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It was Friday night after the football game. Gina and I were waiting for my Mom to pick us up in front of the school. It was getting late and we were the only ones left. It was not like Mom to be late. Gina and I were seniors at Grant High School and we both turned eighteen this past September. We were excited that we made the varsity cheerleader squad this year. We were dressed in our little navy blue, gold, and white uniforms over gold panties, which we girls affectionately refereed to as "goldies." Although our tops were made of a warm knitted material and had long sleeves we began to feel cold as it got later.

Gina was a slim, petite girl. She had long light brown hair, which she wore in a ponytail, and she had soft blue eyes. Her skin was unblemished and she had full, bee sting lips. She had a small bosom and a perfectly round little ass. As for me, I stood about three inches taller than Gina and had little more meat on my bones. I was a buxom brunette with long dark brown hair and hazel eyes. My hair was thick and full, which I liked to leave down and natural. I developed early and was blessed with large breasts, which the boys loved to stare at. I had a nice hourglass figure. My hips were a bit wide and I had full, yet firm butt. I was not fat, or even plump by any means, but my blue and gold pleated uniform skirt draped over and barely covered the slightly pronounced curve of my behind. The boys loved to watch my ass when I cheered.

I searched my purse for some change to give Mom a call at the payphone nearby. I scrounged up thirty-five cents and as I picked up the receiver of the payphone, I spotted Mom's white mini-van coming down the street. There was a dark, shadowy figure next to her in the passenger seat. As she came closer, I saw that it was a man. He wore dark sunglasses, which was peculiar being that it was so late at night.

"Beth, who is that guy with your Mom?" Gina asked.

"I have no idea. I never saw him before in my life."

Mom pulled up and unlocked the sliding side door. She did not get out to open the door like she usually did. Mom looked kind of nervous. I slid open the door and Gina and I hopped in the back seat of the van. I sat behind Mom and slid the door closed. Mom was still dressed in her work attire. She had on a black knee length skirt and a red, long sleeved, silk blouse. With the exception of her long bangs, her lovely dark brown hair was pulled back in a bun. It appeared to be mussed up though. Mom was meticulous about her appearance and would not be caught dead in public looking so shabbily. She usually made it a habit to wear pantyhose or stockings when she wore dresses or skirts, but her smooth shapely legs were bare. Mom was thirty-nine years old, but she was still attractive a youthful looking. People always mistook us for sisters. Her hair was thinner and shorter than mine was and she had big, beautiful, brown eyes. She had a smaller frame than I did. I was slightly taller than she was, but like me, she was well endowed on top. I guess I inherited my large boobs from her.

Mom turned back to me as I fastened my seatbelt. "Beth, this is my cousin Joe from Chicago." Said Mom nervously, "He-he was in town and happened to stop by for a surprise visit."

"Hi cousin Joe." I said. He nodded and did not speak.

"Hello Joe, I'm Gina, Beth's friend." Said Gina politely. Joe rudely ignored her. Gina looked over at me with a raised brow. I was sure she greeted him loud enough for him to hear her. I never knew Mom had a cousin named Joe. We did have relatives in Chicago though. I guessed him to be a distant cousin and the way Mom was acting, I didn't think the surprise visit was all that welcomed. He was a strange looking guy. He appeared to be about 45 years old. He was tall and husky, maybe 6'-4" and 265 pounds. He had jet-black hair, which he slicked back and thick dark eyebrows. His complexion was ruddy and his face was severely pockmarked. He was dressed in a black trench coat, with the collar raised to partially cover his homely face. He clutched a black leather bag upon his lap. It was the type of a bag that an old fashioned doctor would carry while making house calls. I didn't like the vibe I was getting from him.

Mom pulled away from the curb and drove down the street. She turned south on the main highway out of town. We lived in the opposite direction. Gina was going to sleep over our house that night. We drove along in awkward silence. Something was up.

"Mom? Where are we going?" I asked.

"Well dear...I have bring Joe to see a friend." She glanced over at Joe with a worried expression. Joe nodded in agreement. He had his arms folded in front of him and beneath his left armpit I saw a shiny black cylindrical object. I looked closer and saw that it was the barrel of a revolver pointed at Mom! My heart jumped.

