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gonan do it how it shoudl of been done the first time
The next day my dad was home and Mike did not come over and I found my self craving sex. Most of the day I walked around in a pair of daisy dukes and a belly shirt and noticed my dad was looking at me very closely. Deciding to have a little fun I started to tease my dad. Bending over infront of him or letting him gets peaks down my top to my titties. After a coupel hours of this he called me into the den.

"Tammy what do you think you are doing?" he asked me.

"Uhhmm nothing daddy, why?" I responded.

"Bullshit young lady you know what you are doing. Walking around here all day and showing off your body to em. I am your own father, is this how you act in school being a fucking cock tease or are you a little whore?" he kinda yelled at me.

"Daddy I did not mean nothing and I don't do this at school. I was just bored and I saw how you acted when your friends around so I thought it would be ok now." I rplied.

"It is not ok and you will not be allowed around them when we play cards anymore. If I have to I will send you to a private all girl school to straighten you out. Now for acting like a little slut you need punished, get your ass over here and bend over my lap> he scolded at me.

Walking over to him I bent over his lap. With one hand he held me down and witht he other he took his belt to my ass and thighs. With each whip my screams became louder. Begging him to stop and promising i would not tease him ever again. When i put my hands across my young ass to shield it he really got mad. Yanking me up by my arm he told me to lay face down on the floor. After i was face down he sat down so his ass was on my back and his legs pinned my arms to my sides.

SMACK,, SMACK,,, SMACK,, went the belt as he whipped me mercilessly. Sobbing and with tears running down my face I could barely get out the words "I am sorry daddy." Hearing that he got up off of me and told me to get cleaned up,

Rushing to the bathroom I washed my tears away in some warm water and then looked at my ass in the mirror. Angry red welts were all over my ass and the top of my thighs. Thinking to myself no one would think I am pretty with those ugly marks I started to cry again.

That night I went to bed real early around 6 p.m. and felt like shit. The Morning was a big relief for my dad had to work and Mike might be over. As I hoped Mike showed up around 8 a.m. but told me he could not stay long. He had to do some work for Jamal but came by for a quick blow job.

Pushing me to my knees he sat down on my bed and told me to be a good babyslut like he knew I could be. Reaching up I took out his cock and started to lick and kiss the length of it. While i was doing this he kept on telling me i was a great cocksucker andi should be in the movies. Up and down my head bobbed as i swallowed the tip of his cock. Humming and massaging his balls as I sucked only made cumm even faster.

"That was great my babyslut but I have to go over and see Jamal." he told me as he pulled up his pants and getting ready to leave.

Looking up from my kneeling state i asked him "Could you take me over to Jamal? I liek his bar and it is boring here all day by myself."

"If you really want to I can but he might want to fuck you again"

Smiling when I heard that. "That is ok. It will help pass the time"

When I got up to get dressed he saw the marks on my ass and thighs and asked what happen. When I told him what happen all he said was a nice piece off ass should not be damaged like that. Helping me pick out an outfit we decided on a short micro skirt that barley covered my ass, a pair of pick g-strings and a belly shirt. "Damn girl Jamal will go crazy when he sees you liek that." was all Mike could say as we headed out the door and to his car.

The ride over Mike had me lean over and suck his cock. About three blocks before we got to the bar he told me to let him cumm on my face. Before I had a chance to whip my face off Mike told me to leave it on, that the guys would go nuts seeing me with a cum covered face this early in the morning.

Walking into the bar I saw Jamal on the same barstool as I did a coupel days ago.Running over to Jamal I was about to give him a hugf when eh saw the cumm on my face. When he saw it he called over the bartender to come over and lick my face clean.As she cleaned my face with her tounge her hand was up inbetween my legs playing with my g-string covered snatch. My eyes went wide when I felt her hand there and wider still wehn she french kissed me.

She looked over at Jamal and asked" may I taste her Sir?"

"Get her up on the bar Robin and you can." he replied. When she heard that she picked me up and layed me onto the bar. Now be a good girl for Auntie Robin and you will feel something good. With that she pulled my g-string down and started to kiss my pussy. spreading my lower lips Robin started to lick and nibble on my clit. At first i was scared and nervouse not knowing what was happening, but soon the pleasure hit me. Cooing like a new born I was in complete bliss. Looking over I saw Jamal tell Mike something and Mike left the bar.

'Like that my babyslut Tammy?" Jamal asked me as he slid his hand up my shirt and found my nipple. All I could do was moan and nod as she licked me to heaven. Her tounge was magic to em. Makeing me feel like i was floating and so horney. Few minutes later i felt something strange in my belly and then started to jerk and buck.

"ooohhh yesss,,, mmmmmmmmmmm,, ohhh goddddddd." was all I was able to say as I had my first orgasim. To my surprise a couple of the guys started to clap for me. Robin Licked me some more then stood up and kissed em on my lips and inserted her tounge again.

"Thank you babyslut you tasted so great." she told me. Before she pulled away she gave my titties a squeeze.

" Tammy do you know what her names is?" Jamal asked me.

"Auntie Robin ." I told him.

"Your wrong Tammy. Her name for you now on is Mommy Robin, and every day you come here you will ask her if you can suck her titties. Understand babyslut? Jamla asked me.

"Yes I do." I told him and then looked at Robin. "Mommy Robin can I suck you titties." She got a shit eating grin as she pulled her shirt up showing off her 36 d size titties. Leaning over me she let her tits fall into my mouth. Suckign on one nipple then the other i was acting like a little baby. Hearing someone get up and walk behind Robin i heard them start to fuck her.

"Like your new daughter sucking your slut tits while I fuck you don't you Robin?" Jamal said in a huffy voice.

"OOhh yesss your cock in my pussy and my tits in her mouth feels so good Sir." and alot more came out of Robin's mouth. Hearing she liked what i was doing I started to suck harder on her titties. Her hand went back to my pussy and started to finger fuck me. Someone who was watching the action said that next time they need to film it and put it on the net to show the world what a good mom and daughter team we are. When Jamal was ready to cum he had Robin pull away from me. After she did Jamal put his cock next to my mouth.

Opening my mouth Jamal filled it with his cock. Tasting Robin's pussy on it was a new thrill I wanted totry again as soon as possible. Pulling me to the edge of the bar so my head was hanging over he started to throat fuck me. Robin kept on telling me how much of a good girl I was and how proud she was of me for doing this. I felt him tense up then a flood of his cumm into my mouth and throat. Swallowing it and hearing cheers as I did.

After Jamal finished with my mouth he pulled out and slapped my face a few timew with his cock. One of the guys put a 20 on the bar and asked if this was enough. Jamal replied for 75 the three of them could make me airtight.

With that they took me off the bar and started to paw at my body. One of them laid down and told me to mount him. After I mounted him one of his buddies entered my ass. Before I had a chance to complain the third man entered my mouth. I never felt so full in my life. Every 5 or so minutes they would switch and i would now be tasting my own shit. This went on for a good long while before they had me kneel with them in a circle around me. stroking thier big black cocks they shot thier cumm all over my face and into my hair.

Robin took me to the wash room to clean me up when they had thier fun and on the way back she kept on saying she was happy I came back today. jamal had me sit on his lap when I returned.

"Tammy, Mike told me what your daddy did to you last night and we are gonna help you." Jamal told me.

"how will you do that?" I replied.

"Don't worry my babyslut." was all he said to me. With that he told Robin to take me home. During the ride home, Robin kept one hand in my crotch rubbing my slit. Once home she let me out and told me she would be by the next morning to see me.

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better than the original, much better ending


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learn to spell, but still good story


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to mush sex to litle pain have the dad fuck here as well


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