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rich little girl learns a lesson

The first time he saw her he was in love. She was the perfect woman
for him, a true southern bell. She had long blonde hair, dark blue
eyes and stood five eight without shoes. Her body had nice curves,
her thirty-five inch breasts looked fine against her twenty-four
inch waist, her hips measured thirty-four inch each only made her
breast look bigger then the size they were. She looked so perfect to

Her father was filthy rich so she was spoiled rotten, a debutante
and bell of the ball so to speak. She knew every man wanted her and
she play them like scarlet in gone with the wind. He knew he wanted
her more then the rest and planned to get her.

He wined and dinned her, took her everywhere she wanted to go but
she showed no interest in getting married, especially to him, he was
a Yankee. Her and her father still felt the south should never have
lost the war. They loved their life the big houses, lots of
servants, and more money then anyone really needed.

He came up with a plan, she loved going places with him, mostly to
make the other guys jealous and as long as he paid the way she was
happy with it.

One day he asked her if she had ever seen Las Vegas, he said he had
to make a trip out there and would she like to go.

She had never left the south and didn't care to, but Vegas sounded
like fun so she said, she would go but that meant her maids would
have to go with her.

She would need a room for them, one for herself and of course his
own room.

He agreed, three rooms, plane tickets, food and what ever else she
wanted he would pay for all of it.

He showed her a good time, shows, food and the casinos she liked
them all. He had luck at the tables and felt sorry for her maids, so
he gave them some money telling them to go have a good time. She
blew up at him, they were there if she needed something not to have
fun she told him. Besides never give black people money unless they
worked for it, it will spoil them, she said.

All he could think of was want a shame, so rich, so good looking and
so spoiled. He hoped he could change that after he married her.
Later that day he gave the two maids money, making them promise not
to tell on him and wished them a good time.

That night he took her to the best show in town and tried to have a
good time. The show was a two-drink minimum; he got her two drinks,
She didn't drink, but the thrill of Vegas with its bright lights and
the shows, had gotten to her. She decided to try the drinks. After
the show he took her to one of the fancy bars, here she was willing
to have some more drinks, saying everyone was doing it why not her.

Many drinks later, she let him touch her breasts; she was to be
polite smashed.

That next morning when she woke up, her head hurt and she found
herself in bed with him. She started to yell at him, he had raped
her, he was a pig, he was a bum and so on.

When she ran out of words, he told her he was also her husband.

She called him a liar, she wouldn't have married him, and she didn't
even really like him.

He showed her the license; they had gotten married at one of the
quickie places in town late last night. He called both maids in and
they told her she had demanded that they be her witnesses, they said
they tried to talk her out of it but she forced them to go with her.

She yelled at them to get out of the room and began to cry, what had
she done. When she was all yelled out and done crying she thought,
daddy can fix it, he can fix anything. She would just wait till she
got home.

His plan had worked; the maids had lied for him. She hadn't demanded
anything last night; she was to drunk to do anything but marry him.
He had always been nice to the maids and had treated them like real
people, not like she and her father treated them. They liked him and
now it had paid off.

He was a little disappointed that night, she wasn't a virgin but
that was Ok by him. His only worry now was would her father shoot
him when he heard the news. He called him to give him the news now;
maybe he would calm down enough before they got back. He planned to
stay four more days, a honeymoon in Vegas.

He cancelled her room, gave the maids more money and planned on
doing his new husband duties. She had no money to go home on, and
didn't want to call her father and tell him the news on the phone.
So she stayed all four days with him.

She was lady like enough not to scratch his eyes out and gave in to
his wishes. She liked sex, so letting him have his way wasn't all
that bad, she would get even once she was back home.

Back home she ran to her father only to be shocked that he knew. He
yelled, "she was a fool, marring a bum, a no account and worst of
all a Yankee, what was she thinking?"

She told him that she had gotten drunk and didn't remember that
night, much less the wedding.

Her father was mad enough to shoot him but as he put it "to many
damm Yankees run the courts today". So together they came up with a
plan, six months her father told her, just stay with him for six
months. Live in the small house like a good wife, say your happy and
between my lawyer and myself we will get rid of him, OK?

She was happy, six months wasn't going to be so bad, and a divorced
ex-wife would have more men after her then a single girl did. Fine
six months then with her father's help she could file for divorce
and be free again.

For five and a half months she had been living with him. She had set
down her rules on the first day and he had gone along with her. She
liked sex with him but only gave in to what he wanted once a month.
She had kept both her maids with them, the small house was only
small to her and her father. It had eight bedrooms, plus maid's
quarters, a living room, a dining room and tem more rooms, so there
was lots of room for all of them.

"I want to have a very special night, Please put on a very sexy
outfit, maybe the white one," he asked her.

