hard strokes and Simon knew he was gonna orgasm. Sarah seemed to sense this too.
“oh god yes give it to me.”
Simons cock tensed and his entire body went rigid.
“Oh fucked.” He moaned.
Within Sarahs mouth Simon’s cock twitched once twice then again. Sarah continued her mouth action jerking up and down grabbing his hips to stabalise herself. The tip of his cock released its delicious fluids and she felts it heat splash onto her tongue. She could taste its salty goodness and having done so fully enveloped him into her throat the rest of his cum spilling down her throat coating the sides. Reflexingly she swallowed it down.
“swallow again.” He said.
She did so willingly and then did it again as the last of his cum released itself into her mouth. Releasing it she stood up.
“That tasted good.” She said licking her lips. “do me good and il swallow it a second time.
Simon nodded giving a very satisfied grin.
Sarah leaned back against the shelf half sitting half standing.
“Give it to me, fill my cunt.” Sarah whispered

to be continued……………………..


2007-04-17 16:23:48
Wud b nyc if he fucked her cunt. Or inserted sum sort of stationary in her, afta all dey were in a stationary cupboard! But well done!

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