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For those of you that don't know me, I'm Lumpkin da Gangsta.
I've already posted this story on another site. Wanted to see the response it got over her.
But enough BS about me.

This story is set 20 years into the future (but no robots or hovercars etc.)
This story does contain many adult topics that should not be viewed if the fowolling disturbs you.

Graphic Sexual deions

I also apligize in advance for any spelling grammer mistakes I do not catch.
The chapter starts off with the new laws that have been passed. And now the story.



I. Only one piece of clothing is required when out in public (mall move theater etc.)(top/bottom/bra/thong/boxers are accetptable clothing)

II. These clothes may be removed during public sex

III. Incest is legal

IV. No one over 14 can have sex with anyone under 8 unless the person under 8 Knows exactly what they are doing.


They in their bed, with the covers tossed off to the side, sleeping. The rise and fall of their chests the only sign of a peaceful sleep. Warren and his twin Amanda layed in their bed, legs entangled, and her head resting on his chest.

They would have stayed in that position for who knows how long, on this lovely Saturday morning. But Alas, the alarm clock rang and violently awoke them from their slumber.

"I thought I told you to shut that fucking thing off!" Warren growled.

Warren, unlike the rest of his family was not a morning person. He was 14, with brown eyes, black hair, 5'9 and a slightly muscular tone. His twin, Amanda, 14, was 5'7 with flowing blonde hair with black streaks, crystal blue eyes, C-cup breasts and a nice firm ass.

"Was that before or after you fucked me?" Amanda teased.

"That's beside the point. It's Saturday morning and I want to sleep in." Warren was growing impatient.

"And miss this?" Amanda slowly stood up, causing his eruct 9-inch boner to slowly slide out of her pussy.

The two moaned at the slight contact, both remembering last nights activities. Thier arousal was obvious, he was rock hard and she was dripping wet. Amanda layed her body flat on her brother before giving a soft kiss on the lips. The kiss turned into another then another, then a passionate before finally becoming a french kiss. Thier tongues fought a battle for dominance, one that always ended in a draw. Amanda's hand drifted further down Warren's side before it reached it's destitnation.

She grabbed his manhood in her hands and slowly jacked him off to make sure he was at full length. She cupped his balls and started to caress them. Warren was now moaning into their heated kiss, telling Amanda it was time for the games to begin.

She broke the kiss and began her descent down his neck. Stopping to suck lightly on the skin, leaving a bright red mark.

She went further down, quickly swirling her tongue around each of his nipples. Amanda now found herself facing his dick, throbbing and rock hard. She took it in her right hand and slightly moved it up and down, pressing her thumb against the underside of his shaft. Her left hand played with his balls, giving them the occasional squeeze. Amanda rubbed her angel soft cheeks (the ones on her face) against his throbbing manhood, leaving small trails of precum. She let go of his ball and wiped it off on her finger. She slowly brought the finger to her mouth making sure Warren saw every movement.

She slipped the finger into her mouth, gave it a light suck and started humping her finger in and out, savoring the taste of the salty precum. Her eyes mocked him and her lips wore a playfull smile. She took her finger out of her mouth and said.

"Is that what you want me to do to your dick?"

"Yeah" Warren whispered through half closed eyes. His eruction was to the point that it was painful, and her hand wasn't going agonizingly slow.

"What?" she was really gonna make him work for it.

"FUCK YEAH!" he nearly yelled, tring to get her to pick up the pace.

"And what do you want me to do?" She slipped her finger in her mouth agaian, moving it in and out.

"STOP BEING A TEASE AND SUCK MY DICK!" Warren was really growing impatient.

"That's better" And with that she lowered her head to his bulging eruction.

She slowly engulfed the tip of his dick in her mouth and gave it a suck. Amanda twirled her tongue around the hole, getting a taste of even more precum. She slowly lowered her head. Warren watched as his sister's hot mouth swallowed more and more of him. She nearly reached the base before retreating back up the length.

Warren moaned loudly in approvel as Amanda quickened the pace, taking more and more as she gained speed. Although she was at a pretty fast speed, it still wasn't fast enough for Warren who was now trying to thrust his hips against her face everytime she went back up. But Amanda held his hips down and stopped at the tip of his dick.

Warren nearly yelled in protest before his sister quickly went back down, stopping at a certain point. Amanda relaxed her throat muscles before slowly continueing her blowjob.

It was Amanda's mother who tught her how to deep throat, back when she was 10 years old. She had already known how to give head thanks to Warrenand her's private sessions, but at the time her father was much bigger than Warren. She could go only halfway down before her mother showed her how to deep throat, a technique that most boys she fucked got to expiernce.

