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Tanya had always wanted a baby. And now she was getting her lifelong wish. Nine months pregnant, and ready to burst with new life. Her doctor, Dr. Franstein, was a nice man. Always ready with advice and the latest medical updates. He seemed to know everything there was to know about pregnancy, how a woman's body worked, all the ins and outs.

His intimate pelvic exams during her pregnancy had been conducted with the utmost care and thoroughness. On one occasion, maybe just her imagination, she thought she felt him brush against her clit with the speculum he used to look inside her. Probably just a little "accident"... that happens sometimes during a pelvic. Doctors know how to stay away from a woman's clit, but it can't always be avoided. She had felt a small tingle, but in the stirrups, legs wide, and uncomfortably pregnant, it hadn't amounted to much. Of course, when she got home, she masturbated and had a huge climax, but that was par for the course after a pelvic exam

Even though embarrassing, those things always got her motor racing.

Unfortunately, her baby's due date was now past due by several days. Her back hurt, she was peeing every time she turned around, and she wanted that baby out of her BAD. Suddenly, the phone rang. It was Dr. Franstein's nurse, Eva. "Tanya, Doctor says you need to come over and check in to the hospital right now to start having your baby. He's worried about you being past due. Let's get you in here and have that baby, okay hun?" Tanya was somewhat shocked, not quite ready for this. But there was no turning back.

She needed to phone her husband Rob and let him know. "Yes, Eva, I'll be there as soon as I can... just let me call my husband and we'll get in there. "

"Good Tanya, see you soon... things aren't progressing and Doctor needs you in here now."

Upon arrival at the hospital, Tanya and her sweet husband Rob were escorted into a special exam room. Eva the nurse was already there and waiting. She had a somewhat stern yet loving expression on her face that Tanya had never seen before. Strangely, she found it exciting and comforting, all at the same time. "Rob, I know you're the husband, but we need to have you leave for a few minutes. Doctor's orders." Rob obediently did as he was asked, although Tanya hated to have him go, even for awhile. She loved him deeply... he was the best lover she'd ever had, and getting her pregnant had been proof of his studly manhood. Shooting his seed, filling her up with cum, and now her belly huge with the living results of that oozing sperm. The thought of it made her pussy twitch. She suddenly blushed crimson red..."I'm pregnant and my pussy is hot thinking about Rob?" Tanya suddenly realized that she needed to be banged hard and rough, even with all the discomfort of her pregnancy.

Alone, just the two of them, her and nurse Eva, the silence was deafening.

Eva suddenly spoke. "Tanya, I have to tell you something... don't get upset... Doctor has ordered a special treatment for you... it's to help get your labor started. I know you weren't expecting this, but it's a proven medical fact that it can get things going. It's better than a chemical or drug induced labor, which can have lots of side effects. You wanted to do things natural, right? So, our suggestion is: let your own body help get the baby out naturally, okay?" Tanya had no idea what Eva was talking about. Natural? Induce? What was this all about? "Eva, I'm confused. What's going on?" Eva looked at her with an expression of utmost sympathy and compassion. "Tanya, dear, Doctor has ordered a medical orgasm for you. He called me yesterday and said he was going to order it.

It's for the best. I'm here to administer it to you. Don't be ashamed, I do it all the time for special cases of labor that won't start. It's not sexual, it's a medical procedure. This is part of my medical job, as a nurse."

Tanya could not believe her ears! Nine months pregnant, huge, lying on an exam table on her side, and a nurse was going to do... WHAT? Being pregnant was difficult enough without being given a..."medical orgasm"?

What in the world was THAT? She shuddered and felt her already hugely swollen pussy lips engorge with congestive blood... "Ummm, okay, Eva... frankly, I'm freaked out about this, but if you and the doctor think it will help me to start labor, I'll do just about anything to get the baby out. " Eva looked pleased. She gently stroked Tanya's arm. "Good girl. We knew you'd handle it okay. Doctor said you always did so well during your pelvic exams, nice and relaxed for him. Let's get you into position for your orgasm."

