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Perchance to dream that we all didn
For some while Mike sat there with a blank piece of paper in front of him spending much of that time looking his teacher, Miss Anya up and down as she sat at her desk at the front of the classroom.

Just watching her sitting there, looking at those sensual legs of hers beneath her desk, being crossed then re-crossed....just admiring how sexy those shapely breasts of hers looked under her crisp, white blouse all added towards stirring his thoughts and in turn, ensured his cock was rock hard inside his briefs.

Finally, though he knew he was going to be taking an awful risk, he started to write beneath the heading already written boldly at the top of his paper.......

To make my teacher, Miss Anya happy.

Right now as I sit here in detention looking at Miss Anya sat at her desk with the task of writing about what I need to do in order to make her happy, I find my mind flooded with thoughts , thoughts that ask if Miss Anya ever has the same thoughts as me.
I would very much doubt this is so, for as my teacher, she is older and wiser and, in a position of responsibility, would know better than to have such thoughts about her young charge. Even so, I can't help but have these thoughts as I look beneath her desk once more to witness those stockinged legs of hers.

She of course, has no idea of the thoughts I have about her, thoughts both here in the classroom as well as those I also have at home.

In truth I would skip most of my classes at school, but not those taken by Miss Anya. Just to be in the same room as her is enough to ensure I attend her classes.

She takes English, but frankly, it wouldn't matter to me if she taught rocket science, I would attend anyway simply because, my being in her class gives me the possibility to admire that oh so sexy body of hers, which in turn assists the thoughts I have of her when I am lain in bed at home, where even out of sight she is more than capable of arousing this body of mine. A fact I am certain she is completely unaware of.

Now here I am in detention where she has set me the task of writing down how I should act if I am to make her happy.

I feel sure what she really expects to read from me is how I ought to pay more attention in class, or how I should participate more. The fact is, what she doesn't realise, this isn't all my fault, much of it is hers though I suspect she doesn't really know the effect her desirable body is having on me?

I am looking at her now, even as I am writing this. She's just crossed those sexy legs of hers under her desk. I know she wears stockings, I was lucky enough to have caught a glimpse of her stocking tops one day.... and right now, though I know I should not be writing this..... if I felt it would make her happy, I would love nothing more than to stop what I am doing, go up to where she is sitting, drop to my knees and crawl under her desk. There I would run my hands up along those sexy stockinged legs of hers.

Would this make Miss Anya happy?......I don't know. I would hope so, but what I do know is, I would push the hem of her skirt higher, and take the time to admire whatever sexy panties she was wearing.

She dresses so demurely in class but beneath that prim, demure exterior she has the kind of body that would demand she wears the briefest of thongs, just enough material to cover what I am sure would be a nicely trimmed bush, not that it would matter if it was not, I would still bend forward and begin to plant kisses over them, over her gusset, the part I am certain covers the sweetest sexiest pussy.

From beneath the desk I would hear her groan, a groan of pleasure which would be a sign, what I am doing is pleasing her, making her happy. I would take these groans as encouragement to continue and would peel her gusset to one side in order to reveal her very sexy pussy lips to my gaze.

Ohhh Miss Anya...though I may be young and inexperienced, if only you knew how long I have wanted to get inside your knickers.

I am not sure if this would make you happy Miss Anya but I know beyond all doubt it would make me the happiest guy alive... It is something I have long thought about... Would you open your legs for me? Would you grab hold of my head and force me down onto your pussy? Would you moan and groan with delight as my lips and tongue do their best to dine on your delightful pussy?

Just as Mike finished writing the last sentence Miss Anya pushed back her chair and standing, began to make her way towards where he was sat.

It was just the two of them in the classroom, a solitary detention for her young charge who of late, seemingly appeared less and less attentive in class and who needed to be bought to book.

Mike's heart began to pound inside his chest, instantly having huge regrets over what he had just written.

His first reaction was to reach out, grab the paper and screw it up into a ball but immediately he recognised this act would be pointless. She would see his actions and would still wish to see what it was he had written. Instead he could only sit there, fearful of what she was going to say after she had read his words.

He held his breath as she stepped around behind his chair.

He was sure she was not in the least aware, the breasts of hers that were pressing lightly against his back were beginning to add to his already aroused state, not helped in the least by the very fact he'd already noted several of the top buttons on her blouse had somehow come undone.

He held his breath as she leant over his shoulder to read the words written on the paper.

As she read, she remained quiet and though her body gave nothing away, it was not long before he could soon sense she had finished reading.

He felt her step back. Fearing the worse, he closed his eyes waiting for the inevitable reprimand.

For a moment she said nothing.

He felt a hand press lightly on his shoulder.

"Come with me please!"

Her words were not sharp, indeed soft would be more their deion, yet he could sense she was less than happy.

