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Oh Yeah...
Joy was gone twenty minutes and re-entered the room just as Judy threw
the front door open. Judy saw John sitting at the dining table and
looked totally surprised to see Joy enter the room fully dressed and
conservatively dressed. Joy said, "Forget something?"

"Uh...yes, I forget my check book. I wanted to do some shopping after

Judy walked past the dining table, into the kitchen, and retrieved the
checkbook off the counter. She stopped on the way out to look at John.
He sat casually with his knees apart, showing the incredible tent in
his PJs. Judy tried to ignore the obvious, felt his forehead, then said
sternly, "Just as I thought. You're going to school, young man. If you
ever pull a stunt like this again, I'll ground you for a month."

"Aw, Mom!"

"March, mister. I'll give you exactly fifteen minutes. Move."

John got five steps up the stairs when his mother stopped him, saying,
"John, there's something else I want to say to you."

John turned around on the step to face his mother head on. His cock
jutted straight out obscenely, making Joy snicker silently behind Judy.
She gave him a thumb's up sign as Judy said, "Don't let me ever see you
making such a filthy display like this in my house again. Do you
understand me?"

John turned red but did not shy away. If anything, he postured more
while saying, "I can't help it. It's all biological. It just gets this
way sometimes."

"John, I am not an idiot. It gets that way when you think filthy
thoughts. If you thought about school, football, or fixing your car,
that wouldn't happen. If you feel that coming on, you'd better take a
cold shower or take care of it by hand. I know what you've been up to,
and it better stop right here and now. You vent your hormonal urges on
girls your own age. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, mother. Can I go now?"

"You now have twelve minutes. One more thing. If I ever see you wearing
those loose shorts without underwear around this house again, I'll have
that car of yours hauled to a wrecking yard. They're called privates
for a reason. Keep them private or lose your car."

As John rounded the top of the stairs, Judy turned to Joy and said,
"Let's go into the kitchen."

John tip-toed back down the stairs half-way, just enough to see the
back of his mother as she stood in the kitchen facing Joy. Joy noted
his deception with a sly nod which John took as a sign that he should
watch and listen. The first words out of his mother's mouth amazed him.
Her tone had completely changed from harsh disciplinarian, to one that
would be appropriate to a teenage girl talking to her best friend under
the bleachers as they checked out the football players buns on the
practice field.

She said, "Good, Lord, Joy! Did you see that boy's cock? It was all I
could do not to yank those fucking drawers down, drop to my knees, and
suck it."

Joy said, "I saw it naked, being shoved in my face. I came this close
to being raped by it."

"And you went and put on jeans? That doesn't sound at all like you. How
did you resist a cock like that? Or did you?"

"I don't know how, but I did resist. He tried to put that magnificent
fuck stick in me. I had to slap his face to get him to stop. He got the
head in. I'm sorry, but he was so fast and strong. It took everything I
had to get him to stop."

"He actually had the nerve to force his way on you?"

"He came down for pussy, and wasn't taking no for an answer. Please,
Judy, you know it's part my fault. Don't say anything to him. I've had
this coming. I really thought I could deal with him, you know, play cat
and mouse. When he showed me his cock, I was the mouse; he was the

"His cock is that good, huh?"

"Oh, Lord! You have no idea. When you look up penis in the dictionary,
a picture of your son's cock should be there. John could make a living
serving as a model for dildoes. He has the perfect cock, Judy,
absolutely perfect. You gave birth to the cock of your dreams, girl."

"And you resisted that cock? After you got the head of his dick in your
pussy? I need to take your temperature. I am amazed, Joy, truly amazed.
Before I commend you, I want to check to make sure."

"Aren't you afraid he might come down?"

"Oh, I see you don't want me to check. I noticed your robe lying on the
sofa. Evidently, you were naked with him. Drop your fucking pants,

Joy looked past Judy to John with a look that said, "See. Now watch
this." She undid her pants and shimmied them down her legs. As an after
thought, she drew one foot out so that she could step out wide, saying,
"I have nothing to hide, Judy. Honest, I was a good girl."

