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Oh, you're making me feel so... so hot and nasty
An Idol Fantasy

I was watching Playboy channel last night, and I decided to tape
one of their movies. It was called "Hung Jury", and starred Raquel
Darien and Savannah. I think it was Savannah who was the one with
the gorgeous, long blond hair. I have to admit, I usually don't
think too much of Playboy channel movies. They're usually
censored/edited, and they definitely don't have the full climax cum
shots I've grown to get so hot and bothered over.
But I was intrigued -- the movie discussed a movie. It loosely
revolved around a jury (of my peers) who were deciding whether or
not a porno flick was obscene. The focus of the film drifted from
one jurists' fantasies to another (their fantasies being inspired
on a particular scene from the "evidence").
The last scene they contemplated was one between a married couple.
The scene opens with a petite and very lovely young blond
woman wearing only a baby doll negligee, sitting on her bed sexily
sucking on a lollipop. Her beautiful, blond hair is tied with
ribbons in long pigtails on either side of her luscious face.
Continuing to give that lollipop loving attention with her lips and
tongue, she allows her negligee to slip from her smooth creamy
shoulders, exposing her pert, firm, upturned breasts for the viewer
to see.
What I see is a gorgeous young woman, no more than twenty-two,
pretending to be a nubile young girl with extremely strong sexual
desires and curiosity. Even more than that, from what she's saying
I understand that she's a naughty little girl who's about to have
sex with her babysitting uncle. Being the Playboy Channel, the
scene never really seems to get rolling with good ol' dick-pumping,
cock-sucking, action. But that doesn't mean it didn't have any
affect on me.
All day and all last night while me and my girlfriend Traci sucked
and fucked (about a half dozen times in all) I kept fantasizing
about that incredibly hot woman-child pretending to be a nasty
little girl for me. When Traci finally got me to tell her what
had gotten me so turned on, I told her about the scene from the
movie. She asked me if I'd like to come over to her place tomorrow
night and play-out my fantasy with her. Of course I said yes!
In my fantasy I am Traci's uncle (actually just a friend of the
family you understand) and I have come over to her house to babysit
her. While I sit in her living room watching tv, this extremely
precocious little woman-child (who in this fantasy is just fourteen
and recently developed into a `woman') comes over to Uncle in her
short little `baby doll' with that lollipop in her mouth and just
lay herself, stomach down across my lap. She looks up over her
shoulder at me, and pulling the lollipop slowly from between her
sucking lips, she tells me she needs to be spanked because she's
been such a bad little girl. Saying that she pulls the bottom of
the baby-doll up exposing her curved, jutting ass packed tightly
into a thin pair of small white cotton panties.
"So -- you've been a bad little girl, have you?" I say, feeling my
dick rapidly stiffening as my eyes roam across Traci's incredibly
firm and shapely little rear.
"Oh, yes Uncle ... I've been a bad girl ... a very bad and nasty
little girl," she tells me between long languid sucks on her
lollipop, "And I MUST be taught a lesson. You really must spank
me -- I'm so bad! Please, Uncle, spank me!"
I begin by running my hand across her sexy ass, cupping each cheek
and playfully squeezing each one before slipping my hand into the
waistband of her tight, thin cotton panties and pulling them down
around her knees. I give each cheek one more squeeze before
slapping her sweet little rear -- first on the right then the left cheek.
The firmness of each spank makes her wince, but she just holds the
lollipop in her mouth like she's sucking a tiny dildo. Her firm little tits
press against my leg as I stroke her pigtail with one hand, and spank
her backside again with the other hand. I spank her twice, three times,
four, six with increasingly hard smacksbefore pausing and running my
hand all across her now brightly pink ass cheeks. I caress her lovely
ass-cheeks, and let my finger tips slip down between her thighs. She
obligingly opens her shapely legs and I reach in, feeling the sweet
wetness of her tight little twat. I rub my forefinger along her swollen pussy
lips, slowly spreading them to find her stiff little clit, erect and begging for
attention. I dip one finger into her love-hole, thoroughly wetting
my finger before pulling it out and using her slick, sweet cunt
juices to lube her excited clit. I make a circular movement around
