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About my younger sister, my older brother & I.
My sister, Kat and I were 14 and 15 years old when we shared our first sexual experience together.

We were sitting in the bedroom we shared, talking about boys (as usual!). We’ve always been really close and told each other everything!

“You know that Jason guy that I have a HUGE crush on? He was trying to kiss me at lunch last week,” Kat told me excitedly. “He was trying to touch me too…I was so nervous!”

I laughed. “Well… Do you wanna practice then? So you won’t be so nervous next time? We could get undressed and touch each other.”

“What? You mean with YOU?” Kat looked astounded at my suggestion. “But… We’re sisters!”

“Yeah… and we share everything! Besides, it’s not like I’ve never seen you naked before!”

She thought about this for a moment and then agreed. “I’ll be right back!” she said excitedly, her eyes lighting up.

She jumped off her bed and ran down the hall. Then I heard her coming back in the same rush, but with something in her hand.

“I found this is Jimmy’s room last week! Look!” Kat sat down on my bed with me and put the object down.

A girl-on-girl porn magazine! The cover featured two busty blonds lip locked in a passionate kiss. We flipped through the pages together, in awe of all the things we could copy!

“Let’s take our clothes off and practice some of the pictures!” I said, standing up. “Jimmy won’t be home for hours!”

Kat hesitated a moment, but quickly joined in when I was in my bra and panties.

Once we were completely nude, I put the magazine on the floor and flipped to a random page.

“Okay, Kat. Lay on your back and I’m gonna get on top of you facing the opposite way”, I explained. “Then I’m gonna lick you between your legs”.

Kat shivered in anticipation as she did as I told her. Then I got on top of her and started to lick her virgin slit. She began to giggle.

“Krissy! It tickles!” she said, laughing into my own cunt in the 69 position.

I continued to lick her as she wiggled underneath me. All her moving around was really turning me on and my cum began to drip from me.

Then I felt Kat’s tongue digging inside me for more. “Mmmmm…” I could tell she was starting to enjoy this as much as I was!

After a few minutes, she pushed me off of her. “I wanna practice kissing, Krissy. I’m SO nervous about that”.

I was a little disappointed because her insides tasted so good, but I smiled at her, wanting to continue our exploring. “Okay, I want you to close your eyes and open your mouth a little bit,” I instructed her as she sat cross-legged in front of me.

I straddled myself on her, basically sitting in her lap. I brought my lips to hers as I gently squeezed her breast. I kissed her harder as she become more comfortable with what we were doing and began to tug at her nipples firmly.

“Ouch!” Kat pulled away from me as I twisted her pink nipple. Her bottom lip jutted out, pouting.

“Aaaww… poor Kitten. Let Krissy kiss it better”, I cooed lovingly as I bent my face to her sore nipple.

I rolled my tongue around the hard nub and began to suck. With my free hand, I stroked her swollen pussy lips. Kat started to moan as I nibbled her, rubbing her clit in circular motions like I did when I masturbated myself, and she started to rub me back.

It was as though we had melted into one another. We were completely absorbed in touching each other. Her hands between my legs felt amazing and I started cumming.

“Krissy?! You’re PEEING on me!” Kat shrieked in horror.

My eyes flew open, releasing her breast, and tears swelled up. “Oh god…”

She pushed me off of her as I continued to dribble. Moments later, the carpet under my bare ass was wet - and Jimmy was standing in our bedroom doorway!

“What the HELL are you two doing?! Krissy, did you just piss all over the carpet?!” He was livid, his face beet red in fury and disgust.

The colour drained from my face as I met Jimmy’s eyes. Then I quickly dropped them to the floor, but not before the beginning of his erection caught my attention…. Kat’s eyes were bulging out as well, trying to cover her naked young body.

“Jimmy, PLEASE don’t tell Mom and Dad! I’ll clean up everything” I whimpered, covering my face with my hands in humiliation.

He stood there, just looking at us, his two naked, virginal sisters, trying to figure out what to do. “Get a wet rag, Krissy and clean yourself up!”

I got up, still unable to look at him and went to the bathroom. As I washed down my wet thighs, I could hear them talking.

“Did Krissy talk you into this, Kat? Why do you have my magazine? Were you snooping in my things?”

Through tears, I heard her respond, “We were just talking and then it just happened…”

“You were talking and all of a sudden, you’re both naked and she’s pissing all over you? That doesn’t make any sense.”

I came back into the room with the cloth after I was clean and begin to scrub the wet spot I’d made. “She just wanted to practice so that she wouldn’t be nervous with a boy from school. I just wanted to help, Jimmy,” I remarked quietly.