Amanda's head was now moving up and down at a furious rate. She had gotten bored with all the teasing and really wanted to get to her turn. She let go of her brrother's hips so that he could thrust a little. Warren's hands layed on the back of her head, gently pushing it down. Amanda's left hand was playing with his balls when it felt them tighten. She brought her mouth back up to the tip just before he shot cum in her mouth.

Amanda let it flow around a little in her mouth before swallowing it down. She enjoyed the taste of his cum, it was way better than the cafeteria food.

Amanda rolled over and waited for Warren to recover. He pantd a little before getting up and crawling in between her legs.

Warren was not one to tease. He liked getting down to buisness. which was why he was one of Amanda's number one choices to eat her out.

When it came to Oral, Amanda loved recieving it. She loved getting her pussy eaten out of ever since she was 7. Whether it was Warren, the mail man, the garbage man or even their neighbors dog. The only person better at eating pussy then Warren was her mom. They loved to 69 together, often staying in that position for hours at end.

Warren began to lick the outside of her pussy, tasting a coming attraction of her juices. He slid his tongue right in between the lips although down to the bottom of her ass, which he playfully stuck his tongue in. He slowly pushed his tongue in and wiggled it around, causing Amanda to scream in exstacy. He drove his tongue in further and further, opening his mouth so tht his lips touched the outside edges of her pussy.

Amanda lifted her legs onto his shoulders allowing easier access. She felt Warren licking the inside walls, searching for clit. It was driving her insane with plaesure.

Warren lifted her up a little more and stuck a finger inside her. He moved it along the edges before feeling it touch her clit. Warren moved his tongue over and began licking her clit. He moved his finger out of her pussy and slowly inserted it into her ass. Warren knew she loved double pentration almost as much as oral. He moved his finger in and out gaining a steady pace. He began sucking on her clit, harder and harder.

Amanda hit a very high octive as she had her orgasm. She shrieked and yelled in orgasmic bliss as she cummed all over her twin brother's face. Warren lapped up her honey like a thirsty dog would water before pulling away. He was once again rock hard.

Warren and Amanda met eyes and smiled a loving smile at each other. Amanda opened her legs more so that he pussy lips opened up. Warren crawled up and was about to thrust into her when they both heard.


"JUST A MINUTE MOM, WARREN IS A LITTLE STIFF AT THE MOMENT!" Warren rolled his eyes at the lame joke.

He drew back and thrusted into her right as she finished her sentence. Amanda scramed in pleasure as his dick slid in and out of her dripping wet pussy. Their screams grew louder and louder as the friction increased. Amanda was screaming at the top of her lungs he penatrated deeper into her. She started to massage her breasts with her hands, increasing the pleasure. She tweaked her nipples and rubbed her C-cup breasts to the beat of her brother's thrusts.

After what seemed like hours of thrusting, the two began to reach their orgasms. Amanda was screaming nasty things like "FUCK ME" and "CUM INSIDE ME" as she was hit with an earth-shattering orgasm. Warren, unlike his screamer sister, was more of the strong silent type, just moand and grunted as he filled her sweet pussy with his cum.

The two got up to go eat breakfest, climbing down the stairs (if it's possible to climb down) to meet their mother and father for breakfest in the kitchen.

Now before you freak out because he cummed in her let me explain. Back in 2006 (the current year in the story is 2026) The fear of bird flu had everyone in a panic. A team of expert scientist were brought together to find a way to eradicate all of the diseaese. Skipping all the scinece mumbo-jumbo, they did. They sprayed it around the world and things were great. But it had an interesting effect on humans. For one thing, it turned everyone got incredible needs for sex. ANother as that all STD"s were destroyed forever. it made signs of aging not come up until age 80. And finally it made all females infertile. Now the first three kicked ass, and the world easily adjusted, crating the new laws (see above). But the second one didn't go over too well. So the same scientists that made the bird flu vaccine made the PP or Pregnancy Pill. This allowed a women to be able to concieve a healthy baby. So life went on and times only got better.

(Now back to your regulary scheduled chapter already in progress)

So Amanda and Warren went downstairs to see their mother, Lauren and their father, Mark sitting at the table eating breakfest. The two sat down and began to eat.