Judy knelt and peered between Joy's legs, then peeled back her cunt
lips and looked inside. While Judy was looking up her twat, poking and
prying with her fingers, Joy looked at John's astonished face and
smiled with a look that said, "Believe me now, stud?"

John could not believe his eyes as he watched his mother poke a finger
up her sister's pussy and dig around. She took her sweet time, then
stood and said, "Okay, let me see your tits. If there are no love
marks, I owe you a big apology."

Joy lifted her sweatshirt above her pendulous breasts. Judy examined
them closely using both hands on each breast in turn, again, to excess.
After playing with Joy's breasts, Judy stood back and said, "Joy, I
apologize. I feel just awful." Joy was pulling up her pants as Judy
continued, "I've treated you terribly since you got here. All those
threats, and my constant challenges. Well, I feel like an ass and a
real heel besides. I'm sorry, sis, I really am."

"Hey, forget it. The truth is, I came a hair's breadth away from living
up to your expectations. I haven't changed, I'm just trying extra hard.
I don't want to be kicked out. I need you and your hospitality

"I know, and I've used that to make you feel insecure. I was a brat.
Can I have a hug?"

John watched a touching scene where Joy forgot about him and melted
into her sister's arms. They both started crying and hugging each other
tightly. John lost his erection and began tearing up. He sat on the
step and watched them wipe each other's tears and kiss, not a sexual
kiss, but a kiss on the lips, several, in fact.

They hugged and kissed, and brushed each other's long hair with their
hands. They really did love each other, and John found that very
touching and also very comforting. He didn't know Joy that well, and
her ideas sounded like she was out to destroy his family. He set those
notions aside and thought about his headboard and the two sexiest women
he knew, up to their nipples in Pampers. His hardon returned with a

John eased up the stairs and got dressed for school. In the kitchen,
Judy broke the loving embrace to reach for her purse. She drew out a
credit card and handed it to Joy, saying, "I want you to have this,
Joy. This card has a five-hundred dollar limit, but I want you to go
out and blow it on yourself. You need some new clothes. Go crazy. Keep
the card, because I'm going to pay off the balance at the end of each
month. That means I'll fill it up again next week, and each month after
that. I want you to have your own money."

"Judy, this isn't necessary."

"Yes it is. No, I want you to have your freedom. I don't want you
totally dependent on me anymore. I can't handle that kind of power.
I've proved that. Besides, I want you here to keep an eye on John. Now
that I can trust you, I'll feel better knowing there's an adult in the
house. Frankly, I worry about that sex fiend being around those girls.
If he'd jump his own aunt, no one is safe, especially those two little

"I'll try, but I can't promise you anything. Like I said, Judy, I
haven't changed."

"I haven't either. I'll still put you out if I find out you're fucking
him. You keep his magnificent, perfect cock out of your pussy, and
we'll get along. Keep his cock out of Brenda and Bonnie, and we'll get
along wonderfully. Do you think you can do that for five-hundred bucks
a month including room and board?"

"I'll try, Judy, I'll try. If I were you, though, I'd be on my guard. I
pretty much set him straight about me. I don't think he'll try anything
with me ever again. I saw something in the way he was posing for you
that makes me think he just shifted his focus from me to you."

"That's nonsense. He wouldn't dare. I'd paddle his young behind if I
thought that."

"You'd better take this seriously Judy. I saw that look in his eyes. He
wasn't seeing Mommy, he was seeing a hot chick. I found out something
else. Those notches are for individual conquests."

"They can't be. He couldn't have had sex with twenty-four different

"Three are grown women. One is fifty-five, and one is that Babs woman
across the street."

"I doubt that. That sounds like hollow boasting."

"He's not boasting. I have experienced his seduction technique.
Someone, early on, taught that kid the ropes."

