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We got her out of the car. She'd already been stripped, blindfolded, and gagged. Mike had come up with some teetery, incredibly high-heeled platform shoes to put on her; the kind that took months of practice to be able to walk in properly. They were about a size too big for her, and she almost fell twice just in the ten steps we had walked her from the car. We thought is was hilarious.
"Betcha wish you'd gone and become a stripper," Mike teased, slapping her on her right thigh and causing her to stumble to the side, almost falling a third time. "I mean, before you let your body get all haggard and washed up, that is..."
Truth was, the body wasn't bad. A lot nicer than any of us would have thought, actually. Tits were a little saggy, and there was that long, ragged stretch mark from having had a kid. But her ass was nice and tight, and she still had some muscle tone. The legs were what shocked us; they were gorgeous. Neither of the four of us had expected it, what with those horrible baggy jeans she always wore. Why in the world didn't she ever show them off?
Not that it mattered. Not any more.

When we got her far enough away from the car, we yanked off her bilndfold. She was still rather wobbly from the Lortabs and whiskey, but we didn't want to take a chance of her remembering what kind of car we were driving, just in case. But we did want to see how she'd react to the place we were taking her in to.
"Mmmph," she moaned through the gag, and kind of writhed her arms and shoulders a bit. Yeah, the pills hadn't worn off so much that she could twist out of our clutches. But she did notice the house, and what the twenty feet to either side the rope we'd wrapped around her neck had allow her to see, looked like. Her eyes widened
" 'S right, Dawlin'," said Jay, "We wanted this to be a prah-vate paw-ty. Call it a bon voyage. Yer goin' way fais do-do, hee. Wouldn't do ta have no disruptions..." Man, I thought. I really hope we can go through with this. That motherfucker's Cajun twang is just way too easy to recognize.
"Let's get her inside" I said.
Through the doorway, she started kicking a little, and then she did fall. I swung down and slapped her hard across her left cheek. She yelped, shook her head, tried to lunge at me through the ropes. I slapped her again.
"Now don't start your shit," I said. "This is what you get when you fuck with peoples' lives, you skanky little cunt. Time to pay the piper." After that, I almost figured I'd might as well take my eye mask off. Surely she knew who was behind her abduction. But then, she'd fucked over so many people in the past six months, she may very well have a rough time narrowing it down. I left my mask on.
"Get her up" I said.
The boys pulled her up by the ropes, let her teeter a bit trying to keep herself upright. Then Mike grabbed her by the hair to steady her. She moaned. Jay gave her a little shove in the small of her back. "Go on," he said.
We brought her into what was once probably a really cute living room; now, damage and abandonment had made it look like a bomb had gone off nearby. Not too far from the truth.
"Now, the cool thing about a ceiling bein' collapsed," Jay said to her,"is all o' dem exposed beams. Makes da job real easy." He tossed the rope holding her wrists up and over one of the main beams, pulling tight so that she was on her tiptoes even in those high platforms, looping it three times over the beam before tying it back between her wrists. Mike handed me the yard of pvc from the trunk of the car. I doubled some rope and ran it through, using it as a spreader bar for her ankles. Her shoes now barely touched the blue tarp Alex had spread out on the floor days earlier, when we had scoped out the place.
"She's still kinda groggy," I said, just as we'd planned. "Let's go get some lunch" We turned to go.
"Mmmph! Gllaggh mm-mmff!" She began to yank at the rope binding her wrists, trying to throw her torso forward. Her thrashings just made her ass swing backward, causing her feet to fly out from beneath her. Good job, Jay, I thought.
Mike jabbed his fingers into her ribs, tickling her. She yelped, tried to twitch away from the attack. Mike moved his fingers in a flurry, up and down both her sides, between her legs, under her arms, around her neck. She was shrieking, her face turning red. "BOO!" Mike shouted back, hopping away.
We all started giggling. Mike gave her a push in her pelvis, making her swing back again. She stretched her legs trying to get some floor under them again, trying to stop her swinging.
"Oh don't worry honey," I cajoled. "We'll be back in a couple hours. You will not miss any of the fun, I promise... Maybe we'll bring you back something in a little bitch bag."
"...Oh wait..." Alex rushed up to her. He put his hands over her mouth and nose, blocking her air. Her throat worked, trying to gasp at nothing; her body thrashed back and forth, trying to wrench free of Alex's grasp. Her eyes, at first wide and panicky, went glassy as her face slackened and she lost consciousness. Alex let go.
We went back out to the car.

