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I was a naughty girl & had an accident & now I have to pay the price!
“Ooh! I’m SO excited, Daddy! I’ve wanted to see this movie FOREVER!” I exclaimed as he bought the tickets.

He laughed as he took my hand and led me towards the concession stand. “You’re so funny, Little One. The movie has only been out for a week,” he pointed out as we got into line.

“I know, but it felt like forever!” I said dramatically.


We sat down in our seats and I immediately grabbed for the drink.

“Hey, go easy on that drink, Angel. You know how you get in movies,” Daddy warned, taking the cup from me and handed me the popcorn instead.


I was laughing and enjoying the movie immensely when I felt the pressure in my tummy building rapidly. I started to squirm in my seat, trying to remember if Daddy had put Pull Ups on me that morning.

“Do you need to potty, Sunshine?” Daddy whispered to me.

“No, Daddy. I just had a funny tickle,” I lied as I stopped squirming.

He continued to eye me suspiciously, but seemed satisfied with my response. He turned his attention away from me and back to the screen as the trickle of warm urine escaped and soaked through my pants and into the seat.


“Wow, Daddy! That was a great movie! Thank you for taking me!” I said as the lights came on after the credits ended.

“You must REALLY need to potty now! Let’s go, Honey. Quick like a bunny!” he said encouragingly, taking my hand.

Just then, I remembered about having an accident and looked at my shoes.

Daddy knew right away and roughly grabbed my shoulder to turn me around. “Krissy, I ASKED you if you needed to pee! Instead, you go and piss yourself and all over the seat, just because you didn’t want to miss a moment of the movie! You do this EVERY SINGLE TIME!”

He was furious with me and people were starting to point and stare at me.

“Mommy, how come that lady’s pants are wet?” I overheard a little boy ask, pointing at me.

My face turned three shades of red from that little kid and Daddy lecturing me in front of everyone wasn’t helping either.

“You’re a very dirty girl, Krissy! You’re 24 years old and still pissing yourself like a 3 year old!” he continued on, turning me back around to scold me to my face.

I was starting to whimper in humiliation as he continued on and on as the crowd emptied out.

Finally, when we were the only ones left in the theatre, he grabbed my hand and dragged me to see the Head Usher, who was pushing the cleaning cart.

“Excuse me, my little brat has pissed herself and all over the seat she was sitting on. Do you have some cleaner and a rag that she could clean up her mess with so that you don’t have to?” Daddy interrupted him.

The guy looked younger than me and I was even MORE humiliated as he looked me up and down. “Is she handicapped?”

“No, she just doesn’t pay attention to her body’s needs.”

“Oh,” he replied awkwardly. Then he got the cleaner and rag and handed it to Daddy.

He took the items and then pressed then into my hands and said loudly, “March!”

As I slunk back towards the theatre, I could feel my cold pee-soaked ass grow warm as the Usher’s eyes burned into it.


Daddy scolded me the entire time I scrubbed the seat and retrieved my Binky (my soother) from his inner coat pocket. He popped it between my lips and said, “I’m tired of listening to your sniffling.”

He made me return the cleaner and rag to the Usher and I apologized for the mess I had made.


In the parking lot, I was headed towards Daddy’s truck when he said, “Oh no! No pissy, dirty daughter of mine is going to leak on my new seats! YOU are taking the bus home.”

He lead me to the bus stop and waited with me. I was still sucking my Binky and cars driving by honked and a few hollered out, “BABY!”

When the bus arrived, Daddy got on with me. As he dropped the money in, he added to the driver, “Don’t let her sit down. She peed her pants.” Then he turned and got off.

There was an uncomfortable silence on the bus the entire ride home. My face was burning with embarrassment and I could hear people whispering about me.

“Isn’t that positively ridiculous?” one older woman remarked.

“Maybe she has a medical condition or something,” the younger woman with her suggested.

She stood up and came over to me. Leaning in close to my ear, she whispered, “Do you need a diaper? I have a few in my purse. I like to wear them too…”

I looked her in the eyes, wiping my tears away. Plucking my Binky from my mouth, I said quietly, “It’s the first time I’ve ever made wetsies in public,” I whispered back.

She nodded in understanding. “That’s why I always wear a diaper when I go out. Sometimes I’m forgetful.” She winked at me and discreetly handed me one of her diapers from her purse.

I hid it in my sweater, looking forward to going home and wrapping it snugly around my bottom.

Then she retrieved a pen from the side pocket of her bag and wrote her name and number on my hand. “If you ever need a change…” she trailed off, winking at me again before returning to her seat.

“What was that all about?” the old woman asked.

“She has a medical condition. This was just unfortunate timing,” she replied, loudly enough for the people around her to hear.


When I was free of the bus, I ran all the way home, holding tightly to the diaper and putting my Binky back in my mouth.

“So, my dirty girl. How was the ride home?” Daddy asked as he looked up from his newspaper while sitting on the couch by our front door.

I had a huge smile on my face by now and presented the present from the woman on the bus to him proudly, sucking my soother furiously.

“What in the world…?!” He was shocked as he took it. “Where did you get this?!”

I giggled coyly and showed him my hand.

“Hhmm… Sandra? Do you think you need a Mommy too?” Daddy teased, pulling me into his lap and giving me a big hug.

My pants were fairly dry by this point and I nodded in excitement.

“Well, I guess we’ll just have to see…” Daddy said. “Now, let’s get those clothes off of you and get you into the bath…!”

Anonymous readerReport

2016-12-06 21:56:03
Is she retarded? There's nothing sexy about a 24 year old that acts & talks like a 2 year old

Anonymous readerReport

2014-09-28 01:52:07
That was too cruel... He'd at least comfort her instead of punishing her as that...

anonymous readerReport

2012-05-12 09:52:20 in earth was that cute? I don't see it...It was actually pretty dumb. What is suppose to be sexy about 24 yr. old pissing herself and getting humiliated. My Gawd your mind is a powerful thing and I tell you there are such things as mental diseases. For instance being gay is a mental disease. You guys have problems.

anonymous readerReport

2011-02-22 11:11:06
funny but creepy at the same time.

Daddy's girlReport

2009-08-15 20:10:39
OMG. It's adult baby/ age play.
Ofc it's in baby talk, she's a baby!!

Loved it.... I'm not in to diapers myself but my daddy likes to piss on my face, and humiliate me too

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