Before the story can be told you must know a little background on the characters. Our story took place in a nice neighborhood and a normal family. The mom was 35 and had a perfectly shaped figure she weighed about 140 and was 5'9 with 35B cups and a nice shaped butt,she had dirty blond short hair that was usually spiked,with blue eyes. The dad was 35 as well 6'5 with a muscular figure and a 9-inch penis,black hair green eyes. Their son Brad was 17 and like his father but 5'9 160 pounds with a muscular figure and a 7-inch penis,black hair,brown eyes. They also had a daughter named jill she was 15 5'7 weighed about 120 with a figure like her mothers but 24A cups,and quite a nice ass as most of the kids thought at school and everywhere else she went,jill has blue eyes and long blond hair.
These two kids had a big brother named Zach who was 23 6'2 with a muscular tan toned body and an 6.5-incher,with long light brown hair n brown eyes. Their father worked at a construction company but was also a regular attender of church the mother was too at the church. But their mother also had a paying job, she was a designer, that had her own company. The Thauto family was a well known family, because of their mother and father. Their children we're all good students but didn't really believe the gospel, they had their own beliefs about it. And their parents didn't force it on them. The family knew the adults and the youth at church very well, the father was the youth pastor at the church, the head pastor thought they'd try it out because they had never had a youth pastor before.Around the time of our story the father had been a youth pastor for 13 years at the church and knew everyone and was friends with everyone,he had even made some true friends with kids in his youth group,and played video games with them before n after youth group. His wife which was faithful to him had also had her favorites out of the kids in the youth group.
Zach met a girl and had been going out with her for three years,she had now moved in with them. She was 5'5 with blond hair blue eyes and 34 C cups, she had a small but amazing butt, and was 20 years old. If your counting thats now 3 males n 3 females, we'll take away the mom and the daughter because aside from mom looking at dad they didn't get turned on by the two sons n jill wasn't at all by her dad so it's pretty much 2 on 1 or 3 if the dad was unfaithful. But Hilary wasn't related to them and her boyfriend was fit but his younger brother had more tone, and seemed stronger. For 3 years living with the Thauto's she had been faithful to Zach, but this didn't mean she wasn't noticing Brad.

Brad had always since before she moved in walked around the house in nothing but a pair of shorts all day because that made him comfortable. He had checked out Zach's girlfriend many times but never let his brother notice. He would fantasize about her sometimes,but he had never masturbated to her, it just seemed wrong to him. Brad would always playfully flirt with Hilary when Zach wasn't around, and she didn't tell Zach,Hilary didn't mind being complimented and flirting. Brad had a few close encounters before where he thought he could of done her and was hard as a rock but didn't, out of fear that she would say no even tho he was almost sure she would be too horny.

First of all you should know that Brad has a foot fetish, Hilary's feet were average and brad adjusted to them because of the amount he looked at them. Sometimes he would massage her feet for her,meanwhile having a raging boner and wanting to lick her feet so bad. He resisted and she didn't care since it felt good and she wasn't doing anything wrong, she didn't even know it aroused him so much, or did she?
*Experience One*
Anyways one of the times brad came close was after he was giving her a foot massage. His cock throbbing against his sweats which he put on when he knew he would be giving her a foot massage, so she wouldn't notice his hard on unless he wanted her to. She started off wearing a hoodie a wife beater,socks, a bra, sweats and panties. He began by asking her if she wanted a foot massage, hilary had been walking around all day at work n her feet hurt. They were also clean so she said " sure" thinking sweet I love his foot massages and my feet are killin me. Hilary was sitting in a recliner next to the couch so she layed against the opposite arm of the chair and put her feet on the arm of the couch for him to massage. So he began by taking off her socks,then massaging her feet very powerfully as usual, he looked up at her and she had her eyes closed,the thought of her orgasming or at least getting sexual pleasure out of it crossed his mind. But he kept massaging afraid to try anything.