"Mom? W-what's going on here?" I asked. Then Joe suddenly whipped around in his seat and thrust the gun between my parted knees. The front sight of the gun nicked the inside of my left knee. Instinctively, I slammed my legs shut. The barrel was cold as it came in contact with my warm inner thighs. It was pointed right at my crotch. I froze in complete shock.

"Listen here you little bitch! Shut up and do everything I say and no one will get hurt." He yelled fiercely. The muscles in his face grew taught and veins bulged in his neck. I was shaking terribly and only managed to shake my head yes in acknowledgement. Gina stared in horror with her mouth agape. She was scared speechless. Joe pulled the gun away and poked it into Mom's ribs. "Drive!" He shouted. Mom said nothing and obeyed by driving along the dark highway out of town.

We pulled into an old industrial complex several miles outside the city limits near the county line. We parked behind an abandoned warehouse that used to house a machine shop. Joe ordered us out of the van and took us into the warehouse. Once inside, he closed the heavy door and latched it behind him. He placed a heavy lock on the latch and secured it. We were now locked in this dark and eerily empty warehouse with this crazed maniac. We were miles away from the nearest home, farm, or business. And with Joe armed with a gun, screaming or running would have been futile.

The warehouse was cold and damp. It smelled musty and dirty. The interior was dark and grimy. Trash, debris, rusted machinery, discarded tools and empty beer cans littered the area. Rats could be heard scurrying about. Gina shrieked as one ran across her foot. Joe brought us to the main floor, where he turned on a small desk lamp that stood on a metal table. It had no lampshade and the dusty old bulb dispersed a dingy yellow light throughout a small section of the main warehouse floor. Here, Joe pulled out thin leather straps from his doctor bag and ordered Mom to tie me and Gina's hands in front of us. She secured us tightly as Joe supervised. Mom begged Joe to do what he wanted with her, but to leave us girls alone. He responded with a swift back handed slap to her cheek. She stumbled back and put a hand up to her face. She began to weep at the hopelessness of the situation.

Joe roughly grabbed Mom and spun her around. He quickly looped and tied a thin rope around her wrists, binding her hands behind her back. He pushed her down into a nearby metal folding chair and tied a cloth gag over her mouth. He took a long leather strap, looped through her arms, pulling her elbows closer together. Then he ran the strap through the open back of the chair, tying her arms tightly to the chair. He pulled some masking tape out of his bag and taped Mom's ankles to the front legs of the chair. This forced her legs open and I could see under her skirt. She was not wearing panties, as her dark bush was fully visible. I was close enough to detect what looked like clear dried secretions on her upper, inner thighs. It was dried up semen. Did this guy already rape Mom? Mom was divorced for several years and she was not currently dating anyone, so I doubt if she had had consensual sex prior to this. I wondered how she had come across this creep.

Joe turned his attention toward Gina and me. He took two pairs of panties out of his bag and shoved a pair into my mouth. I could tell by the style and color that the underwear belonged to my mother. He placed tape over my mouth. He gagged Gina in a similar manner. Then he grabbed me by the arm and dragged me to an area of the warehouse that had a pair of electrical hoists with thick chains that dropped down from the steel beam in the ceiling. Large hooks with clasp enclosures dangled at the bottom of heavy-duty chains that fed down from the hoists. With a hand held push button control, Joe could raise and lower the hooks and will. He clicked a button and a hook slowly descended from the ceiling. It stopped a few feet above my head. Joe grabbed my bound wrists, lifted them up and hooked the leather straps onto the heavy metal hook. The spring-loaded clasp locked my strapped wrists into the hook. I had to stand on tiptoes to relieve some of the pain forming in my shoulders and upper back, as I was partially suspended from the hook. He did the same to Gina

Joe clicked two buttons, which sent Gina and I up and away. He raised us a few feet off the floor. It was quite uncomfortable being suspended like we were. The hoists were on a single steel rail, which ran along a beam in the ceiling. Greased rollers on the main hoist mechanism latched onto the steel beam, which allowed the hoists to be pulled across the warehouse floor. Joe dragged us along and brought us closer to Mom, who was still seated in folding chair. She was struggling to free herself. She stopped and looked in horror as she saw Gina and me raised off the floor and swinging from a pair of hoists.

