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Schoolgirl tease Kelly earns some pocket money

The next few days for Jim were about the strangest in his life. He had almost a week to wait for Friday to come round, but he had never been so excited since he was little. On the other hand, he was also very worried about the whole business. He had lived in The Avenue for many years now, and was very well thought of by his neighbours. They all saw him as a nice old "gentleman", and he worried about what would happen to him if he was caught fucking the local papergirl. The age difference was enormous, and he'd probably end up in very big trouble. He thought he knew the girl's father by sight, and he was a very big bloke - certainly big enough to make mincemeat of him if he got caught.

But why should he get caught though? Kelly was a perfectly willing party to this little deal, and she certainly wouldn’t be telling anybody. Neither was he, so what was he worrying about?

Tuesday came and went, then Wednesday. By Thursday he could barely contain himself. He had been trying to save himself up for his big session with Kelly on Friday, but he was almost bursting. He sat down in the evening to watch the TV to take his mind off things, but all he could think of was Kelly in her school uniform. He was getting hornier and hornier, and felt himself going stiff. It was no good - he had to masturbate.

He went upstairs to choose something suitable. Should it be a video or a magazine? He went to the cupboard containing his collection. It was quite a hoard that he had built up over a good many years, before and after his wife had died. Some of the earlier stuff was pretty tame by modern standards, but he still enjoyed it now and again. The recent stuff left very little to the imagination, well absolutely nothing to be honest! Cunts and arseholes stretched wide open, cocks exploding cum inside them, thrusting in and out of them, you name it, he had pictures of people doing it.

He had spent a fortune on this collection, and had had quite a lot of it specially brought in from Germany for him. He had got to know someone who worked in a video and magazine shop in Paddington, and he in turn had contacts with a haulage firm. The drivers used to take a list of the types of magazines and videos that customers wanted, and bring them back hidden in their lorries.

He had quite a few Japanese magazines and videos, usually of schoolgirls, and it really had to be one of these tonight. He took a magazine from the top of the pile, still in a plastic wrapper. The writing was in Japanese, but the picture on the cover was clear enough. A pretty young girl in a traditional Japanese schoolgirl uniform, with a very short skirt and white socks, just bending forward to pick up a book. He hadn’t even opened this one. He often saved new magazines "for a rainy day" as he put it.

But it wasn’t just dirty magazines and videos that he had hidden away in this old cupboard. He had this real thing about panties, and had started collecting them as well, not long after his wife died. He started innocently enough, just buying (very sheepishly) packs of panties from Tescos, slipping them in with his other shopping and muttering something about his granddaughter as he went through the checkout. For ages he managed to get a deep sense of satisfaction just putting a pair over his face as he masturbated, imagining that they had just come off a young prostitute. He masturbated into them frequently, so that the gussets were stained with dried semen. He would put one pair over his face as he masturbated into another pair, breathing in the scent of stale semen and imagining that the panties had been worn, not long ago, by some little whore in King's Cross.

Then he moved on from there to wanting panties that he knew had really been worn before, and he started taking a keen interest in his neighbours' washing lines. Nobody was safe from the thefts in the middle of the night. It was all a bit limited, because the washing normally got taken in in the daytime, and he hadn’t got the nerve to carry out his dirty little deeds in daylight. He had to wait until after midnight when he knew all his neighbours were in bed. Sometimes, given the right weather conditions, they would leave their washing out all night, and then he would go from garden to garden, just taking the occasional pair so as not to arouse suspicion. No one missed the occasional pair, but they would soon have noticed if he took more than that at one time. He was quite fussy too. Not at all interested in older women, just the younger ones.

He had his favourite houses of course, but he was still very careful not to be too greedy. Scared stiff of getting caught.

These were his second favourite panties, because he knew which houses he had got them from, and exactly who had been wearing them. That gave him a special thrill as he sniffed them, or as he squirted his semen into the gusset, knowing that not long earlier the same knickers had been rubbing against a sexy wet young cunt.

I say second favourite because he had recently taken it just one stage further. Although he loved all his panties, especially the ones whose owners he knew, the one drawback was that they had all been washed. As he got more and more into his pathetic knicker fetish, he longed to find some way of getting hold of some of them BEFORE they found their way into the washing machine. But how could he possibly do this. He thought for a long time about this, and suddenly it came to him. All he had to do was find some way of getting into the houses with the pretty young mothers and daughters in, make some pretext for using the bathroom, which was where the washing usually ended up, and then go through it looking for panties.

One sunny Saturday, he tried out his scheme. But a bit of background first.

