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I spent most of my morning reviewing applications for my latest modeling
job. I
was surprised at the response of my newspaper ad. Finding one attractive
to model swimsuits would be an easy task, out of the 100 applications I
received. The magazine publisher was in a hurry and needed someone by
week. With the pictures submitted, choosing the best ones for interviews
going to be difficult. I reviewed the pictures and all the information
girls wrote. There was one girl who wrote some comments that I couldn't
believe. This 21 year old blonde named Barbara was 5' 6 "tall, 115 lbs,
38 inch
breasts with a slender well developed build that accented her bust. She
very attractive. On her application she wrote," I desparately want this
modeling job and will do anything to get it. And I do mean anything.
Please let
me show you how I look in person. I will be yours to do with as you

How could I resist calling this girl. In all my years of photography, I
had an offer like this. I have contacts for pornographic material, but
thought I would have a willing model. I wonder if that's what she had in
Well, I called her to come in the next day for a photo session.

Barbara arrived right on time. She was an extemely attractive young
girl. Her
picture didn't do her justice. We chatted for awhile, finding out this
was her
first time modeling, but was looking forward to it. She insisted, "I
meant what
I wrote on my application."

I replied, "OK, let's take some pictures and see what you look like on
film." I
gave her a tiny pink string bikini and directed her to my studio to get

A few minutes later I entered the studio. There was Barbara, standing
next to
the stool in front of the beach backdrop. She was gorgeous. Her long
hair fell across her shoulders just touching her breasts. My eyes
scanned up
her perfectly tanned legs to her incredibly tight ass. My heart was
pounding as
I thought about this beautiful girl's offer to get this job.

I told Barbara to have a seat on the stool as I started snapping some
I spent about 15 minutes taking various poses when I asked Barbara,
"What did
you have in mind with your comments earlier." "Are you interested in
erotic modeling?"

Sure, why not," she replied. "Okay, then",I said, "pull those bikini
aside. Let me see your pussy." Without hesitating Barbara took one
finger and
pulled the flimsy bikini bottoms aside exposing her cunt for me to see.
snapped a couple more shots. "How about your top." Barbara had it off
seconds. What a body on this young girl. I asked Barbara if I could
start my
video camera to save some time shooting pictures. "Go right ahead," she
replied. "I said anything goes."

I started the video and went to Barbara asking her to remove her bikini
completely. Now, with Barbara completely naked, I spread her legs wide
her young cunt for the camera.

"Play with yourself," I ordered." I will if that's what you want, but
I'd much
rather you play with me." Well, that was her final invitation for me.
obviously was looking for some action.

I gently stroked one finger across her slit. As I did, she leaned
forward to
kiss me burying her tongue in my mouth. I kept fingering her cunt until
it was
nice and moist, but I didn't insert it into her. Barbara was becoming
from the kissing and fingering. We moved over to the couch where I
removed my
clothes as Barbara stroked herself. When I finished undressing I went
back to
Barbara's now wet slit and continued my massage of her clit. Barbara was

beginning to moan as she was really getting turned on.

I spread her legs wide, grabbed my now hard cock and lightly stroked it
up her
slit and back down. Then again I massaged her clit up and down with my
cockhead. I continued sliding my cock around her juicy slit. Barbara was

enjoying this. "oooooooh!!!" "ooooooooh!!!!" "That feels good," she
I stood up to wipe my cock across her lips leaving them glistening with
cunt juice. Then I returned to her wet slit to continue with her clit
As I slid my cock up and down her slit, Barbara tried to push forward to
get my
cock inside her. "Put it in me," she said in kind of a begging voice.
your cock in me." "Not yet," I replied with a grin.

I went back up to her mouth, smearing my cock across her face and lips
Each time I neared Barbara's lips her mouth opened trying to suck me,
but to no
avail. I was going to make this horny little slut beg. Again I went down
to her
cunt sliding my hard cock down her slit and back up. I gradually slid my
down her slit and kept going this time to her asshole. I paused for a
right on her bottom hole. I pushed my cock up and down her ass crack and

stopped again on her puckered little asshole. Then I rubbed the head of
my cock
around her anal hole. "How about in here," I urged. "Yes, please. Put it
in any
hole, she answered. "No, maybe not," I said and returned to her juicy
again smearing my cock up and down her soaked pussy.

oooooooh!!, baby!!! please put it in!!!!! pleeeeeeease........!!!!
fuck me!!! Barbara was almost in tears as she quietly cried her plea.
do this to me, baby!!" "Please put your cock in me!!"

I pushed the head of my cock just in Barbara's cunt and stopped.

"That's it! That's it!, she cried out.

I pulled out and layed my cock across her clit. I thought she would
break down
and cry as my cock left her hot wet hole. "Put it back in, please! Baby,


I slipped my shaft back in and gave her about two inches this time. "All
way, baby. "All the way," she kept pleading.

I pulled out again. I looked into Barbara's eyes. She was on the verge
tears. She was reaching for my cock, trying to shove me back in her
wet cunt. Again, I gave her two inches. "Please, baby." "Please, baby."
started pushing slowly. 3 inches, 4 inches. Barbara let out a deep low


"oooooooooooooooooooooooooh" "deeeeeper" "give me moooore"

5 inches,6,7 inches, 8,9 inches. I was in all the way. As soon as I had
fuckhole stuffed full of my hard cock, Barbara's cunt tightened around
it as
she went into an incredible orgasmic state. Barbara grabbed hold of my
pulling me trying for deeper penetration. Her body literally shook as
orgasm rocked through her body. For almost a full minute I could feel
waves of
pleasure shaking her as she continually cried out, "I'm cuuuuming, I'm
cuumming. ooooooh!!, baby"

Finally her orgasm subsided as she began to relax. I didn't cum yet so I

started pumping her in and out. Her cunt was soaked with her fresh
juices. My
cock felt like an iron rod pistoning in and out of her hot box. Again,
tightened up as another orgasm started.

"Oh! Fuck!!, Baby"

"Oooooooooh!! Fuck me, Fuck me." "I'm cumming again"

In her delirious state I whispered my request. "Can I cum in your
mouth?" "Oh!
Yessss, Yessss, cum in my mouth," she begged. "I want to taste it." I
out of the tight grip of Barbara's cunt and jerked myself at her face.

"I'm cumming," I said to her. A tremendous stream of cum hit her in the
splattering all over her. Barbara quickly opened her mouth to catch
three more
strong thick wads of my cum. I could see the white sticky jism all over
tongue and inside her mouth. Barbara closed her mouth and swallowed.
While she
tasted my sperm I continue to flood her face with my thick hot cum. With
only a
few drops of sperm dripping off the end of my cock, Barbara licked her
lips. I
slid my cock in her mouth for her to suck any remaining cum out of me
and in
the process she licked my shaft clean. Her face was covered with my
sticky spunk and Barbara made no immediate attempt to clean it off. She
took a
deep breath saying, "That was so good." "Why did you make me beg like
you fuckin' tease." I scraped the cum off her face with my fingers and
fed it
to her until I had her face cleaned up. She ate every drop lingering to
each mouthful.

We finally got up and dressed. I turned my video camera off telling
Barbara to
stop by tomorrow to watch it with me. "I can't wait to see it," she
"Maybe we can do another?"

"Well, I have something else in mind." I said. "I'll fill you in on it

I was in my photo studio early the next morning when I heard the knock
on the
door. It was Barbara. She sure was early today. "I was wondering if I
got the
modeling job and to see what else you had in mind for me like you said
night." she asked. I told her the job was hers, but "I also want to know
if you
might be interested in a side job for one night. A friend of mine is
having a
fraternity party at the college Saturday night. He's looking for a girl
entertain, if you know what I mean? You seemed to enjoy yourself
yesterday, so
I wondered if you would be interested?"

"What exactly would I have to do?, she asked."

You would be paid to be the entertainment for nineteen men at the frat
Whatever they want, you would be expected to do. Do you think you'd want
nineteen guys?

"Sounds like it could be fun," Barbara replied. "What time should I be
I gave Barbara all the details and to ask for Mark when she arrived. I
told her
I would be there to take pictures of her performance.

Barbara arrived Saturday right on time at 8:00 pm. I was already there
Mark met Barbara at the door. After Mark saw Barbara, he assured me that
no one
would be disappointed tonight. Barbara was one great looking piece of
ass. Mark
escorted her into to the next room where nineteen guys were waiting for
Barbara's arrival. As we walked into the room whistles and yells started
Barbara's appearance met with their approval. Barbara stood in the
middle of
the room surveying the group to see what was in store for her. There
were all
shapes and sizes of men all with drinks in their hands. Most of them in
room were pretty good looking she thought. Two guys in the corner were
heavy, and three of them were Black. There were beer bottles , wine
bottles and
glasses everywhere. Barbara had a slight fear on her face that they may
get a
little rowdy and nasty. She took a deep breath, smiled at everyone and
OK guys, what are we going to do first.

Mark went up to Barbara first. He started unbuttoning her blouse and
her skirt which immediately fell to the floor. Silence came over the
whole room
as Barbara stood there now with just her bra and panties left on. Mark
kisssing her while rubbing his hand in her crotch. As Barbara became
from the hand massaging her slit, she relaxed and looked like she was
going to
enjoy tonights' session.

Barbara slipped her bra straps over her shoulders and while Mark
unhooked it in
back. When her 38 inch tits fell free the hoots and hollers started
again from
the crowd. Then Barbara slipped her panties off and knelt down in front
of Mark
unbuckling his pants pulling them down. She pulled out his cock which
had grown
to about eight inches and she started licking the head. While Barbara
sucking Mark into her mouth, another guy named John came up from behind
her and
started licking her cunt. John's cock grew in no time and he inserted it
Barbara's cunt. Barbara continued sucking on Mark slurping his hot meat
in and
out of her mouth as John was now fucking her pretty hard. Mark put his
hands on
Barbara's head guiding it up and down his shaft. "I'm cumming," he
yelled out.
Barbara didn't quit, but kept sucking Mark's cock in her mouth
swallowing his
entire load. When Barbara was sure she had all of Mark's sperm she let
his cock
slip out.

John's pace had picked up considerably fucking her cunt. He let out
moan, and
pulled out of Barbara's hole. Barbara quickly turned around grabbing his
guiding it to her mouth to take the second load down her throat. She
licked his
cock clean telling John," That cum sure tastes good."

There were already two to take their places, but they were so excited
seeing Barbara swallow two mouthfuls of jism, they were ready to explode
They quickly moved, one on each side of Barbara's face. Barbara held her
back and opened her mouth ready for more hot white spunk. They both blew
loads at almost the same time. A few spurts managed to make in Barbara's
but most splattered on her face. She cleaned them both up, licking any
remaining cream left on their cocks and then ate what she could dripping
her face.

The three Black guys strolled up to Barbara next. "Hi guys." Barbara
"Your the first Black men for me." Tony the biggest of them told
"Well, baby your the first white cunt for us, too. And your one hot
piece of
ass. Can you do all three of us at once?" Barbara thought, all three
filled at once. It sounded rather exciting having never done that
Barbara replied, "Sure, sounds like fun."

Tony's one friend layed down on the floor. "You sit on his cock, baby,"
instructed Barbara. Barbara squatted over his nine inch cock and sat
right down
on it taking it all the way up her cunt at once. "Ok, Mike, you fuck her
in the
ass." Mike's cock was about ten inches long with a very large cockhead.
Tony told Mike to fuck her ass, Barbara was a little worried how that
fat cock
was going to fit in her tiny little asshole. But, Mike knew what to do.
licked her butthole, lubricating it with his saliva, then spit in his
hand and
rubbed it on his cock. He squatted over Barbara's ass, placed his cock
Barbara's anal entrance and started pushing slowly. Barbara was
surprised how
Mike was being gentle and going easy. She was able to relax now, since
wasn't going to be rough.

As Barbara relaxed, Mike's big cockhead slipped right in. Barbara let
out a
little whimper, not from pain, but from the feel of this giant knob
which just
entered her ass. Mike pushed his shaft the rest of the way up Barbara's
bunghole and slowly began fucking her ass.

With two Black cocks in Barbara, that left Tony standing in front of
her. Tony
was stroking his cock as he waited for Barbara to get used to the first
penetrations. Barbara couldn't believe the size Tony's cock was growing
to. His
cock had to be at least thirteen inches long, maybe more. "Like what you
baby? "Tony asked. Barbara said, "I've never seen any cock that big."
it's all for you baby." And I want you to take it all the way down that
beautiful throat." Barbara immediately had a scared look on her face as
replied to Tony, "I can't." "I can't take that big thing down my
throat." "I've
never been able to deep throat any cock much less your's." Tony tried to

convince Barbara. "I KNOW you can. You just have to try. It's just like
it up the ass. Once you relax it goes in easy. Just try it. Then if you
it's ok". "All right." Barbara thought for a moment and replied, "OK."

Barbara took the monster cock in two hands and started sucking it. She
took the
head of his cock in her mouth and held there. She mouthed and tongued it
to see
what this big Black cock tasted like. She continued sucking harder and
while her cunt and asshole were getting stuffed with the other two Black

As the cunt and ass fucking continued, Tony fucked Barbara's mouth while
running his fingers up and down her neck massaging her throat muscles.
your head up and relax those muscles," he said. He kept massaging her
while he gave her reassurance. Tony pushed a little deeper filling
mouth. His cock was at the entrance of Barbara's throat and there was at
nine inches left to go. I don't know if Barbara knew what was happening
at this
point with one cock driving in and out of her cunt and the other Black
still drilling her asshole.

Tony pushed some more and the big Black piece of meat started down
throat. She was doing it. Barbara's mouth was wide open with her head
back and Tony was shoving his long Black schlong down her throat. Inch
by inch
it disappeared into Barbara's mouth stretching her throat to the limit
accomodate his massive tool. With about ten inches in, a quiet gurgling
came from Barbara's throat as Tony was literally stuffing it the rest of
way in. Finally, Barbara's lips were pressed against Tony's balls as all

thirteen inches of hard Black meat lay lodged in Barbara's throat.
Baby." Tony yelled out. "You're some fucking slut." Barbara's eyes were
open as Tony gave a couple short in and out strokes working his tight
cock in her throat. "You're some white fuckin' cocksucker, baby. Your
throat is
so............. tight."

Tony quickly pulled his cock from the depths of Barbara's throat so she
get a quick breath. Then he positioned himself right above Barbara's
mouth and
lowered himself into her again, shoving his giant Black cock all the way
Barbara's throat in one motion. Barbara actually helped by working her
lips and
throat trying to swallow the big Black piece of meat as Tony pushed it
Then Tony began working that big Black tool up and down, fucking
throat with thirteen inches of hard Black cock. Barbara grabbed Tony's
ass with
both hands pulling him towards her forcing his Black rod all the way
down her
throat. With Tony's crotch in her face and balls slapping her chin, she
him lodged there in the tight depths of her tiny throat.

That was all Tony could take. He quickly pulled out of her throat and
Barbara gasped for breath, the biggest wad of cum she's ever seen burst
Tony's cock into her mouth. Barbara had no choice but to swallow the big
of jizz. She grabbed the big Black cock and with two hands and milked it
her tongue before gulping it down again. Looking at Tony, Barbara said
half out
of breath, "that was a big load. You sure had a lot of cum in there."
asked, "How did you like it?" "Do you like the taste of Black cum?"
smiled, "I want more." Mike who was still in Barbara's ass pulled out,
around to Barbara's face and deposited his spunk in Barbara's mouth too.
Barbara devoured his load and licked the taste of her own ass off Mike's
she backed off the other Black man's rock hard shaft just in time to
take his
hot Black spunk in her face too. Barbara smeared it all over her face
licked her fingers to get a taste of his cream too...
Barbara sat back on the floor to catch her breath after the Black
pounding that
just took place. Two more guys were unable to wait any longer after the
they had just seen. While Barbara rested on her elbows with head back,
just shot their loads over her face drenching her with their hot cream.
just stayed there as they emptied their cocks on her face and watched
spunk drip down her cheeks and chin. Each one of them smeared the fresh
around her face with their cocks pausing from time to time to feed the
cum to
Barbara with their glistening rods. She licked it from their cocks until
of jizz was somewhat cleaned off. The little that was left started to
dry on
her face.

There was one guy sitting on the couch taking this all in and enjoying
it as he
jerked himself off. He was wearing a condom as he stared at Barbara
himself off. She figured he would be the next one to fuck her. But then
Barbara watched, he leaned back, groaned and filled the end of the
condom with
his sperm. She could see the end of the rubber sack fill up as his sperm

drained from his twitching shaft. He sat up, carefully removed the tight

fitting condom from his cock and walked over to Barbara.

"Open up and eat this, you fuckin' cum hungry whore. Let me dump this in
mouth too."

Barbara didn't say a word. She just tilted her head and opened her
mouth. He
took the cum filled condom and proceeded to dump the contents into
mouth. The white jism slowly oozed its way out of the sack. Barbara
stuck her
tongue out to catch the dripping white condom scum in her mouth. It
dripped onto her tongue and drained to the back of her throat. Then she
returned her tongue back in her mouth as she gulped the load down.
Barbara then
took the condom from him, turned it inside out and put it in her mouth
the remaining cock cream off the used condom. She licked her lips and
told him,
"I don't want to waste any. It tastes too good."

The two heavy men that were in the corner earlier were next. But, before

Barbara could get over to them another fellow ran up to Barbara with his
cum in
his hand. "What a shame you couldn't hold on any longer. I would have
sucked it
out of you." Barbara told him. She took his hand and lapped up the
sticky goo,
licking every finger to get it all. Then Barbara went over to the two
men in
the corner who obviously were rather shy. They had been there all
watching her performance. Barbara encouraged them on, "Come on guys,
don't you
want to cum in my mouth too?" Barbara unzipped both of them and
sucked on their cocks. A couple minutes later Barbara had sucked down
their cum

Barbara turned around to see who she could do next, when the front door
In walked a beautiful brunette. She was about 5' 7" tall, very slim
build with
very large tits. She wore a short black skirt, which exposed alot of her
figured legs and a white blouse straining from her well-endowed chest.
Barbara found out later she was the part-time maid. Unfortunately she
walked in
on this gang bang.

Two guys met her at the door and before she realized what was going on
clothes were off. One man was in her cunt and the other in her ass. They

couldn't wait for Barbara any longer so Michelle the maid was getting
her two
holes fucked at once. This diversion gave Barbara a little break.
attention was on Michelle the maid getting cunt and ass fucked. Barbara
the show too, but didn't want to come down off her orgasmic high. While
maid fucking continued, Barbara used an empty beer bottle on her cunt.
shoved it about half way in and bottle fucked her own cunt until she
could get
another hot cock. After about ten minutes both guys pulled out, having
deposited their cum inside Michelle. The one guy Tom looked at Barbara
"Sorry, but we just couldn't pass her up. We've been wanting to screw
her for a
long time. Now why don't you get over here and suck our cum out of our

Barbara moved over to Michelle who was lying on the floor recovering
from the
fucking she just received. "Come on, slut. Eat our cum out of her. Suck
sperm out of her cunt and asshole." Barbara really was enjoying tasting
everyone's sperm. Actually, she had become obsessed eating it. So,
buried her face in Michelle's cunt gobbling the cum oozing out of her
fucked hole. Then Barbara pushed Michelle's legs up high so she could
access to her asshole. Barbara spread Michelle's ass cheeks, forced her
onto her puckered little hole and with a noise heard across the room,
and slurped the cum out of Michelle's asshole. A couple times Barbara
back off,
stuffed her index finger in Michelle's anus, twisted it inside her ass
and ate
what she pulled out. Confident that she had gotten as much of the cum as

possible, Barbara sat back. "I need more cum, guys" Come on, who's

Two more guys reported for duty to start with their turn. One
immediately drove
his cock into Barbara's cunt and began fucking her. The other squatted
over her
face so Barbara could tongue his balls. She jerked his cock as she
sucked his
balls into her mouth. Shortly he started cumming. Barbara was able to
catch his
sperm in her mouth, but the guy fucking her shot his load up her cunt.
When he
pulled out he told Barbara, "Your cunt felt so good I just had to fill
it. Am I
the only one you haven't tasted?" With that Barbara sat up, shoved a
fingers up her own cunt and came out with them coated with sperm. She
them clean and went back for more.

Barbara was down to the last two guys. It was about time to call it a
night, so
Barbara grabbed their cocks, jerked them off until they came in her
Barbara had eaten nineteen loads of cum. The last two guys remarked to
"You're a real fuckin' slut, Barbara." "You really like suckin' down the
don't you?" "How about something to wash it all down." They had had so
beer to drink their bladders were about to burst. Both of them started
all over Barbara. One stream hit on her chest splashing all over, and
the other
was soaking her long blonde hair. Barbara sat on the floor with legs
spread as
she was told, "spread your cunt and open your mouth, you fuckin' slut."

Barbara did as ordered so they could piss directly onto her spread open
and into her mouth. She felt the strong piss stream hit her open
splattering all over her thighs and legs. Then one brought the flow up,
watering her body in piss. Finally, he was up to Barbara's face, as the
piss stream poured into her mouth. "Swallow it cunt." "Swallow it."
was watching. Piss was running down her chin as her mouth filled up.
There was
no end to the flow entering her mouth. "Swallow it," they demanded
Barbara closed her mouth and gulped. She felt the hot piss gush down her

throat. Again she open her mouth just to have it filled with the endless
of hot piss. Another gulp and down it went. Barbara could hear them
talking as
they finished pissing on her, "This fuckin bitch is incredible. She'lll
anything" Barbara just sat there totally drenched in their hot steamy

Several of the horny guys collected some of their empty beer bottles and

emptied their bladders in them. Three of them went to Barbara as she sat
exhausted. "Have a beer, sweetheart. You deserve it." Barbara put the
bottle to
her lips and started slugging it down. Stopping after one mouthful she
at them saying, "You fuckin' bastards." "What's the matter, cunt," one
"Our piss not good enough for you. You like it and you know it. Now
drink up."
Barbara put the bottle of hot piss back to her lips and drank the rest
stopping, while the other two each poured their bottle of hot urine on
her head
and face watching it drench her entire body. When the bottles were empty
jerked off again shooting their cum on her tits and chest. Barbara's
hair was
matted, piss was dripping from her face, and rest of her body had a
mixture of
piss and cum clinging to it. Barbara just lay there recovering from the
humiliation, but deep down knew she was enjoying these new sexual

Tony, the big Black man strolled back up to Barbara as the two finished
emptying their bottles on her. Tony took Barbara's head in his large
pulling her mouth onto his Black cock. He pushed it about half way in
and stood
there with his head tilted back. Tony took a deep breath and then yellow
began gushing from around Tony's cock out of Barbara's mouth. He was
right her mouth. He was forcing Barbara's mouth to be his human toilet.

Tony looked down at her, "swallow it down, you little whore." "Or I'll
shove it
all the way down and piss right into your throat."

The piss stopped escaping from Barbara's mouth. Her lips were clamped
Tony's urinating cock. She was drinking it, gulping the hot piss as it
from his big Black cock. Tony held her head in place, forcing her to
all of his urine. With all the beer Tony had, it must have been a full
that Barbara drank from his cock. Finally he pulled out letting Barbara
back to the floor with her stomach full of hot yellow juice.

It took awhile for Barbara to get up. For sure I thought she'd be puking
guts up by now. She stood up as Mark approached. Mark thanked her for
incredible evening and offered her a parting surprise.

"We have something special for you before you leave," Mark said. All the
were really horny watching you all night. Since they couldn't get
seconds with
you they've been jerking off and saving the sperm. They thought you
might want
a last taste of them. Mark handed Barbara a glass filled with white
thick cum.
Barbara smiled, put the cup to her lips and slowly began swallowing down
cup of hot sticky sperm. Without stopping she gulped every drop of the
jism, licked the cup with her tongue then thank everyone for the
The next day I was in my photo studio reviewing many of my pictures from
night before. Barbara was truly amazing last night. Only a couple days
ago she
was here being photographed and agreed to entertain at the frat party. I

couldn't get her out of my mind. What I thought to be a nice, innocent
trying to break into the profession, turned out to have a wild sexual
beyond my wildest imagination.

Then a knock came to my door. When I answered, there was Barbara. Was
this the
same girl, the same cute blonde in the picture she submitted a week ago.
she showed up a couple days ago for her photo shoot, she was nicely
dressed in
a blouse, not to revealing, but provocative enough to show off her
figure and the fact that she had nice full bust. She wore slacks that
nothing tight, but loosely fitted. Still it was obvious how attractive
figure was underneath. Her straight blonde hair was loose around her
face which
hung down her back about half way. Barbara has beautiful facial features
matter what she did to it, even though she didn't wear a lot of make-up.
one of those girls that's a knock-out regardless of her choice of
clothes or
how she fixes her hair or how she does her make-up.

Now what was this at my front door? This was Barbara? Her blonde hair
was done
curly, still long down her back, but very full with a lot of body. It
like she had twice as much hair as before. It looked great. I looked
beyond her
hair into her eyes as I invited her in. Full eye shadow and liner
accented her
beautiful eyes. Her make-up was perfect with deep red lipstick to show
off her
full lips. And "wow" did she smell fantastic.

She had on a short tight halter top. And I mean tight. It hugged her
making it impossible not to notice her incredible tits. She must have
had on a
very sheer bra since I could see her hard nipples protruding under the
of her top. I scanned down her body. There wasn't much to the black
short skirt
she had on. It rose half way up her thighs. The white fishnet stockings
just up underneath her hemline of her skirt. When she walked by and lean
over a
bit I could see some bare skin of her upper thighs exposed, as the tight
rode up higher. And of course, she wore high heels to give her a little
height. She was incredible. She was more than incredible. She was the
beautiful intoxicating thing I've ever seen. If she was trying for the
slut-look, she found it and found it real good. Looking at her beauty
made my
cock begin to grow and I wanted to fuck her right on the spot. And I
knew I
probably would be very shortly.

Barbara told me how much she liked last night at the frat party.

"As the night went on, I wanted more and more," she told me. "I just
get enough cock. I wanted their cum. I wanted it in my mouth, on my
face, down
my throat. The more I got the more I wanted." I liked that I was able to
so many men. And did you see how crazy they got when I started
swallowing their
piss? It actually turned me on that I was doing such slutty whorish
things with
them. And I know they liked watching me do it too. I couldn't get enough
and I
still can't. I thought about it all last night. I liked doing those
things for
them. Every time I think about the nasty things I did, I get crazy with
and lust to do it again. As I drove over I thought about what I wanted
to do
with you when I got here. And I remembered you saying that you had
contacts in
the porno industry. Maybe you get get me in one, a movie I mean."

Barbara had turned in to sex craved slut alright. Sex was the only thing
on her
mind. She wanted to live a life of fucking and sucking and doing any
thing a man could think of.

"Do like the way I dressed?" She asked. "What do you think?"

"Who wouldn't," I replied. "In fact, if you don't strip so we can fuck
now, I'm going to rip them off you."

Barbara pulled her halter top off and unzipped her skirt leting it fall
to the
floor. There was no bra or panties underneath. She stood there in just
white net stockings held up by a garter belt. I quickly removed my
clothes and
pulled Barbara to the sofa where I sat down with my cock at full
attention. I
held her by the waist guiding her up onto the sofa so she could sit on
my cock.
Barbara sat down on my lap impaling herself fully in one motion. We
searching each others mouths while she fucked herself on my cock. Over
and over
she drove my cock all the way in her. She broke from my kissing and put
lips to my right ear while she still fucked herself on my hard shaft.
whispered what she wanted.

"I want to suck you cock." She said.

"Then, I want to feel it in my throat."

Barbara slid down off my lap and in no time had my cock in her mouth
deep down her throat. There was no doubt about it, Barbara was a real
pro. She
could suck anything down her throat. She didn't struggle at all. She
just took
my hard shaft and sucked it down deep. She used my cock to fuck her
throat just
like she did in her cunt, pistoning up and down it's full length. She
sure was
enjoying my cock. Then she pulled it out and moved her mouth down lower
as she
pushed my legs up and spread them wide for me. I helped her by pulling
my legs
up higher as she pushed.

"I'm going to lick your asshole. Would you like that?"

Barbara didn't have to tell me or ask. I knew what she was going to do
and I
wanted her to do it. I was so excited watching Barbara's beautiful face
down between my legs knowing soon that her gorgeous face and warm tongue
be probing around my ass. Barbara didn't hesitate in the least. She
placed her
mouth right in my asscrack putting her tongue to work immediately
teasing me by
gently licking and probing my asshole. She was an incredible woman
with her oral talents. She positioned herself kneeling in front of my
open legs giving herself access to every inch between my legs. Her
searched and found every corner and crevice hidden between my legs. Her
carefully licked and cleaned every inch of my crotch. It felt so nice
her wet warm tongue down in the crease of my crotch and delicately
licking on
my balls. I was enjoying the warmth of her mouth as she sucked my balls
in and
out. Then down lower she licked across the sensitive flesh und er my
And it wasn't just a tonguing either, she enjoyed this. She licked and
and probed then swallowed, then tasted some more as if eating from me.