Just then he began to move up her leg to her ankle then calf then her knee,then the thigh, in which at a certain point she squirmed because it tickled. He stopped n went up the other leg( as he went pushing her pant leg up) after he did this to the first leg she straightened out the pant leg to her ankle then he did the other. Then he asked if she wanted a back massage, and said that it would be easier if she was sitting in front of him on the futon, which was down into a bed. So she got up and sat in front of him. He started on her shoulders in which she moaned with either muscle or sexual pleasure, and said "wow that feels so good" then he moved to her neck, each time he adjusted her she moved along with it. Brad said then" I'd be able to reach more of your shoulders if you took off the hoodie. So she did so,obviously revealing more of her front n back but he was behind her massaging her shoulders thoroughly then he moved down onto her back, her eyes were closed and she just kept telling him how good it felt.Meanwhile he was peeking down her cleavage.

He went across her lower back and stopped there and went back to mid-back then started going around her sides and massaging her abs around her belly button,at this point he wanted to pull her pants down and do her doggy style Really! bad! And reach up and caress her breasts. But somehow he controlled himself and eventually he couldn't take it anymore and said that's all the massaging he was gonna do and went to his room to relieve his tension in his penis. After this nothing further really happened, nothing changed, he just decided to not give her massages anymore.
One day Hilary came in his room and he was completely naked, playing video games on the computer. Before she could look away she noticed his cock laying limp, noticing it was longer than Zach's. Then she felt wrong and began to walk away, before she turned her glance though it began growing hard as he watched her watch his cock. He saw that her nipples were hardening and he could see them through the hoodie she was wearing. She then walked out of the room closing the door behind her.

A couple of weeks later she was drunk and in a fight with Zach. She came into his room to talk to him because she needed someone to talk to or she was gonna go crazy. She began explaining what was going on and he sat and listened, he also said certain comments in between to help comfort her, by the time she was done she was grateful that she came and talked to him. She was comforted, drunk, and still mad at Zach so she gave him a hug and felt his hard on. Now remember that she was drunk and feeling the size of his cock against her stomach, plus angry at Zach.
*The Drunken Pleasure*
This made her do something that brad didn't expect. She sat him down and then fished into his shorts for his cock which was half-mast by the time she got it out , next she began jacking him, which for brad the virgin was a pretty amazing thing. She then grabbed a box of tissues from his desk and continued jacking him off until she could tell that he was getting close. She continued pulling her hand up and down his shaft until the drop of precum came shooting out, as soon as his cum began squirting she engulfed his head with her mouth. Sucking down as much cum as he shot out. After she had gotten the last drop she swallowed and with a satisfied look on her face said "mm" then wiped the sides of her mouth with a tissue. Brad then reached out and over her hoodie felt at her breasts,caressing them with his hands,making her moan loudly. If anyone else was home they would have heard.About 10 minutes of this and he was just about to begin to take her clothes off when she stopped him.

She then said my turn, and brad was more than happy to taste her. So he now sat her down in the chair and dropped his head between her knee's while he pulled her sweats and panties to her ankles. Then he dove in with 3 fingers off the start and sticking his 4 inch tongue deep into the folds of his sister-in laws pussy. Her legs were locked around his head, "you taste so good" he said and began lapping her like a dog, and then he began nibbling and sucking on her clit. This sent her over the edge through a series of 3 orgasms before he fell limp, and she collapsed on the chair both of them panting. Five minutes later he was recovered at Full-Mast under his shorts, she was recovered as well. "I've got to feel that huge cock" she said then walking over to brad who was now sitting in a chair and pulled his shorts off in one movement when she looked back up it was staring back at her."wow its huge"she said as she licked her lips.

First she kissed the head and down the shaft but before she reached the shaft she impatiently grabbed hold of it and pulled him to his feet by it,then getting on here knees before inserting it as far in her mouth as it could go. Then she began pulling as hard as she could at his ass to get more down her throat. It felt amazing, he realized what she wanted to do and drove the entire shaft down until his balls were rubbing her chin,then he began to face-fuck her, harder and faster, she wanted to deep throat him he was just faster than she expected. Soon he started growing more and shoved it down as far as possible, she then felt more warm gooey fluid being pumped down her throat. Brad then sat back in the chair collapsed asleep after that amazing orgasm. Hilary wiped her mouth put his shorts back on and cleaned herself up before leaving the room.

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