"If he did screw twenty-four girls, I'd say his first was an
experienced adult. If you'd been around when the notches first
appeared, I'd think it was you."

"When I told him you thought they represented fucks, he laughed and
said, 'If I carved notches every time I got laid, there'd be no
headboard left.' I believe him. I've seen his cock. I can see twenty-
four girls, three of them grown women, spreading their legs for that
cock every chance they get. I'm telling you, Judy. Watch yourself. The
kid is a real pro. You might be number twenty-five."

Judy blushed at these words, then said, "Honestly, Joy, just because
you fucked your sons, doesn't mean every mother does. I certainly
won't, and I know I can handle that little shit. You worry about you. I
can handle little Long Dong Silver."

"Fine, but don't say I didn't warn you."

John caught the last of that conversation, enough to put a smile on his
face. He trotted down the stairs and came up behind his mother. He
placed his arm around her waist and rested his hand boldly on her ass.
Judy looked surprised at this and simply stood there looking at Joy's
knowing look, a look that was saying, "What did I tell you?"

Judy calmly said, "John, sweetheart, if you don't take your hand off my
rear end, I'll take your hand off your wrist." John gingerly removed
his hand. After shoving John through the door ahead of her, Judy leaned
back in to say to Joy, "Not bad, huh?"

"Yeah, but your ass still tingles, doesn't it?"

Judy's smile left her. When she took her seat behind the wheel, her ass
was still tingling. She knew she should re-assert here parental
authority, but her ass tingled. She knew he deserved a good ass
chewing, but her ass tingled. She knew to remain silent while he eyed
her up and down in that cocky self-confident repose was stupid, but her
ass still tingled.
John knew her ass was tingling. He knew his bold appraising eyes kept
the tingle going. The only thing that bothered him about Joy's plan was
following her advice to the letter. He was not without seduction
techniques and proven abilities, and he hated the idea of winning
totally with someone else's methods.

They rode in silence for several minutes, then John said, "Mom, I'm
sorry I put my hand on your ass. That was rude to do that in front of
your sister."

Judy's face went flush. She said, "Yes it was." In her head a familiar
voice said, "You could at least put some anger in your voice."

He said, "I guess I was showing off."

"I guess you were." In her mind, Judy heard, "Damn, can't you say
anything better than that? He said ass. He can't talk about your ass
and get away with it. Can he?" Her ass tingled. She thought, "He can
when my ass tingles."

John said, "Sometimes, I can't help myself. You have such a cute and
sexy ass. There it was, facing me, looking cute and sexy. I just had to
cop a feel."

Judy's face was red and her mind yelled, "Oh my god! He is trying to
seduce me. Do something! Don't just sit there like an idiot with a cute
and sexy ass." She looked to John and said, "Be that as it may, I'm the
mother, you're the son. It doesn't look right." Her inner voice mocked,
"That really showed him. Now he thinks as long as no one's looking, he
can finger-fuck your asshole."

John said, "I love your legs, Mom. Did I ever tell you that?"

The car felt suddenly hot. She cracked the window, then said, "No, but
it won't work. I'm still taking you to school."

"I'm serious. I'm not trying to get out of going to school. I love your
sexy legs. You have sexier legs than all of our cheerleaders put
together. I've had them all, so I know sexy legs."

Judy took a deep breath then said, "Thank you, John. That's sweet of
you to say that, but..."

"But what? Can't I even give my mom a sincere compliment without being
made to feel like a dirty old man."

Judy took another deep breath, then said, "It's not that. It's just
that...I don't think...I mean, you shouldn't..."

"What? I shouldn't look at your legs. Is that what you're saying?"

"No, of course not. I don't mind you looking at my legs, and I like
hearing sincere compliments."

"Well, then what's the problem?"