Instinctively he did as was asked of him. He rose from his desk and followed as she lead the way back towards the front of the classroom.

Despite his apprehension he couldn't help but allow his eyes to follow the gentle, magnetic sway of her rump beneath her fitted skirt.

To Mike, her sexy arse purred like a smooth running engine beneath her black, body hugging skirt. Each forward step saw her rump sway, first one way then the other, its delightful shape forming a perfect, inviting mound. He immediately felt the need to run both his lips and hands over those delightful, sphere shaped orbs.

In turn, as much he tried, he could do little to hide the fact his own erection was now raging inside his briefs.

As they approached her desk she turned, her eyes looking him up and down. Again Mike feared the worse. Yet, his fear was not enough to stop his eyes from being draw to her body, this time to those shapely breasts of hers that steadily rose and fell between the buttons that had somehow become undone, so allowing him the slightest glimpse of lace bra

He wanted to groan out loud.......a fact she readily sensed.

"Would you like to explain yourself Mike?" she asked.

Though his brain sought an answer, the few cells that appeared active did not apparently, want to make contact with his tongue....."Errrrm! " is all that came from his lips.

He continued to watch, mesmerised as her fingers reached up and indolently undid yet another of her top buttons.

"Pull up a chair Mike!" she ordered.

Her demand left no room for negotiation. He did as he was asked, turning to walk the few paces back to the nearest desk where, pulling a chair to the front, he placed it on the spot indicated by her wagging finger.

For the moment he just stood there, his eyes once more, drawn to the swell of her breasts.

"So Mike! What's all this filth I've just read? Do you really expect me to believe you didn't understand the task I had set you?"

Mike had never felt so embarrassed. He tilted his head to look down at his shoes, where for some inexplicable reason he noted they could do with a clean. He closed his eyes, hoping this stupid thought would leave his head and be replaced by one that would serve as an answer.

"Well?" she prompted, her manner stern enough to cause him to raise his eyes to meet hers.

"I'm......sorry.....I didn't mean....Oh God! I shouldn't have written ......"

He felt hot, flushed and, unable to form the words he wanted, he lowered his eyes once more.

"No Mike! You should not!" she replied, her voice rasied. "For that was NOT what the task had called for."

Still Mike wasn't able to bring his gaze to meet hers. He sensed her move and found his eyes following her slim heels until they were lost from his peripheral vision as she made her way around behind him.

He wanted to move, wanted to turn his head to discover where she was, what she might be doing, but the silence of the classroom held him there, rooted to the spot.

Moments later he felt the warmth of her breath close to his ear.

"So this is what you think about when you're in my class."

She paused, yet he could still feel the heat of her lips close to his ear.

"Am I a bad teacher Mike? Is it I don't make my lessons enjoyable? Is that it?"

He sensed, rather than saw her take a step back.

"'s not's......" His mind froze fumbling for words he knew wouldn't come. He looked down at his shoes and closed his mouth, aware to say another word would simply dig himself deeper into the mire.

"It's what Mike? It's more exciting to have these filthy thoughts about your teacher? Is that what IT is?" she responded, emphasising the word 'IT'.

He remained there, silent, unsure if to answer NO or YES, certain either answer would be of no use.

Her lips drew closer still to his ear.

"Tell me Mike. These thoughts you have, do they occur just within these four walls?"

He heard the click of her heels as she made her way back towards her desk. She turned before leaning casually against her desk resting a hand eitherside of her body.

He felt his eyes drawn to her open blouse, the firm rounded breasts. He fought his desire and instead fixed eyes on her hands, noting her slender, well manicured fingernails, their bright red hue holding his attention.

"I want answers Mike! I want to know of these thoughts you are having? I want to know if you are having them when you're lying on your bed at home?"

It was as if she had read his every innermost thought and even as he heard her words he couldn't help but recall how often he had laid on his bed at night and stroked himself to erection as he pictured her body close to his.

"Yes!" He finally managed to stammer by way of a reply.

Her lips formed a smile as his reply sank in.

"Hmmm! And tell me Mike. Is it just thoughts you have about me? Or do you allow your hand to help with your imagination? Do you stroke your young cock while you are thinking of me?"

Taken aback by the bluntness of her question. Rather than answer he turned his gaze away from hers. It's all the answer she needed.

"Oh my god, you do don't you? You dirty little boy! You masturbate while your thinking about me?"

Mike nodded dumbly, not even aware he was doing so.

She stood, momentarily before lifting herself up onto the corner of her desk, a simple if not remarkable feat, yet to Mike, an action filled with sexual connotation, his eyes being drawn to her legs, each dangling eitherside of the corner.

"Sit down Mike!" Her words again left no doubt this was not a request.

Mike sat down on the chair he'd just pulled out front. Miss Anya in turn lifted herself fully onto her desk and immediately swung her legs upwards, each foot placed on the chair, either side of his body, her skirt having now hiked up towards the tops of her stockings.

