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Jo watches, then joins Michael
Chapter 3

Ever since Jo started getting her brother to notice her sexually, and leaving dirty panties for him to use, her desire for him had been growing exponentially. Whenever something really dirty happened, Jo wanted things to become even dirtier. Knowing her brother was using her filthy panties for his enjoyment had sent Jo in a rage of wanking for the rest of the day, hardly stopping to eat as she kept imagining in her head her brother on his bed with his dick in his hands, and her dirty knickers in his mouth.

But the 17-year-old wanted more. Actually she wanted it all, but knew she had to settle for one thing at a time. For now she wanted, at the very least, to be able to see what he did with them. And it was the least he could do for her, using her panties like that after 'stealing' them from her room. Maybe she could open the door just a bit the next time he was busy with his prick and just peek in, so she wouldn't have to settle for what she thought was how it would look.

Knowing that Michael was most likely the same kind of perv she was, Jo had been making sure not to care to much about wiping her cunt and arse before pulling her panties back up, knowing her brother probably preferred them that way. And so he would usually find his sister's knickers with a nice yellow whitish stain of a mixture of piss and girl cum in the crotch, and a nice brown stripe where it had stuck to the crack of her arse. How she loved feeling dirty wearing those panties like that, knowing her own brother would like to suck them clean. She was just so incredibly hot for Michael; she felt such a nasty perverted lust for him, and the fact that he was her brother only made it better. She liked feeling this filthy; this depraved.
If she had the chance, she probably wouldn't even know what to do with it and where to start. She would eat him all up if she could. She felt she might do anything, any depraved, filthy act, just as long as it would help her get him.


Having a pretty good idea of when exactly Michael was in his room to wank, Jo knew when she wanted to have a peek. Her latest edition of soaked, smelly panties had been missing from her bedroom floor, and her brother had been in his room for not too long. Their parents were downstairs sitting by the pool in the sun.

Feeling her heart pound in her chest, the side of her neck and temples throbbing and her cheeks burning, all with anticipation of what she might see, Jo silently walked to the closed door of her brother's bedroom. She put her ear to the door and could hear what seemed like quick breathing from the other side. It had to have been because he was jerking off.

Licking her dry lips, her shaking hand went to the doorknob and turned it slowly. Thank God the bed wasn't facing directly toward the door, so he wouldn't be able to spot her unless he made the effort to look towards it.

Her throat dry and her cunt dripping wet, the door silently opened just far enough to be able to look inside but not far enough to be too obviously open.
As Jo peered into the sunlit room, her suspicions turned out to be founded and the moment she saw what she wanted to see, the muscles in her crotch from her cunt to her arse contracted with perverse delight.

On his bed, Jo could see her brother lying back, naked, and his muscular legs spread. Jo's mouth may have been dry seconds before but now it was watering as she saw him swiftly pumping his 8 inch cock for the first time. The last time she had seen him busy with himself he had stopped until his 'interfering' sister had left the room, but now he was unaware and wanking undisturbed.

Saliva automatically filled Jo's mouth as she looked at her brother's fat cock in his hand. The jerking motions made the pisshole flare and pre-cum run out, coating the wide purple mushroom shaped head of his penis; it looked completely slick with a film of the stuff. Underneath Michael's cock, Jo could see his hairy balls, which looked huge, like eggs in a sack. They were jiggling up and down with every jerking motion, and flashes of sucking those balls in her mouth filled Jo's head momentarily.

Although 8 inch of dick may be just an above average size in length, Jo really liked its girth. It was simply fat and she doubted if she would be able to get the fingers of one hand around it if she had the chance. And it would probably really stretch her cunt, not to mention her shithole if she ever had the opportunity to get it there.
God, just thinking about that fat brotherly fucker in those holes made Jo weak in the knees, and she could feel her cunt quivering with the need.

The girl zipped open her jeans and shoved them silently down her hips to her knees, the possibility of one of her parents coming up and catching her be damned. In this state all she cared about was touching her pussy and fiddling with it.

