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Written by Jim Davis
part 1 part 1
it seemed like a lifetime had passed since i first started as a research associate in genetics at the mellon institute. my wife and i had started a family when i was still in grad school. we went at it. and went at it some more. 12 years and 8 kids later, we were on our way to my first federally funded research project. it was the big time. making history, uncovering the mysteries of life itself, and above all for guys like me - getting published.
i laughed at the irony of it all. being sent to the far reaches of appalachia was not exactly the dream assignment i had expected for all my work. but of all places-fertile valley. it really was priceless. my wife didn't share my amusement. peggy already had her fun with bringing our kids into the world and now, to quote her: "a fertile valley is the last fuckin' place i wanna go." she was a freshman when we met-not quite 18, and a student in my biology class-part of my dues in the work study program for my graduate degree.
peggy was stunning- beautiful blue eyes, long blonde hair, legs for miles and a perfectly plump round butt that made her an ass man's dream. she drove me to the brink of insanity as she wiggled her butt for me day after day-she was poured into her jeans. i knew she had 'designs' on me - the youngest of the crop of instructors at the u of i - just by the way she looked at me. not a 'come hither' look - more like an "i wanna fuck your eyeballs out" look. i had checked out her age on her admissions papers. hey - you can't be too careful. on her 18th birthday, i asked her out for pizza. the rest, as they say, is history.
peggy devoured me in bed. she stayed on top riding my dick up and down so fast she got blurry for a minute. we both started to twitch and just as i was about to cum, she leaned over, held me real close and whispered in my ear ".....oh bill......i want....i want you to......i want you to cum in me.....oh.....i want you to cum in me and get me preg.....i want you to come in me and get me pregnant." she was moving so fast, she had to gasp with each little utterance, and then it happened -- i exploded inside her with a force i never felt before or since - i came like a fire hose and the girl milked every last drop out of my spurting cock.
i think we both knew right then we'd made a baby -- well we had actually made two babies. girls julie and jenny. adam came a year later. diedra and debbie were conceived the next year like julie and jenny - after one of peggy's teasing sessions. peter came along right on the heels of the 2nd set of twins, and we got drunk one weekend and produced another set - melissa and meagan barely a year later. "preggy peggy" as her friends called her was the mother of eight by her 23rd birthday. she decided 8 was enough and went on the pill, made me wear rubbers, and practiced the old "rhythm" method-all at the same time. i guess i couldn't blame her - we began to think she could get knocked up with a hard look.
so there we were. all of us - stuffed into the biggest shuttle-van that mellon had available. The kidswere all punching on each other and peggy had to pee. our directions said another 5 miles or so and there wasn't a bathroom in sight, so we kept trucking. off to the left a beautiful valley came into view - rusty roofed barns, a few cows here and there, a little creek running through the bottom-even the kids thought it was pretty. we go down the hill, around a bend and the kids say, "what's that?" - a series of big billboards off in the distance seems oddly placed in such a picture perfect little scene. we could barely make out the message but it was blazoned across the middle of the white background in bright red: "and the lord sayeth...."
"oh shit," i muttered. i'd heard about all the religious fanatics in this part of the country and i wondered what this was all about. next billboard: "be fruitful...... multiply." peggy was looking really nervous by this point, and the kids were totally confused. "what next?" i thought, and here it came around the next curve: "obey the lord...." more curious than ever, i couldn't wait for the final billboard, and here it was at the foot of the hill. in curved off to the left "welcome to fertile valley!" as our eyes moved to the right of the billboard, i just had to catch the reaction of my family to this. we pulled off to the side of the road and gawked at it. i saw everybody's jaw drop.
there, in full living color, was a 20 foot tall photograph of a pretty little girl. a very pretty little girl about 11 or 12 years old in pig tails and a cotton print dress that buttoned up the front - a pretty girl just the age of one of my own. the similarity ended there. this little girl was pregnant. this little girl, a photo 5 times larger than life,.... was very pregnant. her little print dress was far too small to fit around the expanse of her swollen belly, so the middle three buttons were undone allowing her naked pregnant middle to protrude out into the open. the kid's belly button was enormous and sticking out for all the world to see. that, and half her tummy- a tummy that appeared to be at full term with twins (i recognized the size and shape).
to emphasize her condition, her belly stuck out far past the edge of the billboard in "cut out" fashion. The kid was simply enormous,... and i sat there hypnotized... just staring at her image. all of a sudden peggy punches me in the arm.
"hey, how 'bout putting your eyes back in your pervert." i had to shake my head for a minute and come to my senses. i had never thought of myself as having any strange yen for kid girls-after all, i have kids of my own that age...and i would kill the sob that ever tried......but the image of that little girl was there-burned into my vivid as the first day i saw........her.
part 2
i was thankful, that first day in the valley, that our youngest kids were in the back of the van - amusing themselves with gameboys and some coloring books. a 'talk' on the facts of life was not in me at that point. melissa and meagan were 8 at the time, and more curious by the day. we had hoped they would have another couple years of complete innocence, but we knew there would be plenty of questions, and a little of that innocence lost with each answer. at least we could put it off for a while. or so we thought.
jenny, julie and adam stared in a daze at the enormous pregnant child on the billboard. she stared back at us all with a "very proud of herself" kind of grin. the photographer must have been quite a coach. we were all speechless until peggy reminded me, not too sweetly, that her bladder would give way if i didn't 'get my ass in gear and find her a bathroom'. then i noticed a faint smile cross her face as she stared at my crotch. she looked me in the eye and flashed me a knowing grin. there was an erection throbbing in my pants that i became aware of at just that moment. peggy had been aware of it a little sooner. she was always aware of an erection. anywhere in her vicinity. my mind was not connected to this event at all-it was a pure animal reaction and i was losing control of it.
