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It was early evening and I was a passenger in our people carrier, along with my mum, aunty, my son Rob, and his girlfriend Kari. The driver being my husband Chas. We were on our way back from a show we had been to.

We had been driving for about one and a half hours when Dave said he was parched and could do with a drink. We all agreed.

At the next pub we came to we pulled into the car park. It looked quite a rundown place on the outskirts of a small town. Chas parked the car and we went inside.

The inside wasn't any better than the outside, being scruffy, with rough wooden floorboards, and tatty looking furniture. A rather seedy looking place in all.

As we were only stopping for a couple of drinks this didn't bother us much.

We went over to the bar, and ordered our drinks and sat at the bar. I looked along the bar and noticed a man looking at us; he smiled when he saw me looking.

He looked about in his late thirties to forty. He had quite a muscular body and was wearing tight jeans and a tee shirt showing the muscles in his arms and legs.

Chas saw me looking and said to me "I bet you would like his cock between your legs wouldn't you?" the others laughed and I said, "Too right I would."

He must have heard what we said and walked over and asked if he could buy us all a drink, vodka and orange I replied the others had lager.

He sat down beside us and started chatting. He told us his name was Adam, and asked where we had come from. My mum and Chas told him we had been to a show.

Adam was looking at my bare legs, as I had quite a short dress on, so I said "Do you like what you see?" and parted my legs slightly.

The others were grinning at what I was up to. He smiled and as a reply pulled my dress up further showing all my panties, then he put his hand on my leg and slide it up the smooth bare skin until he reached my thong.

He looked at Chas, who grinned and nodded to him, so he then started to rub my cunt through the thin material, then pulled them aside and inserted a finger up my shaven cunt.

My mouth opened slightly and I gave a soft moan. Chas on the other side saw this, unbuttoned the top of my dress exposing my tits, and put one hand in and started squeezing and playing gently with them.

The barman had a wide grin on his face, and leaned across the bar to my mum and said, "They'll have a good time with her, looks like she likes to get a good fucking."

My mum laughed, and said, "Yes, she does. A couple of weeks ago she was stripped naked at a pub down where we live after she lost a game of pool, then the guy she had played fucked her over the pool table as the prize.

Most of the locals had a go with her as well and one even fucked her ass with a pool cue."

The barman laughed and said "Christ what a fucking slag."

After another drink, Adam said "Why don't we go and have some fun, I know a place not to far from here."

We were all up for this, and we were all soon in the cars. The guys in the back with me were having fun touching me up, mum had to drive.

We arrived at this rather rundown hotel in what looked like a rough area of the town, parked up and went inside.

Adam went up to the counter and asked the guy behind it for a room. He looked across at me and grinned.

"Twenty quid for the night" he said. We handed over the cash and then headed for the lift, the counter guy looking at my legs and ass as we walked to it, especialy as Adam had his hand up the back of my dress causing it to lift up showing my thong and his hand on the almost bare cheeks of my ass .

Once in the lift between floors, Adam pressed the stop button and they soon had their hands all over me. My mum shouted,

"Come on guys, strip the slut naked then."

My dress was soon off, followed immediately by my thong. Their hands were all over my nakedness, exploring my cunt and ass, pinching and squeezing my tits and nipples.

I was pushed down on to my knees by Adam and told to get his cock out and suck it, I did this sliding it between my red lips, and boy was it good as he fucked my face, I was taking his whole length in and licking and nibbling around his balls.

He pulled out before he cum, as he said he wanted to empty his load in my cunt or ass in a short while. All the while Chas and Rob were playing with my tits and cunt while the women watched.

We started the lift off again and when at our floor got out and made our way to our room. I did not mind one bit that I was still naked in the corridor on show to anybody who might come along.

In the room the men soon had their clothes off and joined me on the bed. I was one hot slut, willing to do anything they wanted me too.

Chas soon had my legs bent over his shoulders ramming a cock up my juicy cunt.

