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Schoolgirl tease Kelly earns some pocket money

Jim woke with a start. This had just been a dream. None of it had happened, and here he was still, with an 18-year-old blonde schoolgirl, still in her uniform, lying on his kitchen table, with her white cotton knickers just centimetres from his face.

"What's the matter? You look as if your miles away" she said.

Jim got a grip of himself.

"Shall I take my panties off? I know, let me take my blouse and skirt off as well."

"No. Leave them on. I kind of like them."

"Do you like schoolgirls then?"

Jim had to admit that he did. He loved their uniforms, and the last thing he wanted Kelly to do was take it off.

Kelly wriggled about a bit more on the table.

"I'm going to have to go in a minute."

"Why", said Jim? "You haven't been here long."

"No, Silly. I mean GO", said Kelly.

"What do you mean?"

"You know. GO. For a pee!! I'm going to wet my panties if I wait much longer. It must be that glass of water."

Jim wanted desperately to watch Kelly wet her panties. He had seen it in magazines and films, and he had even watched girls doing it through binoculars, but he had never seen it done right in front of him. He wondered just how he was going to drop it into the conversation though.

He didn't need to. Kelly could sense from the look on his face that just talking about wetting her panties was getting him going.

"That's making you horny, isn't it? You'd like to see me wet my knickers, wouldn't you? “Kelly could just imagine how much she was going to be able to extract from Jim later on for all this! How much was he going to be prepared to pay to keep her quiet? She had a mental picture of herself sitting on the floor surrounded with £5 notes.

Jim admitted that, yes, he would rather like to see Kelly wet her panties. He was ashamed of what he was doing with this young girl, and sort of just whispered it to her.

Kelly found this absolutely intriguing. Just why did he want to see her wet her knickers? She hadn’t met anyone like this before, and she found it very odd. She told Jim to say it properly, not just whisper it, or she wouldn’t do it. Jim was now really embarrassed, and just hung his head in shame.

"Say it properly or I won't do it".

Jim looked at her, sadly, ashamed at his behaviour to this pretty young schoolgirl.

"I want you to wet your panties. Please do it for me."

"Beg me, then", said Kelly.

"Please, please, please, Kelly, will you let me see you wet yourself?"

This was starting to make him feel very horny, just saying the words, and he could feel his cock stiffen again. This was, after all, the only chance he was ever going to get to talk really dirty to a young schoolgirl still in her school uniform, and he decided he'd better make the most of it.

"Kelly, I want you to wet your knickers. I want you to let the piss spurt out of that tight little cunt, and stain your little white panties yellow. Then I want to lick your panties, and suck the wet patch, whilst you pee some more."

Kelly was taken aback by this change. No more the hesitant old man, now he seemed very much in control of himself.

"You are a sexy little girl, and I am so pleased that you came into my house. I haven't given you your Christmas gift yet this year. I was going to give you £5, but would you like to earn a bit more?"

Jim was worried that this delightful creature was going to get frightened by his dirty talk, and just run away. She seemed pretty relaxed about it, but she might just be a little prick teaser who would get scared and run off. He didn’t want that to happen - oh no!

"I have a proposal to make to you. You've earned your £5 by delivering my papers so reliably over the last year, but I could pay you quite a lot more than that if you were specially nice to me."

"How do you mean, nice?"

"Well, you'd have to, sort of, be my girlfriend, and we would do the things that boys and girls do when their parents are out."

"Like kissing, and that?"

Kelly knew full well what he really wanted, but she couldn’t resist teasing him. She was also starting to rethink the blackmail plan. Perhaps she could make just as much this way, without any of the risks. She wondered how much she could get him to pay.

"Well, er, um, a bit more than that, actually."

He'd gone all shy and hesitant again. But why, he thought. He was the one with all the money, and this was just some silly little schoolgirl looking for a bit of extra pocket money. He'd show her who was in charge.

"Kelly, oh sweet sexy little Kelly, I want to stick my big fat cock up your tight little cunt and spurt hot spunk into you. I want to sniff your little panties after you’ve peed into them. I want to lick your tight little bumhole. I want to suck your pussy. I want you to suck my penis until I come all over your pretty little face. I want you to swallow my sticky seed. I want you to squat over me and piss all over my face, then I want you to slowly sit on my face in your wee stained knickers and let me suck your little cunt through them. I want you to hold your pussy open for me while I piss inside you. I want to masturbate over your panties whilst you're still wearing them, so the cum runs down your panties and into your vagina. Then I want to lick the cum out of your pussy."

"You want quite a lot then, really", said Kelly. She was a bit shocked by this sudden outburst from Jim, and hadn’t realised the depths of his lusting for her. She knew that he fancied her, but didn’t know how far he wanted to go. Very plainly, he wanted to go as far as he possibly could, and she found this at the same time frightening and exciting.

"That's going to cost an awful lot of money. If I'm to do all those wicked things you'll have to make it worth my while. My Mum and Dad would kill me if they found out."

"How much do you want then?"

