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Harry yanked his arm out from the death eaters grip. "Harry potter, so nice of you to join us." Voldemort said with his back to Harry looking down at Cho's lifeless body. "Tell me Harry, how does it feel to loose another loved one? You have been a thorn in my side for way to long and you shall die on this night. Do you have any last pleads for your life?” he said turning to look Harry in the eyes.

Harry was steaming mad by now and had almost forgotten his plans. Harry lowered his wand slowly to his side but keeping a firm grip on it. "Do you have any last for YOUR life" Harry mocked him back. All Voldemort could do was laugh at Harry, "Stupid stupid boy. Do you not realize how far I have come in life? I am immortal and after I kill you no one will ever question my powers."By now Harry just felt like mocking him because he knew if he could distract him he could execute his plans. “Oh are you talking about your seven Horcruxes. Yeah I know all about them. Dumbledore told me all about them before he died."

Harry saw the shock on Voldemort's face and smiled, "Didn't think I knew did you? Well I do and I’m pleased to tell you all but two have been destroyed." Harry reached into his pocket and pulled out Ravenclaw's wand from his pocket. Harry saw Voldemort's eyes light up and look at the wand. Voldemort tried lunging at the wand but Harry just backed up a little.

"Now let’s negotiate here." Harry told him feeling confident in his actions. "You release every here and ill face you one on one. The better man wins." Voldemort did not like this one bit, "How about you face me here and now in front of everyone or my death eaters will start killing your friends." With this all, the death eater withdrew their wands and pointed them at a student of their choice.

Harry thought that this would work in his favor and started thinking of a new plan. Meanwhile Voldemort took his silence as weakness, "I can always make new Horcruxes by using your classmates here. Kill them," Harry yelled but it was too late. The death eaters each sent out their own curses. One by one student fell over, Seamus, Katie, the Pavarti twins and some other students Harry did not know. Harry Took out his wand and yelled, "Now"

Harry jumped sideways and shot whatever curses came to his head at the death eaters while receiving his fair share. Ron, Hermione, Ginny and the others jumped up and fired their own curses at the death eaters. Hermione threw the extra wands to members of the order who grabbed them and jumped in on the fight. During the confusion, Voldemort's snake vanished from sight. Harry had his wand in one hand and Ravenclaw's wand in the other.

Harry had an idea to try to break it as he hid behind a desk. Harry took the wand in his had and snapped it in half but nothing happened. Harry set it on the floor and with a few select words set it on fire. Its flames glowed black emitting red smoke from it. Harry knew this had worked and decided to go after Voldemort. Harry lifted his head up and saw Voldemort and Wormtail exit through the door. As Harry got up, the desk he was behind exploded with a powerful curse, which knocked him off his feet.

Harry regained his structure and bolted for the door. He saw Voldemort's cloak disappear around a corner that lead to the front doors. Harry took some hidden passages and wound up right behind Voldemort as he headed out the front door. Harry stopped at the door way because Voldemort and Wormtail were standing there looking up into the sky. Harry looked up to and saw Gwarp standing there, "You not leave. Hagger I stop them." Hagrid came running and stopped at the ankle of his brother who had grown considerably since the last time Harry saw him.

"Turn around and face me you coward. This ends here and now and I promise you I will be walking away." Harry felt more confident than he had ever felt before. Harry held his wand straight out toward Voldemort and Wormtail slinked off to the side. "Very well, Potter if you choose to die today I will accommodate you. "Avada Ked..." Harry was quick on the uptake, "Expelliamus"

Their wands had connected again with lava like lights spewing from both of their wands. Harry however was ready for this and pulled out the mirror his godfather gave him. Harry lowered his wand and at the same time lifted the mirror in its place. Voldemort jumped out of the way just in time for his curse to burn the side of his robes.

Harry threw down the mirror because it had been destroyed by the impact. He then raised his wand at the now dazed Voldemort. "Crucio" was the first spell to Harry's head but it had no impact. "HA HA HA you still don’t mean to cause me harm do you." Voldemort said raising his wand. "Let me show you how it’s done. Crucio." Harry saw the wand light heading straight at his head. Harry did not know what to do. He just prepared for the curse to hit him. "AAAHHHH"
End of part 2
To Be Continued...

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2011-08-16 16:26:34
What the bloody motherfuckin shit is this


2007-04-01 22:35:41
i couldnt put it any better than the last guy. great story, i love the idea about the pheonix. its worthy of one of jo's ideas.


2007-03-25 22:49:13
anyone who doent like it go suck a freaking cock i dont care what you all say it was pretty good to see what you think might happen in this story

insult doesnt apply if your a woman....think of something equally bad and then you can go and do that

brdman keep it up i liked it a lot

and all the rest if you dont like it so much why are you reading it you fucking idiots no one is putting a gun to your head and telling you to so shut the fuck up---now

brdman again i liked it so keep on keeping on


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2007-03-24 03:15:00
ignore the people who hate as it says at the top, non erotic, therefore no sex, i think the early sex stuff was great and to see a return would be excellent. the non erotic adaptation and your view on how the story will play out in the next book is very insightful, there is detail in there that not many people would have thought of, keep up the good work

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