At that precise moment the classroom door rattled causing Mike's head to snap round in the direction of the sound, the sound of someone clearly trying to gain entry.

He started to rise, but Miss Anya never flinched in the slightest. Instead she placed a hand on Mike's shoulder, pushing him back down into his seat.

"You're going nowhere, you dirty little boy!" She said, unbuttoning more of the buttons on her blouse, one by one until it hung open down to her skirt, allowing Mike to see her white lacy bra beneath and how deftly it sculpted her cleavage together into two, gently touching orbs.

His teacher was not slow to recognise his lustful glance

"You like do you Mike? My breasts?" she asked, reaching her hand inside her blouse causing Mike to look away.

"Don't look away when I am talking to you Mike!" she hissed. "Look at me . and answer me......Do you like my breasts?" she asked for the second time.

"Yes," he stammered, as his eyes alighted on her full rounded mounds once more.

"Good. And would you like to watch me touch them?"

"Yes," he admitted, his answer easier this time.

"Yes I bet you would. Dirty little boys like that sort of thing. And I bet you'd like a lot more besides......wouldn't you? You little pervert!"

She allowed her words to sink in before pressing home her advantage.

"Tell me Mike. Have you ever fucked, or are you still a virgin?"

"Nooo!" he replied, opting for honesty, shaking his head.

"No what? No you've never Fucked? Or no you're not a Virgin?"

He felt suppressed, he could feel the heat building in his cheeks, reddening his face. He nodded his head, "I've never Fucked!" He said, feeling ashamed to be admitting his virginity to the very woman he'd had so many lascivious thoughts about.

"You aren't saying that just to turn me on, are you Mike?"


Anya's lips formed yet another sultry smile.

"Then tell me Mike. Just how much have you done?" she asked, and as she spoke those words Mike watched as the fingers of her right hand reached inside the cup supporting her left breast where they began working her nipple to arousal. Down below he could feel his already solid cock pulsing harder still against the confines of his trousers.

"Ummm, I've made out." he stammered and if his eyes hadn't been so intent on watching her hand working its charms on her left breast he'd have seen the wicked smile form on her lips.

"That's good Mike. Making out.....kissing a girl....touching up her tits....maybe even playing a little with her pussy....Am I right Mike?"

"Yes!" he managed to stutter, his face still flushed.

"Hmmmm! That's definitely good Mike. All good. But it's not Fucking is it Mike? Which is what boys your age like to boast about. Isn't it?"

Her abrupt words should have left him cold...ashamed...unable to answer but down below his cock, suspecting a very unlikely opportunity, was demanding he answer


Again his eyes missed her telling smile.

"So what do you say Mike? How'd you like to lose that pesky virginity right here and now?"

Mike was floored. It was all he could do to imagine this was all a dream, that none of it was really happening. It was way too much, too fast for him to comprehend but, quick to recognise his dilemma Anya reached out to grab his wrist.

"Come on Mike! Stick your hand up my skirt," she gasped, sliding his fingertips up beneath her skirt and along her stockinged thigh before letting go then using both hands to shrug her blouse from her shoulders. Mike groaned as he watched each of her hands slip inside one of her 36 sized cups.

His eyes flitted from the hands caressing at her tits to his own which now started to slide up the top most part of her thigh, gently, cautiously exploring until his fingers alighted against the soft texture of her panties, to find them both silky and moist.

As she caressed her own hands back and forth over her full breasts, so Mike began to tease his fingers gently too and fro over her gusset.

"Don't be a such a Fucking pussy," she suddenly sneered at him.

"What!!! Sorry!!!" he stuttered, shocked by the sharpness of her words, quickly drawing his hand away, fearing somehow he'd done something wrong, yet even before his hand had fully escaped from beneath her skirt she had released the hold of her own breasts, had reached forward and had snapped her fingers tightly around his wrist.

"Noooo! " she cried sharply. "Put it back," she demanded, her left hand joining her right, using them both to pull his hand back up the inside of her thigh, onto her crotch.

"There's a time for being gentle Mike and there's a time for being rough. Right now Miss Anya wants rough! Do you hear? Molest me Mike! Molest me like you do in your dreams. Isn't that what you do Mike? Don't you have your wicked way with me in those fantasies?"

"Ohh God yeah!" he moaned.

Encouraged, his fingers pulled her gusset to one side, his palm moving roughly too and fro over the bushy lips of her sex.

"Mmmm, that's more like it Mike," she hissed, as she began to move her hips back and forth against the palm of his hand.

"Harder Mike! Go on! You're a virgin, with years of pent up frustration to overcome. Use it Mike! Show me I have made the right choice!"

