Rory meets up with an old friend.
“I’ll drive you,” Dean offered as Rory was franticly trying to find her school uniform.

“Thanks, I’ll be reading in a sec,” responded Rory as she rushed pass. She stopped to give Dean light kiss on the lips. As she ran off again Dean gave her ass a nice squeeze, eliciting a little squeal from her.

Lorelai walked over to the teenage boy, “I’m gonna go take a nap, but remember you’re welcome anytime,” she told Dean as she gave his still exposed cock a little tug. She then turned around and with full consciousness of her sex appeal; she walked away, swinging her naked hips.

“Damn,” thought Dean, “I can’t believe I just fucked that.” His cock was already getting hard.

“Gosh, you’re always excited aren’t you,” Rory questioned as she walked back into the room, fully dressed, and glancing down at Dean’s cock.

“Only for you, babe,” lied Dean as he pulled her into a kiss. They passionately kissed for a few moments before Rory beckoned that they had to leave.

“Aren’t you going to get dressed, “ asked Rory.

“No, I got a special idea for my little slut,” he replied when he was walking towards the door. He opened the door a crack; glanced around to make sure no one was looking, then ran out to his car where he quickly slipped in. As Rory walked towards the car, she couldn’t tell that Dean was naked from the waist down. It only looked like he was enjoying a nice and warm spring morning by having his shirt off. She laughed inwardly as she imagined all the possible ideas. Her pussy was already getting wet. She slid into the car and grinned mischievously at her boyfriend. He returned the smile and started the car. As they drove away from Rory’s house, they saw Babette waving at them and giving them the thumbs up sign and they returned the wave.

As they drove through Stars Hollow, they saw many people they knew and waved at them. Since it was such a warm morning, they had the window down and the air blowing into the car was stimulating Dean’s cock. Seeing her lovers thick cock becoming erect and feeling extremely naughty, Rory again smiled at Dean as she lowered herself down. She wrapped her hands around the still growing member and began to stroke up and down. She started out slowly, then she would increase her tempo until her hands were almost a blur, and then she would slow down again. This easily brought Dean to a full erection. He had trouble keeping his eyes on the road, due to the gratification that Rory was supplying. He was glad when they drove up to a stoplight, so he could just lean back and enjoy her handjob.

Suddenly from across the street he heard a familiar voice, “Hi handsome,” Miss Patty called.

“Hi Miss Patty,” Dean called back as he silently cursed her.

“Nice weather we’re having, isn’t it?” she asked distractedly as she glanced up and down Dean’s handsome torso.

Rory, hearing Miss Patty’s voice, decided to play with her boyfriend. She waited until just before Dean was about to respond, and when he did she plunged her mouth down onto his cock.

“Why, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssss, it is,” Dean could barely respond, as Rory started to suck off his cock.

“I’m glad to see you’re so happy about the weather,” Miss Patty joked. Dean smiled weakly as he was trying not to cum right then. He sighed internally when he saw the light turn green and he waved good-bye to Miss Patty as he drove off.

“Why the fuck did you do that?” Dean asked as soon as they were out of town and on the highway. Rory just continued giving him a blowjob, knowing that he couldn’t stay mad at her for long. She was currently swirling her tongue down one side of his cock. She would go all the way to the base and then back up, then back down another side. Dean was desperately trying to concentrate on the road, but he knew it was a losing battle. So, he decided to make the most of it, he took one hand off the wheel, and right as Rory neared the top of his dick, he shoved her mouth right down the bottom of it. She gasped for air, but he was merciless. He began to face fuck her for all she was worth, while trying to drive at the same time. It was hard at first, but once he got a rhythm down, he was fine. After she got used to the invading feeling, Rory rather liked getting face fucked. It fit in nicely with her submissive nature.

As they arrived at Chilton, Dean could feel his orgasm coming. He quickly parked and slammed Rory’s head down on his cock as he came buckets. He just thrust his head back and shot off, with Rory drinking every last ounce. Having come just two times about an hour ago, he did not cum as much as he usually did. However, Rory still felt satisfied taking down his jizz. After he was done, she swirled her tongue around the top of his cock a couple of times, causing him to shudder.

“Okay babe, I gotta go now, but I’ll give you a call after school,” Rory said as she leaned in for a good-bye kiss. They kissed, she hopped out of the car, and he drove off. As she ran into the school she tried to smooth out the wrinkles in her uniform, “Shit, I hope I’m not too late,” she thought as she entered the seemingly empty school. She practically ran down the hall and into her first class. Walking in she drew a couple stares, but as she glanced up at the clock she saw that she was only about five minutes late, enough to be excusable. Hoping not to draw attention to herself, she kept her eyes forward and scurried to her seat.