Joe noticed Mom trying to free herself. He became angry. "I will teach you to try to get away from me bitch!" He growled as he moved quickly toward my mother. He tore open the front of her silky blouse, stripped the garment off her body and threw it aside. He grabbed the front of her lacey white bra and pulled his hand down forcefully, tearing it off her body cleanly. Her heavy, full bosoms flopped downward onto her chest. Her nipples hardened slightly in the cold damp air. Joe placed his face into Mom's chest and began to wildly lick her blooming breasts. He nibbled at her nipples and bit into the soft white flesh outside her areolas. Joe stood up and began to slap Mom's breast about. She screamed into her gag and writhed with every sharp stinging blow. Joe stopped only to remove his thick black leather belt from his pants and resumed his assault with frenzied whips to her tenderized boobs. Her brutalized breasts turned a bright pink with a combination of hand shaped and strap shaped welts. Mom shut her eyes tight and her feet danced up and down nervously although they were tightly bound the chair leg. She shook her knees inward and outward as if she had to pee. After about a hundred strokes of the belt, Joe stopped the wild punishment of Mom's breasts.

He reached into an evil bag of tricks and pulled out a hard white plastic vibrator. It was an eight-inch, phallic shaped model with a smooth, narrow tip. It buzzed as he turned it on. Joe shoved it against Mom's exposed snatch and worked it into her vagina. Mom raised her hips and jumped in her seat. He worked it in and out of her pussy for a few minutes. Mom trembled and quaked in her seat, moaning into the cloth over her mouth. After a few minutes of this, I heard her scream into her gag as she came in a cascading orgasm. Mom slumped down into her seat and appeared to be relishing the moment of the release of sexual tension. Joe shoved the vibrator deep into her pussy and left it there. It rattled loudly on the metallic seat of the folding chair. Mom would press her thighs together occasionally. This muffled the rattling sound. Joe took a pair of wooden clothespins from his bag and clamped them onto her erect nipples. Mom moaned intensely and wiggled in her seat. She opened her legs then pressed her thighs firmly together. She seemed to be enjoying the sensation. It seemed that Mom was on her way to a multi-orgasmic adventure. I felt a tingling sensation deep in my pussy as I saw the horrific yet strangely erotic sight of my mother's pussy being violated and fulfilled by machinery at the same time.

Joe folded his belt in his hand and came over to me. He lowered my hoist a few inches so that my feet could reach the floor if I stood on tiptoes. He pulled me over to a stainless steel table. He centered the hoist over the center of the table. This forced me to bend forward over it. My short cheerleader skirt rose up, showing off my butt. The bottoms of my gold panties peeked out from under the pleated skirt. Joe flipped the skirt onto my back and stood back. He wound up and cracked me hard on my ass with his belt. I sang out a muffled scream into the rolled up ball of panties crammed into my mouth. It was a hard biting sting that cut across by sensitive ass cheeks. Joe twisted back and smacked me again, nearly in the same spot. Again, the sting was sharp and hot. Joe began to whip my ass with the same intensity that he used on Mom's tits. After a half a minute my ass began to burn and throb. The pain was real and intense, but it was affecting me in a strange way. I actually began to get turned on. Wetness welled up inside me and my panties became quite moist. The pain began to subside and numbing set in. A warm, good feeling overcame the hurt. I could not believe it. I was finding pleasure in pain. What kind of sick person was I? The sensation was incredible though. Part of me wanted him to stop, but a part of me wanted more and more!

Joe stopped whipping me after what seemed like a 100 to 150 cracks on the ass. My butt was on fire when he finished. He twisted me around to face him. My ass came in contact with the cold steel of the table. The coolness soothed my aching, burning cheeks. Joe lifted my knit top and pushed my white sports bra over my plump boobs. They dangled there helpless and vulnerable. Joe left me there for a moment to retrieve a black leather riding crop from his bag of pain. He whipped it against the palm of his bare hand. He grinned crookedly beneath his dark glasses as he approached me. Without a word of warning, he proceeded to whip my breasts with the riding crop. He used rapid sidestrokes and backstrokes. Like my ass, my tender soft breast flesh stung at first. The pain gave away to heat, which in turn gave way to a dull ache, then numbness. My nipples got extremely erect. When Joe saw this, he directed his assault on them. Again, my experience in pain was exhilarating and pleasurable. Joe stopped after several minutes, either out of exhaustion or boredom. He turned his evil hand toward Gina.