"Oh God Yeah!" he moaned, barely hearing her words, his attention now on his hand which was growing wetter by the second as his palm rubbed back and forth over her swollen pussy lips.

Unseen by Mike, for his attention was firmly fixed on his own hand between her slender thighs, she closed her eyes and letting out a moan began thrusting hard against his palm.

"Oh that's good Mike! So so good! When I was young like you it might have been enough but I'm older. I know my body so much better and it needs more.Use your fingers Mike. Feel how wet this wanton pussy is for you!"

For a moment Mike continued rubbing his palm over her pussy unable to believe the words he was hearing were coming from the woman of his dreams. Then, as her words finally registered, he opened out a finger and pushed it into her pussy.

"Oh God Yes! That's it Mike! But give me more! Make me cum!" she cried.

She eased herself down until she was laying on her desk, her knees fell apart as her pussy squirmed on his finger. Mike, quickly losing his inhibitions pushed a second finger inside her wet, sticky hole.

"Ohhh yeah that's nice! So Fucking nice!" she groaned. "And I bet that young cock of yours is nice and hard right now, isn't it Mike?"

"Oh shit yeah!"

Anya drew back her lips in an almost snarl like smile.

"Then take it out!" she growled at him.

Mike began to withdraw the hand playing back and forth over her pussy.

"Noooooo!" she cried. Keep those fingers inside me," she said wrapping her thighs tightly around his arm.

Doing as she'd said, leaving his fingers to work on her pussy, he used his free hand to unfasten his belt, freeing his waistband and in so doing, dropping his trousers to highlight the well formed tent inside his briefs.

"Ohhh Mike! That's nice. Not bad at all," she groaned, looking down at his hidden meat as it strove to climb out of his briefs. "You should know Mike, Miss Anya has always liked cock but there's something special and rare about raw, virgin cock. Do you know how lucky you are? Most young guys lose their virginity to some awkward, fumbling girl. But not you, you lucky little pervert!"

Again her young charge moaned at the crude deion she'd given him.

"You like that don't you Mike? My calling you a pervert?"

He nodded, unsure of why the word had the effect of arousing him more than he already was. He looked down at his own erection, aware it was now within her grasp. This one thought caused his fingers to slip from her pussy.

"Finger me Mike dammit!" she cried. "Cos Miss Anya wants to cum all over her little perverts fingers! Cos that's what you are, a dirty little pervert who gets hot for the authority figures in his life. His teacher. Hmmmm! and I bet you like lady cops, too, huh? Or nurses? And nuns? And secretaries? Am I right Mike?"

He nodded, unable to believe how easily she had him pegged.

"Why is that Mike, do you think? Why is it you have a thing for the older, authoritarian figures?" she said as she reached down to peel aside the waistband of his briefs, dextrously catching his cock in her hand, wrapping her fingers around its girth as it snapped forward.

"Do you realise how lucky you are Mike? There's a lot of young guys with those types of fantasies. But very few had a teacher as hot as me, and more's the many got to fuck her?"

Spurred on by her words, his mind filled with the images he enjoyed as he lay on his bed at night, he pushed both fingers hard into her pussy. For a moment he thought he'd forced them too deep...too hard as he felt the walls of her pussy contract... convulse and her screams fill the classroom. Seconds later as her head tilted back, and her anguished cries became threatening curses, he felt her pussy juices flooding over his fingers.

"OH SHIT! What was that?" she sobbed, her body shaking from the force of an altogether unexpected climax.

He withdrew his fingers, it was him smiling now, pleased with himself. Pleased he had at last fulfilled one wish.

Anya lay there, wallowing in the afterglow of her climax. She'd intended for him to make her cum but she'd never expected it to be with such force.

Her head lolled to one side, she flicked out her tongue, drawing it around her lips, leaving a gossamer like sheen.

"Oh You Bastard Mike! I don't know what it was you just did to me ...or how you did it...but Christ I want more!"

Just then, as the last of her words tumbled from her lips she rolled to one side, lowered herself from the desk, then hooking her fingers under her panties, pulled them down to the floor and stepped out of them, kicking them to one side. She moved forward til she was stood, a leg either side of his chair, his body, her skirt hitched firmly up over her thighs to show off not just stocking tops but her brazen, sloppy, pussy lips.

Mike groaned as he saw her reach down between her legs to insert a finger deep between her slick pussy lips, his eyes noting how matted her bush was.

"Did you ever imagine this Mike when you were alone at home on your bed. That one day you'd be sat here watching your favourite teacher finger fucking herself for you?"

He wanted to answer, at the very least he wanted to nod his head but her words had the effect of removing all communication channels from his brain. He simply stood there, wide eyed and open mouthed as her slender, feminine finger continued to move slothfully in and out between her wet pussy lips.

She smiled, more to herself than at him, aware now more than ever she had only to ask and her young charge would do whatever she bid him.