Adam was next in line, turning me over into doggy position and fucking me furiously from behind.

Rob couldn't wait his turn and went around my front and shoved his fat cock in my mouth.

Adam pulled out of my cunt and told me he was going to fuck my tight ass hole. He rubbed his cock over my ass hole then pushed it in slowly until it was in to the hilt, then started to fuck me hard.This was making me suck even harder on Rob,s cock. Chas had positioned his self under me and had his cock in my cunt again, now all three holes were filled.

Just then there was a knock on the door. My mum walked over and answered it, opening it wide not caring that I was in full view of anybody there or walking by.The desk guy was standing there with a broad grin on his face as he looked in at me naked, on the bed, having all my holes fucked.

"I just came to see if everything is all right, but I can see it is." he said staring at me and listening to me telling the guys to fuck this slut good, and fill my holes with cum.

My mum said, "Yea fine, why don't you come in and join us, the sluts got enough for everyone."

He didn't take telling twice, and was soon naked on the bed with us. They each took turns with me, fucking my ass, cunt or mouth.While one was shagging me, others were biting my tits or pinching my nipples, doing whatever they wanted to do to me. Even Kari got in on the act, saying she wasn't missing out on a good fucking and before long was naked besides me with Ron giving her a good seeing to in both her holes. After he had cum in her ass, she turned to me and told me to lick her asshole out. So as Rob was pounding my cunt, I was sucking all the cum out of his girlfriends ass.

After they were all knackered, I still wanted more, as I was lay on the bed, my legs still wide apart fingering myself.

The deskman said "You know what, I recon we could make some money with this fucking slag," "what you saying," Chas said.

"Well as you can see, this isn't exactly the Ritz" he said, "And I'm sure a lot of the people here would pay to fuck or do whatever with the slag. As long as it's not to much cash"

They looked over to me as I was now frigging my self-hard with a large vibrator that I kept in my handbag while Kari was sat on my face and I was sucking on her cunt.

Chas nodded to Rob,and mum, who nodded back, and then said "sure, why not. The tart likes alot more cock than shes just had, every now and then. " The deskman got dressed and said, "Wait here why I go and check it out."

Chas, Rob,and Adam got dressed while he was away, and told me to stay with the women. While they were away I had a good time with Kari. Both of us kissing and fisting each other, then licking each others cunts out of all the cum. After about ten minuets they came back and said "Right, lets go, we've already got a few customers."

I had heard their plan and was keen to play, as I was as horny as hell thinking about all the fucking I was going to get, and from the women telling me how much they were going to enjoy watching it.

Mum grabbed me by the arm and pulled me off the bed, and out of the room followed by my aunty and Kari who had now dressed.The deskman who said his name was Ron, took us to another room and knocked on the door.

Two men opened it, and on seeing me there naked said, "Come on in."

Ron said "First things first, ten quid each for fifteen minutes, you can do what you like to her in that time."

They paid and I was pushed in. They did not waste any of their fifteen minuets, and soon I was on all fours and a cock at both ends was pummelling in to me.

I was bucking back and forth as to get as much cock up me as possible. They made the most of their time using my body as a fuck toy as they fucked all my holes in turn, mauled and molested my tits, and spanked my ass untill my ass cheeks were glowing red. Finally, both of them filling me with their hot cum.

The fifteen minuets were soon up, and we made our way to another room. This time it was a man and women.First the man fucked my ass, and then the women strapped on a 12-inch dildo and gave my soggy cunt a good stretching.I shouted what a fucking bitch she was which earned me a slap across the face and my nipples to be twisted and pinched causing me to scream out loud.

"Do you like that whore" she said,

"Yes, yes, do it more, slap my tits as well," I gasped.

A grin spread across her face as she slapped me again across the face several more times and slapped and mauled my tits as she rammed her artificial cock in further and harder up my cunt. After, She gave my naked cunt a good slapping as well. I cum several more times from this, moaning out loud as I did. She loved treating me like this. All the while all the men watched. The three women loved watching me be abused and humilliated by this women.