Then, she forced my cheeks apart with her hands making my anal hole
stretch. I
could feel the pressure on my anus as she pulled hard on my behind
trying to
expose as much of my asshole as possible. Then she buried her face
between my
cheeks and I felt her tongue contact my puckered brown hole. She pushed
to force her tongue in. It was a little tough, my hole was closed up
tight. She
wouldn't give up. Her tongue pressed and pushed and licked. I couldn't
take it,
she was making me nuts. Her hot tongue buried against my anus was making

Barbara put her finger on my asshole and pushed it in just a little. God
felt good. Then she pulled on my asshole making it open a bit. I thought
I'd go
beserk when she pulled harder opening my ass more and leaned her face in

sticking that warm wet tongue into my opened ass. I don't know what kept
from cumming when I felt Barbara's beautiful tongue dipping into my
Her tongue felt so soft and moist as she stuffed it in me. She started
her tongue around on the soft dark flesh she had exposed. What an
woman. She was making love to my asshole, to the musky flesh of my anus
and she
was in ecstasy doing it as much as I was enjoying the feel of it. At
moment, Barbara became my anal slut. She was my anal licking whore
servicing my
private hidden anal hole. I didn't want her ever to stop, just keep
licking on
my asshole. She was putting me over the edge. I couldn't take any more.

I grabbed my hard cock, jerked a couple times then pushed Barbara back
shooting sperm at her face as I exploded in a tremendous orgasm. My cum
shot at
her with such force, it splashed all over in her eyes, on her cheeks,
her nose and dripped to her breasts. Then another blast of sticky jizz
out soaking her face. Barbara then grabbed my cock and sunk her mouth on
letting me drain the rest in there. She collected the rest of my load in
mouth, and once I was done, swallowed it in one gulp. The rest of my
covering her face I smeared around with my cock.

After we finished, I told Barbara what an incredible woman she was and
that I
would be happy to make a few calls and get her an interview with some
people I
knew in the porn film industry. About a half hour later I had her
arranged. I told Barbara she should dress like today. If that outfit
make them crazy, nothing would. She liked that and thank me before

The next day Barbara met me at the studio and I drove her to the
interview. She
was dressed just like yesterday. We arrived about an hour later and went
in to see them. There were two men, Bob and Peter, waiting for us in
office. From their initial reaction just looking at Barbara I knew they
what they saw. They chatted with Barbara awhile to get the feel of what
she was
willing to do in the movies and see how serious she was about becoming a
porn actress. After 15 minutes, Bob said, "okay Barbara, let's see what
look like and what you can do." Barbara starting removing her clothes
completely while Bob and Peter did the same.

Bob went down on Barbara licking her slit while while Peter moved closer

letting Barbara suck him. His cock grew larger and larger as it moved
her lips. Shortly thereafter, Peter had grown to full ten inches.
Barbara was
pretty aroused by now with Bob feverishly working her cunt. Barbara then

started swallowing Peter's dick. She didn't waist anytime, she just
hold of his buttocks and pulled Peter towards her while she took his ten
in one gulp. Peter nearly blew his load right then, "my God, Bob, she's
got a
hot mouth." "What a fuckin' tight throat." Bob looked up seeing Peter
completely buried inside Barbara's mouth. She didn't let him back out
Barbara kept him deep for awhile before pulling away only to swallow him
and again.

In between throat drilling, Bob managed to get Barbara onto the floor
seated on his now hard 8 inch shaft. She rode him while continuing to
get her
throat fucked. Peter was close to unloading in Barbara's mouth and
Barbara knew
it. But she wasn't ready for that yet so she let him slip out. "I want
cock in my ass," she begged Peter. He was only too willing to oblige
her. While
Barbara continued taking Bob's cock in her cunt she leaned down to kiss
exposing her asshole to Peter. Peter went behind her, placed his hard
tool on
Barbara's backdoor and started his journey up Barbara's tight anal hole.
pushed on her puckered entrance and it opened right up for him. Barbara
become expert on taking a cock up her ass. She knew how to relax and
allow her
anus to stretch and be penetrated. Besides, she loved feeling the
hardness as
it traveled deep into her rectum. And after the frat party the other
day, this
ten inch cock was easy to take.

"Oh fuck, what an ass." Peter exclaimed in his glory.

Peter pushed all of his meat in Barbara's ass. His cock was gone inside
completely and Barbara loved it. She moaned telling Peter how good his
felt in her ass.

"Fuck my ass, fuck me hard."

Peter began pumpmg her sliding his ten inch rigid cock in and out.
asshole hugged Peter's cock tightly. He fucked her hard and deep over
and over.

"Oh God, yes, fuck my asshole," Barbara cried in her now lustfilled
"Fuck it hard." "That's it, ram it all the up there." "Harder!!!!

Meanwhile Bob started moaning loudly as he listened to Barbara coax
Peter on.
He was cumming. He pumped Barbara's cunt and he filled her hole with his
That set Barbara off into an orgasm making her clench her cunt and ass.
jammed his cock deep in her ass one last time and cried out that he was
too. He flooded Barbara's ass with his hot seed and feeling his thick
flowing into her ass only made Barbara's orgasm more intense. She
wiggled her
butt squeezing his cock with her ass milking out every bit of his hot
cum, until he was drained. Then Peter pulled out leaving Barbara begging
more as her orgasm continued to consumed her body.

Barbara, still in her orgasm, wanted Peter's cock. She didn't care that
it had
just come out of her ass.

"Give me your cock, let me taste you."

Peter having just pulled out, had a pretty heavy coating stuck to his
shaft. I
could see his cock glistening with a slimy brownish slime, apparently
being so far up Barbara's ass. Peter told her, "no it's kinda messy, I
have to
clean up here first." Barbara didn't say a word. She twisted around
Peter's slimy dirty scum covered cock and brought to her mouth. Then
down it
went, all the way. "Oh my God," Peter cried out. "What a nasty little
cunt you
are." Barbara sucked him down cleaning his cock in the process of every
bit of
the scumy substance that came from her own ass. It was the nastiest
thing Peter
ever had done to him. I know I've never seen any girl be that downright
and whorish. It aroused Peter again. Seeing Barbara slurping and
cleaning his
dirty scum covered cock made him start cumming in Barbara's mouth,
giving her a
big mouthful of sticky jizz to swallow to go along the with the brown
that she already ate.

Bob had already pulled out and was sitting on the sofa watching Barbara
his buddies cock. When Barbara finally finished with Peter she crawled
over to
Bob and sucked his cock cleaning the little bit of sperm that was left
on it.
Then she pushed his legs up and went down lower licking his buttocks.
Bob was
in for a real treat.

"Want me me to rim you?" Barbara asked. "How would you like me to stick
tongue up your asshole?"

Like Bob was going to refuse that offer. Barbara spread his cheeks
burying her
mouth in his crack. Bob let out a loud moan as Barbara's tongue licked
the hairy flesh of his crack and forced its' way in finding his asshole.
licked him, probed him and tongued his anal hole making Bob crazy. But
wasn't going to be enough for Barbara. Bob was about to get more than a
rim job. Barbara was going to see to it that he got the anal licking of
life. She forced his cheeks apart to stick her tongue on his asshole and
get it
good and wet from her saliva. Then she put a finger in his anus up to
second knuckle, then inserted another finger from her other hand. Bob
was going
nuts moaning as he watched this gorgeous girl inserting her fingers in
his ass.
Slowly she began pulling his asshole open. As Bob relaxed his anal hole
wider and wider for Barbara. She had his hole stretched wide when she
looked up
at Bob saying,

"Bob, I've got your hole pulled wide open." Then she whispered in a low
voice, "Now I'm going to stick my tongue in there and licked inside your


Then down Barbara went. Her tongue went right in Bob's asshole. Her face
buried in his crack, but I knew where her tongue was from Bob's delirium
pleasure he was experiencing. Even with the waves of electric pleasure
through Bob, he managed telling Barbara what he thought of her

"My God,............ you're the dirtiest fuckin' slut I've ever had."

"Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!!!" What a nasty filthy cunt you are."

"Ohhhhh!!!!............... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

"You're a fuckin' anal whore." "Ohhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

"That's it." "Lick my asshole you slut, c'mon, lick it."

Watching Barbara was making me crazy too. I had my trousers down and
myself off. I was ready to cream as I watched her eating on Bob's
asshole. I
saw a glass on the table next to me, so I grabbed it and shot my load in
When I was finished cumming, the bottom of the glass was covered with my
I figured when Barbara was done with Bob she might want my jism too. A
minutes later Bob was ready to explode again. Barbara's anal licking had
him absolutely over the edge again. She backed off when Bob annouced his

impending climax taking a blast of his juice in the face as it gushed
Bob's cock. Spurt after spurt shot right at her splashing all over
Barbara's face with white hot sperm. She was covered in jizz by the time
was done. Sperm was dripping and running down all over her face.

Barbara looked over at me smiling, enjoying herself. I showed the glass
sperm and offered it to her. She crawled over to me next saying she was
thirsty from all the licking and sucking. That gave me an idea that I
would drive Bob and Peter nuts. While they watched I took the glass
down in front of my cock. I started urinating in the glass. I hadn't
gone since
we left the studio so empting my bladder managed to fill the glass.
watched too the whole time as I pissed in the glass. When I finished I
held the
warm glass of my pee up to the light, so every one could see the big
globs of
my cum that were on the bottom, now were floating around in the yellow
piss. I handed the glass to Barbara. She turned around so Bob and Peter
see what she was about to do. She brought the glass to her lips and
tipping it, pouring the hot piss into her mouth. The urine started
through her lips as she tilted the glass more and more until all of th e

piss-cum mixture was gone. When she removed the glass from her mouth,
she still
had a thick strand of yellow tinted cum hanging from her upper lip. Her
came out and lapped it up. I thought Bob and Peter were going blow a
load a
third time as they stroked themselves and watched in astonishment as
swallowed every drop of my hot piss.

Barbara sat back on the sofa to relax. I was confident that Barbara was
to be the next porn queen. I doubt anyone put on a performance like she
did. Once we all were cleaned up, Bob told Barbara how great she was and
how he
never experienced anyone like her. He wanted to get her on film the next
He was going to have Barbara star in his next movie. So all the
were made. Barbara was set ready for her first pornographic movie. And
I'm not
going to miss this. I almost can't wait for that day.
Barbara was really excited about being in a pornographic movie. She
having sex with different guys and enjoyed having a cock just about
It seemed like a good time to purchase a new wardrobe, now that she was
to star in some movies. So off she went to the mall the next evening.
She spent
all evening shopping and bought a lot of different styles for herself to
She bought some of the sexiest and skimpiest skirts, extremely revealing

blouses and a variety of high heels and different colored stockings. She
had a
terrific time trying on and deciding what to buy. By the time the mall
she decided on what she wanted and had her arms filled with all her

The mall was about to close, it was nearly 10 P.M. It was time to head
after an exhausting night of shopping. Barbara left the stores heading
to her
car in the mall parking lot. She got all her purchases into the trunk
and was
ready to hop in her car to head for home. Suddenly, she was grabbed from
around the waist and neck and held tightly. She was startled at first
and then
struggled to get away yelling at her attacker. The parking lot was
empty, only a few cars left and no one was in sight. She was all alone
defenseless. Then she felt another pair of hands grab her feet picking
her up
off the pavement.

They carried her across the lot to a van parked nearby as she struggled
screamed to get away. They opened the back of the van and both pushed
inside where she got her first look at her assailants. She sat on the
floor of
the van looking at two Black men eyeing her up. She still had on her
skirt and low cut blouse from earlier in the day and they certainly
liked what
they saw. Their eyes literally devoured her body. Then one of them went
up to
the front seat and started the van.

Barbara found herself in a terrible predicament. She was somewhat
excited at
the prospect of having sex with Black men. She had fucked a Black cock
But she was a bit apprehensive that they might really hurt her. She had
no idea
where they were taking her or whether she should try to reason with them
let them fuck her. Perhaps that way she wouldn't get hurt.

When the one drove off the other handcuffed her to the back of the front
"C'mon Jake, find a spot to park." "This bitch is hot, I wanna start

"Alright, alright." I'll be right there." Jake parked the van in a
spot along a back road and joined his friend back with Barbara.

"You won't hurt me will you? Barbara asked. "Just shut up you white
bitch." "I
wouldn't worry about getting hurt, I'd worry about how many times you're
get fucked." With that they both began ripping her clothes off. Her
halter top
ripped down the middle and they yanked her bra up over her head leaving
dangling next to her handcuffs. Then they both grabbed her skirt pulling
it off
her legs along with her panties. She was naked in front of them as they
at her beautiful body.

"Fuck me, man." "What a good looking white cunt." They both hurried to
and Barbara stared at two of the biggest Black cocks she's ever seen.
swallowed the lump that formed in her throat knowing that soon enough
probably would be forced to take those Black shafts in every hole. They
themselves while staring at Barbara. Jake's cock was getting larger and
until finally it grew to over a foot long. His friend's cock was nearly
same size as he yanked on it moving closer to Barbara. There was no
point in
fighting them, Barbara thought. I may as well let them have their fun
and I'll
be out of here soon enough with out getting hurt.

"Okay, babe. Open up. Feeding time." The Black man held his big Black
cock in
front of Barbara's face waiting for her to open her mouth. He put it
her lips and she could feel the warm hardness of his Black shaft. She
her lips slightly and he pushed in. "Oh, yes baby, eat it." He pushed in
mouth more. "What a hot mouth, Jake." And in further he went until he
hit the
back of Barbara's throat. Then he grabbed her head roughly in his hands
his fingers entwined in her beautiful blonde hair holding her still.
knew what he was going to do and she prepared herself for it. He pushed
in more
forcing his Black cockhead past the entrance of her throat as it started
way down. He kept an even forward thrust feeding Barbara inch by inch
his hard
Black meat. Barbara had deep throated before, but it was somehow
different this
time because she had no control of the situation. He was forcing himself
on her
with whatever he wanted. She was handcuffed and couldn't do an ything to
herself. She was at his mercy while he force fed her his cock and
prepared to
fuck her throat.

He pushed further down until all of his nearly footlong cock was buried
in the
depths of her tight throat. He stayed there enjoying the feel of
throat gripping his big Black cock. He gave her head little pumping
fucking himself with her face as he told Jake how good it felt. "Man,
bitch is good." "What a tight fuckin' throat." Still he danced around
with her
mouth plastered into his groin. Barbara was running out of breath and
afraid of passing out as the fear displayed on her face. But he didn't
out. He stayed in her throat longer, still fucking her face until
moaned and whined making him look down at her to see her near fainting.
pulled out of her throat and Barbara gasped for air, coughing and
choking. They
both laughed at her remarking, "you'd better get used to it, we aren't
finished with you yet."

Jake, turned her over on her knees putting his hard foot long cock on
her slit.
In it went, penetrating her cunt as far as he could go. Barbara let out
a loud
moan from the rapid insertion that caught her off guard. Then Jake
pumped her,
ramroding her hard, making her grunt with every penetration as he hit
inside her wet cunt. "C'mon Jake, let me see you fuck her in the ass
while I
make her swallow me again." Jake pulled out and moved up to Barbara's
All he had was the cunt juices on his cock when he pushed on her
swiftly, opening her asshole up and slipping inside. Barbara let out a
from the pain of her anal hole being forced open so abruptly. Jake
didn't let
her get used to his massive tool either. Immediately upon entering her
anus he
pushed hard forcing his hard Black cock all the way in her ass. Barbara
screamed in pain. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!" Her asshole was still too
dry and
unlubricated to take anything so large inside. But Jake didn't care. H e

started fucking her ass right away, removing his cock almost all the way
ramming back in. And not just once or twice, but kept on going over and
over as
Barbara screamed and screamed.

She had always like it in the ass, but not this way. Once she got used
to a
cock inside her rectum it felt so good. Sometimes she would even orgasm
from a
good anal fuck. But now, she couldn't relax enough, her asshole was too
dry, it
hurt. She could feel every inch of Jake's hard meat slide in and then
out, then
back in and back out. The pain rippled through her entire body starting
at her
asshole and traveling all the way up until it registered in her brain.

Jake's friend moved in front of Barbara and when she opened her mouth to
out another scream he stuffed her mouth with his cock again. Barbara had
choice but to take him in her throat again. They both started fucking
her one
in and one out. Jake would slam her asshole as his friend pulled from
throat. Then her throat would get stuffed as Jake withdrew from her ass.
ten minutes they put Barbara through the double fucking torture. She had
quickly take a breath when her throat was clear for that fraction of a
Her throat was getting sore and her asshole felt raw. Finally Jake's
announced he was cumming. Thank God Barbara thought. He pulled back
and flooded her mouth with his sperm. He gave Barbara a tremendous load
filled her mouth. It was a heavy and thick load that felt like big globs
Barbara's mouth. When he finished he pulled out ordering her to swallow

"You'd better swallow it.".....................C'mon bitch, swallow."
looked at him and gulped it down. It felt like one big glob in her
throat as
she felt it slide all the way down.

Meanwhile, Jake was ready to blow in her ass. He was still slamming into
pretty hard. Her asshole was red from taking twelve inches in so many
"Make her eat yours too." Jake liked that idea. "Yeah, okay." "I'd like
that. I
fuck her in the ass and make her eat it." Jake withdrew and quickly came
in front of her making her take his Black cock in her mouth. He pumped
his cock
a couple times and began unloading in Barbara's mouth. She opened wide
it drain in her mouth all over her tongue covering it completely. When
finished he stared at her waiting. Barbara closed her mouth and
swallowed his
load too. Then he smeared his cock around her face making Barbara lick
remaining sperm from his cock. "Oh, man, she's a good cum eater." "You
like it,
huh baby?" Barbara didn't reply, hoping they now would let her go.

"You are a hot little thing," Jake commented to Barbara and his friend.
know,................. I know a bunch of guys who'd love to have some
fun with
you." "What you say, want some more Black cock?" "I can get you cock for
hole and keep you busy all night."

"Please let me go," Barbara begged. "You had your fun, now let me go,

"No way, baby." "We ain't done with you yet." "We're gonna get you more
meat than you've ever seen." "And they're gonna love fuckin' a good
white cunt like you." "And you know, they ain't had no lovin' for a long

"Where are you going to take me?" Barbara asked.

"We're going up to the prison work farm." There's about 20 brothers
ain't had
no pussy for a long time. They're sure gonna like a nice white one like

"No, come on, please!! let me go." "Please!!!" Barbara begged again.

"No way, bitch." Jake replied.

"Stop calling me bitch, you bastards." "And let me go, Barbara yelled at

"Shut up you fuckin' little whore." "You'll do exactly what we say."
Jake got
real mad at Barbara for swearing and yelling them. "I'll teach this
white cunt a lesson," Jake commented to his friend. "This fuckin' white
talks too much." "I'll give her something to keep her busy."

With that Jake reached under the front seat and pulled out an empty beer

bottle. He held it up showing Barbara. "What's biggest thing you've ever
had up
that pearly white cunt of yours." "You've got to be kidding," Barbara
to Jake. "You white bitches don't know what a good fucking is." Jake
held the
bottle by the neck and put the wide end down to Barbara's slit. "Hold
on, here
it goes." He jammed the bottle onto her cunt lips and pushed. Harder and
he applied pressure against her pussy. Barbara screamed as the
discomfort grew
and the pain began to register in her brain. Her cunt lips spread and
then her
tight fuckhole opened letting the bottle inside. Her stretched cunt
hugged the
bottle as Jake forced it in. The bottom of the bottle disappeared inside
hole. Jake pushed more as Barbara screamed at the top of her lungs. When
the bottle was buried inside her cunt, Jake stopped leaving it implanted
her hole. Barbara gasped and groaned trying to expel the bot tle from
clutches of her cunt, but it was lodged in there.

Jake then flipped her over with the bottle still buried in her cunt hole
started fingering her ass. First he pushed one finger in her asshole
it all the way. Barbara's anal hole was a bit dry so Jake spit a couple
on her ass and smeared his saliva around her anus until he could easily
her asshole with his long Black finger. Barbara felt one finger probing
her rectum, then a second one and a third. Jake was stretching her
pretty wide once her got his fourth finger in. He wasn't too easy about
either. He fucked in and out of her anus fast and hard making Barbara
from the force and pressure each time he jammed his fingers in. Then he
out and began twisted his fingers in her asshole trying to penetrate her
with his whole hand. Barbara was letting out a continuous loud groan and
as she knew he wasn't going to stop until his whole fist was inside her
ass. He
pushed harder and harder and harder until finally Barbara's asshole s
wide, almost feeling like it would rip right open. Jake's fist entered
Barbara's ass. The pain was excruciating when his hand passed through
her anal
opening. Her cunt was already forced open, occupied by a beer bottle and
her asshole was full too with a Black man's fist.

Barbara felt Jake probing around in her ass and could feel his hand
and bumping the bottle that was in her other hole just on the other side
of the
thin membrane separating her ass and cunt. Jake thought it was cute when
tried to push the bottle thinking he might force it out of her cunt from
her ass. But every time he tried Barbara screamed as it hurt the inside
of her
delicate rectum walls. Jake laughed at her, "what's a matter, bitch?"
handle a fist up your ass?" And he laughed at her again.

Jake's friend was going nuts watching Barbara in her discomfort. He
wanted in on the fun too. He reached down grabbing the beer bottle by
its neck
and pulled it from her stretched out cunt. Barbara twitched when her
yanked it
out. The other Black man then reached up between Barbara's legs and
inserting his hand up her cunt. Barbara tightened up trying to keep him
out but
in it went. His hand disappeared inside her fuckhole. She was impaled on
ends, a fist in her asshole and a fist in her cunt. "Hey man, I can feel
you in
there," Jake remarked. "God, I like this bitch. What a fuckin' whore."
give her a real fist fuckin'"

Jake began pulling his fist from her asshole and then plunging it back
in. All
Barbara could do was let out loud groaning sounds as Jake pistoned his
fist in
and out of her tight asshole. Her anal hole opened and closed repeatedly
accommodate Jake's fist. A couple times Jake pulled his fist out leaving
giant gaping hole where his fist had been. "Look at this fuckin asshole,
And they both stared into Barbara's wide open rectum. "Nice ass, baby,"
would remark. Then he would plow his fist back in before Barbara's
closed up.

Then Jake's friend started doing her cunt the same way. His fist emerged
her slit then got swallowed up again as he rammed it back in. He
continued in
and out of her hole while Jake did the same in her ass. Then they began
her holes together, both forcing their fists in at the same time making
take a pounding like she's never had before. It hurt at first, it felt
they were ripping her apart. But then, crazy as it seems, Barbara became

aroused as the movement of his fist kept going across her clit. The
built and became unbearable. Barbara was being raped. She already had
had Black
cocks in her mouth and her ass. Now she was being brutally fisted and
she was
getting turned on. What was happening to her. Why was she feeling so
It happened all so fast, but she was almost there. Barbara was near an
while being fisted by two Black men at the same time. Then it happened,
gripped their fists while inside her and convulsed in a violent or gasm.
bitch, is cummin' Jake." "She likes it." "What a slut, what a fuckin'

Barbara's orgasm lasted a full minute before subsiding. When it did the
fists were pulled from her soaked holes. She looked up and stared at her

rapists. "You're a hot one, aren't you?" Jake asked. Barbara just
continued to
stare at them saying nothing and was on the verge of falling asleep from
exhaustion. Jake and his friend moved to the front seats and drove off
her in the back as they traveled toward the prison farm. "The boys are
gonna like her," Jake remarked.

Barbara thought to herself, "Jake mentioned twenty Black men, in prison.
knows how long it's been since they've had a woman. Would they hurt me?
rough would they be with me?" The prospects didn't seem pleasant.
Barbara was
going get fucked like she's never dreamed of. Actually, this was going
to be a
brutal gang rape and no one would be able to help her or stop it. But
there was an excitement to it. "What is wrong with me," Barbara thought.
just been raped and I had an orgasm." "My pussy hurts and my asshole is
sore, yet it was so exciting. What's wrong with me?" Barbara fell
When Barbara awoke she looked out the front window to see where she was.
van was parked at what looked like a farm. There was a barn off in the
and from the van Barbara could see plenty of open fields, some planted
and some
not. There wasn't a house as far as she could see. This place was in the
of nowhere. This must be the prison farm Jake spoke of where all the
worked. Jake and his friend weren't around, she figured they must be off

getting their friends for the good time he bragged about. Still Barbara
handcuffed to the van seat and still naked from the night before. There
much to do but wait. The clock on the dashboard read 8:00 am and Barbara
getting uncomfortable from being restrained all night.

About an hour passed when she heard some voices approaching. Gradually
became louder and louder and sounded like quite a few people. Finally
she could
tell they were directly behind the van and Barbara could see the rear
door lock
being opened. It was Jake opening the door and behind him stood five
Black men
staring into the van at Barbara's beautiful nude handcuffed body.

"Fuck," "where'd you get her," one of the men yelled out.

"Nice piece of ass," another added.

None of them could take their eyes off Barbara's gorgeous nude body.
Even after
being raped last night and handcuffed since yesterday she still looked
with her 38" inch breasts jutting firmly from her chest and her nipples
and soft waiting for a warm mouth. She had her shapely legs crossed and
knew how much they wanted to see her blonde slit. And Barbara's hair had
a little disheveled from sleeping in such awkward positions last night,
but it
only made her blonde appearance that much more sexy and slutty.

"Now listen up," Jake told them. "Everybody will get a turn with her. We
to go in shifts so the guards don't see us. So you guys are first then
get the next group until everyone gets a turn with her.

Jake jumped up in the van and unlocked Barbara's handcuffs. He led her
out of
the van around to the side where there was a row of trees. The location
perfect for being secluded as the trees blocked the view on nearly all
sides and the van blocked the view from the front. Jake laid out a
blanket on
the ground putting Barbara on it.

"I'm not putting the cuffs back on you," Jake told Barbara. "If you try
to run
or get away, it'll be the sorriest thing you every did. We're parked out
in the
country near the prison work farm. There's about twenty friends of mine
work here everyday on the prison work program. They all get here around
and have to go back to their cells by 5:00. The guard always stays up by
farmhouse so you'll get five guys at time, this way everyone's not
missing at
once. They won't even notice. Now you'd better be good to my boys. They
had no loving for a long time."

"Listen Jake," Barbara said. "If you promise to let me go when we're
I'll see to it all your friends have the best time they've ever
imagined. And
you can have seconds with me too. What do you say? You and you friends
want a
willing white pussy to fuck? You want me to gobble your cock down my
without forcing me? You want me beg your friends to fuck me up the ass?
about it? Just promise to let me go afterwards."

It didn't take long for Jake to make up his mind. The thought of a
white piece of ass that looked like Barbara was more than slightly
"You got it, baby. It's a deal," Jake replied with a tremendous smile on
face. "Here that guys, this gorgeous white cunt wants our Black cocks
real bad.
Are you ready to give it to her?" Everyone cheered and yelled their
and started pulling their clothes off.

Barbara already naked waited for them to undress. All five finished
about the
same time and headed to Barbara stroking their cocks preparing
themselves for
the first fuck they've had in a long time. Barbara knelt up on the
grabbing the first Black cock that neared her. He was about ten inches
long and
rock hard. She jerked him a couple times with her hand as he moaned in
with the touch of a woman's hand for the first in a long time. Barbara
his cock to her mouth and took him in. She sucked on the big head of his
then slowly took him deeper inside her wet mouth. His cock hit the back
of her
throat and Barbara wasted no time as she pushed her mouth further on to
cock taking him in her throat. He let out long loud moan to the others.
she's great. What a hot mouth.."

Two others joined the first with their cocks at full attention and
nearly the
same size. Barbara began sucking on all three taking turns swallowing
hard Black shafts. Meanwhile another slid his body between Barbara's
legs. When
Barbara saw his cock align up with her cunt she lowered herself taking
Black meat up her waiting slit. She sat completely down on him impaling
fully with his hard eleven inches. Barbara let out a moan herself
feeling her
hole fill up, but she quickly returned to deep throating the three cocks
front of her.

