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Maggie was a small 5'1", Blonde-Haired, 14 yr old girl with 30B sized breast and a skinny build . Ashley, on the other hand, was pretty similar, she had Copper Red hair with green eyes and a skinny build as well with 32B sized breast. They were really good friends and frequently went over to each others houses. Maggie was Bi-curious and thought her friend was always really hot.
It was an average Friday after school and everyone wanted to go home and do whatever. In 8th grade there was fake relationships, guys who hit on girls way too much, and the occasional annoying kid who everyone couldn't stand. Maggie sat on the bus next to the window with her forehead against the cool glass. As she neared her stop she grabbed her bag in one arm and walked out the door as the bus driver flipped the door switch which slammed behind her and drove off.
She walked up the street to her house where she talked to her mother. "Mom", she paused then said, "can Ashley spend the night tonight?" she asked.
"Honey you know me and your father are supposed to be going to catch a flight to Florida tonight." Her mother stated clearly. "But I suppose as long as you dont throw any parties or do drugs it will be fine" she said firmly.
" Thanks mom!" she said and ran off toward her room. As soon as she walked in she sat in a beanbag chair in the corner and thought about having fun tonight. She stood, then picked up the phone and dialed Ashley's number waiting on her to pick up the phone. "Hey Ashley, it's Maggie, I was wondering if you wanted to spend the night."
Ashley noticing her friend wanted her reply said, "Well it depends, what would we do."
Maggie said "Watch a movie, talk, play some 'T or D' and do whatever, my parents will be gone for a few days."
Ashley replied "Sounds good to me I'll be over in a bit."
Maggie walked out of her room to go downstairs and watch TV when her dad pulled luggage down the stairs and said "Love you sweetie, don't do anything stupid or we'll find out one way or the other." Noticing her parents get into the minivan and drive off she started watching TV and waited for about 10 minutes when the doorbell rang. She got up to go get it and said "Hey" cheerfully.
Ashley smiled and walked in. "So, why don't we play Truth or Dare first?"
"Thats fine with me." Maggie replied cheerfully. She lead Ashley to her room and locked the door and closed the shutters and said with a smirk "I'll go first, Truth or Dare?"
"Dare!" Ashley said.
"Let my dog lick you in the mouth and all over your face." Maggie said as she let a small dog in her room who immediately jumped on Ashley and started licking her face.
"Eww." she said through the dogs licks trying to move her face away. "I can smell it and it's all sticky."
" We will take showers later anyway." Maggie said. "Anyway I pick Dare." she stated obviously.
"I dare you to get naked." Ashley giggled. Maggie slowly stripped down taking off her shirt first then reached around her back and un-hooked her bra which fell to the floor.
She looked down at her pants then back at Ashley. "Only if you do." she said. Ashley nodded then Maggie resumed by unbuttoning her tight jeans then slid them down with her panties in them. "Ok, now do what you said you would." demanded Maggie. Ashley took off her shirt and pants revealing no underwear. Maggie couldn't help swapping her gaze between her pussy, boobs, and face.
"It's ok, you can look at mine it doesn't bother me." Ashley giggled. She then said "Lets go take our shower." Maggie agreed and walked into her bathroom where she started a warm shower. After the water heated up they stepped in and sat across from each other on opposite sides of the shower.
"Do you ever like... play with it?" Maggie asked Ashley.
"Almost all the time, it feels soooooo good." Ashley said.
"I know, try hairbrush handles and stuff like that, I also try to see how many fingers I can get in it." Maggie reached over and got the shower brush and started rubbing her pussy in front of Ashley. She handed it to Ashley who proceeded to do the same. Maggie stood up and said "Hold on have to pee."
Ashley grabbed her foot and said "No you won't, it's a shower." Maggie agreed with her and sat back down. Ashley started to play with Maggies pussy with the end of the brush. Maggie was about to stop her when she did it a little more/
"Ashley, what are you..... whoa don't let me stop you." Maggie said and hopped on Ashley's lap with her legs out. Ashley started to rub her gently then harder and continued this process. Maggie then stopped her and turned around locking lips with Ashley. She put her tongue against her friends and massaged it with hers. They did a tongue-dance kiss for several more minutes before Ashley slid under Maggie and got Maggie on her flat belly.
"Now I return the favor." Ashley said. Then slid her hand into Maggies crotch and pressed her middle finger into her little hole. Maggie responded with a simple moan of pleasure. Maggie felt the end bust her cherry, she sat up with a loud scream as blood flowed out of her ravaged little hole down into the drain. Ashley didn't give her a moment to rest before she forced the hard plastic handle back into maggie. The handle took up so much room it vigorously rubbed her tiny little g-spot. She really felt like she had to pee now, it felt like a million pounds of pressure tried to force itself out of her little crotch. She made a loud desperate scream of extreme and pleasure as she erupted shooting out a pair of streams, one of golden warm and salty piss and one of her sweet warm girl squirt that spewed like a cum-piss volcano all over Ashley. Maggie was shaking as she turned into jello and slid onto the floor. Once she regained her composure, she stood up and licked Ashley's juicy body savoring the sweet salty taste. Ashley, seeing the pain maggie was dealt she tried to change the subject. Maggie grabbed her arm and said "don't worry, your next."


2008-04-26 10:29:08
one word SUCKED! and not in a good way. ;)


2008-01-30 21:02:48
Why so short what about the other gurl


2008-01-29 16:38:41
pretty good, a bit too short


2008-01-29 04:01:08
Wow... Perfect. Got off just as quickly as the author... Hmmm!


2008-01-28 18:26:50
Not bad for a young girl.

It was nice and refreshing, but way to short. I felt that it needed more.

Your truth or dare was just ‘lick her face’ and you both got naked.

Your shower scene was way too short too.

Then your parents were not gone even an hour and you still had a few days to go.

Tell you what…write part two and I’ll forgive you.

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