All the time between rooms I was paraded naked, with the fresh cum dribbling out of my holes and all over my used body.

The men had written across my belly "FuckSlut for sale" and "These holes for hire" above my ass and cunt.

The next room we came to had three men in, and when they saw me they said to Ron "How about a deal," "What do you have in mind," Ron said.

They said there were several of their mates in other rooms, so how about a price for a group booking. Every body laughed, and they agreed a price to abuse my body.

I was taken down to the dining room where there was more room, while the three men went and fetched their mates.

In all about 20 men appeared in the dining room and all eyes were fixed on me as I was standing there starkers, in just my highheels, my legs apart and my hands on my hips.

“A few mates,” I said, looking at all these men.

“You'll fuck who we say. A fucking big cunted whore like you can cope with that lot and more, so shut the fuck up bitch,” Ron replied.

Ron took the money and mum grabbed hold off me by the hair and threw me on the floor at their feet.

"Here's the fucking whore slut for your use she said, do what ever you want with her until you've had enough."

"Anything we want," one of them asked.

"Yes. You can fuck any of her holes, slap or whip her tits, ass, and cunt, wank on her, have her lick your ass. Hell, even piss all over the cunt if you want." mum replied.

My aunty tossed an empty beer bottle to me and told me to wank my self off with it, put on a show for them while they stripped off.I picked up the bottle and started to use it on my cunt, holding onto the neck and pushing the wider end in and out of my cunt.

"Fucking hell" one said, "Look at the dirty cunt take all that bottle" to laughter all round. Next I used the neck end up my ass.

"Yea, I bet not even all our cocks will be able to satisfy that fucking slut," another added.

"Well give it a go. I want to see the whore fucked bandy, her ass and cunt hole streched and destroyed," my mum told them.

"Yea, you guys have payed to use the slut, so fuck the shit out of her," Chas added.

"We will mate. She'll have to crawl out on her belly after we've finished fucking her," a guy replied.

I was moaning all the time as I shafted my self with the bottle. When they were all ready, there were men all over me, fucking my body in all positions.There were cocks up my ass, cunt and in my mouth. Several times all three orifices were filled at the same time.I was enjoying sucking cock and licking all around their balls, also licking from their balls up the crack to their ass holes, some men even sat on me with their ass by my mouth so I could lick them while they wanked their cocks between my tits.

The men loved this as my tongue licked all around their ass then as I pushed my tongue up as far as I could up their ass hole.

Men where quite often shagging my ass while I done this, which caused my face to be pushed right down between their ass cheeks. I could see Kari had got in on the act. She was naked and was being fucked from behind by Chas while she sucked some other guy off.

There were now alot more people who was joining in fucking me, and alot more there just watching, and also a lot taking pictures or video of the whole event. I couldn’t help but think of all the people who were going to see me. A fortytwo year old married women, naked and being gangfucked and abused by dozens of people.

They were walking around me to get good close ups and views of all the cocks going into my naked abused body, and also all the cum that was being sprayed into and onto me. Ron was also charging for this. There was also a lot of cum on the floor so I was told to lick it all up. I licked and slurped every drop up.

In amongst the crowd were several women who were urging the men to fuck the bitch until she couldn't walk, and calling me obscene names. They all knew that the people with me were family so one of the guys said lets see the whores son fuck his mums holes. Everybody whooted and whistled. Rob came forward and slapped me across the face and told me to open my legs wide. I did so, and with that he rammed his cock deep into my juicy shaved cunt. my body bucked as he pounded my cunt, and slapped my tits. He then pulled out and pulled my legs over his shoulders and slipped his cock into my ass. I dug my hails into his ass and pulled him in deep. He sucked on my tits, biting my nipples.

"Thats it son, fuck me hard. I bet you fuck Kari like this. All your mates like fucking my ass and cunt like this as well, I said to him as he reemed my asshole.