all i could do was stare at the swollen pregnant profile of this child whose breasts were impossibly huge. this barefoot girl who's little dress was not quite able to contain her abundance. it was no secret to peggy that the very pregnant female form was a source of excitement for me, and she had used that knowledge to stimulate me on a regular basis for years. even after she had called it quits on having babies, she would often point out enormously pregnant women wherever we went. in her own subtle way, she'd nudge me in the side, glance in their direction and then flash that knowing grin at me. she would mention the 'sighting' later in bed and watch me grow the biggest hard-on she could fit inside her.
peggy could always push all the right buttons and she had found a new one. she reminded me again that she needed to pee, which brought me back to earth. there was a little country store about a half mile down the road, right at the edge of town. we had arrived- hudson and son dry goods-since 1894. it was the kind of old store with rocking chairs on a big wooden porch and old metal signs hammered all over the weathered boards. it looked a hundred years old. so did the proprietor. he was friendly though, and showed peggy and the kids the way to the back. the creaky old floors reminded me of my childhood days at the old store in my mom's little hometown. i felt very warm and secure all of a sudden- this had the quality of home almost. yet there was something very different going on here. different and strange.
fertile valley had drawn the attention of the federal government for a good reason - the welfare payments and food stamp allotments to this district were swelling - at an astonishing rate. right along with the population. this trend started over 10 years ago, and i had been sent here to help determine what was responsible for the abnormal explosion. their instinct was that it had to have at least some genetic explanation, and hence, my selection to assist in solving the mystery. it was a 2-year assignment, and i was one of 5 specialists to be stationed here-the government spares no expense in trying to save money.
as i was looking through the old store, a young man in came in, followed by a girl in her early teens, two smaller girls who looked debbie and diedre's age then (one 10, the other maybe 11), and a boy around 12 or so. even though they appeared to be poor, clad in worn clothing and barefoot, they were strikingly attractive. their light brown hair and beautifully tanned skin was evidence they spent a good deal of time outside in the sunshine. their facial features were remarkably alike. almost like clones - but of a different gender and age. if i thought something was strange before, these people confirmed my suspicions. there was indeed something very different going on here, and this family was doing its part to help the population growth. all 3 of the girls were visibly pregnant, at different stages.
peggy came back from the bathroom and gasped when she saw the youngest one, who was also the furthest along in her pregnancy. she leaned toward me and whispered "my god bill, that kid's no older than debbie, and look at her,..... she's..........she's huge. look how pregnant she is!! what's going on here?" peggy was right. the kid she referred to was barely 4 feet tall, and her belly was so big she had trouble standing up without help. she had an extra large t-shirt stretched so tight across her middle, her belly button stuck out like a huge nipple against the thin fabric. the poor kid looked like she would explode out of the threadbare shirt at any second. as she moved about, she had to steady herself on the tables to keep from falling over.
just then, the old storeowner made a comment to the younger man, "lordy jeb, them young-uns o' yours shore have growed. looks like yer youngest is fixin' to bust outta her clothes."
"yep," he replied, "our little callie is gettin big huh? still got a couple months to go. she done good for the lord. an' my oldest, jesse here, ain't gonna be far behind her now. elsie done just got knocked up too, cain't ya tell? we think homer here done it." (elsie had a slight bulge to her tummy, but nothing like her sisters. her breasts, however, were considerably larger - a detail that was not overlooked by peggy.)
"that kid's tits are bigger than mine are, bill!!" she whispered excitedly. peggy was just shaking her head at this point in complete disbelief. jesse, the oldest girl blushed, looked down at her blossoming tummy and swiveled her hips. she had on the shortest cut-offs i'd ever seen. her butt cheeks hung out of them. they were unzipped halfway down to her crotch, and her pregnant belly spilled out over the waistband. her halter- top did little to hide the expanse of flesh bulging out over her shorts. she looked to be about 6 months along. homer and elsie disappeared all of a sudden, and i glanced around to make sure all my children were accounted for. they were all chewing or drinking something. my oldest girls were downing their favorite- diet sodas and diedra and debbie were fighting over the only bottle of spring water left in the store - they each seemed to be getting their share so i went back to observing the locals.
that youngest kid had my attention and she knew it. she smiled at me and propped both her hands at the small of her back - the position that very pregnant women assume when they're trying to keep their balance. it seemed like such a natural thing to her - like she'd had a lot of practice at it. it also made her belly stick out hugely in front of her. i began to think about how this little girl came to be so pregnant. and by whom.
in a lot of cases i'd studied, pregnant girls this age were put in that condition by a relative - a close relative. and many times, not by their own choosing. i assumed her father-the young man in the store with us was responsible for his little girl's condition. when he mentioned she had "a couple of months to go" i began to wonder how many babies she was carrying. the kid already looked like she could give birth any second. i did not detect that anyone was ashamed of it in any way - it was as though they were all very proud of what they had accomplished, and they didn't seem to care who knew it. peggy's punch at my arm reminded me where i was and what we were supposed to be doing here, so i returned to the real world again. dammit.
i hadn't made it to the bathroom yet, so after peggy and the kids had taken care of business, i made my way to the back. when i reached the bathroom door i noticed a back porch on the old store through a small window. i heard some activity out there. giggling mostly, and what sounded like a chair moving around on the old wooden floor, then some banging on the wall. i got closer to the window at this point as my curiosity continued to get the better of me. i heard a slap all of a sudden, and more giggling.
