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Come dream with me!
Garden of Eden, Generation Seven

Kandi greets Centiger with a big hug and kiss as she had done as long as she could remember. Centiger realizes that for the last ten moons, these greetings have grown in an intensity he doesn’t understand but really enjoys. Feeling her nipples perk up has added a new dimension to their deep love for each other. No need for guess work, not knowing what clothes are. No one ever has thought of such a thing. Clothing? Why hide?

Kandi wishes Centiger would have the same passion for her that she has for him. The thought of waiting for many more moons feels sad, and other young studs abound in the garden. Yet, in her heart, the waiting only intensifies her love for Centiger. Would he someday pursuit another, she did not know. She feels electricity as his fingers run through her hair, but he has yet to respond to her wet kisses. Feeling his body against hers means so much more than another. She loves to see his eyes light up as his penis grows, as happens more and more, since the last full moon. Are they lighting up for her?

Then the incredible occurs. Centiger finds his tongue reaching for hers, as he responds to her hug and kiss, “Oops! How did that happen.”

Ecstatically, “Centiger, do it again!”

“Really? I don‘t know. Well … OK, here it goes.” Centiger shutters with delight. Suddenly his tongue slithers through every corner of her mouth, as she frantically tries to keep up. Centiger’s penis jumps like never before, throbbing like molten lava. He pulls away from her to allow erection, then moves back into a tight hug. Feeling his intense heat, Kandi backs off, being totally surprised. But why?

Carefully, yet deeply passionate, “Kandi, I love you. I’m so in love with you.”

Overjoyed, “I can tell! Now.”

With mixed feelings, “I think I understand what you’ve been feeling; feeling for a long time.”

Totally appreciative of reciprocated feelings, “Exactly, Centiger! I’m so ready for you, all of you.”

Nervously, “Your voice sounds so, so, so …”

“Shhh.” She reaches to squeeze his shapely butt cheeks. Losing himself in the moment he does the same with her petite cheeks, convulsing with unfamiliar, but more-than-welcome, feelings. Confidently her fingers move for his precious penis and peachy pouch, maintaining eye contact with him. His heavenly delight overflows as she softly suggests, “Spread my juicy lips.”

Her joy jumps off the charts. His penis pulsates in her hand as he reaches to spread her delicate tissue. “When are we going to lay down?”

“Shhh.” Moving forward, she guides his ready-to ram rod into her moist virgin lips.

His eyes dilating, feeling her unbroken hymen with his head, “Pull the skin off my tip, my sexy sweetheart.”

As soon as she does, he thrusts upward, sliding deep into her well-lubricated vagina. She sighs in exhilaration, without blood breaking or experiencing pain. She feels his throbbing thang traversing her love canal, stimulating her close-to-climax clitoris. Together they grab each other’s butt cheeks, effortlessly coordinating highly sensuous thrusts. He feels her nipples pop against his chest and her vagina convulse around his overwhelmed penis. Her entire body shudders with goose bumps. With both of them bewildered by what’s happening, they stop in their tracks, but to late. Staring each other in the eyes, smiling cheek to cheek, simultaneously they scream, and scream some more. Instinctively they begin thrusting again. Centiger thrusts as deep as he can to find relief. Screaming in ecstasy again, they slow down the movement, out of breathe, sweating, sighing, crying with joy.

Word spreads across the garden in no time. Soon her parents arrive, then his parents. With Centiger and Kandi still fully embracing and kissing passionately again, they quietly watch. Kandi is the firstborn of ten children of Jerry and Jessica, both in their mid-twenties, both still speechless. Hilary, Kandi’s great grandmother is a great granddaughter of Adam and Eve. Centiger is the 100th child of Adam and Eve, now age 120, who have had ten more children since. They think about the day each of these two twelve-year-olds was born, now seeing them enter puberty. They also hug and kiss, enthralled by their sentimental journey.

Yeah, a whole lot of childbearing going on! But with no pain involve, it’s all joy. In fact, the birthing process feels more pleasurable than sex! And our human fore-bearers look and feel as good as when they were first created. No one in the garden looks over twenty. But then, they’re clueless of what we call aging. Sin and sickness also remain unknown.

Finally, Kandi notices that they have attracted an audience. She runs to mom, hugging her profusely. “Oh, Mama, we’re in love! We’re way deep in love.” Centiger watches with admiration.

Jessica rejoices, “Oh, what a wonderful day. The Lord always provides. Blessed be the name of the Lord.”

The Lord promptly makes an appearance, “Did I hear someone call?”

Of course, he did. Kandi runs like a gazelle, jumping into the everlasting arms, “Oh my Lord! Do I have a story to tell!”

“Yes, you do! How you broke my back and lived to tell about it.” After a winning smile, “But seriously, I saw it all.”

“Of course you did. But I want to tell you anyway!” So she does, in intimate detail, hugging the Lord with her whole being. Of course, a large audience had gathered to hear the joyous news.

“You are so special to me, Kandi, as you know. I know you waited a long time for this day to be one with Centiger. Now you must not see him again. Tomorrow, at high sun, we will solemnize this union, down where the rivers meet. I will notify your friends and family and Centiger’s as well. After all, I enjoy making the rounds. Actually I’m already doing so, being able to appear in multiple places at once. Centiger, please come here, so I may express my joy for you.”

Centiger, crying in utmost jubilation, “Oh Most High, how can I express my sincere thanks!” He scampers over and joins Kandi on his lap, hugging them both like there would be no tomorrow.

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