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Chapter 1-The Setup

I walked through the doors to the biology building like I did every Friday morning, bag slung over my shoulder. I made my way through the crowds of people in the lobby, wondering how long I’d have to put up with stupid freshmen that didn’t know where they were going and seemed to just try and annoy me. It was a beautiful spring day, only 3 weeks from summer break. It wasn’t one of those days where I was very motivated to go to class. I was headed to my biology lab, one of those required courses that I could really give a flip about. I walked into the lab room and sat down next to my lab partner Scott.

“What’s up Scotty?” I said as I tossed my bag down under the lab bench.

Scott looked up at me from his notebook and smiled.

“Hey Pauly, check this out.”

He picked up his notebook and handed it to me. On it was a crude drawing of some chick taking two cocks to the face.

“Nice Scott,” I said shaking my head and handing his notebook back to him. “You’re such a horndog.”

“Hey, gotta get the juices flowin, it’s Friday, biatch!” he said, probably a bit too loudly. The TA’s were at the front of the room getting stuff together for lab. The non-Asian one looked up and frowned. A couple of freshman looked up and seemed shocked that someone would curse in class.

Scott and I were the only juniors, actually the only non-freshmen, in this class. We were both business majors who had put off their required science class. I’d known Scott a couple of years now and we’d hung out outside of class. He was in a fraternity, so he’d invited me to a couple of house parties over the years. For some reason he’d always reminded me of one of those little dogs that always humps strangers’ legs.

“So what are you up to this weekend?” I asked.

“We’re having a wicked party at my house this weekend, not the frat, my other house,” Scott said. Like most upperclassmen, he didn’t live in the frat but off campus. I’d been over to his house a couple of times; it was a pretty sweet setup. Unfortunately it was in a pretty residential neighborhood so they tended to piss the neighbors off a lot.

“You should come over,” he said.

My friends were headed out of town to a concert, but I hadn’t really had any interest so I didn’t really have anything else to do.

“Sure, what time does the party start?”

“Actually I need a bit of help setting shit up so you could come over early if you want.”
“Yeah, I don’t really have anything to do after this lab.”

“Cool, head over around 4:30, I’ll put you to work on some of the neighbors.”

“What the hell do you mean by that?”

“Well you know what its like,” Scott said, striking a slightly evil looking grin. “Our raucous times tend to piss people off. So we’re trying to give people some advanced warning and try to smooth anything over before there’s a problem.”

“Sounds like something you or your roommates should be doing.”

“Well they kind of hate us already. And you’re such a charming guy. Plus there’s a real hotty that I’d bet you’d like to meet.”

“Sure there is. She’s probably what, 80?”

“Nah, I’m serious. She’s probably early 30s, but she’s pretty hot. She’s married, but I think she gets around. Her husbands kind of a goofy looking guy and he’s gone during the week most times. She’s got guys coming and going from the house all the time. Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky before the party even starts?” he said with that evil grin.

“Fine, I’ll help out. But if its some hag, you’re gonna owe me.”

The TA’s started talking, signaling the start of class. We did some stupid high-school bio shit with earthworms, I can’t really remember now.

When class was over I headed back to my apartment for a while. Worked out, got some lunch, watched some TV, sort of typical Friday afternoon college stuff. Around 4 I got changed and headed over to Scotty’s. It was about a 20 minute walk, but it was sunny and about 70, so a gorgeous day to walk.

When I got to Scott’s house, it was about 4:45. I knocked on the door and Scott showed up momentarily, inviting me inside. The living room was just off to the left in the house as I walked inside the door. It wasn’t a huge living room, but it was open to the dinning room and kitchen, so it made a good party spot. The best part of the house was the full bar in the basement. Currently there was music equipment, speakers and such, strewn all over the living room.

“I’m just putting together the system,” Scott said as we walked through towards the kitchen. “Steve and Pete,” his roommates, “just left to get the beverages for the evening.”

“So you still need to me to schmooze up the neighbors for ya?” I asked, hoping he would say no.