Joe raised Gina up two more feet to a point where her groin was level to his head. He reached up under Gina's skirt and lowered her goldies and her white cotton panties, which she concealed beneath her gold uniform briefs. He stripped her underwear from her dangling feet and dropped them on the floor. He raised her back up and began to pet Gina's soft furry muff. He stuck his fingers into her pussy as she squirmed and twisted on the hook. Joe stepped away and disappeared into the darkness. He returned moments later with an old push broom with a long wooden handle. He lubed the rounded tip of the handle with petroleum jelly, which he produced from his bag. He propped the broom up against Gina's leg and measured. He raised Gina up a few more inches, then positioned the broom just under her crotch. He lowered her down to a point where the greased tip of the broom handle was about to breech the opening of her virginal vagina. Fear overcame her face. Her eyes were wide and she shook like a panicky fish on a hook. She tried kicking her legs at Joe, but he deflected the blows easily and managed to lower the hoist, easing Gina's body onto the upright broom. She hung there with her pussy skewered onto the broom. The top five inches of the broomstick disappeared into her snatch. The sight was incredibly bizarre and Gina looked like a cheerleader flavored Popsicle.

Gina struggled some more at this unwelcome intrusion, forcing the broom handle in another inch. Joe just stood back and watched as Gina finally gave up her struggles. After she was finally still, he stepped forward and licked the stick just inches below Gina and worked his way up to her pussy. His tongue swirled around the point of entry and then ventured on to her budding clitoris. He flicked away at her clit with his darting tongue. Joe dropped his pants and kicked them to the side. He began stroking an enormous erection as he licked Gina's sweet, young pussy. After several minutes, Gina began to hyperventilate and shudder. I could not tell if she was in pain or in ecstasy. The facial expressions were too similar. He stood there working on her clit with his tongue for ten minutes, whereupon she came with three heaving sighs.

Joe came back to punish me some more. His ten-inch cock poked out from his dark trench coat. It was as fierce looking as the gun he pointed at my pussy earlier. He knelt down and pulled off my goldies and my white shiny nylon panties simultaneously. He picked them up and inhaled the crotch of my underwear. He smiled, as he liked my fresh young womanly scent. He walked over to Mom and draped my undies over her head to taunt her. She struggled weakly against her bonds causing the vibrator to slide out of her pussy a little. He smiled a little, then roughly jammed the dildo back into her pussy in one quick motion. Realizing that there was nothing she could do for me, she began to enjoy the dildo once again.

Joe came back over to me, stopping to make another trip to his black bag. He pulled out a small shiny object that looked like a tie clip. It had a thick black string with a purple feather attached to it. Upon a closer look, I saw that it was a metal clamp with serrated teeth. I recognized it as a "roach clip", an instrument used by marijuana smokers to hold their depleted joints in place without burning their fingers. Joe lifted my skirt and searched for my snatch. He rubbed his hand over my muff and felt around for my clit. Once he located it, he placed the clamp onto the extremely sensitive tissue that formed my love button. The searing pain coursed through my body as the clamp bit down onto my tender and swollen clit. I pressed my thighs tightly together as a reflexive response. I began to breathe heavily and tried to focus on putting the pain out of my head. The rapid breathing helped and the pain subsided as I tried to relax and just accept it. The pain caused blood to flow to my clit and it throbbed and pulsated through the sharp tight teeth of the clip. An overwhelming urge to urinate came over me. I was tempted to let my golden river flow, but I decided to hold it in. The pressure was intense.

Just then, Joe twirled me away from him. He raised my skirt and spanked my bare sore bottom with his hand. I jumped and slammed my knees together in shock. My clenched thighs pulled at the clip attached to my clit causing a wave of pain to shoot deep into my pussy. He continued to spank me vigorously for brief thirty seconds. When he was done, he grabbed onto my lower legs and lifted them up. This transfer of weight pulled painfully on my already tight and sore shoulders and back as my arms hung from the hook. With the exception of my raised arms, my body was parallel with and facing the floor. Joe cupped his hands on the front of my thighs, just above the knees. He held me there in place as he stuck his huge cock into my pussy from behind. He pulled my legs toward him causing me to swing and collide into his pubic arch. His stone hard cock filled my tight pussy to the bursting point as he mounted me "wheel barrel style." Unlike Gina, I lost my virginity a week after my 18th birthday, when Brian Davis, the varsity quarterback popped my cherry in the back of his van. I had a few guys since then, so I felt I would be more prepared and not get startled when a man's penis penetrated my pussy. But Joe's length and width was too overwhelming and coupled with the quick and unusual manner he took me, I was caught totally off guard.