"Yea, I know. They've told me what a slut you are with them. How they like stripping you and tearing your holes up, and how you love to suck their cocks and drink their cum and piss." he replied.

He soon cum shooting his load deep into my shithole to a round of cheers from the crowd.

One of the women then gave me a fisting, Ron didn't charge her for this as he enjoyed watching this women ramming her fist in and out of my cunt up to her wrist making me cry out. She spat a load of white frothy Spit on to my body, it landed on my tits mingling with the cum all ready there. The rest of the women took this up as well spitting all over me as she fisted me. It ran down my belly, between my tits and down the cheeks of my face. She grabbed a large bottle and forcfully rammed it into my baggy cunt. My body shuddered. She fucked me hard with it making me come several times.

“Fuck pig” they shouted.

"Hey mum, you wanna go," the women said handing the bottle to her.

"Sure I do. I like nothing more than to give my dirty slut of a daughter a good rough fucking with something as well as a good slapping for being a whore." she replied.

"Me too," my aunty added.

Mum began to fuck me hard and rough with the bottle. Ramming in all the way in. I was crying out and moaning loud. My tortured body thrashing about from this abuse, but I was cumming over and over again from it. As she did this my aunty was roughly mauling my tits and slapping them. This was taken up by my mum when they swapped over as my aunty went to work with the bottle on my ass as well as my cunt. Everybody was cheering them on. When they had both finally finished enjoying themselves, I was left laying there panting. Sweat covered my body mingling with all the cum. My legs wide apart showing my cunt and asshole gaping open. My tits were red and marked.

"Well it looked like the cock whore loved that," my mum said to a loud applause.

"UMMMM, to right I did," I managed to gasp.

"She likes anything that can be pushed up her cunt, whether it be cocks or objects," Rob shouted. They all laughed.

A couple of men then pulled me up, dragged me to a table and then bent me over ass in the air and started to give my ass a good beating with some table tennis bats they had found.They each took it in turns slapping my ass, which caused me to scream and cheers from the crowd, as my ass cheeks glowed red. They were telling me what a dirty slut I was, how I deserved this.

The women in the crowd were screaming to whack her ass good and hard, hurt the fucking cum slut. One of the men took hold of a handful of my hair, yanking my head back, and said

"Tell us you like having your ass whipped bitch."

Through my cries of pain and ecstasy I shouted out,

"That I loved the pain, and to hurt me more, turn me over and whip this sluts cunt and tits, make me cum doing it."

Three women pushed forward and said "You heard what the slag wants," and turned me over, one of them holding my arms down above my head, and the other two holding a leg wide apart each. Some men stepped forward with thin leather belts, the women shouted to them do it, whip her cunt.The belts were brought down and made sharp cracks as they made contact with my soft exposed skin, I screamed out loud.

Crack another belt landed across my tits, causing my large nipples to stand out even more, another belt made contact inside my legs, then higher up on the soft flesh of my shaven cunt.

"Oh fuck, yes thats it, thrash my fucking tits and cunt," I shouted at them.

I was screaming and my body was contorting, but they could all see that I was enjoying it.

"Come on punish the fucking slut" the women were shouting, "whip the cunt."

Another belt landed across my tits, then another across my cunt, this time the pain from it caused me to piss, and urine flowed from my cunt down my thighs and onto the floor.People just laughed and shouted, look the slag as pissed her self. Mum, Rob, and my aunty also took their turns giving my tits and cunt a good slapping as well.

During this show a lot of men had wanked into a glass, and a couple had pissed into it as well.This glassful was brought to me,

"you must be thirsty after all that, drink this" the women said,

I hesitated for a second, a sharp slap across the face, and a belt across the ass soon changed that.

I put it to my lips and drank it down, licking my lips at the end and saying that wasn't to bad. Now who wants to fuck me some more?

"What a dirty fucking slut she is" a woman shouted out, "Yes, a real fucking cunt" another said.

