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This is actually not the first Harry Potter story written by me and this is part of a seiries and I will post the ones befor e it as soon as I can (They are on a difrent computer). But uhh enjoy.
Harry Potter was sitting in the common room in Gryffindor Tower when Hermione and Ron came down from the stair case that led to the dormitories.
“What were you two doing up there?” Harry asked.
“Nothing” Ron answered guiltily.
“Oh come on you to we’ll be late for McGonagall’s class.” Hermione said in a breathless voice. They all went out the portrait hole and continued on to Transfiguration. Harry still curious as to what Ron and Hermione had been doing. They arrived at Transfiguration just in time and they quickly took their seats. McGonagall walked in and called everyone to order.
“Today we are going to learn how to transfigure a normal object into air thus removing it.” McGonagall said briskly. Harry was interested, this sounded really useful. Harry and Ron and Hermione set to work trying to make the objects they had been given (a feather) into air. Hermione of course had the most success actually getting half her feather to vanish. Ron was having a lot of trouble and kept making his feather do back flips. Harry had managed to make the very tip of his vanish and the rest to turn yellow. This continued for almost 30 minutes.
Hermione let out a squeal as hers vanished completely.
“I did it! Professor, I did it!”
“Good Granger now get another and try again.” McGonagall said, pleased.
Hermione reached forward to grab another but it was to far so she stood and leaned over to reach it. This had an effect Hermione had not intended. As she bent over her skirt lifted and soon her panties were showing this got Harry and Ron’s attention. They both looked very closely and saw where her mound was. Harry was hard and he stroked his cock through his pants. Then Ron pointed his wand at Hermione’s panties and they vanished. The spell had worked perfectly and now they were staring at a moist, shaved pussy.
“That whore!” Harry thought to himself as he saw Hermione’s shaved and dripping pussy. Ron was gaping at the sight and as Hermione bent further over her cunt wasn’t the only thing showing. Her ass was nice and was staring them in the face. Harry was harder than he had ever been in his life. He looked over to see Ron his cock was hard and from the bulge he guessed that it was at least 7 inches or more. Harry looked back at Hermione only to see that she was sitting down. Harry took the last few seconds to just stare at that shaved cunt. When Hermione looked at them she noticed them staring at her.
“What?” She asked innocently.
“Nothing!” Both Harry and Ron said at once.
“What is it?” She asked curious.
“Honestly it was nothing.” Harry said as Ron was still recovering from what they had seen. Hermione took no notice of them after that so they were both free to imagine her pussy as they had seen it. Harry was rock hard and needed relief so as soon as the bell rang he bolted from the class and ran to the boy’s bathroom. He left 10 minutes later much relieved.
The rest of the day was uneventful and so passed rather slowly. When they were about to go down to dinner Ron told Hermione that he and Harry would catch her up and when she left Harry asked.
“What’s up?”
“Fred and George said they had something to show us and you know Hermione she hates anything against school rules.” Harry was interested Fred and George had been known to tamper with things and create strange things and usually Harry thought that they were a laugh. Ron led Harry over to Fred and George and sat down.
“So what you got for us?” Ro n asked eagerly.
“A very special item that George and I grantee beyond any doubt works.” Fred said proudly.
“So what is it?” asked Harry excitedly?
“Here it is!” George said with a flourish as he drew from a pocket what looked like a sprinkler.
“What is that?” Harry asked.
“This Harry is a orgasmit!” Fred said proudly.
“A what?” Ron asked.
“An orgasmit, it makes anyone so horny that they have to have an orgasm. It could make anyone do anything to orgasm. We tested it and it actually made one guy in our class start jacking off right there in the middle of class, and one girl shoved her wand up her pussy because we used this baby on her.” Fred explained this and gestured at the orgasmit the whole time.
“Wow can we see how it works.” Ron asked eagerly.
“Of course we readied a whole demonstration for you.” George said.
“All you have to do is set it somewhere flip this switch and then get into another room within 20 seconds or else you’ll be caught by it.” George said this as he placed the orgasmit in the middle of the room then he flicked the switch and he and Fred walked quickly from the room followed by Harry and Ron.
“What now?” Ron asked.
“Wait 1 minute after it starts before going back in.”
“How long are the people under it’s influence?” Harry asked.
“Until you turn it off, it will keep people already it’s influence under it’s spell until you turn it off. Also it will make anyone who goes in the room horny, not as horny mind, not like the people fully under the spell will be but enough to make this one boy we tried it on run to the bathroom quickly and then he stayed there for 25 minutes.” Fred was obviously proud of the little device it was made apparent in his wide grin as he explained all this.
