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okay so today was a good day so far. #1 it was my birthday, and #2 I had a spelling test at school. i came downstairs and saw my mom making a breakfast. "Happy birthday honey." wow, I thought. today she cooked me a kid cuisine and a cup of jello. the kid cuisine came in a white tray as usual, and it was macaroni in cheese with a brownie for dessert. unfortunately it had corn in it too, but when my mom wasnt looking i dumped it on the floor. after i finished it, my mom said "son now that you're old enough i think your ready to see something." she took off her bathrobe and i saw her fat hairy pussy and she had nice titties too. i didn't know what to say because since it was my mom so i got embarased and said "time for school" and grabbed my power rangers backpack. she said "i left a present in there for your birthday. drink it on the bus ride home from school and then youll be ready to see what i have to show you." i figured why wait till then and i grabbed one of her breasts with my hand. i didnt know what to do from there so i turned around and walked out the door pretending to be busy with my gameboy

i got onto the school bus with a smile on my face, and i told the bus driver today was my birthday. he greeted me with a warm smile and gave me a magazine called hustler. he asked if i had started getting stiffies yet, and i noticed that he had one. i started to walk away but he said wait and showed me a pack of pokemon cards. he said if i gave him brain he would let me look at the pokemon cards and hed come to school and sit with me at lunchtime. i figured why not since it was my birthday. i knelt onto my knees and all the rest of the kids on the bus watched as i started to suck him off. his thick rod was already hard when i took it out of his jeans. i wasnt too good at bj's but i just wrapped my lips around his veiny discolored cock and started sucking really hard. i sucked and sucked but he wouldnt cum, and some of the kids started to ask me to hurry up because they were late for school and they didn't want detention. i knew how to speed things up; i started talking dirty to him. "ive been a bad boy, spank my poopy ass you fat bitch" and that did it basically. he started cumming all over the place, it got on the steering wheel and even shot at my face so hard it bounced off back onto his hands. i said "wow youre just like squirtle" and we both laughed because we knew it wasnt necessarily true. i wiped the cum off my face with one swipe of my hand and started to saunter toward the back of the bus. "hey, kid" i turned around. the bus driver tossed me the pokemon cards and i caught them casually. "keep em. you've earned it" and i knew i had.

i waited till i got to school to open the pack of cards. of course it didnt have any good ones in it, but i still liked looking at the pictures. if i covered up part of weedle, he looked like a pair of balls and turned me on a little bit (im not gay, its just the sexuality arouses me). I got bored of the cards though, since they were kind of boring, so i looked in my backpack becuase i remembered my mom had left me a present inside of my backpack and much to my surprise there was the present in there right by my books. it was wrapped in a walmart bag and there was a used pad inside but i figured that was an accident. i gave it a sniff and tossed it aside and looked at the real present, which was a bottle that said southern comfort on it. she said to drink it on the bus ride home but i was really thirsty so i drank a few gulps. it didnt really taste that good but since i had just swallowed a bus drivers cum earlier in the day it was not that big of a deal to me. i put the rest in my backpack after a few more chugs and started practicing for my spelling test. soon i started to feel a little weird and i couldnt really concentrate on my spelling words. then they started to get blurry and i looked up and got really dizzy. the teacher called me up to start spelling in front of the class. i got up and collapsed onto the floor immediately. everyone laughed but i was so confused i just got back up and stumbled to the front of the class. i had a bonner. i tried to spell "cat" but i couldnt even say it and suddenly i threw up everywhere. the drink came out with a lot of macaroni and brownie in it all over the floor and the teacher. she started screaming at me "I BOUGHT THESE SHOES AT TJ MAXX YOU LITTLE SHIT" and she jump kicked me in the face. once i fell on the ground she came over and started kicking me in the ribs and the face over and over. then she sent me to the principals office once she found out i was drunk.

once i finally made it to the principals office, i started crying because i had lost the spelling bee. she told me that i would have a chance to retake it the following day (which was a tuesday). i started smiling and she asked me if had started getting stiffies yet. i said "just ask the bus driver" and tried to wink at her but instead i just closed my eyes. she showed me her titties, and they were pretty big. her nipples were really weird and puffy looking and one of them looked kind of green like she had a necrotic areola but i said "Beggars can't be choosers" and she asked what i was talking about. i lunged forward and grabbed her titties, and i was like "i bet this isnt the first time a young boys grabbed your honkers." she told me i was a fucking idiot and that no one called breasts honkers. i was like shut up bitch and started rubbing her pussy through her skirt. she moaned a lot like she was enjoying it so i bent down and started licking her cunt. i circled my tongue around her clit over and over and started saying sexy stuff to turn her on. "WOOO! Yeah babby!" she said she wasnt that turned on. i told her to bend over and i started fucking her doggystyle. i shoved my cock in her wet pussy and started fucking it as hard as i could. she could barely fit my huge dick in htere even though she was as wet as that log ride they have at great escape that splashes you at the end. she said she still couldnt come because only powerful men could make her come. i said "speaking of log rides, ride this log" and she almost fainted in disbelief at how clever i was. she started cumming immediately, she showered me in pussy juice like all over my body it looked like i was a car that just went through the car wash and was really wet. it got all my school clothes wet so i had to go home early. she said i didnt have detention but i could stay after school anytime i wanted if i wanted to. that kid data from the goonies was there talking in a really bad asian accent too.

