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Finale, hope everyone enjoys!
John was on his bed slowly jacking off when Joy walked in. She gave his
cock a few pumps, then said, "Kid, you are about to enter the contest
of your stud career that will test your true abilities, and you'll be
on your own. Your mother and I agreed on a contest. She has to spend
one hour with you on her bed, wearing what she had on when you last saw
her. You can't do anything sexual to her without first obtaining
permission, but your goal is to fuck her. If you fuck her, you'll get a
whore for a year that will do anything you want, anything. Your whore
can refuse you nothing."

"Mom went along with this? If I fuck her, she'll be my whore?"

"I didn't say that. I said if you fuck her, you'll wind up with a
whore. It'll be her or me depending on a side bet we have that you
can't be privy to. Well, are you up to the challenge?"

John sat up, excitement written all over his face. "Fuck, yes! I know I
can fuck her in ten minutes. In an hour, I can fuck her three times. I
can fuck her in the mouth, ass, and pussy in that time."

"You just see that you fuck her pussy, and don't be over confident. She
has a lot riding on this. She can control what she thinks, and you
can't touch her. Don't go in there all cocky, swaggering, and
confident. If you never made love before, you'd better learn how fast.
If you don't know foreplay, you're not dipping your dick in anything

"I know what she must have told you, but I'm an expert at foreplay. I
can make any woman cum without touching her. She's fucked, Joy. I
guarantee it."

Joy stood smiling and said, "You're on stage in one minute, stud. By
the way, your sisters and I will be watching and rooting for you, but
don't think about us being there. You concentrate on Mommy. Good luck."

"Wait! What the fuck happened to your hair?"

"Your mother made me take shears to it so you'd look at her and not me.
Cool, huh?"

"Yeah, real cool."

Judy had a few minutes alone with her daughters. They had brought
chairs with them and set the chairs at the foot of the bed. Judy
explained the wager, even the side bet. She warned them not to say a
word, and told them there was no chance they'd be seeing a sex show, so
they needn't look so eager.

Joy returned earlier than expected and took her seat between Brenda and
Bonnie as Judy moved to the center of the bed, straightened her top,
pressed her knees together, and reclined on two pillows, saying, "You
didn't tell him about our side bet, did you?"

"No, all he knows is that he gets a whore for a year if he gets his
dick in your pussy. He knows it will be you or me, but he doesn't know
how that's to be determined. And don't you tell him, either."

"I won't, but it doesn't matter. He's not getting that far. Go ahead
and smile, but I have never been more determined, and I don't have an
aroused cell in my body. The sooner this is over with the better. After
that, they'll be leaving, but you'll be staying a long time. You can
start practicing tongue exercises."

When the door opened, Judy looked, then immediately dropped her head to
the pillow. She looked at a point on the ceiling and began reciting the
Lord's prayer: "Our father, who art in heaven, hollowed be thy name..."

John entered wearing only the leopard skin briefs. He smiled to Joy and
the girls, then advanced to the bed. He crawled up and laid alongside
his mother without touching any part of her with any part of him. He
laid his head on the pillow with his mouth by her ear. She continued
her prayer, focused in space, her arms held stiffly at her sides with
her legs held tightly together.

He talked softly over her words, saying, "Mom, I'm sorry for the way I
acted. I was a jerk, but I had to do that. [Judy kept reciting the
Lord's prayer, but in a lower voice where she could hear what he was
saying.] I knew I had screwed up earlier this morning. I went after you
the I would any other girl. I never would have had the courage to try,
but I spied on you and Joy when you went into the kitchen. I heard you
talking about my cock, and talking horny."

Judy was on her third Lord's prayer, but missing words unless it goes:
"Our kingdom done, our will be come."

John talked on, saying, "I saw you feeling up Joy, and I saw you
differently. I thought I had a chance to realize a dream I'd had for
years and years. Mom, I've wanted you as far back as I can remember.
Even as a little kid, I'd get hardons thinking about you naked. Just
looking at your sexy legs got my little dick hard. I thought I had a
chance, so I went for it the only way I knew how, by making the chick
fall in love with me. I'm good at that. It never fails. I wasn't
thinking about how that might hurt you. I was only thinking of myself.
I wanted it that badly. I didn't care how that might affect you."

And Judy said, "Forgive us this day our daily bread and give us our

"When I got home, Joy told me how upset you were, how crazy you were
acting. She told me what a dumb thing that was to do, and I felt really

Judy stopped praying to say, "So you ran right out and fucked

"No, I went and got laid twice, hoping by doing so I'd be able to
control myself when I saw you again. I knew I had to undo the damage
I'd done, but I was afraid that if you even looked at me with those
sexy eyes, I'd melt. I didn't dare come home horny. That's why it took
so long. I couldn't get you out of my mind."

