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I continued my first fling with a second
I am a 47 year old woman. I'm married, with two grown children. I've been married for 24 years. My husband is a good lover but he has lost his seual desire. I had one fling in my life, the last story I presented-Fling at the Mall. That was two years ago. Since then, I have had one more, which I'm about to reveal.

My husband works for a big computer company and spends many days and sometimes weeks, a month out of town. A few weeks ago, my husband left for a European business trip. That left me home alone. A few days later, I re-read my story posted to this site. That really got me horny. I went back to that mall but nothing worked out, in other words, I couldnt get picked up. I tried but just wasn't the right time, I guess. A few days later, I decided to get dressed up and drive to a nearby town. My objective was to visit a bar and hope I could find a right guy to "Fuck". I wore a knee length dress, with a small slit up the side. I wore black stockings, opposed to panty hose. A black pair of panties and some nice heels. I wore make-up, that I would consider- whorish. I left my town and arrived at this nearby town about 8:30 PM. I found a nice bar, at the far end of a shopping plaza. I walked in and immediately realized I was the only female in this bar. There were about 10 men and me. The bartender actually thought I was a business person and asked me what I was selling. I was a little confused and asked him why he made that question. He said that I looked a little out of place. I told him I just wanted a drink. He apologized and gave me a drink. Several men starred at me and I felt really horny. Wow, thinking I could have anyone of these guys. Now, I got to admit, the cream of the crop wasn't present in this bar. I only saw one really handsome man. The others were overweight and a few were actually ugly. I just sat on the bar stool, crossing my legs and having my drank. A few minutes later, a man approached me and asked if he could sit next to me. This man was a little overweight, about 50 but otherwise pleasent looking. I motioned to the stool and said go ahead and have a seat. He introduced himself and said he was a regular in the bar and had never seen me. I told him I was from out of town and just here for business. He made a joke about the "business", glancing at my legs. I laughed and said, no, not that type of business. He had a good sense of humor. We talked a little longer when he asked me if I liked adult movies. I wasn't sure what he meant until he said, sex movies. I told him I hadn't seen one in many years. He told me that the owner played movies in the back room and wondered if I wanted to see one. I was really turned on and could feel myself getting wet. Just thinking of watching a sex movie and having this man fuck me. I said, sure, lets go. He walked me back through some doors, down a hallway and into a room. The room appeared to be a bedroom with a bed and some chairs. The man started a VHS player and a sex movie started. The movie featured one woman and three guys. They were doing everything sexually possible to this woman. I was really turned on. I was seated in a chair, adjacent to the bed. The man was seated on the bed. He asked me if I minded if he played with himself. I just looked at him and made a joke about playing with me. He then got up, moved to me and stuck his hand up my dress. Wow, I was so turned on. Eventhough he was overweight, he was my Prince Charming for the evening. I allowed him to feel me up. He kissed me, pulled open my blouse and sucked my tits. He worked my panties off and began fingering me. He picked me up and laid me on the bed. I then heard the door open and two more men came in. Wow, I was so turned on, I knew this would be a "Gang-Bang". I felt so horny. My lover began to eat me while the other men got undressed. They came over and rubbed their dicks on my face and tits. I started sucking them one at a time. When my lover made me cum, He stuck his nice size cock into my willing and very wet pussy. He fucked me hard and long. He finally came deep inside me. I leaked his cum onto this bed. A second man entered me and fucked me for just a minute and came inside me. He was really excited, I guess since he didn't last very long. The third guy did something totally shocking to me. He went down and began eating me, even with two loads of cum inside me. Wow, I came over and over, it was so unbelieving. What a feeling. He finally came up, starting kissing me - I tasted cum and then fucked me. He lasted a long time, making me cum again and again. He finally announced he was going to cum but wanted to cum inside me mouth. He pulled out and placed his cock in front of my face. He then unloaded spurts of cum in my mouth and on my face. Wow. I was so overwhelmed by emotion and passion. Afterwards, my first lover showed me the bathroom. I went in and cleaned up. I was actually scooping cum from my pussy. I came out and just sat on the bed. My first lover asked if I wanted more and I said yes. Then three more men came in and fucked me, each depositing a large load inside my horny pussy. At the end of the evening, I had fucked seven of the 10 men. I blew two and one tried but couldn't get hard.

I left feeling excited and very satisfied. I think this will be a monthly ritural.

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2012-07-05 02:34:02
damn another typical pig wife cheating on her husband..... what the fuck is wrong with these pigs that have to fuck around on their husbands??? why in the fuck did they get married in the first place?? this pig should be horse whipped and thrown out on the street

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2009-02-23 20:34:28
good for you - you are a lucky woman! indeed, i would love to visit this bar...but i think i would like to suck more dicks than 2...mmm


2007-07-17 01:27:51
isnt it fun to be a bar's only fuck toy


2007-07-14 09:16:50
i wish i was one of the 10 men


2007-03-27 13:17:17
PLease keep up the stories. It's great reading the female perspective!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

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