Kelly thought for a bit. She wanted to get as much as she could from this man, but she didn’t really know just how much he would be prepared to pay. If she asked for too much he'd just tell her to clear off, but she didn’t want to ask for too little. It was very difficult to guess how much he would pay. This was quite a nice house, there was a nice big TV, and it looked as if Mr Marsham had enough money to be able to afford quite a lot.

Kelly got off the table and sat on the settee. Jim sat on the chair opposite, anxiously waiting for an answer. She figured that her best bet was to get him so worked up that he couldn’t refuse her. This was a pretty accurate guess.

"Well", she said, allowing her grey skirt to ride up her lovely long legs, "That's a very difficult question".

One of the buttons on her blue school blouse had come undone, and Jim could see her little white bra inside. He imagined her breasts nestling inside and wanted to put his head between them. Perhaps soon he would be able to. He'd pay anything she asked. He had to. This was a chance he would never get again to his dying day.

Kelly allowed her legs to part a little so Jim could see up her skirt. He didn’t miss the opportunity, and stared at her white cotton knickers. He could see little wisps of her pubic hair just peeping round Kelly's panties, and longed to see underneath. She knew the effect this was having on him and slowly pulled up her skirt. With her skirt around her waist and her legs getting wider apart, Kelly started gently rubbing the crotch of her panties, whilst Jim sat mesmerised.

"Do you like it when I do this?"

"You know I do, but please, I need to know how much you want. I can't afford very much you know. I'm only a pensioner, and I don’t have much money."

"I'm thinking", said Kelly, continuing to rub herself provocatively.

"God", thought Jim, "Christ knows what would happen if anyone came in here now. Me sitting here with a young schoolgirl opposite me, still in her uniform and her legs wide apart, stroking her pussy."

Kelly slipped her hands inside her panties, and put her right hand middle finger inside her vagina. She pushed it in and out, and it made little slurpy noises. Then she pulled her finger out and offered it to Jim. He sniffed it sensuously, savouring the musky smell of girly cunt juice. He could see the little beads of moisture on Kelly's finger, where it had been inside her cunt, and he sucked it for all he was worth. It tasted heavenly. He wanted so much to put his hot tongue inside her little cunt and taste some more of her love juices.

She pulled up her blouse, exposing her dainty but plain bra. Lifting up her bra, she exposed her small but perfectly formed milky white breasts for Jim to gaze at. They jutted out of her slender young body like baby hillocks, pert, proud and erect. He was stunned. So used to seeing the larger breasts of the women in his vast porn collection, Jim could not believe how beautiful were these fine young titties.

Kelly offered him her left nipple, stiff and hard, and he sucked it like a baby.

"You can do all this", she said. "One evening a week, and I'll only charge you £100 a week".

Jim didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. What he had on offer here was an evening of the most perfect sex every week, the most unbelievable sex with a girl barely old enough to know what sex was. He could teach her a thing or two! But £100 a week? How could he possibly afford that on his income? He did have some savings, but he didn’t want to dip into those unless it was really necessary. But wait a minute, if this wasn’t necessary, just what was? He dithered, confused.

"But I can't afford that. I'm only a pensioner. How about £50? That’s a lot of money. Think of all the sweets you could buy with £50 a week"

"£100", said Kelly. I'm worth all of that, and a lot more. You'd have to pay nearly that for some old tart in Soho!"

"I wouldn’t. You can get a girl in King's Cross for a few pounds, and they’ll do anything", said Jim. "£50 is more than enough".

"Take it or leave it. If you don’t think I'm worth £100 a session, don’t bother then."

Kelly pulled her bra back on, pulled down her blouse, and stood up ready to go, smoothing her little skirt down as she did so.

"OK, OK, OK, then", said Jim. "I can't afford that much, but if I sell some of my old furniture I might be able to get enough together for a few weeks. But if I'm going to pay you £100 a week, I want to know exactly what I'm getting for it."

"I'll come round to your house one evening a week after school, between 4.30 and 5.30, and you can do whatever you want."

"Absolutely whatever I want?"

Kelly thought hard. He hadn’t been very happy about the £100, and she was afraid he might change his mind. She wanted that money very badly, and it was a lot less risky than blackmail. Come to think of it, if she wanted to blackmail him, she still could. She could deny ever asking him for money and just say that he had raped her. Anyway, what could this poor old bloke do to her? He probably couldn't even get it up!

"OK then. Anything you want, but I get the money first."

So it was agreed. Kelly was to come round to see him every Friday after school. She would tell her parents that she was visiting her friend Stacey. Jim was very keen that she should wear her school uniform, but that was no problem at all - though she still couldn’t see what he saw in it.

Kelly said she had to go home now, and although Jim begged her to stay a bit longer, she said he had had more than enough free samples, and that was that. She would see him again on Friday.


2007-04-10 19:04:12
that was good the way you just dived in with the story in sted of havin to wait fo ages but there wasnt rearly a lot going on in it.
big smoke J.R


2007-04-03 11:09:24
Excellent buildup ... pay no attention to the idiot below! bc


2007-03-07 23:38:05
come on you soft cock get on with it and let him fuck her .

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