“Yeah, that’d be great,” he said as he opened his fridge. “You wanna beer first?” he asked as he grabbed one for himself. I said sure and he handed me one. He popped his open and started downing it before I even got mine open.

“Getting a quick start to the night, huh?” I said.

“Huh? Oh, yeah I guess,” he said as he lowered his half empty Bud Light. Without looking at me he started walking off to the living room again. “Well you don’t have to worry about the next door neighbor, I talked to him earlier today. The next person down, the one at the end of the cul-de-sac, that’s the one I was telling you about.”

Scott drained the rest of his beer, set down the bottle and started lifting equipment into place. I thought he was acting a bit strange but I figured he was just getting anxious for the party. I know I hated hosting parties; it always seemed like so much work.

“Sure you don’t want any help with this?” I asked.

“Nah, go ahead and talk to Lucy. She’s the one on the end that I was telling you about. Go ahead and just go to the back door,” he said, still not looking at me.

“Ok, I guess I’ll go give it a shot,” I said as I walked towards the door. I put my mostly-full beer down on a table in the hallway. “See ya.”

“Yeah, cya.”

As I walked down the sidewalk towards the neighbor’s house, I started to feel really uneasy about the situation. It’s not that I was nervous about strangers per se, but I really didn’t know what I was going to say. I mean it wasn’t even my party.

The house I was walking towards was a two-story split-level, so half there was a main floor on one half of the house; the other side had a sub-basement and a second story, presumably where the bedrooms were. It was a nice looking house, well kept up and in keeping with the rather quaint Midwestern residential housing. There was a late model Mazda and a new looking Honda SUV in the driveway.

Looks like the husband is home, I thought.

I walked around the side of the house to the backyard. There was no fence around the house so the obviously didn’t have kids or a dog. They had a pretty nice sized backyard bordered on all sides by woods. There was a small flower garden along one side of the yard. The house was set back from the others so from the backyard you couldn’t see any of the other houses in the neighborhood, or any of the roads for that matter.

Relatively secluded house for fucking other guys when your husband is out of town, I thought.

The back door was a sliding glass door with a screen. The glass door was open with just the screen in place, which made sense on such a nice spring day. I went up to the backdoor and knocked on the doorframe to make a louder noise. I waited for a minute but no one came. I knocked again and waited. I could hear some music coming from downstairs, it sounded like some soft jazz. I knocked one more time, more loudly this time to try to catch someone’s attention. I’m not really sure why I did it, but I opened the screen door and walked into the house. I walked towards the stairs to the basement and said hello out loud, hoping some guy didn’t come freak out at me. Scotty had said the guy was a goof, but I still didn’t particularly want to have a confrontation.

If no one answers when I say hello downstairs, I’m getting the fuck out of here.
I said hello one more time at the top of the 5 stairs to the basement.

“Come on down,” said a woman’s voice. She sounded nice, and didn’t sound made or surprised at all.

The basement was fairly good sized, with a small dividing wall halfway through the room with a walkway just to the left as you walked downstairs. The divider only reached halfway to the ceiling, but there was an opaque white sheet that effectively divided the room into two sub-rooms. There was a futon along the right wall and a large papasan chair on the far wall, with a low wooden table in between. There were pillows on the floor around the table. Overall it looked very comfortable, if a bit feminine.

I wonder if this is where the action takes place.

Through the sheet I could see a woman with very dark brown, almost black, hair. I assumed it must be Lucy.

“Sorry to come on in,” I said. “I knocked at the back door and no one answered.

“Oh that’s fine,” the woman said as she came around the divider. She was about 5’7”, just a bit shorter than me really. Her skin was fairly pale, but most people’s were this time of year, and it had a nice glow to it. Her face was covered in faint, faded freckles, which I thought was really cute. She had full red lips that were showing off a nice smile as she made eye contact with me. She was wearing a nice sundress that came down just below her knee and showed off her figure nicely. She was quite curvy but looked good. If I’d had to guess I would say she was early 30s. Overall Scott wasn’t kidding about her being a hottie.