The Lewis family lived a few houses down, and they had two pretty dark-haired teenage twin daughters, Jade and Katy. They had played in the garden since they were little, but Jim had only really noticed them when they grew older. The Lewis's garden was not overlooked, and they liked the fact that they could relax in it with what they thought was total privacy. What they didn’t realise, though, was that Jim's bathroom window, if he opened it just a fraction, gave a perfect view of the garden. Sometimes he watched the two girls in the garden from behind the curtain with a pair of binoculars, because they both wore very short dresses and skirts. They would bend down to pick something up, and Jim would sometimes have a clear view right up their skirts. He didn’t know it, but they could see the glint of the glass in his binoculars, and, little tarts that they were, used to deliberately go out in the garden in the shortest dresses they could find, just to get him worked up (which they certainly did). They even used to do handstands, letting their dresses fall down to cover their faces, whilst exposing their panties to Jim's lustful stare. He used to stand at his window, one hand holding the binoculars, and the other covered in Vaseline, cupped round his cock, rubbing himself until he came into the bathroom sink. How he longed to be able to touch those little panties, to press his face into them and smell the warm cunty smell, all while the girls were still upside down, their heads on the ground, but their legs in the air and wide apart, their panties taut, perhaps even lightly stained with juices.

Jim knew he would never be able to do that (this was before he met Kelly!), but constantly gazing at those panties, not being able to touch them used to drive him crazy. He had to get hold of a pair to add to his collection.

That takes us back to the sunny Saturday. It had been in June, and Jim had seen the girls go out in the garden to sunbathe. Well, to be honest, he hadn’t just seen them, he'd been watching them for 10 minutes or more. As always, though he didn’t know it, the sun was catching on his binoculars, making it perfectly obvious to anyone outside what he was doing. He didn’t even know their names, but he did love watching them, as they lay there on their backs in the sun. He didn’t hear the one twin whisper to the other about the binoculars of course, but he did notice one of them, Katy, slowly draw her knees up towards her chest, allowing him to see right up her dress. They were wearing thin, light blue, cotton dresses, and lying facing the houses. This meant of course that Jim had an unrestricted view up Katy's dress, a view that became even more exciting when she parted her knees and just lay there with her feet about a metre apart and her knees splayed wide apart. Had she no modesty, thought Jim. He was right - these girls were shameless little prick teasers, and just loved to tease men like this.

Jim watched as the little white panties became visible, first just a flash, and then the full view. These tiny little panties just about covered that pert little bum, and as she allowed her knees to splay apart the thin cotton fabric stretched tight across her slit. Jim thought he could even make out the shape of her labia, and the entrance to her vagina under the cotton, and he imagined what it would feel like to slip his cock into that tight little hole. His penis grew harder as he rubbed it inside his pocket, and imagined it slipping inside Katy's juicy cunt. Then Jade got up, and fetched a hosepipe from near the house. She set it to a light, very fine spray. It was a hot day and when Katy called to her she turned the fine mist onto her twin sister. Starting with her face, she slowly moved the cooling, fine mist down her lithe body. As the spray soaked her clothes, they clung to her body, accentuating its shapely outline. Jim could see her breasts and her nipples clearly through the thin wet cotton. Lying back and obviously enjoying the coolness of the spray, Katy beckoned her sister towards her open legs, and the panty covered pussy which peeped out from under her dress. Jade squatted in front of her sister, who still had her knees drawn towards her, but wide apart. There was a sort of tent made by the blue cotton dress, the shape of the tent formed by the girl's legs. At the base of the tent, the prize - a warm, as yet dry, tightly stretched little pair of white knickers, just about covering the opening to an equally warm vagina.

Jade made the spray even finer, and gently let it play on her sister's panties until they were wet and see through. Katy just lay there, enjoying the cool spray on a hot summer's morning. But the hottest of all of them was Jim, stood behind his bathroom curtains, one hand trying to keep the binoculars steady, and the other rubbing his cock gently. He wondered if he should get his camcorder (which had seen a LOT of action, one way and another) to record the scene to watch later. He had spent a lot on that camcorder, knowing what he would be using it for, and its best feature by far was a really good quality zoom lens. He decided to chance it. He didn’t want to miss a minute of what these young ladies were doing (obviously whilst their parents were out!), but something told him it was about to get even better, and the thought of missing out on a permanent recording worried him even more.

He needn't have worried. When he got back to the magic window, only a minute or so later, the girls were still there. Katy had a dreamy sort of look on her pretty, gently smiling face, and Jade was playing the spray of the hosepipe slowly up and down the gusset of her panties. She turned the gentle spray up a little to a more powerful jet, and moved this jet purposefully up and down, around and across Katy's clitoris.

Katy beckoned her to stop. Perhaps it was just too nice. As Jim watched and recorded, Katy slipped her fingers inside her sopping wet knickers, and started wanking herself gently. Jim had a beautiful view of all this, and the zoom on his camera let him see all the action in close up. He moved the shot from her pretty face to her wet panties, and watched in awe as the fingers slid in and out of that wet, delicious cunt. In and out, in and out slipped the fingers, until Katy came, and Jim watched as the juices seeped out of her pussy and all over her panties. Jim wanted those panties so much - he knew he could never have Katy.