Looking up from his mouth watering cock and balls to his face, Jo saw what she really came to see: Michael with her latest dirty panties in his mouth. With an expression on his face she hadn't seen there before, - one of manly lust - she could actually see his cheeks hollow in from sucking on the nasty garment, and Jo knew that right at that moment, Michael must have been tasting her juices. It hit her like a lightning bolt. As she was watching her brother masturbate, he actually tasted HER cunt and arse, by sucking the stains out of her panties. In her mind she could see those yellow and brown stripes dissipate in his mouth as they were dissolved with his saliva, and the pure taste of them fill his mouth, and saliva tasting from her cunt and arse slide down his throat.
His hand flew up and down his cock shaft and Jo could hear Michael groaning from what must be either the tastes in his mouth, or a vision in his head, or both.

Without really noticing it, the tall blonde had been wanking her cunt outside the door as she was watching her hot brother doing something she had never seen him do, and has been wanting to see him do so much. In a split second of awareness, she could feel the sliminess of her cunt sauce on and between her fingers as they slid up and down the pink cleft of her snatch.

'God,' she thought to herself, 'how depraved is this? How filthy, how delicious? My brother wanking off with my filthy stained panties in his mouth, and me, his sister, standing outside of his bedroom door without him knowing it, playing with my slippery snatch. I should be playing with my arsehole too. Should never forget my arsehole.'

So watching her brother wank on, his legs going about on the bed, and his mouth audibly sucking on her knickers, Jo made use of both of her hands now. One of her hands in her crotch with her fingers squelching as they quickly fingered her sucking pussy hole, and her other hand between her arse cheeks, the fingers running up and down the sweaty crack and rubbing over her sensitive, rubbery pucker. She brought the fingers from that hand to her face and took a whiff. Whipping herself up to an even hornier state by smelling her own shithole on her fingers, she moved the hand back and now slid her middle finger slowly into her dirt pipe.

For minutes, Michael was sucking his sister's panties and wanking, and his sister was outside his door watching, and wanking her own cunt and arse. The only thing separating the two siblings was a slightly open door.

And Jo knew that, and instantaneously, fuelled by her own state of lust and need, she knew she had to be in there, in that room, and let her brother know she knows.
Letting her brother know she likes what he is doing with her panties, and letting him know what it's like to see his sister wanking off too. She liked seeing him, but she wanted to be exposed as well. She wanted him to look at her, see her tits, her cunt and her arse. She wanted her brother's eyes on her naked body, going all over it, thinking about doing filthy things with it as he's wanking, and letting him know she is thinking about doing filthy things with him as she was finger fucking her twat and her butt.

She needed him to see her holes; to see the lust on her face.

And so Jo pulled up her jeans without zipping them shut, and opened the door, walking into the room, his reaction be damned.


Jo had walked into Michael's room before as he was wanking himself off, so although the blonde's older brother was surprised, and slightly annoyed at being disturbed by the very girl he was masturbating to, there was no actual shock, even though what he pulled from his mouth were HER panties.
And there was something different about the interruption this time; Michael could see the difference in the look on his sister's face, and the fact that the zipper of her jeans was completely open, thus exposing the waistband and most of the crotch of her panties.

As before, Michael could only sit silent, his thick cock in his still hand, waiting for Jo to say or do what it was she came to say or do. He couldn't very well just continue jerking off with his sister in the room as if it would be an arbitrary act to wank with your own sibling in the same room.

But rather than picking something up like the last time, Jo stood in front of the bed, a totally flushed face contorted by what seemed like lust. Red cheeks, her mouth slightly open and breathing quickly, and eyes squinting and gazing at him.

Instantaneously Michael knew she was there for 'unsisterly' reasons, and the open jeans suddenly started making sense.

"Jo, what..." Michael uttered, but was quickly interrupted by his younger sister.

"I know you've been using my panties to wank, Michael," Jo said with a hoarse voice, almost forcing the words from a throat clogged with anticipation and excitement.

"I wanted you to from the moment I found out. I deliberately made them tasty and nasty for you," the 17-year-old said almost in a whiny voice; whiny from the emotion and perverse need with which she talked to her brother.

"You turn me on so fucking much, I just can't stand it. Every time I think about you, it just makes my mouth water and my cunt hot..."

Michael immediately felt his cock jump in his hand the moment he heard that C-word from her mouth. He couldn't believe he actually heard his sister say these things to him. This was something entirely different from what he'd been doing thus far, entirely different from using her underwear and enjoying his thoughts about her without anyone knowing. He would never have known she knew about his using her panties, that she left them for him in the state they were in, and that she wanted more. Fantasies were one thing; his real-life sister actually breaking the taboo wall by admission was quite another.