"homer, you keep that thang away from me, you hear!! ain't you done enough already? i don't want no more of yer young-uns in me." i could tell it was the other two kids i'd seen inside. as i moved closer to the window i saw the two kids on an old bench. elsie was sitting on the boy's lap, facing him, and homer had his forearm stuck up between his sister's breasts. the girl had quite a pair, as we'd noticed in the store, and her brother's arm was swallowed between them. i could tell from there she was quite a bit larger than my wife, who had grown to a dd-cup from all her pregnancies.
"let's just do it like this, ok?" the little girl was trying to reason with the boy. then i saw something strange-i was moving even closer now. the girl wrapped her hands around the boy's arm between her breasts and started pulling on it. this was weird, i thought. first the girl, who's pregnant already, tells her brother she 'don't want no more young-uns in her', then she starts playing with his arm. who's been telling these children about the birds and bees? i finally got up right next to the window and kept at an angle where they couldn't see me. then my jaw dropped again. that wasn't his arm she was pulling on!!
both these kids, each in their own way, were extremely well endowed. homer's 'thang' was as big as his forearm. the kid was hung like a fucking horse. no wonder the little girl wanted to just 'do it like this.' he was bucking his hips pretty fast, jamming his big dick up between his little sister's tits. she mashed them together with her arms and yanked on the head of his huge prick for him with her little hands.
"ya gonna squirt on me homer? come on now. i know you like it on my big ole titties." god, this kid was a pro i thought. she was working her brother over good. hell, she was about to make me come. the boy's face twisted up and i could see he was losing it as his sister continued to pump her hands up and down the shaft of his huge prick. damn i mumbled, and peggy thought i was hung. this kid made me feel like a little boy as he let go a big wad of cum on his sister's face. it bounced off into her hair and some of it dribbled onto her tits. she moved back a little and aimed his second load right at her tits. he splattered them. and i mean splattered. the little girl was covered in cum and she started rubbing it in all over her big chest and giggling.
"ya see, i told ya it would be fun - ya don't always have to stick it in ya know." the boy had a big shit eating grin on his face-obviously satisfied by his sister's manipulation. with a good bit of willpower, i dragged myself into the bathroom, raging hard-on and all, and took a leak. i was dying from having watched all that, but didn't have time to "relieve myself" in any other way than i already had. it really was time to get back to reality, but the distractions around the town were proving to be pretty hard to ignore.
we had given ourselves plenty of time to make my first meeting-more of an orientation to the area than anything, but i didn't want to be late. i knew we'd better get going. i found the rest of my troop waiting for me-not too patiently-in front of the store. adam and peter had their faces glued to the window watching the two sisters inside the store. peggy pried them loose and gave me a little grin as we loaded up in the van. i think she knew i'd been up to something.
we pulled up at the hotel-one of 3 in an area of 25,000 population. i guess they don't get many visitors, i thought. it was clean enough, and had a little meeting room where we were greeted by a local health department official, (jimmy pickens) a nurse from the hospital, (maggie johnson) and a state welfare case worker (trudy wilson). peggy went to the registration desk to get the family settled into our rooms, and i met with the folks i would be working with at least for now. the feds hadn't made it in yet.
they were all pleasant enough with no distinguishing features, except for the nurse. an attractive brunette in her late 20s, maggie was about to pop the buttons off her uniform. a pair of swollen breasts and a visibly bulging tummy announced that she too, was pregnant. i guess she wanted to get the last few weeks wear out of her regular uniform, but she was really pushing it at that point i thought.
i couldn't help bringing up what we had seen on the way into town - the billboards , the girl on the billboard, and that family of young pregnant girls at the store. my curiosity was driving me mad-this place had me confused as no scientist should be and i wanted some answers. i asked jimmy about the billboards first.
"oh........ that," he said. "it's a problem. our biggest problem. we got some real religious people 'round here i'm afraid. there's this preacher that has a following. a big following. like in half the county - that's over 12,000 now and there's no end in sight. see, he's got these people believing you have to do everything by the book - exactly like it's written in the bible. they do whatever he tells them - and he tells them, that according to the bible, they have to do everything possible to have as many babies as they can to spread the word of the lord. when he says everything, he means everything. he preaches that any two people capable of creating a new life has a command from god to do that. when he says any two people, he means family members, co-workers, teachers, anybody and at any age. i happened in on one of his sermons one sunday and it scared me to death - the results of what he preaches are straining our capacity to provide even the most fundamental health care to these people."
i was beginning to get the picture here, or at least part of it the numbers still didn't add up though. the population increases were even higher than what jimmy's scenario would suggest-unless his estimate of the churches followers was very low. he felt pretty sure about the numbers though, and for a little community agency he had done a pretty good job of collecting information on anyone who had used public health services. in a town like this, where 88% of the population lived below the poverty line, that was just about everybody.
maggie the nurse had been twirling her hair with her fingers and looking at me like i was a piece of meat, while jimmy told his tale of woe about the preacher and the fate of public health in fertile valley. i had an amusing thought about what peggy would do to maggie if she'd been there. she would have that woman's eyes in her fingernails right now. maggie let go of her hair and slowly pulled her shoulders back to stretch, as she smiled at me and then glanced down at her bosom. she practically popped a button on her blouse as the material stretched across the fullest part of her breasts. there were huge gaps near the middle buttons where i could see straight in to her enormous bra. she knew this i thought-why else would she continue to wear the uniform? i maintained my composure somehow as trudy the welfare worker relayed something she had overheard two little girl's talking about at the free clinic.