I shouted out, "Yes I am a dirty cum loving slut, who loves to fuck and suck cock, so come on who wants seconds, who wants to fuck this cock sucking whore some more."

Several more men decided to take up my offer, but their cocks were slipping in to easy into my gapping cunt, so it was mentioned that they wanted to try some water sports and piss over me.

Chas said, Yea come on people, my meathole wife loves to be pissed on."

Ron said, "Not in here, you'll make a mess" so while the men got themselves straight, he took hold of my arm as I was still lying on the floor.

He then dragged this piece of well used slutty trash out through the reception area, then the main entrance into the street, and along to a back alley, where he threw me onto a pile of rubbish.

"Do it here," he said. All the men had now gathered around and got their cocks out.

“Come on men, piss on her. She’s where she belongs now, a piece of trash on the floor in a dirty alleyway,” one of the women shouted.

Streams of piss were aimed at my naked body, flowing over my cum covered tits and belly.

"Open your fucking mouth slag" one man shouted as the streams of warm yellow piss were directed between my legs onto my cum covered cunt, and onto my face, filling my mouth as I opened it.

During this I was fingering my self and rubbing the mixture of cum and piss into my tits and face, making my self cum.

When all the men had finished, I was drenched in piss and lying in a large pool of piss, my hair and body soaked.

Just then my mum appeared with Ron and a couple of large black dogs.

"Who wants to see my slut daughter get a good fucking from these, and it's a freebee," she shouted.

There was a round of cheers and shouts of yea let see that. Kari walked over and grabbed a handfull of my hair.

"Get on your hands and knees like the fucking dog slut you are bitch, " she shouted at me.

I got into position kneeling in the piss with my ass in the air ready to take the dogs cocks. My mum brought the first one and it immeadiatly jumped up wrapping it's front legs around my waist and rammed it's large cock into my waiting cunt. I let out a loud groan as it entered me, then I began to moan and cry out loud as it speeded up fucking me hard and fast. It soon come filling me with doggy cum. The dog pulled out, and even though it had knoted it still slipped out because of the amount of cocks, bottles, etc that had been shoved in my cunt and the amount of cum in there.

It was pulled away and the next one lead over. Once again it was soon on me, but in it's excitment it shoved it's cock up my ass and began to fuck my ass furiously. I shreiked loudly then began to pant and grunt.

"Listen to the dirty cunt. She sounds just like some dog bitch on heat who's dying for a cock up her," a women shouted out. Everone laughed including my mum and aunty and son.

"Well she is," my mum shouted back to another roar of laughter.

"Thats it luv, fuck him. just like you did when you fucked that pack of dogs last month," Chas shouted down at me.

It continued to fuck my ass for a short while then slipped out. Kari reached down and as the dog jumped up again guided it's cock into my cunt. It pounded away even faster than the first one. I looked up through half closed eyes, at all the grining faces including my husband, mum, aunty, son and Kari looking down at this naked middle aged wife and mother, on her hands and knees on the piss covered floor of a back alley, ass in the air getting well and truely fucked by a dog. Grunting like some dog slut and loving it.

My aunty bent down and grabbed hold of my tits, mauling and squeezing them. Then pinching and twisting my nipples without mercy. I cried out. She slapped them hard and then my face.

"We're going to have you fucking horses next, my slut." she said.

"Fuck, I'll look forward to that," I moaned back to her.

"You are such a fucking dirty cunt. A real slutty piece of trash. Your just where you belong, naked, getting fucked by men or dogs in some filthy alleyway. But I do love watching my niece getting fucked legless though," she said, and slapped me a couple more times across the face.

Kari then bent down infront of me. She kissed me, poking her tongue into my mouth then licked what cum and piss was still on my face off then spat it all back onto my face again.

"I love seeing you having the shit gangfucked out of you as well, mostly when it's Rob and a large group of his mates" she said. Then she also slapped my face on each cheek.