"Say something," Jo said as one hand had groped a covered tit, and another had now slipped inside her jeans, rubbing up and down along her pantied crotch and pushing the material of her panties into her drenched cunt crease.

"I don't... I don't know what it is you want... You're my sister... We can't do anything."

"Why not?" Jo asked not liking that response one bit, "I know you think about me and wank thinking about me; you were just jerking off with my filthy panties in your mouth, for Christ's sakes. And you now know I'm hot for you too. Why can't we do anything? We both want it, and nobody else knows."

"No. You're my sister. I can't fuck you. That's fucking incest. Once we do that, there's no turning back. It's overboard."

Jo let go of her tit and crotch and stood semi-angry with her hands on her hips.

"Well, I turn you on, don't I? God knows what the fuck you have me do in your head, when you've got my fucking knickers in your mouth and jerking that fat meat of yours. You do that and you're telling me you think incest is overboard?

"It's different from masturbating, Jo. Thinking about something and masturbating, using your panties; it's different from actually doing each other. I can't do that."

This was turning out to be a disappointment to Jo. She thought she and her brother would be seriously swapping spit by now and be all over each other, but for some reason Michael was resisting her. His reasoning didn't make any sense. If incest was wrong to him he shouldn't be fantasizing about it either. At least not if he is actually resisting the WILLING subject of his fantasies. And it's certainly not as if she's just a kid not knowing what she's doing; Michael was only a year and a half older than she was.

Maybe he needed to be slowly seduced into it, or maybe he was just playing games with her. It was just unacceptable to Jo that he was doing this (not even covering up his cock) and not be willing to have her actual arse when she willing to give it to him on a silver platter.

"So fucking is out of the question, huh?" Jo said, thinking about how to turn this into something good yet.

"Yes, it is. I can't fuck my sister," Michael responded, strangely still making no attempts to put away his dick.

"Besides, I wouldn't want you to make a mistake you'll regret either."

"Tell me, Michael. Please just be honest with me."


"I really DO turn you on, right? That's what this is about right?" Jo said as she pointed to his cock.

"Yeah. That's what this is about. I wish I could give you what you want, but I can't. I can't actually fuck you."

"So I guess you really are thinking about me naked, thinking about seeing me naked, doing stuff. Right? Like, maybe you're fantasizing about what I would look like fingering myself? Stuff like that?"

"Stuff like that, yeah."

"So..." Jo said as she started to push her jeans down her legs and not waiting for his response, "If you won't fuck me, the least we could do is masturbate together. Surely you won't mind that, since you won't be doing anything you haven't already been doing anyway. Rather than seeing me in your head, you can watch me for real, and I can watch you at the same time."

Michael didn't say anything, and even if he would, Jo wouldn't care anyway. She would get him yet, and if she had to take it slowly she would.

Michael watched as his sister stepped out of her jeans, standing in her wet panties as she proceeded to take off her shirt, exposing her naked, smallish tits, the nipples erect. He felt his cock throb as his hot sibling exposed herself to him bit by bit, and felt sorrier and sorrier he had said no to sex.

Jo could feel her twat lips slip and slide along each other with every move she made, wet and slick as they were with the nature of what she was doing; getting naked in front of her own brother, feeling his eyes burning on her.
She was finally going to do it; she was going to show her brother her tits and her cunt and everything else. Her nipples were tingling and as stiff and large as they would ever be, feeling her brother's eyes on them.

The 17-year-old blonde swallowed, licked her lips, and with a slight tremor she slipped her finger in the waistband of her sodden panties, about to take that step of exposing her hairy muff to her brother.

The garment went off of her arse and down her thighs and past her knees, finally dropping to the carpet. Her furry triangle was finally visible, openly exposed to her hot brother. She stood still for seconds that seemed like minutes, revelling in the gaze of her brother's eyes on her body. She could actually feel his stare at her cunt. She felt hot, and nasty and perverted and loved every second of it. This was how she wanted to be, and where she wanted to be.

"Do you like it, Michael?" Jo asked with a raspy voice, "Do you like your sister's tits and her cunt? Is this what you had in mind when you were wanking with my fucking panties in your hot, wet mouth, huh?"

"Better... It's always better for real. Because it's real," Michael responded, his eyes not leaving his sister's crotch and his hand slowly starting to move up and down again.

"So... So say it. Say you like my tits and my cunt. Say you like my fucking tits and my fucking hot cunt, Michael. Tell me. Talk dirty to me. Talk to me the way you do in your fantasies."