These kids are sitting there, can't be a day over 10 and one of them says, "preacher told me it was time for me to do the lord's work. he found out i was havin' my periods from mama, and i said was to get myself all prettied up an sit in daddy's lap and rub myself on butt he said...he told me to rub my butt on daddy's lap and that would make daddy happy and we could do the lord's work then. then he told me i was startin' to get my breeding shape and that would get my daddy excited."
the other girl sat there wide eyed, and finally said, "he must be talkin' about them titties you got, jenny. what did yer daddy do?" trudy said she was about to go into shock when she heard this, and the girls quit talking when they noticed her interest.
"i can only imagine what that kid's daddy did," she said. "the one doing the talking looked like a fully developed woman with the face of an innocent child. and i mean fully developed. in fact, she could have already been pregnant at the time. her breasts were incredibly swollen. at the time, i'd never seen anything like that before on a kid that age, but now i see girls like that all over town."
"very interesting," i said. it was about all i could muster. as embarrassed as i was about feeling that way, i had a hard-on that was about to break through my pants listening to all this. i relayed our experience at the store, and my surprise at the remarkable resemblance that family shared. i stopped short of telling them about the two kids on the back porch and their.... ahem.... abundance of male and female development. i was still in shock over it.
maggie finally put in her two cents worth, "we see it all the time in the emergency room...and it's gettin' worse i think. the whole family comes in, and there'll be 3 or 4 pregnant girls - identical triplets or quads it looks like - all fixin' to drop a litter like themselves. i think it's all the inbreeding that preacher talks about - we blame it on him."
so, the multiple births are what's driving the birth rate up so high - that would explain the size of the girls bellies i'd seen, but how did that happen i wondered. and what about the staggering bust development on these girls, and that horse of a boy? it all had to figure in somehow, along with the sexual tension that was as strong as static electricity in january. everywhere we went.
i knew we weren't going to solve it tonight. i was tired, i was horny, i needed my wife and i needed some sleep. most of all, i needed some time to figure all this out. i had a mandate from the feds to improve this situation with the reward being a lot of notoriety and the promise of future research projects. it was an exciting time for me. and it was a confusing time for me.
peggy had the kids settled in their rooms and she was relaxing on the king size bed in front of the tv in our room. our own room. what a relief to have some privacy after the long trip and doubling up in hotels along the way. i got an instant erection when i saw peggy sitting up in bed in her bra and panties. it began to crawl down my pants leg, bulging it out obscenely - a sight that drove peggy over the edge even after all these years. she had a weakness for big dicks which she confessed to me long ago, with details of how many she'd had and what size they were. she maintained mine was the 'whopper' she would cherish for the rest of her life, and she sure made a believer out of me-year after year- she still can't seem to get enough of it.
"after all you've seen today honey, i guess you'd have to be in a coma not to be hard right now huh?" peggy was grinning - that knowing smirk of hers that reminded me she could read me like a book. "you're a dirty old man billy, a dirty old man with a big fat prick." she started giggling. i was about to dive on top of her when she patted the bed next to her and motioned for me to sit down there. i tugged my trousers off over the raging boner she inspired and she gasped when she saw how hard i was. i'll have to admit it had been years since my prick had reached that size.
"oooo, i think my billy's all excited about those big pregnant girls, huh?" god she could be so indulgent of my turn- ons. "they sure were pregnant, weren't they, sweetie? and they sure were stacked too, huh? don't lie to peggy now - that turned you on, didn't it? those little girls with their big fat tits and their pregnant bellies bulging out of their clothes got my billy all horny." she had her fist wrapped around the head of my prick at this point, gently tugging at it then she picked up the pace, and turned up the heat on her little dialogue.
"i bet you were thinkin' about those little girls getting fucked, weren't you, billy? moving their little butts like minks up and down on a big fat prick until it pumped them full of cum, huh?" she was about to push me over the edge any second, and she just kept turning up the heat. "that kid on the billboard is driving you crazy right now, i bet. peggy wants you to remember what her tummy looked like poking out of that little dress. that's it baby, peggy wants billy to cum, oh........ cum on baby.......cum for mama....." she did it. in record time. peggy had me spewing cum all over the bed, all over her, and all over the headboard before it was over, and then she sat there with this grin.
"i believe my man feels better now huh? peggy wants a nice long time with her baby later, so i wanted to make you happy right now. are you happy baby?" i was in heaven, and i told peggy so. we chatted about the trip, and what little i had learned so far, and i watched as my wife hung on every word. she had always been fascinated with my work, and was quite adept at understanding it. now i think it was turning her on. she saw the effect it had on me and she loved it. just then she brought up a subject a bit closer to home-two of our daughters. the middle ones diedre and debbie. (dee an' deb we called them).
"i hate to spring this on you at a time when your mind is busy on so much else bill, but there's something we're gonna have to adjust to, and it looks like we may be adjusting quickly." i begged her to just spit it out. she did.