"Four score and seven years ago, our fathers which art in heaven.."

"I knew I had to treat you rotten if you had that lovie look in your
eyes. I hated to do it, Mom. I really did, but I knew I had to make you
stop loving me that way even if it cost me the one thing I wanted more
than anything in the world--you on my headboard. I really am a jerk,
Mom, but I'm not that bad a jerk. The truth is, I love you and respect
you. I adore you, but I still want to fuck you and add you to my list
of conquests. I still do. You would be the greatest conquest of all. I
would not notch my headboard with a pen knife, I'd take an ax and chop
a big chunk out of the very center. When people saw that chuck and
asked, 'Wow, who was that?' I would puff up and proudly say, 'That, is
my mom.'"

Judy stopped talking and got up to face John on one elbow. She looked
him in the eyes and said, "John, you look right in my eyes and tell me
what you just said is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the

John looked hard in her eyes and said, "I swear on my love for you, not
romantic love, but the love a son has for his mother, every word I said
is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me

Judy got up on her knees, and John got up to receive her hug. Judy
embraced him tightly while saying, "Oh, John, I just knew you couldn't
be like that." She broke the embrace to cup his face in her hands,
saying, "Everything you said makes sense, now. You're good, John, you
are so good. I fell head over heels in love with you. I haven't felt
like that in years, but don't worry, I'm wide awake now. I see what
happened. I was starving for intimate affection and male attention. I
was ripe for the plucking, and I admire you for not taking advantage of
me in that condition."

She turned to Joy and said, "And dear sister, I love you more than ever
for what you said to him. I would have thought you'd tell him to go for
the kill. Joy, that was really sweet."

"Sweet, schmeet, fuck the kid. You owe him."

Judy smiled, then returned her gaze to John, saying, "I know why you're
here, but I can't let you fuck me. I can't explain now, but after this
hour is up, after I get on the pill anyway, I'm going to give you the
best fuck you ever had. And, I want it raunchy dirty, too. I'm
ovulating, John. That's part of the problem. I can't take any chances.
You're a scoundrel, and I know that. I'll make it up to you, though.
When you call me a whore, I'll smile big, even in front of your

"You know I have to try, don't you?"

"I know, but I'm telling you straight out, you may not put your
magnificent cock in my very wet and horny pussy. There is one thing we
can do that I'm sure you'll like. Remember what I said I'd do if you'd
wear these briefs? I'm still willing, and they came for a show. I'd
hate to disappoint them."

"Mom, there's something I have to tell you about that."

Judy smiled and said, "I know. Joy told me. I don't care. Maybe the
girls don't know. Why don't you tell them."

John turned to his sisters and said, "I've been fucking Grandma for
several years. She was my first, in fact. I fucked her right before I
came home. Grandma wanted me to get Mom to clean my dick and balls with
her tongue."

Bonnie said, "Yeah, we know. Joy told us. Let her do it, John. We want
to see Mom lick Grandma's pussy juice off your cock. She loves pussy

Judy said, "Hear that, John? We have the audience in the palm of our
hands. Why don't you lie across the foot of the bed where they can all
get a good look at this. Let's give them a good performance. Let me
know if you feel like cumming. I want to jack you off in my face."

John got in position on his back, his stiff dick stretched the fabric
to its limits. The waist band was stretched two inches clear of his
washboard stomach, and a dark spot stained the material that went over
the crown of his dick. Judy knelt facing the girls and began untying
the top, saying, "I think I should be naked for this."

Judy stripped her blouse off in a sexy tease, then rolled her nipples
and molded her breasts. She then stood on the bed and undulated her
loins while teasingly removing the belt. She ran a finger into her
moist slit, then entered her hole for a sensual finger fuck. She
withdrew the finger and sucked it, bringing smiles to everyone. She
stood naked with her legs apart. She framed her sex and did a bump and

She then dropped to her knees and kissed the wet spot over the head of
John's dick. She took the waist band in her teeth and tugged it over
the top and down past his balls. John's arching cock shot up, pulsing
with his heartbeat. Judy used her hands to work the briefs down his
legs and off with a twirl. Joy said, "Wait, Judy. Let me get Mom on the
phone. I know she'd like a blow-by-blow."

Judy said, "I'm sure she would. Go ahead, but I don't want to talk to

Joy got up and used the remote phone to make the call. She returned to
her seat as Emily answered. "Mom, this is Joy. You'll never guess what
I'm looking at....Okay, you guessed....yes, they're right in front of
Brenda, Bonnie, and me, stark naked on Judy's bed. John's lying on his
back across the foot of the bed, and Judy is kneeling at his hip ready
to lick his slimy dick....No, it wasn't her idea. I thought of calling
you, but Judy liked the idea....Yes, she knows....It was my
pleasure....No, she's waiting for my go-ahead. I'm waiting for

Joy looked to Judy and said, "Start licking your mother's pussy juice
off your son's cock. Her words, not mine."