She closed her eyes, just for a moment as her own finger slid wantonly in and out of her sex.

"You want me Mike don't you? Right now, more than anything else in this world, my naughty little charge wants me. In fact, right about now, you probably want to grab hold of your teacher and Fuck her ragged! Am I right?"

"Ohhh Shit....and how!" he groaned, his eyes mesmerised by the finger slipping so easily in and out between her legs.

Anya laughed.

"All in good time my star pupil, but first, as you're the cause of this wet pussy, I think it's only right I should make you eat me. What do you think? Would you like that Mike? Would you like to get down on your knees and eat me out?"

Though his eyes still remained fixed on her finger, he nodded.

"Then say it." she hissed.

"Yes....I'd like that."

"You'd like what? Say it." she demanded.

"I'd like to eat your pussy."

"LIKE? You'd LIKE to Mike? Or you WANT? Remember I'm your English teacher and I expect you to use the proper words for the occasion. So what is it to be Mike? Like to....or want to?"

"Oh shit!" he groaned, for the first time ever realising words too played a part in arousal. I WANT TO. I want to eat your pussy out." he finally answered.

Anya smiled. "Good! That's more like it and I guess if that's what you want, then I had better let you."

She drew the finger from her pussy and using both hands she pulled at the hem of her skirt, hitching it higher and higher up along her thighs, over her waist until it more resembled a belt.

Without another word she reached forward to slip her hands around the back of his head, then lifting her right leg, placed her foot down on the chair alongside him. Her fingers tightened into his hair pulling him down onto his knees and forward to meet her pussy moving the opposite way. She pressed her pussy lips firmly over his face. Their joint moans becoming one as the tip of his tongue began licking at her now slippery pussy.

She eased back slightly affording him the moment to savour the slick taste of her juices. It felt good but she wanted...needed more.....

"Don't just tease me Mike! Eat me! I've told you, I don't want gentle, I want it rough. Show me what you can do you little bastard! Act out those perverted fantasies you have when you're wanking yourself off on your bed!"

Mike groaned but this time his response was immediate. He slid his hands up behind her, drawing his fingers firmly over the rounded cheeks of her arse, pulling her close, his tongue beginning to probe as he began kissing her with a passion that surprised even him. His lips closed over her labia, his tongue sliding easily in between her lips to begin an almost violent, passionate snog. Above, Anya growled her delight pushing ever harder onto his lips and face, smearing her juices over his nose, his cheeks, his lips...his tongue.

"Oh Yeah! That's hot!" she cried out, humping her pussy back and forth. "That's it baby Fuck me! Fuck me with that tongue you dirty bastard."

She thrust harder still but this time her thrusts were met with an equal force from his lips, his tongue, bringing her closer and closer to climax. She suddenly twisted her fingers even more tightly into his hair, forcing his head back, leaving him wanting for more now that he'd tasted her nectar.

She released her hands from his hair, slid her hands down the front of her body, over her hitched up skirt and on down to her pussy. He watched as she used the index finger of each hand to spread her wanton pussy lips apart..

"Now lick my clit, Nibble it!" she said, rubbing it coarsely with her finger as she did.

Mike didn't need telling twice, he edged closer and pushing his lips hard over her swollen bud, he started to nibble and suck.

"That's it! Fuck your slutty teacher." Anya cried.

"Oh yeah, you're such a slut," Mike moaned.

His words took Anya completely by surprise, sending shivers running up and down her spine. She immediately stepped back leaving his tongue licking at the empty space between them.

"What was that you said?" she demanded to know.

"Oh God...nothing." he mumbled.

"No! It wasn't nothing! You called me a slut, didn't you?" she hissed.

"Yes." he groaned, sensing that he'd overstepped the mark

Her face softened, her lips turn up at the sides to form the slightest of smiles.

"That's good." she said, surprising him. "That's the first dirty thing you've said all day, " then combing her fingers back through his hair she pressed her pussy lips back against his face once more.

"Now Fuck me Mike! Fuck YOUR slutty teacher with you tongue! It's good to use words Mike! You ought to understand, as your English teacher I love using words. In this instance.......dirty words. They turn me on my little pervert....Just as I'm sure they will you. Now show me how much I have taught you. Show me how well you have grasped my lessons. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's people who limit their vocabulary."

She suddenly pulled him full on to her pussy grinding her hips hard into his face as once more she twisted her fingers tightly into his hair, releasing him just as quickly as she pushed his head backward to look down into his eyes.

"Come on Mike! Express yourself! Say exactly what it is you want! Is it that you want to Fuck me Mike? Or do you want to copulate?"

Releasing one of her hands from his hair she drew her finger tantalisingly across his lips.

