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The first time I saw her at an all too kitschy 50s inspired burger joint I was taken aback by the warmth of her smile. As I placed my order I was mesmerized by her confident gaze and bubbly personality. Up to that point I saw her only from her youthful chocolate face down to the promising swell of her hips. She was obviously short and very adorable.
It wasn't until she walked off to prepare the meal I'd just ordered that I noticed exactly how sexy this mocha angel really was. I found myself transfixed by her build which suggested she'd been raised on cornbread and collard greens. It would be cliche to say she reminded me of an ice cold bottle of Coca-Cola, but as cliche as it may be it was all too true. Watching her hips sway back and forth in her tight work pants made my mouth dry and my jaw seemed to almost gape completely open. I felt my dick jump through the fabric of my trousers as I watched her graceful wrist working a milkshake up and down on one of those stand-up blenders. Oh, how I wished I could feel what I hoped were soft skilled hands working my penis to a throbbing erection.
I guess it's only fair that I tell you when this sexy bronze soldier walked into my burger joint I was awestruck. He was handsome and polite. His hand seemed to linger as he handed me cash to pay for his order and it lingered longer still as I handed him back his change. I caught an interested spark in his gorgeous brown eyes. I'd always had a thing for a man in uniform and I might have been a little too flirtatious as I casually bantered with him. He told his name was Kurt, there was no need to ask mine as it was spelled in large letters on my name tag (VICTORIA). I felt myself seem to melt under his watchful eye and was all too content to get his order finished. I went to personally prepare it for him and made sure to give him a little show as I sauntered off. Every time I caught his eye I would try to convey my interest in him. He was extremely perceptive and as I went to hand him his food he coolly slipped me a $20 with his phone number written on it. I could do nothing but smile and promise to call.
The downside of things was that he was in town on military business. He was stationed at a base less than 5 hours from my home town he revealed later that evening in conversation. We talked for hours and hours about nothing and everything. He got and held my attention because he was so easy to talk to. Something in his voice told me that I could trust him to never hurt me or be "weirded" out by some of the things I enjoyed sexually. In all honesty from the initial hello one couldn't help but sense the sexual tension between the two of us. Over the next couple of days we exchanged phone calls and even came to my job to have lunch a couple of times. It wasn't until about a month later that the story gets more interesting.
I left that small town with one thing on my mind...when would I return and allow this Nubian goddess to experience all that I am. I was unable for a month to take any leave days to visit her, but as soon as I was able I did. While Victoria was physically appealing, I fell for her "go getta" spirit. She worked that dead end job as a consequence for some not so intelligent decisions she'd made in her youth. What I found the most remarkable and sexy was that despite all the hardship and adversity she faced, she was strong..and still so vulnerable in a way. She was too proud to be rescued from her sorrows by Prince Charming and that turned me on even more. So many women today are complacent and feel that they can get by on looks alone...this girl flawed though she was had the total package. It all added up to sexy as hell. I have to admit that over the month we talked on the phone I found myself having to end the conversation so I could beat off. As I coaxed forth what seemed like buckets of cum my head was filled with thoughts her and her sultry voice.
On the drive down I couldn't help but think but think of all the things I wanted to do to her. She'd hinted at the fact that she was freak. I wanted to test her limits. I'd seen her only fully clothed and as the road drew on before me I pictured each curve as one on her naked body. I drove about 20 miles over the speed limit the entire trip because I was so anxious to get to her. I knew she'd be at work until I got off, so we both agreed that she'd meet me at my hotel when she got off.
That night at work seemed to drag on endlessly. When the store finally closed I rushed through my closing duties and left without more than a, "kiss my ass bitches!" I admit that I might have been speeding a little along my already short route home but I really wanted to get to him. I quickly pulled into my driveway and raced into the house, where clothes went flying as soon as I closed the door. I quickly showered and then applied just enough baby oil to give my body a glisten like molten chocolate. Then I applied some cocoa butter to make my skin as soft and fragrant as possible. I carefully but quickly styled my hair and applied my makeup. I'd been smart and had lain out an outfit to wear before I left for work. First I put on a black corset that thrust my perky 38D tits upward and out. The thick black ribbon that bound my heaving breasts was tied in a very neat bow that just skimmed my round healthy ass. I then put on a pair of black lace boy cut shorts that accentuated my toned ghetto booty. Finally I put on some fishnet stockings that hugged every single curve of my legs and laced up my knee high stripper boots. I grabbed a coat that showed only my outrageous shoes and donned a black fedora. Before heading out the door I grabbed my bag, threw on my shades, and gave my lip gloss one last application. I sped the 8 minutes to Kurt's hotel.
She took about an hour and a half to get to the hotel because she had a long night at work. I took advantage of that fact and showered and set things up. I'd stopped along the way to pick up some of my favorite liquor to drink. It was chilling in the refrigerator while I lay fresh and clean dressed in sweat pants and a t-shirt. I'd made sure to not go overboard on cologne and I was ready to just hang out. W hen the knock at the door came I was slow to answer because I was taking off my shirt and trying hard to look sexy. I finally gathered my wits and composure and opened the door. BOIING!!! (That's all I can say)
No sooner than he'd opened the door I managed to get my coat unbuttoned so he could see what I was wearing underneath. The bulging eyes and hand moved to adjust, that I hoped was sizeable, his package told me he liked what he saw.