Practically ignoring the interruption, her homeroom teacher just kept going on, “And the last item for today, we are welcoming back an old student, Tristan DuGrey, he has been at military school for the past while and is now deemed fit to rejoin society.” The teacher laughed at his little joke, and went on, but Rory had stopped listening. She couldn’t believe Tristan was back, he had just walked out of her life, but now he was back. She stole a glance in her direction, hoping that he wouldn’t recognize her. As soon as she saw him, she barely recognized him. Military school had agreed with him. He now had perfectly toned muscles that bulged in his Chilton uniform. He had shaved his head and grown a little facial hair, just about the only thing the same was his fuck-you aura. She spent the rest of the period working herself up into a horny craze, just fantasizing about Tristan.

Tristan had been having a bad day, hell he was back at Chilton, until Rory walked in the door. He had forgotten how hot she was. He pretended not to notice her when she glanced his way, but all he could think of was getting into that schoolgirl skirt of hers.

At lunch, food was the last thing on Rory’s mind. She rushed down the empty halls, looking for a classroom that was not in use. Little did she know she was being followed. Finding an empty English classroom, she darted inside, locked the doors and closed the blinds. She completely forgot about the small window in the door as she sat down on top of a desk. She pulled her skirt up, pushed her panties aside and plunged her middle finger deep into her pussy. With a great gasp and a ripple through her body, Rory began to plunge deeper and deeper into her pussy. With each successive plunge she grew closer and closer to orgasm.

Watching from the thin window on the door, Tristan could hardly believe what he was seeing. Here was Rory, the angel child of Chilton, masturbating on school grounds. Seeing her pink pussy and her eager moans gave Tristan a major erection. Wondering if he should rush in now and fuck her when she was vulnerable or not, Tristan got an idea. He pulled out his phone and began pressing some buttons.

Rory could feel her climax coming, but knowing that she only got one, she wanted to make it special. She stopped fingering herself long enough to open her backpack and take out a large dildo that Dean had given her only a few weeks ago. It was about eight inches long, as wide as a sausage, bright blue and the word “FUCKER” was written in Sharpie on the side. Knowing that she had to cum soon, she readily placed it right alongside her pussy and began to push it in slowly. When it was all the way in, she started to pump it in and out, in and out, until she was going so fast her hand was a blur. When she finally came, she had to hold back her screams, conscious that she was still in school. This did not stop her from riding every wave of the orgasm as it rocked over again and again. She gently pulled out the dildo and just lay there for a moment, before she moved.
Seeing that she was done, Tristan closed his phone quickly and walked away as he formed a plan in his mind. Right after he turned the corner, Rory walked out of the classroom with an elated look on her face as she walked to her next class.

The next day at school, Rory was on time. She had been unable to see Dean last night because his family decided to go on an early spring break vacation, so he would be gone for the next five days. Already feeling horny, Rory was not looking forward to the next few days. She wondered if Jess would be around. As she opened her locker before school started a manila envelope fell out. Puzzling over what it could be, she picked it up and was about to open it before she saw written on the front “OPEN IN PRIVATE”. Feeling that is was best to take caution she went to the nearest bathroom. Locking herself into a stall she opened the envelope.

What she saw in there almost made her faint. In the envelope were full-size, color pictures of herself masturbating and using the dildo, and from the date on the photos, they were taken only yesterday. Not knowing what to do, she came across a typed note in with the pictures. It read: If you don’t want these pictures plastered on the Internet, meet me after school in the art room.

Rory was in a complete state of shock; she didn’t know whether or not to go to the art room. Whomever had taken these pictures must be either dangerous or a stalker, and she didn’t want to be stuck with either one. Having thought that, she found it equally dangerous to ignore the meeting. This person could easily hurt her, not to mention post the pictures. Finally, she decided to go to meeting, but to be wary.

Anxious the rest of the day, Rory could hardly sit still. She bombed an English test and didn’t listen at all to her Spanish lecture. When the end of the day came, she was regretting her decision, but knew she had to stick with it. She tentatively walked towards the art room, not knowing what to expect at all. When she walked into the room she saw no one at all, and then she saw nothing.

When Rory woke up she instantly realized she had no idea where she was. With her mind racing at a mile a minute, she took stock of her surroundings. She was a richly furnished room that looked like it belonged in England. She had awoken on a plush twin-sized bed in one corner, and in the opposite corner was a high-backed chair. Right next to the chair was a cabinet. The next thing she noticed was that she was no longer in her Chilton uniform. She was wearing a slink red cocktail dress that did nothing to hide her assets. She was also wearing no underwear! She rushed to the door, anxious to leave this place. Horrified, she found the door locked. Glancing around the room for another exit, she wondered who could have done this to her. Suddenly she had a horrifying thought. Someone would have had to seen her naked in order to dress her. Now even more terrified she began to cry as she searched for a way out.

