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Even on the elevator ride up to their room, Mark and Cindy couldn’t keep their hands off each other. With their lips locked together in a passionate kiss, Mark glanced up watching which floor they were on. “Bing”, the elevator landed on their floor, as the couple headed out to the open balcony to their room.

Walking fast, they almost knocked over a kid yelling to his father in the parking lot below. Already having the key out, Mark attempted to unlock their room, number 817. Cindy reached around and grabbed Mark’s half swollen cock through his swimming shorts. Cindy was horny and was eager to get his throbbing dick between her legs.

The red light on the lock started to flash and Mark had to retry again. His mind wasn’t on unlocking the door, but on the attention his dick was receiving. He was horny and after being married for ten years, it wasn’t often that his wife couldn’t keep her hands off him. He wondered what made her such a slut all of a sudden but he really didn’t care as long as he could plunge his throbbing cock into her tight pussy hole.

Finally able to unlock the door, Mark let Cindy go ahead of them into the hotel room. Grabbing her ass on the way in, she turned around as soon as she heard the door close. Looking into each other’s eyes, they moved closer together and entered into another passionate kiss. While kissing with Cindy’s arms wrapped around Mark, he slid his hands and caressed the sides of her plump tits. She moaned in pleasure as she pulled away so they could get naked.

Quickly, Cindy pealed away her one piece swim dress while Mark pulled down his red swim shorts. Looking over at Cindy, Mark still admired her large body. Even though she had put on weight since the kids, Mark found her even more irresistible with her long thick legs, huge tits, and plump belly. Too bad Cindy’s attitude about her large body was negative, which is why she usually resisted sex from her husband.

A few things lead to her being so horny. First was they were on vacation and she had no alone time to get herself off. Mark was there with her every move and that just built her already large sexual appetite. The other was the young man she was watching on the beach play volleyball. With his shirt off showing is manly body and his cute Boy Scout look, Cindy became wet just looking at him play.

Mark was always horny and it didn’t help being in Florida on spring break. Watching all the young college girls walking around in skimpy tops and shorts and being on the beach with the girls in bikinis sent his blood down between his legs. One girl in particular was in his thoughts. It was s chubby girl with long blonde hair. Even though Cindy was making fun of her because she was in a bikini, Mark liked the way she looked. It isn’t often that a girl her size is comfortable enough to be dressed like that in public.

After getting naked, the couple ended up on the bed. Lying side by side facing each other the couple engaged in another seductive kiss. Mark rubbed the soft flesh of Cindy’s left breast as she reached for his cock. With it becoming swollen from her touch, Mark started to grind his hips meeting her stroke.

Mark in the heat of the moment, pushed his wife onto her back. With Cindy spreading her legs open wide, Mark positioned himself between them. Bending over to kiss his luscious wife, his swollen cock rubbed the entrance to her body. Being in just the right spot, his cock plunged into Cindy’s dripping wet pussy. Sliding his member in and out, Mark enjoyed the sensation of Cindy’s vagina sliding on his flesh. It was difficult for him to stop, but he did knowing that if he came this early it would be along time before his cock would be visiting her tight hole.

Sliding his cock out of her body, he kissed down her large body. He spent much time teasing and loving her gorgeous tits. Giving each breast a turn, he stopped and licked all around the nipple while caressing the sides of her flesh. This drove Cindy mad with desire and it released tons of pleasure through her body. After teasing his beautiful wife, he opened his mouth taking each of the nipples inside. Sucking with great suction, he hardened the tips and made his wife moan with pleasure.

Moving down her body, he kissed her belly and her thighs. She had her legs spread open wide and begged her husband to stick his tongue in her slit. He didn’t, at least right away, as he teased her inner thigh. Getting closer and closer to her love hole, Cindy started to feel his warm breath on her moist pussy. Begging to be fucked, Mark dived his tongue between the wet folds of her pussy. Her love juices flowed as she moaned from the sensation between her legs.

Licking up and down the entire slit, Mark lapped up her dripping juices as he held her pussy open with his hands. Her throbbing clit was his next target as he slid his tongue in a circular motion around the love button. Grinding her hips into Mark’s face, Cindy tried to get more pressure on her swollen clit. With more and more force, Mark was soon giving her clit the direct contact that it desperately needed. Flicking his tongue over the swollen piece of flesh sent waves of pleasure through Cindy’s body. The pressure was building in her loins as she enjoyed the sensation she was receiving.

Oh, how Cindy needed to cum as her breathing increased and she started to yell out to her man. Ordering him to fuck her harder with his tongue, Mark started to suck her swollen clit. The sensation was too much as Cindy felt the crest of her orgasm arriving. It built inside her and she was breathing heavy with the anticipation of cumming. Mark taking two of his fingers plunged deep into her tight hole. That was it; that was what she needed to crest the hill of her orgasm.