"Fuck Jo. I LOVE your hot fucking tits and your hot fucking cunt. I love how stiff your fucking nipples are, and that you don't shave your fucking cunt. I can only imagine what it would be like to bury my face in that hairy mound..."

"Well, you don't have to imagine, you know? Anytime you want your mouth on my hot, hairy SNATCH, the only thing you have to do is take it. If only you want it, my cunt is yours."

Michael regained his composure somewhat and disappointed Jo somewhat again.

"No, I can't. I told you that would go too far. I can't touch you there."

"Looking but no touching, huh, brother?"


Jo smiled, and walked to a chair in the corner of the room, swivelling her hips.
Sitting down, she was much closer to eye level with his cock and balls, and it made her brother look even more succulent to her.

Michael moved his torso up and rested on his free elbow to be able to see his sister better.
Jo wanted to give him something to see alright, so she spread her long legs as wide as she could and laid them over the armrests, her hair covered crotch completely open to his view. The spreading of her legs opened up her vulva and her labia spread wide, exposing a glistening wet, red slit to her brother's eyes. Jo moved her arse forward a bit more, and now the dark area of her arsehole was plain to see as well.

"God, I love showing you this; showing you my tits and my cunt... and my hot, nasty arsehole," Jo uttered, arousing herself even more by spewing filthy language. She could literally feel her pussy leak; juice was streaming from her hole into the crack of her arse, tickling as it rested on the rim of her pucker.

Openly exposed to her brother, saying the filthiest things that came to her mind, Jo felt more alive than she ever had. This was how she wanted to be; how she wanted to feel.

Michael was slowly pumping his thick oozing cock again, as he watched his younger sister tweak one stiff nipple with the fingers of one hand, while the fingers of the other ran up and down her pussy bush, making the hair push up between her fingers as her fingertips rubbed up and down her labia and spreading it to expose her darkly pink cunt flesh to her sibling.

"Did you like the taste, Michael?" Jo groaned as her hands kept busy. "Did you like the taste of my panties? The taste of what I left inside of them for you? I bet you did, because you sucked those stains right out of them. You sucked my nasty fucking stains right out of my filthy panties, so you must have liked the taste, right?"

"Oh yeah, Jo. Part of me though it was odd that you would leave your panties in your room in that state, but I never really cared. I was just glad you did. It made me so fucking hard, the first time I saw your panties that way."

"What way, Michael? Please tell me. Tell me all about what you saw in them, and how you liked it."

"The way they were dirty like that. Like you'd been wearing them for a long time and caking them with your cunt and arse. Leaving your juices in them."

"What juices, Michael?"

"Your cunt juices and your arse juices. That white and yellow stain in the crotch, and... and that brown stain in the arse end of it."

"You liked that, Michael? You liked that I caked my fucking panties with my cunt juices and my arse juices? Did you know it wasn't just cunt juice, Michael? It was piss too. It was a mix of cunt juice and piss. And that brown stain; that's from pulling my panties up the crack of my arse after shitting. Making them rub up and down my arsehole after taking a shit, so any dirt left would be left on my panties. And God, I farted so much. I just loved to let go of my farts, simply because I knew you would have my panties in your wet mouth."

"OH FUCK, that's so nasty, Jo. You're such a nasty girl. I guess you wanted to find out if I liked it that way, and you did."

Michael was stretched out on the bed, leaning back on an elbow while the other hand pumped his cock, making his large balls dance up and down and his pisshole flare, leaking pre-cum all over his purple head and over the top of his hand. In between his buttocks Jo could see the hairy darkness of the area surrounding his anus. If only he would allow her, she would eat him alive, swallow him whole. There was no part on his body she wouldn't want to suck dry in the state she was in.

Jo was sitting back in the chair as far as she could, her legs bent over the armrests, her entire crotch exposed. One hand twisting and pulling her nipples, the other rubbing up and down her sodden trench alongside of her opening. The hair framed pucker of her arsehole was pulsating with need.
Michael really wanted to devour his sister, and fuck the ever-living shit out of her, but he couldn't; not now; not yet.

"Oh fuck," Jo moaned as her eyes were closed. "Wank that cock, Michael. Wank that fat fucker for me while I play with my hot, wet snatch. Wank your fat prick for your nasty sister."

