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George awoke next morning to the sound of the running shower, he knew that his slut was making it warm for him and he stretched himself. She padded through to the room, naked and pulled back the duvet and while he got to his feet, she waited on her knees, his hard cock just in front of her mouth, but they did not have a lot of time this morning and he would please himself later, as he headed for the shower, she followed and as he stepped under its warm spray, she took the flannel and soap and started to wash all over his body, kneeling when she had to pay particular attention to his genitals, holding back the hood of his cock while she washed him intimately. he turned off the shower and he stepped out of the cubicle and she took a warm towel and dried every inch of his body. They had not spoke a word between them, he found he did not have to tell her his morning routine, when he had first started her training, he had told her what to do and she had dealt with it very well, only occasionally had he had to beat her when she had not washed him or dried him to his satisfaction.

When she had finished drying him and presented herself in position one, he checked to see that she had done her job properly and told her that he was satisfied and she left the bathroom to lay out his clothes while he cleaned his teeth. She returned to the bathroom, her job completed and again assumed the position.

"Good morning slut, are you well?" he asked.
yes Sir" she replied.
"We are going to the gym in about half an hour, you will just have time to wash but first I must check your butt plug and change it for the next size, so assume position two."

Linda took up position two and he felt inside her crack and slowly removed the butt plug, he reached into the box for the next size resisting the urge to finger the open hole presented to him.
He slowly inserted the next size, noting Linda's grimace as her hole accepted the length and width reluctantly, he pressed it in until he was sure that it would not drop out.
"Very good slut, you will soon feel my cock inside you if you continue this treatment, today you may wear panties, but no bra, I have yet to find out what form the physical exercise will take and I do not want to stop your treatment."

He left the bathroom and went and dressed where he could hear Linda having a quick shower and as he popped his head through the door, she was intently washing her cunt, digging her fingers deep inside just as he had showed how to. Satisfied that she was not skipping on her cleanliness, he went down to the kitchen to enjoy the breakfast she had already prepared for him.

She came down dressed in a see through blouse, short skirt which he noted showed the small white panties, crisp and clean. She went to her corner having already breakfasted and stood in the corner with her toes tight against the wall, her hands on her head, taking the position he demanded while he ate unless she was told different.
He enjoyed his breakfast glancing at the newspaper headlines and then stood and left the table. Linda left her corner and dealt with his dirty dishes.

"Time to go" she heard him say unable to finish her task but willing to accept her punishment for non completion later.

He was stood in the hall, she followed him out into the sunshine, glad that it was still early and there were not many people about to see how skimpily she was dressed. The postman coming down the street had seen her many times naked when she had answered the door to him but she could still see him quicken his step hoping to catch a glimpse of her usually naked cunt and ass. George opened the car door and she got in beside him, the postman looking at her disappointed that he would have to wait.
George started the car and they drove in silence to the gym. It did not take long and as George had rang them and they were expecting them, they headed into the building, George noting with satisfaction that although the car park was not full, there were still a few cars indicating that there would be people about to watch his slut as she was about to start her new exercise routine.
They went in and were approached by man.

"May I help you?" he asked.
"I am George and this is my slut, I rang yesterday and arranged for some physical exercise for Linda" he replied.
"Oh yes, we have been expecting you, my name is Mike, I will be Linda's personal trainer while you are here, I will be overseeing all parts of her training and with your help will ensure that we get her to a more acceptable body weight and suppleness for your use"
"That is what I require" George said.
"Ok, we are on the same theme then, please feel free to use any of the facilities, and rest when you wish, of course while Linda is here, she will not have time to rest, I intend to give her an intensive course of training, you may help or watch, whichever is your preference" Mike said. "Now if you will tell Linda to strip, I want to see what I have to deal with, there is a changing room through there for you to change into your work out gear".

George said "Strip" and Linda began to remove her clothes, "While she is here, will you call her slut, after all that is what she is, I never call her Linda unless she really pleases me."
"Whatever you wish" said Mike.

Linda stood there now completely naked head bowed. Mike walked round her examining her with his eyes.
"There will be a lot of hard work needed but I understand from your call, that she is physically healthy and you have been to a Doctor recently and had her checked out?"
George replied "Yes, we were there yesterday, Doctor Southern fitted her with a butt plug for ass stretching and he recommended that she should come here"
"Yes" Mike said, "Doctor Southern often refers clients to us for our special techniques of getting more from our clients then they wish to give. We do not take no as an answer when we believe that the client can do better and we urge our clients to go beyond their pain threshold, which we do safely and within a highly controlled atmosphere". He continued" We offer early morning sessions and late evening sessions where total nudity is required by the clients, during other times, the gym is a well used facility for our regular clients, we offer the facility of leaving clients with us between sessions, we have an area where we can lock them up, should you require this, we have no problem accepting your slut"
"I may take you up on that facility in the future" George said.
"Ok, go and get changed, you can take you slut with you or leave her here, and I will meet you back here in about five minutes"
"I will leave her here while I change" and George was directed to the changing room, there were one or two people already in there, one, a man, naked, another couple a man and a woman changing into gym clothes.