“It’s been a minute lets go in and check.” Ron said. As they entered they saw that a faint glow was emanating from the orgasmit they also saw lots of clothes just thrown everywhere and… There were almost 10 people, about 6 girls and 4 boys, all in a giant pile all fucking each others brains out. There was a boy fucking a girl in the ass as another pounded her cunt and the girl was eating out another girl who had a dick in her mouth. Two more girls were 69ing each other and the one remaining boy had one girl straddling his dick and fucking herself on it and one girl lying on his face having her pussy being eaten. Everyone was fucking and there were sounds coming form everywhere, moaning, and repeated cries of “FUCK ME FUCK ME” or “FUCK ME HARDER”. The orgasmit was obviously doing it’s job and it kept glowing and spinning around though no water came out of it as with a sprinkler.
“Wow Fred, George this is incredible how did you do it?” Harry asked as he watched the orgy taking place.
“We can’t tell ya that mate.” George said grinning. Ron was obviously falling under the enchantment because he began walking forward to the girl having her pussy eaten out by the guy below her, he then unzipped his pants and wiped his dick out. It was bigger than Harry had thought almost 9 inches and all Harry could think was WOW. Soon the bitch was sucking him off and Ron stood there with a happy look on his face. George grinned and the twins pulled out their wands.
“Orasmo!” They both yelled and every body they pointed their wands at came hard. They pointed their wands at everyone except Ron and t hen they quickly turned off the orgasmit. Everybody in the room came out of the spell and looked around they remembered everything perfectly but they couldn’t tell why they had all of a sudden started this orgy they also could not find the same drive they had had before, also since most of them had just had the most intense orgasm of their lives they were spent. Ron’s blowjob therefore was cut short and he was the only one who had not cum. Ron glared at the twins and he quickly finished himself off and then tucked his dick away.
“So what do you think?” Fred asked.
“It’s bloody brilliant!” Harry said. “Can I buy one?” He asked.
“Four galleons,” George said. Harry quickly paid and got his own orgasmit.
“Also you don’t have to worry about pregnancy or diseases with this thing, it makes anyone unable to get pregnant and pass on V.D. while it is in use.” Fred said this smiling.
“Nice.” Harry said. Then the portrait hole opened and Hermione stepped in. Harry quickly hid the orgasmit behind his back.
“Where were you?” She asked them.
“Oh we were talking to Fred and George sorry.” Ron said quickly. Hermione looked around and saw that something was different.
“Why is there a bra on that chair?” Hermione asked. Harry and Ron looked around sure enough the people had cleaned up but apparently had left one thing different.
“I have no idea.” Harry said innocently.
“Hmmm.” Hermione said. The rest of the night was passed with Hermione trying to find the owner of the bra until she found a set of panties. Then being even more suspicious but finding no one who would claim them sat down in an armchair. This was a mistake because until then she had not realized that her own panties were gone she had noticed nothing and so when she sat down right at this moment she was preoccupied and so forgot to fold her skirt underneath herself and so her bare pussy, and clit rubbed up against the armchair causing a burst of pleasure, but also causing her to become aware of her lack of panties. She quickly looked down and lifted her skirt to see no panties. This move however flashed Harry and Ron a great view of her pussy and the clit sticking out. Hermione quickly put her skirt back down realizing that they could see and then she quickly pulled the panties, she had found, on. Apart from this however the night passed relatively quietly.
Nothing happened for the next week, Harry and Ron were always looking for something to do with the orgasmit but found few opportunities to use it and the opportunities they did find did not appeal to them. Finally the opportunity arrived, it was in Transfiguration and they were practicing the disappearing spell again. Harry and Ron began to wait for Hermione to finish with her first feather and when she did and then reached over to grab another Ron and Harry gaped at her panties and looked at where they knew her pussy was. This made Harry and Ron rock hard. Then it clicked in Harry’s mind, he quickly leaned over and explained his plan to Ron. Ron nodded. Then Harry raised his hand and asked if he could go to the bathroom. As he left he put his orgasmit on the seat of his chair and flicked the switch. Then he quickly left. He waited outside the door for about ten seconds hoping Ron would get out in time. He did, barely. They waited with baited breath. Then after a minute had passed they entered the class.
What they saw was McGonagall sitting on her desk knees spread wide and her robes up to her belly button and her own wand in her pussy. She was old but the mere sight of this turned both Harry and Ron on to an extreme. Everyone else was staring at McGonagall with there moths open when one girl broke the ice. Pavarti Patil got up and removed her panties from under her skirt and threw them into the air then she went up to a boy and shoved her pussy into his face. The boy began to lick her like there was no tomorrow. Everyone else to the hint and started undressing. Harry quickly pulled his pants down and went over to Hermione she had her own skirt up and was fingering herself. Then Harry ripped her shirt down the middle to reveal about 32B tits and no bra then her pulled himself up to her and inserted his dick into her pussy. It was the most wonderful thing he had ever experienced then he noticed that while she was tight she was not a virgin. “Oh well” He thought and began to move his hips back and forth sending his 6 inch cock in to the hilt. He was soon fucking faster and faster. Harry looked around and saw Ron fucking the hell out of some poor virgin girl and there was actually blood on his 9 inch cock. But the girl just kept screaming “OH GOD YES DON “T STOP!”. Hermione was giving of some screams of her own.
