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Sarah gets to know her cousin better.
Sarah sighed as she slipped into the shower after a tiring day. She turned the spray on as hot as she could stand it and enjoyed the feeling of the water as it cascaded down her naked flesh. She sighed. When she had accepted the offer of a temporary reassignment to her nursing home’s “hospice care” department, she had expected it to be a relatively easy job. After-all, taking care of just one patient as opposed to half a dozen seemed like a good trade off. It hadn’t taken long to learn otherwise. The 83 year old lady she was caring for was a great-aunt, and it was her grand-daughter (Katie) who had asked for Sarah to take care of her while Katie was out of town for a month. The “sweet” old woman from family get-togethers had proven to be more demanding than all but the worst of her usual patients… She had Sarah as a captive care-taker 24/7, and made use of that fact to keep her running ragged through most of the day. The only real breaks Sarah had were when her great-aunt was asleep, and fortunately she had meds to insure that she slept through most nights.

Sarah looked at her nude form in the mirrored shower door as she took a washcloth and began to clean her body. Her 5’ 2” frame was well proportioned, kept slim by the exertions of her job. Her large, 36C breasts were firm over a narrow waist and long (for her height), slim legs. Dark blonde hair reached almost to her shapely hips as she washed it. When her hair was rinsed, she hesitated before carefully shaving away the blonde down that was just beginning to appear between her legs. One of the two men who had taken her virginity for the first time six months earlier had shaved her pussy, and for reasons she still couldn’t really put a finger on, she had kept it bare since then.

As usual, the simple act of shaving her mons brought to mind the crazy things that had been happening to her over the last several months. She had lost her virginity on New Years to a pair of men she had never met before… not entirely willingly, at least to begin with. Not long afterwards, she had somehow ended up being fucked nearly every other day by a patient in the home’s rehab center for several weeks. That situation had forced her to go on birth control, and she was so disconcerted by her own reactions to the whole situation that she had kept right on taking them, even after Steve Bryant had left rehab. The whole craziness had been capped off recently by an encounter with another female nurse in the home’s steam room that, to be honest, she tried not to think too much about.

Her religious upbringing had done nothing to prepare her for dealing with the desires that had been awakened in that hotel room on New Years. She’d gone from never even thinking about sex, to a point where now all it took to get her pussy throbbing was shaving her smooth mound, and allowing her memory to take over.

As the water turned tepid and then cold, Sarah realized that she had been fingering the soft folds of her slit. Her clit tingled with the sensation as she rubbed it with her thumb. She shook her head to clear it, and then exited the shower. When she was dry, she put on her pajamas… consisting of an ancient pair of sweatpants cut off at the knees, and an even older white t-shirt with a soft drink logo fading away on the back. The shirt was so thread-bare that as the dampness on her skin soaked in, it became nearly translucent and her nipples – taut from the chill of the air against damp skin – became darkly visible against the thin cloth.

Sarah made her way into the kitchen where she planned to make herself an evening snack before crashing in front of the TV for a couple of hours to unwind before heading for bed. As she puttered around between the fridge and the cupboards, she failed to notice that she was being watched from the shadows of the hallway that led to the door into the garage.

Jack was Katie’s brother. He stood seven inches taller than Sarah, and had scruffy, dark blond hair. He had played football in high school and had decided when he had started driving truck that he wouldn’t let himself to go just because he was sitting in a semi cab for hours at a time. To that end, he exercised as much as he could, and had a trim, muscular body. He lived with his sister when he was in town, which was infrequent due to being a busy long-haul trucker who enjoyed being on the road and was rarely between runs. In fact, Katie had expected him to be gone until after she returned from her trip. The job he had been expecting to be on had fallen through at the last minute, however, and since he was close to home, he had decided to take a couple of days off before scouting for a new load. Jack had been surprised by the sight of his cousin for a moment before remembering that the last time he had talked to Katie, she had mentioned to him that Sarah would be here while she was away.

