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my story starts on the 5th of August a day i
I was in the back garden pottering as i do planting some fresh new flowers that filled the air with the heavenly smell of crysthamums, i heard the back door slide open and Josh came out and stood on the balcony for a while looking down at me in the garden, "Mum do you want a drink?" he asked, i looked up at him just standing there looking at me with a gaze i had never seen from him before, i replied back, "Yes, please i think there's some ice in the freezer and lemonade in the fridge", as it was a hot day i decided to cool down a bit from all the digging i had been doing."Okay Mum, I'll bring it out to you" he replied quickly and vanished back inside to prepare the drink. I decided to come back to the plants another time i wanted to relax as it was a weekend i rarely get off from work, i led down on the sunbed we had next to the pool and closed my eyes, still wondering about the mysterious gaze my son had given me a while back.

I heard the back door open again the sound of footsteps coming towards me, i opened my eyes to the view of Josh sitting on the sunbed next to me with just his swimming boxers on, for the first time in my life i stared at my son's corso looking at the rippling muscles the ran from his chest to his stomach, a sense of pride come over me, realising quickly had much my son had grown up. He passed me the drink of lemonade, with an equal stare to mine looking at my tits, i sat up quickly at turned to him and said "Thanks Josh, i think i need this" laughing a liitle, this made Josh snap out of his stare and proceeded to lay back on the chair. We were pretty much silent i don't know if it was because he was embarrased that I had caught him looking at me or something else that made him uncomfortable. I decided to break the silence by saying to him gently "So then, have you decided what college you want to study at?" He replied very quickly "No, Not really". Then came another silent and awkward pause before even trying to think of another topic to talk about, Josh said shyly, "Mum i need to speak to you about something that happened", I replied very worried and said "What is it Josh?" I had no idea what he was about to say next but i knew that it was important as he has never ever spoke to me about serious things he kept himself to himself. "Mum, I split up with my girlfriend". I didn't know how to take it i thought it would have been a lot more serious than it turned out to be, i said in a very serious manner, "Why's that hunny, What did she do to you?"

I looked him in the eye to reasure him that everything he told me would not be said to anyone else, "I told her that i wanted to have sex with her, but i also said something that kinda freaked her out" he said looking worried, "Come on you can tell me" i said reasuringly to him, he continued very unsure of what my reaction would be "I told that i wanted to act out a sexual fanasty of mine with her" i replied interested by saying "Go on" Josh still unsure of what may happened contiued, "I went over to her house and told her that i was ready to have sex, don't worry Mum i made sure that i had a condom, but before we had sex i told her that i liked to be pissed on", i brought Josh up to be open-minded about sex and no matter what he fanasties were they were nothing to be ashamed of. I told he that fact many times. "So what happened hunny?" i said quietly. "Mum she called me a pervert and shouted at me telling me that it was over and that she never wanted to see me again". He said to me with a very sad expression. "Aww hunny, that nothing bad if that your thing then it's fine it's not like it's illegal". I said in a saddened tone. But strangely enough when he told me that he liked to be pissed on, I began to become aroused i could feel my pussy started to wet from hearing it. Josh responded "Mum, i want to find someone that will do this with me and like it as much as me i've kept it quiet from my other girlfriends as i thought they wouldn't understand, i only hoped that i could trust her enough to accept it", I replied confidently to him, "You will love, it just takes time for them to adjust to your sexual tastes". He nodded and led back on the sun lounger and closed his eyes. I got up and walked towards the back, i forgot to get my sunglasses so i turned back round to get them, but then i saw Josh sitting up with his eyes fixated on me, i didn't know what to do or say so i just contiued to the back door without getting my sunglasses.

The next couple of days went by normally, except for one strange instance whenever i bent down to get something that i dropped or lean over, i always caught him looking at me. Infact i enjoyed it no one really gave me much notice but i knew that thinking about my son in a sexual way was wrong, i mean for god's sake i was his mother. So one day i decided to confront him about it, i wanted to know why he looked at my ass and down my shirt. I sat him down on the sofa i decided to go straight to point. "Josh i've noticed over the last couple of days that you've been looking at me whenever i bent down". He looked shocked at what i just said i continued by saying, "Hunny it's fine to look at me, but why do you do it?" Josh shocked as he was replied very seriously, "Mum when i told you about my ex-girlfriend i noticed your nipples had become hard, i've been thinking about you a lot, what it would feel like to have your hot pussy over my shaft and how well your pussy tastes in my mouth". I too had becomed shocked, but also knowing that i was becoming turned on by what he said to me, "Hunny, look having fanatises are great but you know it's illegal don't you' i said sternly "Yes i do but i can't stop thinking about you" he said with confidence. "Okay hunny, we'll do it sometime when you are free" i said trying to stop the conversation from getting out of hand, "Mum, i'm free now". I never would have thought he would say that. "Fine, let me get ready and i'll give you what you want." With that he ran out the room and upstairs. I went to the fridge to a beer to calm me down, i opened the beer and drank it down in one and proceeded to go up the stairs and into my room, i opened the door to Josh already there lying on my bed looking at me and smiling.