Suddenly the door opened and in walked Tristan in a red satin bathrobe. It took a second for Rory to register who he was, but when she did she instantly screamed, “What the fuck is happening here!?”

“Now, now, there’s nothing to be upset about,” Tristan cooed softly, “You’re just my slave now.” He slowly grinned as he dropped his robe, revealing nothing underneath, except for his semi-hard cock.

Rory was so taken aback that it took her a second to realize that he was talking again, “You were such a naughty girl at school the other day, I just had to take pictures. And what good are pictures if they can’t be used for the greater good?” As he said this he began to stroke his cock until it was rock hard.

“What do you mean?” Rory finally managed to stutter as she was trying not to look at Tristan’s ample sized-cock.

“Only that you have to fulfill my every bidding, or these pictures get posted around the school and on the Internet. I think we’ll start with getting rid of those bothersome clothes.”

Rory’s first instinct was to refuse. Who was he to command her? Then she thought of what would happen if she didn’t listen to him, the pictures would get out. On the other hand, Dean was away, and she could use a good fuck. Tristan was someone new who she had never fucked before, and she loved being dominated. What the hell, she would do it!

“Anything for you Master,” Rory whispered as she slipped out of the cocktail dress, uncovering her entire body. She ran her hands over her body, pushing out her full teenage breasts. “I await you command,” she said sultrily.

Tristan couldn’t believe it; she was actually going to be his slave! He was looking forward to this! “Come here, my slave, so that I may inspect you,” he said as he beckoned her over. Sauntering over, she spread her legs to allow easy access to all her parts.

Tristan began to circle her, tracing his finger along her skin every now and then. When he was done, he stood in front of her and grabbed her breasts. “Yes, very nice,” he said as he massaged them. Rory purred in pleasure as her new master fondled her body. Suddenly, he moved his fingers down south and began to rub the area just outside of her pussy. It was soaking wet. “Wow, someone’s excited,” he commented.

“Yes master,” she replied.

Tristan stood back and issued his next commands, “You are never to wear panties or a bra again. Whenever you are in my house you will be naked. My parents are never home, so it should not be a problem. You will perform any act, at any time I ask you, wherever we may be. You may never cum unless I tell you to. You must be ready to sleep over at my house at a moment’s notice. You will call me master at all times. You will respond to the names slut, whore and bitch. Do you understand all these commands?” Rory nodded, ready to be fucked. “All right,” he continued, “then come here and suck my cock.”

Only too happy to comply, she quickly knelt down in front of her new master and began breathing on his cock. It was just as long as Dean’s was and much thicker. Not wanting to look too hasty, she did not instantly put the member in her mouth. She instead began to flick her tongue up and down over the head while gently massaging his balls. She retracted her tongue and hummed gently in front of his cock, sending small vibrations up and down his shaft. Breathing in the musky smell of his member, she placed the top of it in her mouth and began to slowly work her way down. She slithered halfway down, and was about to pull out, before Tristan said, “No you don’t!” And shoved her back down on his cock.

Initially gagging, it took a couple of seconds for her to adjust, but once she did, she never wanted his cock out of her mouth. He applied pressure to the back of her head, forcing her to continually deepthroat his cock. Her hands wandered up his backside until she found his perfectly toned ass. She gave it a quick squeeze, causing him to quickly pull out of her mouth.

“Did I say you could touch that slut?!” he demanded.

“No master,” she said sheepishly, hoping that he would let her take his cock back into her mouth. It was not to be so however.

“You are not to touch any part of my body unless I tell you to touch it. Now you must be punished for your insolence. This cock only gets to be sucked by good little bitches, unlike you!” Tristan yelled as he contemplated what her punishment should be. Suddenly he had the best idea. “Up whore!” he commanded and she quickly complied. “Lie down on the bed,” he went on with her complying, “Spread you legs and arms and offer no resistance.” As she was doing this Tristan opened the cabinet and took out some rope that he had anticipated using.

When Rory saw him coming over with the rope, she almost considered stopping their game, but she was too horny to resist now, so she went along with it. Predictably, she felt Tristan begin to tie her legs and arms to the bed. When he was tying her legs to the posts, his elbow was right next to her pussy. She could feel it moving around, giving her slight pleasure, it was gone all too fast and she could no longer see what he was doing.