I just kind of stood there for a brief second. I'd admired her curvaceous frame during a couple visits to her job, but to see it in this manner was something entirely different. She seemed to lack imperfections and be surrounded by sexiness. I backed up to allow her to enter the room and she walked up on me as if I were metal and she a magnet. She pressed her soft, sweet smelling body to mine and then backed away. I breathed in her scent and turned to watch her as she strolled casually to the bed. As she slowly made her way toward the bed she peeled off her hat, shades, and last her jacket. I could almost hear the blood racing to fill my cock as she dropped articles of her disguise on the floor. My knees went a little weak when she stopped, posed, jiggled her ass a bit, and then spoke: "If you want to play you must play by the rules. Oddly enough there are no real rules. None other than you can only do what I allow you to do."
She perched on the side of my bed with legs wide open wearing only a corset, her fishnet stockings, and boots. She had one of her neatly manicured fingers stroking her bald pussy. I lickedmy lips and moved foward to get a closer look and her pink twat but she stopped abruptly. She moved her cunt juice soaked finger up to her glossy lips and sucked it dry. She pulled it out slowly lavishing the taste of herself and then wagged her finger back and forth telling me to watch only. She stretched her legs open wider and exposed her entire pussy to me. She made it drool and glisten with her skilled fingers. Even as she began to tug at her large dark hard nipples and writhe her hips on her hand I was glued to the floor..only able to watch. She worked herself up to a fever pitch and then stopped several times never allowing herself to orgasm. I could only stand watch with my dick jutting out from my body swaying and quivering each time she bit her lower lip. For what had to have been half an hour she kept me motionless, dead in my tracks watching her cunt ooze juice down her thick ass thighs. Streaks of her lube and the pattern of her fishnets teased my tongue. Her happy squeals seemed to be farther away than I wanted them. Again I ventured to move closer and was thwarted once more by her scrambling to attention.
The last time he ventured to come closer to me I almost didn't react in time. I told him that if he wanted to get any further he'd better have a sit in the wing back chair behind the desk. He looked a briefly dumbfounded but he quickly complied. I hopped up from the bed and worked quickly to remove the matching ribbons I'd wrapped decoratively around each of my arms. I walked over to where was seated, smiling away in the arm chair. I gingerly secured his arms to the back two legs of his seat with the ribbons I'd been wearing earlier. I strolled across the room toward the bag I'd brought for our weekend together. I found a couple of silk scarves that I used to blindfold and gag him.
When I say blindfold and gag, please don't misunderstand. I really unleashed my inner sex goddess on him. I rolled my hips and I glided seductively across the floor toward him. I stood before him and stroked the deep crevice between my melon shaped tits and then put one stocking clad leg over his body and straddled him. I gazed directly into his smoldering brown eyes and gagged him. He was willing by the time I blindfolded him. I could feel his enormous erection straining to get out of his sweat pants and into my warm core.
All the girl really had to do was pull back the elastic waistband of pants and grind my cock the same as way she was grinding on my lap but she wouldn't. I was gagged so I couldn't speak to her, but I could feel the warmth from between her legs. My mouth went dry again, I really wanted something to drink and it would have been nice if it were her. I wanted so badly for her to remove the gag and just straddle my face. I yearned to tell her that I could already taste her hot sweet juice dripping onto my eager tongue. Instead she ground her hips on me and freed her magnificant breasts so I could feel them on my face. She writhed and wound on my lap for what seemed like an eternity, all the while my dick grew harder and harder.
I'd be lying if I said that watching Kurt's body under my control wasn't extremely arousing. If he'd been a puppet and I the marionette I couldn't have made him move exactly as I wanted any better. Somewhere between the mixture of his cologne, his body shivering and shaking every time my naked skin touched his, and the way his breathing changed I unleashed. I hopped of his lap and placed my thick lips right next to his ear...and blew. My tongue slide to his ear lobe. I wrapped it around his ear lobe and drew his ear closer to my teeth. His breathing changed as I gently nibble his lobe. With my tongue traced my way down to his chest. Over his sexy caramel pecs and down to his belly, I licked swirls and circles all the way. I slid his pants off as I worked my way down his abdomen. Kurt's toes curled as removed his jockey shorts with my teeth.
His erection was massive and seemed to bob back and forth of its own volition. I fought back the urge to deep throat his enormous beautiful cock. My twat grew wetter and twitched slightly, suggesting perhaps she needed some attention. So I sat between Kurt's legs and spread my own. I drove my finger into my cunt and smeared the juices over my clit. My body tensed and released, I exhaled very heavy breaths dripping with sultry melodies, and Kurt was powerless to do anything. I reached up for the gag in his mouth with a pussy scented hand. I could bearly remove the gag for Kurt trying to lore my cunt stained fingers into his mouth.
The smell of her pussy ignited some sexual overdrive neuron that scientist need to chart. Instantaneously I wanted to taste her sweet nectar. If I couldn't have her twat in my face, I could at least suck her essence from her fingertips and so I did as soon as she removed the gag. She continued to masturbate between my legs. I wanted so badly to reach down and squeeze one of her bouncing tits each time she arched her back. The sounds that came from her beautiful. I closed my eyes and just drifted on the sounds she made. I leaned my head back helpless to join in the action and closed my eyes. Her moans took me mentally over every inch of her body in search of what I must do to evoke similar sounds from her. Watching this demure girl spread wide open on my hotel room floor was more erotic than anything I'd have ever imagined her doing. To see her there damn near fist fucking herself and to feel her soft skin brush against mine was more than I could stand. I tried in vain to loosen the knots she'd tied around my wrists. Where I should have been frustrated I was trickling slowly down a stream of lust that I could only hoped ended in a pool of ecstacy. It was just at that thought I felt Victoria's body tense and shake. I knew she was cumming and all I wanted to do was lap it from her pussy.


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Too hard to read, what with long paragraphs and no paragraph indentions. I gave up after a while.


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