"Well, it's not as if people are going to be actively searching," Alex was saying. It was an hour and a half later, and we were still out by the car, having coffee and pastries we'd brought with us and listening to the squeaks and moans coming from inside the house. "They'll wonder what happened to her, where she ran off to; but that's about it."
"Yeah, 's not like she ain't never done nothin' like that before" Jay agreed.
Mike walked back from the saw horse he'd finished setting up in the front yard. "I got that part covered, I think."
He snorted, glanced around. "Huh. You can hardly hear her from out here, actually. We barely had to even bother with any of this" The front yard of the house now looked like it was in the initial stages of a major rebuilding. Folding tables with tools and printed plans, drills and nail guns, a table saw, cans and boxes scattered around. All the stuff we had stored in the carport days before. If anybody happened to come around, it would appear that we were just working on yet another damaged house. If they stopped, a drill or saw would be turned on, to muffle any sounds coming from inside.
But that was just extra security. This part of town was virtually abandoned. Not even news crews had come through in over a year. Electricity was off in all but a few of the homes, and homeowners were still living other places. That's why we'd chosen this neighborhood to begin with.
The girl was a renowned drunk. A troublemaker, her mischief in the few years she had lived in town had cost people money, their jobs, their lovers. She thought it was funny. She would take another swig of her bourbon, shrug her shoulders, and say "Oh well; sorry for them", and move on to the next target. Anyone who had something she coveted. She was pleasant only to those who had something that could help her get to the next scandal. She sucked up to bosses, getting "in" with them by way of shit-talk about her co-workers, claimed credit for other employees' work, and cocaine; and was great at playing the "victim" whenever it served her purposes.
And then she crossed a few people who were not going to just dismiss her bullshit.
Way we figured, we were doing the whole town a favor by ridding it of the likes of her. Last thing we needed around here -especially these days- was somebody who took more than she earned, and brought nothing to the table. That plus all the trouble she caused; the arguments she authored between innocent friends... Yeah; girl had it coming. For years. And then the four of us wound up with the perfect opportunity to bring it to her.

"How long has it been?" Mike asked. We were all enjoying this, but Mike was downright eager. I think he'd had the hots for her for a while, and was pissed that her personality had made her a nightmare rather than a dream come true.
"I'll go check," Alex replied. He quietly walked through the open side door and through the battered kitchen, coming into the living room from behind her so she would not see him. A minute later we saw him through the bathroom window to the right of the living room, giving the thumbs up.
"Okay," I grinned. "Let's go for it."
We each grabbed one of the three nylon duffel bags from the trunk and went inside.

