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This story happened a few years ago when i was 19. I was going to school in Georgia and dating a cute guy Mike. He was a typical white jock frat guy and i was your typical little college sophemore. i was put together nice--5'2", 105 lbs, perky b's with a nice little landing strip. I was pretty inexpeienced. Mike was only the second guy i had been with, and i only had sex maybe 15 times in my life all together. i was very conservative. when i had sex--it was in the dark, always missionary, and always with a condom (birth control pills seemed trashy to me). i thought Mike was it. His dick was I guess around 5 or 6 inches, and it seemed like it was all i could ever handle. I never orgasimed with him during sex--i thought i was one of those girls who couldn't orgasim during intercourse. Well, that is the background.
Now this is when my life took a change. I was walking to a frat party (alone beacuse my friends were already there) that was about a mile away when i got the urge to pee really bad. This town is hard on public urination and I was a lady(at least I though I was) so I was eyeing the houses as I walked along to see if there would be some students who could let me use their bathroom. After a few minutes i noticed this guy on his porch watching me pass so i asked him if i could use his bathroom--he said yes and led me inside. His name was Tony and he was a very tall muscular black guy. Before he let me into the bathroom he said i could use it under 1 condition. i had to take a hit off a joint and have a beer with him before i left. i smoked pot before--i din't think it was a big deal so i agreed. i closed the door and did my buisness. after i was done peeing, i noticed i was taking a lot of time making sure my make up looked ok. i asked myself why? i never would date a black guy beacuse where i am from, we don't do that. i also never found them attractive (at least i told myself that) and i have a boyfriend. i thought my dad would kill me just having these thoughts. i sprayed a little extra perfume on anyway and went out into the livingroom. i guess Tony thought it was hot because he took off his shirt and was standing against the homemade bar with his joint in his mouth. He told me to come over and "get some". I took a hit and passed it back--as he handed me a beer can. I couldn't take my eyes off his body--it was perfect--only dark. I thought that if this guy was white-- I wouldn't act like such a lady.
Then things started to change. Tony asked me if I ever did a black guy. I said that is kind of personel and for his info no. I looked down for a second and noticed he had a huge dick. It wasn't even hard, but it still looked to be like maybe 7 inches long. He cought me looking and asked if I had ever tought about toching a black cock. I DON"T KNOW WHAT I WAS THINKING!!! I said yes. I was a little high and getting wet for some reason and I said yes.... I was actually lying because I never thought about it until just a few minutes ago. He reached out and took my little hand and put it on his dick. I could feel it growing through his shorts in my little hand--I just squezzed it a little and it got harder and harder. It was thicker than my forarm and probabaly 11 inches long now--i was breathing heavy and staring at my hand with this monster in it when i realized i was dripping wet. I let go and said i had to leave and turned to go. For a secondI thought i would be fine at this crossroad and i was going to walk out and make the right decision, but i hesitated. In that second--Tony grabbed my arm, turned me around and stuck his tongue in my mouth. I struggled for a second, then gave in. I thought i wasnt going to do anything, but kis him. I was shaking as our tongues went wild and his cock grinded against me--i had never been so horny. Then next thing i knew was I pulled his shorts down to the ground and had both hands on his cock. He was smooth too as my shirt was over my head and both breasts were out of my bra. i have never givin a blow job before, but i was out of control and knealt down and put hid head in my mouth. It made me gush that I was doing this--I gagged after trying to get about 3 inches in my mouth, Tony then pulled me up and slid my skirt down. He brought me over to the bedroom and laid me down. He pulled my panties aside and put his think fingers inside me. I was soaked and he started to touch my clit. I thought I was gonna explode. After about a minute I came so hard I had a tears coming out of my eyes. He then tried to pull my panties off beacuse he said he wanted to fuck me. i said no--I couldnt do that( I was still trying to convince myself I was in control and this is something i wasn't into). He got on top of me and said we could just grind instead. i was so wet i was laying in a puddle. his body was slidding agianst mine with all the sweat and our tongues were locked as i felt his giant cock rub against my pussy lips. my underwear was