He had been about to call out to her when her appearance stopped him. In the past, she’d always struck him as a bit on the frumpy side, and her usual jeans and baggy shirts couldn’t honestly be said to flatter her figure. He was a bit shocked to discover that with the cut-off sweat shorts and shower dampened, nearly transparent t-shirt, he could see that she not only had a figure, but a damned good one at that. The realization gave him an instant hard-on and rather than alert her to his presence, he stood and watched her move around the kitchen instead.

His gaze followed her for several minutes, taking in the ample swell of her tits as they filled the thin cloth of her shirt, and enjoying the outline of her large nipples against the damp cotton. His hand lightly massaged the bulge growing in his jeans as he enjoyed the view of his cousin’s softly curving body. He shook his head to clear it, then moved quietly back to the door to the garage, opened it silently, and then shut it more loudly. As he did, he called out.

“Sarah, you here? It’s Jack. My run fell through, so I’m back for a couple of days.”

He heard something in the kitchen clatter as she jumped at the sound of the door and his voice. A moment later, she came around the corner into the hallway. He tried not to stare at her chest, and nearly succeeded.

“Jack? Nossa, you startled me! Katie said you wouldn’t be back for another week.”

He shrugged, “Like I said, the job fell through at the last minute, so here I am. How’s Granny doing?”

“Her usual, ornery self.” Sarah replied as she walked back into the kitchen. “Her doctor has her on sleep meds, so she at least sleeps through most nights.”

Jack followed, enjoying the sway of her hips as she walked ahead of him. Back in the kitchen, Sarah told him she had been making a snack for herself and asked him if he wanted anything. He shook his head and replied that he’d get himself a beer out of the fridge. As he did that, she moved over to the kitchen’s island and resumed filling a bowl of ice cream to go with the already poured glass of coke. As she puttered around with the food, Jack turned to watch her. His mind raced with the possibilities as he admired her slim, curvy figure, and the long blond hair that covered her back. After a moment’s thought, he came to a decision.

“Hey Sarah, Could you grab me a beer glass from the cupboard there. They’re the tall ones on the third shelf.” He grinned as she opened the cupboard and discovered the glasses he had asked for were almost two feet over her head, and sitting in a position that required her to stretch to reach them. As she tried to get a grip on one, Jack moved up behind her. Before she could react, her cousin slid one hand up inside her t-shirt to grasp one bra-less tit, while the other ventured inside her shorts to cup her mound. She jumped at the unexpected invasion, and he whispered loudly in her ear, “On second thought, I think I’ve found something I’d rather have.”

Sarah gasped for breath as the shock of feeling her cousin’s hands on her body drove the air from her lungs. She moaned as his fingers probed between her legs and found her cunt still damp from the finger job she had given herself in the shower. She squirmed in his hands as she found the breath to protest. “J… Jack, what… what are you doing? You… we can’t. Uhhnnn… uhhnnn… We’re c… cousins… you can’t…”

Jack was more than a little surprised at her relative lack of resistance. He continued to squeeze the soft flesh of her tits while probing deeper into her wet pussy, amazed to discover that she became wet almost as soon as his fingers began their work. His voice buzzed against her ear as he replied to her feeble protest, “Haven’t you ever heard of `kissing cousins’? I’ll bet there’s more we can find to do than just kiss.”

Sarah’s mind reeled as her cousin drove his fingers in and out of her. By now she was so aroused by the attention he was paying to her throbbing cunt and her aching tits that even the token resistance she had managed moments before was rapidly vanishing. She moaned as he finger-fucked her pussy, and as he pressed his body against hers, she could feel the hardness of his cock through the cloth barriers that separated his maleness from her ass.