"well, you remember when you were wondering if your great grandmother's recessive genes would ever show up in our girls?" (peggy held her cupped hands out about a foot in front of her chest to illustrate the recessive genes she was talking about, and which great grandmother they belonged to.) "those genes showed up, billy. boy did they show up. and what a time for it to happen. here of all places. but don't you worry about it - there's nothing we can do about it anyway. i just wanted to warn you." peggy started rubbing my crotch like she was petting a kitten, and soon began to work her magic again.
part 3
there is nothing quite as complicated as the genetic makeup of a human being. i knew this better than most, as i'd made a career out of it. still, i could be as frustrated as a horny 6th grader when i wanted answers now. there was all this mystery surrounding a population explosion at my newly assigned post, and then the thing with my own little girls. like peggy said - "what a time for that to happen."
i was not convinced that my great grandmother's genes were responsible for dee and deb's sudden "blossoming". it was too much of a coincidence that their chests began to swell in fertile valley, and seemingly overnight. peggy would have noticed a gradual change in them. i was more confused than ever. to be sure, my dad's grandma johnson had a staggeringly huge bust. i'd seen pictures of her and so had peggy. that's why she jumped to conclusions i guess.
i refused to believe that her genes alone were causing the sudden expansion of my daughters' breasts. there was something else at work here. and that something else was responsible for a multitude of grade-school girls swelling out of their clothes with pregnancy. it scared me to think of what might happen to our little girls. i was overwhelmed with curiosity after peggy had "warned" me about our girls. how quickly would they develop, i wondered, and to what extreme? the first thing i wanted to do was to see for myself what had peggy so concerned.
i was scheduled to go on the 'nickel tour' of the little town and the surrounding area the day after we arrived. i stopped to look in on the children before i left them with peggy, only to find julie and jennie - our 12-year-old twins - sitting on the bed crying. when i asked what was wrong, they just went ballistic and started pointing at their younger sisters (the sources of our concern - young dee and deb).
julie started ranting, "it's not fair, it's just not sucks daddy.... it just sucks!!! all this time we've been waiting while our friends grow..... boobies...., and we're still flat as an ironing board. and now we have to look at them!!!" only when i saw 'them' for myself did i appreciate what all the ranting was about.
my little 10-year-old girls had breasts all right. if you took a tennis ball and cut it in half, that was how big my little girls' breasts were. for 10 year olds anyway - they looked big. but the mounds of flesh pushing out their t-shirts only told half the story. on closer inspection, i saw that most of the volume of that flesh came from the dark mass capping the front of their breasts. The girl had nipples and areola that belonged on a well-endowed nursing mother. big fat puffy areola crowned by nipples as big around as a dime - nipples that were burning a hole in their little shirts. it was scary looking almost. their nipple areas were so grossly out of proportion with their breasts. something very abnormal was developing and i didn't have a clue what to do about it.
dee and deb were sitting on the bed opposite their older sisters, giggling and poking at each other's new protrusions. they were taking the changes a lot better than their older sisters. their younger brother peter sat there mesmerized by it all. adam, our oldest son, seemed curiously aloof. i didn't really have time to explain to my two eldest why life isn't fair - i had to go earn a living, so off i went, shaking my head in disbelief. as i was leaving, i saw dee n' deb both take a big chug out of a bottle of that spring water they had at the store. it did my heart good to see my younger girl taking the healthy route. dee n' deb, peter and our youngest twins melissa and meagan all took after peggy and me. they loved water and we encouraged them to drink plenty. she'd gone out that morning to the grocery next door and bought a case of it for us - he never trusted tap water (especially out of town tap water). adam, jennie and julie drank nothing but that dreadful diet soda. unfortunately, peggy bought a case of that stuff too. well, at least they didn't have acne i thought.
i was happy to have that opportunity, on my own, to explore the town and some of the sights around it. that way, no matter what i encountered, i'd have time to formulate answers to the questions my family were sure to have about the bizarre things we saw. maggie the nurse, and jimmy from the health dept. greeted me in the little hotel lobby. maggie had the day off and had volunteered to show me around. even though i'd been a married man forever it seemed, i still knew when a woman's interest in me went beyond professional courtesy. maggie's attire that day confirmed my instincts. she had dressed to get my attention, and she succeeded - she left little to my imagination.
it was hard to look maggie in the face when she was talking to me - very hard. i could see her dark areola through the light pink spandex top stretched across her pregnant tits. there were as wide as the palm of my hand and you could make out their crinkly texture as they puffed out the front of her swollen breasts. her nipples were as hard as pencil erasers. i couldn't take my eyes off her chest - until i saw the rest of her. her belly pushed out the front of her equally "skin tight" black shorts creating a bulge the size of half a basketball. she looked a lot more pregnant than i remembered from the day we met. amazing what a woman can do with the right outfit.
i felt guilty that day as maggie drove me around town. peggy was saddled with getting the kids enrolled in school, then meeting the realtor for the start of a long search for the right house. we'd been through this twice already as our family expanded, and now i was putting her through it again. while my wife was taking care of our family, there i sat - in the passenger seat of this sexy nurse's mustang convertible - watching her hair blow in the wind and her tits wobble with every little bump we hit. hwy 98, which turned into main st., was a very bumpy road. i noticed a faint smile cross maggie's lips each time she felt her big breasts shake. she knew i was looking and she was lapping it up.
the little town was like so many others i'd seen on visits to the south - a little square with a courthouse in the middle of it. the streets all around it were lined with old stores, government offices, lawyers and so forth. there wasn't a wal- mart within a hundred miles of this little town, so it even had an old drug store - soda fountain and all. i felt like i was in a time warp. but what an ideal destination! i was grinning from ear to ear as i looked around.