her stiff little love-button, making her moan and spread her legs
wider. With that I wriggle first one, then two fingers up inside
her snug little pussy. I feel her cunt muscle clamp hungrily
around my fingers and hear her murmur a long "Ooo-o-o-o-o".
I finger-fuck her for a time, watching as her hips begin moving up
and down with each thrust of my fingers into her young pussy. Her
fuck-motions causes her hip to rub my now raging-hard cock through
my pants.
"Oh, Uncle -- you're making me feel so... so hot and nasty. Mmmmm,
that's so good! I like it so much!" she moans, then adds, "And I
can tell you like it too -- I can tell by the way your big hard
lollipop has gotten so stiff here in your pants," she half whispers
in her little-girl voice as she raises up slightly and runs a hand
across the stiff bulge standing up in my lap.
She knows I like her dirty talk. And she knows I'm aching to have
her pouty, hot mouth on my prick. So she slips from my lap and
kneels on the carpeted floor in front of me while she runs one
hand across the round end of the bulge in my lap. All the while she
holds the end of the lollipop stick with her other hand, licking
and sucking the candy erotically before she looks up into my eyes
and continues to talk in that little-girl voice that's driving me crazy.
"I'm weally good at sucking lollipops." she smiles, pulling the
long candy from her mouth and running the tip of her pink wet
tongue all around the end of it, "Why, I bet my uncle would just
love to know if I can suck his big lollipop as good as I suck this
one, wouldn't you Uncle?"
With that, she reaches up with both hands and unsnaps, then unzips
my trousers as she says, "Your nasty little niece is going to take
this big thing of yours out and slip it into her young, pretty mouth."
"Yes, oh yes sweetheart," I whisper hoarsely, "I want to see how
good you can suck it, baby." As I raise up slightly and let her
pull my pants down around my ankles.
This is the wet dream I've had all my life: a very sexy,
young-looking blond with a petite and shapely body who gets-off on
play-acting and pretending she's the most nasty little slut-girl
a fucker could ever want.
"Uncle's cock is soooo big!" she gasps in mock-surprise as my stiff
meat springs out from my pants, bobbing obscenely at her. She
wraps one small hand around the bone-hard shaft moving her pretty
face closer and licking her pouty lips.
"I bet I can barely get my wittle wips awound it!" she says right
before slipping my cockhead between her pretty lips and into her
hot, wet, tongue-moving mouth. When she slips it slowly out -
making me moan with pleasure - she tells me, "I have a vewy bad
secret I'll tell you -- but you can't tell anyone! Okay?"
I nod my head yes and she goes on.
"Well..." she begins, pausing and letting her tongue dart out
across the highly-sensitive underside of my glans before going on,
"... sometimes, late at night when I'm alone in my bed and playing
with my little pussy, I think about what your stiff meat would feel
like inside me. I guess I've always wanted you to fuck me, Uncle."
With that she takes my cock knob into her mouth briefly, sliding
it out with a plopping sound, then saying...
"Have you ever wanted to slide your big... (lick, lick) stiff...
(nibble, lick) cock in my wittle virgin pussy and pump your sweet
wittle niece?!?" she asks, rubbing her one hand across her pussy
while holding my prick with her other and teasing me with little
nibbles and licks between her hot words. I look down and see her
slip three fingers into her cunt and begin finger-fucking herself for me
to watch.
"I just want you to stick your hot meat inside my tight... young...
virgin pussy... I want it IN me, Daddy ..."
Hearing her call me Daddy makes me just about shoot my wad right
then and there. It takes all my energy to keep from cumming. She
knows her talk is getting to me and so continues.
"Oh, please DADDY, just let me feel it inside me -- just for a
little while," she pleads teasingly, running her soft little
fingertips along the length of my shaft, "I'll be a good girl for
you, I promise. Just let your little girl feel her daddy's big fat
cock filling her."
Her nasty words are really turning me on. I can't help but begin
absently stroking my cock with slow, long motions as I look at this
sizzling little slut-girl begging for my meat.
I take a deep breath before speaking, then say, "Oh, so thats what
my little girl wants -- Daddy's big fat cock in her tight, little pussy?"
I now take hold of my shaft and begin rubbing my engorged cockhead
across her lips and face as I talk.
"That's a very nasty thing, honey. You know that don't you sweet heart?"
"Oh yes, Daddy. But you know I'm a nasty girl. If I wasn't such
