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To most people Manju was an ordinary housewife who was loyal and truthful to her husband and family. She is a mother of two and around 35 year’s old. She was an employee of the city municipal office for around 10 years. Her looks betrayed her age. She has a c cup for a breast and a round ass. Even though her stomach was also rounded a bit, it only added to her mature look.
What people dint know about her was her appetite for sex. She was a virgin to her husband but after that she just loved having sex. At first her husband was also enjoying but later after the kids sex became very rare and for nearly 5 years, sex dint exist between the two of them. But Manju’s appetite only grew after her childbirths and she carved for more. After her husband stopped touching her, she started looking at other males in the family for sex. When such a plan too failed to go thru she approached some of the officers at work.
It was during one of these sexual encounters with the manager surendran that he suggested paying her for her “services”. She quickly understood that she had to be a whore to satisfy all her sexual needs. She started by asking for rs 1000 per hour. Initially her customers were generally managers and their close friends. There was no outsider, later she increased her fees and took on some of the high ppl in the community.
And since she was a government employee even if she doesn’t come to the office for a day, nobody bothers. But usually it would be the afternoon off so that she can be back at home by evening.
Manju’s services were done in the following way- the customer would contact the peon in the office who acted as her personal informer. The peon would call her up and ask for a convenient date and time and call back the customer to inform him the same. The customer would call back telling the place where she has to meet. It’s usually a hotel room or a guest house. It is only then that Manju gets ready for the outing. She starts by shaving her pubic hair as well as her armpits. If the customer wants these hairs, she keeps them but trims them to a manageable level. Then she puts soap on her legs and shaves off all the hair on her white thighs and legs. She usually doesn’t shave the hair on her arms but if the customer wishes her to do so she would do it also. She checks her boobs for any problems by feeling them with her hands. Next she inserts her index finger into her pussy and starts to play with tit later it is joined by her middle finger also. Once she finishes playing with her pussy and she has cum she tastes her pussy juice for any oddness. Then she inserts her thumb into her anus and checks if her rectum is properly cleaned.
She dresses usually in a red sari with a matching underskirt and sleeveless blouse. She knows that red contrasts her skin beautifully. She wears a black bra but usually don’t wear any underwear. Then she pins a garland of jasmine to her hair and applies perfume to her armpits. She applies some perfume to her pussy and anus as well. Sometimes she even put some glitter in that region.
Once she is ready she takes an auto to the venue. She collects her full fees in advance. Once that is done she usually gives a strip show. She starts by untying her hair from the bun and keeps it loose around her shoulders. The jasmine garland she gives it to the customer. Then she would usually dance around the bed or sofa slowly removing her sari, finally coming to stop when her sari is on the floor. Then she proceeds in removing her blouse and lifting her underskirt to wipe her pussy with the blouse. She then throws the blouse to him so that he can smell her juices which by this time would be already flowing. Then she lifts her underskirt and tucks an end to her waist and allows him to touch her thighs. It while he is touching kissing and feeling her thighs and legs that she removes her bra and allows him to get a good look of her full breasts.
She doesn’t remove her skirt yet but helps him to strip off his own clothing. His cock would b very erect by this time and he would be usually leaking some precum. Manju takes the cock in her hand and tells him how beautiful his cock is. Then she takes the cock into her mouth and licks clean the clear liquid from his cock. She gives him a blowjob but stops when he is about to cum. She lifts her skirt and she takes his cock and places it in front of her pussy and urges him to push hard into her. Once fully inside she asks him to relax and enjoy. She rocks on the cock for some time usually Cumming a couple of time. She loves to make the guy lay on his back with her on top of him facing him. She would then ask him to play with her nipples. She herself would balance using one hand while with the other she would rub herself to orgasms.
After sometime she would usually ask him if he wants to fuck her ass, she would take a tube of lubricant from her hand bag and proceed in lubing his dick as well as her ass. While putting lube to her ass, she would face him and talk real dirty. She then re moves her underskirt and would then take up her position in a doggie style and ask him to push his cock slowly into her ass. The she would start asking him to rock back and forth and usually allow him to empty his balls in her ass. She then washes him in the bathroom and fucks him there as well with him shooting his cum into her face.