Abruptly, his hands left her body, and she whimpered at the sudden shock of their absence. She felt rather than saw him quickly remove his shirt and unfasten his jeans, allowing them to drop to the floor where he shoved them away with his foot after kicking off his sneakers. Then his hands were back on her, raising her t-shirt over her head and tossing it in the general direction his own clothing had gone, and pushing her sweats over her hips to pool around her ankles. His large hands moved to engulf her large tits and he lowered his head to suckle her neck as he fondled her.

As he held her trembling body close to his, Sarah could feel the thick hardness of his naked cock as it pressed between her asscheeks. Her hands gripped the edge of the counter as he plunged two fingers back into her steaming snatch and began to roughly finger-fuck her toward her first orgasm.

“Uhhh… Uhhh… Ooohhh! J… Jack, nooo! You… you’re making me c… cum! Aaahhh, I’m… I’m cumming! Aaahhh!”

Jack felt her cunt spasm around his fingers as she came, and he shook his head in amazement, “Shit Sarah, you’re really getting into this! Miss religion herself and here you are cumming like a slut. I’ll bet you’re not even a virgin, are you?” Without waiting for an answer, he pushed her legs apart with his feet, exposing her swollen, pink target.

Sarah felt his body move behind her. She could feel his muscular hips and chest press against her ass and back. Her taut, pink nipples ached as Jack tweaked them with his left hand while positioning himself behind her with his right. She could feel his long shaft press against her swollen pussy lips. The wetness trickling out of her pussy would soon ease his penetration. She gasped for breath and moaned as her cousin prepared to enter her. Sarah felt his fingers search for and find the folds of her slick pussy lips, and as he caressed them, she gasped for breath and pressed against his hand. Finally, he began to push inside her, so slowly he knew she'd feel every inch. “Ungh!” she breathed as the swollen head met the resistance of her tight entrance. He felt huge! Just the head seemed like he was filling her with a fist! She cried out as the massive knob finally forced its way into her, “Ohhh, nossa! It’s so big… Aaahhh!”

Jack slowly pulled out and then slid back inside, feeling her pussy clamp tightly around his meat when he did so. Sarah was starting to pant, especially when Jack's big, rough hands moved to fondle her aroused tits from behind. As his hips began a steady rhythm of thrusts into her dripping pussy, she felt her core rising toward a massive orgasm. Sarah felt Jack's cock drive deeper and deeper inside her and she cried out again, squirming, wiggling her hips, and trying to take him all at once. Her movements sent tongues of fire shooting from her loins and through her belly while her cum eased his entrance into her body

Jack thrust his hips forward and drove his whole cock inside her until his crotch was buried against her ass cheeks. He moaned at the tight heat surrounding him. “Fuck,” he breathed in a mixture of pleasure and pain, and began to pound her harder. Sarah bit her lip, trying not to scream out each time he crashed into her. As her orgasm hit its peak Sarah cried out, “Ohhh, aaahhh!” She spasmed, and clutched at the strong arm surrounding her chest, while Jack continued to hammer away behind her. Jack grabbed her by the hair and tilted her face so he could slide his tongue into her mouth.

Sarah gasped around his tongue and winced at the feeling of his thick shaft pushing back past the folds of her throbbing cunt as he drove deeply into her womanhood, bottoming out deep within her with each thrust. “Ohhhh, nossa!” she cried out. Over and over, he slid all of his girth into her from behind. Then he began powerful, piston-like fuck motions, savoring the way his cousin’s body shook under his assault. He loved the sound of his hips slapping against the skin of her round ass as he pounded her good and hard.

Jack grasped her thighs and wiggled his hips against her, sliding his hands up and down her silky smooth back. Slipping his hands between her arms and chest, his fingers cupped her firm tits as he began humping her even harder. Sarah could feel his giant cock go deeper and deeper into her cunt. Then he pulled part way out only to sharply drive back into her tight sheath. As he continued to fuck her pussy faster and faster, Sarah cried out, “Oh! Oh! Please d… don’t stop! Uhhh! Uhhh! Please... Please... Ohhh! It feels... Yesss Yesss!”