She was willing to indulge him as this would be his last time but he
didn't know that. Her father told her he would have the entire
paperwork ready for her to sign by this weekend; soon she would be
single again. With that in mind she said, OK.

She looked at her numerous outfits a black one would be better for
his last time but she pulled the white one out for tonight. It was
sheer and very sexy, not that he deserved it but she was willing to
let him have one more good time. After she had put it on she turned
to the mirror.

She looked at herself; even if it was for him she wanted to look
good. The small lacy white under cut bra pushed her breasts up and
not only revealed her hard nipples but made them look more
desirable. Her white garter belt held up the white fishnet stockings
and left her pussy was very visible. She had shaved it long ago, not
for him but because she enjoyed how it looked to her. She liked that
her white high heels made her as tall as him. Over the bra and
garter belt she wore a see thought white baby doll. She liked what
she saw, a young hot women that looked so sexy any man would want to
fuck her, it was a shame it was only for her husband. She tied the
baby doll closed, the one tie made your eyes go up to her breast or
down to her pussy, she liked that.

She started to walk down the hall to his bedroom.

"Wait, honey, I have one more request for you," he called.

What the hell she thought she had gone this far for him, "Fine what
is it?" she asked him.

He came down the hall and said "a blindfold, "Please wear it, it
will enhance the fun," he said.

She looked at him, "Why I know what you look like!" she told him.

"Please just this once, let me enjoy one night were you can't see
and will follow my lead, Ok?" he pleaded.

She was ready to go back to her bedroom and forget about sex, but
the outfit looked so good, she looked so good it had made her horny,
so she said OK. Besides he would never have her after tonight, she
wanted to give him something to remember. Something he would crave
for the rest of his life and know he would never get again, "her".
She said fine, she would put it on.

He held it out; she looked at it and had to admit it was a work of
art. The color matched her skin tone perfectly; it even had eyes
painted on it that looked like hers.

He helped her put it on her; it went under her hair and snapped
together in the back. The eye area had soft padding making it very
comfortable. She couldn't see a thing with it on but looking at her
it looked so good it was hard to tell she was blindfolded.

He asked her how it felt, she told him she felt silly but she didn't
remove it. She realized that now as they made love it would be
easier for her to picture someone other then her husband, she
normally did this anyway but not being able to see at all would make
it much better.

He took her hand and they walked down the hall to his bedroom, on
the way he gave her lines to say. He wanted tonight to be like a
play he told her.

He entered the room but stopped her at the doorway, give me a minute
then please say your lines, he told her.

She stood framed in the doorway; the room's bright light bathed her
near nude body. Standing in her lacy white under cut bra and white
garter belt she looked radiant.

"I hope you see something you like, because I see something I want
again, that nice cock of yours," she said.

She felt her husband take her hands and lead her into the room.

"Kneel down baby," he said.

She knelt and his hands led hers to his stiff cock. He was right the
blackness of the blindfold made the feeling better his cock felt
bigger then it had before. It was unbelievable it felt bigger and
even smelled different as she lower her face to it. She began to
lick it as it started to pulsate in her hands. She opened her mouth
and allowed her husband to thrust his cock into it. She started to
suck it willingly as he kept thrusting it in and out of her mouth.
She felt it start to get harder, pulled her mouth away from it and
said, "Please fuck me with it, I want you to cum in my pussy not my

Her husband told her "sure but I want you to beg me to fuck you with
my cock, and promise to suck it again after I cum in your pussy".

She had never begged for anything in her life but she responded to
his request by saying "Please, fuck me with that nice hard cock,
fill my pussy with your cum and then let me suck it when we're done,
please, please fuck me".

He moved up on the bed and she climbed up on top of him. She reached
down to hold his cock, as she got ready to lower herself onto it.
She was horny and quickly inserted the head of her husband's cock
into her open pussy. She moaned a she lowered herself down slowly on
it. It did feel a lot bigger then it had the last time they had
fucked. The darkness did make a difference she figured it was more
fun that she knew.

She had practically jumped on his cock and he reached up and grabbed
her nipples. He was squeezing them between his thumbs and
forefingers. Waves of pleasure ran up and down her body as she
moaned in pleasure. She dropped down sending his whole cock deep
inside her.

"I love your cock it feels so good inside me," she cried.

He was holding her nipples tight making her set up straight against
her bent knees. She slowly began to slide up and down on his hard
cock. She continued moving up and down slowly, till he released her
nipples and grabbed her hips. He now controlled her movements, and
he speeded her up. He was bouncing her up and down faster and harder
when she started to really moan "Oh my god, oh my god, fuck me hard,
I'm ready to cum".