"There's no problem." Judy's mind quickly said, "Don't stop there. Tell
him to stop trying to seduce you. Joy was right. He's after you now.
You're number twenty-five. Stop thinking of him as a kid. He's no kid.
He's a pro. You just invited him to look at your legs and give you
compliments on them. Your legs are your weakness, you idiot. At least
put your knees together and drive faster, you slut."

John sat with his back to the passenger door facing his mother, and was
again showing off an erection, this time one that ran down his right
pant leg. He had his left leg cocked on the seat with his right leg out
to stretch the jean material, giving Judy an accurate impression of his
length and dimensions. Every time she looked over, her eyes darted
down. The next time he caught her looking, he said, "I'm sorry about
getting another erection, Mom, but I can't think about cars, football,
or school with you showing so much sexy naked leg."

Judy turned red, but looked at his erection before saying, "I
understand. A woman should feel flattered when she sees one of those.
I'm sorry I over-reacted back at the house. You're right. It is a
biological response. I shouldn't have made you feel bad about it."

Judy kept looking at the enticing bulge the whole time she was talking,
giving her inner voice no chance to butt in. When she stopped talking
the inner voice started, saying, "I hope you realize you are making a
complete ass of yourself."

To quell the inner voice, she added, "I feel I need to apologize for
what I said...about the shorts, I mean."

John said, "What about them?"

"About your wearing them without underwear. You should be able to walk
around naked in your own house if you want to. I'm afraid I was trying
to impose my code of modesty and my inhibitions on you. I don't think
that's right now that I think of it." The inner voice mocked, "Yeah,
now that you've seen how good it looks." Another inner voice from
deeper down in the primal sector said, "Shut the fuck up. She's doing

John said, "I'd like to walk around the house naked, but I'll probably
get a hardon with all the females living there now. Won't that make you
angry, if you see me walking around you girls with a boner?"

Judy's face got redder and redder, but she said, "I'm sure I'll find
that a bit embarrassing, but like I said, that's my problem, not yours.
I promise, I won't get angry again." Both inner voices were fighting,
so Judy couldn't make out what was being said.

John could not hear her inner voice chastising her, but he saw the
internal struggle being waged and lost. He scooted closer. He sat in
the middle, openly staring into her lap, running his eyes up and down
her legs. He let her simmer under his skirt-penetrating stare. He
noticed her trying to breathe normally and trying to act unaffected by
his lewd staring. After a pregnant pause, he said, "I wish you'd wear
your skirts shorter. You should be showing more of your thighs when
you're seated. Your thighs look sexier the higher up they go. When you
wear knee-length skirts, you keep the best parts hidden."

"How, uh...How high do you think they should be?" Her mind recoiled,
shouting, "That's it! You're on your own now. You're just asking for
it. Why be coy? Take the long way to school. Give the boy wonder time
to work on you. Take the freeway; you know it's backed up due to road
construction. He'll never be the wiser." The other inner voice said,
"Good riddance. We don't need that prude bitch. Take the freeway. Let's
get this show on the road."

John smiled, scooted closer, then placed both hands at the hem where it
rested on her lap two inches above her knees. She said, "I think the
freeway will be faster."

As she turned onto the onramp, John slowly, devilishly inched the hem
up her legs and didn't stop until half her thigh was exposed. He said,
"This is considered stylish. Most women, ordinary women with ordinary
legs, show this much thigh when they're seated."

Judy looked down, conscious of how this might look to other drivers as
she slowed to join the pack that was converging into one lane. She
said, "John, people are staring at us. They can see where your hands
are and where you're looking."

John looked around to confirm this, then said, "Who cares? We don't
know them; besides, you look like a woman that would have a young
lover. That's probably what they're thinking. They don't realize we're
mother and son innocently discussing your wardrobe."

Judy now had tingles running all over, but especially below the waist.
John had turned both hands so that the fingers pointed down, laid along
the sensitive insides of her thighs. He had the hem pinched between his
thumbs and the edges of his hands so that his fingertips were two
inches further up the insides of her thighs than the hem was. He said,
"With your beautiful legs, I think you should wear shorter skirts than
this. Much shorter."