"Hi!" I waved, smiling at her. She was staring at the four of us, fear widening her eyes and causing her to tremble. She was panting, sounds of protest coming from behind the gag. She smelled of sweat and panic.
Mike walked up to her and grabbed her right nipple, pulling it hard enough to make her entire body move forward, holding it there until she cried. "Nnnngh!!!"
He slapped her face. "Nnnnghhh!" she replied, trying to wriggle out of his pinch. Mike kept his hold.
Whack! Alex's sudden crack across her ass with the paddle made her lurch her shoulders backward, pulling from Mike's hold on the nipple. She screamed.
"Shut up" I smirked, shrugging my shoulders as if nothing she did made a difference. It didn't, really.
Mike looked at her and cocked his head. "Oh. Sorry for that. Oh well" He joked, repeating to her the line for which her stupidity had become famous.
Jay strolled up to her, something in his hands behind his back. "Ah betcher wonderin' what we gonna do with you; aintcha, Dawlin'. Well, we ain't gonna tell ya. Ah think it's mo' fun dat way" He brought the metal construction clamps from behind his back, smiled at her, and clipped them to her nipples. She screamed again and began to cry; trying to lean forward, her muscles contorting. It looked like she was trying to make her body do something to squeeze the clamps off her. Jay looped some twine through the ends of the clamps and pulled them, hard. She moaned, trying to blink back tears. Jay tossed the ball of twine over a crossbeam in front of the one he'd roped her wrists to. He pulled until her breasts were stretched out far in front of her, then tied the twine back to the clamps. "Ehnnng...Ehnnng...Ehnnng..." She sobbed. She was now too off-balance to try to move. She knew that anything she tried to do to break free would just cause her more pain. She tried to be very still, but her sobs betrayed her, as well as the involuntary tremble that was now coursing through her entire naked body.
Mike smiled. He nodded at Alex, who resumed paddling. The sounds that came out of her throat now sounded like growls. Her face was dark red and spittle was flying from behind the gag. Mike pulled a latex glove onto his right hand, reached underneath her, and brutally shoved three fat fingers into her pussy all at once. She screamed, then continued the growling noises as Mike fucked her with his hand, slipping his pinky in, then his thumb. She howled when his entire fist went in, her hips bucking, the pan in her nipples for the moment forgotten.
Mike pumped his fist in and out of her, slapping and pinching her face and tits with his left hand. Alex continued his paddling, laying stinging blows onto her ass, her thighs, her calves, and the sides of her waist. Finally, Mike yanked his fist out of her, causing her to convulse. Alex stopped the paddling at the same time. She jerked her head back and forth, looking for a second as though she was wondering how or why it had all suddenly stopped. "Don't worry pumpkin," Mike said. "We're just getting started".
"Wwuhh...! Wwuhh!... Wwuhh...!" She said.
Mike reached into one of the duffels, came out with a rubber flogger we'd made out of strips of inner tube from a truck tire. Everything we were using that day had been scavenged or made from scratch. No sales receipts from any sex shops to betray our involvement with this bitch's disappearance.
Mike brought the flogger down. Her whole body seized as if electrified, a long "Wwaaahhhhh!" bursting through her gag as her pussy lit up with the sting of the flog. Her legs trembled violently, making her pull at her clamped nipples against her will. She tried in vain to bring her knees together, to defend herself from the next blow. Mike brought the flogger down again. And again. Now she was screaming uncontrollably.
"Oh this is fun," Mike said as he cracked the flogger across her face. She shook her head violently, making bubbling noises. Mike took her face in his hand, leaning in to look at her closely. "Yeah. This is a LOT of fun." He patted her cheek. She started to whimper, making those bubbling noises again. Mike looked over at me.
"All that coke," he grinned. "Sinuses."
He reached down to her crotch. She tried to jerk backwards. Mike rubbed her pussy, pinched and pulled at her red and swollen labia. She was still breathing heavily, but seemed to relax a bit. "Mmnnph," she cried, her eyes both pleading and grateful for the ease.
Mike backed up, and just as her eyes widened with realization of what was coming next, Mike brought that flogger down onto her pussy again, this time harder than before. Over and over, for a full two minutes, Mike cracked it down. Her scream was one long, shrill siren. Her whole body was jerking and bouncing as if she were on a pogo stick. Her fingers clawed at the rope binding her wrists. Her head thrashed from side to side. She tried pulling herself up, strain making her elbows shake and the veins in her neck bulge. Her feet came up about eight inches, but her knees bent and widened because of the spreader pipe. That made an even easier target of her pussy for Mike. He laid about three or four really good blows onto her in that position before her strength failed her and she hung back down, platform shoes again scraping the floor. She never stopped screaming.
Jay ducked out to the front, to see how much could be heard from the street. He needn't have bothered. Less than a minute later, she passed out, a trickle of urine running down her left leg.
Mike glanced over at Jay, coming back in from the front hallway. "Anything?" He asked.
"It's not that bad," Jay replied. "Sounds about as loud as a dog you'd hear barking from a few houses down."
"Fucking cool." Mike said.
We left her there to go back out by the car. We still had a few hours left to finish up and get back to town.

