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I was never so happy the next morning when I saw my dad leave for work. Slipping out of my night shirt I went to my closet to find something sexy to wear for Robin. Picking out a very tight belly shirt and a pairt of daisy dukes I looked my self in the mirror and thought i looked sexy as hell. As i waited for her to arrive I thought hurs had passed but when she got there it was only a few minutes past nine. Running out to her car I leaned in the passenger side window and said," Hi mommy Robin may I suck you titties?"

"My my little Tammy don't you look sexy today. Lets get inside and you can have mommy titties all you want" she replied as she parked the car and followed me into my house. once inside she spun me around and pushed my face into her breast and pulled up her shirt showing off her bare titties to me. " Be a good little girl and suck mommy's titties baby slut tammy." she commanded me to do.

Planting my mouth around her nipple I started to suck her tittie like a starveing new born. Moaning she pushed my head harder into her chest as she fondled my ass with her other hand. To my surprise she put a finger in one of my belt loops and pulled it up giveing me a wedgie. She kept my face and mouth on her tit but kept on pulling up my shorts forcing me to stand on my tip toes. The seam in the front of the shorts started to get inbetween my pussy lips and rub my clit.

" You like that don't you Tammy?" She asked me when a moan escaped from my lips. Nodding my head she pulled up even higher taking my feet off the ground. Letting me stand on the floats of me feet she then pushed on my shoulders. Knowing what she wanted I lifted up her skirt and gazed at her shaven pussy glistening. Leaning foward I kissed and then licked her. Holding my head in place robin ground her pussy hard. MY nose and mouth were inside her pussy as she rocked back and forth on me.

"Thats right Tammy be a good nasty baby slut and lick mommy's pussy. oooohhhh yesss Tammy make mommy cumm all over your slutty face."She said to me as she fucked her pussy on my face. Her juices started to flow all over my face and lips as I tried to lick them up.

When she finished cumming all over me she told me it was time to get my stuff to keep at the new apartment and to find something for me to wear to the store. Getting two trash abgs she put all my sexy bras, panties , g-string and sexy outer clothes into them and had me take them to the car. When I got back she picked out a outfit and when I put it on, it made me look like a little girl. It was my easter outfit my dad made me wear to church last year. She even found the stupid hat that went with it. Robin told me how cute i looked and kissed me on the cheek.

Heading from the house to town she told me we were gonna go to wallmart to find some nice things for me. I was scared some of my friends might see me and say something.Once at the store she took em to the girlsdepartment and found some nice clothes for me. mainly skirts and low cut shirts. To make sure I looked sexy and cute in them she asked someguys to look at her daughter and tell her what they thought. Makeing a game out of it I would lean foward to let them see my budding tits and nippels or let them see my ass as I bent over. One of the guys said I was a bad girl for doing that and needed a spanking. Robin told him for the right price he could spank me.

'What do I get for a little extra cash?"he asked Robin.

"For 20 bucks you get to spank her naughty little ass and for 40 bucks you get a blow job form her." she replied. Pulling out two twenties he gave them to her and the three of us went out to his van. I played at being scared and asking if I had to do this almost smirking when i did. Laying across his lap he smacked my ass a few times before forcing me to my knees to suck him.

Pulling out his cock that was allready hard i saw it was kinda small compared to Jamal and Mike. Bobbing my head up and down and swiling my tounge I sucked him as best as I could. Looking up I saw robin whispering in his hear and rubbing his chest. Between the two of us he lasted maybe five minutes. I swallowed his load and then kissed Robin on my mouth which made him moan a bit. Climbing out of his van we waved goodbye to him and laughed while we waled to the car.

Driving over to Jamal's bar Robin told me how she was proud that i did not freak out when she pimped me like that. I told her I trusted her and would do anything she said. Going into the bar i saw Jamal at his seat and ran to see him. He really liked my Easter out fit but was dissappointed that i had on panties. As i removed them Robin told himand a couple other men what i did at the parking lot for walmart. With my panties in ahnd Jamal told me to throw them away cause around here I would either wear g-strings or nothing.

Coming back from behind the bar I walked past him and he picked me up, placing me on his lap. "Tammy did you like sucking that white man's cock.?" Jamal asked me.

"Yes I like the tastes of cock Jamal. Is that wrong?" i told him.

"Not at all my little piece of white trash. you can suck anytype of cock atammy but I don't want you fucking any cock but a black man's cock understand baby slut?" was what he next asked me.

"Yes sir but why?"

"Because your body is made for black cock and you need to start to learn that."
With that Jamal had me lean over the bar with my as stowards him. The bar was high enough my feet were off the floor. he told me he was gonna fuck my ass again and if i screamed liek before he was gonna take his belt to my titties. I nodded to let him know I understood. Putting somekind of lube in my ass he eased his big black cock up it. gritting my teeth he started to fuck my tender young ass. In and out he went slowly going faster. Robing was infront of me telling me how good i was and holding my hands. Sniffling as he used my ass tears were running down my face. Off to the sides i saw the other men there put money on the table and discussing who would be next.

After a good bit of time Jamal pulled out and had me kneel before him to clean his cock. Opening my mouth I let him fuck my face as he used my tounge to clean off his cock, sucking hard and fast and deep i did my best to please him. pushing balls deep into my mouth he told me to be a good girl as he came . filling my throat with his hot cumm i swallowed every bit and he looked down at me and smiled.

When he pulled away the other three men stripped me naked and passed me around to grope my tits and ass. After they all had thier fun feeling me up one layed down and told me to put his cock in my pussy. When I did that one of his buddies entered my ass and the last one entered my mouth. I have never felt so filled in my life. The more I tried to scream at the pain they were causeing me the harder they used my three holes. Every so often they would switch and I would be tasting my shit on a new guys cock in my mouth. After they all had a turn in each of my fuck holes they made me kneel. Jerking thier cocks they all came on my face and in my hair.Jamal was laughing at me when he saw me covered in thier cumm.

Mommy Robin helped me up stairs to the apartment and into the shower to get cleaned up. It was only around one p.m. and she told me to go and take a nap. I listen to her and took a long nap not relizing how tired I was. She woke me up later on telling me she had to get me home before my dad got home. On the way back home I was informed that Jamal made over one hundred dollars off me from those three guys and he was so proud of me. that nigth i slept real comfy thinking about the poker run the next day.

hope everyone likes this part.


2007-08-16 01:57:57
my fucking friend kept AIM'ing me so i only came twice =P


2007-07-17 13:46:53


2007-03-17 16:34:31
dear reader do you know anythiong about e or my history if you do not then do not say anything about my past or my feeling
and for your information i have been raped twice
and to me it depend one the person
some people are ready for sex at 10 while others can be 100 and do not have the maturity for sex
you may be the later
and for a,little more history i had sex when i wa s12 with a high school boy


2007-03-15 14:50:31
tammy dear were u ever abused when u were a child because only then will u have known the pain & mental trauma which the child suffers.

i really doubt whether u r a female as no female would write such a degrading girl child porn story.

u r unknowingly bringing out paedophiles in humans
u will understand my point only when u have a child of ur own & god forbid if it is raped.


2007-03-13 18:19:45
you slut i wish u had a 6yo girl and i would fuck her face and cum all over it then i would eat her little pussy to see if a 6 yo could cum and if she does or not i would fuck her while u watched

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