Judy could hardly speak, but managed a weak, " much shorter?"

Again, the hands moved devilishly slow, but Judy mentally focused on
the fingertips as they inched ever closer to the crotch of her panties.
If they stayed on course, they'd hit each of her labia lips. The tingle
moved to her pussy. Her labia filled with blood and swelled in
anticipation of the collision, both the one in her crotch and the one
with the car she almost hit. She felt herself becoming moist and wet,
wishing she'd worn a mini-pad. The hem climbed up her thighs until most
of her thighs were bare. The fingers stopped just a fraction of an inch
from making contact, as did her front bumper.

Judy looked down as John said, "I think you could wear them this short.
I think you should show this much of your sexy thighs. This shows the
best part of your thigh, the softest inner flesh just below your

Judy almost panicked at the sight of John's hands holding the part he
referred to, framing her sweltering vagina, causing her labia lips to
squish open and closed each time he gently kneaded the flesh on both
sides of her swampy twat. Gentle outward pressure moved her knees out
until the left was stopped by the door, and the right knee touched
John's left. She felt obscene in this position, especially with her son
kneading her crotch, or almost. His rhythmic squeezes caused her cunt
lips to chew at the crotch of her panties, making driving in one lane a
real chore.

Fortunately, she had moved into the single open lane which crept along
and no longer had eyes peering over from each side. John let his hands
slide closer toward the center and felt her become tense. After a few
good squeezes, he wisely released his hold on her tender inner thigh
flesh. He sat back and placed his left arm around her shoulder, letting
his hand rest naturally over her left breast. He waited to see if she'd
tug her skirt down.

Judy breathed a sigh of relief, but immediately missed the delicious
feel of male hands on her intimate anatomy. She left the skirt riding
high and made no notice of the hand that steadily increased pressure on
her turgid nipple. She figured they had twenty more minutes of one lane
inching along, then ten more to arrive at the school. A lot could
happen in her current frame of mind, but at least he couldn't screw
her. She resolved never to play this game where he could, but she
resolved to keep playing. She had never dated a man or boy with such
excellent seduction technique. She truly felt like she was under the
influence of a master, and she was awed by his skill. So far, he'd done
absolutely nothing wrong, giving her no opportunity to wrest control.

John waited and kept the heat going by staring where his hands had
been. Without her even being aware, he unbuttoned two of her blouse
buttons, and again, without her being aware, exposed the creamy upper
swell of her left breast.
Judy realized this for the first time when she felt a feather-light
finger's touch on bare tit flesh. When she saw that finger trace the
border where her bra cup cut across the top of her tit, she almost ran
off the road. Had they not been going so slow, the car would have ran
up an embankment.

After another pregnant pause, he said, "If I were your boss, and could
make you wear your skirts where I wanted them, they'd be even higher
than that."

Judy glanced over to him, looked down, then said, "In that case, I'm
glad you're not my boss. And, by the way, he has tried to get me to
wear them this short." His finger dipped under the cup and eased along
the top crest toward a meeting with a friendly nipple.

"Aren't you curious?" Nipple met Mister Finger and they danced.

"All right. If you were my boss, how high would my skirts have to be to
please you?"

He rolled and pinched the nipple while saying, "First, will you promise
to let me place the hem where I'd want it, regardless of how high that
might be?"

"Well, I've let you go this far. I see no harm in indulging you. You've
seen me in a bikini. You can't expose more leg than that."

"Yes, but we're talking about the length of your skirts from the waist.
I don't necessarily have to stop at the top of your legs, now do I?"

Judy gulped, looked at John, looked at his impressive crotch bulge,
looked at her lap, then said, "No, I suppose not."

"Well, will you promise not to stop me?"

Judy bit her lower lip, looked to John's eager face, thought about
Joy's warning, then heard an inner voice shout, "For God's sake, woman.
Get a grip." What she said was, "Let me think about it."