Joy returned to the phone, saying, "Yes, Mother, she's licking up and
down the shaft....Yes, we're all leaning forward with our elbows on the
edge of the mattress. We want to see that she's licking it good, and
she is....She's making a face, but a pleasant face. She has this look
that says she'd love to lick the cunt that could produce such a
wonderful flavor....I'll pass that on. Hold on....

"Mom said she'll spread her legs wide for your tongue any time."

Judy stopped to say, "Tell her I'll take her up on that offer."

"Did you hear that, Mom?...I agree, she'll make an excellent cunt
lapper. The taste certainly agrees with her. She just noticed all the
wet areas around the base of his cock, and she's now licking the wet
part of his nut sack....She's in heaven, Mom. She's changing positions.
John wants her pussy over his face. There, she's straddling his head
and sucking his cock....Yes, he's starting with thigh
nibbles....Bonnie's got her head in the way...there, that's better.
He's nibbling all around it, just like you taught him....Yes, he's
driving her mad. She can't keep it still....Okay, hold on."

"Mom wants to know if you'll bring John by sometime and lick them while
they fuck." Joy spoke to the phone, saying, "She has a mouthful of cock
right now, Mother, but she nodded eagerly....Yes, she is a horny little
bitch. She has Brenda playing with her tits, and Bonnie's at the other
end fingering her pussy. Correction, now she's fingering her
asshole....I'll check....Yes, he's eating her pussy, but he had no
choice. She's fucking his face.

Judy suddenly spun around and laid over John, taking his head in her
hands. Joy held the phone beside their mouths. With a face filled with
uncontrolled lust, Judy said, "I want your cock in me, John. If you
swear you'll pull out before you cum, we'll try fucking. Look me in the
eyes. Promise me."

"I promise. I swear to you; I'll pull out in time. Please let me fuck

"John, listen closely. I want this as much as you do, but you can't cum
in my pussy. I'll hate you if you break your promise."

"I wouldn't do that to you, Mom. I swear I wouldn't. I know that would
get you pregnant. I know you'd have to have the baby. I'm not that

"John, I'm going to trust you, but if you let me down, you can kiss
that MG goodbye. I mean that. I'm going to be on top. I want you to
have your hands under you. I'll know when you're about to cum if you're
anything like your father. If I feel those signs, and you haven't said
anything, I'll get off and never get on again. Do you understand?"

"Mom, I gave my word. I can control my orgasm if you go slow. If you
start going fast, I'll even warn you to slow down. I'll know long
before I cum, especially since I've had three nuts in the past two
hours. I don't cum easy the fourth time."

Judy smiled and said, "I'll make it good. When you're ready, let me
know. I want to suck the cum out of your mother fucking nuts and
swallow every drop."

"I like that better than a twat shot anyway."

"I thought you might. Okay, lie lengthwise on the bed with your knees
over the foot of the bed. I want to mount you backwards so I can face
everyone. I want them to get a good look at your big cock going up my

The girls took their seats as John and Judy got in position. She had to
squat to get her pussy high enough for entry. Both girls were leaning
forward with their hands folded on John's thighs and their chins on
their hands, looking at the cock poised to enter their mother's pussy
just inches away. Joy was sitting back smugly giving Emily the blow-by-
blow as Judy slowly sank on the stiff shaft. When she sat with John's
pubic hairs matted beneath her cunt lips, Joy held the phone to Judy's
lips to capture the swoon.

Judy sat impaled and said, "Oh, fuck, this feels so damn good. Thank
you, Mother. Thank you for making this possible."

Judy checked to insure John still had his hands under his ass before
slowly settling to her knees and beginning a steady ride up and down
the shaft to go along with a rocking motion that continually changed
the angle. She fucked herself on the bottom half of his cock, enjoying
the raptured looks the girls had on their faces. Brenda was on her
left; Bonnie was on the right.

Judy leaned back on straight arms affording them an even better look at
their joined genitals as she moved her pussy up and down the shaft.
Judy addressed Brenda, saying, "Do you like watching your brother's big
cock fucking your mother's bald pussy, sweetheart?"

Brenda looked up, smiled, and said, "Yeah, I really do. You like it,
don't you?"

"I love it. I'll bet this is making your pussy wet, isn't it?"


"Let me see your wet pussy, Brenda. Show Mommy."

Brenda blushed, looked to Joy for the nod, then sat back in her seat
and hiked her skirt. She had no panties on. She bashfully parted her
legs to reveal the pink, wet slit. Judy smiled and said, "That's a
pretty pussy, Brenda. Did you shave it?"