a bad and nasty girl you wouldn't need to spank me -- that's why
you spanked me, right? But oh Daddy, the spanking just isn't
enough. Oh Daddy, give me the rest of my lesson. Spread my pussy
lips and ride me good and hard with that fat cock of yours!!"
"Oh, you really are a nasty little girl, aren't you, sweetheart?!
You're nasty -- nasty like a hot little slut, AREN'T YOU?!?
And you know what nasty little sluts deserve, don't you?"
"Mmmmmm, oh yes Daddy. Nasty, hot, little sluts deserve whatever
their big-dicked Daddy's to give them -- a fat, hard cock teaching
them a lesson. Nasty little sluts get fucked real good, don't they Daddy?"
At that point I stand, kick my shoes and pants from my feet and
ankles and slip off my shirt. She slips her panties off and I see
that she has completely shaved her pussy. I have to taste such a
luscious looking little cunt and so crouch down, picking her up,
and carry her to the couch. I lay her out on the couch and she
pulls her baby doll up around her neck. I take hold of one of her
one slender ankles and place it up on the back of the couch,
spreading her smooth legs wide. I pause to drink in the delicious
sight of her bald, little-girlish pussy before bending down and
running my outstretched tongue up the length of her pink,
juicy love-lips; flicking my tongue tip over her erect little clitty.
She is so hot that she begins immediately begins moving her cunt
against my face - fucking into my face and tongue as I lick. I
don't want her to cum quite yet so I stop and sit up.
If she want's my fat cock, she'll get it.
"Yeah," I'm muttering, "you want your Daddy's fat cock? Well you're
gonna' get it."
I spit into my hand, rubbing it generously across my cock-knob,
preparing to enter her hot, tight tunnel of love. She's lying back
now, her pigtails laid back around her lovely face, and she's
giggling like a little nymph - like the little slut in heat that
she surely is. She sucks the lollipop, her beautiful blue eyes
open and staring into my eyes, and acts like she's sucking a dick.
I position myself between her open legs, holding my prick at the
base, placing my spit-slickened cockhead between her hot, swollen
cuntlips. I slowly rub my knob back and forth right at the opening
of her hungry pussy. She closes her eyes and I see a shiver run
through her sexy little body. After that I slide my meat in just
far enough to engulf the head. I pause for several moments,
relishing the sweet sensation, then watch as I slowly push my stiff
aching cock inch by inch into her hot, tight cunt.
When I feel my cockhead press far against the backside of her hot
cunt, and my swollen balls rub up against her smooth ass. When I'm
in her clear up to my balls her strong, young cunt muscles squeeze
my shaft. I pause briefly, enjoying the incredible feelings that
her tight pussy is producing before pulling out slowly, leaving
just my knob inside her, and pause again. I push in and out slowly
like this about a dozen or so times before she looks up into my
eyes and moans...
"Oh Daddy, that's sooo good! Fuck me faster Daddy!"
I look down into her pretty face and tell her I'm enjoying myself
so much I just want to watch her suck her lollipop while I fuck her
slow and smooth for awhile more.
I do that for awhile more before she takes the sucker out of her
mouth and sugar-coats her hard little nipples with it. Next, she
bends her head far forward as she pushes one of her young tits up
towards her mouth and starts licking the erect sugar-coated nipple.
Then she cups both breasts and talks dirty to me while I continue
to pump her a little faster with my rigid cock deep into her snug snatch.
"Do you like it, Daddy?" she smiles as she pinches and rolls her
hard pink nipples between her fingers, "Do you like having a fresh
young pussy to fuck, Daddy -- fucking it just the way you've always
dreamed of, huh?!?"
I manage to grunt out a `yes', as I continue pumping her with my
raging cock.
Her hot talk really gets fucking her with fast, hard strokes. Her
titties jiggle in her hands each time I plunge my fuck-tool deep
into her hot cunt. I feel my swollen balls slap against
her smooth ass with each stroke I give her. My breathing comes
rapid and shallow as I increase my momentum.
"Oo-o-o-o," she squeals, pushing up to meet my every thrust, "I
just love to see my Daddy getting sooooo hot for his favorite little girl.
I AM your favorite little girl, aren't I Daddy?!!"
I answer with a hoarse `yes' between thrusts. This incestuous
fantasy has me hornier than I can ever remember getting. But its
like the jury in the film decided: what is agreed upon between two
consenting adults, well, that's their business and no one should
tell them they can't do it.