"Stick them in, Jo. Stick your fingers up your hot cunt. Finger fuck your cunt for me. Slide them in and out for me. Make me hear it. Make it squelch. Make your cunt squelch around your fucking fingers while I wank my meat for you."

Jo, twisting her rump around in perverse passion, used both hands to spread her pussy as wide open as she could and exposing her darkly pink vaginal flesh to her brother's eyes, before she sucked the fingers of one hand into her mouth, wetting them with an abundance of spit, and proceeded to sink no less than three of her digits into her cunt opening. Moving them in and out slowly enough so her brother could see the rim of her vaginal opening clenched tightly around her fingers, she screwed her twat in incestuous exhibition.

"Like this? You want me to finger fuck my cunt like this?" Jo asked, her lust-contorted face almost a snarl as she looked her brother in the eyes and spewed the words.

"How about I shove some fingers up my fucking arse for you too, huh? Would you like to see that, Michael? Would you like to see me wank my shitter for you? Slide my wet digits in and out of my filthy craphole?"

"Oh Christ, yes. Do it, Jo. Show me how you wank your arse. Finger both of your holes. Finger your cunt and your butt at the same time. Do it for your brother."

"On one condition," Jo replied. "You have to do yours too. I'll finger my shit box if you wank your butthole for me too. I want to see it, Michael. I want to see my hot brother with his fingers sliding in and out of his nasty shitpipe. I want you to be nasty with me. Will you, Michael. Will you show me how you finger your own arsehole?"

"I will, Jo. Just wank your cunt and your arse and I'll wank my cock and my arse for you too. If you want to see me shove my fingers up my butt for you, I will."

As Jo made the fingers of her free hand wet for what was to come, Michael wet the fingers of his free hand not with his spit, but with the abundance of pre-cum all over his cock head. He raised his legs, making his ball sack roll up and exposing the hairy crack of his arse. Jo could see the dark, hairy area of his anus. Dark brown hair surrounded his wrinkled, darkly purple arsehole. She could already see it pulsate and her mouth watered.

As Michael looked at his sister, his slippery fingers started delving into his crack and rubbing his pre-cum all over his shitting opening, making some of the hair wet and stick to his skin. As his sister watched with the fingers of one hand flying in and out of her audibly sloppy cunt, and the fingers of the other still in her mouth, Michael roughly rubbed his shithole with the tips of his fingers, lubricating it with his own cock slime.

"Do it, brother. Fucking do it. Fucking slide your fingers up your hot arsehole for me," Jo wailed, now also rubbing her fingers over the dark rim of her own arsehole.
Finger fucking her pussy and circling her finger tips along her needy, clenching anus, the 17-year-old girl watched her brother in anticipation, waiting to see his fingers being swallowed by his crap chute.

Jo felt delicious exposing herself like this, with her legs spread to the maximum, and using her fingers on her burning cunt and hungry arsehole as her very own brother was watching, pumping his cock and about to slide fingers up his rectum, just for her. This beat the fantasies she'd been having hands down.

The 17-year-old leggy blonde watched closely as slowly, but surely, she saw her brother's index- and middle finger disappear into his anus, being swallowed by it inch by inch up to the knuckles. The look on his face betrayed what looked by discomfort, but what was most likely pleasure. The pace of his hand on his cock slowed as his fingers slowly retreated from his bung, dragging the rim out with them as it clenched tightly around them.

Michael completely retracted his fingers, holding them up as to exhibit them to his sister. Jo couldn't really see anything on them even if there was, but just the idea of it made her body squirm as her brother held his fingers under his nose and took a long, audible whiff.

"I bet you'd like to smell these, wouldn't you Jo?" Michael teased, before raising his legs, bent at the knees, and reaching around his hips to sink his fingers back into his anal orifice again.
In this lewd position, with his legs spread and feet aimed in his sister's direction, Michael started pumping his fingers in and out of his tight arsehole while simultaneously wanking his dick.

As Jo kept staring at her brother's fingers moving in and out of his shitter with increasing speed, she finally sank her fingers into her own arse.
Groaning loudly she gave herself the feeling of shitting by frigging her butthole hard and fast as she watched her brother do the same. She could feel her fingers flying up her cunt through the thin wall separating her cunt tunnel from her turd pipe.

Brother and sister perversely pumped their respective cock and cunt and wanked their sucking shitholes with rapid speed, not just for their own pleasures, but for the other's as well. Knowing the other to be their sibling only heightened their exhibitionist pleasure.