About an hour later, she began to stir. She opened her eyes and looked confused, probably wondering why all of a sudden she was looking straight down.
Her pvc spreader bar was now suspended by rope to a ceiling beam, so that she was swinging horizontally in the air, knees bent at right angles to the ceiling. The twine that was threaded through the construction clamps on her nipples was now dangling loose onto the blue tarp covering the floor. She moaned, twisting her head, trying to spot any of us.
"Good morning," I said from behind her. "Did you sleep well? That's pretty talented of you. I know I sure as hell wouldn't be able to sleep all night strung up like that." The idea was to make her think she had been with us for much longer than she actually had. She tried to jerk her head around to see where my voice was coming from, but her shoulders prevented it. Mike stood up from the bucket he'd been sitting on, reached out and gave her pvc bar a shove, making her swing. She groaned.
"Aw, what?" He said in a mocking tone. "Do you want me to swing you higher? Hee, hee; 'Push me higher, Daddy, Push me higher!' " He taunted. "Oh, all right, doll; just as long as Daddy's little girl don't fall down..." He pushed the bar again, laughing.
She began to cry, big, uncontrollable sobs. Her voice was already starting to go hoarse. Alex stood up, walked around to the front of her. Leaning down, he grabbed the twine and pulled her to a stop by the clamps. She cried louder.
I got up with a bottle of baby oil. I went over to her ass, gave her a healthy squirt. Oil ran down her crack, dripping onto the tarp. I roughly patted her ass. She moaned between her sobs, words almost distinguishable from the gag still on her. "Whaaa roo ung...? Ngooh! Op! Ai Gaww! Chih! Ongnt!"
I stuck two gloved fingers of my left hand into her asshole. "Nnngh! Ungh! Flzzz! Nnngh!" She tried to kick, her bound ankles just causing her to pull at the clamps being held by Alex. He pulled back.
I added a third finger. "Annngh!" She yelped. She tried to close her knees a few inches.
"That'll just make it hurt more," I said calmly. Her sphincter muscles tightened to a death grip as I spread her ass cheeks farther apart, fucking her with those three fingers.
I reached behind me for the "dildos" we'd made; tripled condoms packed with hardened clay made from flour, water, and salt. Without warning, I shoved the thickest one deep into her pussy. She let out a wail, bucking and pulling on her ropes. I held the dildo in her while she thrashed. My thumb found her clit and began rubbing it roughly. "Ahhhgh! Ahhhgh! Ahhh! Ahhhgh!"
Alex leaned over and slapped her face. "Don't tell me you like that," he shouted at her.
"Ahhh! Ungh!" She replied.
I took another dildo and worked it into her asshole. I fucked her with it, holding the other dildo in place with my right hand, my right thumb still mashing her clitoris. She screamed until she could hardly breathe, then went limp; gasping, moaning, crying. I pushed the dildos in as far as they would go. Then, taking some more clamps and some duct tape that Mike was holding, I clamped her labia and bound the clamps together with duct tape to keep the dildos secure inside of her. The rough pinch of the clamps on her sensitive lips make her shake. She looked like she was going to pass out again.
I moved aside for Mike. He looked over at Alex, said "Hey, hold her still". Alex did.
Mike took the vibrating egg he had nipped from his girlfriend -his almost ex-girlfriend, thanks to the drama this bitch had brought into their lives- and held it against her clit, turning it on full power. She thrashed her head back and forth, trying to shrug free of the grip Alex had on her shoulders. "Ahhh! Nnngh! Nnngh! Fnnngh!"
Her cries became growls again, "Grrrngh!,,, Grlllngh!,,, Nnngrrrlh!". Mike held the egg in place. "G'hhh! G'hhh! G'hhh!" Her body began to twitch. "G'hhh! G'hhh! G'hhh!" Her knees opened wider. "N'gth... Nnn'gthh.. Nnn'gth...!"
"Told ya," Alex said. "She's a fucking skank. She's getting off!"
Mike held the egg in place through her involuntary orgasm. She shuddered and moaned, "Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!", her legs writhing and her pelvis grinding first into, then away from, then into the egg in Mike's fingers. Mike kept the egg there.
Her head jerked up. She glared pleadingly at Alex. "Mmmnnth!"
"Hey I think she wants you to take that thing away now," Alex called over to Mike.
"Heh, yeah, fat chance," Mike replied, keeping the egg where it was.
"Nnnth! Nnnth!" she cried, sensation now becoming painful. Her hips were twitching, now trying to get her pussy away from the vibrator.
"Hold her still!" Mike said. Alex tightened his grip on her shoulders.
Now her growling screams rang of insanity. She tried holding her breath, then blew it out in a burst of moans and growls, over and over until her growling became feral. Finally, she came again, this one bringing with it a sound like a rabid cougar. Mike kept the egg in place.
Mike spread her labia apart as far as the clamps would allow and pressed the egg even harder to her. The scream that came next went on longer than we thought she had air to scream with. Her whole body got in on the act, trying anything to move her now way too sensitive clitoris away from the egg which had become a weapon. Mike began to chuckle, and kept it right where it was. "Wwrrrooowwwrrhh! Rraarrgh! Wwrrroowwwrrggh!" She growled.
"Go on, bitch; go again," Mike said through clenched teeth.
"Aaaaahhhggggghhhhh...!!!" She swung her head back and forth helplessly. Her stomach convulsed. She screamed. Mike kept the egg where it was.
Jay ducked his head in the doorway. "Hey; y'all might wanna ease up with dat a bit. Ain't nobody come by dis way, but it's startin' to echo down th' damned street." He chuckled.
Mike yanked the egg away. She continued to growl, bucking her hips as though the thing was still being held there. "Wow," said Mike.
"Aiight, but yeah, prolly let's shut 'er up now," Jay looked almost nervous.
Alex clamped his hand around her mouth.
"Hey, she's trying to bite me," he chuckled. He cuffed her across the head with his other hand. "Shut up! Settle down!" He said to her roughly.
"Mm-ahhffff...!" She said.
I grabbed the flogger, and started delivering blows to her ass cheeks, her inner thighs, her stomach. Alex rhythmically yanked the twine tied to her nipple clamps, slapping her face every three or four yanks. Then he held her nose shut again.
Her body went slack as she fainted.