By now, Sarah’s cousin was moaning along with her as he enjoyed the feeling of his cock embedded inside her tight, wet pussy. The sensations his maleness was causing deep inside her made her moan in time with his rough thrusts. Her whole body tingled and began to spasm violently as she orgasmed repeatedly. Each time he bottomed out deep inside her womb, her climax seemed to grow in intensity. Jack moaned and Sarah's breathing had become short and erratic. Her thighs spread wider, seemingly of their own volition, as he crashed into her again and again, each time feeling as though he was plunging deeper into her waiting center.

Abruptly, Jack pulled out of her throbbing pussy. Sarah moaned as she felt his shaft leave her body.

“Uhhh, d… don’t stop!”

Jack turned her around to face him, and Sarah got her first view of the massive rod that had just been inside her tight cunt. It wasn’t as long as some of the cocks she had been fucked with since loosing her virginity … maybe 7 or 8 inches… but its girth made up for it. The shaft was bigger around than her wrist, and its swollen head really was nearly the size of her fist.

He lifted her into a sitting position on kitchen counter. With a grin he began to kiss the young nurse’s neck, working his way down to her hardened nipples.

“Ohhh…! Jack, what are you doing? We shouldn’t… Ahhh!” Sarah gasped as his lips fastened onto one aroused tip.

The young nurse moaned as her cousin sucked hard on each nipple. Slowly, he moved down her body until finally he came to the swollen cleft between her legs. He brought his mouth eagerly down upon her shaved slit, and Sarah moaned in ecstasy as she felt the pleasure his ministrations caused course through her body. She bucked and moaned loudly as he began eating her out. His tongue pressed as far as it could inside her body.

Sarah grasped his head as he fucked her with his tongue. Her own head thrashed from side to side and she gasped and moaned as he devoured her juicy cunt for what seemed like an eternity.

As Jack continued to dine on Sarah's snatch, she began to totally lose control of her own body. Her burning pussy bucked towards his questing mouth, her thighs spasmed in time with the thrusts of his tongue. Her cousin slid a finger deep into her soaked slit. He roughly finger fucked the tormented young nurse, all the while lapping at her swollen clit.

“Ohhh nossa! Again! Ohhh… I’m cumming! Oh, please… make me cum! Ahhh!”

Sarah’s body convulsed, as she was lost in another orgasm. Her legs spread wider and she arched on top of the counter in an intense climax. Jack continued to lick her juices, enjoying the feeling of having over-powered her inhibitions.

At last, he stood in front of Sarah and spread her legs farther apart, and she felt his large cock rub against her labia. He moved up between her legs, positioned his giant tool toward her inviting pussy and drove it all the way in. Sarah let out a long whimper, “Aaahhh! Pleeease fuck meee!”

With his right hand, he reached between them and found her clit, sliding his finger over the organ in a way that he knew would keep her pussy wet for him. Sarah moaned and bucked upwards as he slid in and out of her sheath. “Oh nossa,” she moaned. “It's sooo big!”

She could feel his chest hair rub against her breasts and nipples as his hands slipped between her arms and torso to grip her shoulders. He thrust his thick manhood all the way inside her tight hole, penetrating Sarah’s womanhood with the full eight inches of his rock hard cock. He began to move in a rocking motion, and then drove in and out of her throbbing snatch like a jackhammer.

“Ahhh… Ahhh… Ahhh… Ooohhh!” Sarah moaned as his cock drove her closer to her climax.

He lowered his head to one erect nipple and sucked hard, nursing its aroused tip and causing shocks of erotic pleasure to race from the sensitive mound all the way to her throbbing core.

She felt his voice rumble against her skin as he ordered, “That’s it, baby. Say it! Say you want me make you cum with my big cock! Cum for me!”

Sarah managed to gasp out a pleading in response, “Ahhh… Yes! Ahhh… Ahhh… P…please, do it! M… make me cum! F… fuck me h…harder!”