“I heard you but figured you’d either go away or come on in,” she said with just a hint of a laugh.

I smiled a bit sheepishly and launched into my pre-determined little speech.

“My name’s Paul, I’m friends with Scott, Pete, and Steve down the street. They’re having a party tonight and they wanted me to come warn you about it.”

“Oh really,” she smiled even wider. “Another one of their crazy parties, huh? And they sent someone else to warn off the neighbors. Nice.”

“Well, I think they figured you were tired of seeing them,” I said.

“Oh, yeah, I’d much rather have someone like you come to see me,” she said as she winked at me.

Oh my god, her husband is probably in the house somewhere and she’s flirting with me. This is weird.

“I like your hair, it’s cute,” she said. I wore my hair pretty short but it was long enough on top that I usually put it up in a little ridge in the middle of my head. The girls seemed to like, so it worked for me. “Why don’t you sit down and have a drink real quick.”

This was really not how I’d been expecting this to go, but I thought what the hell. “Sure,” I said.

“What’ll you have? We’ve got a full bar around the corner here,” she said as she pointed across the dividing wall.

Since she was flirting with me, I’d thought I’d return the favor a bit.

“What’re you drinking this afternoon?” I asked.

“Oh I was just mixing up a batch of sangria. My husband Dennis got back from business this afternoon so we were going to sit out back and sip some sangria while it’s still nice out.”
So the husband is home, I thought.

“I was just going to make myself a cocktail though,” she said. “How about a rum punch?”

“Yeah that sounds great.”

“Just have a seat and I’ll mix it for us. I’m Lucy by the way.”

“Nice to meet you,” I said as I took her suggestion and had a seat on the papasan.

“So you go to school with Scott?” she asked, moving over to the bar.

“Yeah, I’m a junior in the business school.”

“Good, gonna make a lot of money some day, huh?”

“Who knows? I kind of just chose it at random really. Nothing else really sounded good.”

Just then a man who I assumed was Dennis came down the stairs. He had only a pair of jeans on, no shirt.

“Hey hun, this is Paul, he’s Scott’s friend,” Lucy said from the bar.

I stood to shake Dennis’s hand as I took in the man. He was a bit goofy looking from the shoulders up. He had thick-rimmed glasses, thin blond hair, and a long neck, which made him look vaguely like an ostrich. But I’m guessing that Scotty had never seen him with his shirt off. First of all, Dennis was about 6’3”, so he was about 5” taller than me. He had a long torso. His muscles were defined, lean, hard. He had a fighter’s body, complete with a few scattered scars. Overall he was oddly intimidating. This was probably accentuated by the fact that he did not smile at all. He didn’t really frown, he just looked sort of neutral, almost vacant.

We shook hands and I made a point to be firm and direct. His handshake was just like his body, hard and almost cold.

I sat back down on the chair and he took a lounging seat on the futon, his eyes settling somewhere between his wife and me.

“Here’s your drink,” Lucy said as she handed me the glass through the sheet. I took the glass and took a sip immediately, hoping it would make the situation a little less unsettling. It was a good drink, fairly strong.

Lucy walked back around the divider and sat on a cushion on the floor by the table. She sipped on her drink once and asked “So tell me about this party tonight.”

“Well I think Scott kind of wants it to be sort of a blow out. He wanted me to come and warn you that it might get kind of loud,” I said. “You guys can come on over if you like,” I added. I didn’t really know if I was allowed to invite people, but I couldn’t really see them showing up and I thought it might smooth things over.

“Oh that’s nice of you to offer,” Lucy said, still smiling. “It’s not really our scene, but it’s a nice gesture.”

“Well, if we get too loud, please come over and let us know. I don’t think the guys want to be a real disruption.”

I sipped on my drink again and glanced over at Dennis. He had been looking at me, but quickly looked away when I glanced at him. He looked up the stairs and then at his watch on his left wrist.

“So are there gonna be lots of girls at this party?” Lucy asked, flashing me a smile once more. “Or do you have a girlfriend?”

