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My sister had her friend over this weekend, which is normally something I can't
stand. Its not just her friends...its the way they act when they get together. What
is it with girls? Alone they are...okay, but their idiocy advances exponentially
based upon the amount in the room.

So, here I am, sitting in my room, hoping to god they don't bother me...when I hear
a knock on the door and in they come. I never understood this. Why knock if you
don't wait for an answer? Drives me insane.

"Hey, you want to drive us to the movies?", my sister asks.

"Umm...I'm going to go", I say without looking away from my pc.

"Come on...please?"

"Please?", her friend chimes in now.

"Ummm...wait...let me think...hrm, what time is the movie?", I ask, blankly.

"6 o'clock", my sister says.

"Okay, you've got a deal. Be ready by 6:30.", I respond, no hint of a joke in my

"Oh...come on...the movie just came out...please?", her friend a way which
draws my gaze to her...she's blonde, slim...B cup breasts. Oh my god..she's hot.

"What movie?", I ask.

"300", she says.

I look back at my monitor. I squint for a second. Fuck. Its a movie I want to see. I
have wanted to see since I heard about it. I look at my clock...its only
4:00...maybe I should go, and who cares if they HAPPEN to be there with me?

"Oh, read by 5:00, I'm not sitting in the back.", I say...still with my
eyes on my monitor.

They run off, happy that I, for the first time ever, seem to have caved to their

After about 10 minutes I decide I should go to the bathroom, I don't like getting up
in the middle of a movie and its the first I want to be in line when I get
there, so I head to our upstairs bathroom, which has in it a bath/shower combo. I
hear water running, but I can tell its the bath and not the shower, so I turn the
door knob, since the running water meant the bath hadn't begun yet.

As I open the door, I'm not looking ahead, so I'm inside before I realize the sight
before me. My sister's friend is in the middle of running bath water, but has
already taken off her clothiers. She's lying down on the rug in our bathroom, legs
and arms spread. Her proud, shaven pussy is on display to me gloriously. I am caught
in my tracks and unable to move for what must have been many seconds. She doesn't
jump up, which kind of surprises me. She just raises her head and looks at me and
smiles and says, "Umm...I'm in here."

"Oh, uh sorry...I thought you weren't...I had to...", I was pretty embarrassed, but
was the kind to keep a cool head, so it wasn't as noticeable as it could have been.

"If you've got to take a piss, do it", she says without much of a tone to it.

"Uhm...Okay", I say, a bit startled by her lack of modesty. I mean its been several
minutes and she's STILL laying spread eagle on the rug.

Awkwardly, I approach the toilet. Oddly, the way she's laying, her head is only a few
inches from where my feet are planted. As I unzip my pants I know she can see at
least part of my penis, but I continue, figuring she must have brothers or
something, and just take my piss. I don't have a huge penis, I'm not going to lie
like all the other little fucks writing stories. Its about 6 1/2 inches long, not
really sure about the girth, seems thin to me, but who knows? People who do porn
seem to have huge ones, its hard to judge what is average and I don't make it common
practice to stare at my friend's penises.

After I finish my piss, my stomach makes a bad noise and I bend over a bit. I really
had to go #2, but that would probably be pushing my luck, so I get ready to head

"Hey", she says, now sitting on her legs by the bath, "If you have to go erm, you
know, just do it. Its your house."

"Heh", I'm taken aback a bit.

"Seriously, I don't mind. Its not really that big a deal", she says.

"Umm, okay."

So, I pull down my pants and sit on the toilet, doing my business. I notice now that
she's checking the water. She gets up on her knees and feels the watter. She's
bending me a perfect look at her ass and the outer lips of her pussy.
My dick is getting hard...which is embarrassing me. I stick it between my legs a bit,
but its hard to do in the current situation.

As she twists one of the knobs, I suddenly remember that the knob is sort-of broken
and likes to come off. As she rests her body on it, it comes off and she slips. I
leap off the toilet and grab her at the middle of her chest, right below her
breasts. My kick picks into her back. When she can she spins around fast to try and
get into a more stable position, putting her basically at eye level with my now fully
erect dick, only an inch and a half or so away from her.

Instantly, my judgment kicks in and I turn around and leave the room. Why had I
stayed in there so long? Fuck...I am a sick bastard. I'm 17...she's 15, I'm pretty
sure what happen would get me arrested even if they couldn't convict me of
statutory was definitely sexual.

About 20 minutes later my sister comes into my room, with miss shaved pussy in tow.

"Hey, we leaving?", she asks.

Holy shit...I had forgotten about the movie.

"Oh, uh...yeah", I say, grabbing my keys and heading to the door.

We get to theater and into line uneventfully. I listen to my sister and miss shaved
pussy talking...drives me insane, naturally.

Finally, we get into the movie. Most of the movie watching is uneventful. At one
point miss shaved pussy did spill some popcorn and in the course of picking it up
she did get a feel of my dick through my pants, but it seemed innocent enough, so I
thought nothing of it.

When we got back from the movie I went to my room immediately. After about an hour,
I was laying down on my waterbed, laptop lying on my chest as I make my normal round
of forums and link dumps.

At about 11:30, I hear a knock at the door and miss shaved pussy comes I
despise the meaningless knock...but it isn't as big a deal at this point...mainly
because...she's soaking wet...head to toe. the white T-shirt she's wearing is
ENTIRELY transparent.

"Umm...what happened to you?", I ask.