Suddenly, Jack pulled back and withdrew his cock until the tip rested against her swollen pussy lips. He moaned and as he held his cock poised at her opening, and then drove it back into her, the impact of his hips against her mons causing her whole body to shake as the engorged head drove deep into her belly. Sarah felt an intense orgasm erupt deep between her thighs and she bucked against his hips, driving his cock even deeper as she came hard around him.

Sarah felt his massive steel shaft swell as her cunt muscles spasmed along its length. Her hips rose to meet his final thrust as he took aim at her womanhood.

“Oh God, baby... I'm cumming! Feel me cum in your tight pussy!” he shouted as Sarah’s whole body shuddered with her own orgasm and writhed beneath his hands as he arched his back, pulled her cunt tight to his crotch and launched stream after stream of steaming hot cum deep inside her throbbing pussy.

His eruption filled her and began to trickle out of her pussy around the massive shaft. Thrusting one last time against her to make sure every last drop of his cum was inside her cunt, Jack moved one hand up to caress the smooth skin of her belly. He enjoy fucking his cousin, he decided, stroking his tongue along her sweaty neck and nibbling on her ear as her body trembled and took all of him deep inside.

As they both regained their breath, Jack lifted Sarah off the edge of the counter, his still-hard cock remaining embedded deep inside her. She slumped against his chest as he carried her into the living room, where he grabbed a couple of large pillows from the sofa, and lowered her to rest on the soft carpet. One of the pillows, he placed under her hips and the other went beneath her head. When he had her positioned, he raised her legs to give him better access and began pumping into her again, each stroke penetrating deeper and deeper. He pinned her arms above her head and kissed her. Oblivious to anything other than the orgasmic sensations that filled her body, Sarah opened her mouth to his advances, allowing his tongue to tease hers.

His lips moved slowly on to her cheeks and neck, before traveling to cover her mouth once more. His tongue plunged inside to wrestle with hers. As his cock filled her, he displaced some of their cum which oozed down her legs, forming a puddle under her ass cheeks and staining the pillow beneath her.

Jack’s hips rose and fell as he slammed into her, each stroke feeling like a hammer blow to Sarah as he drove his massive cock into her. Moan after moan escaped from her lips as she felt the rising tightness inside her, announcing that she was on the brink of another orgasm.

“Ahhh.....Ahhh......Ahhh......Ahhh,” Sarah steadily chanted in time with his strokes. She laid her head back on the pillow, but her hands moved to grasp his muscular arms as she strained against him. Her hips bucked to meet his thrusts as she took his thick maleness deep inside her steaming cunt. His balls slapped softly against her ass with each down stroke. Sarah felt herself tense then cry out with another intense orgasm.

“Ahhh, Sarah, I’m gonna to fuck your tight pussy all night,” he grunted as he paused to savor the feeling of her tight cunt as he rotated his cock inside her. He began humping her harder, his hips pistoning in and out like a jackhammer. Without warning, Jack rolled over and Sarah suddenly found herself on top, riding his engorged mount. His large, calloused hands surrounded her narrow waist as he ordered her to begin fucking his shaft.

The feeling of her tight pussy being stretched by his massive cock made her body tremble as her body impaled itself on his maleness. She cried out with the intense pleasure as he moved inside her, “Uhhh… Uhhh, Ohhh, Jaack… ahhh! You… you’re so h… hard, so b… big inside me!”

Jack’s hands traveled up her sweat sheened body, and cupped her breasts as they rose and fell in time with her movement on his shaft. He mauled her tits, squeezing them and rolling the aroused tips between his fingers before grasping her soft shoulders, pulling her down for another deep kiss. He leaned up and whispered in her ear, “Your pussy is so hot, Sarah. I knew we could be more than just “kissing cousins”. You’re such a good fuck.” He kissed her neck, sucking until he left his bright red brand on her sensitive skin.