I took another long pull from my drink. “No I don’t have a girlfriend. There better be girls at this party or Scotty owes me big time.” I smiled at Lucy. She maintained eye contact with me whenever I looked at her. She had beautiful dark brown eyes, very intense but with a sparkle of intelligence.

I broke eye contact again and downed the rest of my drink. It was pretty strong at the end and it made me shudder just a bit.

“Well I should probably get going,” I said handing my ice-filled glass back towards Lucy. “I think Scotty needs my help setting up for the party.”

I made to stand when Lucy stood up and said, “Stay.” The weird thing was, it wasn’t really a suggestion but more of an order. She took the glass from me and pushed my shoulder back down to the papasan.

I was sort of disoriented for a moment, as I wasn’t quite sure what to say. Lucy went around the corner back to the bar. I looked over at Dennis, who’d sat upright and was looking directly at me. I was suddenly very worried about what was going on. Then Scott showed up. He came in the back door and stood at the top of the stairs. He looked at Dennis only, not me.

“Hey Scott, I was just about to come back over,” I said.

Dennis got up off the futon and walked towards the stairs. I could see an envelope in his back pocket for the first time. He took the envelope out of his pocket as he walked to the stairs. Scott didn’t respond to me but kept his eye on Dennis. I stood up as Lucy walked back from the bar carrying a tray of drinks. The whole situation was creeping me out and I just wanted to leave.

“Sit,” Lucy said calmly but firmly.

I ignored her and watched Dennis hand Scott the envelope at the top of the stairs.
“We’ve got a deal right, you’ll leave us alone now?” Scott said, his voice almost breaking. I could see him virtually shaking in his shoes as he looked up at Dennis. The whole situation was wrong, Scott had obviously not been telling me the truth about any of this. One word kept racing through my mind, trap.

“You will tell no one about this,” Dennis said firmly. “As long as you hold to that, you and your family will be safe.”

Holy shit, was all I could think. I was seriously considering a break for the door when Scott glanced down at me. The look he gave me was full of emotion: anguish, relief, sincere regret. He looked away and nearly ran out the back door. Dennis turned around and walked back down the stairs.

“Sit,” Lucy said again, even more softly this time. Dennis looked at me and repeated the order.

“Sit,” he said. His was the opposite of Lucy’s, hard and cold. I sat slowly.
“Here, let’s have another drink,” Lucy said as she handed me a glass of what I assumed was sangria. “It’s such a gorgeous day but we’re going to lose our sunlight soon.”
I took the glass from her but was suddenly very nauseous. I was still considering a break for the door but I somehow knew I would never make it past Dennis. I liked to think I was in pretty good shape. I worked out 4 or 5 times a week, lifted weights, ran, did a bit of swimming. I wasn’t small either, about 5’10” 175 lbs. But that guy was just plain intimidating.

I glanced around the basement trying to find some sort of exit. There were windows, but they were small and high, just for letting a bit of sunlight in anyway. They had the same opaque white sheets over them (I guess they’re called valences). There looked like there was a laundry room back past the bar, but no other exit.

“Ok, let’s have a toast,” Lucy said. She and Dennis both had glasses now as well. Lucy extended her glass into the middle of the group. She was back on her cushion by the low table.

“I really didn’t want to drink, I just wanted to know what’s going on,” I said, trying to keep my voice even and confident.

“Let’s drink first, we’ll explain everything to you in due time,” Lucy said. “Come on now lets toast.”

I leaned forward and touched my glass to hers. Dennis just sat looking as disinterested as he had been before.

“Come on dear, we’re celebrating now,” Lucy said to her husband.

Dennis sighed and moved his glass in to the center as well.

“To our new group,” Lucy said, striking a small smile again. She brought her drink to her lips and drained half the glass. I leaned back, not intending on drinking. Dennis took a small sip and looked at me from the futon.

“Drink it,” Dennis said.

“Go on,” Lucy said in her soft, firm voice.