"kinda cute huh?" maggie chirped. i agreed with her, and suggested we visit the drug store. i always liked to know the person filling my family's preions. a poster in the display window at the drug store made my jaw drop. that had become a regular occurrence in this town - my jaw dropping.
the poster featured a photo of yet another pregnant little girl - another very pregnant little girl. a bold headline above her read: "have you planted your seed today?" her head was turned to look straight into the viewer's eyes, just like the girl on the billboard we saw. her hands rested at the small of her back, and her body was angled expertly toward the camera to offer up just the right profile of her immensely swollen belly. the photo was taken from slightly above her, so she was looking up at the camera, and the camera was looking down on her bulging young body. at that angle, her tits looked gigantic. on top of it all, she had a sweet smile on a beautiful face. it was framed in golden blonde pigtails.
the kid was so pregnant she literally burst out of her clothes. her breasts were even larger than maggie's - her yellow sun-dress barely held together with a series of diaper pins - the kind with the colorful plastic clasps. these had little pink hearts on them. i worked my way down the photo from her head to her toes. the first diaper pin held the material on each side of her breasts together. she was so big in the bust, the buttons on her dress were a good 3 inches from the buttonholes. the big diaper pin was barely able to bridge the gap. a deep breath would have ripped that material to shreds. inside the gap, her endowments were pushed together by a (too small) lacey bra. there was easily 8 inches of cleavage bursting out the top of the girl's brassiere, clearly visible behind the diaper pin. above and below the middle of her belly were 2 more pins straining to keep the material around her together. they succeeded, but left a foot long expanse of bare flesh at the largest part of her tummy, which poked right through the front of the dress. maggie had a smirk on her face when she caught me ogling the girl on the poster, then i saw her jaw drop when she got a good look at the kid.
she spoke after gawking for a minute, "my god,.... she's even bigger than last month's poster girl........ would you look at the tits on that kid - she's bigger than i am!! (maggie gave a little pout as she reached up and cupped her own, smaller breasts.) where on earth did they find this one?...... damn,.... is she knocked up or what?..... lookit.....she's coming out of her dress.........and she can't be more than 12!!"
maggie's reaction, and the sight of this well endowed, enormously pregnant girl made my dick so hard i thought it would break. maggie was still pouting as i continued to look over every inch of the photo. i knew how she felt. it reminded me of the way i'd felt when i saw that kid at the store, tit fucking his little sister with a dick the size of his arm. she must have felt inadequate as she gazed at that girl half her age - a girl whose breasts dwarfed her own substantial pair.
peggy was right when she accused me of it so many years ago - i was (and am) obsessed with big tits. when they're bulging off the chest of a very pregnant woman, i go over the edge. i never thought i could get excited over a 12 year old girl, but this kid with her enormous tits spilling out of her bra, and her knocked up tummy poking out the front of her dress, was about to make me cum on myself. i'd been so busy drooling over the picture i hadn't noticed the message in smaller type right under the girl's belly:
"there is no greater gift to mankind, no greater honor in the service of the lord than the gift of life. glorious life - brought forth from the wombs of our most precious god given resources. our wives, our daughters, our sisters, our aunts, our mothers and our grandmothers were all meant for one purpose - the ultimate service to their creator. they were meant to bring unto the world, new life - and to bring it forth in abundance. it is your god given duty to play your part in his divine plan. if your resolve is firm, he will make her fertile and she will bear fruit. so we say unto you, as the lord has said: be fruitful,.... multiply." there was even more information at the bottom, under her dirty little bare feet - "this message was brought to you by: the unity church of the fertile valley, lucas p. daniels, pastor pictured is september poster girl emily walton, daughter of jed and ellie walton. emily will be on hand to autograph copies of this poster on saturday, september 15th at this month's sponsor store - dixon drugs, on the square. emily is a 7th grade student at fertile valley junior high. she is 8 months pregnant with triplets. praise the lord."
maggie pointed at the message i'd been reading. "see,.... that's what we're up against? that preacher roams all over the county - he's got 15 different church locations and he gets up there on the pulpit and tells these people they've got to breed like rabbits or god won't love them - and that they'll all go to hell. they believe him too!.... they throw money at him for the church, and they do what he tells them." maggie giggled a little and motioned toward the poster "but i guess you can see that, huh?"
"yes, i'm looking, i mean i see, i mean, uh, yes," i mumbled. "well, we better check out the drug store. peggy asked me to pick up some aspirin." inside the store, mr. dixon the pharmacist greeted us. he was friendly in a grandfatherly sort of way but made no effort to hide his interest in maggie's expansive bosom. he stared right at her bulging chest as he chatted with us. a man in his mid 60s, he seemed to be in remarkably good shape. must work out, i thought. he offered us an ice cream cone, obviously understanding the way to a pregnant woman's heart, and maggie went for it.
all i wanted was some water at this point, and a place to sit down and compose myself. mr. dixon grabbed a quart bottle of fertile valley spring water off this huge in-store display.
"help yourself, son," he said, as he sat the whole bottle in front of me. i read the label ...... "purest water anywhere, from the fountain of life to you." i turned the bottle up and took a big swig. it was wonderful. almost sweet, but really pure and natural tasting, just like it claimed. no wonder the kids liked it, i thought. there was something addictive about the taste. i drank some more. soon i'd polished off the whole bottle. dixon chuckled.