Joe swung me and fucked me with all his might. He slammed me hard onto his rigid groin piercing me continuously with his stiff rod. The sexual action rubbed and pulled at the clamp biting into my clit. It stung like a mad hornet, but it hurt so good. The friction occurring within my vaginal walls caused a burning sensation that drove me completely bonkers. I wiggled and arched my back as I swung to and fro, bouncing off Joe's bumping pelvis. My vaginal juices got flowing and slathered all over his prick. Wetness seeped out of my pussy and saturated my muff and upper thighs. Joe flooded my pussy with a barrage of cum as he climaxed. Unfortunately, he pulled out before I could cum. I was so close too, and he very well knew it. This was all part of his torturous game. After doing his business, he dropped my legs and left me to dangle on the hook. My legs were weak and wobbly.

Joe went over to Gina again. She was still impaled on the broomstick. He raised the hoist, lifted her off the stick and tossed it aside. He took his belt and wrapped it tightly around Gina's ankles, binding them together. He lowered her to the floor. She felt relieved as her feet touched the ground taking the pressure off her shoulders, arms and back. Her relief would only be temporary, as she was soon to find out. Joe took Gina's bound wrists off the hook. Then he lowered it until it was about three feet from the floor. He forced Gina to sit on the floor. He picked up her feet and fastened the belt around her ankles onto the hook. Her bare bottom was exposed as she raised her legs. Joe clicked the control button and slowly raised Gina's hoist. She was hoisted up into the air and dangled upside down. Her skirt hung upside down exposing her cute little ass. Once her ass reached the level of Joe's head, he stopped the hoist. Joe spun Gina around allowing a frontal view, albeit an upside down view, of her slender, youthful, and very exposed lower body.

Joe stood in front of the topsy-turvy Gina. Her face was down at his naked groin and her pussy was at his face. He removed her gag and forced his cock into her mouth. He made her clean his wet and still swollen shaft with her mouth as he buried his nose into the bottom tip of her pubic triangle. He breathed her in as he wrapped his left arm around her ass. He pulled her toward him sending her soft mound into his mouth. He stuck his tongue into her inverted snatch and ate her out, while Gina sucked his dick while being suspended upside down. They remained in this awkward position for several minutes. Joe pulled out and shot streaks of cum all over Gina's face, chin, and throat. He left her dangling inverted over the floor.

Joe knelt down and searched his voluminous bag for more toys. He emerged with another vibrator; identical to the one crammed into Mom's slit. He turned it on and walked over to me. He raised my hoist higher, taking my feet at least three feet off the floor. He inserted the vibrator into my violated pussy and shoved it in deep. The oscillating vibrator was a unique to me. I never used one before and the feeling was incredible. Joe took my panties from Mom's head and put them back on me, securing the vibrator in place. The hard plastic phallus shook rapidly in my snatch and buzzed in my panties. I came within seconds. Moments later, I came again. I was going crazy! The feeling was great. Like Mom, I was on my way to a multi-orgasmic experience of my own. The dildo made up for Joe leaving me high and dry after fucking me like he was driving a hanging wheel barrel with his prick.

Joe returned to Gina. He lowered her hoist and helped her down to the floor. He unhooked her legs from the hoist and removed his belt from her ankles. He raised Raising the hoist, he once again hung her by her wrists. Gina was raised off the floor a second time and Joe pulled her over to a dismantled conveyor belt table. He made sure I could see what he was about to do to her, even giving me a sadistic wink as he rubbed her hairy snatch. There were two scaffolding frames on either side of the table. Joe widened the distance between the two frames. He dragged Gina and positioned her directly over the table. He lowered her a little. Then he took each foot and stretched her legs out, tying her ankles to cross-sections of each opposing scaffold frame. Gina was stretched spread eagle over the conveyor belt table. Joe laid upon the center slot of the table facing up at Gina. His cock was hard, poised, and ready.

"I hear cheerleaders are good at doing the splits." Joe said breaking a long silence, "You look like you would be good at it." He grinned up at her.

"No! Please don't! I'm a virgin." Gina pleaded for her innocence.

"Right." Joe said sarcastically, "All you cheerleaders are whores. Time to do the splits baby doll." He lowered the hoist.