“YES, YES OH GOD NO WONDER YOU’RE FAMOUS!” and “YOU FUCK ME HARD YES YOU MAKE ME CUM SO HARD!” She screamed this right as she came all over Harry’s cock. Harry felt himself building toward an orgasm and so began to fuck faster and harder.
“Oh yes!” Harry moaned as his cock sent spurt after spurt of cum deep into Hermione. Hermione didn’t stop humping but Harry slid out of her and got her down on her knees and then he stuck his cock into her mouth.
“Clean me.” He ordered as Hermione sucked his cock bobbing her head up and down on his cock. He looked around; the whole class was sucking and fucking each other. Everyone was trying desperately to cum and they were doing anything to do it. Two guys were even screwing each other in the ass! Everyone was fucking in one huge classroom orgy, some girls had even summoned dildos and two-ways out of no where and were fucking themselves or friends or just random people. One girl had even managed to summon a horse and was fucking it. McGonagall was still soloing with her wand. Hermione was sucking away at Harry’s cock and Ron was fucking an older students tits. Harry looked around as a hand touched him and there was a very pretty girl that Harry only knew by sight. She was bending over and spreading her ass cheeks, apparently inviting him to fuck her ass. He needed no second invite and he drew his cock out of Hermione’s mouth and he jammed it into the girls ass. She screamed and moaned and apparently was in pain but Harry kept fucking away knowing that she would adjust to it. Soon she did and was thrusting her hips back trying to fill herself with cock. Harry felt the beginnings of an orgasm and he was determined to fill this girls ass with his sperm. The girl began to finger herself like mad and soon she was screaming even more.
“YES OH GOD I’m CUMMING!” She yelled as she came squirting cum out and her ass tightened around Harry’s dick. This drove Harry over the edge and he blew his load right into her ass. Harry pulled out and stood up and had this girl clean his cock as he had had Hermione do. Harry looked around, Ron was cuming into Pavarti, Hermione had turned over a desk and was sitting on one of it’s legs as it slid in and out of her pussy, and McGonagall was now shooting spells into her own pussy, he could hear her shouting spells while her wand was up her cunt. Harry looked over and found a girl who was fingering herself and lying on the floor. Harry went over to her and lifted her off the floor using magic. Then he got on the floor himself and allowed her to float back on top of him, he then stuck his dick in her ass and started fucking her while she continued to finger herself. Then the horse Harry had seen earlier came over and Harry realized he was fucking the girl who had summoned it and it wanted to fuck her. So the girl while still fingering herself beckoned the thing over it came and she stuck it’s cock in her mouth. Now she was fucking herself in her pussy she was being fucked in the ass and the mouth by a horse and Harry. Harry fucked her as hard and as fast as he could while she went crazy on the two cocks in her. The horse was fucking her face and Harry fucked her ass that and her own finger was to much for the girl, she came HARD! Harry felt the orgasm rip through her and her felt the muscles in her ass milking his cock. He came shooting load after load into her it was the most intense orgasm he had had because her orgasm lasted though his own. Harry drew out of her and was going to have it sucked off when he remembered the horse in her mouth. The horse didn’t take to long to finish off though and soon there was cum leaking from her ass cunt and mouth, hard as she tried to swallow it all. Harry looked around a third time but this time could only make out Hermione and Ron fucking away and the rest was just a bunch of piles of people fucking. Harry walked to the front o the classroom and found a bunch of people passed out from cuming so much or just plain exhausted. Harry then saw McGonagall still fucking herself with her wand. Harry went up to her and pulled her robes up over her tits which he now noticed were DDs. He then pulled the wand from her cunt and replaced it with his dick, he then began to hump her. She was loving it, he guessed that this was the first cock she’d ever had that was this big. She loved the fucking she was receiving and she began grabbing her own tits. She cam on his cock at least three times before he finally came. Shooting his load deep into her.
Harry pulled out and tried not to pass out. He was spent he could fuck no more and he saw that Ron was in a similar state Harry quickly went over to the orgasmit and flicked it off. Most of the things that had been summoned (sex toys and the horse) vanished and most of the people quickly finished off and then passed out. They had been fucking for almost an hour and a half. Those that had had energy because of the orgasmit lost consciousness first then the rest. Before Harry passed out he put the orgasmit in his pocket and put a spell on the room so that everyone’s clothes were put back on and on the right people. After everyone was dressed Harry passed out to.
To Be Continued…

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