Slowly his kisses traveled from her neck down her shoulder and finally back to her tits. His tongue flicked against one taut nipple, and she jumped as a jolt of pleasure shot through her. Her breathing grew shallow as he nursed each tit in turn, driving her intensely aroused body to the brink of another massive orgasm. Just before she was ready to cum, his mouth moved to kiss its way back up to her lips. He buried his hand in her long blonde hair, and pulled her head down to explore the warmth of her mouth with his tongue.

As he kissed her, his fingers began to trace the lines of her smooth, soft body. His mouth left hers and he whispered in her ear, “Do you like having me fuck you, Sarah? Tell me you want me to fuck you some more.”

Sarah gasped for breath as she tried to answer, “Uhhh…Y… yes, fuck me more! It feels so… uhhhhhh, so g… good!” She whimpered as he suddenly raised her off his cock and sat up, “Uhhh, Jack, p… please don’t stop!”

He turned her to face away from him, and then settled in to kneel between her spread legs. His right fingers dipped between her legs to spread her pussy lips as he prepared her waiting passage to accept him once again. He guided his cock to press against the swollen pink folds of her womanhood, then both hands moved to grasp her hips as he buried himself all the way inside her quivering body.

“Ohhh... your cock is sooo big...oh nossa,” Sarah moaned as her cousin began to piston in and out of her throbbing sheath. The feeling of his muscular body crashing against her softer flesh as he drove in and out of her pussy sent her over the edge. As her climax overwhelmed her, Sarah cried out, “Ohhh yes!! Oh, oh yes, d… don’t stop! Ohhh, I want your c… cock inside me! Fuck me, Jack! Uhhhh, fuck me h… harder! Oh, oh, oh, Ohhh… I'm… I’m cumming! Ohhh, please fuck me harder!”

Sweat dripped from Jack’s body, mingling with the sheen of sweat that covered Sarah’s back as he pounded in and out of her. He was moaning in time with her now as his pace increased. He turned her head and kissed her deeply, the soft pressure of his tongue invading her mouth as he frenched her for several minutes while fucking her from behind.

“Now I’m going to fuck your ass, Sarah,” He whispered in her ear softly as one hand moved to fondle her breast.

He slid his cock from her pussy and pressed the large head against her ass as he prepared to enter her back door. It felt so hard and thick against her sensitive skin. Sarah just moaned as her orgasm addled mind tried to relax for this new penetration. His hands parted her cheeks as his huge cock-head touched her tight asshole.

Sarah’s back arched as he pressed his massive cock into her tight ass. She bit her lower lip as he pushed most of the way inside, then began slowly pumping his hips back and forth against her.

“ are tight Sarah!” he groaned as he fucked her, slowly at first to give her a chance to get used to his girth. Jack slowly pulled out and then thrust back in quickly. Sarah’s breasts swayed back and forth as he slowly increased the speed of his thrusts. The pain of his initial penetration subsided and her pussy began to tingle as a new orgasm began to grow between her legs.

Jack grabbed a hold of her long, blonde hair and Sarah bent herself further down to give him a better target for his powerful thrusts. Reaching between her legs, his fingers found her clit and his thumb rasped across the swollen nub while his fingers fucked her soaking wet cunt.

“Ohhh... ohhh… Ahhh, nossa!” Sarah moaned as his hard thick cock drove in and out of her ass. She cried out as her climax erupted as he finger-fucked her in time with his thrusts. “Ohhh... harder... fuck me... harder!”

With one final thrust he stopped himself before he could begin to shoot his seed inside her ass. They both collapsed onto the floor, his muscular body pressing hers into the carpet. Jack slowly pulled his cock out of Sarah’s ass, rose to his knees and pulled her up to kneel in front of him. He made her straddle his thighs facing him, and instructed her to take his cock in her small hands and aim it at her snatch. With his hands around her narrow waist, he raised her up until she had the thick head of his cock poised against her pink, swollen folds. “Put it inside you, Sarah,” he commanded.