"So I heard your early morning activities!" Lauren said causing her and Amanda to laugh, and getting smirks from the two males. Lauren, in her mid thirties but looked 18, had blond hair with gorgeus blue eyes, 5'7, just like her daughter. She had huge D-cup breasts that made man go wild, and a tight ass that coud make any man get an instant boner.Lauren and Amanda were known too guys as one of te better mother/daughter tag team. She was a retired porn star, and had made more than enough money so her family cold live comfortabley for the rest of their lives.

Mark, also in his mid-thirties and looked 22, had dark hair and green eyes, with a muscalar build. He currently had a 8 inch boner poking the underside of the table. He was also a former porn star, meeting Lauren on set, and eventually falling in love. Once Lauren got pregnant they both retired from the porno buisness.

They had just finished eating when Amanda spoke up.

"So where are Fred, Samantha and Hilary?"

"They went to Kyle's house." Lauren answered.

"Did you guys fool around before they left." Amanda loved hearing about other people's sex lives.

Her father got up and alked up behind his daughter. He brought his hands down and began to massage her breasts and kiss her neck.

Amanda getting the idea that they didn't said, "Why don't I help you with that Daddy."

She got up and kissed him on the lips, slightly groping his dick. Mark broke the kiss, bent Amanda over the chair, spread her legs, and thrusted into her young wet cunt.

Warren watched the scene unfold in front of him as his father wailed away on his twin sister. He grabbed his dick and started to slowly jack off. He slid his hand up and his hard shaft and let out a soft maon.

Lauren saw her husband fucking her daughter and felt instant arousal. She saw her son jacking himself off and thought to herslf "Why should we be left out?"
Lauren crawled over on her knees and came to a stop in between his legs. She began to lick his balls. She swirled the tongue underneath them. She took one in her mouth and gently sucked, hearing Warren moan. she popped the other one in her mouth, giving it the same treatment she did the other. She licked up and the shaft and took his dick in her mouth. She sucked it like a lollipop, getting as much spit on it as possible. It plopped out of her motuh, soaking wet.

Lauren grabbed Warren's dick and put it in her cleavege of her D-cup breasts.She slid up and down, letting his well lubricated dick feel the friction. Warren bucked his hips up to increase the speed. Lauren also sped up and squeezed her breast together. Warren's head rolled back as he sprayed his cum all other Lauren's tits, some even hitting her in the face.

Warren layed back on the bench and watched his mother crawl over to his sister's mouth which was open from yeling "FUCK ME DADDY< FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG JUICY COCK."

Lauren pushed her cum covered breasts up to her daughter's mouth. Amanda began licking all the cum she could find. She sucked on her mother's nipple, like a breast feeding baby.She used her hands to massage her own breast. She pinched her nipples as she knawed on her mothers'.

Warren felt himself get hard again and once more started to jack off. It was still wet from his mother's blowjob/tit-fuck, and when he saw her ass he got a better idea than jacking off.

He got up and positoned himself at his mother's tight ass. He slowly pushed in, letting his mother adjust. He began picking up more and more speed as he thrusted into her ass. Lauren was screaming in pleasure from her son and daughter's current actions. Her ass was so tight it was milking his dick for all it was worth. Warren finally blew his load into his mother's ass, so much that it actually began dripping out.

Lauren had her orgasm around the same time Warren did, screaming at the top of her lungs. They laid back and watched Mark continue to fuck his daughter. Warren was hard again (thanks to the bird flu vaccine) and saw his sister's mouth once again unoccupied. He got up and walked over hs boner swaying in front of his sister's face. He grabbed it in his hands and put it into his Amanda's mouth.

Mark felt something wet wrap around his balls and looked down to see Lauren taking them in her mouth. He knew that she was trying to speed up the process so that the kids would leave and her and husband could fuck by themselves. Although she liked group sex, Lauren loved fucking her husband above all.

Lauren sucked harder on his balls causing Mark to pound into Amanda's pussy harder which caused her too suck Warren's dick more aggresively. Warren was the first to go, blowing another load of cum down Amanda's throat. Lauren, who had been fingering herself while sucking on Mark's balls went next. Then finally Mark and Amanda cummed at the same time, yelling each other's name. The family collapsed on the floor panting and sweating. Warren and Amanda caught thier breath and got up to leave.

"Where are you two going?" Lauren asked

"For a Walk." Amanda said as her and Warren walked out into the neighborhood.

Truth be told they had no idea where they were going. They only knew that it would them to more exciting adventures.

That's the end of Chapter 1. Love it? Hate it? Hit me up on the review (Flames are a waste of time.) I accept Constructive Critisism. Have an idea? Put in your review and I'll consider it for the next chapter (I'll give credit where credit is do).

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Nicely done


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