i had to walk home from school since it was the middle of the day and i ran into Eugene Levy and he asked why i wasnt in school. i said "sir new york minute was just a movie you arent really a truancy officer" and he broke down crying. i asked why he took a role in the newest american pie movie and he just kept crying. i told him to kill himself because he was a stupid jewish fuck with no life and then i kept walking to my house. when i got there my mom was smoking marijuana. naturally i picked up the phone to call the cops on her but then she said "dont you remember what i showed you this morning" and as a matter of fact i did. blood rushed to my dick like it was late for work. my mom asked me a question: "did you eat your lunch today" and as a matter of fact i didnt eat it. i opened up my lunchbox and inside was a big piece of sourdough, soaked in what i could tell was pussy juice. it had an extra-yeasty stench to it and as my mom disrobed i could see why. "the doctor said it was so severe i needed preion cream for it and it hasn't come in yet." i took a big bite and accidentally ate the whole thing at once. i wanted more. i bent down and started licking and licking. i could taste the yeast infection trickle down the back of my throat. it tasted just like boogers and cream cheese. i slipped my trigger finger in her dumper and started sliding it in and out, in and out. i started doing it so hard that it became audible and i suddenly felt sick. i excused myself to go to the bathroom but she gave me a pack of Gushers to stay. i took one out and squeezed it in my fingers and started reaming her asshole with my whole fist. the real blood started mixing in with the gusher juice and my hand was a big mess. i took out one of those new always pads and wiped my hand clean, and noticed my mom was passed out on the floor with a brownish-red liquid dripping slowly out of her gaping asshole. i called her a cheap whore and went to watch tv in the other room.

once i got in the other room i noticed that my brother was on the couch eating straight out of a pint of Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk. i said "youre a super fudge-packing chunky faggot" and he got upset. he explained that a few kids had made fun of his new light-up sneakers at school because he was in eleventh grade and he was trying to cheer himself up, so i apologized and got on my knees. he leaned up off the couch to unbutton his jeans but he was so fat that they burst at the seam. i took his cock in my hand, still soft. i started working my magic, using everything i'd learned from the bus driver and Cosmopolitan but he couldn't even get up halfway. he said that lately he had been having trouble getting aroused but i had already started walking away. i heard his bedroom door close followed by a gunshot but i think he was just playing videogames.

i started feeling a little bit pissed off so i went in my room, closed the door and turned off the lights. of course i still had my nightlight in though. i turned my ipod on and just like i had practiced i used swift, defined hand movements each time I browsed for a song to play. i turned on my favorite playlist: nickelback, hinder and puddle of mudd, all good songs of the new age. I heard a familiar noise, my phone was ringing. i picked it up and tried to practice looking indifferent as i pressed the receiver to my ear but it just made me drop the phone. I exclaimed loudly but picked upthe phone and answered as if nothing had happened. it was my friend Ocean, who always had really dirty hair and stupid shitty clothes on. he asked if i wanted to try a new drug he had found. i had seen the commercials on tv and i wasnt about to take a long dark road down a path of addiction to marijuana. i knew it was a gateway to other drugs. but actually he told me it was a different drug, at first i was a little unsure but when he told me it looked like crystals my passion for fantasy novels got the best of me and i asked him where we could meet.

later that night me and my friend met by the bridge downtown. it was a long bridge, going across a river. we sat underneath it presumably so the cops wouldnt see us taking all our drugs and loitering, but soon i knew there was another reason though. he told me i should smoke it the first time because i couldnt handle mainlining it, so i took a nice hit and blew out a big, big beautiful cloud. thats how you know its that good pure shit he said. all of a sudden i felt really high, like i was really happy but also i was pretty horny and felt a little gay. he told me that he wouldnt do anything because he was Christian but that fingering my asshole would feel better than ever. we both slipped a curled finger into our stinkers and went to town, and i actually got two fingers in there after a minute or two. it was raining by the way, and so anyway thats basically my first sexual experience with my mom and also the first time i did meth which became a habit of mine for a long time. by the way that night i didnt sleep at all and stayed up the whole night reading comics


2017-04-23 14:00:07
Are you delusional?!?!?!? This kid must be around 6 years old to still like pokemon, but he knows what a bj is and he's done it before. Plus, you logged this as a true story, which I'm not going to dignify that with a comment. All in all, this is one of the most unrealistic stories I've ever read!

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2016-08-05 20:35:54
This guy needs a Grammy ;) KEEP ON SLAPPING THAT PUSSY


2012-09-23 12:25:36
†h¡§ ¡§ r3†@®d3d! h0w ¡§ @ k¡d g0nn@ §u©k h¡§ 8u§ d®¡v3®§ ©0©k f0® @ fu©k¡ng p@©k 0f p0k3m0m ©@®d§? †h3 k¡d ¡§ 0n£¥ l¡k3 f¡v3 ¥3@®§ 0ld! ¥0u @®3 ®3†@®d3d! fu©k ¥0u!

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2010-07-27 14:43:01
Nah hes going to remain a virgin for life and hang himself in his 40s. As for the democrats raping and eating his corpse is very unlikely but it is possible.

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2010-07-26 14:10:18
This is a gender confused boy who says he is a girl he is a democrat bitch who wants a sex change and trick men into fucking him he also wishes to suck all the communtist dicks including Obama's and serve them as a sex slave like a retarded democrat and when he is 80 he will hang himself and democrats will eat and rape his remains.

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