This inspired Brenda to finger her slit teasingly as she said, "No, Joy

"That figures." Judy turned to Bonnie and said, "Are you getting off on
this too?"

"Yeah, wanna see my wet pussy?"

"Of course I do."

Bonnie eagerly sat back and brought her legs up making a wide 'V'. She
pulled her tight lips apart to show her wet pussy hole, saying, "She
shaved mine, too. Do you like my pussy, Mom? Would you like to lick it
and suck it?"

"I love your pussy, sweetheart. I'd love to eat you all up. I'll bet
you want this cock, too, don't you?"

"Yeah, can I try it next."

"We'll see. When the time comes, I'll hold your legs apart. First, you
and Brenda are getting on the pill."

Judy addressed herself to Joy, saying, "As for you, I have big plans
for your ass. Wipe that smug grin off your face. You haven't won shit.
John will honor his word. He's no dummy. He knows where his bread is
buttered. He knows if he keeps his word, he'll have his whore and he'll
have his mommy anytime he wants her. I'll tell you something else,
smartass. He'll be nice to his mommy. He'll give her what she wants.
Mommy wants a pussy slave, not a sex slave, a pussy slave. Guess who?"

Joy smiled and said, "You talk big for a slut with a virile cock up her
fertile twat. You know what happens every time you get over confident.
I'd think you would know better by now."

"No, Joy. You went and out-smarted yourself this time. I'm going to get
everything I want, and you're fucked. I'm not the gullible and trusting
kid you molested and took advantage of twenty years ago. My eyes are
wide open, now. You think I'm going to get carried away and beg him to
cum in my pussy. I won't. I can fuck like this all day long and not
loose it. If John wants to cum before his hour is up, he'd better tell
me. You lose, Buckwheat."

"I never lose, and you never learn."

"We're going to change that starting today. You're going to be fucking
and sucking dogs to amuse me and the kids. We're going to watch your
belly grow, and when you're not getting screwed, your face will be
wedded to my cunt. Babs taught me how to appreciate the joy of pussy,
giving and receiving, but I prefer receiving. I'm going to fuck your
face all over this house, my little pussy slave."

"Promises, promises."

"Go ahead, make fun. We'll see who laughs last. If you think the family
liked that poorly made shot of you screwing Mickey and the dog, wait
till they see the album I'm going to make. I'll get you over John with
his dick in your ass, and have the dog mount you while you face him the
way I am now. I'll put his paws on your tits and take the shot up your
leg so I get a good picture of the dog's cock in your pussy with your
face in the frame. I'll take pictures of you sucking dog cocks while
they cum in your mouth. That dog collar goes back on, too, bitch. Bitch
whore. Oh, I have big plans for you. Laugh all you want."

"Brenda, you wouldn't know where to begin when it comes to humiliating
a woman. I'll teach you. I'll show you how to be a good bitch whore.
I'll show you what a pussy slave is. I see you're not so confident that
you'll let him get his hands free. I see you keep checking. You
wouldn't be talking shit if your positions were reversed, would you?"

"It won't work, Joy."

"Are we chicken?"

"I am not a child."

"Buk uck!"

"All right, Joy. I'll show you. I trust him implicitly."

Judy dismounted and laid on her back beside John. She said, "John, get
over me and fuck me hard and fast. Pull out when you're ready, then get
your cock up to my mouth."

John smiled and knelt between her widespread legs as the girls
scampered up on either side of their mother. John took his mother by
the hip bones in a firm grip, then drove his cock home. He slammed into
her repeatedly, and Judy got a concerned look when she felt the first
swelling of the head and he hadn't said anything. The fucking was
driving her mad, but her anxiety rose with it. Another strong sign went
by and John was still hammering away. She grasped his wrists and said,
"John, you'd better pull out now."

"I don't think so, Mom."

Judy's face lit-up with alarm as she struggled to pull herself up,
crying, "John stop! John, stop right now! Do you hear me? I said STOP!"

John stopped, but held her tightly in his grasp, keeping her locked on
his cock. Her prying hands were useless against his iron grip. She
looked daggers at him as he said, "Sorry, Mom, but you gave away your
private side bet. I know what the deal is now. If I don't cum in you, I
get Joy. If I do, I get you. I want you to be my whore. That way, I get
two whores for the price of one. Joy already is a whore. She'll be my
whore regardless, but you're the whore I must have. I'm sorry, but you
should have known better than to trust a stiff dick. Didn't your mother
teach you anything?"

"John, no, listen to me. You don't understand what you're doing. You
can't do this to me. Think of the car, John."

"Mom, I can earn enough in one year of selling your pussy to buy a new
Jag. As a whore, you're worth your weight in gold. I know what this
pussy is worth. This is Jag pussy.
"Oh, John, please don't do this to me. I'm your mother. You promised.
For God's sake, you can't let Joy win. She'll ruin me if she gets a
chance. I believed in you. I trusted you."