I took a small sip from the glass. It tasted like the fruity Spanish drink I’d thought it was. It should have tasted good, but it just set my stomach more on edge.

“A little more now, you don’t want to be rude,” Lucy smiled at me. She was on her knees on the pillow on the floor, almost leaning towards me. I looked into her eyes as I took another long pull from my drink. I went ahead and downed the whole glass.

Maybe if I puke they’ll let me out of here.

As soon as I finished the glass, Lucy took it from me gently and set it on the table. She remained on her knees in front of me and put her hand on my right knee.

“Now just relax and breathe deep,” Lucy said. “Everything is going to be all right.”

My head was spinning a bit, but that was a combination of two glasses of alcohol in about 10 minutes plus the nausea and distress of not knowing what the fuck was going on. I closed my eyes briefly to reorient myself; when I reopened my eyes, the light suddenly changed from the soft yellow afternoon light to a harsher, more orangish light. The room spun rapidly and I felt like vomiting.

“Here, why don’t you lay back,” Lucy said. She stood and helped me lay back into the soft cushion of the papasan. The room stopped spinning when I lay down but my vision was increasingly distorted. The looked up at the ceiling to try and get my bearings once more and noticed that there were lights depressed in the ceiling. These were emitting a reddish light, while the light from the windows and the back door upstairs was still an orangish hue. I looked back at Lucy, who was now smiling broadly at her husband. She then looked back at me and stroked my forehead. Then she stood and walked over to her husband. As she walked, I noticed everything was slowing down, like slow motion in a movie. I raised my hand up in front of my face. The motion of the hand was blurred and my reactions were delayed.

Fuck I’ve been drugged, I thought. I didn’t know enough about drugs to know what the hell I’d been given, but she’d obviously slipped it into one of my drinks, probably the second one. My mind started to become hazy as Lucy straddled her husbands lap and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Thank you my love,” she said as she kissed him. His hands wrapped around her waste and he kissed her again, this time showing some genuine interest in something. Images were blurry, lines fuzzy, reactions delayed. It was like being drunk but far worse. I wasn’t particularly nauseous anymore and I could feel my muscles relaxing. My head lolled to the right side and I tried to lift my self up. I was able to get my shoulders off the cushion before collapsing back down onto the cushion.

Shit I’m in trouble.

“Oh dear, look at him, he’s pretty out of it,” Lucy said.

“I told you that stuff works fast,” Dennis said.

“Ok lets pull the futon out so he can lay down all the way,” she said, removing herself from his lap. I could hear some shuffling as they moved furniture around a bit, but at this point I could barely control my head. I felt Dennis lift me off of the chair and drag me to the futon, which was pulled out. Lucy laid a pillow under my head as Dennis dropped me onto the bed. Out of my peripheral vision (skewed as it was) I could see Dennis take my spot on the papasan. Lucy leaned on the futon over me. Even in my drugged, torpid state, the next event really threw me for a loop. Lucy reached out and started rubbing my crotch. Despite the muscle relaxant aspect of whatever drug they’d used, I could still feel sensations clearly. If anything my sense of touch was more heightened.

I don’t know if it was the tension of the moment or the drugs or a combo of both, but Lucy’s hand felt amazing.

“It’s all going to be ok,” Lucy said in her calm, soothing voice. “In fact, I bet you’ll even enjoy your time with us.”

She stopped massaging my crotch and started unbuttoning my shirt. I’d had on a long-sleeved shirt buttoned over a t-shirt and jeans.

“The drugs we gave you will cause you to pass out here in a few minutes, but we’ll have a bit of fun before you pass out,” she said as she started removing the shirt from my arms. She lifted my shoulders to take the shirt from underneath me and threw it into the corner. She then moved her hands down to my jeans, where she undid them and started pulling them down.

At this point I was very confused, not only about the situation but also about my reaction. I wasn’t thinking clearly from the drugs, but part of me was genuinely excited about what Lucy was doing to me. What was she doing and why? Was this some sort of sick marital game? Was she going to fuck me then kill me? I had no idea.