Each said good morning to George. George changed into his shorts and vest and then he headed back to where Linda still stood naked and Mike was waiting for him.
They followed Mike into the gym area. There were about fifteen people in the room, most clothed, some naked like Linda. Mike turned to George" As you can see, things are a little quiet at the moment, we do open these sessions to none Master/Slave people just so they can perv at what we do here, if you are ok with that?
"Yes, I do not have a problem with that" George replied.

Mike headed over to an area and said "I am going to take some pictures, just to check as we go through the programme the change in the body sculpture, I can already see that we are going to have to do a lot of tit work, work on those muscles that will allow the breast to be more firm, those tits are drooping , we will be working on the thighs and stomach, some butt work allowing for the ass hole plug but of course once that is removed, we will be able to concentrate on that more."

He took Linda's arm and led her in front of the cameras and video camera and the automatic shutters were taking pictures of her untoned body, the video filming her from her all sides as he rotated her around.
"You have not yet started the clit lengthening that you mentioned on the phone?" he asked
George replied "No not yet, again I thought I would wait and see what happens here this morning".
"My recommendation would be to start it soon, you can remove it while she is here if the exercise would make it dangerous for her to be wearing weights on her clit, there will be some exercise especially when we are working on her tits, she can continue wearing them"
George said "Ok, I will remember that and start her off as soon as possible".

The pictures had finished and Mike led her to a running machine, she stepped on and he started to run it at a low speed, Linda finding herself having to walk faster to stay on the machine, the pace slowly being turned up and she now having to slowly jog to keep up, her tits bouncing.
Mike turned to George "Right, we will leave her doing that pace for ten minutes, see how she copes with that, people will enjoy that view of her tits and it should be sufficient to test her fitness, later on when she has had more training, we do offer the facility of taking her outside and running around the streets, we do it in the middle of the night where we do not offend anyone who does not wish to see but I will tell you there are many voyeurs out there who love to watch our naked runners and make arrangements to watch them all"

The two men walked a short distance away and started talking about Linda's training while another man approached, he too naked, and watched as Linda jogged on the machine, all of a sudden a woman appeared behind him with a crop in her hand, she whipped it across his back and butt screaming" How dare you look at this woman without me allowing you to". he fell to his knees and rolled up in a ball while she whipped him.
George approached them both "I do not mind" he said to the woman.
The woman turned to George and said "I do, he has to have my permission to look at others"
"My slut does as I tell her and I don't mind, but yes your slave should do only as you tell him"
Linda was getting breathless and her legs were turning to jelly, she was unfit but while the two were talking, she was so aware of the people watching her.
Mike approached them, "Right that is enough for today on that machine, I want to get started on getting those tits firming today, so I will take her to the machine that will achieve this, if you want to continue chatting, then please feel free to meet me there when you are ready."
"ok" said George and Linda followed Mike to a bench.

"Lie down on front" he said and Linda got on the table. He pressed a lever and the bench came up to his waist and then he put her hands on the edge just by her waist and her toes were just curling over the edge, then he pressed another lever and the top of the bench fell down, making her tits fall down to the floor but leaving a small area for her head to rest... He left her for a few minutes and then returned with a machine, he leant under the table, adjusted the height and then Linda could feel a slight tapping at the area between her tit and midriff, the tapping got harder and faster until, it was slapping her tits, both left and right, she began to squirm. Mike noticed and leaned across her and a belt appeared from under the table and he strapped it across her waist, then another across her middle back and finally across the base of her back, she was now unable to escape the constant slapping of her tit muscles. He went to the base of the bench and split it in two so that her legs were being spread and he attached ankle restraints so that she could not close her legs. Finally he pressed the lever again which made the bench rise to eye height. Just then George appeared.
"What is this machine doing?" he asked.
"It is stimulating the under neath tit muscle, making it firmer, it should eventually make it tight enough to hold those tits higher, I am going to leave her here for one hour, that should start it working great, her tits will be sore for a while but we find that this is the most effective treatment, if you wish, you can go and use any of the gyms other equipment, she will be safe here, she cannot go anywhere".

"I think I might, " George said and Mike left them. George watched as the slapping continued on Linda's tits, watching her face contort with the pain but again proud of her for not crying out, he went to the base of the bench and inserted a finger in her cunt hole and felt how wet she was, her body betraying her every time as to how excited she was sexually. he checked the butt plug, that it was still deep inside her and went to the weight machine just out of Linda's eye line but close enough where he could watch her. He started his own work out and once when he was watching, he was sure that he could see her judder as if she was coming. A woman approached her and he saw her dig a couple of fingers into her cunt and take some juices out, she started to lick her fingers, George smiled to himself, the slut had cum and now this woman was eating her juices.