"I lied. I'll tell you what I'll do, though. Let me run this situation
by my mentor. I'll do what she says. I'll need to use my hands, so if
you'll lock your ankles around my waist, I'll see what she says. If I
feel you loosen your grip, I'll catch you in time and cum in you so
fast it will make your eyes water."

Judy hooked her ankles behind his back and said, "All right, John. Ask

"Pull your cunt up tight, and keep my cock in tight."

"All right. Is this better?"

"Yes, but keep me good and hard by grinding your cunt on my cock, and
play with your pussy while you do."

Judy reluctantly followed his instructions as Brenda and Bonnie each
placed fingers on the nearest labia lip and pulled to expose the point
of entry and the clit. Judy had to use one hand to support her lower
back as the other rubbed her clit. She managed to hump and grind on the
last inch of his cock in this way, but felt like she was being forced
to dig her own grave. John let go as she said, "I'm afraid I might make
you cum if I keep this up."

"You might. I'm very close, but you keep it up. Relax, and I'll give
you a sperm douche. Joy, hand me the phone."

Judy's mind was in turmoil. Forced to fuck with the finest cock she'd
ever had deep in her neglected pussy; and forced to masturbate at the
same time while her daughters assisted and stared from close up at her
pussy working over their brother's cock; being forced to dig her own
grave under these bizarre conditions could not help but turn her on. As
much as she hated to admit it, she found herself excited by the
situation beyond her wildest dreams. When it occurred to her that her
mother would most likely stop the madness, a strong feeling of
disappointment swept over her adding to her mental conflict.

She listened for clues as John took the phone and said, "Hello,
Grandma....yes, it's me. I've got this fertile bitch humping my cock.
She doesn't want me to get her pregnant. The trouble is, the bitch is
my mother, your daughter. Tell me what to do."

John placed the phone to Judy's ear to receive the reply. Judy heard,
"Cum in her pussy, John. Fuck her good. Pump that sperm in her womb,
sweetheart. Knock the bitch up. Make your mother pregnant for me,
sweetheart. You knock her up. I'll see that she stays that way."

The first sentence made Judy screw herself harder on the cock while
rubbing her clit furiously. Each additional statement sent her closer
to orgasm. When her mother made the last statement, she was just about
to go over the edge.
John drew back the phone without having heard a word. No one heard what
Emily said but Judy. He saw by the expression on his mother's face that
she didn't take the news well. She still hadn't slowed down, though.
She was sending mixed signals, and the signals were mixed in her own
head. John said, "Well, what's the verdict, Mom? Do I get you pregnant,
or what?"

"You knew very well what she'd say."

"I haven't a clue. I'm not even going to ask her. I'm going to trust
you to tell me the truth."

"She told you to cum in my pussy. She said if you knock me up, she'll
keep me knocked up. John, I'm begging you not to."

Both parts of her confused brain got their two cents in with this
reply. John was amused that she would tell the truth. It was clear to
everyone that he enjoyed the game, and John especially enjoyed not
having to use his hands or do any of the work that was leading to his
mother's downfall. He liked watching her dig her own grave, and was
especially pleased by the way she shoveled. He paused to watch her
grind her cunt on his cock while fingering her clit, then said, "I'll
be fair. I'll put it to a vote. If anyone says don't cum in her pussy,
I won't cum in your pussy. Joy?"

"Cum in her pussy, John."

He turned to Bonnie. Judy turned to Bonnie though she knew what her
answer would be. For appearances sake, she earnestly pleaded, "Bonnie,
please say no, please!"

Bonnie smiled her devilish smile and Judy's heart sank at the same time
that it began beating more rapidly. Bonnie said, "Make her pregnant,
John. Cum in Mom's pussy. You deserve a new Jag."

As mood swings do, Judy suddenly came to her senses with the impending
reality of one final thumbs down vote. She stopped fucking herself on
John's cock and removed her hands. Judy quickly turned to Brenda, her
only real hope. She cupped Brenda's face and pleaded, "Oh, Brenda,
sweetheart. You're my only hope. Please, baby, please don't fail me!
Don't turn Mommy into a whore, a pregnant whore. Oh my god, a bitch
whore. Brenda! Joy will make me fuck dogs and wear a disgusting dog
collar with the words 'Bitch Whore' on it. She'd make me wear it
everywhere, outside, to work, to your school functions, here in the
neighborhood. She'll make me a true bitch whore and she'll make damn
sure everyone knows. John will make me a wore, a working whore, a
prostitute. Don't let that happen to me. Honey, you can't allow Joy to

No one knew what Brenda was going to say, not Joy, not John, not
Bonnie, not Judy, but Judy had hope. Brenda was closest to her. Brenda
was always the level-headed one and the least likely to give her any
trouble. She was a good girl, showed respect and minded her mother.
Judy counted on Brenda's basic goodness to come through despite the
excitement of the previous hour of debauchery she'd been an eager party

Brenda felt the tension and made things worse for her mother by not
giving her answer right away. As Judy started to offer further pleas,
Brenda placed a finger on her mother's lips to shush her. This silenced
Judy as she looked down at the ominous finger with wide eyes. That
finger pressed hard as it moved off the lips and onto the chin, making
her bottom lip flip back as it left.

