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I watched her as she pulled her thong up and strapped the hooks on her bra. She found her skirt across the room and retrieved it to put it on. She looked around the room having a hard time finding her blouse, as she finally finds it on top of my dresser and puts it on. She turned to me and smiles as she grabs her purse and leaves my room without a word. I sat there stunned, thinking back to all the wild things that we had done through the night. I finally get up and head for the shower, still drunk from the party I stumble into the shower and turn on the cold water. As I get to thinking, I realize that I had not even gotten her name. I turn off the water and get out of the shower to dry off. I pop some Tylenol to try and prevent any hangover that I might have in the next few hours.

I open the door to my dorm room and walk out into the bright lit hallway which I had to squint my eyes to. I look across the hall and see Danielle coming out of her room.

“Good morning Mark” she says

“Hey Danielle, how are things” I respond

“Good, just wondering who the girl I saw wandering out of your room a hour ago was” she ask

(Me and Danielle have slept together a few times, but we're not going steady. She was a attractive girl, she was the only black girl I have ever been with. She is about 5’3, Brown hair and Brown eyes, very slender, tight abs, with a 32B bra size, and a great ass. She is a freak in the bed and is like no other girl I have slept with, considering the crazy stuff she will do. Although the sex was amazing with her, I knew there was no way that I would ever even consider dating her. Her personality was just to needed and jealous for me.)

“She was just a friend” I tell her

“Really, she was over kind of early” she says in a tone

“Or kind of late” I say under my breath

“I knew it, she was just another slut you are fucking” she yells at me

“Look here Danielle, you are not my girlfriend and you know that, you have no control over me so you just need to back the fuck off” I say getting angry

She pauses for a minute, then jumps at me as we start to make out and I reach behind me to find the handle to my door. I find it and open the door as we fall into my dorm room kissing and I throw her onto my bed. Lucky for me my room mate was going to be out for the whole weekend so I had the room reserved to myself. I lock the door and then strip down to my boxers as I jump on top of her and start kissing her neck. I grab the bottom of her shirt and pull it off and throw it right were the other girls shirt had been just an hour ago. I start to kiss her stomach and up towards her bra, as I reach around an unhook it to get access to her tits. As I rip the bra away I begin to suck on her tits and bite her nipples like I had learned she liked. While sucking on her tits I undo her jeans and she wiggles out of them along with her underwear and tosses them to the floor. I jump off the bed and strip off my boxers, and I fling open my desk drawer and grab a condom. Before I could open the condom she grabs my wrist.

“Since we have been together so much since we moved in here, I went to the doctor and I have started to take the pill” she says while smiling at me

I drop the condom to the floor and climb back on top of her as I grab my 8 inch cock an start to slide it inside of wet pussy. I begin to fuck her but I knew I wasn’t going to cum quick because I had just finished having sex multiple times through the night with my stranger. I start to fuck her as my chest rest on her head and my hands hold the top of the bed post. I feel the hair from her pussy and my pubic hair getting tangled and tugging on each other. It was a great feeling that I always enjoyed receiving whenever I fucked her. She had once asked me during sex if she should shave it, cause she would if I wanted it shaved, but I told her to leave it. As I focused back in from the memory of that night, back to the present with me fucking her yet another time. I feel her swing her legs around me and lock them around the back of my legs as she starts to grind along with me, which increases the pleasure. I speed up as I feel her legs lock tighter and her pussy starts to tighten around my cock. She starts to speed up her grinding to a ultra fast rate as her breathing becomes very heavy an she starts her orgasm. She begins to moan louder and louder, I can hear her moaning my name as she starts to cum. The sensation of her orgasm and her calling out my name brings me to my climax. I start to cum in her pussy, it is a brand new feeling for me because until now I had ether cum in a condom, her mouth, or on her body somewhere, but never her bare pussy. I didn’t cum as much as usual being drained from earlier, but still enough to fill her cunt. I lay there awhile inside her pussy as my dick begin to soften and we both caught our breath. I get up out of bed and head for the shower again figuring that she would show herself out. I start the water and jump into the shower, I was in a familiar seen from earlier. Just then I hear the bathroom door open and the shower curtain pulls back with Danielle standing there with my cum dried in and around her pussy.

“Scoot over big boy, I need to get clean too” Danielle says

She crawls into the shower, I kind of wish she would have just left but I wasn’t going to turn a naked woman from showering with me. When she gets into the shower she leans in and we lock lips as we begin to make out. Even though I just used her as a easy fuck, I do admit she was a great kisser. We continue to make out as the warm water washed over our bodies. I grab a bar of soap and begin to wash away the cum around her vagina. She starts to grind against the bar of soap as I clean her, and I could tell she was getting horny yet again. When I finish I hand her the bar of soap.

“your turn to clean me” I tell her

She smiles and takes the soap and drops it as she slowly starts to bend down to pick it up. Next thing I know she takes my cock in her mouth and starts to suck on it, she takes it from semi-hard to full salute. I grab the back of her head and began to guide her head up and down my dick as I face fuck her. She start to hum lightly as she sucks, this sends amazing vibrations up my cock. I brace my hand on the shower wall in front of me to keep my balance. As she continues to send vibrations up my cock I feel myself coming close to yet another orgasm. I look down and see her big brown eyes looking up at me and with that I begin to cum. This time barely nothing comes out as the tank is running really low, just a couple spurts. Which she has no problem sucking up and she rises back up to her feet. I kiss her again and then turn off the water as we both jump out of the shower and dry each other’s bodies off. We both get dress and I head downstairs to the cafeteria as she heads back to her room.

