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a true story of how i ended up banging my sister and her 2 best friends one night
it all started one day when i was watching a movie in my room while my sister and her ttwo best friends were having a slumber party.i was 17 at the time and still a virgin. my sister,amanda was 13. her two friends mackenzie and rachel were also 13 with nice sized boobs for 13 year olds. it was about 11 pm and as i started to fall asleep i heard some moaning comming from the room next to mine. of course we were the only ones in the house for the weekend. our parents had gone to a business conference out of state. as i walked toward my sisters door the moaning got louder and louder. i figured they were just watching a porno they found in my parents room. when i reached the door i looked in a little and saw that my sister was laying on her back on her bed with her beautiful 36C boobs sticking up in the air.(i know the size cause ive looked at her bra few times cause i was curious.) i openned the door a little more to see who was making her moan like this. it was her best friend for the last 10 years mackenzie. i would have to say she has 34C boobs. she was about 5'4" 85 pounds. as my sister screamed to mackenzie licking and sucking her pussy i saw rachel with one of her 32D boobs in her hand and her other hand down her pants. since i was horny i decided to jerk off right there watching the three of them playing with each other. as i neared blowing my load i let out a cough and they stopped suddenly.
as i stood there with my cock in my hand they cleaned up and oppened the door with me right there. i tried to get it back into my shorts i just couldnt do it. as the three of them looked at my cock, mackenzie asked me "what is that in your hands" as amanda and rachel giggled
all i could say was that it is a penis. the three of them just looked at each other to see if any of them knew what it was for. after a minute or two i asked them " is this the first time you've seen one of these" and they all nodded yes. i asked them if they had any idea what its for. rachel said that her older sister told her its how boys go to the bathroom and its for girls to play with during sex.
after a few minutes i asked them if they wanted to touch it. amanda and mackenzie said they would only if rachel did first. rachel agreed. as she put her hand on my cock, i felt a shiver go up my spine. when she let go amanda and mackenzie kept their word and touched it. amanda went last as she touched it she loved the way it felt and didnt want to let go. after she let go they started asking me some questions about sex cause their parents hadnt talked to them about it yet.
first rachel asked me why girls touch a mans penis. i told her because it gives the man great pleasure. she liked the sound of that cause she smiled a little when i told her. next, mackenzie asked where a man puts his penis during sex. i told her to lay down and i would show her with my finger.
as she layed down i pulled her sexy little pink thong off to the side and touch her tender little pussy lips with my fore finger and she let out a little moan of pleasure. as i pulled my finger away amanda asked me what it means to be a virgin. i told a virgin is someone who hasnt had a penis stuck into their pussy and reaking the hymen. i told this is also called popping her cherry.they all looked at each other for a second and then looked at me and simultaniously asked me what that feels like. i told them i could show them one by one. the all agreed to me showing them what it felt like to have a dick in their pussies. i asked them who wanted to go first. the did rock-paper-scissor over it and it went rachel, mackenzie then my sexy sister amanda.
i told rachel to lay back down on amandas bed. while she did this i told amanda to get the spare air matress out from the closet and inflate it. while they went and did this i started to kiss rachel passionatly i slid her shirt off and looked down at her beautiful breasts. after this she stopped for a minute to look me over because i had slid my shorts off during the kissing. as she looked at me,amanda and mackenzie came back in the room with the matress. i told them while i fucked rachel they should play with each other to get warmed up. i told them should doing a "69" positions. as they got into the position rachel pulled me back to her and kissed me again. as i kissed my way her body i stopped at her tits for a while and sucked on them for a little bit. i unhooked her bra and threw it across the room. as i sucked and squeezed her nipples i slid a hand down to her crotch and started to massage her pussy. she began to moan loudly as i did this. when i stopped kissing her she asked me to stick it in her. as i slid that thong off of her sexy body i noticed that she had a nice shaved pussy. as i put my cock head near her lips i asked if she was and she said to do it. with that i slowly pushed my cock inside of her virgin pussy and began to move it in and out little by little. with this movement she bagan to cry a little from the pain. as she started to stop crying i push in a little more and i felt a barrier. i knew i was at her hymen. i asked her if she was ready, before she could finish saying" push it.." i shoved into her hard and ripped her hymen with my cock. as she screamed in pain she tryed to push me off but i told her it would end soon. as she stopped i pushed in and out till she screamed with orgasm. i pulled my cock out with a plop and she said that was the best thing she ever felt. i told her and mackenzie to switch places.