Judy heard Joy exclaim excitedly into the phone, "Oh, Mother, this is
beautiful. Brenda won't give her answer. She silenced her mother with a
finger to the lips, the finger she recently had in her pussy, and now
she's trailing that wet finger down Judy's neck. Judy is sweating
bullets, but she knows she'd better not say anything else or she'll get
an answer she doesn't want to hear....Yes, Brenda is being so cool.
You'd be so proud of her. She isn't swayed one iota by her mother's
predicament. She has her own mind, and Brenda will do what Brenda wants
to do."

The finger moved down Judy's neck and began trailing idly over her
chest, over tit flesh, around nipples, slowly, teasingly, with
everyone's eyes following the finger. Judy was afraid to speak. She
watched with the others, lying stone still with a big cock up her twat.
This went on for maddening minutes. The finger trailed up her torso and
down. Everyone had the feeling that moving up toward the face was a
sign that she'd say 'Don't,' but moving toward the pussy was a 'Do'
gesture. Judy had that feeling stronger than anyone else.

Joy pegged the purpose by verbalizing her opinion as she narrated the
event to Emily. When Joy spoke aloud what they were all thinking,
Brenda's finger took an immediate turn down south. The finger turned
up, but as a tease, because when it turned down, it always went lower
than before. Judy found this tease maddening, but she dared not speak
for fear of influencing the finger in a southerly direction. She grew
more anxious as the finger drifted lower and lower toward Dixie until
it finally never went above the hip bone Mason Dixon line.

As a further sign that Brenda had no intention of going up past the
navel, she adjusted her position by lying alongside her mother in
reverse, getting comfortable down south, raised on one elbow,
overlooking the crotch. Judy knew the answer as Brenda agonizingly
trailed that finger up one thigh and down the other, gradually zeroing
in on her pussy. Oddly, the realization that Brenda was turning thumbs
down on her swept away a great deal of anxiety. Once again, Judy's mind
focused on the delicious feel of her cock-stuffed cunt and the bizarre
situation she found herself in.

She was able to relax and watch with the others as Brenda continued to
toy with her future so nonchalantly, as though deciding between vanilla
or chocolate. Judy found herself enjoying the moment as everyone else
seemed to be. She listened to one side of the on-going conversation
that Joy was having with their mother.

Joy made it easy to hear both sides, because she repeated practically
everything Emily said. The overheard conversation not only influenced
the course of Brenda's finger, and Judy's ultimate fate, but Judy's
attitude about that fate. Brenda liked to please people and win
acceptance, and Joy was feeding that desire. Brenda quickly learned she
could win the most favor from the most people by continuing the slow
torture of her mother, and by ultimately saying, "Cum in her pussy."

While Brenda teased the area around her mother's pussy, Judy listened
as Joy said, "How is Judy taking it? She seems resigned to her fate.
She doesn't appear stressed out. She's just watching the finger knowing
full well it won't come back up and save her....No, she hasn't said a
word to try and influence Brenda. She knows better....Yes, Brenda is
still moving closer to Judy's cunt. She hasn't made an upward move in
quite a while. Her target seems to be the clit. Perhaps Judy will hear
her fate when Brenda touches her clit. Bonnie is pulling Judy's cunt
lips apart to make the clit a better target."

The clit was not the target. Brenda played with it, even giving it a
few finger flicks. She pinched the clit, tugged on it, then rubbed the
aroused nub, all in silence.

Judy knew it was pointless to beg. Her fate was sealed. Slowly, while
looking at John, she relaxed her grip and eased her feet to the
mattress like a gunslinger forced to drop his gunbelt. John was ready
to grab hips, but he seemed to understand that she had surrendered.
They saw her go totally limp with her ass sinking to the mattress and
her knees falling out, with the head of John's cock lodged just inside
the hole.

The girls worked together to masturbate the idle fuckers, and they soon
had Judy's pelvis undulating on the head of John's dick. A minute
later, she'd planted her feet wide to each side and began humping the
end of his dick. Another minute passed before she brought both hands
under her ass and slowly began fucking herself on John's cock; first,
by inches, but soon by going the length of his shaft, all the while,
Brenda kept fingering the clit and Bonnie teased the lips or fingered
her asshole.

