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Harry opened his eyes and looked down. Wormtail was lying on the ground screaming in pain. Harry was confused at to why Wormtail protected him but had a fight to get to.” Harry just stand still and let this be painless on your self. Your parents died with courage and your just being a baby." Voldemort yelled at him. Harry saw flashes of his parents, Serious and Dumbledore dieing in his head, which brought the rage out of him. "Avada Kadava" Harry yelled out and the spell hit Voldemort square in the chest.

He had done it; he had killed Voldemort after all this time, it was over. Harry looked down at the lifeless body. Wormtail had stopped withering on the ground and just looked asleep. Harry sat down on the grass, exhausted from the fighting. It was dark out by now and everything was fading from sight. Harry all of a sudden saw a flash of green light coming at him and a shadow seemed to block him from it.

Wormtail was lying in front of Harry, dead and lifeless. Harry jumped to his feet but Gwarp saw this and brought his arm down to hit Voldemort. "No Gwarp he's mine I can handle him." Harry yelled at him, which made him bring his massive hand back. Harry was shocked at how Voldemort could have withstood that straight at his chest. "Silly boy, I am not alive so there for can not be killed.

Harry was lost; he could not kill what is not alive. Harry just started shooting off curses toward Voldemort and most of them, blocked as if they did not exist. Harry was the target of a curse, which hit him in the ribs, and he felt them break on impact. Harry grabbed his sides and looked up at Voldemort.

Harry lifted his wand, "Sectumsempra" Harry could see Voldemort open up with cuts all over but there was a problem. There was no blood spilling out of the slices. Now Harry was worried, he knew he had to kill Voldemort but he did not know how. "What has Dumbledore always told me? I know of something Voldemort can not understand." Love was the answer but the question was how he was supposed to use it.

Harry ducked when a curse was heading toward him. He knew he was running out of time but he knew he had to do something. Just then, it hit Harry. He ran forward, dodging curses flying at him, and grabbed Voldemort around his mid section. He then reached up and planted his hands on Voldemort's face.

Voldemort started screaming in pain and anguish. Harry reached inside his robes and let his hand burn straight into Voldemort's stomach. Harry stood up and watched as Voldemort turned to ashes in front of his eyes. Harry collapsed and passed out. Harry was filled with, for the first time in his life, the sense that everything was going to be fine.

The End!

Just kidding
To Be Continued...

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that was a total waste of my valuable time you fucknut

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