Tanya's mind raced. This was too much... although she had to admit, the whole unexpected wild thing was getting her horny as hell. Pregnant women are supposed to be unsexual, motherly beings... not horny sluts on an exam table! She thought about Rob, and what he would think if he could see her like this. He'd never speak to her again! Other thoughts starting to creep in... sexy insane thoughts... hadn't she read somewhere in an old medical book that a few women actually have orgasms while giving birth? The thought gave her a hot feeling between her legs... she wondered if she'd be one of the lucky ones to cum while birthing!

The sight of her pregnant body, ready to burst, combined with Nurse Eva and her polite controlling tone, - it all added up to one gigantic humiliating scene of sexual frenzy.

"Okay, Tanya, what I want you to do is turn over on your side, one leg held up with your hand, nice and wide, and let me masturbate your clitoris. I'm going to do this with my finger, not a vibrator. It will feel more natural and better for you that way.

Doctor and I have found that advising a woman to think about her husband banging her pussy or her asshole really hard helps to bring on a good, strong cum to get your labor started. Of course, if you have a particular fantasy you need to do, just do whatever helps you to orgasm, okay? Start thinking your dirty female thoughts, and let it happen. Remember, I'm a woman too, Tanya, so I know all about what goes on in your head. When I rub my clitty, I like to think about being gang banged by a bunch of tatooed biker dudes, but that's just my thing. "

Tanya bit her lip with pleasure. She looked up at the white, sterile, medical ceiling, with the harsh glaring light.

How could this even be happening? Why hadn't the doctor told her about this "medical orgasm" stuff? He never said one word during all the pelvic exams, during all the months of her pregnancy. It wasn't quite fair to spring this on her, but it was here and she had to go through with it.

Raising one leg felt obscene in her huge condition. "Oh, help Eva, this position hurts... let me get on my back, anything..." "No, Tanya... on your side, one leg up please." Eva efficiently and coldly snapped on a pair of medical gloves and applied some lube to her middle finger. "Just relax, darling. Deep breaths. The sooner you cum, the sooner you can start having your baby. Won't that be nice? Good cum for nurse Eva, okay?" Again, Tanya's mind raced. "Ummmmmmmmmm". She felt Eva's lubed finger gently rubbing her enlarged clit head. It felt soooooo good. She'd been afraid to masturbate in the later stages of her pregnancy for fear of harming the baby or triggering early labor. But now labor was needed, and long overdue... a good throbbing orgasm would fix all that.

Tanya began moaning and rocking her hips in a slow sexy rhythm... Eva's experienced nurse's finger knew just what to do. "Fantasize for me, Tanya... I don't have lots of time to do your cum this morning... I've got 10 other patients to treat... let's accomplish this as a team... do you need to think about Rob? Rob's big cock in your asshole? Banging your ass? in and out, in and out, or in your puss, hitting your cervix, hitting the baby's head, deep deep inside you." Tanya was now rocking faster, her suggestive moans filling the hospital exam room. She was ashamed from the top of her head to the tips of her feet, but the clitoral massage felt so right, so necessary, that there was no shame left inside her. If it helped her to have a baby, it was worth just about anything...

"umph, Rob, oh I want my husband here... please please, I need my man." "No Tanya, we dont want Rob seeing this. This is between us and the Doctor, okay? This is medical and Rob wouldn't understand. His cock would get hard, he'd start oozing, and that would make a mess. You can see your husband after you cum."

Eva continued the clit massage. "Deep breath, now Tanya, I'm going to put one finger in and push slightly. This will help get things moving." Her probing finger hurt, but felt good at the same time. "OHHHHHHHHHH yes Eva Eva Eva, put your finger in my pussy where my baby is... my baby is way up inside."

Nurse Eva went back to the clit massage. "Oh god, yes, Eva, please, rub me, help, my clitty, my clitty, my pregnant clitty... do me, babe, make me cum." "Yes, Tanya, I'm going to make you cum... feel good? your big belly looks so hot, soon the baby will be out."