As Barbara sucked on three Black pieces of meat and rode a fourth, the
was eyeing up the only hole Barbara had open. He stood there stroking
his foot
long cock. Barbara looked over her shoulder at him, "Go
ahead,......shove that
big Black cock up my ass." He didn't need a second invitation. He
himself over Barbara's ass and put his cock on her back entrance. He
pushed on
her back door and his cock head slipped in. Barbara let out a moan of
"oh yes, fuck my ass." "Deeper, deeper." He pushed into Barbara's bottom
he buried his twelve inch meat inside. Then he began riding her asshole,

pistoning in and out in unison with his buddy fucking her cunt. "This
loves it in the ass man," as he spoke his enjoyment to the others.

The pounding continued, but only a short time before one of the cocks
in Barbara's mouth. She backed off his throbbing member letting him
milked it
into her mouth. It was a tremendous load that kept spurting from his
cock. This
Black prisoner was in heaven as he filled Barbara's mouth with his thick
When he finished he watched her opened mouth, overflowing with his fresh
sperm. Her mouth closed and she gulped it down. "Fuck, man, she ate it."
swallowed it all." The other two in front of Barbara seeing what she
just did,
that was all they needed to blow their loads. Almost simultaneously they
cumming. Barbara held her mouth open so they could empty their cocks
into her
mouth too. The cum spewed like crazy from their Black cocks all over
face and in her mouth. She swallowed once to make room for more as her
filled up again. They jerked every drop they could on her face and mouth
then Barbara gave them a last suck and deep throat to get the last drop
clinging to the end of their cocks. And their Black shafts glided down
so easy
from the cum coating stuck to her throat.

As soon as Barbara finished her snack, she realized the cocks in her
cunt and
ass were about ready to go too. They were still double teaming her hard
both buried their cocks, one deep in her cunt and the other deep in her
They both yelled out "I'm cumming," at the same time. Barbara could feel
cocks begin spasming deep in her body. She was getting filled with Black
Her cunt walls felt blast after blast of hot gooey sperm hit and send a
through Barbara nearly making her orgasm. And the same time she felt
streams of
hot jism squirt in torrents into her bowels. Barbara let them fill her
with their pent up cream until finally they were both spent and pulled
Barbara's lovely body. Barbara just rested there on the blanket enjoying
warm feeling that came over her from being filled with all the Black
"That's was great," one replied. "Yeah, what a hot bitch," another
joined in as
they got dressed.

"Hurry up," Barbara told them. "Go get the next group, I'm still horny

The next group showed up five minutes later and Barbara did her
swallowing and
fucking routine again. She received three more massive loads of sperm in
mouth and greedily gulped them all down. And again she took loads in her
and in her ass. She was getting pretty full and sperm was beginning to
from everywhere, especially her cunt. Her asscrack was getting pretty
slimy too
from the overflow of sperm in her rectum and from the excess that
dripped from
her slit and ran down through her crack. Nevertheless, Barbara was
excited at being the cum receptacle for all these Black prisoners. Now
group two was finished she could hardly wait for the next five Black

Only minutes passed and Barbara had five more fresh hard Black pieces of
to service. A soon as the first undressed and she saw another foot of
meat, she laid down on her back with part of the blanket folded under
her head
and she beckoned him to straddled her face. "Fuck my throat with that
thing," she ordered. His massive tool parted Barbara's lips and pushed
penetrating her throat as he sat on her face. Barbara kept her mouth
open wide
so he could fuck her face with his full length. And that's what he did.
began sliding his hard Black tool slowly in and out of Barbara's throat
then started picking up the pace. He was fucking her throat like it was
cunt, while Barbara laid with her head tilted back allowing her gullet
to be
continually stuffed. Finally he just buried it deep, all twelve inches
down her
throat, and pumped his jizz directly into Barbara's belly. When he
finished he
withdrew and Barbara just licked her lips.

The second man replaced the first in Barbara's throat, but he pulled
legs up high holding them so he could access her cunt and ass too. He
fingering her pussy while he fucked Barbara's throat. He started with a
fingers in her hole which easily slipped in from all the slippery sperm
inside Barbara. Then he stuffed in four fingers and they went in easily
"Hey, honey," "Jake tells us you can take a whole fist." "I gotta see
you take
me." Barbara was to busy swallowing his cock to reply, but it was fine
by her.
He pulled his fingers out and proceeded to shove his whole hand inside
Barbara's sperm lubricated gash. Barbara's cunt stretched and opened for
him as
he pushed on her hole. Barbara groaned with his cock deep in her throat
as his
Black hand penetrated her pussy. He was in. "Fuck, man." "The bitch did
"What a fuckin' hot cunt." He made a fist inside her and started fucking
cunt on the inside. Barbara gasped for air every time his cock slipp ed
but she keep on sucking him while he fist fucked her.

The third one of this group now came up to Barbara's wide open legs to
get a
better look at this delicious white woman getting fisted. The other two
watched stroking themselves waiting a turn. He started playing and
Barbara's asshole. He poked a couple fingers in her butt and found how
she was from his earlier buddies dumping their loads in her. Barbara
even realize the entry in her ass as she was on the verge of cumming
from the
cunt fisting. She swallowed the cock in her mouth and tightened her cunt
on his
fist going into a shuddering orgasm. Before her climax ended she had
received a
mouthful of his sperm. That was her twelfth load so far. He pulled from
mouth and backed his fist from her sloppy cum oozing cunt. That left
just the
one working on her asshole.

The other two now joined in holding her legs apart while watching her
get fingered. "Hey man," "think she can take a fist in her ass?" Her
was certainly slimy enough from all the sperm, so the third Black man's
began pushing on her anal hole. It stretched,... she moaned,.... it
more,....all fingers were in up to his knuckles. He pushed
whined,....he pushed still harder,... it stretched,....and he was in.
asshole wrapped around his wrist as he implanted his fist in Barbara's
"This is one motherfuckin' slut," he commented to the others. He began
his hand inside her moving it, twisting it, pulling and pushing. Barbara
moaned and groaned nearly ready to have another orgasm. Then he backed
his fist
out until it was positioned right in her anal entrance, stretching her
wide open. He twisted his fist back and forth rimming Barbara's anal
Barbara grunted out as he kept her hole stretched causing her to feel ri
of pain. Then he sunk his fist back in.. He tried pushing deeper into
lovely body and his wrist inched in further. How much could she take?
How deep
into her ass could she handle? It didn't look like she wanted him to
stop, in
fact it looked like she wanted more. He pushed in deeper, inserting
more, until
half of his foreman disappeared into Barbara's stretched open asshole.
He could
feel the bottom of her rectum with his fingers. Barbara was nearly
insane with
her moaning,..... "oh God,... oh, God.....yes,....yes, fuck my ass."

Then he closed his hand making a fist inside her giving him a little
more room
to make an even deeper entry. Again he pushed and another three inches
of arm
entered Barbara's ass. It almost looked like he had his whole arm inside

Barbara. Her asshole had to be stretched four inches across to
accommodate the
thick fleshy part of his arm that approached his elbow. Then with his
hand he flicked Barbara's clit a couple times and she went wild into an
earthshattering orgasm that nearly ripped her body apart. She screamed
at him
to fuck her asshole harder while her body twitched and rocked while
impaled on
his arm.

"FUCK MY ASSHOLE."........ "Ram it in my ass, harder,.... harder." He
back out of her ass a little and rammed it home up her anal chute until
he hit
bottom again. Then again he pumped his arm up her butt bottoming out
deep in
her ass. He repeated his anal fist fuck into Barbara's ass over and over

slamming his fist as far as it would go, forcing it until he hit the
soft flesh
in the deepest part of her rectum. Ramming her asshole like this was so
arousing he was in a frenzy too and ready to cum. He ripped his arm out
Barbara's ass. Barbara screamed from the instant surge of pain as his
passed through her sphincter so abruptly. He grabbed his cock quickly
moving to
her head and dumped his load all over her face. What a load it was too?
She was
drenched in thick sperm. She actually had to wipe some from around her
nose in
order to breath without sniffing the gooey stuff in.

Meanwhile her asshole was still wide open staring at the other two Black
It looked so inviting that they both went up to her ass and both shoved
ten inch cocks in at the same time. Barbara was getting double teamed.
Black cocks anally fucking her at the same time. They pumped her as best
could with both inside. But it was only seconds and they began creaming
her asshole. When they finished and pulled out her anal hole had a
reservoir of
cum contained inside. One of them stuffed his fingers in scooping out a
fingersful of the combined cum load. Then he offered it Barbara. "Like
to have
a taste of us, honey," he asked extending his fingers dripping with cum.

Barbara opened her mouth and accepted his offering of the several
varieties of
sperm enhanced with the taste of her own ass.

She had finished with the third group. There was only one more group to
plus she promised Jake and his friend another fuck too. She couldn't
wait for
the next group even though her cunt and ass were full of jizz and she'd
track of how much cum she had eaten. Only her ass hurt a little.
Actually, her
ass hurt on the inside. The one Black man really had fucked her hard and
with his fist. She really didn't want to be anally fucked anymore today.

Hopefully she could just suck the rest of them off or let them cunt fuck

Awhile went by and no one else was showing up. Barbara was wondering
what the
delay was. Jake poked his head from around the rear of the van telling
her it
was lunch time and the last group would be here once the guards let the
go back to work. Barbara stretched out on the blanket relaxing. Her
were beginning to hurt a little more. But as she rested she began
feeling a
little better.
The next group finally arrived and they stripped down right away.
surveyed what they to offer as they all stroked themselves eyeing up
body. And she still looked great even after having serviced fifteen
already. Four of this group seemed to have average size cocks about
eight ten
inches, if that could be considered average. But the last one had the
piece of meat she's ever seen hanging down in front of him. It was so
long and
big that it couldn't possibly stand out straight and erect. From his
groin it
hung down almost to his knee. Barbara couldn't take her eyes off it and
noticed her eyeing it up. "What's a matter, there, cutie?" "Ain't never
anything that big, huh?"

Barbara looked away and grabbed two of the other cocks and started
sucking. She
did her normal swallowing routine which drove them wild and soon she had
more mouthfuls of hot Black sperm. Then she started on the third one
his shaft deep into her throat. While she sucked his meat the fourth
behind Barbara placing his cock in her crack. Barbara stopped her
asking the other not to fuck her in the ass as she already was quite
sore. That
didn't make him too happy. "Hey, bitch." "I wanna fuck your ass too,
like the
others did."

Barbara had to do some fast thinking because he was ready to drive his
tool up
her ass regardless of what she wanted. "Listen, I'll tell you what."
said. "Let me just suck you off. Then when were all done, you know what
let you do?"

"What's that," he replied in a very unhappy tone.

"Ever piss in anyone's mouth?" "You can piss in mine, and I'll swallow
"I'll do it for all five of you." "I just just don't want it in the ass
today." "Okay?"

"You got a deal, honey," he replied coming around front to let Barbara
sucking him to. Fives minutes later Barbara had two more loads of sperm
into her face and in her mouth. She swallowed what she could, but alot
wound up
on her face and in her hair.

Now there was just one left to go. But what a one it was. Barbara stared
this Black cock hanging so massive in front of this inmate. How would
she ever
handle this cock. Surely he wouldn't be expecting her to take it down
throat. It couldn't possibly fit. It might rip her throat open. If he
fucked in
the cunt, how much would fit? Certainly not all of it. For the first
Barbara was actually nervous and a little frightened.

The big Black man walked up to Barbara and to her surprise turned around

sticking his ass into her face. "Go ahead, you sweet little thing." "If
gonna drink piss, you must lick assholes too." "Lemme feel that hot
tongue in my ass." It kind of caught Barbara off guard. She was only
about how she would handle sucking his big cock. But she did his
bidding. She
spread his Black ass cheeks exposing his crack and anus. She stared at
his ass.
He wasn't very clean back there. She hesitated and that brought a
response from
the big guy.

"C'mon cunt, you expect I'd take a shower before I come out here." "Now
dig in,
give you something to taste anyways."

Barbara leaned forward and shoved her tongue in his crack. She started
and tonguing his asshole giving him a rimming while cleaning his ass of
dried caked residue stuck all over his crack and buried deep in his
crevice. When the taste settled in her brain, she realized what a gross
she was doing and Barbara thought she'd puke all over his ass. But she
controlled herself and continued rimming him until he pulled away from

Then he turned around and offered his prize piece of meat to her.
Barbara took
hold of his giant Black cock using two hands to hold it and work the
skin back
and forth keeping him hard. Then she took the head in her mouth. It was
gigantic. The head alone nearly filled her mouth and she had to stretch
lips wide open to accomodate its size. She had two inches in her mouth
already she felt full and that no more would fit. She sucked on the head
licked it hoping her efforts would make him cum right away. But that was
going to be sufficient for this big Black man.

"C'mon there honey, you can do better than that."

Barbara told him, "It's so big, that's all I can do."

"Bullshit," he yelled. "I've seen you in action and your a pretty damn
cunt. I've never had my cock down anyone's throat and you're probably my
chance to have it done. And you're gonna do it or I'll do it to you."

Before Barbara could respond he he told the others, "hold her for me."
other four held Barbara as she knelt. Two took her by the shoulders
while the
other two pulled her head back. Then the big Black man straddled her
head with
his cock hanging over Barbara's mouth. For the first time she was scared
of a
cock. It was tremendous hanging over her mouth and she was frightened at
he was going to do to her. He yelled at Barbara to open up....... and
she did.
His big Black tool entered Barbara's quivering frightened mouth and hit
back of her throat as he pushed it in. Perhaps three inches were in her
with more than a foot of meat to go and the biggest thickest part still
outside her mouth. This was not going to be pleasant.

He began lowering himself pushing into Barbara's throat. She was being
tight by the others so she couldn't back away. The head of his cock
forcing open her gullet. It stretched wider than ever before. Barbara
becoming afraid he might split her throat open, but somehow it stretched
stretched and she could feel the big head of his cock squeezing in and
down. He pushed on and went deeper. His cock was extremely hot squeezing
the tight walls of her throat and despite its length it was incredibly
hard and
rigid. Still he pushed downward except now she no longer felt the
engorged head
of his massive tool. It must have passed beyond her tight entrance and
now she
just felt the giant shaft pushing and penetrating deeper and deeper as
it slid
through the tight confines of her throat.

Barbara opened her eyes hoping to see he was in all the way, but still
had to another six or seven inches to go. She thought for sure his cock
reach her stomach it was so long. He pushed more again and Barbara's gag
tighted on his cock, but she was unable to expel the massive intrusion
in her.
Barbara wasn't going to make it this time. She was ready to pass out.
wanted to gag but couldn't and she needed air real soon. He pushed down
and Barbara felt his balls on her chin. He did it, she did it. He
stuffed all
of his fifteen inch cock down her throat. "Oh, fuckin' A," he yelled
out. "This
bitch's got a deeeeep throat." Barbara was getting dizzy and her throat
like it would burst apart. She was becoming frantic trying to push him
out of
her mouth, but he was locked in her throat tight and loved it. It was
greatest feeling he ever had. He had his fifteen inch Black cock in a
white cunts' throat. Even his Black girlfriends couldn't do that.

He felt Barbara begin to go limp and he pulled his cock out. It slipped
deep with in Barbara like a giant snake emerging from her throat. She
for air sucking a huge quantity to stem her from passing out. But, no
had he cleared her lips and cum started gushing from him. There was more
than Barbara could handle. She was still recovering, gasping for air and
half gagging from her throat being so severely stretched and stuffed.
But the
cum flowed and flowed fast, before Barbara could react. Her mouth filled
instantly with sticky cream and her gasping sucked it down her throat
her choke on it. Trying to clear her throat, the jism sprayed from her
onto her face as she coughed. Still he was cumming, giant streams
pouring from
his Black throbbing meat. Barbara's face was becoming saturated as cum
collected in her hair, her eyes and across her forehead. He moved his
cock to
her cheeks and deposited heavy amounts there until it began dripping
towards her chin. Barbara opened her mouth again to breath and he sunk
his cock
in spasming the remaining sperm left in him. He pulled out and Barbara
swallowed, but her face was covered in jizz. He stood up and stepped
back from
Barbara. "Great throat, honey." "Knew you could do it."

Barbara was exhausted and covered in sperm. She lay there awhile trying
regain her composure. Her throat felt like it was on fire. It felt like
still had his meat stuck in her. Then she remembered what promise she
had made
earlier. She wasn't done yet by a long shot. And the five inmates didn't
either. She had to rest for a little while longer. But a minute is all
she got.
They stood there waiting for Barbara to live up to her end of the
bargain. She
was going to have to drink their piss. That was what she offered them.
motioned for them to move closer and they walked back over toward her.
When all
five approached her, she looked up at then and opened her mouth offering

herself, her face, her mouth as their urinal.

One at time they took their turn standing over Barbara's open mouth and
urinated in it. By the time the fourth one finished pissing in her
mouth, her
face was pretty drenched. Their aim wasn't the best. Barbara's stomach
was a
bit upset too. She had swallowed alot of cum and now four bladders of
piss with
one still to go. That one left was the guy with the big cock too. Well
it was
his turn now and he walked up to Barbara. She open her mouth for him and
placed his long but flacid tool just in her mouth with the head resting
on her
tongue. "Wanna make sure you get all of it." "Don't wanna waste any."
that right, honey?" His piss stream started and flowed right across
tongue to the back of her throat. She swallowed as her mouth filled and
warm flow of urine continued. She swallowed and swallowed keeping up
with his
piss as he emptied his full bladder in her eager piss drinkin' mouth.
drained, he removed his cock. "You ARE good, honey pie." "Never met a
pis s
drinkin' slut before." Then they all dressed and were gone. Only Jake
and his
friend remained behind.

Barbara, Jake and his friend sat there a bit. Then she looked toward
seeing they were waiting for more.

"Listen guys," Barbara said. "I know I promised you guys some more, but
really not up to it right now. How about a raincheck."

"No way," Jake said. "No way." "But I'll tell you what. We'll settle for
simple blow job, if you'll do one more thing so we can watch."

"What's that," Barbara asked.

"See that horse over there in the field. I wanna see you suck it off."

"Are you serious??????" Barbara replied.

"Fuck yeah," Jake answered back. "The way I figure, you'd suck anybody
anything." "I think you'd suck off that horse rather than let us fuck
you in
the ass again."

There was silence for awhile. Her ass was sore and especially her
insides. She
was going to remember that anal fisting for a long time. Then Barbara
Jake. "Go get the horse."

"Son of a bitch." "She's gonna do it."

Jakes friend returned a couple minutes later with the horse and brought
behind the van. Barbara reluctantly knelt down alongside the animal and
for the horse's cock. She grabbed it with one hand and began pulling on
After about a minute it started to grow. And it kept on growing until
needed two hands to hold it. The horsecock grew to over three feet long.
both hands she massaged its' cock and Barbara could feel it stiffen and
rock hard.

"Don't be afraid of it," Jake commented. "Lick it. Put it in your

Barbara whispered to herself, "I don't believe I'm doing this."

Barbara brought the horse cock to her mouth and licked the head. It
terrible and tasted just as bad. Nonetheless, she licked across the top
of the big thick shaft. The end of the horse cock had to be nearly four
thick and got thicker further down the shaft. She kept licking it and
then took
the head to her lips and pushed it against her mouth tonguing it some
When she removed it, it glistened from her saliva and she wasn't so sure
like the idea of sucking on this horse's dick.

"Rub it on your cunt, Barbara." Jake demanded.

At this point Barbara really didn't care what she did anymore. She had
herself even beyond her own imagination. She had just put a horse cock
in her
mouth for the entertainment of her kidnappers. She stood up and put the
horse cock between her legs rubbing it across her wet gash. She pushed
her slit
back and forth across the hard shaft. The roughness of its' cock was
making her
pussy tingle. She continued stroking the hard meat on her slit until
Barbara was getting excited. The hard meat scraping on her clit was
turning her
on. It was so large and hard, it felt so good. She closed her eyes and
to forget what she was really doing. Then in her frenzy of playing with
cunt using this beasts' hard meat she pushed hard and the horse cock
into her cunt hole. She let out moan, "oh, God it feels good." She
humped the
end of the fat cock a couple times in and out of her cunt and then fell
to her
knees in orgasm while stuffing the horse cock in her mou th. Her eyes
still closed as she held the animal's shaft between her lips and kneeded
stroked it and massaged the long shaft with both hands. For five minutes
worked hard and fast, then harder and faster continually increasing the
She was determined to make the horse cum. She sucked hard slurping the
meat in her mouth. Then a tremendous gush of white thick cream emerged
around the horse's cock through Barbara's lips. The horse was cumming,
her mouth with an ocean of horse sperm. It flew all over Barbara as she
couldn't handle the huge quantity of cum. She backed off in reflex and
drenched in the next spasm as it hit her in the face covering her
Horse sperm was running off her face and down her chest. She opened her
and caught some of the next huge spurt. That mouthful she swallowed
gulping it
down. Jake went wild seeing that. "Fuck, she's eating it. She swallowed
fuckin' horse's cum." "Fuck."

The animal's orgasm stopped, but Barbara was covered in horse jizz that
it just
ejaculated. The two Black men were so turned on they were jerking
off and eventually they starting cumming. They shot their cream at
face. Their sperm spurted out joining the cum from the horse that
covered her body. Barbara was some sight. Sperm covered her body from
beautiful face down her breasts and chest, her legs were splattered with
white stuff and cum oozed from from her cunt and asshole. Her whole body
from the smell of dried piss and her hair was straggly and matted from
combination of sperm and urine. She was a slut in every respect.

She was supposed to star in a porno movie. She wondered what they would
of her if they knew what she did today. Swallowing sperm and anal sex
standard in the porno field. But what about drinking urine and actually
piss flowing down her throat. And what about sucking off a horse. She
did swallow its' sperm. And she fucked the horse's cock too and enjoyed
it. If
they found out they certainly would see her as the lowliest whore and
ever. Barbara dressed and Jake drove back to where they first picked her
Barbara headed home.
The day finally arrived. Today was the day Barbara would be in her first
movie. She was up early to dress and put on make-up and had to be at the
by nine AM. She was excited at the thought of having sex in front of a
How great this was she thought, fucking and getting paid to do it. She
early, anxious to get there and arrived early at the studio.

After a short wait she met the director, John, and he described how the
would take place and what Barbara would be expected to do. She was in a
with two other porn stars, Mark and Lisa. Mark was a very handsome tall
man of
maybe twenty five. He had slender build, yet still somewhat muscular.
was looking forward to getting some of his cock. Lisa was extremely
with a great figure of 36-22-34. She had beautiful curly brown hair down
to her
shoulders. Barbara admired how firm Lisa's breasts were, although not
quite as
large as Barbara's. And Lisa had a real nice rounded ass. She wondered
how many
times Lisa had been fucked there.

Barbara was to play the part of the newly hired maid who walks in on her
employers in bed making love. Barbara understood exactly what to do as
director instructed her. But first she was off to the dressing room for
and her costume. She received a skimpy little black maid outfit that
showed off
Barbara's gorgeous legs. Of she got a tight fitting pair of panties to
that exposed most of her cute ass. The black lacey top was nearly see
and with no bra to wear under it her nipples were easily visible. The
fixing her face put plenty of lipstick on Barbara's lips and arranged
her hair
flowing nicely across her face and shoulders. Barbara was gorgeous, just
any man would want in a maid. The kind of maid that you didn't care if
she knew
how to make the bed, only that she knew what to do on it, that being to

Well, Barbara was ready. Everyone was in their place and ready to go to
this scene. Barbara started doing her dusting and cleaning thing through
upstairs hallway. She opened the door to the bedroom and there was Mark
Lisa on the bed in a sixty-nine position with Lisa furiously sucking
eight inch cock. Barbara watched awhile eventually starting to stroke
fingers in her own crotch. Then she slipped one of her tits out of her
outfit exposing an already hard nipple to the camera. She began playing
it, squeezing it making it obvious she was turned on by the activity in
bedroom. Then she removed her top completely freeing her 38 inch breasts
she continued watching and massaging her chest. Then her bottom fell
showing off her shapely legs and she pulled panties down stepping out of
Barbara watched Lisa nearly deep throating Mark's cock now. Her hand
harder in her crotch, her fingers penetrating her now wet slit.

Quietly she walked into the bedroom and crawled onto the end of the bed
Mark's legs. Lisa looked up quickly, a little startled, but continued
cocksucking. Barbara moved in closer caressing Mark's legs moving up to
inner thighs. Barbara followed with her tongue up Mark's thighs
reaching his groin area. She extended her tongue licking Mark's balls
Lisa kept sucking her lover's cock. Barbara then moved her head closer
carefully sucking his balls one at a time into her mouth, then gently
them pop out for the camera to see them wet with her saliva. She
repeated the
process, not just sucking his balls in and out for the sake of the
movie, but
giving Mark an incredible lustful ballsucking. On camera it was an
scene seeing Barbara eating Mark's nut sack getting a good taste of his

Then she went down lower underneath Mark's sack letting her tongue
across the skin under his balls. She worked her tongue teasingly lower
lower until she entered Mark's asscrack. She playfully licked around his
before giving him a tonguing on his asshole. Mark didn't expect that, an
lick wasn't in the scene . But he wasn't about to object to a
blonde licking on his asshole. If that's what Barbara wanted to do, then
it was
fine by him. After tasting his ass, Barbara got up and Lisa turned
around to
mount herself on Mark's stiff erect cock.

Lisa impaled herself on Mark's cock and began fucking herself with his
Then Barbara turned her attentions on Lisa's exposed rear end. Barbara
had any relations with another female. This was going to her first
experience. Barbara looked at Lisa's asshole just above Mark's pistoning
penetrating Lisa's slit. It was so nice and tight. Her puckered anus was

staring Barbara in the face begging to be eaten. Barbara placed her
hands on
Lisa's asscheeks spreading her apart slightly while watching Mark's cock

sliding in and out of Lisa's cunt.

Barbara first starting licking Lisa's cute asscheeks gradually moving
closer to
her crack. Then she moved inside her crack running her tongue through
back crevice. Finally, she gave a long lick, deep through Lisa's
asscrack going
across her asshole. Lisa moaned out loud from the incredible sensation
as she
neared an orgasm. Feeling Mark's cock deep in her cunt and her asshole
tongued by Barbara was going to make her cum very soon. Barbara buried
her face
in Lisa's crack as she continued her anal licking. Barbara was getting
too. How sweet and soft Lisa's ass was compared the many men she had
done. The
skin was so soft on her cheeks and Lisa's asshole was so warm and tender
touch with her tongue. Barbara couldn't help herself but to bury her
face deep
and get a real good taste of her female lover.

Her tongue worked hard on Lisa's puckered asshole pushing against it,
it, tasting it. She pulled harder on Lisa's asscheeks spreading her
wider. Then
taking her fingers, Barbara pushed them in to Lisa's anal hole and with
hands began pulling her hole open. Barbara pulled on Lisa's anus until
stretched open to her. Now Barbara had Lisa's asshole exposed, opened,
wide for her inspection. But inspecting and admiring wasn't what Barbara
had in
mind. Down she went again inserting her tongue inside Lisa's ass.
licked her open hole tasting the musky slim on the inside of Lisa's
Lisa went wild in an orgasm tightening and clenching her cheeks. Barbara
buried in her hole letting Lisa experience an anal tongue fuck while her
shook from the orgasm. Then Mark began to explode inside Lisa's cunt.
Lisa was
delirious in an unending orgasm. All her body felt was a tongue probing
asshole, licking inside her rectum and a cock throbbing in her cunt, dum
hot sperm deep in her womb.

When her orgasm finally subsided Barbara backed off and Lisa dismounted
Barbara sat there licking her lips for the camera showing how much she
licking and eating another female's asshole. Lisa still lay there trying
calm herself and become relaxed after shuddering so much from the
orgasm that just rocked her body. It was a movie, but what she just
was real. Never had she experienced such a sensation. Who was this new
uninhibited girl Barbara. This wasn't how the movie was supposed to go.
other wild nasty things does she do? This was no longer just a movie.
What was
being filmed was now real. Barbara wasn't acting, she liked what she was
and wanted to do it.

Barbara laid back on the bed and Lisa began returning the favor licking
Barbara's cunt. Meanwhile Mark kneeled over Barbara's face letting her
suck his
cock making it hard again. Then Mark replaced Lisa between Barbara's
burying his cock in her cunt. Mark fucked her hard and deep pumping her
slit until he came inside Barbara filling her hole with his second load
sperm for the day. Mark pulled out and little cum starting trickling
Barbara cunt.

Lisa, having left the bedroom while Mark fucked Barbara, returned back
Barbara's legs only now she had gotten a banana from the kitchen. Lisa
going to show Barbara that she could improvise and get into some kinky
sex too.
Lisa knelt on the bed showing Barbara the banana as she slowly peeled
it. When
she finished, Lisa took the peeled banana and placed it on Barbara's
slit. It
was cool on Barbara's hot moist cunt entrance. Lisa twisted it and
turned it
around collecting some of Mark's fresh cum on the end of the banana.
Then Lisa
pushed lightly penetrating Barbara's cunt with the fruit. Barbara
taking a deep breath as she felt the banana enter her hole. Lisa pushed
inside. It slipped in easily from the cum coating inside Barbara's cunt.
pushed even more until half the banana was inside. Barbara was squirming
the pleasure of feeling the cold banana being inserted in her hot cunt.