After the stipulated time she dresses and leaves back home.

It was during one such fuck session that the following incident happened. The customer was a rich NRI who had came back from gulf. He wanted mature homely women for a few hours. He booked a room in the best hotel in town and asked Manju to come.
Manju arrived on time. He said to her that she had to act like a maid for him because he had an urge to fuck maids. So Manju goes to bathroom adjacent to the room and removes her sari and blouse. She keeps her bra and underskirt on and wears a nighty on top. She knows that most maids wear only nighty and do the house work. She comes back to the room and finds him already in a baniyan and lungi; she suspects that he is not wearing any underwear. She proceeds in bending close to the ground and acts as if she is cleaning the room. He touches her round ass a couple of times. When she reaches closer to the chair, he removes his lungi and rubs his erect cock on her ass cheeks. He then lifts her nighty and enjoys the view of her legs, thighs and ass. He rubs his cock on her bare ass. By now Manju has stopped moving and enjoys the attention she is getting from the guy. He asks to strip and to continue acting as a servant. She does accordingly. His eyes pop out when she removes her bra and her breasts spill out. He enjoys thoroughly the sight of her purple erect nipples. He had asked her not to shave her pubic hair and she had kept to a trim. On seeing her nude, his cock becomes even more erect. He asks her to bend down and return to wiping the floor. When she does so, he comes up behind her and gets a good feel of her full ass and also slowly tugs at the pubic hair from behind. He could not stop himself and asks her to stop everything and to get on the bed.

While she is lying down, he comes up on top of her and asks her to suck his cock. She readily opens her mouth and lovingly licks the head of his cock. Then she licks the rest of his cock and then some of it into her mouth swirling her tongue around his cock in her mouth. She applies a gentle suction and slowly she manages to take some more of his cock into his mouth.

It was then that suddenly a police inspector with a lady constable barge into the room. Seeing the scene in front of them they weren’t too surprised since it was the receptionist who had called them up saying that illegal activities were being conducted in the room. The inspector being newly appointed to the town had no idea who Manju was. He went up to her and took her by the arms and threw her away from the NRI. He was of the opinion that she was a simple prostitute and nothing less. Manju was scared out of her wits. She dint want this thing to be published in the newspapers and she definitely didn’t want to go to jail. The lady constable who came with the inspector was also not very helpful and forced her into the tiny bathroom along with her clothes. The constable then sneered at her and asked her to get dressed. She observed Manju and thought why not have some fun with her. She grabbed Manju s hair with one hand and starting violently squeezing her tits and nipples. Manju dropped the clothes she was about to put and asked the constable to stop. Her begging made the constable even more adventurous and she grabbed her ass cheeks after leaving her tits and started pinching and hitting it. She used her baton and made Manju to stand facing the wall, with her legs kept a bit wider. She then prodded her baton on Manju’s inner thighs and her cunt. This was not how Manju wanted things to go but she dint have a choice.
Inside the room, the inspector had asked the guy to get dressed. But the nri took out a big wad of notes from his pocket. The inspector was still looking at him when the nri said” I ll pay for the room and the lady u can have all the fun with her I don’t mind. I don’t want any case or anything. And this cash is a little gift from me.” The inspector being a young bachelor thought about it and gladly pocketed the cash and asked the nri to leave. Then he called the reception and told them that there is nothing happening here. And that the nri is an old friend of his. The nri then called up the reception and got him another room and later that night got him another lady to join him in sexual bliss...
While this was going on, the constable was constantly hitting Manju’s butt and thighs with her hand and was feeling her butt and boobs. While she was doing so the inspector entered the bathroom and asked her to leave. He went to Manju and place his hands on her bare shoulders and asked her” I know what u are, but I will not write a complaint against u or make any arrests if u are willing to do what u were about to do with the NRI with me.