"Oh...we wanted to go swimming and your sister's bathing suites wouldn't fit me",
she says.

"Its like...40 degrees outside", I realizing why her nipples are HUGE.

"Yeah...but it was you have any clothes I can wear? Guys clothes fit
looser...your sister's won't fit me."

"Umm, yeah", I say as I go to my drawer and pull out a random video game T-shirt and
a pair of Kathi shorts.

"Oh, you wear boxers?", she asks observing the boxers in my drawer, "Can I borrow
some of them?"

"Oh, sure...", I say, grabbing my smallest pair(probably wouldn't fit me anymore
now, anyway, and tossing it to her.

Right then and there, she strips off her wet clothes. Shirt first. I can hear it
slap her skin as she removes it. Then she struggles to get off her jeans, which seem
to have shrunk...and is down to some panties, which she removes (they are white with
pink and orange flowers).

This time, she catches me staring and doesn't let it go.

"Hey, do you think I'm cute? I mean...really?", she asks, still naked.

"Umm...yeah...", I say.

"You're just being nice, aren't you?", she asks playfully, now touching her breasts
a little, as if considering them.

I grin a little as I say, "Heh. No. I'm a real jackass. If you were ugly, I'd
probably tell you..."

She laughs now, rolling a bit, saying, "haha, that's funny. You're nice.
wanna have some fun?"

"Uhh...what did you have in mind?", I ask.

She looks over at my tv now, saying, "Wow, you've got a wii? I waited in line for
one...didn't get it, they were all out...can we play?"

"Uhhh...what about my sister?", I ask hesitantly.

"Oh, she went to sleep. She had to get up early this morning, remember?". she asks.

Honestly, I had no fucking clue what my sister's schedule was, but I didn't want to
come off as the insensitive as that I am so I said, "Oh...yeah, forgot. Sure, lets

So I booted up and she, still naked, grabbed one of the controllers. First we made
the usual round of sports games, me destroying her at all the games. I practiced
these games a bit to beat my friends. I bowled about 250, hit like 40 runs in
baseball and did other things which only served to display my true geekiness, but
alas, how many geeks have naked women playing with their wii(haha)?

Then we played Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz. About halfway through she looked at
me with a straight face and said, "You know, I really love playing your wii", then
burst out laughing.

I chucked a bit and said, "I love you playing with my wii."

"You know...", she said, looking at the remote, "these controllers are oddly

She then took the controller and ran it up and down her naked thigh, bringing it up
to her pussy, then looking at me. I was smiling, so she began working it against
her pussy, moving it up and down, before letting it go inside of her. I was amazed,
so I found a mini game with vibration and began playing. Before long...she was
giggling and moaning at the same time. Who says video games can't satisfy your

The better I played, the more sexual pleasure she received. If only Nintendo had
thought of this before. No need to decide between romance or both at the
same time! Wait until they sell the ribbed controllers.

I decided that if any time was great, it was now, so I moved into her and planted a
kiss on her lips. I reached out with my hand and began casually massaging her
breasts, one at a time. I reached down with my other hand and moved the wii remote
around, before pulling it out. I picked her up and took her to the ground and laid
her down before preparing to enter her when she said, "Wait...I want to suck on it

I said okay and laid down,beckoning her into a 69 position. I felt her sucking my
dick as I was presented with her pussy, which was already soaking wet from my wii. I
had seen several shows on satellite late at night which outlined techniques for doing
this, so I tried a few. I remembered one which said to lick around slowly, working
towards the middle, so I tried it and got decent results. I remembered another which
said to twist your tongue as you insert it, so I tried that and she orgasmed. I
sensed myself about to orgasm and told her, but she said she wanted me to. I felt my
body erupt as it pulsed into her mouth, butting hit her lip as it did so, half off
it going in and half now on her cheek. Oh my god it was hot...seeing my cum in her
face and parts of her hair.

I immediately got up and flipped her over. I was still horny. I moved into and
aligned myself with her pussy before going in. I went in easy and began working
myself further and further into her tight young pussy with each thrust. She orgasmed
twice before I got tired and had to sit down. Looking at my clock I had been going
in this position alone for at least 25 minutes. It was well after one o'clock.

I looked at her ass intriguingly, before asking, "You ever taken it up the butt?"

"'t that kind of disgusting?", she asks.

"No, lots of girls like it...want to try?", I ask her...hoping to god she'll say

"Ummm...will you be gentle?"

"Of course"


"Well, you want to get on your hands and knees."

As she assumed the doggy style position I inserted my dick back into her pussy.

"Umm..wrong spot", she says.

"Haha, no we need lube. The ass isn't self lubricating.", I respond.


I now take my dick and place it at the entrance to her ass and begin slowly working
my way in. It takes me the better part of 5 minutes but I've got the first inch or
so in, at which point it becomes considerably easier. I begin moving back and forth
until most of my dick is inside. She's making these only slightly audible sighs as I
do this. Its amazing. As I speed up I can hear the necklaces she wears hitting
against each other as she's rocked back and forth. With a mighty heave I release my
sperm inside her. Its an amazing feelings.

With this she walks over to the corner of my room, picks up the boxers and T-shirt I
had gotten her earlier and says, "Thanks", before leaving the room.

When I woke up the next morning she was gone. I noticed, however, that she had left
her panties there, still slightly wet from her swim.

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Oh gosh. Did the girl have a sex change? It says male/male!

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"Alone they are...okay, but their idiocy advances exponentially based upon the amount in the room." Brilliant.

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