Lisa continued fucking Barbara with the banana. She pushed more inside
deeper into Barbara's wet hole. Now only the tip of the banana was left
from Barbara's slit. Then with her fingers Lisa pushed the last
exposed piece of banana into Barbara's fuckhole. It was gone, buried
inside Barbara. Barbara moaned how great it felt. "Oh God, it feels so
good, it
feels so good." Lisa then found Barbara's clit with her fingers and
massaged it
bringing Barbara to a new heightened sense of pleasure. Lisa kept
her, feeling her clit grow harder. She grabbed Barbara's clit between
fingers massaging it harder, squeezing it, pinching it, making Barbara
uncontrollably on the bed. Lisa maintained her masturbation of Barbara's
clit knowing soon an orgasm would begin. Lisa then put her other hand on

Barbara cunt and pushing on it, making the banana go deeper hitting the
most part of her cunt. That caused Barbara finally to loose control,
tense an d
tighten her body, clamping her legs together in a violent orgasm with
banana still deep up her hole. It seemed like Barbara would orgasm all
day. Her
body kept shaking and shuddering as the orgasm rippled through her. Just
it seemed like she was coming out of it another wave rocked her through
body. Barbara was cumming over and over in multiple orgasms one after

When Barbara's orgasms eventually subsided, Lisa went back to Barbara's
She spread her cunt lips pulling them apart wide until she could see the
tip of
the banana. Barbara's hole was dripping wet from the her own fresh cunt
that were mixed with Mark's sperm. Lisa's went down on Barbara sucking
on her
hole. After licking up the overflow of juices Lisa sucked hard on
Barbara cunt.
The banana began coming out. It glistened with sperm and cunt cream.
Lisa bite
off the end of the banana eating the creamy coated piece of fruit. Then
sucked some more out while Barbara wiggled her hips from the sensation
of the
banana slipping out of her hole. Lisa ate the cum and the cunt cream
banana piece by piece as it passed out of Barbara's hole until it was
all gone.
Barbara lay on the bed rubbing her banana fucked hole and tasting her
of what remained of the flavored cum and cunt juice. Lisa licked her
thoroughly having enjoyed her creamed banana. Mark just watched enjoying

The three lay back on the bed in each others arms. Barbara the maid has
some new duties to add to her daily list. The scene was over. Barbara
finished her first movie. Once Barbara dressed she stopped to see John,
director, in his office to see how she did. She knocked on his door and
in. He was alone in the office.

"I was just curious what you thought of me," she asked.

"You were great," John replied. "I've never seen anyone suck on balls
like you
did." "And you really enjoyed licking Lisa's asshole, didn't you?"

"Yes, I did," Barbara responded smiling.

Barbara glanced down and saw John's bulge in his pants. "Am I doing that
you," she asked. John just smiled back at Barbara. Barbara put her hand
John's crotch feeling his hard shaft. "Would you like me to take care of
for you?" Barbara asked. She didn't wait for an answer, she just dropped
to her
knees and unbuckled and unzipped him. His cock sprang free standing at
attention. She sucked him into her mouth giving John the best head he's
had in
a long time. Then she licked his balls like she did with Mark only a
earlier. John just moaned his delight to Barbara. "You're fuckin'
Barbara." "What a good cocksucker you are."

Once Barbara finished bathing his balls, she returned to sucking his
hard tool.
She took it deeper and deeper until she stuffed all of his ten inch
prick down
her throat. Barbara sucked knowing she wanted to feel his sperm running,

gushing down her throat. John could tell she wasn't going to stop until
unloaded in her mouth. He knew he didn't have to ask if she wanted it in
mouth either. It was obvious to him that Barbara was an experienced
and cum eater. John looked down at Barbara's beautiful face swallowing
his cock
and relished in the thought of his cumming in her beautiful mouth,
cumming deep
in her throat, cumming deep down making her swallow all of his load.

Barbara was an expert on making a man cum. She swallowed John's cock
again and
again, and deep, until his balls rested on her chin. She held him down
and looked up at John. She gave a little smile and with her face impaled
cock, she began tightening her throat on it. That was enough for John.
Barbara tightening her throat muscles clutching his shaft was all it
took. The
sperm started flowing down Barbara's throat. His cock throbbed spurting
Barbara's mouth and down her throat. He held Barbara's blonde head to
his groin
while he unloaded the contents of his balls directly into Barbara. When
finished, Barbara pulled off licking the head of John's cock cleaning up
little sperm was left.

"Thanks," Barbara said. "I needed that. I love a hot load of cum in my
John was spent from the fantastic suck Barbara just gave him. Barbara
stood up
and walked out heading home.
Barbara took a leisurely drive towards home, daydreaming about how much
fun she
had doing her first movie. But still, she wasn't satisfied, at least not

sexually. Over the past few weeks her appetite for the bizarre sexual
gratification had grown to where normal fucking and sucking weren't
sufficiently stimulating to her. Yes the movie was exciting and fun to
do, but
she needed more to satisfy her. She didn't know exactly what it was she
but her body lusted for more cock, more sperm, more excitement.

She saw an adult book shop on the side of the road and thought about
buying a
large dildo. How nice a big cock would feel once she got home, even if
wasn't real. Barbara pulled over into the parking lot and went inside
the shop.
It was 2:00 o'clock and only a few cars were in the lot. She felt a
awkward going into the sex shop dressed the way she was. Her short tight
that showed off her long legs and the halter top that exposed allot of
breasts made her look rather whorish. But she thought it would be a
quick in
and out just to buy a toy to play with.

Once she got inside there were two men at the counter by the register.
One was
a somewhat heavy Black man, rather scruffy looking, unshaven, and
wearing dirty
old clothes. The other man was Black too, only he was tall and much
more of a clean cut teenager. There was a third man in the room adjacent
the movie booths were, but Barbara couldn't see him because it was so

Barbara walked into the store where the books were sold and hanging on
the wall
was an assortment of sex toys including various sizes and shapes of
After a few minutes deciding what to buy and feeling the eyes behind the

counter fixed on her, Barbara chose a long twelve inch black rubber
dick. She
brought it up to the counter to pay.

"Hey, baby," the big burly Black man said. "I'm George." "Why does a
lady like you have to buy a rubber dick?" "Wouldn't you rather have a
one?" Barbara didn't say a word. There was a moment of silence. "I see
you like
a Black one too, huh?" Again Barbara said nothing. "Hey Ray, George
called to
his helper." "Look at this, the young lady likes Black dicks." Ray stood
waiting to see what Barbara was going to do next as George keep teasing
"Listen honey," George replied. "Mine is a big as that, and looking at
you is
making it grow." George walked around in front of the counter while
finally spoke up to him. "Can't I just pay for this?" Barbara asked. Now
stood right next to Barbara. "You know,...... I think you want a nice
hot, Black cock, don't you?" Barbara remain dead silent again.

George placed his rough hands on Barbara's shoulders staring directing
into her
eyes. Still Barbara didn't say a word. She was getting excited though.
She knew
he was going to force himself on her. And she was going to let him. She
even getting wet between her legs thinking about his cock and Ray's too.
this the excitement she was looking for, being treated like a common
whore. George pushed on her shoulders forcing her down and she allowed
him to
do so. She went to her knees in front of him. She could see the bulge in
pants and knew he had a lot to offer her. George pulled her face to his
and she could feel his hard shaft on the other side of his trousers. She
away, looked up at him, then reached to unzip him. Barbara pulled out
eleven inches of Black meat already hard and ready for her. She gave the
head a quick kiss and suck, then stood up beginning to remove her
While she undressed she stared at George saying, "I hope you're good at
that thing." George smiled, "don't you worry honey, there's plenty here
to take
care of you."

Barbara finished undressing while George stripped too. Then he grabbed
hold of
Barbara's delicate 38" breasts with both of his rough hands. He squeezed
feeling Barbara up. She closed her eyes letting him manhandle her prize
possessions. He was rough with her, squeezing, pinching and pulling on
tits. It hurt a little, but she let him have his way. Her nipples began
to grow
hard, so he grabbed them between his fingers. Barbara became more
excited as he
played with her erect nipples. Then suddenly, "pain" screamed through
her body.
George pinched her nipples between his fingers hard, real hard. He
with all his might keeping Barbara wincing with the pain as it continued

traveling through her. She cried out to him to stop trying to pull away,
that only made it worse. His grip was firm on her hardened nipples. Her
were filled with excruciating pain. Barbara looked at George. He had a
smile on
his face enjoying Barbara's pain. Then he let go and bent to suck her b
and nipples. They were hard as rocks protruding from her tits.

Barbara then resumed her position kneeling, sucking George. By this
time, Ray
wanted in too, so he began peeling his clothes off. When Ray finished
undressing, Barbara was already taking most of George's cock down her
George was holding her head and fucking her face, his cock sliding in
and out
of Barbara's mouth. Then Barbara would open her throat letting him push
and she would help by grabbing his buttocks pulling him towards her
taking his
big Black tool deeper and deeper until she swallowed the whole thing.
couldn't believe what he was seeing and George was moaning how great it
"God, this bitch is hot." "What a sweet deep throat you got, baby."
George kept
cramming his cock down Barbara's throat until finally he let loose and
cumming. Barbara forced his cock deep so she could feel his spasming
cock in
her throat as it throbbed filling her belly with his hot Black jizz.

Once George finished and pulled out, Ray took his turn with Barbara. He
her down on hands and knees and planted his ten inches up her cunt. He
Barbara for awhile until she begged for it in the ass. "I got to have it
in the
ass." "Fuck me in the ass, please." Ray was more than happy to stick his
cock up Barbara's asshole. Once he placed his cock on her anal entrance,
easily penetrated her fully, planting his Black cock all the way up her
chute. Then he fucked her hard, ramming himself over and over up her
Barbara starting panting from the fast assfucking she was getting and
she was
getting close to cumming herself. She begged Ray for it harder. "Fuck me

harder." "Ram me harder." "That's it, that's it, fuck my asshole."
"Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!" Barbara started cumming and Ray began pumping sperm
in her
ass. In her splendor she could feel the jets of jism striking the inside
of her
ass. His cock felt so hot, his creamy sperm felt so wonderfully warm and
balls were like fire as they rested on the skin of her soft buttocks.
Ray finished filling her rectum and pulled out leaving Barbara resting
on the

George was not about let Barbara go, he wasn't finished with her yet.
She was
the hottest thing that ever walked into his store. As she lay on the
floor, he
attached a collar and chain to her neck. She was now his slave awaiting
orders, awaiting his commands, ready to perform any whim he may think.

Once Barbara sat up she realized that she was bound by the neck and on a
like a dog. George saw she recovered from the assfucking and told
Barbara what
he had in mind. "Can't let you go yet, my love." "You're what I've
always dream
of, my own personal slut." "You'll be with us for the rest of the day."

Barbara just sat there, not in any sort of position to do anything about
predicament. "So what were you going to do with this big twelve inch
George asked. Then he opened up the package and held the rubber cock in
of Barbara's face. He pushed the end of it in her mouth letting her get
it wet
with her saliva. Then George rolled Barbara over on her stomach. He put
the big
Black rubber cock in her asscrack and started rubbing up and down her
crevice. "Kneel up," he ordered. Barbara got up on hands and knees.
George took
the massive fake cock and twisted it around her anal hole until the head
in. Barbara let out a deep groan. He pushed inward maintaining a force
it deeper up her asshole. He continued on determined to fully inserted
rubber cock in her rectum. He pushed it in until all twelve inches had
penetrated her anal hole. Only a tiny portion remained sticking out of
her ass.
"You like it up the ass don't you?" George asked Barbara. Barbara jus t
moaning. But George was right, she did like up her asshole. It was big
and hard
and made her feel so aroused. "Now you keep it in there until I say you
take it out." George commanded.

George then took the leash and began leading Barbara toward the
"Crawl, bitch," he told her not letting her stand. Barbara crawled on
hands and
knees behind him. Once they entered the back room Barbara saw the third
that she had seen when she entered the store. He was an older Black man,

apparently working there cleaning up the booths from all the men that
the xxx rated films and masturbated. "Her Jasper, lookie here." Jasper
talk, he just turned around, looked at Barbara and began undoing his
Barbara then realized that Jasper was mentally retarded, but he knew a
looking white woman when he saw one. "C'mon cunt," George said leading
by the leash, "looks like Jasper likes you." He led Barbara up to Jasper
as he
took out his Black cock and stroked it. He was beating his meat pretty
aimed right at Barbara face. Jasper had been working in the back room
and was
pretty sweaty. As Barbara got closer she could smell his body odor. His
ene obviously was very poor for he smelled like he hadn't seen a shower

As Barbara crawled closer his pants dropped to the floor. Jasper's cock
maybe nine inches long but his balls were immense. He continued jerking
meat toward Barbara as she got closer. The dildo in Barbara's ass was
to work its' way out as she crawled. George reached down pushing it
back up her asshole. He hit the rubber cock hard jamming it in Barbara's
The force of it hitting deep in her rectum made her lunge forward right
Jasper's crotch. His crotch reeked making Barbara turn her head. "Looks
Jasper wants to give you a face full," George remarked. George pushed
face to Jasper's cock and it hit her lips. The stench was incredible.
cunt, open up. Jasper's never been sucked off before." "You'll get used
to his
smell." Barbara took Jasper's Black smelly cock in her mouth. She sucked
it and
tongued it. It tasted unbelievably foul. Barbara thought she might heave
guts up. "Clean them big balls too." George added. Barbara just kep t
the cock
in her mouth. George yanked on the leash, "let's go you filthy fuckin
suck them balls too." Barbara spit out Jasper's cock and started licking
sweaty dirty balls. George pushed her face against Jasper making Barbara
his big balls into her mouth. Then she released them and licked his
crotch of
all the sweaty smelly scum that was encrusted between his legs. George
let Barbara go until he saw that Jasper was ready to blow his load.
sperm erupted from his cock splashing into Barbara's face. Jasper's load
of cum
was huge, covering her face with spurt after spurt of hot thick gunk.
Then he
rubbed his Black tool over Barbara smearing his load around making
every inch of her face had a coating of his hot cream.

"C'mon bitch, let's see what else we can find for you." George led
around the movie room looking in the various movie booths. "Hey, look
what we
have here." George had opened one of the booths and the floor was
covered in
sticky sperm. Jasper hadn't yet cleaned this one. The floor was an ocean
of cum
from the previous viewers jerking off while they watched the porno
movies. "Get
in there and crawl around in that jizz," George ordered. Barbara did as
she was
told. She crawled into the movie booth. She could feel the sticky gooey
substance on the floor as it stuck to her hands and knees. "Lay down in
slut." George was making Barbara act out and feel what it was really
like to be
a cum hungry slut. What woman would obey orders to crawl and wallow
around in a
dirty cum infested adult shop. Barbara laid down on the floor feeling
the slimy
sperm on her gorgeous legs and soft buttocks. It was slippery and she
sliding around on the cum covered floor.

"Look at that," my dear, "a snack." George pointed under the bench in
the booth
to a condom on the floor. "Go ahead, eat it." Barbara looked at him. She
done allot of disgusting things, but this was the ultimate. Was he
expecting her eat the slimy old cum from a used condom of an unknown
man. Was
it a white man or a Black man's sperm. How long had it been laying
there? She
reached for the used condom picking it up from the floor. It was still
warm and
full of sperm. Actually, there was allot of cum in it. Whoever filled
condom had released a pretty big load. "Drink it down." George ordered.
"I know
you want it, so eat it." "We both know you're a cum eating whore, so go
Barbara took the rubber and brought it to her mouth. Then looking up at
and still sitting in a pool of sperm, she sucked the condom inside out
the cum of a man whom she never met. The slimy dirty condom hung from
her mouth
as she attempted to clean the sack of its contents. She swallowed it and
the rubber condom clean getting every last drop of jizz that was spent
in it.
George, Ray and Jasper watched as Barbara did the dirtiest thing they'd

Suddenly, it didn't matter anymore to Barbara. She needed cum no matter
it was or where it was. She ate it and swallowed it all like it was her
favorite food. And it was. Whose cum was it running down her throat? It
still somewhat warm and still had a thick consistency inside the rubber.
kept slurping it, sucking the old condom in her mouth determined to
suck out every bit of jizz. It was then Barbara finally came to the
that she would eat cum, eat sperm, jism, eat jizz from anyone or
anything. She
truly was a cum hungry whore. A beautiful cum eating slut. And she liked
especially the way George and Ray and Jasper watched in utter amazement
as she
performed her dirty disgusting acts.

"What a fuckin slut," George commented. "Suck that stuff down, whore."
"Show me
your mouth." Barbara opened up showing the men the sticky gooey stuff on
tongue. Then she closed her lips to slowly and deliberately swallow the
jizz. "Fuck, man." "What a disgusting cunt you are."

When Barbara finished her cum meal George made her crawl back to the
room. As she crawled back he reached down extracting the big dildo from
asshole. When Barbara entered the other room she sat on the floor.
George held
the dildo out to her showing how slimy the rubber cock was from being in
ass so long. "Okay, you fuckin' slut, open up." Barbara opened her mouth
him. George put the cock on her tongue pushing some of the sticky shaft
in her
mouth. Barbara opened her mouth wider to accommodate the huge Black
dildo. George pushed more in. Barbara didn't resist, she took it. George
more making Barbara tilt her head up as it hit the back of her throat.
George forced it deeper making her swallow the big Black rubber cock. It

entered her throat and George pushed it down, all the way down, forcing
her throat until all twelve inches of the slimy stick was lodged in her
Then Barbara wrapped her lips tight around the cock while George slowly
cted it. All of the slime covering that coated the shaft, the scum from
within her ass, Barbara cleaned off with her mouth and lips. Then in one
she swallowed her own dirty asshole gunk down. George took the dildo and
it back up her ass telling her it was his present to her for such a
great time.

"I ain't never seen any White woman so down right dirty and disgusting
you, honey." George remarked. "You can come back here anytime, you

George told her to dress and she began putting he clothes back on her
sperm covered body. Her white silky panties clung to her thighs and rear
end as
they became saturated with slimy cum. Her legs glistened from the
and her face and hair were crusted with jism. And she had the taste of
her own
asshole still in her mouth.

Barbara left that way, still covered in the Black men's sperm and still
with a
twelve in rubber cock in her ass. It wasn't until she got home that she
up with a shower and laid down for a nap. Barbara had enjoyed another
day of
exhausting nasty dirty sex. But now she was satisfied. Her sexual lust
dormant, at least for now.
Barbara sat at home day dreaming about the last few days. She had
changed allot
since a week ago. All she thought about was cocks and cum. She
remembered the
feel of them sliding down her throat and erupting with sperm while
buried in
her. And how much she enjoyed her mouth full of the sticky stuff, the
feel of it on her tongue, the salty taste as she swallowed it, and the
look on
the men's faces when they unloaded in her mouth. Then she thought of how
loved a cock in her ass. Feeling a hard shaft penetrating her asshole
was as
pleasurable as having it up her cunt. She knew men were real turned on
at the
idea of sticking their cocks in an asshole, especially in a beautiful
like Barbara. It made her feel good that she gave so much pleasure to

Barbara knew exactly how she acted this past week. She had turned
herself into
a pure slut. But she didn't view it that way. She like cock and sperm
and any
kinky sex that would turn her on. And she wasn't about to stop. She
wanted more
and allot more. Most of what happened to Barbara was merely by chance.
Now, she
was planning how to continue getting what she wanted, desired and

Barbara decided to head downtown tonight and go after what she
wanted. She had seen many prostitues hanging out on the streets, only
now she
was going to be one of them. Except she wasn't looking for money, she
wanted a hard cock to satisfy her lust.

Barbara dressed herself in a short mini skirt and a short tight top, no
bra, no
panties. Her smooth creamy white legs were irresistible. She desperately
a man's hand running up her soft thighs, under her skirt in search of
pantyless crotch. Her 21 year old breasts stood out from her chest even
a bra. Barbara was proud of her firm 38" tits. And she liked have them
and her nipples pinched. She fixed her gorgeous blonde hair nicely in
with it touching along her cheeks. It seemed to drive men wild when her
hair danced on their groins when Barbara sucked them off. She put on
make-up and slipped on her high heels. She was magnificent. No man in
his right
mind could resist the way she looked.

Once Barbara arrived downtown she parked in a parking garage and walked
out to
the street. It was nearly 10pm and the streets were starting to quiet
Barbara wasn't exactly sure what to do first, so she hailed the first
cab that
went by. Upon entering the cab she noticed right off the big Black man
that was
driving. There was something about Black men that stuck a nerve in her.
liked the way they reacted to fucking her, like she was a forbidden
piece of
fruit. There hadn't been a Black man yet that hadn't really gotten off
her tight blonde cunt. Now she was in the same car with another Black
and she
wanted him. She could feel her lust building inside her. It didn't
matter to
her what he looked like, all she could think of was his cock. Maybe he
had some
friends she thought, to keep her busy the rest of the night.

"Where to," he called back to Barbara.

"Anyplace where a horny girl can find a good time?" She asked with a

The big Black driver turned around staring into Barbara lovely eyes,
her long blonde hair and gazing at her exposed legs as she sat in the
back seat
with her skirt almost up to her waist. "I can show you a good time here,
he replied. "I don't know," Barbara answered coyly. "I'm going to need
than just one Black cock tonight."

"Don't you worry," he said. "I know where to git you plenty more once we

The Black driver got out of the cab and jumped in the back with Barbara.
you want some Black meat, huh?" "You sure are pretty." He reached toward

Barbara feeling her long smooth legs running his hand up her thigh until
disappeared under her skirt. "Shit, babe, no fuckin' panties?" His eyes
popped out of his head when his hand touched her exposed pantiless
Barbara's slit was already wet anticipating his touch. She was crazy
with lust
and now feeling his strong Black hand probing her made her even more

His fingers ran along the folds of her slit at first. Barbara closed her
enjoying his touch as much as he enjoyed feeling up this gorgeous white
that happened into his cab. Then she felt his fingers spreading her hole
and a finger slipped in. Barbara felt her cunt juices dripping down her
into her asscrack as she slouched down more on the back seat spreading
her legs
open wider. Then another finger entered her pussy and he started fucking
with his fingers. Barbara moaned out loud it felt so good. She grabbed
his hand
between her legs helping him finger fuck herself, driving his fingers
and harder into her cunt. Barbara wanted to cum desperately.

The Black cab driver stopped momentarily to pull Barbara's skirt off,
on it as she wiggled out of it. Then he yanked the halter top off
freeing her
perfect tits for him to inspect. "My God, what fuckin' tits," he
remarked. He
squeezed both of them in his hands while licking her soft dark nipples
turns back and forth. They immediately responded to his tongue growing
hard and
taut. It felt so good feeling his warm mouth on them and when he bit her
tips, it was like an electric shock that struck through her. Then her
back to her slit shoving his strong fingers inside again.

Frantically she keep his fingers working between her legs. She had hold
of his
hand helping him fuck her, guiding him up her slit, jamming it further
further inside. "More," she whispered ever so softly. At first the cab
didn't know exactly what she wanted. But he quickly figured it out when
took his hand and helped him insert another finger. She wanted more
fingers in
her. Her juicy cunt easily accepted his three fingers all the way in her
Barbara's frenzy was at the point of being out of control. She was
ramming his
hand against her crotch shoving his fingers inside her hot hole. No
matter how
much Barbara got, it seemed like she wanted more. In her lust driven
frenzy and
nearly panic stricken voice, again she whispered loudly, "all of
ahead.......shove it all in."

Barbara grabbed his hand squeezing his fingers together pushing his
curled- up
hand into her sopping wet gash. She pushed him into herself. The cab
couldn't believe it, but he help her. He pushed his fingers hard into
her cunt
trying to open her up. She wanted all of him inside her. He had never
anything like this before. He had seen pictures of women with fists in
taking a whole hand up their cunts, but never thought he would get to do
He pushed harder and Barbara was helping him push in.

"Shove it in, c'mon, push it all in," Barbara begged of him with lust of
depraved slut.

Barbara was making some display of herself. But this is what she wanted.

Barbara was driven completely by her sexual desires now. Whatever
pleased her
body, she would do. She dressed like whore, she acted like whore, she
herself like whore, and now she was letting herself, actually making
herself be
treated like a whore.

Barbara was out of patience. The cab driver was being too cautious in
penetration of her pussy. And Barbara was too caught up in her lust. She

grabbed his wrist tightly and pulled him hard against her wet slit. His
spread her cunt wide and passed through. His hand was in her, buried up
hole. Barbara began wiggling her butt enjoying the feel of his hand
inside her.

"Oh, that's it." "Yesss." "Yesss."

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!" "Fuck my cunt."

"C'mon, fist me." "Fuck my cunt with your fist."

The cab driver started moving his hand inside Barbara back and forth
the inside of her cunt. Then he made a fist and tried to withdraw it
Barbara's gash wide, then he shoved it back in. As he noticed how much
liked having her snatch fisted he began journeying deeper inside
Barbara. He
started feeling around inside her cunt touching her delicate cunt
probing at it, stretching it. He forced inwards until Barbara winced in
then he back off only to repeat his probing and the search within this
cunt. Barbara was squirming on the back seat impaled by the Black
drivers arm
up her cunthole. She was in ecstasy as he fist fucked her with only an
occasional wave of pain from his deep probes. The feeling built and
stronger and stronger. Barbara's cunt felt like it was on fire. She
stand it any longer. She had to cum or go crazy. She grabbed his wrist,
it hard into her hole. The cab driver's fist bottomed out deep in her
cunt w
ith at hard impact. Barbara's body then burst into a violent orgasm. Her
gripped the cabby's hand flooding it with her fresh juices. His wrist
felt her
hole tighten as if to snap it off. And Barbara held him inside her,
herself enjoy the fullness inside her cumming hole. When she came out of
delirious state, she spread her legs and helped him extract his big
Black hand
from her dripping slit. She kissed his hand, licking her juices from it,

tasting her own cum.

Barbara wasn't finished with him by no means. She had a deep seated lust
one orgasm, although incredibly gratifying, was not nearly enough to
her. She reached for his crotch touching him, feeling his already hard
through his pants. He wasted no time then, his cock had become rock hard
he was playing with Barbara fisting her. He unbuckled himself and yanked
pants off including his underwear. His big ten inches stood out from him

shining, reflecting some of the light from the street lamp overhead.

Barbara had been waiting all day for this. Finally a hard cock to suck
on. And
with a little luck, it will be the first of many tonight. She took it
deep in
her mouth gobbling it up in her own slutty way until it hit the back of
throat. The cab driver just knelt between her legs letting her suck his
with her beautiful soft lips. He hadn't expected Barbara to be so
rather he figured she might need some coaxing. But this wasn't Barbara's
Black cock by no means. She knew exactly what she wanted.

She grabbed his buttocks with her hands and pushed her face into his
swallowing his ten inch tool. "Fuck, bitch." "What a goddamn good
She backed off him, looked up, smiled, and down his cock went again into
depths her throat. Barbara loved deep throating and she knew men loved
it too.
It sent a strange sensation through her body when she swallowed a hard
She could feel her throat stretch open to accept the hard meat and it
felt so warm. And when a man started cumming while deep in her, Barbara
would cum herself. The throbbing in her throat as a cock pulsed dumping
down her gullet was pure enjoyment to Barbara, yet the men think they're
a nasty degrading thing to her.

Now she had the cab driver's cock down her throat, ten inches of hard
meat. It was easy, Barbara swallowed it without a hint of any
difficulty. She
took him in and out, all ten inches, repeatedly, over and over. She
fucked her
own throat with his shaft as if it were a loose cunt, no pushing, no
just cock swallowing.

Once she felt he was really horny and couldn't take much more, she
backed off
him again, knelt up to him looking him in the face, and gave a delicate
teasing lick on his lips before saying, "Fuck me in the ass."

"Oh, fuck me man." He replied trying to restrain himself from creaming
then all over Barbara's face and tits.

Barbara turned around to kneel on the back seat, but it was to cramped
in the
small space. So she opened the door to the cab and knelt on the edge of
seat with her ass up in the air facing out the door. Quickly the driver
out walking around the cab to the other side. Barbara's ass was ready
waiting for his cock. He positioned himself right on her back door and
beckoned him again.

"Go ahead, fuck me in the ass with your hard Black cock."