”Nooooo! It will hurt!" Gina screamed. Joe continued to lower Gina and her legs spread wide over his supine body. Her legs were in a full split as her stretched out virginal pussy hovered a centimeter away from the tip of Joe's penis. Although her body weight pushed her downward, her slender legs could not stretch any further. Frustrated, Joe got off the table and searched for something that would help raise his body or lower hers. He found a wooden pallet and laid it down across the table. This would raise him nearly a foot from the slot in the table. He climbed on the table and slid himself between the pallet and Gina's wide-open snatch. Once in position, he pressed his cock against her labia. Gina tried to squirm and protest, but she was stuck. He thrust his hips upward and penetrated her tight box. Joe had ventured where no man had gone before and he took Gina's treasured virginity. He fucked her as she did the splits over him. The whole scene looked like some sort of bizarre circus act. I felt bad for Gina that she had to loose her virginity to this dark, sadistic creep, especially in this weird and non-consensual manner. He pounded her from below, which caused her pert little breasts to bounce up and down. Her petite pussy was stuffed with Joe's huge cock. She screamed and groaned as he fucked her fiercely. But Gina panted and shouted for more! He was thoroughly punishing her little snatch. I was almost envious. Gina's small-framed body rocked aggressively as she had an explosive orgasm. Joe shot his load of cum into her salacious snatch.

When he was done, Joe got up and untied Gina's ankles. He helped her to get her feet down from the scaffolding and allowed her to stand upright on the table. Then he dragged her away from the table and lowered her to where her feet could touch the floor. Joe went back to his bag of tricks. He pulled out a cordless hand drill. I shuddered as I thought what he might have planned to do with it. Who would be his next victim?

Joe tested the drill by pulling the trigger twice. It was fully charged. There was no drill bid attached. He walked over to Mom and knelt down between her open legs. He yanked the still buzzing vibrator out of her vagina. He switched it off and tossed it into his bag. Joe took the drill and pointed the hard round rotating head at her mound with intentions of inserting it into her vagina. Although there was no drill bid, the thick rotating steelhead would tear her pussy to shreds. Things were going horribly wrong now. He teased Mom with short revs of the drill. Terror was struck in Mom's eyes. Joe laughed menacingly as he leaned into her, ready to stick buzzing power tool in her. Suddenly, a loud banging sound was heard in the distance. It was loud enough for Joe to hear over the drill's motor. He froze and listened. We heard voices. Someone was coming! Joe quickly put on his pants and gathered up his bag and ducked away into the darkness. I heard a door slam as he left. The voices drew near. They were men's voices. They were laughing and joking.

I was shocked and embarrassed to see half of the starting offense of varsity football team staring up at me in astonishment. To make matters worse, Brian Davis led the pack. They came to the old abandoned warehouse to drink on weekends. And there I was, bound, gagged, and suspended in the air with a vibrator buzzing in my pussy. Then there was my Mom, sitting across from me, bound and gagged, with her snatch sticking out for everyone to see. Boy, was I embarrassed. But I was also relieved that the boys came to our rescue and scared off Joe. Brian was nice enough to help me down. He showed genuine concern, which served to minimize the embarrassment. The other boys helped and untied Mom and Gina. We explained to them that we were abducted and sexually assaulted. At first I thought the boys would show their immaturity and make light of the situation, but when they found out what happened, they were great. Of course, word got out all over school by the following Monday.

Mom told me that Joe broke into the house while she was at work. He jumped her in the kitchen as she came through the garage door. He raped her for several hours back at the house. He knew that no man was coming home. When Joe saw my cheerleading picture on the fireplace mantle, he inquired about me. Mom told him that I was her daughter and I was at the came. Then she slipped and told him that she was late to pick me up. Joe thought it would be worth his while to add a pair of high school cheerleaders to his sexual conquests and he ordered Mom at gunpoint to take him to the school and pick us up. She did not want us to go to the police because he knew where we lived.

Years later, I found out that Mom belonged to a BDSM club. I found out from Gina, who joined the same club a year after our ordeal in the warehouse. It all made sense after a while, because I would often see Mom come home with bruises and welts all about her body. She also had preions for several pain medications. Gina would dress as a dominatrix and Mom did not recognize her. Mom was a "sub" according to what Gina told me. Gina also said that she saw Joe again at one of their gatherings. He was a member from the Chicago branch of the club and was just visiting. He hung out with Mom most of that night.

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