still pulled aside he would almost press it in, then slide it up past my clit. It was driving me crazy. I felt him press in a little more of the head each time. i pushed him up and looked down to see my pink underwear pver my white body pulled aside and his muscular dark frame with the giant cock in my pussy just a little. I was going to push him off--this wasnt me--i hav a boyfriend--i am a lady-- i don't like black guys---i dont have a condom---ALL WENT THROUGH MY HEAD!!!!! But instead, I arched my back a little to give him better access and pulled him into me. I WAS IN EXTACY... His cock little was streaching my little white pussy to the extreme. Then I came--it lasted for over 1 minute. I nearly passed out . He ws only about 3/4 in my now and i was completely out of contol. Tony started fucking me deeper now and he was talking to me. he was asking me how i like his black cock--i thought it rude--but as he kept fucking me and bring me to another orgasim, i realized something. i was his little black cock slut now---he owned me. i couldnt believe it but i told him to FUCK MY LITTLE WHITE PUSSY..I AM YOUR BITCH...FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG BLACK COCK....and then i came again....He slowed for a little bit and I came to my senses for a second---i told him not to cum in me--i am not on the pil. i asked him if he had a rubber and he said hell no and he wouldnt do anything i don't want him to do. he pulled out of me and laid down next to me--he then pulled me on top. i never did this before(among a lot of things tonight) so i grabbed his didck behind me and put it up to my pussy. i backed my self on to it and slowly slid down on it--i couldn't beleve how good it felt. the size seemed even bigger than before--it took me a couple minutes to get used to, but then i was out of control again. i was riding this black dude like an out of control whore. i was squzzing his chest and sweating all over him as his cock was now filling me all the way to his balls. i couldnt get enough. i felt so dirty and i loved it. i told him now that i was going to cum and he said he was too. i knew i should get off, but i couldnt. i kept riding and he said again he was about to cum--i felt all his muscles start to teanse up and his cock shook inside me as i felt his hot cum shoot in me so deep it felt like it was in my stomach. i came just then so hard i screamed and told him to cum in my pussy...oh god fill my pussy with your seed. he came for about 30 seconds and i passed out for an instant. i climbed off him after a minute and felt like a cup of cum pour out of my now black cock loving pussy. i ran to the bathroom to wash up and Tony came in a minute later--still hard. i pushed him on the floor and mounted him again. we fucked for about 10 more minutes as he filled me again with a monster load. i cleaned up and went to the party.. when i got there--everyone noticed how flush i was and my knees had tile marks on them. i just told everyone i fell and i am fie, but i wasn't. i could believe what i had just done. i went home and became a hermit of sorts. i din't hangout or return calls. what was i now? how can i face everyone now? it was about 2 weeks later i noticed my period was light--just a couple drops one day and that was it. wierd. then a couple weeks later--i started throwng up. i went to the drug store--got a kit and the results. I WAS PREGNANT!!!! i was so sad--but strangly so horny--i went to Tony's house and pounded on the door. his roomate was there and i just started making out with Tony in the livingroom--all i wante was to be fucked like the dirty little black baby carrying whore i now was. i pulled my skirt off and motioned for Tonys roomate to join us as he did in a second. Within an hour i had both of them cumming in my pussy. I started going to their parties where i became the big hit.. i became the gangbang girl. one night--i had 5 black guys cum in me. i fgured since i am pregnant-- i can't get pregnant again so i was getting so much seed dumped in me i that i was truly a black cock whore. i had a miscarriage in the 4th month and since have not been with a black guy or had unprotected sex. but writing my story out has mad me so horny--iam gonna fuck a big black guy tonight until he fills me with his cum.....................................sorry about the typos--it is hard to type when your this horny

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2015-06-24 13:41:13
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2012-10-14 11:11:43
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2012-02-09 23:47:38

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2011-07-22 02:45:42
unsisteset here!!! omg that was a great story to nut to. i bet you would love mine at 13" to bad i live in russia! i would love to get you knocked up!

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2011-01-30 09:12:40
story reeks with faggotry.

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