He wasted no time. He pushed on her anus and penetrated her back hole.
inside her and hearing Barbara moan in enjoyment of his stiff tool, he
her around the waist and pulled her back as he pushed forward. His cock
through her tight asshole in one motion. He was buried completely up her

rectum. This Black man was in heaven. He never ever had a white woman
Now he had his hard cock stuffed up the asshole of a beautiful blonde
and she
loved it.

"Oh, God yes," Barbara cried. "Fuck me." "Fuck me." "Fuck my asshole."

Barbara was making him crazy with her slut talk. This Black man couldn't

believe such a beautiful looking white woman would beg so desperately to
fucked, much less in the ass. But that's what was happening. Barbara was

begging him to fuck her tight anal hole. He stayed buried in her for a
trying to come to his senses that this was really happening. As he
looked down
he saw that he really did have his ten inch cock inside an incredibly
blondes asshole. And her words kept echoing in his mind, "fuck me, fuck

He withdrew his tool slightly and shoved it back in several times until
Barbara's hole got accustomed to him. He was going to give her what she
He picked up the pace fucking her faster and harder with longer strokes
eventually he was able to extract all of his cock from Barbara's ass and

re-penetrate her hole in one quick motion.

"Oh, God yes." Barbara repeatedly cried out. "Fuck me, fuck me hard."

He was holding Barbara's asscheeks with his hands keeping them spread
apart as
he bucked his hips back and forth driving his ten inch cock over and
over up
Barbara's ass. The cab rocked each time he bottomed out when his body
into Barbara's rear end. When he did, Barbara let out a grunt from the
force of
him slamming her. He was relentless fucking her hole, his cock pistoned
like a
machine driving both him and Barbara to the brink.

He tried to keep reaming her asshole longer, but he kept thinking of
this being
the first time in a white ass and she was so beautiful, he couldn't hold
Watching his Black tool sliding in this beauty's rear end was making him
In his excitement he finally yelled out, "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum."

Barbara quickly responded in an almost begging voice, "NO!! NO!!" "Not
yet, not
yet!!" "Do it in my mouth." "Cum in my mouth."

Barbara's incredible pleas would make any man cream right away. And this
driver was no different than any other. His cock was ready to explode
her ass. But he wasn't about to deny this beauty's request, so he pulled
Barbara's ass in a hurry letting her turn around just in time to
herself in front of his hard throbbing Black cock. She grabbed it in her
just as he let loose with a giant stream of sperm. The cum hit Barbara
in the
face so she quickly moved closer wrapping her lips around his throbbing
Now she was ready.

The cab driver shot again unloading a tremendous spurt in Barbara's
mouth, then
another and another. He ejaculated with incredible force. Barbara felt
spurts hitting the roof of her mouth and literally splashing all over
her. She kept her lips clamped around his throbbing cock while she
stroked his
shaft helping him empty the built up contents of his balls directly into
mouth. His slimy jizz was unbelievably thick, it felt like it formed one
glob inside her mouth and there was allot of it. This had to the biggest
she'd ever had from one man. Her mouth was almost full and she had
missed the
first spurt, that was all over her face.

When she felt he was done, she looked at him holding the sperm in her
mouth. He
looked down at Barbara seeing her face spotted with his first blast of
Then she opened her mouth giving him a quick show of his sperm load in
mouth. He could see his white jizz all over tongue, in fact you couldn't
see her tongue, her mouth was a giant pool of fresh hot thick sperm.
With her
mouth opened for just a second a little ran out the corner and down her
But, as fast as she opened her mouth she closed up again and swallowed
his glob
of jism making a gulping sound for his benefit. Then she licked the end
of his
cock getting any remaining cum making sure his cock was clean.

"You're fuckin unbelievable," he whispered loudly trying to regain his
composure. "Do you do this often, I mean do you fuck Black men allot?"

"Sometimes," Barbara replied. "Actually, I've just realized how much I
Black men." "I know you think I'm probably a slut. I know it. But I
don't care,
I like what I'm doing. I like sucking Black cock and Black cum."

"Now, I'm just getting warmed up. You said you could get me more cocks.
Did you
mean that?"

"Lady, if that's what you want, then that's what you'll get." "How game
you," he asked.

Barbara replied, "as many as you can find, and as long as they can get
'em up.
I'll bathe in their cum if they can give me that much."

They both got in the cab and off they went in search of cock and cum
party for
The cab driver's name was Randy as Barbara found out as they sped off
into the
city talking to each other while driving through the downtown area.
Randy knew
exactly where to go to get Barbara more of what she wanted. There
weren't many
women like Barbara in the world. She was one in a million seeking the
times and kinky adventures. Randy's friends were in for a real treat

It was almost midnight now as Randy parked the cab in a narrow alley off
deserted street next to what looked like a bar or pool hall. This area
of the
city wasn't the best, most people wouldn't be caught near it, much less
a young
white woman, especially at night. But Barbara wasn't afraid, this was
what she
wanted, what she craved. It was exciting, a strange place, strange men,
and the
unknown of what would lie in store for her in this building.

It was a pool hall and bar patronized mainly by the locals in the area
of the
city. It wasn't a real big place, it had the bar along one wall with ten

stools, seven or eight tables with chairs and an area off the back with
a pool
table. As Randy and Barbara entered Barbara looked around. Even at
midnight the
place was crowded, there had to be thirty people in the smoke filled
hall. Some
were seated at the bar, some at tables and some playing pool. There were
couple young Black girls apparently with their boyfriends sitting at a
table, a
couple young unshaven scruffy looking white men at the bar and the rest
middle aged Black men spread throughout the room, all of them were
eyeing up
her delectable body. Everyone of them was undressing Barbara with their
and wishing they could reach out to grab her firm thirty eight inch
that jiggled as she walked toward the bar. How they would love to rip
halter top off exposing those lucious tits and get a chance to see her
har d
nipples that protruded through the material. Then to run a hand up her
feeling those long, long legs that went on forever disappearing under
shortest of tight skirts, that would be like heaven. They all were
thinking the
same, rip her fuckin' clothes off and let's see this hot bitch naked.
Then fuck
her, fuck her hard, give this white cunt a royal fuckin'.

As Randy and Barbara approached the bar while all eyes remained fixed on
Barbara went to the closest open bar stool and sat down while Randy
spoke to
one of the two bartenders. He was a big Black man of about forty years
maybe six foot five tall. His body had a tremendous build, he was big
and very muscular. As Randy whispered to the bartender a big smile grew
on his
face as he glanced toward Barbara. Then they walked over to her where
she sat.

"Hi there, honey." "I'm Mike, but my friends call me "Bull." "Randy
tells me
your hot stuff, looking for some fun." Barbara nodded her head giving
Bull a
soft "yes, that's right."

"Aren't you afraid being here, or what we might do to such a gorgeous
thing like yourself?" Bull asked.

"No, I'm not afraid" Barbara replied brazenly. "I'm not afraid at all."
"What I
want is for you to fuck me, fuck my whole body with your Black cock."

Bull was a bit surprised to say the least, he never heard of a white
begging for a Black cock. He remembered a year ago, a couple white girls

wandered into the bar when they were lost, and wound up with two of his
brothers forcing themselves on the girls. It was nearly rape until the
started getting into it and enjoyed the Black fucking. But this was
unheard of,
especially with such a gorgeous blonde like Barbara. She could have any
just for the asking. But instead she was going to get herself gangbanged
everyone in this place. Bull hoped she knew that.

"Do you realize once I start with you, every man in here will right
behind me
waiting for his turn?"

"I'm ready for them," Barbara replied.

"You asked for, honey." Bull answered back to her. He led her to the
center of
the floor out away from the bar. Then he pointed to her halter top and
Barbara pulled it up over her head letting her thirty eight inch tits
free. "Fuckin' nice tits," Bull exclaimed as did a number of others.
Barbara slipped her short skirt down her legs and she was naked in front
of a
room full of horny men. Bull reached out, at first gently caressing her
white breasts, then began squeezing them enjoying how nice and firm they
yet still so soft. Her nipples responded growing hard. Bull pinched them
pulled on them, then he took them one at a time to his mouth sucking on
beautiful breasts.

Bull quickly ripped off his shirt, then dropped his trousers and
Barbara's eyes lit up. Now she knew why the nickname "Bull." He had a
cock. It was thirteen inches long, about five inches thick around, very
and shiny and best of all, already hard. It was a gorgeous Black cock in

Barbara's eyes. And she knew Black cocks. She dropped to her knees,
grabbed it
jerking it a couple times working the skin of his shaft, then brought it
to her
mouth. She took the head and started sucking it, then taking more and
until she had to begin swallowing the hot meat. Barbara was wasting no
The smooth cock glided down her throat so easy, how she loved it.
Barbara took
all of it, deep throating Bull as he watched in amazement how this
blonde honey
could so easily do what his girlfriends couldn't.

Barbara backed off Bull leaving his cock glistening with saliva. She
"want to fuck my ass?" "Hell, yeah, sweetheart," Bull answered. He let
kneel on all fours. Then he stooped behind her rubbing his cock between
legs. He slipped his Black shaft in Barbara's cunt first, collecting
juices from her moist slit. Then he went to her asshole. He pushed on
her anus
and she let him push in. Her little anal pucker sucked the Black head of
cock inside. Barbara let a deep sigh out, signaling her approval of how
Bull's big cock felt. "You like it in the ass, don't you honey?" He
asked. "Oh,
God yes, yes," she replied in a loving it voice. Then Bull squatted down

impaling her ass, driving his hard tool deeper and deeper until he had
penetrated her asshole completely and was buried inside. "Oh, yesssss,"
cried out. "Fuck my asshole." And Bull did. He started pumping her,
fucking her
asshole with his thirteen inch cockmeat. Barbara thoroughly loved his
huge b
lack meat pistoning her white ass.

After a couple minutes he pulled out and quickly returned in front of
face. He was so excited from fucking this blonde piece of ass his cock
ready to burst. Barbara wrapped her hands around his engorged Black
prick and
immediately the cum started pouring from his cock. Barbara was ready for
Her mouth was opened and ready to take Bull's sperm as it gushed in
from his stiff throbbing meat. He had a massive load that sprayed nearly
out of
control. Thick heavy streams of cum shot in Barbara's mouth and lined
along her
cheeks and forehead. A couple spasms generated big globs of sperm that
onto her tongue and slid to the back of her throat. It was a great load
start the evening off. The jism on her face felt warm and slimy and the
mouthful she swallowed she savored, enjoying the taste of the big man's
juice. Then she cleaned his cock with her lips sucking out what little
he had

Meanwhile another Black man was at Barbara's back door. In he went and
fucking her asshole, wasting no time in pumping her back chute. Then
cock replaced Bull in front of her face, a white one this time. Everyone
getting into it now. Even across the room Barbara could see the two
girls that
were at the table with their boyfriends earlier, now were naked and
fucked too. Then the cock in her ass exploded, filling her ass with
sperm and
another took its' place squeezing through her tight sphincter. Then her
fill again with cum, she had to swallow, and another cock spasmed in her
She looked around seeing a line of men waiting their turn for a chance
at her
beautiful ass and another line waiting to give her blonde face a
mouthful. It
was going to be an all night anal and oral fuckfest.

About a half hour into her gangbang she looked up seeing one of the
young Black
girls standing in front of her with her boyfriend. She seemed a little
as she approached Barbara, her boyfriend was coaxing her on. "Go ahead,
sweetheart," he coached her. "Let me see her do it to you." Barbara
what he meant. Then the boyfriend pushed his girl moving her closer
until she
was standing right over Barbara's face. The girl reluctantly reached
her legs spreading her pussy. Barbara could see the cum starting to seep
her cunt. They obviously had just got done fucking and he had pumped his
full of his seed. Now he wanted to see the white slut Barbara suck it
out of
his girl.

Barbara pulled the girl down to her face by placing her hands on the
waist as a guide. Then Barbara made contact with the Black girl's fucked
She licked through her slit collecting a little of the sperm that was
out. The Black girl moaned from the soft feel of Barbara's wet tongue
her pussy. Barbara probed the Black cunt deeper, sticking her tongue
feeling the slimy load her boyfriend pumped in her. She sucked on the
pressing her lips to the Black girls wet gash. She sucked again, harder,
the sperm passed into Barbara's mouth. The Black girl went wild, never
felt the pleasure of another woman eating her slit before. She orgasmed,

shaking while Barbara ate the cum from her hole. The Black girl's love
flowed into Barbara's mouth too, as she sucked and sucked on the young

Finished sucking out the sperm, Barbara looked up at the girl, her
holding his girl's shuddering body, and asked. "Do you suck your man's
"," she shyly answered almost in shame. "You don't know what
missing," Barbara replied back.

Barbara grabbed for her boyfriends semi erect cock putting her mouth
over it
while his girl watched. Barbara sucked him, lick him, suck more until he
hard. She sucked him deep in her throat showing the girl how to give her
man a
good blowjob. His cock grew stiffer and he moaned his pleasure as his
watched the enjoyment in his face. Then he cried out, "oh fuck me," and
came. His sperm filled Barbara's mouth. Then Barbara pulled his shaft
momentarily, showing the girl her man's sperm before she gulped it down.
Barbara cleaned up his cock, lifted his shrinking shaft to lick his
balls and
give them a quick suck into her mouth, then she twisted his body around
gave him a fast lick up his asscrack pausing a second or two just to be
sure he
felt her tongue tickle his asshole. Barbara looked back at the girl
there in astonishment. "You got a tasty boyfriend, honey. Better try him
you lose him." Then barely able to walk both the young Black girl and
boyfriend returned to their table.

At least an hour went by, Barbara's face had taken many loads, some was
in her
hair, allot she swallowed. Her ass was pretty juicy too, she knew her
must be full of sperm, it was running down her crack and down the
insides of
her thighs. The next Black man up complained, "this bitch is gettin'
messy, can't we clean her ass up?"

Bull thought for minute and sure enough had the solution. He came out
behind the bar carrying what look like some sort of pump. Actually it
was some
sort of penis enlarger. It was a pump that had a clear tube to insert
your cock
and a plunger that when pulled would suck on your cock in an attempt to
it longer. It even worked good as a masturbating device, like getting a
job. Bull had doctored it up some covering the open end of the pump with
tapered cap that had a hole in the end. Well, Bull brought it to Barbara

placing the end of it on her asshole. He pushed the tapered end of the
pump in,
then once the clear tube portion entered her ass, he forced a couple
inches in making sure it was well planted in Barbara's rectum. Then Bull
on the plunger. He was siphoning the jizz from Barbara's ass. The clear
began filling with a whitish brown sludge as Bull extracted the plunger.
It was
all the sperm that had been deposited inside Barbara's ass, only tint ed
mixing with traces of her own excrement. Slowly Bull kept pulling until
filled the tube and pulled the pump out. There must have been at least a
of the cum swill in the tube.

"Okay," Bull exclaimed. "She's ready for more. Another Black cock went
Barbara's asshole, driving into her, reaming her hard. Bull walked in
front of
Barbara showing her the pump full of sperm. Bull just wanted to show her
much cum she he had taken out of her. But Barbara looked up at him and
while being assfucked looked for more. She opened her mouth in a begging

fashion to Bull. She wanted the cum sludge in the pump. She wanted to
drink it.
She wanted Bull to pump it into her mouth and down her throat.

"Oh, fuck," was all Bull could say. He couldn't believe Barbara wanted
shit-cum mixture he just extracted from her ass. It was hard to believe
a woman
would degrade herself to such a level - eating the cum from her own ass
it had soaked up the smell and dirt from deep within her rectum. This
any ordinary whore. You couldn't pay any whore to do this. No, Barbara
special. She was a lustfilled slut driven by her own desires for nasty
sex and the need to be a willing partner in her own humiliation. Bull
knew now
she would do anything and let him do anything to her.

Bull put the pump just over her open mouth so all could see. He pushed
plunger down halfway and the slimy cooze spilled out the opening into
mouth. It was the most disgusting thing any of them had ever seen.
mouth filled with the infested cumsludge. Bull stopped and Barbara
closed her
mouth to swallow. And swallow she did, eating the filthy sperm. Her
opened again, it was empty, and Bull pushed on the plunger one more
time. The
rest of the sludge dumped into her mouth with some dribbling down her
Then another swallow, a gulp, she drank it all, ate all the slimy nasty
sperm that had been collected in her ass for the past hour.

"You're one fuckin' nasty little white bitch, honey." Bull exclaimed to
her as
she continued getting plugged from behind and tasted the remains of the
cum that lingered in her mouth.

Another hour passed, with cock after cock fucking her ass. Some gave her

asshole a rest, giving a turn to her cunt. Some came back for seconds
her suck them hard before giving Barbara a mouthful or a sperm facial.
Randy the cab driver took another turn with Barbara, this time shooting
load in her ass. Barbara was every man's dream, at least she was tonight
this bar. Over thirty men drained their seed in or on her. Some of them

But for Barbara the night was only beginning. Bull wanted to see just
how much
this blonde slut could take, how much humiliation could she stand, how
and dirty could she be. He knew she was capable of doing more dirty
performing filthier acts, and become more downright degrading as a fuck
machine. And that's what she was, a machine taking on cock after cock in
hole they wanted. She was their cum depository and loved being it. She
get enough, in her cunt, in her ass, or in her mouth. She was their
queen of
all sluts.
Barbara had cum just about everywhere on her. Her cunt was seeping with
her asshole was flooded with jizz and her face and hair were sticky and
from all of it. She knelt there in the middle of the floor. She was like
human condom, her body had received and contained nearly all of the
sperm in
the room. The two young black girls had taken care of their boyfriends,
everyone else's cock cream was somewhere on or inside Barbara.

A few moments passed while Barbara rested. She caressed her own body
the slippery substance on her. Her breasts glistened as she smeared the
into the soft skin of her tits. She played with her nipples trying to
them, but the slimy cum made them slip from her fingertips. Even after
so many
cocks, still she aroused herself, playing with her cunt, fingering her
and tasting the mixture of love fluids dripping from her body.

Bull came up to her carrying two empty one liter whiskey bottles.
couldn't imagine what he was doing with them, or for that matter what he

planned to do with them. He gazed down at Barbara's sperm drenched body
and she
looked up like at him in wonderment of what was next for her.

"Lie down, my dear slut," he ordered.

Barbara obeyed lying down on her back while a couple of Bull's friends
up joining Bull at her side. Bull pulled Barbara's legs up in the air
them apart at the same time. Each of Bull's friends held one of her legs

keeping her spread open. Bull also had a big tube of KY jelly. He
squeezed it
laying a long line of the lubricant along Barbara's slit. Then he
smeared it
all over between her legs and through her pussy. He stuffed a big glob
inside her cunt with two fingers making sure the folds of her slit and
inside of her hole was well oiled up. Bull wiped the residue of the
jelly left
on his hand onto the bottom of one of the whiskey bottles.

"All right my slutty little sweetheart, I'll bet this is going to be the

biggest thing you've ever had in there." Barbara watched as Bull
positioned the
bottom part of the bottle at her cunt entrance. He was going to fuck her
the bottle, and with the big end of it.

Only a slight hint of fright went through Barbara as she looked between
legs at Bull. But then she thought, "what the fuck, go for it, shove it
in me."
She laid back submitting her body to Bull's whim. Bull wiped the bottom
of the
bottle up and down her slit letting her feel the largeness of what was
about to
enter her hole. "Open her up boys," he asked of the other two men. Each
holding her legs then reached down sticking two fingers in her slit and
proceeded to spread her cunt lips apart. They pulled on her cunthole
the delicate pink flesh inside her. They stretched her wide, holding her
while Bull placed the bottle against her exposed inner cunt. Bull
twisted the
bottle and rocked it slightly back and forth. The lubrication made it
moving the bottle around. Bull pushed the bottle and Barbara's cunt
wider. "Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Barbara groaned, the pressure on her soft cunt
was becoming tremendous.

Bull pushed and twisted again, and her hole gave way sucking in the
portion of the bottle. "Ahhhhhhh!! Ahhhhhhhh!!" Barbara groaned
twisting in
discomfort, but she let him continue. Bull pushed some more and the
started passing into his submissive blonde slut. Barbara felt her
stretched apart like she's never experienced before. She actually could
the bottle scraping along her pelvic bones as Bull penetrated her body,
violated her precious love box with the whiskey bottle.

Bull pushed deeper with the bottle. "Ahhhhhh!!!" Barbara moaned out loud
as her
hole filled with the inserted bottle. Deeper, deeper it went, Bull
pushed it
more, Barbara moaned, screamed louder, the bottle was going deeper,
"AHHHHHHH!!!........, AHHHHHHH!!!.......her moans echoed through the

The bottle was gone,...... except for the neck sticking from her hole.
Bull had
shoved the whole thing up inside her gash. Barbara's cunt lips were
around the neck of the bottle sticking out. It was lodged in there,
inside her body and would remain in there until Bull or someone
extracted it
from her hole.

"There we go, my dear. How's that?" Bull asked. Barbara just laid there
moaning slowly, deeply, "Ahhhh!!! fuck... Ah..h...h...h!!!!!!!!!!
Ah..h..h..h..h!!!!!!" Barbara was in a dream land. It didn't hurt, at
not any more. It just felt so big in her cunt, so full, it was nasty.
Oh, God
she thought, "I love it."

"Well, we're half way there," Bull announced. "Now for the other one up
ass." "Turn her over boys on her knees." The two men rolled Barbara
positioning her on hands and knees.

Barbara said and did nothing, her body belonged to Bull. He was
controlling her
now and she allowed it, rather she wanted it. No matter how bizarre, she
ready and willing.

"This slut's unreal, think she can take one up the ass too," Bull's
asked. "Sure she can," Bull replied. "This white bitch can handle
anything, I
just know it. And when I get it in, then we'll bottle fuck her both
holes at
once. Get her ready."

Again they squirted KY jelly all over her, this time in her asscrack.
smeared it around liberally working it in the soft crease of her
buttocks and
shoving some well inside her asshole. Then with the first bottle
sticking from
her cunt the three blacks started on her brown hole.

The two inserted their fingers in Barbara's back door. They probed her
little opening working their fingers in her. This was going to be a
tougher getting the bottle in back here. Their fingers began pulling her
little anus open. Gradually her tight anal orifice started to spread
creating a
tiny little dark opening that gradually grew bigger. They pulled harder
and the
opening grew larger, but it was not nearly enough to get that huge
bottle in
there. "A little more," Bull commanded. They pulled on her asshole more
stretching her anus wider, and it yielded to them. What was once a tiny
cute pucker was now a tautly stretched ring with a gaping hole in the
Barbara's asshole became enlarged becoming an open cave ready for Bull's

whiskey bottle. "AHHHHH," Barbara yelped, her asshole hurt, her anal
ring was
overstretched. The two pairs of black hands were a little rough
spreading apart
Barbara's soft round ass and forcing her anus open, wide open for all to
preparing her ass for the ultimate insertion. It felt like they would
split her
apart. Bull placed the bottle at the opened anal hole, twisted it, and
it part way in. The two men let go and Barbara's asshole gripped the
large end
of the bottle. It was in her. Now to see how deep Bull could push it in,
much could she take.

Bull pushed and twisted, occasionally feeling contact with the other
bottle in
her cunt. "Ahhhhhhh!!!!, Ahhhhhhhh!!!!, fuckkkkkk......,"Barbara moaned
as the bottle journeyed deeper in her rectum. Barbara's breathing
increased. She was experiencing a panic and pleasure simultaneously as
stuffed her second fuckhole. Her anal ring scraped inch by inch up the
as it went deeper and deeper inside. There was only a little left when
felt the resistance. He bottomed out in her rectum. He was so close and
he was
so crazed, he had to get it in. Slowly he pushed again maintaining his
and the bottle slowly disappeared. Barbara was gone again, in her dream
fuckworld, moaning non-stop as her inside rectum walls were stretched as
as her anal opening. But he did it, fucked Barbara completely with the
bottle up the ass, only the neck stuck out. What an incredible sight.
knelt with her head on the floor with the two bottles stuffed up her cu
nt and
asshole, only the necks exposed.

"Ready cunt," Bull yelled down to Barbara. She didn't even hear him. He
her over on to her back again pulling her legs up high. Bull grabbed the
of the bottles one in each hand. Then standing over her he pulled on
them. They
started pulling from her holes both at once. They were tight inside her,
her holes started pulling open as the bottles came into sight again.
When Bull
got both bottles partially out, he sunk them back in with a quick push.
let out a loud cry as the each bottle hit bottom deep in her holes. Then
Bull pulled them partly out and buried them back in. Each time Barbara
whimpered and cried out with some of the pain she felt, but also of the
pleasure knowing she was getting the fucking of her life. Again Bull
them about halfway out and then he fucked her, pushing and pulling,
pushing and
pulling the bottles. Barbara screamed in a frenzy as the cunt bottle
hard back and forth against her clit. She was going to cum. And she did,

violently, like an explosion went off inside her.

When Bull saw her body tighten, slipping into her orgasmic state, he
shoved the
bottles back up her burying them deep in her body again. Barbara's body
convulsed, it shook, it shattered her as she came over and over. Bull
overwhelmed with excitement with what he was doing to this lovely
creature, his
cock was ready to explode again. He moved up straddling Barbara's face
his thirteen inches of black cock. Barbara was still out of it, deep in
body wrenching orgasm when Bull's cock spewed on her face. Barbara felt
the hot
slimy stuff hit her, making her open her eyes and instinctively her
mouth. She
gobbled at Bull's pulsating meat trying to suck up his fresh sperm as it

drained from him. She grabbed his tool milking it with both hands,
sucking at
it, swallowing as much of his load as she could get in her mouth. She
was an
out of control hot cum slut slurping up every thing Bull had.

Then her orgasm died down, she lay there cum covered, totally drained,
impaled with two whiskey bottles.

While Barbara lay recovering and a break in the action, it looked like a
room stop for most of the room. Actually a line formed out the men's
room door.
One of the black men had to go pretty bad from all the drinking he had
done. He
walked over to where Barbara was lying asking Bull. "Can I piss on her?"
only a slut whore, right, she won't mind." Bull pulled Barbara's legs up
and spread them, "Piss in the bottle," Bull said pointing to the whiskey
sticking from her cunt. Instantly the man whipped his cock out and
urinating between Barbara's legs. At first his piss hit Barbara's thighs

splashing all over. But then he brought his aim up hitting in her
crotch, then
up to the opening of the bottle. Everyone could hear the sound of the
filling as his piss poured into the bottle up Barbara's cunt. When he
another black man took his place, first hitting Barbara with a stream of
piss on her belly before directing it in the bottle. Then the w hiskey
was full and the foam and excess piss overflowed it running down to her
and between her legs. Barbara actually felt the bottle get warm inside
her cunt
as it filled up with their hot urine. He finished, the bottle was full
and Bull
placed the cap on the bottle.

Bull then pulled her legs back over her head touching her toes to the
behind her. "Who's next," Bull asked. We got another bottle to fill. It
take long to get another urinating black cock emptying itself on
Barbara. Piss
splashed on her ass while a couple men succeeded in filling the other
stuck in her ass. Bull capped that one off too and let go of Barbara's

Barbara got up, she could barely walk with her holes filled the way they
She managed to get to the bar. She was some sight,.. a whore, a tramp, a
covered, piss covered slut. Her hair was straggly, sticky with sperm,
her face
was loaded with cum most of which was already drying. Her chest and
were spotted with jizz and urine and her legs were wet with fresh piss.

"Wanna sit, honey?" Bull asked.

"Yes," Barbara answered in an exhausted tone.

Bull went to Barbara running his hands up her beautiful white legs
getting to her rounded ass. The neck of the whiskey bottle protruded
from her
rear end and Bull grabbed hold of it. He held Barbara around the waist
her against his own body knowing that pulling the bottle from her ass
require a steady strong pull. He didn't want to just rip it from her
Barbara had given them all a great time and he didn't want to
deliberately hurt
her. Bull tugged on the bottle. Barbara's asscheeks began to spread as
bottle expanded her asshole again. Barbara's eyes closed, her face grew
distraught, it was a grin and bear time. Her asshole hurt as Bull slowly

extracted the huge insertion. The bottle appeared inching its' way from
Barbara's rectum. Then a quick little pull and it was out. A sigh of
escaped Barbara's lips as now only the bottle in her cunt was left. But
wasn't nearly as uncomfortable as the one that had been in her ass.

Bull set the bottle on the bar. Barbara slid her sore butt up on the
edge of
the bar stool with the other bottle sticking down out of her slit.

"You're an amazing girl, honey." Bull commented. "You're definitely the
thing I've ever seen or had." Barbara smiled, too tired to say anything,
she knew how much she enjoyed the fucking, her own orgasms were the
she's ever experienced.