He moved her faster as she exploded with a massive climaxed. Shaking
with her climax she could still feel it when he exploded in her. He
jerked her down hard on his cock as his cum erupted into her pussy.
She felt his hot cum spray the insides of her womb, she moaned as
another orgasm exploded deep in her body. His cock continued to
spray what had felt like a gallon of cum inside her before he was

He his used cock pulled out of her as he pushed her off and back
onto the floor. On her knees she didn't resist when she felt his
cock at her lips. His wet cock was pushing at her lips, she opened
her mouth and sucked it in. She only removed it long enough to lick
all around the tip of his penis, cleaning off the used cum.

She sucked it back in her mouth after it was clean and soon it
seemed to start to grow hard again. She couldn't remember the last
time he was able to get hard so quickly after fucking her but it
thrilled her to think he would be able to fuck her again so soon.

He asked her "Would you like to be fucked again, fucked nice and
hard, fucked like a whore?"

"Please fuck me again, Fuck me hard" she cried.

He pulled his cock from her mouth, tossed her on the bed she opened
her legs and he mounted her. He started to fuck her with renewed
strength, pounding her hard and fast. She kept urging him on,
yelling faster, harder and he complied. Soon she felt another climax
getting close it started deep in her body then her whole body
exploded with intense pleasure. He keep pumping her hard for five
more minutes before she felt his hot cum again fill her belly.

She was exhausted when he rolled her over onto her stomach. He
pulled up her hips so that her ass was up high enough for him to
fuck it. She buried her head in the pillow and moaned "Yes fuck my

A finger rubbed my pussy then moved some of the juices from it to my
ass. His finger slip in my ass, worked it open only to be quickly
replace it with his cock. He pushed the head, waited a second then
pushed the whole length in to me. His balls slapped my pussy as he
rammed into me. He slammed her so hard it sent a shooting pain up
her body. The pain woke her up enough for her to push back at him as
she enjoyed the pleasure and pain he was giving me. How he could
last this long was beyond her but she was glad he could. He
increased his speed as his strong hands held her hips pulling her
back to meet his forward thrusts. He continued to send his cock deep
inside her harder and harder until finally with one mighty thrust he
came with a tremendous force filling her ass with hot cum as she
thrashed around the bed in a massive orgasm.

She was completely used up, to tired to do anymore and only wanted
to go to sleep. She felt him lift her head and put his cock in her
mouth, he held her head and started to slowly fuck her mouth. She
was having a strange dream; she dreamt that while he was fucking her
mouth and at the same time his cock was fucking her pussy, what a
nice dream it was.

She woke up feeling totally satisfied the way he performed last
night it was a shame to get rid of him. She opened her eyes and saw
the ceiling; he had removed her blindfold some time during the
night. She rolled over and recoiled when she saw a black men staring
at her. She quickly sat up and saw two more black men looking at

She realized she was still nude and grabbed the bedspread to cover
her body. The biggest black man on her right grabbed her hands and
stopped her from covering up. Why you want to do that? He asked her.

"Get out of here, I'll have my father whip you till you can't even
walk, now leave this house, Now!" She yelled at them.

"Is that anyway to treat the men that you sucked and begged to fuck
you last night? He asked her.

"Liar, get out of my house!" she cried.

He reached over and grabbed her nipple "you liked it when I did this
to you last night" he said.

Just then her husband walked in.

"Get these man out of here, they're trying to rape me" she yelled.

Instead of telling them to go, he walked to the tape machine put a
tape in and turned on the TV.

She just stared at him.

The tape came on and soon she saw herself asking to suck a cock. The
cock in front of her face was big and black. The tape was fizzy
enough that her blindfold was invisible and it looked like her eyes
were wide open. She watched as she mounted the black cock it looked
like she was enjoying ever minute of it.

Her husband paused the tape, "I have the master copy of this tape,
now if you don't want your father to see how much you enjoy black
men you better be nice to me" he told her.

Tears burst from her eyes as she realized that her father would
disown her if he ever saw this tape.

"Also you better tell your father to forget about you getting a
divorce, I think we are going to stay together a long time," he told

"One more thing, these boys have been promised that you'll give them
another a good time before they leave, I'll see you downstairs when
your done" he said as he left the room.

He hit the play button on the tape machine as he walked out.

She stared at the TV as two of the black men began playing with her
nipples both men were nude and stroking their cocks. Then one of
them told her to rub their cocks. She began stroking them like she
had been told to do. She felt completely helpless as the third man
moved to the foot of the bed. His erect cock stood up like a huge
flagpole. She knew that very soon they would all fuck her again like
they did last night. She shivered and opened her legs wide to let
him have easy access to her pussy.

He grinned at her as he slipped his hard cock into her pussy. She
moaned as he began to fuck her. Her moan was not from pleasure but
because she knew that she would be forced not only stay with her
husband but also to do his bidding from now on. She the Southern
bell had become a slave to a damm Yankee.

Hope you like this story

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