Sarah obeyed, parting her legs wider as she slid down his thick rod, filling herself with his manhood. He began moving inside her, his steel rod splitting her pussy again and again as she rose and fell against him. His cock was so big and hard. She could feel it throb deep inside her body as it pistoned in and out.

His hands encircled her waist as he hammered into her pussy. She saw his gaze fix on her breasts as they bounced in time with their love-making. His hands moved over the smooth skin of her flat belly, his fingers stroking the soft, flushed skin as his thumbs played with her navel. His mouth captured one nipple and then the other, suckling them to hard peaks, before moving to trace the faint scar that ran between her breasts.

Sarah gasped as he licked and sucked the sensitive skin in the hollow of her throat. Her hands moved to the back of his head, urging him to continue. He paused inside her as he kissed her neck, then moved to trace her shoulder and throat with his tongue before moving on to french her waiting mouth.

As they kissed, Jack slowly withdrew his cock from her tight channel, and held it just outside her swollen folds. Sarah’s hips thrust against him, searching for the massive tool she needed to fill her throbbing cunt with. Her hands grasped his waist and she pleaded with him, “Uhhh, Please put it in me...! Please… m… make… l… love to me, Jack! Ahhh, Fuck my pussy!"

With one quick thrust, Jack buried his manhood all the way inside her throbbing womanhood. His cock bottomed out deep inside her, causing her to gasp as she was being completely filled by him. He lowered her back to the floor as he prepared to give her one final fuck.

Sarah’s legs rose to wrap around her cousin’s waist as his shaft slowly pistoned in and out. Her ass rose and fell to meet his thrusts as he fucked her tight pussy. His hands engulfed her ample tits as he leaned in to kiss her. Sarah’s head rose to meet him as he French kissed her passionately. Her hands moved to grip his tight ass, and her fingernails dug into his skin as he fucked her harder and harder. His lips followed his hands to her breasts, capturing one aroused peak in his teeth. He nipped lightly at the hard tip, and then began to nurse it, sucking roughly. “Shit Sarah, your tits taste so good!” he murmured against the flushed skin. As he sucked on her tit, his massive tool crashed in and out of her pussy, the huge head crashing into her until it drove her to the edge of another her orgasm.

Sarah was hanging on for dear life as Jack’s thrusts increased in speed and intensity. She reached up and gripped his muscular hips as he hammered away at her dripping pussy. Each time he thrust inside her, she shuddered and moaned, swallowing hard as his movement became more urgent. She could feel her climax building deep between her quivering thighs, and also felt his cock beginning to swell as he approached his own orgasm.

Sarah was making whimpering sounds as he pounded her harder and harder. “Aaahh, ooohhhaaa,” she moaned as her cousin fucked her tight pussy. He leaned in to whisper in her ear, bending slightly to get more of his incredibly thick cock into her tight hole.

“Ah, fuck Sarah! Say it. Tell me you want me to fuck your tight pussy and cum inside you. Beg me to fill your hot little snatch with my cum!” Jack continued his fast hard fucking, knowing he would cum inside her soon. He grabbed her hair and tilted her head back, and then thrust his hips forward, shaking her tits as she continued to moan and tremble in his arms.

Sarah’s orgasm had long-since taken complete control of her body and mind as Jack’s huge maleness drove her from one climax to another. “Ahhh, uhhh, uhhh, P… please! Please…” Her voice trailed off as the hand at her belly reached down to finger her swollen clit.

“Please what, Sarah?”

“Please c... cum…

“You want me to cum in your pussy?”

"Oh, oh, yes, Ohhh yesss, ! Cum inside me! Make me cum! Please make love to me, Jack! Fuck my pussy Ahhh… fill me with your cum! Uhhh, your cock feels sooo good!"