"Mom, do you know what I like best about your legs."

He nuzzled her ear as Judy barely made her reply audible, saying,

"They've got pretty feet at one end and a juicy pussy at the other."

Judy suddenly blurted out, "I think I've had enough of this game. You
get your hand out of my bra, scoot back over and sit quietly. I need to
concentrate on driving, and you need to think about something other
than female anatomy. Honestly, John, I think I need to get you into

John was smart enough to know that he went too far too fast. Joy would
call him a dumb kid, and tell him he blew it. The thought that he might
have blown it, kept him silent. He knew he needed expert help. They
rode in silence for ten minutes as Judy's tingles all disappeared, her
complexion returned to a normal hue, and her breathing became regular.
The silent calm was deceiving, for Judy was like a pressure cooker with
the cap removed too soon. Suddenly the awful silence was broken by her
yelling, "How dare you say such a filthy thing to me! I am your mother,
God damnit! I am not some damn whore you can talk foul trash to and

John winced as she sternly said, "Don't think I don't know what you're
up to. I let that charade go on to see how far you'd go. I want you to
know, I am shocked and appalled. How dare you feel me up like one of
your damn bimbos at a drive-in movie."

Her tone increased in volume and intensity with every sentence, and
John cringed under her verbal assault as she screamed, "I am your
mother; I am not one of those sluts you honor by carving notches in
your headboard. I am not one of your little whores, and you'd better
get that through your thick skull."

John now had to listen to his own inner voice say, "You dumb fuck. You
should have listened to Joy. Now, you're not getting anyone pregnant,
and nobody's going to be lining up to sample your loser cock. You dumb

Many long minutes passed in awkward silence. As the school loomed
ahead, Judy, in a softer voice said, "I'm sorry I blew up at you. I
know you can't help yourself. You obviously have a hormonal imbalance
that you'll probably outgrow. I'll try to be more understanding and
tolerant in the future. I wasn't really that upset, and I did enjoy the
flattery to be honest."

When the car came to a stop at the side of the gym where there were no
windows, they both turned to face each other. Judy patted, then
squeezed his thigh, saying, "I'll try to show more leg, and if I find
your hand on my ass, I won't dismember you. Just don't ever try that in
public again, okay?"

John smiled warmly, his heart pounding with relief. Though he could see
that the invitation was there, he fought the impulse to rub her leg or
reach under her ass for a parting squeeze. He thought it would be best
to consult Joy. When he gave her a parting peck on the cheek and went
for the door, he detected a disappointed look. After he shut the door,
Judy said impishly, "I guess you're still mad at me, huh?"

John gave her a serious appraising look, then walked around to her side
as she let the window down. He leaned on the window's edge and said,
"No, Mom. I'm not mad at all. You were right. I forgot you were my Mom.
I'll try to
remember, but I wish you weren't so damn pretty and sexy. You really
make it hard."

This put a smile on her face and a glow to her skin. They both caught
the double meaning. She said, "I know I make it hard, but that's what
we pretty girls do best. [He smiled; she smiled] John, I am very
curious. How high would I have to wear my skirts to please you if you
were my boss?"

She lifted her ass to free the skirt from beneath her, then sat and
held the hem in both hands with the fabric stretched taunt across her
upper thighs. He watched as she drew the tight line up until a gleam of
white appeared at the center. She impishly said, "This far?"

"No, much farther."

She boldly drew the hem past her pubic mound. With her legs unnaturally
far apart, but not quite obscenely spread, John could plainly see the
full crotch area, sopping wet and showing matted pubic hairs through
the transparent material. Where her clit and inner lips were pressed
against the fabric, pinkness showed through, and her labia lips clearly
outlined the form and dimensions of her vagina.

Judy was well aware of the vulgar display of genitals, as she was
looking into her crotch as well. The sight was too obvious to ignore.
They were both staring at aroused, adult, full 'n fleshy pussy in soggy
panties that should have come with a warning label - Warning: These
panties become absolutely worthless as a visual barrier if you get them
near moisture.