I undressed infront of my showing him my pert looking tits and hard nipples, seeing he face light up made me relax even more, i contiued to undress taking of my trousers and thong, revealing the soft curls of hair on my cunt formed into a perfect strip. I slipped under the covers while he was still amazed by my. Josh was already in his boxers but proceeded to take them off showing me his teenage shaft, it was already half erect and was an average size. He slipped under the covers close to me. I felt his hands roam over my body feeling every part of me, i turned over to face him and put one leg over his waist, moving closer to him i could feel his curly pubes brush against my clit which sent a electric shock over my body. I cupped his balls in my hand, rubbing them gently, while he was flickering his fingers over my hard nipples. I leant forward to kiss him, wanting to feel his tongue explore my mouth, we embraced in a passionate kiss feeling his hand moved down my stomach towards my very wet cunt. We contiued to kiss with his hand now on my clit rubbing it slowly and gently making me more turned on than ever. We broke from our kiss, and he removed his hand from my clit. I turned over to lay on my back throwing the covers of both of us to revealed our bodies in it's natural form, i spread my legs apart while rubbing my nipples to give me a boost. He looked unsure of what to do next even though i thought that he had already experienced doing this. All of a sudden he mounted me placing himself neatly between my legs, he kissed my neck, before moving down to my tits and licking and kissing each nipple softly, moving down to my stomach and kissing my navel and kissing my sides. He reached under and placed his hands on the small of my back lifting my ass off the bed.

He moved his mouth over my clit taking my swollen bud into his mouth, sucking and flickering his tongue on my fleshy mound, before running his tongue down my silt tasting my moist pussy jucies in his mouth his nose was nuzzling my clit sending shivers up my spine, he stopped suddenly and without any reason and looked up at me, "Mum i want you to piss on me" he said out of breath, "Ok hunny, lie on your back and i'll position myself over you" i responded, he moved onto his back on laid there waiting for my salty piss to come. I squatted over his face and tried to relax trying not to think about the fact that i was about to piss on my son. I rubbed my clit slowly relaxing myself even more, a trickle of piss splashed onto his cheek , i hoped that it wasn't it i wanted to help my son fulfil a sexual fanatsy and didn't want him to lose hope, i tried once more and this time gush of hot, salty piss flowed out of my pussy and onto his face drenching it and running down his chin, he moaned a little. i continued my quest on fulfilling my son's wish by continuing to piss on me him. he opened his mouth to taste my filthy piss and much to my surprise even started to swallow it, by now my motherly instincts had disappered. I talk in a low voice to him "Yes, Josh drink all of your Mum's hot piss, drink it all". As my pissing came to a slow trickle i looked down to notice that his face and hair was drenched in my salty surprise, my bed sheets were covered in my golden urine. He looked up at me, now stradling his hips, i reached round and felt his cock which was now fully erect and throbbing, i knew in my mind and by his expression that this night was not over yet...

if you did like this story then i made do another one continuing with this please write your comments down truthfully

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2011-02-03 05:41:46
great story i let my wife piss on me its great

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2010-06-13 08:12:36
my 13 yr old sister used piss herself when excited i used to take her to the field and wath her piss and wank she stopped at 16


2010-06-08 08:34:45
me mum dad my 2 sisters went to the beach mum wanted a pee told me to go into the sea and stand in front she went in up to her knees and opened her legs started to pissthrough her one piece costume during a huge piss she pissed all over my legs she said sorry i couldent stop we went deeper to wash ourseves and wanked in the water she asked me not to tell dad my sisters what had happened she said if i wanted to she would do it again i dont know if she cum when she touched herself in the deep water just smiled when she finished

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I always wanted a women to piss on me a my cock..

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Great story. Piss on me too please.

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