"Oh Christ, Michael. It's so fucking hot and nasty seeing you finger your arse as you pump your fucking cock. I love it. It makes my cunt squelch just like you want it to," Jo moaned and she was right. Her cunt was audibly squelching, making wet sticky noises as her fingers slid in and out with a wet, shiny layer of cunt liquids coating them.

The top of Michael's fingers were greasy with pre-cum as it streamed from his flaring pisshole onto them. The brother used it to lubricate his cock and it felt like he was stroking a warm, greasy pole. His anus clenched tightly around his fingers as he slid them in and out. His rectum felt as if it was constantly trying to expel the digits, and the sawing fingers made him feel like taking a big dump, just as Jo's fingers made her feel.

The fingers of both brother and sister were covered in arse juices and they'd having some fingernail cleaning to do afterwards as well. Thinking about it would only serve to make them feel hotter than they already did. As far as the perversity of it was concerned, the sibling seemed two-of-a-kind and one could wonder if sexual depravity is something that could be inherited.

Sloppy squelching noises filled the room, and it reeked of a combination of odours from cock, cunt and arse. Michael and Jo revelled in the feelings, the sounds and the smells as they wanked for themselves and each other, making a connection beyond the type that a brother and sister are supposed to have.
It was not just being sexually attracted to each other that made it so good. It was the incest aspect of it, the taboo, the perversity of being brother and sister while being filthy in each other's presence that was making it so good to them.

"Oh FUCK, Michael. I think I'm gonna cum. I think I have to fucking cum. I can't believe I'm gonna cum in front of my brother with my fingers up my wet snatch and my nasty shithole. OH JESUS, I'M CUMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGGGGGGG...."

Jo yelled but thankfully for her not loud enough for their parents at poolside to register it as anything of a disturbing nature.

Her toes curled inward and her cunt and arse clenched vice-tight on her deeply embedded fingers as one of the biggest orgasms of her life thundered through her body. Gritting her teeth and closing her eyes, she saw strange, grey patterns on the insides of her eyelids what others might have called stars as she momentarily forgot her brother.

"Sssshhiiitttt... Shhitt... Shit... Shit..." she spat out as her body convulsed and her cunt came on her digits.

Just seeing his sister cum made Michael reach his climax as well and he made a point of telling her, even if he was unsure she could even hear it.

"Oh fucking God, Jo. I'm cumming too. Watch me, Jo. Watch your brother blow his fucking nuts. Watch me fucking cum with my fingers up my fucking shithole, sister. OH GODDAMNIT. SHITTT..."

No longer moving his fingers in his arse, Michael too curled his toes inward as his hand flew quickly up and down on his shaft. As his balls rumbled and jiggled in their sack, a white fountain of spunk erupted from the pisshole of his cock, spewing at least three feet into the air and landing everywhere it could reach.
Little blobs of hot jizz landed on the bed, his thighs, his stomach, his chest, and one even landed on his chin. His pucker visible gripped his fingers tightly, as it bulged into a muscular ring around them. The young man's cock was like a volcano that spewed hot, white lava into the air, and making it stream down his cock and fingers as well.

Ultimately, the orgasms of brother and sister lasted a couple of minutes combined from start to the point of relaxation. The siblings had their eyes closed, panting for minutes with their legs spread out before them, their genitals naked and inflamed, their arseholes emptied from fingers but feeling sensitive with a burning sensation.
Jo's labia were automatically spread and her red trench was slick with cunt syrup. Michael's deflated cock was limp but still swollen and thick, resting to the side on top of his nut sack and against his thigh, the head of it a deep purple.

Jo and Michael would not say much before going their own ways. They were thoroughly satisfied and although they couldn't say it for sure about the other, neither of them felt the slightest amount of guilt.

Jo knew her brother did not want any sexual contact physically right now, but she would do everything in her power to have him. She wanted to lick the warm spunk from his naked body but knew well enough to try at this point, and left for her room with her clothes after picking up her panties, drying her thighs and most of her sensitive cunt with them, and throwing them on top of her brother.

"Use my worn panties to clean that spunk off your body," the 17-year-old smiled before leaving the fragrant room and on her way to her room, and then on her way of taking a much needed shower.


2007-03-19 21:32:08
make sure they shit and piss on each other before fucking
great story


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fucking great story mate keep them coming.
But let him fuck her please or i will.

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