"people do seem to love our water - here, have all you want son, it's good for you." i thanked the man, took another bottle and asked him about peggy's aspirin. he said they were out of the small bottles, but he had some in bulk he'd put in a subion bottle for me. he came right out with it. "here, these are on me, son." maggie kissed him on the cheek, making it a point to brush her big tits across his arm in the process, and told him we were off to tour the square. just then we heard a woman call out from the back.
"who's out there in the store, matt?" i guessed it was dixon's wife and i was right.
"it's maggie from the hospital, and a new fella from the city, dear." dixon's wife came rushing out. well, waddling out would be a better deion. although mrs. dixon appeared to be her husband's age, her long gray hair pulled back in a ponytail, she was quite pregnant. about 11 months worth i'd say. she had the biggest pregnant belly i'd ever seen in my life. her huge breasts rested at the insides of her arms and wobbled visibly as she walked toward us. she was obviously braless. i wondered how many children she'd suckled to make those things that huge. mrs. dixon made maggie look like a grade school girl in the bosom department. i was in shock over mrs. dixon's condition, and i think she could tell what i was wondering.
"we had a little help," she said as she smiled and smoothed her dress across her swollen middle. she pointed to a display almost hidden behind the check out counter. it contained several shelves filled with bottles of pills. the sign above the display read: "the lord helps those who help themselves." it went on to explain that if older women needed some "extra help" bringing new life into the world, as the lord would have them do, these special "aids" were provided free of charge by he unity church, and dixon pharmacy, "to the glory of god." pictured on the bottle was a smiling woman in her mid 60s at full term with a multiple pregnancy. "if i can do it, so can you," the woman was quoted on the label. i was flabbergasted. the pharmacist was handing out fertility drugs! but how did they make post- menopausal women ovulate? and it still didn't explain the little girls either. it was getting more and more complicated by the minute, i thought. i began to feel that i would never figure it out, but one thing i knew for sure - the combination of elements responsible for this phenomenon worked. and it worked very well.
i was ready to see some more of the town, meet more of its people and hopefully arrive at a plausible explanation for some of what i'd seen so far. surely the problem couldn't be so extreme there wasn't a remedy. science had advanced so far i thought, and i'd come to the rescue with a solution. sounded good anyhow.
maggie and i left the drug store after thanking the older couple for their kindness, and made our way around the square. outside, some of the folks had set up chairs on the sidewalks. a few of the retailers had sale tables, and at other shops some of the workers were taking a break just to sit and chat. it was a pretty day with a warm, gentle breeze. fall was in the air already. we came upon a type of shop i'd never seen before, but it didn't surprise me considering all the other things i'd been shocked over so far. "little miss maternity" seemed like a logical store to fill a well - developed niche.
still, a clothing store for pregnant girl would be unthinkable in mainstream society. i was in fertile valley though, and things were different. i might as well have landed in a parallel universe. the shop's slogan, on a banner under the store's sign read: "we can fit her no matter how big she gets." inside were life-size photos of girls modeling the store's fashions. the owner of the shop explained how they recycled (and altered) the dresses, pants, shorts, tops and bras from their junior miss maternity shop on the other side of town.
"we're proud to offer the only products of this kind in the country," the owner said. the woman mentioned that even though the prices were surprisingly reasonable, some of the poorer families had to make do with what they had. (the poor girls i'd seen so far could have used some donations from this shop i thought.) rack after rack of pretty print dresses, pants and shorts with huge stretch panels in front, and a variety of enormous bras filled the stores aisles. the majority of their clothes were proportioned to fit girls between the ages of 9 and 12 she said.
"you mean some of these girls are only nine???" i asked. she muffled a little giggle.
"well, i can see you haven't been in town very long." i didn't know what to make of that comment, but it didn't answer my question. one brassiere maggie held up had a homemade tag fashioned to the back, near the clasp where the old tag had been. she almost dropped it when we saw the size - 24eee. that was about all i could take. i began to conjure up images of what a 9 year old would look like filling out one of those big bras.
at that point i began to wonder how my little 10 year olds were doing, and how peggy was coping with the school registration. i wanted to explore some more of the area before we headed back though. maggie thought it would be a good idea for me to see the hospital and the facility they had set aside for us to do our testing and research. there was plenty of lab space she said, and the staff had been instructed to attend to our every need. when we got near the car, we encountered something i'd come to regard as 'normal' a few months down the road, but right then it threw me into shock - again.
there was an old rusty pick-up truck parked right next to maggie's convertible. we'd heard loud squeaking noises from 50 yards away, the kind you hear when a car with bad shocks goes by. the whole body of the truck was shaking. as we got closer to it, we could make out two heads in the cab. one of the heads was moving up and down, long blonde hair flying wildly. it was obvious what was going on, but still i thought "....surely they can't be.......not right in the middle of town, .....not in broad daylight."
well, they were.......and right in the middle of town. when we were close enough to see the two i came to fully realize i'd arrived in a place with a new set of rules. everything i learned about acceptable behavior, these folks had thrown right out the window. i gasped when i saw the girl's face in the truck. it was hard to tell from farther away, and she was moving so fast, but when we got closer i could see she was no more than 8 or 9 years old. she was exactly the size of my 8 year olds melissa and meagan. the gray haired man she was with had her in his lap, facing him. the little girl had her hands on his shoulders, her fingers digging into him. it was easy to see the kid was getting her brains fucked out. as we got close enough to hear them, i couldn't believe my ears. the little girl made quite a bit of noise all of a sudden.