Lucy had taken off my shoes, socks, and pants so I laid on the futon in a white t-shirt and boxers. Lucy returned her hand to rubbing my crotch, which still felt amazing.

“What are you going to do with me?” I managed to say.

“You’ll find out soon enough,” she said with a big grin on her face. “For now just relax and enjoy the moment.”

“Are you going to kill me?” I said.

She laughed. “Oh no, we paid good money for you, we’re not going to hurt you.” She glanced over to her husband, who shrugged. Dennis was watching this whole scene with detached amusement. It made me nervous, but there really wasn’t much I could do about it at this point.

Finally my dick started to react to her stroking. She concentrated more on my balls now, kneading them, almost grinding them. My cock grew hard and began straining against my boxers.

“Yeah, that’s what I was waiting for,” she said as she slipped her right hand inside my shorts. Her left hand went down beneath her, presumably rubbing her pussy. She began pumping my cock with her hand and even moved her body up and down slightly with the motion.

“Ohhh,” she started to moan. “That’s good. You have a nice firm cock now.”

I could feel her hand squeezing my cock more and more as she continued to moan. After a moment she stopped and stood up. She slipped her hands under her dress and pulled her panties down, stepping out of them in that sexy way women do.

“Let’s get these off of you,” she said as she slid my boxers over my hard dick and down towards my feet. She looked over at her husband and air-kissed him before moving over me. Events were getting very hazy and distorted at this point, but I can remember her pulling her dress up a bit and straddling my cock. She it with her left hand and positioned herself over me. She slowly introduced my cock to her wet pussy before plunging herself down on me. I was able to notice that she was mostly shaved, with only a little triangle pointing the way.

“Uhhhhhh, that feels good,” she moaned as she sunk down completely on my throbbing dick. She started bouncing gently up and down on me, placing her hands on either side of my head. “His cock feels so good, Dennis. Not too long, but nice and thick.”
I looked down as best I could to see her dress bunched around our waists, preventing me from seeing any of the real action. At this point my vision was so distorted I could really only make out shapes. Even her face, which was mere inches from mine, was vague and blurry. It felt amazing though. I’d had sex before, but it wasn’t a weekly thing for me. The last time was with a girlfriend a few months ago before we’d split up. Her pussy was not the tightest, but it was a good fit on my cock and it felt amazing to have her sliding up and down.
“Ohhhh, god this is nice,” she moaned. She stopped bouncing long enough to reposition herself slightly. Rather than rest on her knees she moved up onto her feet, essentially squatting on my cock. She pushed my shirt up and rested her hands on my bare chest as she resumed her motion.

Her pussy continued to grip my cock as she glided up and down on me. She pressed down on my chest, not too hard, but enough to push me down into the futon as she sped up a bit. I could feel her tighten as she bounced on my throbbing cock.

“Ooohhh, gaawwwwd,” she continued to moan. I noticed that I was groaning at this point too and I felt myself moving towards cumming. I didn’t particularly have any control left at this point, but it felt good.

“Yeeaahhhh, I know you like it to,” she said in response to my moaning. She moved one of her hands down beneath her dress. I could the back of her hand against me as she rubbed her clit vigorously.

“Uuhh, uhhh, uhhh, uhhh,” she almost chanted as I felt her pussy tighten in orgasm. The pulsing of her cunt caused me to blow it too. I could feel the cum pumping into her as she continued bouncing on my shaft.

“OOOHHHH GAAAWWWD!” she said as she finished cumming on my dick. She slowed and moved off of me. The room spun violently again and all of a sudden I felt very nauseous again. The last thing I remember before I finally passed out is Lucy moving over to embrace her husband. Then the dark took me.


2007-07-21 05:14:05
please make part 2


2007-03-09 04:17:34
That was motherfucking AWESOME! I love introduction, and i love the mystery of the hubby!.. I'll be waitin' on pt two.. awesome job, 10/10.


2007-03-08 21:23:28
I like it. Make more it could be a good story soon. ^^


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That was shit

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