He continued watching while many people passed, each stopping to look at the fresh pussy that was being displayed to them.
Linda in the meantime was aware of the people passing and had felt the woman digging at her cunt but she was struggling to contain the pain that she was feeling as the machine constantly slapped her tit muscle, she shifted slightly, but then she regretted it immediately as the slapping was now hitting her right nipple with enough force to make her squeal, she hoped that George was not too far away and could see her predicament. And yes, George could see, but she had to be taught that she should not have moved, the nipple could take a little more beating, he knew that, he tested this area many times while they had been together. She tried shifting away from the machine again but then she knew again she should not have tried as now both nipples were getting the punishment that she deserved. She reached down with her hands and placed the palms over nipples, taking the slapping on the back of her hands. Mike appeared in front of her.

"You should not have moved, now I will have to start the hour again." He removed her hands and shackled them this time to the bench and adjusted the machine to again slapping the underneath muscles. he walked away and left Linda to her fate.
George headed back to the bench after watching Mikes adjustments and he reached under the bench and started pulling on Linda's nipples, hearing her moan this time with pleasure rather than pain. he went to the end of the bench and finding the lever that lowered it back to waist high, he ground his cock deep into her cunt hole, thrusting in deeper and deeper, he saw the woman and her male slave watching them. he nodded his head in assent and she joined him at the bench, she guided her male slave underneath it and indicated that he should suck Linda's nipples. She moved behind George and reached underneath and squeezed his balls urging George to fuck Linda harder. George felt his orgasm building and he thrust at the wide open cunt, spreading her ass cheeks looking at the butt plug that he couldn't wait to remove and ram his cock deep into that hole. The Mistress took a paddle from the wall and gave sharp slaps across Linda's backside causing her to judder within her restraints, the tight leather rubbing at her skin while all the gym stopped and watched the exciting show.

George felt his cum rising, ready to burst he withdrew and squirted it all over Linda's ass cheeks and the paddling continued, with the mistress using its wetness to lubricate her implement. George pulled away to rest and watched as the Mistress and her slave, who had moved from Linda's nipples and had come to the rear of the bench, started to lick his cum from Linda's ass. After they had cleaned her, they both moved away and headed to the changing rooms, George watched as Linda's tits were being continually spanked, he started to feel sorry for her, he removed the machine and loosened the ropes and helped her to sit up, her skin bright red under her breasts and he massaged them gently trying to take away some of the pain. Mike appeared in front of him.

"her time was not up, but after that show, I can understand why you have released her, I would recommend that you both make use of the swimming pool and Jacuzzi and then tomorrow we can work on her a little more." he said and he pointed to the sign for the swimming pool.

George released all of Linda's bonds and they went to the area, they slipped into the water which was warm and they lay by the edge of the pool, George feeling all of Linda's body, he slipped two fingers into her crutch and with another finger started to rub her clit, he could feel her orgasm building, until she exploded onto his fingers, her cunt muscles grabbing at his fingers sucking them deeper into her body, the feeling of the warm water washing over them.
"Now that you have cum, I want you to swim ten lengths, on your back, I want to see those tits above the water and then you may join me in the Jacuzzi" George said.

She went to the end of the pool and languidly swam on her back, her tits acting like floating ballast, George watching her wantonly. As she was finishing, he stepped out of the pool, slipped out of his clothes and went into the Jacuzzi, there were already three couples in there, all in varying states of undress and love making. Linda stepped out of the pool and climbed onto the Jacuzzi next to him, he could not resist grabbing a nipple as she sat down, noting the wince on her face as he knew that they would be tender from their earlier beating.
He manoeuvred her to being on top of him and his erect cock slipped into her cunt, wet from her own orgasmic juices and with the warm water bubbling over her body, he using her hips raised her and lowered her onto his cock. faster and faster the rhythm built and then he noticed a man sat next to them also enjoying the bubbling water watching with a leering smile on his face, the man tentavily reached over and started to fondle Linda's breasts, George was pumping Linda harder and harder with his cock, Linda was moaning with her approaching orgasm and the mans caresses of her tits was making her ride George's cock deeper and deeper until he could feel his balls banging against her body. His own orgasm rising again, he felt Linda judder as she achieved hers, he reached across to the couple that was lying next to him also fucking, the woman was facing away from the man and he had his cock deep inside her ass hole, he touched the woman between her slit and slipped his fingers into her cunt, Linda continued to ride his cock while he fingered the woman with another man squeezing her breasts, wanking himself, George achieved a massive orgasm, he could feel his cum mixing with the water. The couple next to him also cried with an orgasm and then he heard a massive scream as Linda achieved her juddering orgasm and as he looked at the wanking man, he saw his cum ejaculate into the water.

They all lay there spent, George knowing that there would be many more visits to this gym and Linda still had many tests ahead of her but he was so looking forward to the next day when he would once again, stare into the ever widening hole of her ass knowing that in five days he would be claiming her virgin ass.

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