Screaming, the orgasm exploded inside her body. Yelling at her husband not to stop, the pleasure raced through every inch of her body. Subsiding a little, she felt the pressure rise again before flowing through her conscience. Moaning and screaming, the explosions shot through her body until Mark, who was exhausted, needed to come up for air.

Cindy though how good of an orgasm that was and knew she better pay back her husband. It was his turn for his pleasure. Lying alongside his wife, she pushed him on his back and took control. Grabbing his cock, she stroked it up and down as she kissed her husband. She tasted her juices in his mouth as their tongues tangoed.

Cindy getting up moved herself so she could suck her husband’s cock. Opening her mouth, she slid the swollen rod between her plump red lips. Moving her head up and down, she let the throbbing cock guide her move. Trying to achieve vacuum on her husband’s dick, she kept a tight seal with her lips. The moist hot sensation was building Mark’s orgasm as he watched his wife’s mouth wrapped around his cock.

His orgasm was building and Cindy was good at sensing that. Grabbing his balls with her hand, she massaged the sack trying to build his pressure. Cindy felt him bucking fast into her hot wet mouth. Not wanting him to cum in her mouth, she let his cock drop out. Mark started to complain, but Cindy told him how she wanted his throbbing cock inside of her while leaning over to kiss him.

The couple kissed for a moment allowing Mark to cool down. After giving him sufficient time, Cindy got up and stood above him on the bed. Mark holding onto his cock begged Cindy to lower herself onto his throbbing cock. He didn’t need to beg because Cindy wanted it deep inside her body. Still wet from her massive orgasms, Cindy rubbed her pussy before lowering herself down.

Stooping above her husband she grabbed his cock and guided between her waiting lips. The soft warm flesh greeted Mark’s cock with wetness as she lowered herself all the way onto his throbbing cock. With it deep inside her she began thrusting it in and out of her dripping tight hole. Mark, reaching up, grabbed Cindy’s huge tits and massaged the nipple with his thumb.

With the bed squeaking and Cindy moaning loudly, the couple raced towards their orgasms. It was impossible to pace with each other as both moved trying to achieve the busting sensation. Cindy pounded up and down on Mark’s rod as he met her every thrust. Building closer and closer to climax, the couple started to daze into fantasy.

Cindy fantasized about the college stud. Imagining his cock being much larger, both in length and girth, than her husband’s, she thought what it would be like to ride a much younger man. Almost old enough to be his mother, she knew that he would have been a good fuck. Probably not able to last long, he would use all his energy trying to please the older Cindy and having more loads to shoot, would fuck her body non-stop for hours. After several orgasms, she would lay in his arms exhausted while they built their strength to fuck again. He would want to try every position possible even the ones she has already tried with her husband. The intensity of being with a younger man would pace perfectly with her sex drive and satisfy her burning sexual need.

Mark with his cock deep inside his wife, thought about the young chubby girl. Not having many guys her age chase her for sex, he knew that she would be easy. Treating her right would unleash years of sexual frustration in the young woman. Tired of masturbating, she would crave Mark’s every touch and with his mouth buried deep between her legs, would experience the sensation of multiple orgasms. The waves of pleasure would flow through her body as he wouldn’t stop his tongue. She would let him do anything to her after that and Mark would fuck her in multiple positions before sliding his cock into her ass. She wouldn’t really like it but is something every woman tries. Mark would be the only lucky guy to have his thick rod in her tight hole. Even though it hurts she rubs her pussy to orgasm as his cock plunges in her rear hole. She would cum hard as the mixture of pleasure and pain explode through her body. Mark, not able to take too much of the tightness would shoot his load into her squeezing hole. His cock would go limp in the hot tightness and slide out all soft.

Mark and Cindy didn’t know the other was thinking of someone else. They didn’t real care. The point of no return went off in the couple simultaneously causing each of them to grunt and scream as the ultimate pleasure took over their bodies. Exhausted they snuggle in each others arms, chatting before falling a sleep. They are in love and wouldn’t trade anything to fulfill the fantasy that both craved. They dare not tell each other in fear of hurting one another. This is true love and they are happy


2009-01-01 22:39:23
This story is poorly labeled. Young? NOT! Anal? NOT! (But that's a good thing.)

The story was also very sad, and therefore not erotic. They were each thinking of someone else while fucking each other, and you think this is what true love is about? *rolls eyes*



2007-03-28 00:33:52
Great job! your doing great. keep up the good writing. 10/10


2007-03-24 11:58:07
what fucking dogs?


2007-03-24 08:39:31
Terrific. Well done and very close to what actually happens between man and wife. I know.


2007-03-24 06:44:33
good story but where are the doggies!?

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