Tanya reached down and felt between her legs... her clit was massively enlarged, bigger than she'd ever felt in her life. "Get your hand out of the way, please... let me do my job the way I've been trained. I graduated with a degree in specialty clit massage. Did you know they have those advanced degrees? I know just how to do this and get it done fast. Please don't interfere with my expertise." Tanya listened and obeyed her nurse well. What choice did she have? She had a big baby stuck in her, that needed out, and the cum was going to help get it out.

Good nurse Eva. Loving and experienced nurse Eva. Let Eva's fingers do all the work and relax.

"Okay, now listen to me... Tanya, are you listening? Pay attention! When you are ready to cum, I want you to bear down, HARD, like you will when you have your baby and PUSH PUSH PUSH. Do you understand me, girl? PUSH!" "Ahhhhh, god, yes, I will, I promise!" Eva kept up the massage and knew it was almost time for Tanya's wild pregnant climax.

Eva had seen this many times and knew just what to expect from a preggo clit massage, a medical orgasm. The girls always went wild when she did it. It was the high point of her nursing day. She eagerly looked forward to a woman being in delayed labor, for Dr. Franstein to note the need for an orgasm in a patient's chart. Eva tried to hide her own excitement, but she rarely made it out of the hospital parking lot without yanking down her panties in a secluded area and masturbating furiously. So much for "professionalism"... The site of those moaning, orgasming preggos on the exam table was too much even for a cold, experienced nurse like Eva to take without relief...

Tanya was now saying filthy things, so loud the other patients in the next room could hear it. Such was life in a hospital. No privacy. Everyone hears and sees the most intimate of things. "Ugh, slut, cunt, clit... good... pregnant! need it! I'm a slut Eva... rub my slutty clitty! my bottom is exploding! I need to PUSH! I'm bearing DOWN just like you asked! IT HURTS! I can feel the baby's head on my climax! I'm cumming down on my own baby's head! I'm embarrassed! let me cum let me cum let me Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" Eva held Tanya's hips and buttocks firmly in place as she rocked and moaned through her enormous cum. "Good girl, let the cum push the baby down, honey... your labor pains will be starting soon!

Doctor will be so pleased. Excellent, girl, excellent!" A bit of sweat trickled down Tanya's thighs and down her back... her face was flushed with this new experience... she felt the baby twitching and jumping inside her... the orgasm had done it's work well...

As Tanya calmed, Eva continued a gentle massage action, and slowly lowered her leg. Rubbing her belly that soon would be exploding with labor pains, Tanya panted and moaned like an animal. "Oh God, Eva, I was so ashamed to do that in front of you. I've never had a woman see me cum... but you did it so good, I couldn't help myself." "Of course dear, no problem. That's my job... I like helping women to have their babies and get into labor. I'll call Dr. Franstein immediately and have him put this orgasm in your chart, that you did well, and now you'll have your baby soon. Are you okay dear?" "Ahhh, yes, thank you so much Eva... you're a doll for helping me out. "

"Oh, by the way, Tanya, did Doctor tell you that he has a post birth cum ordered on your chart?"

Tanya looked dazed and shocked. "A what?" " Yes, honey after you have your baby, we need to make you cum again, right after your delivery, to push out all the placenta that's still inside and other tissue. It will get you producing milk right away too... a good post birth cum is just what the Doctor ordered, He thinks you'd be an excellent candidate for it, and it would help your body.

Just thought you'd like to know. Dr. Franstein will do that one himself personally... He's very good at making all the mommies cum on the delivery table. I'm off duty that day."

Oh God, another cum? After delivering her baby? Rob would be there to see THAT one. He was her birth coach. No hiding anything from Rob.

But maybe seeing her climax right after pushing her big baby out would remind him of what a hot, sexy chick she was before the pregnancy. She's not just a "mommy" but a "hottie"... Yes, she liked Dr. Franstein and his cum therapy a lot... Rob would too!

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i hope theres a part 2


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