"That's such a dirty word, don't you think Mike? C o p u l a t e!" she repeated, drawing the word out long and slow. "It's...soooo animal! Is that how you see me? An animal....a dirty little bitch on heat? Is that what we're going to do is it Mike....COPULATE!!! Or maybe it's mate....that can be a dirty word too, if you say it right. As in, I'm about to mate with my slutty teacher."

Gripping his hair she pushed his head back, forcing him to look up into her eyes. Mike moaned.

"Now make me cum Mike! Make your slutty teacher cum all over your tongue!" she hissed.

Her fingers still twisted into his hair she pulled him forward where he was quick to sink his tongue deep between her wet, succulent lips.

He could hear both himself and his teacher moaning as he sucked and probed and licked, but it was as if he was a third party to it all, almost though he were stood watching himself ravage his sexy teacher.

He pushed his tongue deeper still, using his fingertips to dig firmly into the cheeks of her arse, giving him purchase. Anya tossed back her head, growling a filthy stream of abuse at him. She was so close now. It was all she wanted was cum. Cum all over her young pupils mouth and lips.

Again, using the fingers that had remained twisted into his hair, she pulled him closer, this time humping her pussy into his face, loving the way his tongue probed and snaked its way inside, adoring the passion with which his lips kissed her if he were snogging his teenage date for the very first time.

His hand started to slide up and down the crevice of her arse....His fingertips began to was all too much and as the tip of his finger slide over her anus, so she could feel her pussy spasm, could feel her climax building until moments later, as he tipped her over the precipice, she let out an almost blood curdling howl as her juices exploded all over his face.

She stood there, shaking, having to reach down for his shoulders, desperate for support least she collapse onto the floor and as her body yielded to its erotic release, so he continued to lick and lap as her juices continued to flow from the warmth of her lips.

It seemed like minutes passed as Anya continued to stand there using her hands on his shoulders for support while her body slowly but surely drifted back down from its sexual highs. As far as Mike was concerned it didn't matter. She could take as long as she needed to recover if it meant he could stay like this between her silken legs. Finally though he felt her stir and knew his time was coming to an end.

"That was soooo good!" she moaned as she reached down for him and helped him, first to his feet, then so he was sat back down onto the chair.

She stood there momentarily, running her tongue around her lips as she looked down to admire the thick meaty cock that was half captured by the waistband of his briefs.

Mike sat there, apprehensive, not the slightest idea which way events were about to go, yet hoping against hope that he was soon going to be given the chance to finally 'take' her.

He looked upwards, his eyes instantly caught and held by her gaze. He noted her tongue as it flicked lightly around her lips, adorning them with a glossy sheen, as if in readiness Moments later watched as her body slid to the floor leaving her on her knees in front of him.

Again their eyes met but this time Mike let out a low, guttural groan as he felt, rather than saw, her hand reach out to take a hold of his cock. He could feel her nails grate up along his length, could feel the heat of her thumb as it glided too and fro over his now swollen knob. His mind screamed at him to look down, to witness what was taking place but his eyes refused to respond fearing to do so would be to wake from this erotic dream.

He sat there, his eyes caught under her hypnotic gaze while down below her fingers began to slide indolently up and down his rigid shaft.

"Now Mike! How would you like your dirty Miss Anya to go down on you? How often have you dreamt of feeling my lips slide up and down this delicious cock of yours?"

"Ohhh God! Pleaseeeee!" were the only words he could manage as his dream like mind began churning his wildest fantasies towards reality.

Finally, with Anya breaking her hypnotic spell he was able to look down in time to see her lips open, her head tilt forward then, closing his eyes tight shut once more, felt his sexy teacher closing her mouth over the head of his aching cock.

He moaned out loud, his first reaction being to thrust upwards,deep and hard, to bury his cock way way down into the warmth of her mouth....yet he held back, happy in the knowledge Anya would know just what to do to take him to new pleasures.

Her head dipped as she took almost the whole of his length deep into her wet, slippery mouth, then rose once more causing him to groan as her lips and teeth drew upwards along the thin layer of skin on his shaft. She held him there taking the time to swirl the tip of her tongue around and around his knob, its light touch seeming to know exactly where to flick, where to caress for maximum effect. Down below he could feel the ache in his balls in their desire to churn his juices.

"Ohhh Shit! Pleaseeeeee!" he heard himself plead, though he had no real idea of what it was he was asking of her, simply aware it was all he wanted for this feeling to continue.

Anya reached out with her left hand, easing her shoulder length hair back behind her ear. She wanted to be able to look up at her young charge while she sucked on his delicious cock, wanting to see the fire in his eyes. Her eyes met his and holding his gaze, she slid her lips down over his length for a second time.

Again Mike let out a low, animal like groan as he looked down, watching almost in disbelief as her lips hungrily gobbled their way down the shaft of his cock. He was in heaven, unable to believe such pleasure could be dealt by such sweet lips.