Suddenly, he appeared over her, carrying a large black dildo. “You’re gonna spend some time with my friend here,” Tristan told her as he walked to the end of the bed. He glanced down at her open legs, and without another word, speared her with the dildo. She experienced a minor orgasm right away, before she even got used to the invader. Once she adjusted, she wanted it to move in and out, but her new master wasn’t going to do that for her. Instead he climbed on top of the bed, and squatted down, issuing the command, “Lick my asshole bitch.”

Rory was at first reluctant to follow the command, but she was afraid of what he would do to her if she refused so she tentatively stuck her tongue out and slid it between his cheeks. It tasted incredibly sour, but there was no escaping now. She flicked her tongue all around his rose-hole, as he groaned in appreciation. She would dip her tongue in and out rapidly as he encouraged her, “That’s it slut, use your ho tongue to lick me.”

As she was licking him, Tristan was jacking himself off. Wanting to spill his seed in his new slut as soon as possible, he stopped once he felt close. He jumped off the bed, much to Rory’s disappointment, as she had actually been enjoying giving her new master the pleasure he wanted. Right away, Tristan quickly pulled out the dildo from her pussy, and just as quickly plunged his own cock in there. She gasped in pleasure, feeling his hot rod invading her pussy.

“Oh, fuck yeah master! Fuck that tight pussy! Take me master! Take me!” she encouraged him as he pounded he cock in and out of her pussy.

“That’s right, beg for it slut, beg for it! You don’t get to cum until you beg for it!” Tristan yelled, just as he came into her pussy. Spurt after spurt of his jizz rocketed into her snatch. He continued fucking her pussy while he was shooting his cum into it. Rory was trying her hardest to not cum, knowing that Tristan would not be happy if she did without his permission. She held back as he pounded in and out at a slower rate, until he finally stopped. When he was done, he pulled out and looked at her closely. He was trying to decide what to do next with his new slave, and then it hit him.

He climbed on top of her so that his cock was right above her face. She got the idea right away and began to move her mouth around it, still with her hands tied. He moaned, “That’s what we need, you should anticipate my every need,” as she expertly handled his cock with her mouth from her awkward position. When he was rock hard again, he got off the bed and kneeled at the foot of the bed. He deftly untied the ropes there and then quickly untied the ones on the other end of the bed.

“Turn over whore,” he commanded, which she did in record time. He got up on his knees behind her, as she stuck her ass into the air. “You might want to hold onto something slave,” he suggested. She quickly grabbed onto the posts at the foot of the bed, waving her ass alluringly. Needing no encouragement to take his slave, Tristan place his cock at the edge of her slit from behind. He slowly pushed it in, enjoying the warm tightness of her teenage cunt.

She groaned in appreciation, “Oh yes master, push that fat stick into me. Push, push!” Continuing on his current course, Tristan pushed more and more in. Finally, when he bottomed out, Rory gave a massive groan, expressing her deep desire to cum and how hard it was for her not too.

“You ready for this slut,” Tristan asked quietly. When all she could do was nod, due to all the energy she was using to hold back her climax, Tristan knew it was time. He began a slow climb as he pumped in and out of her snatch, gradually getting faster and faster. “That’s right slut, take my big cock. I love your tight snatch, and you wanna know why, because it’s mine!” he yelled as he continued to pick up speed. She just kept on moaning as she was slammed forward with each thrust. As he grew to the climax of his thrusts, Tristan was ready to reward his slave for all her hard work. Right as he slammed into her the hardest yet he yelled, “CUM FOR ME SLAVE!!”

Hearing these words, Rory let go of her restraints and let her climax flow. It hit her harder than a ton of bricks. The first wave almost knocked her out, with the second only receding a little. The third one hit her just as hard as the first and the rest of them became indistinguishable as they came faster and faster, harder and harder. She moaned and rocked back and forth with sheer pleasure as Tristan kept on fucking her. She wanted to cry out, but the sound was just not coming. It was stuck in her throat from the intense orgasm As her own orgasm subsided Tristan yelled a warning of his cumming. He instantly pulled out and roughly turned her over. He stroked his cock for about a second before it started jettisoning his cum onto her breasts and face, marking her forever with his sperm and scent. He first aimed for her breasts, covering them thickly before aiming for her face, covering her cheeks and shooting some into her open mouth. Finally, when he had finished, he lay down next to her and whispered in her ear “Now that’s just the beginning slave.”

She moaned and responded, “I can’t wait for the rest master.” Seductively, and with complete lust, she wiped her finger over her cum laden breasts and fed herself his cum.


2007-06-29 09:22:41
hot. got me wet. do you wanna come over and do that to me? i would greatly appreciate it


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It was a good story. I liked it very much.


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stupid and sick it is never acceptable to encourage this kind of behavior its nothing but rape it should be done to you or someone you love

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