she had spotted me and maggie and i could tell she was putting on a show for us: "oh grampa, you gunna make me cum fuckin' me like this. you know how horny i git when i'm knocked up don't ya?.... i wish ya could knock me up some more grampa, like ya done mama........ oh fuck me grampa, fuck me and put some more young'uns in me. i want you tuh make me all warm and sticky inside grampa...... come on gram, cum in me!!! cum in little suzy and make me huge like ya made mama!!!"
i'd never thought of myself as a voyeur before, but i was mesmerized by the action in front of me. i mean, what could we do? we wanted to get in maggie's car and be on our way. and not two feet from the passenger side, this man was fucking the shit out of his pregnant granddaughter. i was frozen at the open window of this beat up old truck as i watched them. the little girl looked over at me and smiled as the big man fucked her silly - oblivious to everything around him. the kid's cut-off jeans were sitting on top of the steering wheel. they hadn't bothered to take off her panties or halter-top.
she was tiny, her tummy barely showing, with just a hint of a swell on her chest. (boy that would change i heard myself thinking.) her eyes locked onto mine and she grinned as her grandfather grabbed her by the hips and jerked her whole body up and down on his mule-sized prick. the man was simply enormous, and the girl was taking every fat swollen inch of it inside her as she wriggled her hips, jerking her grandfather off with her tight young pussy. he was so huge and she was so tiny it looked like the man was beating off with his granddaughter's body. using the kid instead of his hand, he yanked her up and down, banging her head on the ceiling of the truck each time he jerked her little pussy on his big throbbing penis.
the old man's cock was as big around as my wrist. how they got it inside her i'd never understand. i felt like a grade school kid once again, in awe of the sheer size of the man's dick. the little girl's body moved over a foot each time he jerked her up off his lap, each time he sent her head banging against the roof of the truck.
"my god, they're fucking like a couple of animals", maggie whispered in my ear. "look how big he his bill,....holy shit, he's big as a fucking horse....... he's......he's even bigger than his grandson." wait a minute, maggie knew these people? and his grandson? what was that all about, i wondered. well, i didn't wonder long. i was too busy watching.
the little girl kept her eye contact with me, her grin changing to a mixed expression of pain and passion. i'd seen it so many times - it was the look peggy would get when she was about to convulse into orgasm. she was drooling out the corner of her mouth now, bucking her hips back at her grandfather. the little thud her head made each time it hit the roof of the truck reminded me of the last time peggy and i made babies. the night melissa and meagan were conceived, we'd gone a little wilder than usual. i remembered the sound of peggy's head banging against our headboard, softly at first, then louder and more frequent. just like that night, the beat picked up there in the truck.
the little girl still had her eyes locked on to mine. she mouthed, over and over as she looked at me, "i'm coming,........oh god,....... i'm coming." then she became verbal, "grampa, i know you gonna cum now...... i.... can feel it gittin' bigger in me. come on grampa,..... git me knocked up some more,..... right in front of these people grampa.....make me bigger with yer baby juice." i could see the man's face twist up now – the girl was right - he was about to cum. maggie's eyes got bigger as she watched the man's cock swell - the purple veins running the length of it were about to burst. you could see the huge ripple of cum gush out of his balls, up through his big shaft and into his granddaughter's waiting womb - a womb already swollen with growing new life.
"that's it grampa......fuck it in me.....fuck the cum in me and make me bigger.........oh...... god feels good...... the lord made me big enough to take it .......and........ i want it grampa.......i want it on my face now grampa,...... pull it out and cum all over my face grampa.....i want these people to see me all cummed up!!!"
the man obliged her. he yanked her right off his prick, banging her head on the roof again, and sat her on his knees. he grabbed his prick in both hands and pumped it. her little hands joined his and the two pair ran up and down all 14 inches of the man's giant prick. his spurting cock continued to erupt - this time sending a fat glob of cum flying at the kid's face. it grazed her right cheek, most of it splattering on the windshield.
it kept coming........and coming. the man's big hands were jerking on the base of his prick while the girl swirled her little hands all over its slippery head. she was rewarded with a whole face full of his sticky cum in a few seconds. it went up her nose, splattered on her forehead, and glazed her lips. it dripped off her chin onto her pregnant little tummy before she wiped it off with the back of her hand. she had a shit-eating grin at that point as she sat on her grandfather's knee. she looked like she'd been hit in the face with a bowl of pudding.
well, that was just too much. i had so many questions that i felt like i was moving backward instead of forward in my understanding of it all. what did maggie know of these people? how did she have any idea what size this man's grandson was anyway? how did a little kid that age get pregnant in the first place, and what on earth did she mean when she said "put more young-uns in me"?
i wouldn't solve it right away. i knew that. but why couldn't i at least get a clue? i began to worry about how my family was doing. especially my little 10 year old twins. yes, the ones with the growing tits. it was hard to believe it happened, but it would be one more thing i'd have to deal with. right then, i would have to deal with my escort for the day. maggie was looking at me like a piece of meat again, and i had a tremendous hard-on throbbing in my pants. bigger than i'd ever felt before.........much bigger than i'd ever felt before.

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"Fertile Valley" - William (Bill) and Peggy Johnson, and Julie & Jenny, Adam, & Diedra & Debbie, Peter, Melissa & Meagan - (Father and Mother, Twin Daughters, Son, Twin Daughters, Son, Twin Daughters)

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Do I LOVE it? You bet your sweet bippy I do!!!

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