Manju knew that she dint have a choice. She said to him,” ok. But I need to get back to my home before dark”. He agreed since there were a few more hours before that. He went back to the room with her and strips naked. It is now that she notices that his cock was very erect and was leaking with clear liquid. She also noticed that he kept his region clean shaved. She asks him to relax in the bed. She moves her naked body up his legs allowing her breasts to touch his legs, cock, stomach and chest. She rubbed her nipples on the coarse hair of his chest. She then went and kissed him on his lips and forced him to open his mouth. She started to slowly suck his tongue like it was a small cock. After sometime she pulled herself up and fed him her sensitive nipples. He catches her butt and starts to suck on her beautiful tits. He then takes his right hand and starts to play with her right tit while continuing to suck on the other. He makes her lie down and splits her legs and starts to lick her cunt. The pubic hair tickles his nose and he asks her if she can shave it off. Manju always comes prepared. She takes out the tube of lathering cream and the razor. She goes to the bathroom and wets her pubes and come back to the room and begins to lather her pussy hair. She lathers quite furiously with her hand and succeeds in cumming. Once she recovers she takes the razor and slowly shaves using her left hand to keep the skin tight. She removes all her hair all the time the inspector is watching her every move. And slowly strokes his cock. When she has removed all her hair she takes it to the bathroom and wipes her area with a wet towel. She comes back to the bed and lies down next to him and splits her legs.
He resumes from where he had left, and keeps sucking her pussy and clit. She asks him to put his tongue into her pussy hole and he does so . he then fucks her pussy with his tongue and tastes her pussy juices. After sometime, she climaxes violently and his face is covered by her pussy juices.
She then asks him to lie down and then starting from his lips start to lick him going downwards his chest lightly biting on his nipples, and sucking his nipples as well, his stomach, inserting her tongue inside his navel and then finally licking his entire length and then lovingly licking his pee slit licking up the clear liquid. She then opens her mouth and proceeds to suck his cock into her warm mouth. She plays with his balls using her hands and using her thumb pushes into his ass. By then he had kept his legs on her shoulders giving her full access to his ass. He enjoyed the double attention he was getting. And when she finally pushed her entire length of her middle finger into her ass he erupted into her mouth. He cummed so suddenly that Manju was taken by surprise and the amount of cum also surprised her. After the first spurt she had to take it out of her mouth and the next few spurts fell on her face and on his stomach. She licked his slowly dieing cock clean and proceeded to lick his stomach clean as well. Once all the cum had been licked clean she wiped her face in a towel and lay there next to him rubbing her hands over his cock. Slowly but surely her hands worked him up and his cock was ready once again for action. This time she mounted him facing him and asked him to enjoy the long fuck. She then started to go up and down on his cock rocking the hotel bed underneath them. Her bouncing tits where looking so inviting that he took each one in his hands and started to slowly massage them both and started to play with her sensitive nipples. This made her even more horny and she bend down so that he can suck her tits. After sometime of sucking her nipples and kissing her tits, he asked her to get up from his cock and to kneel in a doggie position . she does that and he places his hard cock near her pussy and then pushes his entire length into her. She moans out loud and asks him to fuck her harder. He starts slamming into her pussy very fast but slowly removing it out. He does this quite sometime, knowing that he is hitting her G spot. She does not last too long and cums quite strongly. She had to keep her face buried into a pillow so that her screams of ecstasy will not travel to outside the room. Feeling her cum on his dick and the vibrations of her pussy makes him more urgent ot cum and he starts to fuck her very fast and with an animal like force. He held her head down to the pillow so that her screams will be subdued. Manju was loving every moment of the rough animalistic sex. When he looked down he saw her ass hole winking at him when ever he moved in. he placed one of his fingers in her ass hole starts to push it inside. The feeling of her ass being invaded by a finger made her ask him if he wanted to fuck her in the ass. He stops pounding on her for a moment to reply. He tells her that he doesn’t like to fuck in the ass but like to play with it. She asks him why did u stop fucking then?? He smiles at her and resumes fucking the brains out of her with his one finger deep in her bowels. When he started to fuck her ass with his finger she starts to cum. Her cumming makes her pussy to tightly hold on to his cock and her ass to tightly hold to his finger. The tightening of her pussy made him to cum also and he starts to spew his seed deep into her cunt. he keeps his cock in her pussy and when it shrunk back to its original state, it slips out of her pussy. It was coated with a mixture of his and her juices. She licks him clean and thanks him for a wonderful fuck.
After sometime she drinks some water from the mini fridge and proceeds to get dressed and leaves a very tired but satisfied inspector.

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