Though a part of him wanted her to continue, wanted to prolong the intensity of this feeling, he was suddenly gripped by the immediate desire to respond. He reached out, placing both hands on the top of her head and started forcing her down hard onto his raging cock. He began to lift from his hips, fuelled by his desire to sink himself as deeply as he could into the darkened, recesses of her mouth.

He could feel her begin to struggle as his hips thrust until the whole of his cock filled her mouth, could feel her fingers tighten into his thighs, could hear her gulping as her lungs desperately tried to take in air through the now filled passeway that was her mouth, yet still he kept thrusting, kept pulling down on her head, his mind being controlled solely by the messages being sent back to his brain from his cock. It wanted wanted it bad.....

Just then Anya managed to pull free, her mouth open wide, gasping for air. Her lips smeared with the tell tale signs of his precum. She looked hot and flushed, breathing so hard now yet still her eyes were filled with a desire.

She stood directly in front of him. He looked on, mesmerised by the rise and fall of her breasts beneath her top as her body continued to take in oxygen.

"Ohhh Mike!" She gasped. "You really are the dirty little pupil aren't you?"

He watched as her lips formed that familiar, wicked smile. Continued to watch as her tongue glazed over her lips once more, tasting what juices of his remained

She leant forward then taking a firm grasp of his cock she straddled his chair. Slowly, ever so slowly, he felt her slide her pussy down over his shirt lowering herself until her pussy hovered just inches above the head of his cock.

"You do realise Mike, once I claim your virginity you'll be forever owned by me." she hissed at him.

Mike groaned by way of reply. Though her words came with demands, as far as he was concerned she could have all she wanted of him.

He heard her gasp out loud as she plunged down, his cock flaring against her inner walls. He closed his eyes, then opened them to find her eyes staring directly into his.

"I think you'll find it's not such a bad thing to be owned. To be my possession Mike. I take care of my possessions." she growled at him then lifting up, she plunged down again, harder, this time no longer stopping on the downward thrust but bouncing back up.

"Oh yessss! That's a nice dick. So thick and soooo hard."

Anya arched her back and reaching around the back of his head teased his lips and mouth towards her full rounded breasts. Mike raised a hand and began kneading his fingers over the material of her blouse, smoothing the cotton firmly over the flesh of her left breast, then proceeded to close his lips over her right nipple, feeling it throb, pulsate as he began sucking as much of her nipple and breast as he could, into his mouth. She was moaning louder now, in part because of the pleasure his thick shaft was giving below, in part because of the sensations his lips and mouth were transmitting through her body via her tits. She moaned then whimpered as he closed his teeth against her nipple.

Mike couldn't believe how good it felt,: the heat of her pussy wrapped around his shaft, working up and down on him as he suckled and petted at her tits..

"Ohhh yes! Go on Mike! Fuck me! Fuck this big fat dick right up me!" she screamed.

Egged on, Mike began to lift from the hips, ensuring their thrusts were in unison, flesh against flesh.

"Ohhh God! Imagine if the head were to walk in right now Mike! Imagine if she walked in on us right now."

Mike's mind was suddenly filled with the image of her spoken words. All at once he could picture it happening and filled with more bravado than ever blurted........

"Yeah! Then she'd see the kind of teacher she employs!"

Now it was Anya who's mind reeled with the image of her boss walking in. She imagined the look of shock on her face, a look of anger then disbelief as the realisation dawned of what was taking place. It would mean instant dismissal. Disciplinary action.... The loss of her job....Never again being able to teach. The risk of what she was doing suddenly became all too clear, but just as this fact hit home, Mike drove upwards from his hips, thrusting his cock deeper than ever.

Anya mewled like a scalded cat and dropped down hard, grinding her pussy against the very root of his shaft.

"Oh god, Mike." She gasped. She reached around, behind her back and sliding her hands between his legs began stroking his balls as she continued to ride up and down. She grabbed at his hand and slid it around to the cheeks of her arse.

"Tease my arse, you bastard." She pleaded

Mike didn't need telling a second time, he reached around and began kneading his fingertips into the cheeks of her arse causing her movements to become jerky as she raised up and down. He slipped a finger down to her pussy and, coating it with her juices, slipped it back along her crevice, using small circular motions to gently tease it around and around her anus.

"Oh God! Be gentle," she whimpered.

"Why should I?" he growled into her ear. "I'm a pervert remember. Isn't that what you said?"

Choosing not to wait for her response,sensing that somehow, somewhere along this chain of events, control had now passed to him, he slipped the tip pf his finger into her anus.

"Oh Christ! Nooooo! she pleaded loudly, before burying her face in his shoulder.

He thrust upwards, simultaneously teasing her anus with his finger. She cried out once more. In truth he had no idea if it was painful for her? Or simply intense? He suspected intense as she continued riding up and down on his rigid cock.