Bull set a glass in front of Barbara next to the bottle of piss he just
extracted from her ass. Bull stared at her wondering what she might do.
knew what he wanted and what he expected to see her do. This was the
test of how much of a slut she would be for him. And Barbara was going
to show
him how disgusting she really could be. She unscrewed the cap on the
bottle and
poured some in the glass. She looked around, saw all eyes on her, then
the glass in her hand bringing it to her lips. She swallowed it down,
all of
it, gulping the glassful of piss. "Fuck, honey," Bull remarked shocked,
a piss drinker too?"

Barbara poured another glass. Before she picked it up though, one of the

blackmen that was fucking his girlfriend strolled up to Barbara at the
bar. He
dumped something in the glass splashing some of the urine onto the bar.
were two condoms floating in Barbara's glass. "Watching you made me and
my girl
pretty horny. I fucked her twice, once in the cunt and once in her ass.
time, too, she let me in her ass." Barbara stared at her glass and the
condoms floating around in it.. They still had this guy's sperm in them.
could see the sack at the end of them with the creamy jizz. "Thought you
want to flavor it up some," he commented and walked away.

Barbara lifted the glass and began pouring the second glass of piss in
mouth swallowing, gulping it down. Then as she neared finishing the
flowed through her lips. She set the glass back down. She sloshed the
around in her mouth trying to extract the cum from them. She mashed them
her tongue against her teeth and she felt the jism ooze out onto her
She let a little dribble out over her bottom lip so the men could see
succeeded in emptying the cum sacks. Barbara pulled the rubbers from her
sucking on them, swallowing the jizz. She was enjoying her little snack.
sucked the condoms clean inside and out, even the one that was up
girl's asshole, eating every drop of sperm and slime that coated them.
Then she
poured the remaining urine from the bottle to wash it all down.

Bull returned from around the bar to remove the other bottle out of her
Barbara swung her legs around on the stool opening them for Bull. He
hold of the bottle and started pulling. Barbara held tight to the bar as
cunt expanded letting Bull extract the bottle from her hole. He placed
bottle on the bar too. Bull then got a bottle of beer for himself,
opened it,
and told Barbara, "chug-a-lug time." Bull tipped his beer pouring it in
mouth, not stopping till the he consumed it all. "Your turn, honey."
belly was already pretty full. She had swallowed a whole bottle of urine

already, not the healthiest thing to do, but she loved the way the men
to such a foul deed. Barbara grabbed the bottle anyway, uncapped it, and
it to her lips. She began gulping. The men began cheering her. The piss
disappeared from the bottle with each gulp, each swallow. She continued
she drank the entire whiskey bottle of piss. She replaced the bottle on
the b
ar, wiped her lips and gave a little cough.

"Fuckin' cunt, honey." "What a fuckin' cunt you are." "A piss drinkin'
"No...., a piss and cum drinkin' slut cunt." "Fuck." "I love this white
bitch." "You can be my whore anytime, honey."

Barbara finally had enough for the night. It was five thirty in the
Where did the time go. Barbara put her skirt and top back on her cum and
infested body. Randy was still there, watching her amazing performance.
drove her back to her car in his cab. Then Barbara drove the rest of the
home. She stunk and reeked from the cum and urine all over her. Barbara
couldn't remember how many cocks unloaded on her and in her. Nor could
remember how times she was fucked in her ass. But the orgasm when she
bottle fucked lingered in her mind. It was a brutal fuck, and painful
one, but
it drove to a new height, it was fantastic. She loved fucking, she loved
The sun was coming up now, time to rest. Tonight would begin another
Barbara finally decided, since she enjoyed sex so much and was willing
to do
anything, that she could easily get paid for doing what she liked. She
may as
well earn a living with her body. Since men enjoyed fucking her so much
enjoyed watching her do incredibly nasty things, then why not get paid
for it.
It almost seemed criminal to her to get money for what she liked doing
so much.

Well it didn't take long. Barbara answered a few ads from an adult
and found one to be rather interesting. She called regarding the ad to
find out
about this man John wanting a woman willing to participate in some kinky
He would pay $1000 for a night of her services provided Barbara met with
approval. Barbara accepted and arranged to meet him later tonight.

Barbara wanted to look extra good this evening. She started right away
preparing herself for another night of wild sex. She spent allot of time
her hair, making sure it was full and curly surrounding her smooth soft
She went real heavy with dark red lipstick and blue eye shadow. When she

finished she stared at herself in the mirror admiring the look she
What an amazing sight, she outdid herself this time. Her body looked and
"fuck me hard, I'm a whore and I want it bad." She decided on wearing
this time. Her frilly white lace bra pushed up her 38" breasts making
them look
even fuller. You could see her full dark nipples through the flimsy
She pulled out a tight short pleated black mini-dress from the closet,
before that, next was white fishnet stockings attached to a frilly white
belt. The white panties were the skimpiest, a tiny little G-string with
a small
patch covering her pubic hair and a little string going up her asscra
ck. She
slipped on the dress that rode half way up her thighs which nearly
exposed her
garter. Then when she slipped on her six inch heels, they accented her
shapely legs making them look like they went on forever up underneath
dress. Barbara was happy with her final look. She was truly a whore
looking to
get laid.

She left early to arrive at John's home. When she entered she obviously
with his approval, as if there would have been any doubt, and John
her to another couple, already there, Tyronne and Kelly. Tyronne was a
slender Black man and Kelly was a young, very young blonde girl. John
that he had expected to be alone with Barbara tonight, but Tyronne, his
dropped in to show off his new girl Kelly. Kelly, as John explained, was
runaway 16 year old teenager whom Tyronne convinced that she could make
of money working for him. They both agreed that the best way for Kelly
to learn
how to work the streets was first to learn how to please a man in bed.
figured the best thing to do was to see a pro in action. That's where
came into the picture.

Barbara looked at Kelly seeing a somewhat frightened little girl unsure
of what
she was about to do and what she was getting herself in to. Kelly was
only 5'1"
tall, a small body, very slender maybe 100 lbs. if that, short sandy
hair, and extremely attractive facial features. Still, you could tell
she was
just a kid. Her body was just beginning to blossom. Kelly had a stunning
even in the simple blouse and skirt she had on. Her cute pert breasts
stood out
so proud and firm and her gorgeous smooth legs were a delight to look at
in her
short skirt. She would have no problem getting men into bed with her.

Barbara made the first move pulling Kelly to the sofa and started
removing her
own clothes then started pulling Kelly's off. Kelly let Barbara strip
naked. Barbara sensed the shyness in Kelly's body as she peeled the
girl's clothes away. As Kelly stood there naked in front of everyone
knew she was embarrassed and somewhat afraid. She wondered if this
young girl knew what she was getting herself into. Barbara kissed her
then licked her gorgeous delicate young breasts. They were so soft and
just beginning to develop. Barbara sucked on the soft tissue making
nipples respond growing large and puffy on the tips of her breasts. They
one beautiful sight. Kelly certainly was developing into a gorgeous
young lady.
Barbara then spread open Kelly's legs to play with pussy. When Kelly
and relaxed, then Barbara went down on her harder licking and probing
her tiny

John and Tyronne jumped right in undressing, stripping down to their
Barbara then went to John and began caressing his balls and cock through
underwear. The bulge grew larger as she continued. Then she dropped to
knees pulling his shorts down to begin sucking his now nine inch hard
cock. She
wasted no time giving him a good blow job. His cock easily slid down her
repeatedly, as Barbara made him moan while she pleasured him. Then, in
no time
Barbara was on her hands and knees with John alternating fucking her
cunt then
her asshole.

Kelly was a bit hesitant to do anything with Tyronne, while watching
and in amazement on how easily she took John in each of her holes.
Tyronne had dropped his shorts and stood there stroking this enormous
ten inch
Black piece of meat. Ten inches of Black cock is a bit intimidating for
girl much less a sweet young little blonde like Kelly, who has had
sexual experience. But Tyronne's cock was incredibly thick. In fact,
own hand didn't reached around it as he jerked himself. It had to be
inches around his hard Black shaft.

Tyronne moved between Kelly's spread open legs. He looked down into her
frightened eyes as he placed his massive Black tool on her slit. He
against Kelly's tight cunt and it stretched open wider and wider
attempting to
take his cock in. He leaned forward pushing harder and Kelly's cunt
taut as Tyronne's cockhead slipped in. Kelly whimpered from the pressure
of her
hole being opened so wide. Tyronne penetrated her deeper getting a
inches inside. Kelly let out a little school girl cry as her hole filled
with Black cock. But Tyronne still had at least six inches of cock yet
to plant
inside Kelly. He pushed on, five inches, six inches, seven. Kelly
squirmed in
discomfort as Tyronne's cock hit bottom inside her tiny cunt. But he was

determined to get all of his huge tool inside this cute teenage body. He
himself in deeper stretching the inner walls of Kelly's cunthole. Kelly
her insides tighten from the pressure being exerted by Tyronne's giant
cock pu
shing deeper up her hole. It became almost unbearable for Kelly to take
such a
huge thing inside her petite body. It felt as though his cock was
pushing into
her belly. She was scared, his cock was so big. She feared he may rip a
completely through the soft tissues of her cunt. Then Tyronne lunged
falling on top of Kelly jamming the last inch inside her. Kelly screamed
somehow her cunt managed to stretch enough to accommodate all of
monster thick meat. All she could think of was how full her tiny body
felt with
this cock inside her.

Tyronne realize he wouldn't last very long in this tight teens fuckhole.
So he
quickly pulled out to keep from cumming so soon and held it motioning
for Kelly
to start sucking it now. She hesitated, a little afraid as to where to
with such a big cock. Afterall, she was only sixteen and had very little
experience. Barbara motioned both Tyronne and Kelly closer to her as
John kept
pumping away up Barbara's ass. Barbara grabbed the big Black cock and
sucked it
slowly showing Kelly there wasn't anything to be afraid of. But this
cock was
even a challenge for Barbara. She popped it in and out of her mouth,
as much as she could inside, then held it for Kelly. Kelly took the big
cockhead between her lips, backed off, then did it again. She licked it,
some of the precum off with her tongue gingerly tasting it. Then she
went down
on it a little deeper taking a few inches inside her mouth. Kelly had to

literally force her mouth wide open to get it in. She was getting the
hang of
it though. Barbara thought she probably never had a cock in her mouth
and she was right. This certainly was Kelly's first time. Kelly was
Tyronne's Black meat with her hand now, jerking it while she sucked.

Then, all of a sudden, John was ready to explode. Fucking Barbara's ass
watching this cute blonde learn the art of cocksucking was just enough
to set
him off. Quickly he pulled out, Barbara turned around taking his cock in
and took him to her mouth. The sperm gushed onto Barbara's face and into
mouth. She collected all his fresh jizz from his spurting cock, letting
mouth fill up. When he ran dry, she turned to Kelly showing off her
mouthful of
thick white sperm, then swallowed John's load. Of course afterwards she
up his cock getting every bit of his sperm off him.

Now it was Kelly's turn. She really didn't know what to expect and
warning Tyronne just let it go. He grabbed Kelly's head holding it in
place on
his cock. The cum poured from him. It started running from Kelly's mouth
as she
tried to back away, but Tyronne held her head there until he finished
his balls of all his jizz and made sure it went in her mouth. Kelly's
face was
dripping with cum as it dribbled from the corners of her full mouth.
pulled out, "swallow it," he ordered. Kelly looked up at him a little
not to obey. It was evident she never had sperm in her mouth before. Now
was covered in it and her mouth was loaded with the hot sticky stuff.
She could
feel the warm thick fluid covering her tongue. She wasn't sure if she
was going
to like the idea of eating it. But she was afraid to spit it out.
certainly wouldn't like her to do that. Then she closed her mouth and
throat contracted. Kelly swallowed the thick slimy juice down. "Good
Tyronne commented. Barbara leaned over to Kelly and kissed her lightly
on the
cheek, then licked some of the sperm still dripping from her chin. "That
so bad, was it," Barbara asked Kelly? "Just wait and see, soon you won't
able to get enough of it."

Barbara took Kelly and positioned her on her hands and knees with her
face in
the sofa. "Barbara asked, "are you guys ready to try out a virgin ass?"
looked back over her shoulder scared at what Barbara proposed. "Just
honey, you'll love it, trust me." John was already hard at the prospect
fucking this cute blonde's precious little asshole now staring up at
Barbara spread open Kelly's asscheeks, licked up through her crack
pausing on
her anus to get it good and wet. Then she fingered Kelly's asshole
inside with one, then two fingers to get her used to being penetrated up
ass. Once Barbara felt Kelly relax, she spread her asscheeks wide apart
them open for John.

He positioned himself over her darling little ass placing his cock on
her tight
puckered backdoor. While he started pushing in, Barbara began fingering
cunt. John penetrated Kelly's ass quickly, jamming his cockhead in
then slowly plunged his hard cock deeper and deeper. Kelly was getting a
panicky from John's big meat stretching her anus so wide. It hurt a
Barbara fingered harder pushing her fingers deep inside Kelly's cunt.
seemed to work pretty good. Kelly was getting turned on, which gave John
chance to start pumping her super tight asshole. Kelly at sixteen was
her first assfuck. And she was getting it hard and deep. But it didn't
very long. Her tight ass made John cum quickly. He pumped his load in
her ass
while Kelly moaned her approval feeling his hot cum dump into her

When he finished, it was Tyronnes's turn. This was going to be much more

difficult, at least that's what Barbara thought. And she was right.
monster thick cock could easily split Kelly's asshole apart. Tyronne's
cock was
so huge next to Kelly's petite little anal pucker, it didn't seem
possible that
it could fit inside. Even though John had loosened her backdoor up,
cock was going to have a tough time getting in. Tyronne knew it and so
Kelly. She was already apprehensive and showing signs of fright.

"Hold on honey," Tyronne commented, "this is going to hurt some." But
Kelly even reacted to his comment, Tyronne had his huge cockhead
positioned on
Kelly's asshole. He pushed his fat cockhead around on her cute anal
smearing some of John's sperm that had oozed out all over her anus. Then
pushed forward and rammed it in. Kelly let out scream as his big cock
forced it's way in, stretching open her tiny anus. Kelly felt like her
had surely ripped open, but it somehow it managed to stretch apart to
accommodate Tyronne's huge Black cock. Her anal hole hugged the fat
head of his huge Black tool as it passed into her rear hole. Barbara
could see
the tears roll down Kelly's cheeks from the pain, but she held back
any more. Her anus was stretched open incredibly wide. Barbara was
that Kelly was able to take such a huge cock in her tiny behind.

Tyronne pushed in deeper, forcing his thick meat through Kelly's asshole
and up
inside her tiny rectum. Kelly was breathing heavy almost in a panic as
thick Black log between Tyronne's legs disappeared deeper and deeper
Kelly's precious little ass. "Oh!!! it's so big,..... ahhhhh!!!!....."

"It's.... soooo.... b..i..g!!!" "ahhhhh!!!!! hurts.........."

Kelly had his Black cock stuffed in her, buried in her ass and it was
She was afraid to cry out to express the sheer torture and agony her
felt. It didn't seem like it would have done much good anyway. Tyronne
going to fuck her ass and that was it. Then she felt his cock begin to
piston in and out. Tyronne drove his tool back and forth, deeper and
with each thrust. Tears were running down Kelly's cheeks. Her virgin ass
getting reamed by the biggest cock she's ever seen. Then from the
tightness of
Kelly's asshole, he too was ready to explode. He pushed all the way down

burying his entire thick length inside. Kelly felt the big tool ram
inside her
until her asshole hugged the core of his cock and the head pushed on her

insides deep within her body. Then Tyronne blew his load, into the
deepest part
of Kelly's ass. He grabbed Kelly around her waist pulling her body hard
his, forcing every bit of his spasming cock inside Kelly's rectum.
Judging f
rom Tyronne's movements he was having an incredible orgasm and
enjoying Kelly's tight teenage asshole. Stream after stream of cum
flooded her
tiny rectum. When Kelly eventually felt the throbbing stop and the hot
subside, Tyronne withdrew from her stretched asshole, leaving her
moaning from
her second anal fuck of the night.

For Barbara, watching this was just too much to bear. Seeing Kelly
there with her anal hole still spread open and knowing that just inside
hole was a big pool of fresh cum. It seemed such a shame to waste all
sperm. She just had to have it. Barbara moved over to Kelly's behind and
her just fucked asshole feeling on her tongue the slimy cum residue that
Kelly's anal opening. She licked the entire anal opening clean before
continuing her efforts to get the rest of the load that Tyronne's cock
inside. She spread Kelly's cheeks further apart forcing them open wide
stretching her anus. Barbara tongued Kelly's asshole more, smearing the
around her asscrack using her lips and face. Barbara was lapping up
every bit
of jizz she could find. Then she pulled Kelly's tiny buttcheeks open
even wider
making a large tunnel entrance to the blonde teens rectum. Barbara
pushed into
Kelly's ass with her tongue trying to scoop out Tyronne's sperm. Barbara
ctually scoured deep into Kelly's anal opening with her tongue licking
the soft
dark hidden flesh inside the anal entrance of Kelly's ass. But she
couldn't get at the rest of it, it was too deep inside Kelly's bowels.
nasty slut within Barbara was now emerging. Her lust and frenzy for cum
out her filthy whore side.

With her face still buried between Kelly's asscheeks, Barbara placed her
onto Kelly's stretched open asshole, grabbed her around the waist and
her down onto the floor until Kelly was seated on Barbara's face. Then
started sucking, sucking hard on Kelly's anal opening. She held Kelly's
butt cheeks in her hands keeping them spread apart. Barbara stuffed her
deep in Kelly's behind placing her lips on the sixteen year old's
asshole. Then she sucked and sucked. Kelly was going wild with the
feeling of her asshole getting sucked and rimmed. Tyronne and John
believe what Barbara was doing, sucking the cum from this teenagers
tight ass.
They listened to the loud slurping noises from between the blonde's
as Barbara accomplished her task. Occasionally Barbara would pause to
express a
"Mmmmmmmm" "Mmmmmmm" as the sperm passed from Kelly's ass to Barbara's
and down her throat when she swallowed with sheer enjoyment. The sperm
continued dripping and oozing from Kelly's ass with the help of
Barbara's cum
vacuum mouth until Kelly's rectum was sucked clean.

Barbara pushed Kelly off her face. She sat up looking at John and
Tyronne. Her
lips glistened with white sperm and some brown slime running down her
chin. Her
face was a mess covered with Tyronne's spunk and some sticky slimy filth
she sucked from inside of Kelly's ass. But Barbara merely sat there
tasting the
nasty sticky stuff she extracted from the teens behind. She ate
everything that
she sucked out, swallowing several times to get all the residue clinging
to the
inside of her mouth.

"What a fuckin' whore," John exclaimed. "Look at you."

"Clean yourself off, you disgusting bitch.".....

"So you like it nasty and dirty, huh?"

Barbara licked her lips, and used her fingers to remove the sticky scum
dripping from her face, pushing it into her mouth to eat that too.

"I had no idea what a slutty cunt you really were," John remarked in

Barbara lay there somewhat exhausted from her last activity.

"If you'd do a filthy thing like that without being forced, I wonder
what else
you would do for us.?"

"I'll bet I could treat you like a real cheap slut."

"Is that what you want, you filthy whore?".........

Barbara still sat there cleaning up her face.

"Do you hear me you fuckin' slut?"

Barbara was still recovering and out of breath from all that sucking,
but yes,
she wanted to be treated like a whore, like a slut. She wanted to do
more nasty
vile things. That's what she likes and what gets her off. She was ready
for any
disgusting thing they could think of.

"Get up," John ordered. "Get your fuckin' ass up off the floor." "I'll
show you
what it's really like to be a whore. I'm gonna treat you like a piece of
you little slut cunt.
John led Barbara into the bedroom where he tied her arms over her head
to the
headboard and legs to the kickboards of the bed. She was spread-eagled
flat on
her back. Kelly and Tyronne followed to see what John had in store for
Barbara now lay helpless looking up at John.

"I've been thinking, I know just the right thing for you." John began
to her. "I want my whore to look and feel more like a cheap tramp. You
wear some jewelry. Such a beautiful body should be decorated with some
gold or silver, especially those fine looking breasts of your's. Don't
think a nice ring hanging from such lovely nipples would just enhance
beauty?" John asked looking at Barbara, then to Tyronne, Kelly and then
Barbara again. John held up two gold rings about an inch in diameter.
looked like large earrings with a little heavier post where the ring
penetrate through the earlobe, only John had plans of hanging them on

Barbara squirmed on the bed begging, "oh no!! please don't do that,
it'll hurt, besides I don't want them in me there."

"Don't worry," John replied. "When you leave tomorrow morning I'll
remove them
and in a day or two you won't even know they were there. The hole will
heal up
by itself. And it'll only hurt for a second or two when I first
penetrate your
nipples. I'm going to enjoy watching your body twitch with pain when I
those cute tits to make a hole for these nipple rings.

Hearing John just say it sent chills through Barbara. The thought of him

piercing her nipples really scared her and he knew he was lying "only a
pain." It was going to hurt and allot.

John jumped up on the bed straddling Barbara's body positioning himself
front of her chest. "Okay, my sweet darling slut, ready? Ready to be
like a cheap whore? For the rest of the night your body is for my
only,... got that you scum eating slut?"

John motioned to Kelly, "why don't you get her mind off what I'm doing.
with her cunt." Kelly obeyed crawling between Barbara's spread open legs
began fingering Barbara to get her aroused. Barbara was rather tensed up
anticipation of what was to come. But Kelly did her best even to the
point of
pushing her tiny little hand partially inside Barbara's wet hole.

John laid the first ring on Barbara's belly. He grabbed Barbara's left
squeezing it making the nipple protrude out. Then he pinched the nipple,
pulled on it making Barbara's breast extend from her body. He pinched it
and again until Barbara's nipple was rock hard. Then he took her hard
between two fingers pulled it gently to extend it taut. He picked up a
needle that almost looked like a crocheting needle. It was nearly seven
eight inches long and it was very thick. A cold sweat came across
Barbara as
she realized that soon that needle would be passing through her tender
sensitive nipples. She closed her eyes and seconds later she felt the
sharp tip
touch her taut nipple. She twitched on the bed, but John hadn't begun
penetrating yet, he only touched it to her tit. Then he pushed and the
sharp needle punctured her left nipple. Barbara cried out in pain,
twisted, twitch ing her helpless body on the bed. The scream just echoed

through the room non-stop. The bed squeaked and rocked back and forth
from her
fighting against the restraints. Barbara was a prisoner, unable to break
of her bonds. Her body movements only made the pain worse as the needle
around in her nipple flesh. The pain was already unbearable in her
breast and
yet she knew John had only begun his torturing and sodomizing of her

John pushed the sharp tool further into her delicate tender tit.
nipple tissue was hard and difficult to penetrate making John twist the
in an attempt to gouge it through her hardened, now bleeding nipple.
John was
enjoying seeing Barbara's body twitching and convulsing in pain as he
around in her tender nipple meat. He didn't seem to be in a hurry to
finish the
penetration either, instead, he just calmly kept twisting, pushing, and
slowly, forcing the long needle millimeter by millimeter through her
hard nipple. Then it finally broke through the skin on the other side.
knew John was enjoying her pain when instead of pulling it back out, he
it all the way through her bleeding nipple letting her feel all eight
inches of
steel pass through her. Once the needle passed all the way through, the
closed up leaving a pool of blood trickling down her breast. Then John
took the ring and forced it into and through the tiny puncture hole in
pierced nipple. Again Barbara wailed in pain shaking violently on the
bed as
John finished his decorating of her tit with the gold ring.

Barbara's screaming stopped for the moment, but her breathing was deep
uncontrolled, quite normal for someone feeling like her tit had just
ripped off. She opened her eyes to see John dabbing her breast with a
sopping up the blood. Her nipple was red and swollen, covered in blood.
could see the gold ring attached to her breast, pierced through her
nipple. She
saw Kelly between her legs and felt her fist stuffed up inside her cunt.
the whole ordeal Barbara never even realized that the teenage girl had
her, fisted her fuckhole. She also noticed John's cock was rock hard.
"Oh God,"
she thought, "this guy is getting off on giving his victim pain.

"Ready for the next one, he asked?"

"You know, you scream an awful lot for whore." "I thought you could take
little pain."

"A little pain," Barbara thought, "who's he kidding."

"Well I don't want anymore screams and I'll help you with that." Before
even realized what was happening, John repositioned himself in the other

direction squatting over her face. Then down he went stuffing his hard
into Barbara's mouth. He lowered himself all the way down making Barbara

swallow his hard meat. He just sat there on her face with his cock
impaled down
her throat. He looked up at Kelly. "Shove your other hand up the whore's
"Make her cum." Kelly was afraid not to do as he ordered. The last thing
wanted was to have the same thing done to her.

Carefully, Kelly stuck a finger in Barbara's asshole, then another and
Then she pushed hard, hoping she wasn't hurting Barbara, until her whole
hand passed through Barbara's anal hole. Barbara squirmed on the bed.
didn't know if she was causing her discomfort or if it was John's cock
Barbara's throat or even the brutality John caused to her nipple. Kelly
was in
an awkward position now with both her hands inside Barbara's cunt and
But her head was right between Barbara's legs for a perfect view of John
his cock totally down Barbara's throat and ready to proceed with the
nipple ring. Kelly leaned down to lick at Barbara's clit hoping to
arouse her
and take her mind off the pain. Kelly licked hard while twisting her
inside Barbara's cunt. Barbara started to respond moving her bound body
enjoyment of the feeling Kelly was giving her. Kelly played inside
ass too, wiggling her fingers allowing Barbara to feel the probing of
the wa
lls inside her ass. Then she did more fist fucking in her cunt and
harder clit
licking. Barbara was nearing an orgasm despite the pain in her breast.

John quickly withdrew his cock from Barbara's throat giving her a chance
breathe, then plunged his cock back down burying it again deep in her
Barbara orgasmed, tightening her body, clutching Kelly's fists inside
her with
her cunt and asshole. It felt so good, her body enjoyed the waves and
waves of
orgasmic energy rippling through her. The pain was all gone now, it pure


In her mind she thought, "Oh God, yes." "that's sooo... good."

Kelly fucked her fist a couple times in and out of Barbara's slit making
delirious with the pleasurable feeling. John pulled from Barbara's
throat again
to let her breathe. Barbara barely could get the words out as her orgasm
through her body. But in a half panting and half moaning voice she
managed to
beg her request.



Barbara drifted off again into her continuing orgasm, and Tyronne
untied her legs and crawled between Barbara's legs. Kelly pulled her
fist from
Barbara's ass letting Tyronne push her legs up high. Tyronne plowed
right into
Barbara's ass stuffing his tremendous tool all the way inside Barbara's
in one motion. She whimpered and moaned her enjoyment even though
jammed her hole so hard. But that's exactly what she wanted. She wanted
his big
Black cock in her ass. She wanted his fat piece of hot cockmeat to
assfuck her
hard, and make her cum again and again. Then he started pumping her ass
like a
jackhammer, reaming Barbara's anal fuckhole. Kelly could feel his
massive Black
cock through Barbara's soft tissue separating her ass and cunt,
pistoning in
and out. She almost felt like she could grab hold of the monster piece
fuckmeat as it kept passing by her hand on it's way deep into Barbara's
She couldn't believe how Barbara could enjoy such a brutal ass fuck with
such a
big cock, and while a fist was up her cunthole.

Barbara's assfuck continued, John sunk his cock back down her throat and
continued to play in her cunt. John grabbed the needle, took Barbara's
breast, pulled the nipple tight and proceeded to puncture Barbara's
tender piece of flesh. He pushed and twisted working the needle slowly
again as
the blood trickled from her nipple. Barbara's pleasurable orgasm
merged with pain, but her body craved the conclusion of her orgasm.
and pain rippled back and forth through her, as Kelly licked Barbara's
throbbing clit and Tyronne fucked her ass and John throat fucked her
while he
continued torturing her nipple. He was deliberately taking his time on
this one
making sure Barbara endued as much pain as he could possibly inflict. He
wiggled the needle back and forth digging his way through Barbara's
nipple flesh. It seemed crazy, but the pain and torture actually
heightened the
deep rooted orgasmic feeling. Her orgasm was building, growing strong
er. As
John dug into the meat of her nipple and Kelly fisted her cunt hard and
her clit, Barbara's orgasm reached a new height. John applied more
forcing the needle a little further through her delicate flesh. The
jolt of pain set off explosions within Barbara's body causing bursts of
pleasure and pain as her whole body shook and convulsed into another
intense orgasm. She bounced on the bed against her bonds for what seem
minutes, enjoying the most amazing orgasm ever. Deep grunts came out of
Barbara, muffled by John's cock, expressing the overwhelming lust that
being flushed from her body. Barbara wildly tried to free her hands.
Kelly now
was fucking her dripping cunt rapidly with her fist. John was digging in
nipple with the needle, not trying to push it through, just deliberately

gouging, jabbing, picking at her tender flesh, inflicting pain. Tyronne
through her asshole harder and harder implanting his meat far up inside
body . And Barbara orgasmed over and over and over, cumming endlessly,
her body
feeling like it would explode from the sheer pleasure.