Her legs had pussy at one end. She said, "It looks like my legs are
just the way you like them, unless you find my feet unattractive."

"No, Mom, your legs are absolutely perfect, and you have very pretty

"Finish it, John. I want you to. That was rude and thoughtless of me to
puone on you like that when you were just being cute. Now, you are
being sweet and complimentary. I won't jump on you. I promise. Finish
it, John. Say anything you feel like saying."

John stared into her crotch as she spread her legs obscenely and tilted
up her pelvis, making a visual display of her pussy. He smiled and
said, "And you have a very juicy, full 'n fleshy, mature, drop-dead-
gorgeous pussy between your sexy legs, Mom."

Judy smiled through a flushed face, then said, "My goodness. I guess
you do like my legs. Now, back to my hemlines. Higher?"

"Yes, much higher."

Judy moved the hem up past the top of her sexy panties, exposing three
inches of bare tummy and her belly button. She said, "If I had to wear
them this short, simply wearing a belt should suffice."

"If I were your boss, your work uniform would be a patent leather belt
with matching high heels."

John reached in and hooked a finger in her exposed left bra cup, pulled
out and visually examined the breast he became so familiar with. Judy
watched along with him as her proud nipple showed off. She said, "You'd
be a tough task master to work for."

John boldly unbuttoned her blouse all the way, then pulled the bra cup
below her breast as he said, "If I had a fox like you working for me, I
sure would be tough." As an after thought, he went ahead and deftly
released the center clasp. He uncovered both breasts as his mother
watched in silence. He flicked first one nipple then the other before
taking the left one between thumb and forefinger to roll it, saying, "I
always wondered what kind of nipples you had. You have my favorite

"What, a pair?"

"No, Hershey's kiss nipples, big ones. I like dark rubbery nipples. I'd
like to see them when they're not erect."

"That would be like seeing if the refrigerator light actually goes off
when you shut the door." She saw his puzzled expression and added, "If
you are looking at my nipples, they're going to be erect."

"Oh, I get it. I'd better go before I rape you."

John released her tit and stood. Judy said, "John, if you occasionally
forget that I'm your mother, I'll understand, just as long as we're
alone. That's the best I can do."

"Great! That's all I ask. Well...there is one thing more."


"Could you also, occasionally, forget that I'm your dumb horny
son...when we're alone, of course."

"I already did, at home when you stood on the stairs, on the freeway,
just now, and a hundred times before today. I'm sure it will happen
again. We must try not to forget at the same time, though. That could
be dangerous if there's a bed nearby."

"Mother, you make me blush."

"You never blush. Go on, you're starting to look like a young Robert
Redford, and the back seat is looking like a bed."

"Yeah, I'd better. You're looking like Ann Margeret, and you're right,
that does look like a bed."

John leaned in the window and drew her face to his with a hand at the
back of her head. He kissed her softly and eased his tongue into her
mouth, just past the lips. At the same time, his left hand went into
her crotch and lightly cupped her sex with his fuck finger pressing wet
panty material into her slit. Judy melted into that kiss and her tongue
shot into his mouth. The kiss became stronger and more passionate as
month-long seconds ticked by.

John eased away after ten months. Judy tried to follow, but gradually
let him go. John sauntered off, and Judy drove off. John sauntered
better than Judy drove. He only tripped over a curb; she drove over

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2010-05-23 04:25:24
Very erotic,i also like the internal dialogue


2007-04-05 01:34:17
Too hot for my weak mind. Give me more!!! 9/10!


2007-04-02 11:53:28
i agree on the slowness of the plot makes it more realistic


2007-04-01 12:51:18


2007-03-31 21:14:07
A great and sensuous beginning, but for heaven's sake let the fucking commence. That mom wants a fucking. Don't disappoint us. 10/10

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