The dog rammed in hard and delievered a load of hot sticky cum deep in my cunt then pulled out. It dribbled out and dropped to the ground. I still knelt there panting. I went to get up. Ron pushed me with his foot and I fell back onto the floor lying face down. I rolled onto my back and lay there in all the mess, my legs wide apart showing my streched well used cunt with all the dogs cum running out of it.

I lay there for a while as they talked about me, during which time a few more men had taken the oppurtunity to piss or wank on me again, utill Ron shouted to me,

"What's your address cunt?" I didn't reply, so he took hold of a handful of my hair and pulled me up then twisted my nipples hard, I screamed out, "Address bitch" he said again.

I told him. "Good" he said. "I'm going to send your husband and his mates copies of the videos so he can show everybody what a filthy dirty fuck pig he’s got for a wife. A lot of passing reps stop at the hotel as well, I'll tell them if they are down your way to call in for a free fuck and good time from a slut who likes to be used as a meathole".

I said, "They already know I'm a fuck pig, and they will enjoy watching me abused, and yes tell the reps, I'm always up for a good shafting." Ron also said that I was going to be a star around the area, as twice a week at the hotel he was going to show the videos to the public for a fee.

"I bet you will like that, the thought of hundreds of people seeing you naked, all those cocks being fed into you, being whipped, wanked over and pissed on. Used you as a cum slut and fucked by dogs, a fucking meathole" Rob said.

Ron twisted my nipples again and rammed his fingers up my cunt, "Yes" I cried, "It turns me on knowing all those people will see me naked and know I am a whore, and all I'm good for is for fucking, a slag to abuse and empty there cum into or onto. To watch me fuck dogs and horses. A cum bucket. A sex slut for their pleasure."

He pulled his cum and piss covered fingers back out of my cunt and said, "Look at the fucking mess on my fingers you dirty cunt, lick them clean, you piece of shit," I did so.

It was now late and the crowd had seen or done enough to me, so they began to disperse. Ron threw me back on to the ground into the dirt and piss. “Fucking filthy slut,” he said as he looked down on the naked mess lying sprawled on the alley floor. He then gave me a kick up my ass as I got up onto my hands and knees which sent me lurching forward into a smelly pile of piss covered rubbish and rotting food.

"Fucking stay there, laying among the trash where you belong, until i tell you to get up whore," he shouted to me.

When everybody had gone, Ron and Chas split the money between them, then said cheerio to us and went back to the hotel and locked up.They looked down at me lying there in the dirt.

"Well Kathy, what a fucking mess you look" they said.

Chas said that I had surpassed myself this time; he didn't think that even I could take so much cock in so short a time.

Adam said he had never seen such a slut and that he had enjoyed using me and watching me be used.

I said "My pleasure."

Adam said his farewells and went on his way.

We went back to our car, me having to walk naked from the alley and a fair distance to the car. Nobody seemed to remember where my clothes were. I think they were locked up in the hotel. Chas said he would buy me a new dress anyway from the money I had earned.

When we got back to the car they washed me down in the street with a couple of bottles of water that was kept in the boot and I dried off the best I could with some old rags in there.

They had said they did not want me sat in the car smelling of cum and piss and whatever else was on the alley floor. I must admit I couldn't blame them.

As we drove home we got a lot of looks and hoots from lorry drivers who passed us and could see me sitting naked in the car, a lot of the time with Rob and the women in the back playing with my tits or cunt.

Kari was amused at how big my cunt and asshole was saying she could easily get her fist up there, which she did several times. Rob laughed and told her was she surprised after all the cocks, and other objects that had been pushed up there.
They all agreed I was one hell of a fucking hot whore.

When the video arrived, he showed it to all his mates and alot of the neighbours. Rob and Kari brought alot of their mates over to watch it, and they all had a good time with me afterwards. He also gave a copy each to mum and my aunty. Chas has also told me there is a stag party away from home he is going to in a couple of weeks and he has told them he will show the video there. They had asked him why didn't he bring along the star as well. You never now, I may just go to give the groom his last bit of fun and probably the rest of the party guests as well.

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