The wonderful feeling seemed to last forever. The incredible orgasm
through Barbara even with the growing waves of pain as John continued
nipple mutilation. Barbara's moans and screams continued, only muffled
John's cock lodged in her throat. You couldn't tell if it was screams of
or moans of passion trying to escape from deep within her. At one point
stopped with the needle lodged in her nipple, tipped his head back to
"oh God that feels good, Oh God yes, yes... yes......" Barbara's moans
deep within her were vibrating on his hard cock buried deep in her
throat. He
was going to cum. For about fifteen seconds Barbara's moaning stopped.
She was
contending with an ocean of sperm flooding her throat. She had to let
finish emptying his balls out first, even though the orgasm continued
and the
pain still lingered with the needle stuck in her tit. Once she felt the
stop spurting from his cock, the pain intensified again, he was pushing
on the
need le once more and finally broke through.

Barbara was nearly out of air. All the pain, struggling, and orgasmic
she released, required more oxygen and she needed it soon. And her
orgasm was
coming to and end. John once again pushed the needle all the way through
nipple, and the pain just repeated through her body. He put in the ring
then got up pulling his cock out of her face. Barbara gasped for a
sucking in air as soon as his cock dislodged from her windpipe. She
coughed up
some of his sperm, choking on it, then looked down at her breasts now
with two
big gold rings hanging from them. There were still drops of blood oozing
from around the rings where they punctured her nipples.

"What do you think of my whore now, he asked Tyronne?"

"I think the cunt's hurtin' a bit." Barbara had tears running down her
half from the pain and half from cumming so violently. "But, you know
what I'd
like?" Tyronne added. "I'd like the bitch to lick my ass." "You know, a

"Go right ahead," John replied.

Tyronne pulled from her ass, climbed over Barbara's face and lowered his
ass onto her mouth. "Okay, you fuckin' whore, let's feel that hot
Tyronne grabbed one of the rings giving a tug on it pulling Barbara's
and sending a shock wave of pain through her breast. Barbara whimpered
immediately buried her tongue between Tyronne's asscheeks probing right
his anus. She licked his crack and anal hole hard, probing at his
making sure he derived as much pleasure as possible to keep him from
the nipple rings again. She kept licking his sweaty Black ass hole and
through his crack. Tyronne reached to spread his butt cheeks apart so
had better access to his anus. And she obliged him by giving Tyronne's
a first class rimming. She licked every inch of his Black puckered anal
and even stuffed her tongue inside when he sat harder on her face. Even
Tyronne's best sluts didn't give an anal cleaning like he was getting
Barbara. Then he finally got off dismounting her face. "Damn, what a hot

"Kelly are you learning how to be a good whore for me," he asked? "Here,
my cock up." Tyronne had just fucked Barbara deep in the ass for quite
time. It still glistened with a slimy coating from inside Barbara's
rectum. Now
he wanted his young teen slut to eat it off. Reluctantly, Kelly took the
in her mouth. It was so nasty doing this. Only moments earlier this hot
cock was inside Barbara's ass. Now Kelly was getting a taste of it. She
it deeper and deeper. She licked every inch of his cock down to his
cleaning his Black shaft of all the smelly scum.

Tyronne stood up and remained standing over Barbara's body and watching
with her fist still inside her. Then Tyronne did the unthinkable. He
urinating on Barbara aiming at her breasts. The hot piss struck her open

puncture wounds on her nipples and sent Barbara into a wild frenzy. The
hot piss burned through her tits nearly making Barbara pass out. Then
brought the urine stream up higher pissing into Kelly's face. "Open your
you filthy slut," he yelled at Kelly. Kelly instantly obeyed scared to
death of
Tyronne, yet afraid of taking the disgusting hot pee in her mouth. But
she did.
Tyronne pissed in her mouth filling it before he finished. Kelly
couldn't move
with her arms impaled up Barbara's holes, so she remain half lying there

between Barbara's legs with her mouth full of Tyronne's hot piss.

Tyronne squatted down to her level, "swallow you whore," he demanded.
started from Kelly's eyes. Tyronne grabbed hold of Barbara's nipple
tugging on them. Barbara jumped uncontrollably. Her breasts hurt from
penetrated and even more from the salty urine. Tyronne's pulling on them
worsened the pain. "Listen you filthy little slut," he swore at Kelly,
it or I'll rip her tits right off." Tyronne tugged on the rings again
Barbara twitch in pain. Kelly had no choice. She couldn't let Tyronne
Barbara's beautiful breasts. Kelly closed her mouth,........"gulp!!!"
heard the sound of his piss gushing down his teen slut's throat. He
stood back
up holding his cock to Kelly's face wiping it across her lips. He milked
cock extracting the last few drops of urine and made Kelly lick them off
they formed on the end of his cock.

"That' my girl." "You're really gettin' the hang of it now, honey."
relished in the fact that Kelly was so obedient to do his bidding

Once Tyronne finished his humiliation of Kelly and turning her into his
obedient piss drinking slave, he let Kelly remove her hand from
Barbara's cunt.
Barbara lay there totally drained, her body aching with pain. For the
of the night John and Tyronne turned their attentions to Kelly to
finalize her
transformation from a sixteen year sweetheart to a sixteen year old
whore. Through the course of the night she got fucked three more times
including another time in her ass by Tyronne. Each time they finished,
had to squat over Barbara's face so Barbara could suck out the sperm
from her
holes. And just insure Barbara got it all, they both yanked and played
with the
nipple rings making Barbara bounce on the bed in pain as she sucked on
cunt and asshole removing the jizz pumped into the young teenager.

Then to finish the night, John wanted a turn pissing into Kelly's mouth.
knew Kelly wouldn't like that idea, so Tyronne stood directly over her
her head while John inserted his cock into her mouth. Kelly nearly got
from the last mouthful a few hours ago. Now John was about to empty his
bladder in her mouth expecting her to swallow it all. At first Kelly
John just wanted a blow job, but when he stood there relaxed with his
semi hard
cock resting on her tongue, she knew what he was up to. She couldn't
back off,
Tyronne held her head firmly. Then she felt the warm yellow fluid gush
John's cock hitting her tongue. Her mouth filled up in a matter of
Kelly let it dribble out around his cock which got Tyronne mad. "Drink
you son
of a bitch." Tyronne pushed Kelly's head hard into John's groin. The
caught her by surprise making her swallow and now John's cock was pushed
the back of her mouth. His piss was gushing into her throat and there
nothing she could do to stop it. She had no choice but drink it down or
in his urine. Kelly's stomach was already turning, she was going to get
from it. John's hot piss seemed to stream endlessly from his cock as
swallowed six maybe seven times taking his hot fluid into her belly.

When John finally finished relieving himself he pulled from Kelly's
mouth and
began jerking himself off while he watched the teenage girl get that
sick look on her face. Defiling her sweet young mouth this way really
got John
horny again.

"What's the matter honey, bad taste in your mouth?" John chuckled.

"You'd better get use to it."

"You've got such a nice sweet mouth, it's just made for cock." "And
gonna be drinkin' allot of piss and cum working for Tyronne."

John's cock was growing again as he stroked it in front of Kelly's
pretty face.

"Let me give you some of my sweet cream. That should help you out."
thought he was going to jerk off in her face and make her eat his load.
John had other plans.

"I'll bet your throat is even tighter than your ass." "Let's give it a

He stuck his erect hard tool back into Kelly's mouth. The fright of
John's cock swept through Kelly and mixed with the sick feeling in her
Kelly wasn't in the mood for anything right now. Her gut was churning
with the
hot acidity piss she just swallowed. But John was insistent to have his
with her. John grabbed her head and began pulling her towards his groin.
He was
going to force his cock down her throat. Kelly never did any deep
before. Now she was going to learn the hard way, by force. John's cock
hit her
throat entrance and he squeezed it down. Her first instinct was to gag,
and she
did. But his cock was already going down her tight throat passage. Had
it not
been for his hard meat pushing down her, Kelly surely would have thrown
everything. However, her gagging reflex in her throat merely tightened
John's cock giving him a rather enjoyable sensation while Kelly knelt
there in
total discomfort, gagging from the inpaling of her throat. John man aged
stuff himself all the way down into Kelly. Then while holding her head
he fucked her mouth up and down trying to make himself cum one more
time. Kelly
gave up the fight, her desire to gag was gone despite the sick feeling
in her
stomach, it was useless. She became almost like a rag doll in his hands
becoming nearly limp, accepting his cock down her throat over and over.
became his willing slut, his willing piss drinking, cum eating whore.

John went wild with Kelly's throat fucking, ramming his cock in and out
of her
young teen throat.

"C'mon cunt, suck my cum out."

"Oh, yes, yes.... eat it!!! it!! it cunt!!..."

His pistoning in and out continued faster and faster.

"C'mon you fuckin' little whore, take it deeper,... deeper."

"Swallow it bitch,.... swallow it."

Only gurgling came from Kelly's mouth as John's cock entered and
re-entered her
throat. She only had a split second to get a breath each time before
cock lodged itself all the down her again and again.

"Take it cunt,"........"Take it."........"Take it...."

"Ahhhhhhhhh!!! suck the cum out of me, you fuckin' whore."

"That's it...that's it....I'm gonna cum right down your piss drinkin'
you fuckin little slut."...

"Whore"......."Fuckin Whore..." "You nasty filthy fuckin' whore."

John screamed obscenities at Kelly while he violently raped her tight
Then John achieved his climax. He rammed deep down into Kelly letting go
thick hot stream of sperm into her young virgin throat. There was no
need for
her to swallow, his cock was buried, jammed as deep as it could go.
Kelly felt
his cock pulsating deep within her, throbbing in her throat, pumping
thick jizz
into her piss filled belly. She couldn't take much more. Surely she
would lose
consciousness soon. Then he pulled out letting Kelly go. She just leaned
clutching her stomach and prayed she would either pass out or throw up.
Meanwhile John and Tyronne laughed at her. "That young bitch has got
some tight
throat, Tyronne." John remarked. Then she laid down falling asleep
with her belly full of piss and cum.

Finally morning arrived. John climbed onto the bed with Barbara to
remove the
nipple rings. Carefully he removed them, poured some antiseptic over her
and gave them each a little kiss. "You were worth every penny," John
as he handed Barbara her payment for using her body. Tyronne and Kelly
already gone. Barbara dressed and off she went towards home too. Amazing
as it
seemed, Barbara realized she had only cum once through everything that
happened. Her body hurt, still in pain, yet she still had the urge,
wanting to
orgasm again. She wanted another one like last night. As she walked to
her car
the feeling intensified. She wondered why she felt this way even with
the pain
and torture she endured. When she got home, she thought, she would take
a nice
hot shower and masturbate to orgasm.

As she approached her car, she heard her name called. Barbara looked
back, it
was Kelly. When she caught up to Barbara she explained how she left
She wasn't quite ready to work for him. At the moment Kelly had no place
stay. Barbara offered to let her come stay are her place and she
Barbara and Kelly lived together for nearly two weeks. During that time
told Kelly about her many sexual encounters and how she slowly developed

herself into the slut she was. Barbara didn't really see herself that
way, as a
slut, but rather that she just enjoyed a sexually uninhibited lifestyle.
being a sixteen year old beautiful blonde, was fascinated by Barbara's
The more she heard, the more she wanted to become like Barbara and do
some of
the same things.

Kelly explained to Barbara that she didn't have much experience
sexually. Her
only boyfriend had moved away a month ago from her hometown and coupled
the problems she was having with her parents, it prompted her to run
Kelly was such a pretty young girl, she could have had any boy in school
wanted. She had such a cute attractive face, sandy blonde hair to her
and such perfectly formed, petite pert breasts. Kelly was only five
feet, one
inch tall with a small framed body. But the way that body was shaped was
incredible sight. She had such a tiny cute ass, a slim waist and
shaped legs. One look at Kelly and you knew that getting in bed with her
result in nothing but the time of your life and for sure an incredible
Now, Kelly wanted to learn from Barbara how to use her body for her own
enjoyment as well. And Barbara was the right one to teach her.

Kelly and Barbara spent most of the two weeks learning about each others

bodies, especially Kelly. Kelly seemed to enjoy Barbara's 38" breasts
tremendously. She loved sucking on them and burying her face between
them. And
she loved sitting on Barbara's beautiful blonde haired face, getting her
eaten while she would fist Barbara's cunt with her tiny hand. They wound
being lesbian lovers all day and at night became man-crazy whores,
looking to
get a goodnight or an all night fuck.

Last evening, Barbara was offered a job for both her and Kelly at a
party for twenty men. It had been awhile since Barbara participated in
an all
night orgy, so this sounded like a lot of fun. She planned on giving
these guys
a time they would never forget. Also, it would be Kelly's true test of
how much
she learned from Barbara. And how much of a whore she really wanted to
Kelly had come a long way over the past two weeks, but could she handle
a crowd
of men. Fucking one man was no problem, she even had two men for a whole
a few days ago. But twenty horny guys all night long, looking for
nothing but
how many times they could do it. It truly would be a test for Kelly to
see if
her young teenage body could keep pace with Barbara's and all her wild

The night of the bachelor, both Barbara and Kelly made sure they dressed
special. They wanted to be sure to arouse all of the men as soon as they

arrived at the party. Each had tight short skirts to show off their legs
slim waists. Also, skintight pullover tops with no bras, so their
nipples would
poke through the material. Of course, they had a lot of makeup on to
make them
look like high class sluts begging for a fuck. Once they were ready, off

Barbara and Kelly arrived at the bachelor party around eight o'clock.
was there waiting for them. There were twenty men ready for a good time
tonight. They had heard about Barbara and how good she was in bed. They
heard she would do anything. As the night would progress, they would
find out
first hand. Kelly was coming along pretty good too. Over the past couple
Barbara managed to corrupt nearly all of her. The only thing Kelly still
had a
tough time with, was having someone urinate in her mouth. She still
how brutally she was treated last month and how she was forced to
swallow the
hot disgusting urine, as her mouth was pissed in. Everyday Barbara
her to new things and new experiences. Even tonight was something new
Kelly. There were twenty men at tonight's party, which was more than she
had before at one time. When they arrived there, already the men were
pretty heavily and for sure once they were drunked up, they all would b
looking to fuck all night long.

Barbara and Kelly wasted no time. They went to the center of the room
playfully stripped each other. Once they were both naked, they kissed
fingered each other caressing each others breasts and legs working
towards the
growing wetness between their legs. Two of the guys decided to join in
away. They stripped down too and joined Barbara and Kelly who now were
on the
floor, Kelly laying down with Barbara eating on her slit. One of the
straddled Kelly's head wiping his cock across her face until she took
him in
her mouth. The other guy went for Barbara, first giving her a taste of
cock, then moving around behind her to insert his tool in Barbara's wet
The night's action was in progress.

Barbara's hole got pounded for a good ten minutes while the others
Once his cock was ready to start throbbing, he withdrew and Barbara
around taking him in her mouth to receive and swallow her first load of
night. At about the same time Kelly got creamed too. She got some
heavy spurts of hot cum poured on her face and in her mouth. She licked
swallowed it, getting to taste most of the jizz he unloaded.

After they finished, Barbara and Kelly split up. The next man up wanted
tight little ass. This guy, John, seemed real anxious to squeeze his
incher up Kelly's cute, tiny puckered asshole. Kelly could overhear a
lot of
the conversations on how they couldn't wait get a crack at the little
ass. She knew her backdoor was going to get a good workout tonight.

John lead Kelly over to the sofa. She stood in front of him as he
caressed and
pawed at her 5'1" 100 pound body. Kelly's small petite figure just made
him and
the rest of guys that much more horny thinking about fucking her tiny
John spent a lot of time playing with Kelly's cute breasts. Just looking
them was a real turn on making John's cock hard as a rock. Kelly's young
breasts, although not large, were just perfect for her small framed
body. As
John caressed and touched them, her nipples responded becoming
incredibly large
and puffy. Kelly's adolescent breasts and nipples were still in the
process of
developing. But she knew she liked they way John was fondling them,
making her
young delicate flesh tingle.

His caresses made her nipples protrude out more from her breasts making
feel like they were growing larger and larger. John then delicately
kissed and
sucked on her dark red 16 year old tits. The young tender flesh puffed
out even
more from her breasts and he remarked on how soft they felt on his
tongue. As
John licked and mouthed the nipple meat, her dark puffy tits really did
larger, actually bulging into his mouth. It was so incredibly arousing
and feeling her body respond to his advances. He aroused Kelly too,
tremendously, as he sucked on them, almost making it feel as though he
suck off her tender sensitive nipple meat from the rest of her breast.
closed her eyes enjoying his mouth, his tongue, his teeth scraping
across her
breasts alternating between the two. He took her whole tit in his mouth,

sucking on her nipples, pulling them into his mouth and tonguing her
bulging tit flesh. Occasionally, John would stop to admire her young
dark fle
sh, then grab her bulging nipple between his thumb and finger pinching
squeezing the thick soft tit meat, sending a little wave of pain through

Kelly's small pert breasts. That only made Kelly moan louder. John
squeezed and
pinched harder as Kelly became more aroused. He yanked and pulled on her
to the point of mauling her sweet beautiful breasts. Her body felt so
alive and
so aroused. Kelly got the point where she couldn't take it any longer
begged for him to fuck her.

"You gotta fuck me...." "Now!!!!!!" "Please!!!"

"C'mon, fuck me in the ass."

"That's what you wanted, right?"

"Stick that cock up my asshole."

Kelly just knelt down thrusting her tiny ass in the air and to let John
right in. Immediately, he poked his cock around her anal pucker and
pushed it
right in. His cock hurt penetrating her asshole, as he slammed in
without any
lubrication. He dry fucked Kelly's bunghole for five minutes while he
her petite body wrapping his arms around her, squeezing those fantastic
nipples. Even though pain rippled through her anus from being fucked
dry, it
felt good. And her nipples hurt from his pinching, harder and harder,
but it
felt good too. Her whole body felt good, she was getting fucked,
assfucked, and
fucked hard. Finally he was ready to shoot his load, and he did. It
burst in
torrents into her rectum, shooting most of his sperm in her ass and
some down her asscrack as he withdrew. His big load of jizz was going to
it easier for the rest to fuck her backdoor hole. And a few others were
waiting for their turn to fuck the teenager's tight little assh ole.

Meanwhile Barbara had her own following. There was a line in front of
her as
she kneeled on the floor, each of them waiting for a blowjob. She sucked
cocks one at a time, deep throating them, letting each one feel the
deep down her throat. She teased them, at first, slowly swallowing their
cockmeat an inch at a time until her lips pressed against their groins.
she fucked her mouth on their cocks taking their meat in and out of her
so they could feel their cocks squeezing down and then out and back down
sweet throat. She loved hearing their different comments each time their
disappeared through her lips.

"God, what a tight throat."

"What a hungry fuckin' bitch."

"She's a great cocksucker."

"Take it deep, honey." "Yess.. God, yess....swallow it."

Then, when she knew they were ready, she let them blow their loads in
her mouth
and all over her face. She swallowed every drop from each man, cleaning
face up in between so as not to waste any of their precious sperm. Then
thanked them for their delicious hot cum and sucked them one last time
moving on to the next.

There was only one Black man in the whole crowd. When he approached
Barbara he
was somewhat hesitant, fully expecting Barbara to shy away from sucking
Black cock. But Barbara looked up at him saying, "Black
"I can't wait to taste your cum." Then she sucked him right in while he
got the
biggest smile on his face. A few minutes later, Barbara paused to give
him an
extra special treat. She lifted his cock and began licking his Black
balls. She
licked them fully, underneath his scrotum soaking his balls in her
saliva. Then
gently she sucked his sack into her mouth getting a good taste of his
Black balls. Then before resuming his blowjob, she licked his crotch,
her tongue between his legs all the way in his groin. She licked under
his nut
sack too, tonguing his sensitive skin leading back to his Black asshole.
nearly shot his load feeling her tongue back there. But then his cock
wound up
back in Barbara's mouth and seconds later he gave her a mout hful of his

Barbara looked over toward Kelly seeing her still on hands and knees.
Over an
hour had passed and the young teenager still had a cock in her ass.
There were
still three more guys waiting their turn to fuck Kelly's asshole. Kelly
just whimpering as they pounded away in her ass. Barbara watched the man
from Kelly and dump his load on her face. Kelly was doing a good job and

enjoying herself. She swallowed most all of their loads when they came
on her
face. And she wasn't shy about cleaning up their cocks after they'd been
in her
ass either. Kelly had learned to like the taste of her own ass. She
liked the
musty anal taste on the men's cocks. As she cleaned this one up, another
his place inserting his cock in Kelly's rectum. Her asshole barely had a
to close up. It just gaped wide open waiting for the next hard piece of
cockmeat to fill it.

Barbara was just finishing with the sixth or maybe seventh cock, she had

already lost count. Already she was at the point of being so turned on,
horny, she would do anything. Her face was loaded with sticky, half
dried cum
and some of the last load was dripping down her chin. She sat there
relaxing in
the middle of the floor with her held tilted back, mouth wide open,
waiting for
the next cock to fill her throat. Moments later, the next man named Bill

positioned himself standing over Barbara.

"Here goes honey." "All the way down."

He lowered himself down bringing his cock to Barbara's face. He was the
one yet. His cock was easily twelve inches. She licked at his cock, then
and tasted his balls. Then he slipped his cock in her waiting mouth and
himself all the way down Barbara's throat in one motion. It didn't phase

Barbara in the least. She swallowed his twelve inch tool without any
at all. Up and down he throat-fucked Barbara, pistoning in and out of
her tight
gullet, fucking her beautiful face. She sat there taking it over and
faster and faster, letting Bill's big hard cock ram down her. She loved
the way
it felt squeezing down, forcing her throat open to take in the stiff
And how turned on it made Barbara feel, as it traveled deep down inside
throat, gripping his hard cock so tightly that it grew hotter and harder
her mouth preparing itself to fill her up with sperm.

"You got a nice throat honey." "I sure love fucking it."

"You're first one to handle all of me."

Barbara felt his cock getting stiffer and stiffer. It began to feel
almost like
a steel rod stabbing in and out of her. And she was getting so horny
from the
cock swallowing, she knew she had to make herself cum. She just couldn't
it any more. While Bill kept fucking her throat, Barbara began furiously

fingering herself, jamming two then three fingers up her cunt. Within
she was ready to orgasm. She began tightening her throat around Bill's
The added friction squeezing down her throat made Bill go wild. He was
ready to
cum too, and Barbara knew it. Then Barbara's orgasm burst through her
body. She
locked her mouth around Bill's big cock squeezing his hard shaft with
throat. Bill actually had to squat on her face with his cock and force
remainder of his long shaft down, impaling himself in her throat. Then
he came.
His cock throbbed like he never felt before, blasting wads of cum deep

"Ahhhhhhh!!!!! Fuck!!!!!"

"Start swallowing, bitch."

Barbara's throat merely twitched as her own orgasm shook through her and
cum poured into her throat. She swallowed his load trying to gulp it
with her
throat muscles, helping milk the cum from his throbbing twelve inch
cock. When
he was drained, he slowly extracted his tool. It glistened from the cum
saliva that coated Barbara's tight throat. She felt so good as remnants
of her
own orgasm still lingered in her body. Barbara grabbed the shiny
gleaming cock
and licked it like a lollipop to clean up all of his fresh jizz. She
jerked it
with two hands squeezing out another small cum glob which formed on the
Then she sucked his cockhead cleaning up that last bit of his sperm.
Bill just
shuddered as he stood there watching Barbara suck him dry.

"That was the best fucking blowjob I've ever had." Bill commented as he
away from Barbara. "You sure can take it deep, honey."
Bill and Barbara stood there staring at each other. Bill was totally
from the fantastic blowjob. All he could do was gaze into Barbara's
eyes in amazement that this gorgeous creature of a woman had such a
mouth. Barbara too was somewhat drained after swallowing Bill's long
cock. She
always did enjoy a big cock down her throat. She knew guys with big
didn't often meet someone that could deep throat them. And that thought
Barbara that much more.

Bill started walking away announcing that he had to go to the bathroom.
All the
beer obviously was getting to him and to everyone else. As he moved away

Barbara asked, "wouldn't you rather piss in my mouth?" He stopped dead
in his
tracks looking back at Barbara. "Are you serious?" He asked. "Of course
I am."
Barbara replied. "Give me some in a glass." "I'll drink it."

"I don't believe this," he commented grabbing a glass off the table.
"Are you
really going to drink my piss?" He aimed his cock in the glass pausing
for a
moment all excited at the prospect of seeing this gorgeous blonde do an
filthy act. He took a deep breath and let go a steady stream filling the
about three quarter full before cutting his flow off. Barbara reached
for the
glass of the warm yellow fluid. She looked right at him as she brought
glass to her lips.

"You're really gonna do it, aren't you?" Bill asked again in disbelief.
tipped the glass sipping a mouthful. Then she swallowed and licked her
"Ahhh!!! That's good," she commented.

"God damn, you're a nasty bitch." Bill replied. "you've done this before

haven't you?" Barbara just smiled while she took the glass and slowly
the glass drinking the rest. Bill stood there holding his cock watching
"What a fuckin' slut." "That's it, drink, you whore."

By the time Barbara finished the glass she had an audience watching her.
some more?" Bill asked. Barbara answered by setting the glass down and
her mouth. "Fuck!!", was the only thing Bill could say. Bill put his
cock aimed
right into her mouth and let go a little stream. It trickled into her
until her tongue was covered and Bill squeezed his cock stopping the
Barbara closed her lips, swallowed the hot piss and opened up for more.
"Ahhh..., that's good," Barbara reassured. Then again Bill aimed into
opened lips, releasing a piss stream that filled her mouth more quickly
Barbara swallowed that too. "Ahhh!!!, that's so good, give me more."
opened up once more and collected another mouthful of his hot yellow
"Gulp!!!" And that was gone too. Four more times Barbara took a mouthful
Bill's piss as he emptied his bladder a mouthful at a time. She drank
drop, flushing it down her throat into her already cum-filled stomach.

Then one of Bill's friends took his place. It looked like everyone had
to take
a piss and they were waiting to give it to Barbara. This time Barbara
took the cock in her mouth and mumbled, "okay, let it go." Seconds later

Barbara was gulping as fast as she could as this guy's cock flooded her
with his hot gushing piss. Barbara drank it down as it filled her mouth
drinking from a garden hose. Every so often the quantity was more than
could handle and it overflowed her mouth. The urine dribbled out down
her chin
onto her breasts and down her chest.

Then a third guy was up in front of Barbara and he began urinating into
Barbara's mouth. While his cock drained another was jerking off watching

Barbara. By the time she finished her third bladder of urine he was
ready to
cum. No sooner had Barbara swallowed the last mouthful of piss, she got
mouthful of his cum. And the load was tremendous, blasting in torrents
from his
cock. Barbara had cum plastered all over her face and dripping down her
in addition to a mouthful of the thick hot sperm.

Barbara's whorish activities took some of the attention away from Kelly.
was the longest stretch that Kelly's asshole was empty. There were just
many of the guys waiting for Barbara. One guy had to pee so bad, he ran
over to
Kelly, stood over her cute ass, that he fucked not more than ten minutes

earlier, and pissed right on her. "Spread that ass open," he barked out
Kelly as his piss hit her rear end. He was drunked up pretty good and
really getting nasty, yelling at Kelly. Kelly reached around spreading
cheeks apart. She had been fucked so many times in her ass it was easy
her loose asshole open. As she stretched her cheeks apart her anal hole
up forming a gaping cave. He aimed his piss stream right in her ass. His
was impeccable as it entered Kelly's anal hole splashing and gurgling
her, filling her rectum with hot pee. When he finished Kelly let her
hands go
and her filled up ass closed holding in the hot urine.

"How's that feel in there, bitch?"

"Ever have you ass pissed in?"

Kelly's bowels were full of his urine. It felt so warm inside her,
feeling pretty good.

"Looks like you like getting a piss enema, don't ya, little cunt."

Kelly didn't answer, in fact she didn't care that he pissed in her ass.
that's what turned him on then fine. As long as he didn't want to piss
in her
mouth. She just couldn't bring herself to do that again.

"I'll bet your slut girlfriend will drink it from your ass." "What'd you


Kelly knew Barbara enjoyed taking it in the mouth. And she actually
swallowing it. Barbara always did get off on doing things that her men
were nasty. But this, releasing an assfull of piss into Barbara. How
disgusting, Kelly thought.