I get downstairs and hand my ID to the lady so I can be swiped into the cafeteria. I enter the cafeteria and grab a burger and a soda as I look around the room for a seat. At that moment I see her, the girl from last night, she is sitting alone and having her lunch. I sit down next to her and smile. I get the first good view of her that wasn’t in the dark or in a smoky party room, plus I wasn’t drunk anymore. She was a white girl, light brown hair that stopped above her shoulders, with blue eyes, about 5’6, thin like Danielle, with a bigger chest probably a C cup, she too had a good ass but not as good as Danielle’s.

“Hey, long time no see” I say jokingly, she gives me a faint smile

“Hi” she responds

“So you wouldn’t believe this but after all that happen last night I don’t think we exchanged names” I say laughing

“Oh we did she said, you were probably to drunk to remember, although I bet you haven’t forgot how your dick felt while you fucked the shit out of me” she said with a attitude

Which was a very true statement, I had not forgotten at all about how great a fuck she was.

“Sorry, about that I guess I seem like a ass right now, let me get your name and we can go back up to my room and I will make the whole thing up to you” I say very smooth

“ Not so fast buddy, you are going to have to earn my information now” she says

“Sounds good to me” I say as I stand up

“Sit down and finish your lunch, you are going to need your energy, I am going to my room and I will be at your room in thirty minutes, don’t be late” she says this as she stands up and walks away to dispose of her tray. Then she looks at me with a grin and walks out of the lunch room and out of sight.

I scarf down my lunch and hurry back up to my room where I spray a little Axe around the room to get rid of the smell of Danielle. Ten minutes later I hear a knock on my door and there she is, wearing a pair of tight blue jeans that showcased her ass, and a white button up top, which she left the top three buttons undone to show plenty of cleavage.

“Hey” I say with a smile

She walks in and I shuts the door and I go to kiss her as she puts a finger on my lips to stop me.

“This is a business visit, not a pleasure visit, well at least not for you. If you want my name and number for another night like last night, you will do what I tell you” she orders

Turned on by her in every way I have no problem complying to her command. She unbuttons her jeans and pulls them off as she stands there in a little red thong. I am ready to completely fuck her wild….again. I go to pull off my pants when she tells me to stop.

“Did I tell you to take off your clothes, that is strike one, two more strikes and your out and that means no name and number for you”

“Ok, I am sorry” I tell her

She then slides her thong off and puts it to her nose as she takes a very sexual smell of her thong and then drops it. She crawls onto my bed and sets up a pillow against the wall so she can sit up in my bed. Then she spreads her legs and rubs her self a couple times. She pulls her fingers up from her pussy and licks them slowly which sends me completely crazy.

She looks at me and says “ It’s ready, now it is time for you to get to work and earn what you want”

I crawl into the bed and lower my head down between her legs. Unlike Danielle her pussy was shaven completely bald, nice and smooth. I start to lick her inner thighs and around her vagina to tease her wet pussy. I work my way in towards her pussy and start flicking my tongue over the slit of he cunt. As I begin to work her cunt over I see her clit starting to get hard and I knew with just a few flicks of the tongue at it I could drive her straight to orgasm. I was not ready to be done drinking her sweet , sweet nectar yet. As I play with her pussy for another ten minutes I start to become tired and plus I was ready for my turn. I start to lick her clit rapidly, and sure enough she went straight to a massive orgasm that I am sure I had built up over the past fifteen minutes. She starts to moan, which turns into a soft scream as she empties her juices all over my face and the sheets that both her and Danielle have cum on in the past 24 hours. When she was finally done cumming I lick up everything around her pussy and look up at her for the first time since I had started.

“That was great” she says to me

“Glad you think so” I say back

She climbs out of bed and grabs that little red thong and starts to slide it on. Then she grabs her jeans and puts them on to as she heads towards the door.

“Hey what about me” I shout as she reaches the door

She walks back over and kisses me on the lips very gently, as she walks back to the door she turns around and says....

“ O’yeah almost forgot, it’s Emily and my number is 574-6694.” She smiles at me and then walks out the door.

I dive into my pants pocket and pull out my cell phone and call the number right away. She picks up the phone and says “I didn’t think it would take you that long to call me.” she laughs and then hangs up the phone.

I save the number to my cell phone with a smiley face after her name and then shut the phone and put it back in my pocket. I then sit on the edge of my bed and think about the day I have had and it was only noon. With all those great thoughts on my mind I can't help but to give a smile.


2007-06-23 05:49:38
I should break your fuckin knee caps for that load of shit you call a story...


2007-05-12 23:00:09
could have had more detail, a good base try to expand on it some more. i give you a 6/10 for it maybe if you expand ill give you a better rating,


2007-05-11 00:44:16
So so. Was good though. 7/10


2007-04-10 19:28:33
pretty good but not that good.


2007-04-06 16:12:47
story was kinda rushed. slow down with it. Otherwise pretty good story. 8/10

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