as mackenzie got on the bed she asked if we could skip the foreplay and just stick my cock in her pussy. i agreed since she had her bra off allready and her thong was at her knees i slid the sexy green see through thong off of her perfectly tanned legs and tossed it aside. as i put my cock near her pussy she grabbed my shoulders and thrust herself onto my dick impaling herself on it and she screamed the loudest ive ever heard a girl scream before. as i brought her to orgasm i blew my load in her. after she pulled her self off and rolled onto the floor amanda got off of rachel and got on the bed. i told her she would have to wait till later. i told to go wait in the hallway for a second i had to tell her something. as we walked into the hall she asked me what i had to tell her. i said that she didnt deserve to be fucked like that with other watching. i told her to come to my room later and i would show her a good the three of them went to sleep amanda laid their with her eyes closed as the other girls fell asleep i heard he climb out of her bed and got ready to give her the surprise of a lifetime. as she walked into my room i saw that she was only in her red lace bra and he matching red thong that showed he pussy lips very well. she asked me what the surprise was and i told her to lay down on the bed. as she did so i went to my parents room for a minute. i told her to make herself comfortable and that i would be back in a sec. i went into my moms nightstand and found her big pink dildo. i ran back to my room and showed it to her. she ask what i was going to do with it and i told her to roll over on her stomach and stick her ass in the air. as she did so she suddenly knew what was going to happen. she wispered "be gentle" i told i'll try to be as careful as i can. i slid that long pink dildo into her ass a little bit as she yellped i asked her if she wanted me to stop and she no it was a good kind of pain. so i slid that dildo ans far as i could and i pumped her ass for a good 10 minutes with that dildo and she said that she couldnt take it anymore and asked my fuck her allready with my cock not a toy. as i pulled the dildo out i unhooked her red bra and it fell off her shoulders. i rolled her over and slid her sexy thong off and placed it next to me. as i sucked on her beautiful perky tis i slid 2 fingers into her tight virgin pussy. she moan slightly with my finger entering her. as i slid into my second knuckle she moan ever louder.and let out a heavy orgasm
as i pumped faster and harder she couldnt take it any more and exploded with and orgasm. i laughed and told her that this was just a warm i moved my face down to her pussy and licked and sucked on her clit while pumping her more with my 2 fingers. as she screamed in another orgasm. i told her she needed to be quiter because she would wake up rachel and mackenzie. she said she didnt care and with that i rammed 3 fingers into her pussy and she screamed. i heard foorsteps comming from her room and i stopped for a second.she begged me not to stop so i continued. as i slid my cock down to her lips i slid it in just about an inch and slid it in little by little making sure not to hurt her. when i was about half in her i felt the barrier. i asked her if she was ready , she said she was and i pulled back about 2 inches and pushed in the rest of the way. she screamed with pain and pleasure louder than mackenzie did. with this she let out another orgasm as i pumped i felt my orgasm build i pulled out and she asked what i was doing and i told i had one more surprise. as she looked at me confused i slid my cock up to her mouth and she autoamticly knew to put her mouth around it and began to bob her head up and down on it. as i blew my load in her mouth she sucked me dry till everything was in her mouth and i watched her swallow all of it. as i looked be hind me i saw rachel and mackenzie with the pink dildo and what looked like my moms purple vibrator ramming them into each other pussies. as they screamed in orgasm they collapsed onthe floor. we all slept there on the floor holding each other. when they left the next morning we decided that whenever our parents left we would do this again that next time they shouls bring more friends to have more fun. and with one quick passionate kiss with each of them they left and me and amanda went upstairs to clean up before the folks got home and to shower. as we went to the bathroom we decided to shower together and get one last passionate fucking done before mom and dad got home

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2016-06-11 20:53:07
The storie is not believable as a true storie, but still gave me a hard on.


2008-01-09 14:31:58
This story sucked,but at 13 I had c boobs and I wore thongs. Still does not change this story sucking


2007-03-30 16:51:49
mate dont listen to anyone sayin this is bad.
lets see them write a better one.
takes guts to right a story like this.
well played.


2007-03-28 23:17:14
Fucking stupid... i give u a 1 cause i cant give u a 0...


2007-03-20 09:39:25
this bullshit can be read & written by fucking toilets

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