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As soon as the first door slammed behind Todd and Valerie, the teenager’s lips met in a fiery kiss. With their tongues exploring each others mouths, Todd caressed the sides of Valerie’s breasts. Oh, how Todd wanted to touch the bare flesh of her skin while ramming his cock between her legs.

Grabbing her knee, he slid his hand up her stocking covered leg to the bare flesh above. Finding her panties, he rubbed them before fishing inside to find her pussy. Valerie moans with the pleasure he is giving her and she spreads her legs apart to give him easier access. Finding the elastic of her panties, Todd slides his hand down to find her slit. His fingers pass through her thin pubic hairs of the teenage girl until he reaches the magic spot with her juices dripping from being so excited.

All this is happening while the ghosts and goblins jumped out them as they road through the spook house. They have been in there many times since they were children. Both remember riding the ride for the scare but now they are riding it to get away from their elders. All the teenagers of the time used the haunted house ride for this purpose and it was the only way to get away and make out.

It was the 1930s and kissing was even looked down upon in their town. Some old timers even thought holding hands would lead to sin and would probably fall off their chair if they knew what the teenagers really did.

Click, Click, Click, the care they were riding in was heading to the second floor. Valerie was breathing hard as Todd rubbed her dripping pussy. Plunging his finger in and out of the tight whole brought his girlfriend closer to orgasm. Valerie had her hand rubbing Todd’s erect cock through his trousers.

Pulling away from Todd, she whispers to him that they better stop. She pulled her hand from his pants and pushed his hand from her skirt as the car banged through the doors. Looking down they saw their friends before heading back into the darkness of the haunted mansion.

Picking up where they left off, the two started playing the adult games they desperately desired. Pulling Todd’s cock from his pants, Valerie bent over to take it in her mouth. She sucked Todd’s cock while he continued to play with her pussy. It was an awkward position in the moving car but the couple did it.

Click, click, click, the car headed back downstairs. With the pressure building deep inside him, he started shooting his load into Valerie’s mouth as they landed on the first floor. Licking him dry she put his cock back into his pants and sat back down. It was her turn but there wasn’t much time left of the ride. That didn’t stop Todd from trying.

His hand went back between her legs finding her waiting pussy. Plunging his finger in as hard and fast as he could, Valerie felt the excitement build. Turning into the last room, she didn’t cum yet and Todd started to pull his hand away. She wouldn’t have it and made Todd keep his hand on her mound.

The ride is soon over argued Todd. She was on the verge of exploding. The point when the pleasure absorbs her whole body and she releases all that sexual energy she has been neglecting. The last trick, an African native jumping from behind a bush, was coming. Tripping the circuit, the statue jumps up yelling “AAAAAAARRRRRR”. At that moment Valerie screamed with delight as the release exploded and took over her body. She twitched with pleasure as she lost all control of her body.

Todd pulling his hand from between her legs only a second before banging into the door, was able to fix himself before the car emerged from the scary place. Valerie became aware as the car stop and got out to their friends waiting at the exit.

“Hey Valerie we heard you screaming all the way out here”, one of her friends said.

“Yeah that experience was really good”, she replied.


2007-03-18 22:56:12
I would love to do that.


2007-03-16 06:41:43
Just fukin great

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