As Katy lay back, exhausted, Jade watching her with fascination, Jim saw her say something to her sister. He thought that he saw them glance momentarily at the slightly open bathroom window. He moved back. Had they seen him? No, it was alright. He carried on filming. But what was happening now? Jade had taken a position on the ground in front of Katy, and was staring intently at her panties. Katy was still on her back, her legs apart, with her knees drawn towards her chest. The pretty white cotton panties were stretched tight again across her cunt, and Jim zoomed in close to see what Jade was looking at. The little cotton knickers filled the monitor screen, and Jim lusted as he stared with fascination and delight at them. It wasn’t so much the panties, as what he could see under them. The outline of her labia was clearly visible through the thin, wet cotton fabric, and between her labia Jim could see the entrance to Katy's vagina. It was very obviously open, and he wanted so much to put his tongue into it and lick her cunt dry.

Jade was still staring at Katy's wet knickers, and Jim thought she must just like the look of them. Why not, he did. Then he noticed her cunt muscles moving. What was she doing? As he watched, Katy appeared to be exercising her love muscles, then, suddenly, a small yellow patch appeared right in the middle of her panties. She smiled sweetly, and looked very pleased with herself. 15 long seconds passed, until Jim thought there was nothing else going to happen. Then a flood of pee gushed out of Katy's peehole, soaking her knickers with sweet, yellow fluids. She looked even more pleased with herself, and Jade started clapping. Katy pulled her knickers to one side and pissed some more. It was like a tiny, bubbling mountain stream, as the yellow fluid trickled out of her cunt and over her little blue dress. She must have needed to go very badly, because she just kept on peeing. First it just carried on bubbling out of her twat, fairly slowly, continuing to wet her dress as she held her panties aside.

She let her panties move back to covering her cunt, but the trickling pee carried on, soaking through her knickers and staining the gusset with her yellow pee. Her sister made as if to touch her, but Katy pushed her to one side. She hadn’t finished yet, and Jim just kept on filming, thinking to himself how many times he would be able to jerk himself off to this bit of tape in the months to come. She pulled her panties down to her knees, and started to piss harder. The jet spurted out of her wide open cunt, and made an arch, up in the air, and down again to splash into her panties and then trickle in a steady, steaming stream onto her dress. As the jet of urine shot through the air, some of it splashed onto Jade, who didn’t seem to mind a bit. Katy beckoned her towards her now that the stream of piss was slowing down, and Jade started to lick her twin sister's labia, putting her little tongue right into her vagina, lapping up the salty droplets of pee.

As the warm piss trickled through Katy's panties, Jade lay her head between her sister's legs and allowed the gentle stream to run slowly into her mouth. Through the zoom lens of his camcorder, Jim watched as the yellow fluid dribbled into her mouth, and then ran down her chin and all over her pretty face. Her blue dress was still dry, unlike Katy's, but not for long. The warm, wet yellow liquid cascaded down her face, down her neck, and ran all over her dress, soaking it and staining the delicate cotton fabric. Jim's eyes were popping as he watched this lewd display between these two girls, and as Jade's breasts became visible through her wet dress. She had no bra on, and the wet dress clung to her breasts, exposing her lovely pouting nipples.

When the trickle stopped, she put her mouth to the wet knickers and sucked at them, excited by the salty taste of her sister's pee. Katy watched her, still smiling, but slipped her hand up Jade's dress, feeling for her hot little cunt. Jade lay back on the grass now, her blue dress wet with Katy's piss and her legs wide apart. She looked a little slut, lying there with her pretty pink knickers exposed to Jim's camera. Katy had managed to find just a little more pee, and squatted over her sister's panties while she squirted out another jet of deep yellow piss over them. The pale pink knickers took on a darker colour as they became wet with Katy's piss, and clung to her labia. Jim loved her pink panties, and the way the folds disappeared into Jade's cunt, but he loved them even more now that they were wet. He could just about make out the entrance to her vagina, and was just zooming in on it when Jade kindly pulled back her knickers. Now he could see her vagina very clearly, and he stared on as Katy pissed right into it. Most of the wee trickled down her sister's vagina as he watched on, but then there was a little pool left. Katy put her tongue to her sister's cunt, and just lapped at the remaining pee like a little cat. How Jim wanted to have done that.

Katy poked her tongue right inside her sister, licking her cunt out with considerable skill. Jim wondered how often she had done this before!

All of a sudden, the girls stopped their games with a start. They very quickly pulled their panties up, and their dresses back down. Their parents had come back - obviously sooner than expected. Jim could see the father walk into the back garden, and the girls explaining why they were so wet. Fortunately for them, all he could see was the wet dresses - easy to explain on a hot sunny morning with the hose lying on the ground. If he could only have seen their wet little panties!

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Forget the negative comments, you a a Pervee's Perv! Why haven't you written more? I could wank off to y our stories forever!


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i liked it... it gave an insight as to why the old guy had the fetish with pissing and it was hot as hell...young twins playing with each other...nothing better...

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