As she lifted her body then began to slide back down onto his cock, so he pushed his finger deeper.

The slow, rhythmic pace with which she'd been riding his cock suddenly became more violent, her body now bouncing in short sharp bursts, both sets of fingers digging firmly into his shoulders. She was panting now, her eyes closed, her head lolling backwards and had he been able to witness it, her eyes rolled back in their sockets.

"Oh Shit! Fuck me! Fuck me! I'm cumming! Ohhh God! Make me cum!" she cried.

Just then she leant forward and grasping both sides of his face with her hands, pulled him into an embrace. She kissed him for the first time, a frenzied, passionate, French kiss, their tongues seemingly in tune with the movements of their bodies.

He slid his tongue into her open mouth.

"Oh yes, you pervert!" she cried out loud before sucking on his tongue just as she'd previously done on his cock.

He held her there, relishing the taste of her lips and mouth as she continued to bounce up and down on his cock, til finally, feeling his balls tense he had little choice but to pull his lips from hers.

"Oh God! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna fill you with cum!" he moaned, as he thrust his hips upwards.

Anya clutched at his face, pulling it hard onto her breasts as she felt her pussy ready to explode. Their bodies rocked back and forth as one, their movements violent...wanton....... then all at once she felt him. His cock spasmed inside her. It pulsed. Seconds later she could feel his warmth flooding inside her. She tipped her head back and howled the arrival of her own climax, her juices swamping his cock.

They remained there, sat on the chair, clutching at one another's bodies, as if to let go would prove it all a dream.

The classroom was still, silent apart from the sounds of their laboured breathing.

Mike lay beneath her tremoring body, his cock still hard within her, all too aware he was going to be late getting home.

He didn't care. He had Fucked his hot teacher. And, as she had earlier said, 'how many guys could honestly say that?'

After some minutes, minutes where they had remained silent in one another's caress, she climbed off his body and stood.

She looked down at him, her gaze almost contemptuous.

"Pervert." She voiced, as she began buttoning up her blouse.

Mike's eyes drew down her body, down over the pencil style skirt that was still tucked high on her waist, down to her pussy where her juices were, even then, still leaking, down the inside of her thighs.

Unseen by Mike, Anya too looked where his eyes had alighted. She reached forward using her fingertips to lift his chin so he was looking once more into the gaze of her eyes.

"Lick me clean!" she said, apparently back in control. "Get down on your knees and Lick me clean!"

"Mike tipped forward until he had slid off the chair, onto his knees. His hands moved upwards, along the outsides of her thighs before his head was buried between her sensual legs to do her bidding.

He had no idea how, what had happened, had happened. It was simply his wish, as his head rested between her legs, that it it would happen again.....and soon.

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2013-07-29 10:24:16
(Con'T) it in The End and the teacher came in shortly after that and noticed his closet was open and all his Photo Equipment was GONE. The Ass't Princ. asked us to reorganize the room as all the desk and chairs were in a big pile in the middle of the room. Harvey came slowly in the room whisling like he knew nothing.
We never saw our teacher again, rumors said he was transfered to a High School.

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2013-07-29 10:12:18
Also regarding the previous comment there was a Male teacher that taught Science reminded me of a Clark Kent type, but wore horn rim glasses, was making porno movies with some of the teachers and some of the bigger boys in the school, mostly after school hours.
Well one morning he was missing something and was having his own investigation by taking 5 boys at a time in the science supply room and had us empty our pockets. One boy had a half dollar and a pair of dice. He flipped the 50 cent piece up in the air, saying"Harvey, I'll shoot you for it" Then told the rest of us to pick up our stuff and go back to our class room. Later Harvey came back madder than a swarm of killer bees, but said nothing. The following Monday a few of us students got there before the teacher and the first boy went for the Ass't Principal
fore the door windo was broken, and we went in with the Ass't Princ. and found Movie Slide Titles on his Desk with such titles as "The END' with a picture of someone getting

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2013-07-29 09:33:15
A super job, magnificent.
Brought back memories of my Eigth grade teacher that had the reputation of tesing us boys, in a all boys Jr HS in Harlem. She would sit on her desk and put her foot on the boys desk in front of hers, never wore panties, and just beforeSummer break she would be 'Forced' into the unused swimming pool where she would lock the door and let the boys 'rape' her and many a boy lost their virginity, as yours truly did and were excused a half hour early. Just can't remember her name, hoping it'll return someday soon. She had a box of Kleenex and a waste basket to keep thngs neat.

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2013-05-27 21:26:18
Need a pt 2 ... getting her pregnant would be fantastic...and then he could have some milk...she has to tell him its another guys baby...

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2009-07-01 13:45:10
That story was awesome! It got my cock sooooo hard! I wish i was that student!

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