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Naturist kid falls in love with cute girl. Hero baseball coach: be my dad; he


“Hey little man! I expected that you would come.”

“Yeah, Sean. My mom caught me choking my chicken!”

“Ho! Slow down. Let’s sit down, Jeff…. So your mom walked in on you masturbating.”

Laughing, “No, she’s not like you. She heard me cumming.”

“Oh, I did too—all the way from here.”


“So your second orgasm.”

Horrified, “What did you say!” After some deadly silence, “You saw us on the beach!”

“Yes, I wasn’t sure. Now I am.”

Angrily, “You tricked me!” Sean reaches to hug Jeff, “Don’t touch me!”

“Jeff. I wouldn’t have tricked you if I didn’t think it imperative that you talk to someone about this.”

Sobbing, “It’s private! It’s none of your business!”

“Jeff, if you did it privately, I would agree it’s none of my business. I’m also happy for you.”

After a long silence, “Sean, do the others know?”

“No one reacted. Probably not.”

Breathing a sigh of relief, “Please don’t tell.”

“I wouldn’t tell, unless you give me a reason to, such as refusing to talk about it.”

“You’ve got me cornered. I don’t like that!”

“Yes I do, Jeff. I don’t like it either.”

“We didn’t plan anything.”

“I didn’t think so.”

“When I took Maria’s bra off, Big Jeff went wild?”

“Big Jeff?”

Laughing, “That’s Maria’s name for my penis.”

“I like that!”

“Me too! Do I need to go into more details?”

“No. That was your first orgasm, right?”


“I wish I had a first like that.”

“You do? How was your first time, Sean?”

“Let’s save that for another day. As jealous as I am of you, there’s a big problem.”

“Yeah, we were in public.”

“Some people are even offended by romantic kissing in public.”

“That’s their problem.”

“I disagree with you, Jeff. Do you kiss romantically at school?”

“I wish!”

“So you know you could get into trouble.”

“Yes, Sean.”

“That’s all I wanted to hear. Now if I were you I’d be thinking of places at school where there’s privacy.”

“Yeah! Do you know of any?”

“Sorry. Now if you got caught kissing in a private place, I don’t think there would be a problem. But if you were doing more…I don’t think I have to explain.”

“Sean, I hear you and understand. But it’s not fair. We don’t have a place to go!”

“Yeah, most adults are more worried about you doing too much, rather than providing a place for kissing.”

“I think I’ll propose that a kissing room be provided during recess.”

“More power to ya, Jeff!”

“Can I take Maria to your house?”

“With her mother, sure.”

“No. Without her mother.”

“No. I’m afraid that could get me in trouble. Now you see the dilemma. Even if I said OK, Sonya never would.”

“I know that!”

“I don’t think she would mind if you used her living room as a kissing room.”

“That’s true! But what about Jose’s parents. They live there too.”

“Ask. Be direct. You’re good at that, Jeff. But we still need to talk about erections in public.”

“You and mom approved, at Black’s Beach.”

“As a boy. Now you’re a man.”

“Hey, you said I was a man already!”

“I stand corrected. But your girlfriend wasn’t there then. That changes the picture totally. I expect that Sonya would hang you out to dry.”

“Yeah, that’s what Maria says too.”

“Don’t let Big Jeff ruin a story-book romance. He may have already. I think a couple saw you.”

“Oh, no! We we’re wondering about that after.”

“I don’t think they’re gonna do anything about it, but if they do, you could end up in a juvenile home.”

Giving Sean a big hug, “Thanks for being tough with me. I was out of control. I’ve been wondering, are you gonna have sex before marriage?”

“Hold on to your bootstraps! That’s between your mother and I.”

“So for me, it’s between me and Maria.”

“I’m sure your mother wants some say in that!”

“What does your father say about sex before marriage?”

“He says it’s wrong. He even says the Bible teaches that masturbation is wrong, but I’ve checked thoroughly. That’s a real stretch.”

“Man, what’s he think we’re supposed to do—cut it off!”

Laughing, “I don’t think he would object!”

“Sean, sex is complicated.”

“It’s like playing with fire. I hope you don’t get burned.”

“Maria and I are gonna wait ‘til marriage.”

“So you discussed it already. That’s great!”

“You know, it’s too bad I’m not gay.

“Why do you say that, Jeff!?”

“I’d be having all the sex I wanted, no questions asked.”



“Hi Sean. This is Jeff.”

“Hi Jeff. Now that you’re in love, I only get a phone call, huh.”

“Trying to make me feel guilty?”

“No, that just was a dumb way to say that I miss you, Jeff.”

“I miss you too. Guess what!?”

“You spent the afternoon at Maria’s house.”

“How’d ya guess, Sean!”

“It didn’t take being a rocket scientist.”

“Sonya let’s us use the TV room for kissing—as long as we keep the door open.”


“And Roberto bought a plastic privacy fence for Black’s Beach.”

“How come?”

“He wanted a place they could make out.”

“But, Jeff, why does that make you so happy?”

“Maria asked if we could use it too.”

“Roberto and Sonya must have said yes.”

“With two rules. Only when she’s close by. And if one of us gets aroused, we need to stop without being asked.”

“That’s quite generous, Jeff.”

“I just wish we could masturbate each other too.”

“Even with the privacy fence that would be totally inappropriate. I hope you can strictly obey her conditions, so as to keep Sonya’s respect.”

“Sean, I certainly agree. Hey, the Giants are looking forward to our game tonight. They say they had more fun in our other game than any other all season.”

“And you’ve been a big reason for that.”

“Thanks, good buddy. See ya at the game.”

“Take care.”

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2010-09-07 07:39:34
Pretty sad dude, Get a life and stop wasting us pervs' time.

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2008-08-11 15:45:26
What the crap was that????

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2008-07-03 00:13:19
And here I thought torture was illegal in the United States.


2008-02-11 10:47:48
would u please quit putting this crap out here!!!


2007-08-19 14:00:53
For a first story you did okay. The more you write the more confidence you will have. However in the next part I would have less talk and more action of some sort or another. You brought it close to bi with both men maybe exploring things with each other. I still think your story has potential. Keep writing and reread before you send it in.

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