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Please note this is a work of complete work of fiction.
PLEASE NOTE: This is a complete work of fiction. The author does not take responsibility for any similarities in reality relating to this story at all.

Onyx Blessing Chapter 1

I was walking about downtown one day when I came across this odd store. It had scented candles, incense, masks, clay figures, earrings, and so on. The floor was like an old hut. Planks of wood laid across, with matching wooden shelves. As I browsed through the the various oddities, I noticed this necklace. It was a polished onyx rock with a hole drilled through the top, and a black leather strand going though it. I knew I wanted it. I took it up to the register, and paid only ten dollars for it.

She looked at me as she placed it in the bag, “I’m sure you’ll find this amusing,” then placed the receipt in the paper bag and handed it to me.

Being a 13 year old boy, I threw on the necklace, and tossed the bag. I started to walk home getting closer to the local high school. A good short cut to make the trip shorter. I was walking through the small forest that led up to the school from the back. While I was on my trot I seen these two girls, probably seniors in high school looking hot as hell, sharing a joint. They both looked to be about 16 or 17 years old. One being blonde and the other, brunette. The blonde girl had long wavy hair, was about 5’6”, wearing a dark green baby t-shirt that was tight, showing off her C-cup breasts, and a white mini-skirt putting her gorgeous legs on display. The brunette girl had medium length straight hair, about 5’7”, dressed in a dark purple tank top that made her B-cups shine, and short enough to put the bottom of her tight belly on exhibit. She also wore a black mini-skirt, similar to the blonde but had more of a tan.

I began thinking how beautiful they were and how sweet it would be if they seduced me, and smoked my cock after they were done their joint. Just then the blonde waved me over. I finally made it there, when they began the introductions.

“Hi I’m Megan, and my friend here is Jessica,” the blonde spoke as she extended her hand, which was nicely manicured.

I began shaking her hand, then Jessica’s, “I’m Randy, what are you two doing all the way out here?”

“Oh we just were blowing on a joint and hoping to find a random cute guy to blow on instead,” Jessica shot in.

We all laughed while both girls placed a hand on my shoulders, then I thought maybe these girls are for real. Maybe they are going to actually suck on my cock. Megan continued on, “So how about it? Are you going to let these two sexy sweethearts treat that cock of yours like a tootsie pop, or are we going to have to force it out of you?”

As she was speaking the both of them were rubbing my shoulders, back, and when Megan was done asking, Jessica squeezed my ass and asked, “What’s the matter? Don’t you want to find how many licks it takes to get to the center?”

After that statement is wasn’t like I really had a choice anymore. Jessica was undoing my fly, and Megan swooped in right after reaching for my cock. It didn’t take her long to find it either as I immediately thought about being large enough for these sex kittens. When she completed her mission and exposed my shaft, both their mouths gaped in awe. I must have hung at least six and a half inches soft. “This is bigger than any I’ve seen, and I mean bigger,” Megan barely managed to get out.

Then Jessica finally added, “It’s beautiful! I absolutely have to taste it!” and in no time my cock was rising while both beauties started to kiss and lick on their new toy. I must of stretched out to 10 inches by this point hitting full mast. The girls seemed enthralled with my size. Suddenly they started gliding their open sucking lips together up and down the full length they so earnestly worked for. Looking me in the eye the whole time. Then they blew my mind when Megan’s lips moved to the tip of my head moving her head back and forth taking more and more of my fuckstick with each bob. At the same time Jessica sat beneath me and began licking and sucking on my balls. She wasn’t shy to take them both in her mouth at the same time either. This was all so much for me, considering I’ve only slept with one girl three times now, that I erupted a massive load unto her awaiting mouth. While all this was happening I was bravely thinking, “best thing you ever tasted isn’t it?”

I think Megan came with my full load in her mouth. Moaning and humming licking up anything that might of escaped her lips. She immediately, and almost breathlessly spoke to Jessica, “You have to taste this. Milk his juice into your mouth Jess. It is the best thing you’ll ever try. But let me clean up my mess first.”

And with that Megan began taking all of me into her mouth cleaning off any cum left behind while pulling me back to my stiff disposition. Jessica released my balls from her oral prison and positioned herself on her knees right in front of me. All the while, Megan resumed what Jessica continued to do while Megan was taking all my glory.

“I am so going to enjoy this,” Jessica let out as she lurched at my cock with her hungry lips. Jessica was more eager than Megan. She had taken much more of me into her mouth than her friend in much less time. Viscously pistoning her head along my cock and wiggling her tongue when possible. Relentlessly feeding toward her main goal, and with that she was rewarded. I shot an equally large load into her mouth as well. Jessica’s reaction, not too different from Megan’s, licking for every drop that may have escaped while what seemed like an orgasm.

Both girls rose up, running their hands on my sides as they did. “My god Megan! You were right. That did taste great.”

The two then got themselves in order, “Well I hope we see you around again. Who knows how many times a day I could drink from that,” jutted out Megan.

“I second that,” then Jessica went to her purse and pulled out and pen and paper and started writing. She handed me the paper. I looked down and saw two phone numbers. She wrote down both their numbers. “Don’t worry I didn’t forget about you,” she glanced at Megan then back to me, “gives us a call whenever you think that beast could use a good taming.” And they both began to walk away swaying their hips so seductively.

Alright, now that was weird I thought to myself. I just thought about those two sucking on stick from the one they were smoking and it happened. I though about them thinking my cum was the best thing they ever tasted and it happened. This was odd. There was no way that could be coincidence. No such a thing could happen to me normally. At this point I needed further research....

More to come if you enjoy, and some feedback would be nice. You can email me.

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