When she woke for the last time, her blindfold was back on, but her gag had been removed. Her feet were scraping the ground again, but the dildos were still secured inside of her.
"Hey," she tried to call out. Her voice came out in a tiny squeak.
"Hey!" Her body lurched forward, like she was trying to use it to make her voice louder. Didn't work.
"Ow... it hurts," she rasped. "It hurts... Please..."
Only silence answered her.
"They're still in me...!"
She began to cry. Her naked body shuddered as she tried to twist around, tried to turn toward any direction where there might be a person to whom she could plead. We sat, silently watching.
"Huunh... Oh my God... Mmmnh... Oh my God... Please... No..." She started crying harder, dropping her head, probably convinced we'd left her there alone.
A minute later I giggled.
Her head jerked straight up, lurching from side to side, trying to hone in on the direction of the giggle. "Whhuh...!?" Crying and trembly, the squeaky voice came out only in whispered syllables. "Nnnnhhh..."
Alex, across the room, sniggered next.
She jerked towards that direction. "Please," She rasped. "Please, please, please, please..."
"Please what?" Mike asked from beside the door.
She paused a moment, sobbed. Her mouth opened and closed like she didn't understand the question.
"Please, what?" Mike repeated.
"Nnh... Nnh... Um..." She began. "Please... It hurts..." She managed.
"Well of course it hurts," I replied. "That's because we were trying to hurt you."
"How'd we do?" Alex asked.
Jay got up from his bucket seated next to me. He stepped up to about a foot from her, saying, "Well, lemme see if Ah kin haylp out da little lady... Whut you really wants to know is, whut we gon' be doin' witcha now... Ain't dat right?"
She responded with a sobby "Nnnh...", her head fallen back down.
"It's aiight, dawlin,'" Jay said. "Ain't none of us gon' be doin' the deed. We done had some fun, is all." He lifted her chin, held her face with three fingers of his right hand.
"But we is gon' be leavin' you round heah. I would'n worry too much though, Dawlin'," he said. "Summun bound ta come by sooner uh latuh. Mebbe dey be da ones he'p you out of dis mess." He let go of her chin. Her head stayed up, lips trembling.
"Or mebbe," Jay said, walking back to the doorway and leaning over to grab a packed duffel bag, "Mebbe dey gon' be da ones ta do the deed foah us."
We all got up and left the house, calling out "G'byee...!" and "Have fun, see ya..." She cried out in panic, "No! Omigod, no please! ...Stop, please!" She screamed when we started the car.