John placed both hands on his hips and held himself steady. Judy was
doing all the fucking, and fucking herself on the full length of his
dick. Brenda still hadn't said a word, but she didn't need to. Her
purpose was clear, to make her mother fuck herself into preggo
whoredom. Judy fucked herself on John's cock with measured slowness,
deliberately building to a climax. Once, when his cock inadvertently
slipped out, she recaptured it with her cunt.

That event amused everyone, so she began doing it deliberately. She
would come completely off for seconds at a time, then seek the head to
re-impale herself to the balls for a long, hard, cum-inducing grind.
When nothing happened after fifteen or twenty seconds, she'd slow to a
stop and slither off the end. Brenda took advantage of these breaks to
slide her finger down the slit and into the hole. She'd relinquish the
hole only when the cock was knocking at the door.
The breaks became longer and longer, lasting full minutes. During
breaks, Judy held herself up, opened wide to receive Brenda's energetic
finger fucking that turned to fist fucking when the breaks got longer.
The attempts to get John to come became more intense and lasted longer
also. She left no doubt in anyone's mind that she was trying to make
him cum in her pussy.

After recapturing his cock, she'd slide down to the base in one motion.
She fucked hard and fast with him deep in her cunt, her pelvis moving
in a hundred different directions in a blur of motion. John didn't seem
to be cooperating. He was enjoying this too much, and looked to be
counting backward from a hundred while Judy was trying to induce a cum.
Judy was expending so much energy trying to make her son cum, that she
had to take longer and longer breaks. In each of her previous attempts,
she'd reached her own climax, and she was nearing exhaustion. She
enjoyed the breaks as she caught her breath and watched both girls
vying for space in her pussy. Both girls enjoyed fist fucking their
mother, and Judy enjoyed being fist fucked while she caught her breath.
The girls applied themselves diligently to the task of inspiring their
mother to greater excess and determination for the next attempt.

Brenda ate ten minutes off the clock playing her finger game. After a
dozen attempts to get John to cum, the clock was ticking off the last
minutes of the allotted hour. As she was about to attempt another
assault, she heard Joy tell her mother there were three minutes and
thirty seconds left. Rather than seeing that remaining time as the last
stretch to the finish line and safety, Judy saw this as a challenge.
She had less than four minutes to make him cum, and he still wasn't
Judy realized she couldn't beat John at this game without talking, so
the next time she slithered down his rod and built up a good head of
steam, she cried out, "Cum in my pussy, John. Fuck me. Make me your
whore. Knock your whore up, sweetheart. Cum in your mother's pussy.
Fuck a baby in me, sweetheart! Show my pregnant ass off to your friends
and make me earn you a Jag with my cunt."

That did the trick. John groaned out a long climax as he poured fertile
seed into fertile ground. Judy hooked her legs around his waist, dug
her heels into his ass, and milked the spend from his shooting cock as
though taking a victory lap. When the spasms ended, she locked them
together to let the sperm soak in with her pussy tightly plugged.

At this time, Judy expected Brenda to say, "Don't cum in her pussy."
Although it wasn't in Brenda's nature to pull such a cruel joke, it
also wasn't in her nature to fist-fuck her mother. Judy didn't know
what to expect from Brenda anymore.
Brenda looked to her mother, then crawled over to lie across her chest,
getting her face right over her mother's, almost nose-to-nose to say,
"I made up my mind."

Brenda's wet finger trailed over her mother's moving lips as Judy said,
"You did. Well, what's your decision?"

"I want John to cum in your pussy and make a baby in you. Mostly,
though, I want him to make you his whore. I think you're going to make
John an excellent whore, and I think the doggie album will be better
with you staring in it."

After sucking the finger Brenda placed in her mouth, Judy said, "Well,
you got your wish."

Bonnie said, "Can we get a dog, now, Aunt Joy?"

Joy moved into view holding a wide, black velvet, jeweled dog collar.
She held it for Judy to see the brass plate inion that read:
BITCH WHORE. She said, "I had to wear this for three years. I think it
will look better on you."
Judy stared at the collar with resignation as Joy held the collar for
John to inspect, saying, "She's your whore, John. Would you like her to
wear this around her neck?"
John turned the gaudy collar in his hands, excitement written all over
his face as he said, "Yeah, this is great!"

"It comes with conditions. First, it snaps together to lock in place. I
lost the tool that opens it, so once locked on, you'd have to cut it
off and ruin it. If you'll promise to leave it on for the full year,
I'll lock it on."

"Hell, yeah. I want it to stay on."

"There's more. I don't want her to cover the collar up: no turtle
necks, no scarves, nothing. I want her to display it proudly in low-cut

"No sweat. Mostly, she'll be naked, but when she goes out, she'll wear
a bikini top or a blouse like she had on earlier."