Her pussy exploded in orgasm around his huge cock as it drove faster and faster inside her. Sarah’s naked body glistened with sweat and she gasped for breath as Jack pounded into her. Her breasts bounced beneath his frantic thrusts, as the rough fingers of his hand mauled their soft skin. Her head strained to toss back and forth as she obeyed his demands again, “Ooohhh, please, ooohhhaaahhh! Don’t stop! C… cum inside me.”

“Ahh! Shit, yes! You’re such a good fuck, Sarah!” he breathed in ecstasy, as he was engulfed by her moist heat.

Sarah bit her lip, trying not to scream each time he thrust into her, but finally cried out, “Oh, nossa!” as she spasmed and clutched at his wrists as he continued to fuck her harder and harder.

“How does it feel to have my big cock inside you, Sarah?” he grunted as he paused once again to grind against her. He could feel the thick head of his manhood plunge deep into her womb as he crashed against her.

Sarah could barely answer as she came around the steel shaft buried in her throbbing womanhood, “Uhhnn... ohhh.... It’s so big inside me!”

Jack lifted her right leg and rested it in the crook of his arm, then planted both hands around her narrow waist. Once he had repositioned her, he pulled his cock almost all the way out and held it at her opening for a second, teasing her. “Ready for the final fuck...?” he whispered.

“Ahhh... Y... yes! F… fuck me!” she pleaded desperately.

He suddenly slammed back into her and she cried out in ecstasy as his cock-head bottomed out deep inside her throbbing center. Then he again pounded into his 23 year old cousin like a jackhammer. Sarah’s breasts shook up and down as her hips met each of his powerful thrusts. Jack knew she was close again and changed his movements ... rotating and grinding his hips against her ass, then just pounding into her fast and hard. Sarah spasmed as Jack continued to fuck her until he drove her toward a final orgasm.

Jack pulled her head back by her long, blonde hair and his tongue traced the muscles of her neck. He suckled her earlobe, and kissed her face before finding her open mouth and slipping his tongue inside to stroke hers. His free hand moved across her smooth belly, and then up to her swaying tits.

The 8 inch cock between her firm thighs continued to pound away at her pussy. Sarah moaned louder as she started to cum, crying, “Ooohhh, ooohhh, yes! Ooohhh fuck me! Harder… harder! Fuck my pussy!”

Jack pulled his mouth away from hers as he continued to drive his massively thick shaft into her. Finally, it was too much. Sarah’s cousin grabbed her hips and pressed her pussy tightly against his crotch. With one final thrust, he bucked between her widely spread legs one last time and planted his cum-shaft deep inside her womb.

“Oh God, Sarah... I'm cumming! Feel me cum in your tight pussy!” he shouted as her whole body shuddered with her own orgasm and writhed beneath his hands as he arched his back and launched stream after stream of steaming hot cum deep inside her throbbing cunt.

Thrusting one last time against her to make sure she had every last drop of his seed inside her, Jack moved one of his large hands up to caressed her flat belly. He really enjoy fucking his cousin he decided, stroking his tongue along her sweaty neck and nibbling on her ear as her body trembled and accepted him all the way up inside her.

When they had caught their breaths, Jack stood up and helped Sarah to stand as well, He took her hand and led her toward his sister’s bedroom.

“Here I thought I was going to have a boring time of it before I found a new contract. Now I think I’m gonna have plenty to occupy my time for the next few days.” He paused with a lecherous grin on his face, “You know, I don’t think Katie’s ever brought a guy home. I think it’s about time her nice big bed got christened, don’t you?”

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2013-10-25 23:13:56
suB0Vh Enjoyed every bit of your article.Really thank you! Cool.


2008-04-16 05:18:23
I presume u r a male cos no girl worth enything is still pure at 20. I would b suprised if she was at 14!!!!


2008-04-14 04:59:59
i'm 20 and still a virgin. :[ i want a good fuck!


2008-04-13 14:27:34
Great story. I've enjoyed all the Sarah stories, this one especially. Get Sarah pregnant in future sequels.


2008-04-11 16:56:01
Kinda fucked up but I have some hot cousins =/

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