"Let's go see your girlfriend," he demanded.

He led Kelly over to Barbara where she was just finishing another

"All right you filthy little whore," he commanded to Barbara. "Lie
down." "I
got a surprise for you." "I just pissed in your girlfriend's ass, let's
see you
drink that too."

Barbara eagerly laid down on her back and Kelly positioned herself
over Barbara's face. Barbara opened her mouth awaiting Kelly to release
stored up urine from her rectum. Kelly was shocked that Barbara so
obeyed. She surprisingly enough, wanted to do this. Kelly settled
herself over
Barbara's open mouth. In her squatting position, it looked like Kelly
was ready
to take a dump in Barbara's mouth. Then a couple little squirts came
out into Barbara's mouth. She swallowed it right down. A couple more
escaped and Barbara swallowed them too. Then she stretched her neck up
Kelly's tiny asshole trying to relax her so she could expel the rest of
hot fluid.

Suddenly, the piss started gushing out of Kelly's asshole. The urine
all over Barbara's face, most of it going into her open mouth. Barbara
quickly swallowing it all and then caught another mouthful. Her face was

drenched in the hot fluid, as Kelly was literally shitting the piss onto

Barbara's face and into her mouth. As the urine continued flooding
face, it gradually became more brownish in color. Occasionally, Kelly's
stretched open a bit and a few small brown clumps popped out of Kelly's
Some stuck on Barbara's face and few of them dropped into her mouth. To
everyone's disbelief, Barbara swallowed them down too along with the
piss sludge that was now coming out of Kelly's ass. Barbara took
until Kelly finished, eating it all. Then she licked her lips showing
the guys
that she liked the taste and enjoyed eating the scum and piss from
Kelly's ass.
Finally, the flow from Kelly's rectum stopped and Barbara again, leaned
up to
Kelly' s ass and thoroughly cleaned her puckered asshole licking up
every drop
of piss and all the dirty slime from her asscrack.

Then if Barbara's filthy perversion wasn't enough, she proceeded even
Barbara pushed Kelly off her face and made her kneel on hands and knees.

Barbara then quickly disconnected the clear plastic hose from the empty
keg of
beer and returned to Kelly. Barbara took one end of the plastic hose and

inserted it into Kelly's asshole. She forced the tip of it in, then
pushing it deeper and deeper and deeper. Barbara must have shoved about
a foot
of the plastic tube inside Kelly's ass and still she was trying to get
further up inside Kelly's rectum. Kelly was wiggling her butt as she
felt it
sliding deep inside her. It almost felt as though it were all the way up
her belly. Then Barbara stopped inserting it, placed the other end in
mouth, and began sucking on it. Barbara was going to get the last drops
of piss
out of Kelly. She was going to suck it out and clean Kelly's insides.

Barbara sucked hard and Kelly could feel the strange sensation of her
getting vacuumed out. A little fluid passed through the hose and quickly

entered Barbara's mouth. She stopped momentarily to swallow it. Then she
some more sucking and the hose filled with a thick tanish slime that
oozed through the tube and into Barbara's mouth. She swallowed, then she

sucked, then swallowed and sucked eating everything that was inside
Kelly. It
was hard to believe there was still that much of the piss mixture still
Kelly. But finally the tube emptied leaving Barbara sucking air and
Kelly go wild from the unusual internal suck job she was getting.
Barbara gave
Kelly's asshole one last lick, burying her face in Kelly's crack,
cleaning it
up one more time. Barbara sat back smacking her lips as Kelly turned
pulling the tube from her butt and watching Barbara finished her anal

"Now this is what you call a slut, guys." One of the guys remarked.
"She's a
real hot, piss drinking whore."

"She's the nastiest, filthiest cunt I've ever seen," said another.

Then Barbara commented, "I think I should clean up a bit, guys." "I must
look a

Barbara really was mess. Her face was covered in a brown sludge. It
really seem to bother her that much, though. She wasn't in much of a
hurry to
clean herself off. Actually, she continued licking her lips trying to
eat more
of the stuff off her face. When she opened her mouth everyone could see
tanish brown coating that was pasted on her tongue and all over the
inside of
her mouth.

"Why don't you guys wash me off."

Barbara held her head up high as she sat on the floor offering her
filthy body
to the room full of horny men. They got the idea real quick. Three guys
full bladders moved in place and began pissing onto Barbara. They aimed
at her
head first blasting their hot urine in Barbara's face. Quickly all the
washed from Barbara and ran down her lovely body. Then she caught some
piss in
her mouth, gargled with it, and gulped it down. Barbara was being more
just a piss drinking whore. She was the dirtiest, filthiest cunt any of
the men
had ever seen. They called her every name you could think of as they
all over her. The more they defiled her the more Barbara like it.

"You fuckin little whore."............... "Piss drinking bitch."........

"Little shit whore.".........................................

"Filthy cunt.".................................

Two men were pissing on her head soaking her beautiful blonde hair.
Another was
shooting his stream right in her face.

"Piss slut.".....................................

"Drink our piss, you cunt,..... you slut,........ fuckin' whore."

"Swallow it, you fucking whore, fucking whore.....FUCKIN' WHORE."

When they finished urinating, Barbara crawled to one of them and licked
cock clean. She sucked every drop from his cock. Then, to his surprise,
moved around behind him to lick his ass. She tongued into his asscrack
eventually forcing him down on the floor with her. Barbara buried her
face in
his ass licking him feverishly as she slipped deeper and deeper into her
of the nasty and dirty to satisfy her filthy lust. She was already
soaked in
piss, her hair was drenched and her belly was full. But still she wanted
her lust drove her crazy. And the guy Barbara was anally licking was
going wild
too. Barbara licked and sucked in his crack and on his asshole. Then she
his legs up and back down to his head exposing his wide open crack. She
his cheeks even wider as she licked him. He moaned in pleasure as
tongued his asshole.

"Oh yes, baby, lick my asshole."

"That's it deeper deeper." "Lick my ass."

He relaxed enjoying the anal tongue bath allowing his puckered anus to
open for Barbara.

"God, you're a nasty bitch."

"Yes, lick my asshole, honey." "Lick it." "Lick it, deeper."

"Get that tongue in there, you filthy whore."

"Lick it." "Deeper, deeper."

She dipped her tongued into his hole licking the dark pink flesh. It
wasn't a
playful tease at licking either. Barbara was dining on his asshole,
probing and
slurping on his bunghole. It was so nasty tasting his hidden anal flesh,
loved it. She licked and bathed his back hole tonguing deep inside and
at times to relish in the forbidden taste.

Barbara paused only momentarily to announce her intentions. "I'm gonna
stick my
tongue inside your ass and eat out the scum inside you." "Would you like

Barbara didn't need an answer. Her tongue disappeared through his soft
tissue penetrating his hole. Over and over she tongue fucked his
asshole. She
lapped hungrily with each probe inside his rectum on the soft anal flesh

licking up the slimy coating inside his ass.

"Ahhhhhh!!!!!...Fuckin' dirty cunt," he bellowed out.

"Nasty bitch." "Ahhhhhhh!!!!!....."

"Eat it." "Yes, that's it, eat it."

"Eat from my ass, slut." "Lick my asshole."

"You nasty fuckin' slut whore."

To the others it looked she was trying to suck the shit right out of
him. And
if she did, in her present state, she would have eaten that too. She
sucked on
him for nearly ten minutes, panting and slurping in his rectum. Then she
him over. Barbara immediately went down on his hard cock, deep throating
That exposed her beautiful ass to the rest of the guys. The men watching
so horny from seeing Barbara's anal licking, it was a race to see whose
cock was getting into her ass. The lucky guy getting there first sunk
his nine
inch prick right in her asshole. The other four watching had to be
jerking off as they watched Barbara deep throating one cock as the other

drilled up her ass. Both cocks were kept fucking her simultaneously
until the
one in her ass neared his orgasm. Then he went wild buttfucking Barbara
violently. She swallowed the cock in her mouth holding it down her
throat while
she waited for the other to shoot his load in her ass. But then the cock
in her
throat swelled and in a matter seconds flooded her with his load of jizz
into her belly. And then, at the same time her ass got filled with hot

When they finally finished with her the four jerking off were ready to
When Barbara saw them she immediately invited them to her face. "Cum on
face, guys." "All of you." "Shoot it all over me." And they did. First
one shot
his jizz all over her face, across her nose and in her eyes. Then two at
same time, one with several hard blasts of heavy sperm plastering her
face and the other shot a couple big globs on her cheek that began to
drip down
the side of her face. Then the fourth one came, Barbara already had a
she was covered in cum. But he deposited more, cumming on her forehead,
and spread some across her lips. You could barely see Barbara's face
from all
the sperm. But she methodically licked her lips and slowly began
scraping the
white cream from her face and eating it off her fingers until she was
cleaned up.

Everyone was so busy either watching, fucking or pissing on Barbara,
forgot about Kelly. Now that Barbara finished her anal tonguing show,
had her
piss bath and a cum facial, Barbara and the rest glanced over toward
sitting on the floor leaning against the sofa.

"Get a look at the teen whore, guys. She's fisting herself."

Kelly had her own fist buried up her own cunt. Her whole entire hand was
completely inserted inside her own tiny cunthole. She was in a delirium
as she
fisted herself too. She was almost near an orgasm as she kept jamming
her hole
with her fist, her eyes half closed and unaware that all attention was
now on
her. Kelly fucked herself harder and faster and faster, fisting her
cunt, while
a fellow named George moved over to her jerking his cock. When George
over her, Kelly looked up but kept right on working her cunt.

"That's it honey," he urged her on. "Jam it up there." "Ram that fist up
young cunt."

With his encouragement, she orgasmed, tightening her body and moaning
out loud
as she convulsed in pleasure. "Ohhhh!!!!!"....."Ohhhhh!!!!
"George was ready now too, seeing Kelly enjoying herself so much and
her small fist disappear through her moist slit. He let go a blast of
sperm in
Kelly's face. Kelly loved it, feeling the sticky load all over her as
slowly removed her fist from her cumming cunt. Then she reached for
spasming cock. He had already covered Kelly's face with his load. Kelly
used his shaft to smear the hot cum around her face and push some of it
her mouth. It felt so nice feeling his hot cum splattering her face,
down her cheeks, and seeping into her mouth as she came at the same
time. Her
orgasm subsiding, Kelly just leaned back and relaxed as George walked
away. She
made no attempt to clean up. She left her face covered in sperm,
playing with it, rubbing it into her soft skin.

Kelly rested a little while, which she needed after that last orgasm.
Her whole
body felt drained. Just a little rest and then she would be able to
Kelly laid down on the floor taking her well deserved rest. Barbara got
making a trip to the kitchen. When she return it was apparent she was
horny as hell and looking for more crude nasty things to do. Barbara
with a pint of chocolate milk and a small plastic funnel. She helped
Kelly back
up on her knees, even though she wasn't quite ready for more yet.
Barbara took
the funnel and inserted the end into Kelly's asshole. She inserted the
shaft portion in Kelly's ass, first slipping in the tip, then shoving
the rest
of the plastic funnel shaft deep up inside her rectum. Once fully
inserted with
the flared out portion of the funnel resting on Kelly's butt cheeks, she

started pouring the container of chocolate milk into the funnel. It
around slowly pouring into Kelly's rectum. Barbara had to shake and
wiggle the
funnel a bit in order to get all the milk inside her. Kelly knew what
was up to, and like before, she attracted everyone to watch. Kelly even
her cute butt around shaking the milk inside her. With her ass so high
up in
the air and moving around, she could feel the milk seeping deeper inside

Next, Barbara took the clear plastic tube she used earlier, and as
shoved that up Kelly's ass. Again she pushed it deep inside Kelly until
stopped deep up inside her rectum. Then using it as a straw, Barbara
drinking the chocolate milk from Kelly's ass. Everyone was crowding
closer to Kelly and Barbara to watch the ass sucking performance. The
tube turned brown from the chocolate milk as it flowed through into
mouth and down her throat. She kept sucking on the tube drinking all the
from Kelly's ass. At the third mouthful some darker brown chunks floated

through the tube flowing into Barbara's slut mouth and she swallowed it.
more and more of the darker particles started appearing in the clear
Apparently, all the fluid that had been in Kelly's ass tonight obviously
doing a good job loosening up Kelly's bowels and cleaning out her
rectum. But
Barbara had no problem eating the anal treats, as she referred to them.
couple time

s the tube clogged up making Barbara suck harder. But she managed to
suck the
thicker chocolate milk filled with anal chunks through the tube.

Barbara finally got to the end of her snack as her big straw emptied.
She gave
a couple more pushes on the tube, wiggling it around, and actually was
able to
shove it deeper inside Kelly. Kelly squirmed a little as it must have
further up her anal channel traveling deeper inside her body. Barbara
sucked a
couple more times again and got out a little more thick brown stuff.
was finished. When she backed away showing her mouth was full of a dark
paste. Then she let some dribble from her mouth for everyone to see. She
knew how to show off her slutty talents. Barbara was getting all the
aroused again watching her give Kelly her second anal cleaning of the
night and
eating it.

"She's got to be the filthiest whore alive," was the first comment.

"Damn right." another agreed. "She'll do anything." "What a fuckin'

The comments continued, and Barbara was loving it.

"You're such a slut whore, baby." "Nasty cunt."

"She makes me so horny, I want to piss on her again."

"Go ahead do it." Barbara replied. "Piss on me, then fuck me."

A few seconds later piss was splashing all over Barbara. The horny guy
Barbara with his full bladder washing off her face. Barbara grabbed a
quick mouthfuls to wash down the heavy paste in her mouth. And by the
time he
finished urinating on her, all evidence of her anal meal was gone. Her
hair, and chest were all wet glistening from her golden shower. But that
matter, she was ready to fuck now.

Barbara took the top position making one of the guys lay down while she
sat on
his stiff cock. The single Black man was back again. He was going to
Barbara's backdoor. He stood over Barbara's ass and guided his Black
meat in
Barbara's anal hole pushing all the way in. "Yes, that's it, two at
Barbara exclaimed. Both men fucked her hard, bucking wildly, driving
cocks over and over in both holes at the same time. Barbara screamed in
pleasure from the double penetration. She loved it in both holes at
once. Their
cocks felt so hard stabbing in and out of her body. She was going to cum
as she
always did when she got double teamed. A few moments later two cocks
spurting inside Barbara while she enjoyed a body wrenching orgasm making
shiver in delight as her body filled with more cum.

"I want more."

"I want everybody to fuck me."

"Fuck my cunt." "Fuck my asshole."

"Ram it in me hard."

Two more men took their turns fucking Barbara, one in her cunt and one
in her
asshole. And again she had two cocks at once pumping her, fucking her
filling her. It became a savage fucking of her body, both men brutally
her fuckholes until they came. Then two more men took their places and
animalistic fucking continued. Barbara screamed as they literally
her, not in pain, but in the ecstasy she felt from it. "Oh yes," "God
yes".....deeper in my asshole." "Fuck my ass deeper." For anybody else
would have been rape. But for Barbara, this was her pleasure, to be
nearly senseless. She demanded a brutal fucking, especially in her ass.
more cum filled her and two more cocks penetrated her.

It took nearly an hour for Barbara to get double fucked ten times. Her
felt like it was on fire and both her cunt and rectum were full of sperm

dripping with cum. During the session she came three times herself, each
more intense than the one before. When they finally finished her, it was

definitely time for a little rest. Barbara sat back stuffing her fingers
in her
cunt pulling out some of the cream and eating it. "God I love cum, it's
good." Then she returned in for more. "Mmmmmmmmm, so good." When she
all she could from her slit, then Barbara stuffed a couple fingers in
asshole doing the same, eating the cum deposited in body. "Tastes so
good." And
back in her ass again this time offering some to Kelly who licked it
from her
fingers. Finally it was her time for a little rest.

For a half hour they all merely chatted, mostly about Barbara and Kelly
and how
incredibly great they were. It was nearly 3 A.M. now, and everybody was

After about a half hour Barbara and Kelly both resumed work on their
hands and
knees slowly sucking a semi hard cock, trying to bring it back to life.
was just coming back in from outside after letting his dog out that had
been in
the kitchen all evening. When Bill's German Shepherd came in and saw two
up in the air, he couldn't help but to wander over and investigate.
approached Barbara's butt first sniffing her behind. Then he gave a few
on her ass. Barbara looked over her shoulder, wondering about the
strange new
feeling. It felt a lot different from all the men who had licked her
evening. Seeing Rusty there didn't phase at all. She just went back down
on the
cock she was servicing to finish the job.

Once she finished with Bill's friend, she turned her attentions to
Rusty. The
dog's cock was starting to protrude from it's sheath. It was a deep dark
and growing and growing longer and longer. That gave Barbara an idea to
wake up
this group of guys.

"Want to watch me suck the dog?" She asked the crowd.

The room was silent. No one said a word. Barbara didn't need them to
she was going to suck Rusty off. She knew it would make them go nuts
her suck on a dog cock. How much more filthy could she be for them?
reached underneath Rusty, touching his cock, feeling it grow in her
Finally it reached almost eight inches long. Everyone in the room
stopped what
they were doing to watch Barbara. Kelly stopped sucking too, to see
next nasty demonstration.

Barbara stroked Rusty's hard red cock in her hand. Then she laid down
on her back under the dog's hind legs until her mouth was inches from
dark veiny meat. Barbara took the tip to her lips and gingerly licked
the end
of the cock. Then a couple inches disappeared inside her mouth with her
wrapped around it. She jerked it a few times in and out of her mouth.
felt how slippery and slimy the dog cock was passing through her lips.
She took
a couple more inches in her mouth. Rusty didn't move. He let Barbara
suck him.
At the base of his shaft a large knot was beginning to grow larger and
Rusty was getting quite aroused as Barbara sucked on his meat.

Kelly decided since Barbara was getting all the attention now, that she
help her out. So, Kelly quickly went to find her purse and pulled out
favorite ten inch dildo. It was a huge rubber cock with a giant fat cock
on the end. Over the past few weeks, Barbara had learned to love the way
felt when Kelly would stuff it up her cunt. Once she would get it inside
slit, how wonderful it felt penetrating deep up her cunthole. Kelly
crawled up
between Barbara's spread open legs and as Barbara sucked the dog cock,
inserted the dildo up Barbara's cunt. She teased Barbara awhile, slowly
wiggling the fat rubber cockhead in, then pulling it out, reinserting
it, and
reinserting it again. The huge balled tip drove Barbara nuts as it
her slit open over and over. Then Kelly drove it deeper and deeper
Barbara hard with the rubber cock. Barbara was loving it too. The giant
traveled deeper inside Barbara as Kelly forced it all the way in until
she felt

it hit bottom in the deepest part of Barbara cunt. Kelly drove Barbara
when she kept jabbing it harder and harder against the back walls of her
The harder Kelly fucked her deep cunthole the harder Barbara sucked
growing animal meat hanging between his hind legs.

Now about six inches of dog cock was sliding in and out of Barbara's
mouth. She
backed off for a moment to get a few breaths and comment on her new

"I like dog cock, it tastes good."

"Can't wait to taste the dog cum."

Then she swallowed it back in her mouth, this time all eight inches up
to the
giant knob that had grown almost to the size of a tennis ball. Rusty's
cock was
down Barbara's throat and her lips were pressed against the dog's hard
knot in
his shaft. Again, Barbara pulled out and swallowed it back down her
throat. She
fucked her face with Rusty's cock over and over, swallowing the slimy
red shaft
countless times down her throat. Rusty was helping her too. He was
fucking with
his hind end helping impale Barbara's throat. Then Barbara held it in
down her
gullet by actually pulling on Rusty's hind end with her hands, holding
him in
place down her throat. By this time Kelly's dildo fucking was really
Barbara insane. It wouldn't be long before she came. She starting
working her
lips opening them wider trying to take more dog cock. But there was no
all of Rusty's cock was down her throat. She pulled harder on Rusty's
hind end.
Her lips began stretching up over the shaft's big bulgi

ng knot. Everyone was astonished watching what she was trying to do. Was

Barbara trying to swallow the whole big knot? Was Barbara so vile that
would swallow and engorge her throat entirely with a big hard dog cock.
she open her mouth and throat enough to take the whole thing in?

She pulled harder and her lips wrapped around more of the red knob
inching it's
way in her mouth. Kelly rammed the dildo up her hole. Barbara pulled on
again and a little more cock disappeared. Barbara felt the dildo again
ram up
her, hitting bottom deep inside her. Then, she made a quick pull on
hind end and she went over the half way mark, her lips slipping over the
half engulfing the whole knot. Rusty's cock had penetrated deeper down
Barbara's throat as the cum engorged knot filled Barbara's mouth. The
eight inches of dog cock were in Barbara's throat and her mouth was
full with the giant knot. It seemed like it would have been impossible
to do.
But she swallowed the whole thing. Everyone couldn't believe she did it.
still Kelly ram her hole determined to make Barbara cum while she had
the dog
cock in her mouth.

"This cunt's just too much."

"What a whore." "Sucking off a dog."

"And she likes it too."

Rusty was whimpering trying fuck for all he was worth, but his cock was
in Barbara's mouth. Rusty continued trying to fuck Barbara's mouth and
wining increased. Barbara knew he would cum soon and didn't want him to
it down her throat. She wanted to get a good taste of the dog's hot
Besides, she was ready to cum herself any second. She slowly backed off
knot allowing it to slip through her lips and then began sucking hard on

Rusty's cock. In a few moments she just held the stiff dog prick in
place with
the cockhead just inside her mouth. Rusty was cumming. Everyone knew it
Then Barbara came, her body twitching and convulsing on the floor with
keeping the dildo pushed deep inside Barbara and Rusty unloading his
sperm into her mouth. Barbara drained Rusty of every drop of his dog
without ever taking it from her mouth. She felt the thick strands of cum

hitting her tongue and splashing off the roof of her mouth. The bottom
of her
mouth was

filling up with Rusty's hot cream forming a heavy, thick, slimy pool of
cum covering her tongue.

Then, once the dog finished, she pulled Rusty's cock out, sucking off
the red
shiny meat and held her head back. Her own orgasm was dying down and
pulled the dildo out. But the tremendous feeling lingered on. Barbara
her mouth wide showing everyone in the room her full mouth of the fresh
hot dog
sperm. When most of the guys got a look, she closed her mouth, looked
over to
Kelly, then crawled over to her. Then before Kelly knew what Barbara was
up to,
Barbara planted a kiss on Kelly's lips giving her a giant opened mouth
It caught Kelly by surprise as Barbara transferred some of Rusty's hot
cream into Kelly's mouth. Barbara wanted Kelly to share in the taste of
it too.
Once Kelly got a taste of it, she joined in willingly, sharing the
creamy load.
The slimy white jizz dripped down their faces from their mouths as they
slobbered in it while they kissed each other. They pressed their lips
and shared the hot dog cum licking it from each others faces until

they had eaten it all.

Barbara and Kelly were rolling around for quite awhile on the floor
locked in
an embrace, kissing each other, hungrily sharing Rusty's sperm. At one
Kelly was on top of Barbara and the teenagers tiny ass was sticking up
in the
air. Rusty became curious again and still being horny, jumped up and
Kelly. Quickly, Rusty wrapped onto Kelly's back locking his legs around
waist. He started fucking his cock on Kelly's soft behind. Then as his
grew, it found Kelly's cunt. Rusty drove into Kelly fucking her
Kelly peeled her lips from Barbara. "The dog's fucking me," she
whispered to
Barbara. "It must feel great," Barbara replied. "His cock is so big and
so hot"
Kelly answered back obviously enjoying it. Kelly then went back to
Barbara and tasting the remnants of Rusty's cum while he plunged away in
hot cunt.

Kelly was really getting into being a total slut. She was acting like a
complete whore. She didn't care that a dog was fucking her cunt. In
fact, she
was liking it. Rusty's hard slimy cock felt good pistoning in and out of
and put Kelly on the verge of cumming. The thoughts rushed through her
that it was a dog making her feel this good. A dog cock was going to
make her
cum. And at any moment her cunt was going to be filled with thick dog
Rusty fucked harder, jamming Kelly's fuckhole over and over making Kelly
all sense of control. It felt so good. Kelly kissed Barbara harder
her with kisses, moaning louder how good it felt.

"It's so good, Barbara."........ "It's so good."

"The dog cock feels so good."

Rusty's hard cock was so hot inside her, it was burning up her cunt.
broke her lips apart from Barbara's as she still moaned uncontrollably.
looked up at the crowd of men watching her. She didn't care that what
they saw
was a beautiful teenager getting dog fucked and liking it. Barbara
stared up at
Kelly seeing the cute young thing aroused more than ever before. Barbara

whispered to her, "do it know." "Let them do it to you now."
............"C'mon, go ahead, do it, Kelly." Kelly's body felt like it
was on
fire as Rusty humped her faster and faster. "Kelly tell them."........
Barbara urged her on. "Go ahead, do it."............ Barbara's words
were like
a dream and Kelly was about to make it become reality. Then Kelly
pleaded to
group watching her, in a gasping voice as her cunt continued getting
drilled by
Rusty's animal cock.

"Someone, piss in my mouth.".... "Now,...... please."

"Please!!!.....Please!!!!........Piss in my mouth."

"I want to drink your hot piss."....."I want it."

This was the one thing Kelly wasn't able to do ever since she had been
to swallow urine once before. Now she was submitting her body totally.
wanted to be completely degraded in front of everyone, especially to
Barbara how much of a whore she had become. She begged for one of the
men to
piss in her mouth while she was being cunt fucked by a dog.

"Please!!!" "Piss in my mouth."

One man quickly came up to Kelly holding his cock. Kelly was ready to
and so was Rusty as he pumped away in Kelly's fuckhole. The timing was
incredible. Kelly's request was answered. Hot piss started flowing into
gasping mouth as Rusty rammed his cock all the way in forcing his giant
through Kelly's slit and burying it inside her tiny burning cunt.
teenage cunt swallowed up the whole length of hard dog cock and once the
knot slipped in, her hole closed up around it locking the shaft inside
Rusty began humping her cunthole achieving only a slight in and out
within Kelly. But it was enough to make Rusty's cock erupt and begin
his thick dog jizz. Kelly let out a sigh, "he's cumming." "Oh, God, he's

cumming inside me." Rusty's flow of hot cream then set off Kelly's
orgasm. She
convulsed while kneeling atop Barbara with the dog cock pumping sperm in
cunthole and one of Bill's friends pissing in her mouth. Rusty continued

filling Kell y's cunt with his thick dog sperm. The hard dog cock
throbbed in
the teens hot hole injecting her tight twat with it's hot animal cum.
Rusty finished, he backed off Kelly ripping his thick cock from her
tight hole
and then wandered away leaving her stretched gash dripping with dog cum.

Meanwhile, Kelly had already gulped countless mouthfuls of urine just to
from choking. Then she tilted her head back taking another full
Bill's friend managed to cut off his stream momentarily allowing Kelly
to lean
down to Barbara and spit the hot urine into Barbara's mouth. Barbara
it, gulping it, all of it. Kelly looked back up. " Give me more," she
He let the flow start up, pissing again into Kelly's mouth. Kelly
this time. Then again, another mouthful, and Kelly gulp it down too. And
another mouthful, and Kelly spit it into Barbara's mouth kissing her
sharing the strong acidity urine taste. A few more drops of piss
trickled from
his cock splashing on Barbara's face. Kelly licked them off and Bill's
moved away.

Then a couple guys noticed the dog cream oozing from Kelly's slit. They
her up off Barbara and placed her squatting over Barbara's face. Barbara
going to get herself another snack, another load of dog cum. She licked
sucked Kelly's slit, slipping her tongue up Kelly's gash, extracting all
Rusty's load. Then Kelly rolled off laying next to Barbara somewhat
after her piss drinking, dogfucking encounter. She lay back smiling and
remarking to Barbara how good it was. They both had enough for the
night, as
did the all the guys at the party. There wasn't one unsatisfied man
there. When
morning arrived, they all couldn't thank the girls enough for the

Barbara succeeded in completely transforming Kelly. At sixteen years
old, Kelly
was certainly the hottest piece of ass around. Well, maybe the second
Afterall, Barbara's thirst for kinky sex is certainly insatiable. There
absolutely nothing that Barbara wouldn't do. And now, Kelly was on the
road to
follow in her foot steps. What a sex team they make together.


2008-03-28 14:18:29
it tooooooooo longgggg.
but i got off 6 times with my vibrator
in my cunt & ass.



2007-08-01 01:15:20
i liked it but it was a little long


2007-07-30 20:38:09
i thought it was a fucking excellent storie


2007-07-29 05:17:44
You should learn typesetting


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what's with all the fucking spaces

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