"Excellent, but I want more. I want only micro minis on her and she is
never to wear panties. I also have five-inch spike heels that match the
collar. I want her to wear those when she goes out."

"Cool. I like it."

"There's one last thing I insist on. You must have her tattooed with
the words "BITCH WHORE." You can decide where to place the tattoo and
how big it is--no tattoo, no collar."

Judy looked to John at this alarming news even as Bonnie excitedly
showed her preference by laying her hand on her mother's chest saying,
"Oh, John, do it. That will be so cool. Put it here on her chest. Make
it big so she can't hide it."

Brenda surprised Judy yet again by trying to sell another idea saying,
"No, John, you have to put it on her legs."

When Judy heard this, her hand went into her crotch and she began
masturbating. Brenda smiled on seeing this, then went on to say, "Think
about what she might try to wear after this year is up. She can just
wear sweaters or button her blouses to the top and hide Bonnie's
tattoo. Place it on her legs, low enough so that regular skirts won't
hide it."

Judy frigged her clit harder as Brenda continued to sell her idea,
saying, "I'd put BITCH on her right knee and WHORE on her left. She
hates to hide her legs. She'd have to wear a skirt that came four or
five inches below her knees to hid it when she sat down. Mom would
never wear skirts that long. She'd be forced to explain those words to
everyone she met. Think of it, John. Do the tattoo, but make it last
the rest of her life."

John smiled at his mother's aroused expression and said, "I don't know.
I do like your idea of extending that far down. I don't want her to be
able to revert to her old prudish wardrobe after this year is up, but
I'm kind of partial to placing the letters on the backs of her legs
starting just below the hem of her micro mini so dogs can read it when
they follow her. We can make the letters long so they extend to the
backs of her knees."

Brenda added, "They'll follow her, too, because we'll get bitch scent
and wipe her between the legs real good before we send her out

John liked the sound of that, and so did Judy as evidenced by her
frantic frigging. "I'll let Mom decide which one she likes best. Well,

Judy was rubbing her clit hard as she said, "I don't want to be
consulted on anything for the next year, starting now. I belong to you,
now, John. I'll put my financial affairs on hold and pay up the
mortgage for a year. I'll turn over my paychecks to Joy. She'll have
power of attorney to run the day-to-day affairs and make parental
decisions for you kids. She'll be the mother. I'm the whore. My
paychecks should cover everything and leave money left over."

Joy liked that idea, but said, "What about the credit card you gave me
and promised to keep replenished? Where will you get the money to do

"I can earn it with my body. I can do that at work if John permits me.
I think you'd prefer having your mad money come to you from my

Joy said , "Absolutely," as John said, "Fuckin' 'A'!"

Judy said to John, "As for the tattoos or anything else that amuses
you, that's entirely up to you. Whatever you can live with doing to me,
I will learn to live with. I'll cooperate with anything, even tattoos.
You should stop thinking of me as your mother. Think of your wants
first; then Mother's desires and wants. She's your mentor. Then comes
Joy. You have to take care of her, because she has parental authority
over you. Then comes Brenda and Bonnie."

"What about you?"

"What I want shouldn't matter. You could please everyone by letting
each one, including Joy and Mom, pick out a tattoo and a place to put
it. I'll go along; I have no choice. You guys can do whatever you

John said, "In that case, we will. I can live with that. Joy, where
would you like yours placed?"

Joy said, "Right over her belly. BITCH over the belly button, and WHORE
below, covering her entire stomach area. Mine will look great as her
belly grows."

She spoke into the phone to say, "Mom, John is letting us place the
words 'Bitch Whore ' wherever we want on Judy's body. Do you want to
place one? You can tell Judy, and she'll pass it along."

Joy held the phone to Judy's ear. They heard Judy say, "I'm here,
Mother....No, that place is open....Yes....Yes...Oh, Mom!"

They saw Judy become more excited with each second until she erupted in
orgasm. When she settled down and handed the phone back to Joy,
everyone was eager to hear her speak. Judy kept them in suspense as she
caught her breath. She lazily stroked her clit as she said, "Mom wants
her bitch whore tattooed on my cunt. She wants the tattoo to cover the
entire area between my legs, starting on my right inner thigh and
ending on the left with big block letters. She wants the top of the
letters to cut across my mound and the bottom edges to cut across the
edge of my asshole."

"Great, because everybody will get what they want."

Judy raised her head to aid Joy in fastening the collar around her
neck. Joy then addressed Bonnie's question, saying, "We will all pick
out one dog for her. It takes at least five dogs to keep a bitch whore
satisfied." She looked down on Judy and said, "Oh, and by the way, I
promised the girls I'd share my pussy slave with them. You never learn,
do you, Judy?"

"No, and I probably never will."

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