I now feel my balls tightening and the hurning load of cum
beginning to surge up, preparing to shoot.
"Oh baby," I groan, slowing my fuck movements, "your Daddy's going
to give you a little something, mmmmmm... any second now. Where
would my little darling like her Daddy to cum?"
She looks up at me with deep blue dreamy eyes and says, "I want
to feel you squirt all over me, Daddy", she says in her very best
little girl voice, "Shoot your big wad all over your favorite little girl!!"
So, to oblige this beautiful blond love-goddess/nymph spread out
beneath me on the couch, I pull my stiff, slick and shiny prick
from her tight cunt and change positions. I straddle her and move
up so that my cock is pointing right in her face and no more than
an inch from her nasty mouth. She moves her head forward just
enough so that her mouth grazes the tip of my pulsing shaft. She
suddenly stretches her head farther forward and taking the head of
my aching member into her hot, wet mouth and sucking with a
vengeance. She milks my balls with one soft hand while stroking my
shaft with the other. I'm so near the verge of cumming it takes
but a few quick, deep sucks, before she pulls back to begins to
rapidly stroking me off, holding the end of my prick over her pretty face.
In a moment I am pumping my hips into each stroke she gives my cock
and blasting hot slimy spurts across her lips and onto her sexy face.
Milking the last drops of the creamy fluid from my prickonto her lips,
she licks the big globs of jizz from her mouth and smiles up at me saying..
"Mmmmmmm, that was so-o-o good Daddy -- your salty man-juice is so
hot and good!! God! you squirted so much of it. I hope I didn't
completely drain these big balls of yours, Daddy," as she cups and
squeezes my balls with her free hand, "Because I'm not through yet".
Normally my cock would grow flaccid by now, but this entire
event has me just as stiff as ever.
Normally my cock would grow flaccid by now, but this entire
event has me just as stiff as ever.
"Ooooo, Daddy, you're such a BIG man... such a BIG, HARD man," she
squeals, "And your big cock is so beautiful -- shiny and
glistening. I'll bet I can make it even stiffer," and wraps both
of her little hands around my manhood and pumps it.
"You're the best fuck a little girl could ever have," she whispers
nastily, looking up into my face, "Won't you fuck me again now,
Daddy -- please! Fuck me and make me cum - I want to cum with
you inside me Daddy!"
I slide back down between her legs and, grabbing her by her ankles,
I place her petite little feet up on my shoulders. Then, in one
thrusting movement, I plunge my cock into her dripping wet cunt as
far as it will go, making her grunt and whine from the impact.
"Oh, yessssss!" she hisses as I pull out slowly then ram into her
again - my sagging balls slapping against her sweet ass cheeks as
I repeatedly bury my meat all the way to the hilt.
And she's so damned horny by now that it just takes only a few
thrusting strokes before Traci is humping back wildly and cumming;
moaning and sobbing, "Ohh, Ooohhhh, yesssss! F-f-fuck me, fuck
your little girl good. Oh Daddy, it's soooo good!"
The spasming of her cunt muscles around my cock bring me to another
thundering orgasm and I shoot the rest of my ball-juice far up into
her hot pussy.
We fall into a panting heap there on the couch, too exhausted now
to even speak, and fall asleep. When we awake an hour or two
later, Traci tells me that was the hottest fuck she's ever had --
and I agree. As her fingers idly run up and down the length of my
now soft cock, stirring the blood back into it, she looks up coyly
into my face and speaks.
"Just wait 'til you meet my little sister," and giggles, "She's a very
bad girl... I think she needs to feel Daddy's special lesson for bad
girls. She needs a good spanking and her Daddy's stiff meat filling
her little teen-aged pussy."

... but that's another story for another time.



2015-04-07 22:37:54
Loads of people love this fantasy, it happens to be my personal favourite, I love playing the little girl or thr horny teenager, its sooo hot. I've never had thoughts about my own Daddy / Uncle whatever but I love the fantasy and thats what they are and in them anything is possible,, the only limit is your imagination. Thanks for the post and the wet pussy. Luvsalik xx

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xgZA1x Hey, thanks for the blog post.Much thanks again.

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AMAAAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Moooooree ;)


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It's a fantasy, numbnuts

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