"So, did you make the phone call?" I asked Jay the next evening. We were halfway through our celebration dinner, the four of us along with Mike's girlfriend and Alex's lover. The restaurant was crowded and noisy; nobody paying attention to the stories we were telling the two of them.
"Yealp. Called as soon as y'all dropped me by da ferry," Jay replied. "He gon' go by and pick it up tonight. Be in touch 'fore da week's out."
Because of his job, and the fact that he lived way out in the boonies of the swamp, Jay had over the years made some pretty interesting friends. One in particular, to whom we were referring, owned a boat. He traveled frequently to the Caribbean islands, and had quite a couple of really interesting friends himself.
Later, Alex and Chris and I stopped at the bar on our way home. We were on our third and final cocktails when Brandi came up between Chris and me. "Hey, did you guys hear about Delia?" she asked, a bit buzzed. We shook our heads.
"Heh, well apparently she took off with the bank drop from her work. All of her stuff's gone from her room at Brian's house. Nobody's seen her for days..."
"Damn," Alex said, with an incredulous look on his face.
Nice work Mike, I thought.
"Yeah," Brandi continued. "And nobody's seen Dave either. But he'd been talking about going to Seattle for the summer, remember? I'll bet she took off with him. Heh. Good luck with that one, Dave..."
She shook her head. "Moron. Guess he'll be back in a couple of weeks. Prolly broke. Hopefully without her." She walked off, blowing kisses at us.
I looked at Alex and raised my glass. "To Mike," I said.
"To Mike," he repeated.

A week later there was a knock at my door. I got up, groggy from having just woken up, and answered the door, clutching my coffee cup.
It was UPS. There was a delivery for me I had to sign for. The man handed me four differently shaped packages, all about half the size of a shoe box, and all from different senders through an online auction house. I sat down and opened the one marked "Set Of Four Silverplate Coasters".
Inside, there was a purple and green chiffon scarf that smelled of jasmine perfume. Inside that, there were ten thousand dollars wrapped in plastic, and a note. The note said, "NICE... Thanks."
I grabbed my phone and called Jay. "Hey; how does pizza and movie night at my place sound?"
"Sound lahk somebody gots some good news ta shayuh" You could hear his huge grin in his voice.
"Yup. Sure do. I'll tell the other guys seven o'clock, okay?"
"You got it, Dawlin' Ah'll be day-uh" He hung up.
I finished my coffee, letting my mind wander; wondering what Delia's life must be like these days. Smiling, I pictured her being "broken in" by some sadistic master at a St. Thomas cat house. I knew I'd never know for sure. But we definitely did our town a service, getting rid of that crooked little troublemaker for the sake of all our friends, and we made a bunch of money to boot.
And it sure was fun to think about...


2007-06-19 00:03:26
Oh yeah. justified sadism. Keep it cummin'
The cathouse torture would be a great sequal. Great u made here cum!


2007-03-28 07:04:16
Well, this was really nice. Good, clean style, some nice dialogue there, plus it was plausible and convincing. I imagine it sits really well with female readers of a particular preference. Good work, bring on the second part. 9/10


2007-03-17 19:01:30
Silly, that's the NEXT story... ;}

Coming in about a week or two. Promise.


2007-03-14 17:27:09
not bad but it would be better if you went into details of her being broken in the cat house

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