“Wouldn’t it make MORE sense to practice with a GUY?” Jimmy asked. “You girls could have just asked me.”

I stopped scrubbing and looked up. Jimmy was smiling at me and Kat.

“Tell you what, girls. If you let me spank you to teach you each a lesson, I won’t tell the ‘rents about any of this”, he said as Kat wiped her last tears away. “Then we can practice whatever you two want to learn.”

Kat and I looked at each other, knowing full well that if our parents found out, there would be Hell to pay.

“Do we have an agreement?”

We nodded our heads in silence.

“Alright. Krissy, because this is more or less your fault, I’m going to punish you first. Kat, go and put your nose in the Corner…”

Kat and I were both still naked as we moved into our positions. I laid myself across Jimmy’s lap and braced myself for my punishment.

“I’m going to spank you 20 times, Krissy. I want you to count them out to me,” he instructed, running his hands over my ass cheeks.

I shivered in anticipation and surprised pleasure. “Thank you, jimmy,” I said quietly as he raised his hands to begin.

I could see Kat flinching in the Corner each time a smack rang out, clenching her own cheeks in nervousness as I counted the strokes out loud.

The first 10 were delivered to the middle of my cheeks. Jimmy readjusted his leg position so that my head was practically touching the floor for the other half. The slaps rained down on the tender area where my ass meets my legs (my sit spot).

“Alright, switch! Get your nose into that Corner and DON’T rub the sting out!” Jimmy dumped my limp body onto the floor as I wiped the tears from my cheeks. “Kat, come here.”

Timidly, we switched places. I wanted to hold her hand and apologize for getting her into this mess as I stared at the white paint on the wall. She had never been spanked before.

“Kat, because your older sister took advantage of you, I’m only going to spank you 10 times,” he explained, repeating the same process that he’d carried out on my backside.

She whimpered as she took her punishment and then he helped her up.

“I want you both to sit on the bed.”

Before we complied, we wrapped our arms around him. “We’re really sorry. Thank you!”

He hugged our naked bodies to him, laughing. “Just like sweet little angels again.”

The hug broke apart and we sat down on either side of him, both our backsides a nice deep pink and still smarting.

“Now, what would you like to learn?” he asked, a huge erection straining in his pants as his eyes traveled over our young, virgin bodies.

“I wanna learn how to have sex! I don’t want my boyfriend to make fun of me for begin terrible!” I announced, my virgin cunt starting to throb at the idea.

“Me too! Me too!” Kat chimed in. She always DID want to be like her big sister.

Our brother quickly undid his pants and ripped them down, along with his underwear. My eyes bugged out of my head at the size of his penis! Kat had the same expression. It was huge!

“Wow! That could actually FIT inside my pee hole?” Kat asked in disbelief.

Jimmy laughed again. “Yup. When you get tingly between your legs, it gets bigger so that there’s room to make it fit. Now, who wants to go first?”

Without a word, I scooted in the bed to rest my head on the pillow and opened my legs to my brother. My tummy was full of butterflies!
Jimmy crawled on top of me and Kat moved to the side of the bed to get a better view.

“This is gonna hurt a bit in the beginning. It’ll feel really good in the end though,” he assured me as he brought his cock head to the entrance between my legs. “Get ready…”

I closed my eyes and felt Kat grab my hand for support. Then I felt his mushroom rip my hymen and I gasped in pain, then relaxed as he worked my cherry.
I moaned and wriggled as he worked his thick cock into my cunt. His breathing was laboured as he fucked me faster, bowing his head down to lick my pink hard nipple. Kat leaned over and kissed my mouth, squeezing my other breast.

My moans got louder as I approached my first orgasm. Instinctively, I wrapped my legs around his waist and crossed them to open myself up and to draw him in deeper.

Before I could cum - and him, for that matter, he pulled out, breathing hard and squeezing the tip of his penis. His eyes were closed, concentrating on something.

“Me next! Me next!” Kat squealed in delight as she ran around the bed and laid down beside me with her legs open. “Did it feel good, Krissy?”

I smiled, dazed. “Wow…” was all I could muster up.

After a few minutes, Jimmy’s breathing was normal again and he crawled on top of Kat to steal her virginity as well.

Eagerly, she squeezed her breasts and moaned. “Mmmmm.. I want you to go fast, Jimmy!”

“Are you sure, Kat?” He hesitated a moment…. But ONLY for a moment…

In one smooth motion, and without waiting for a response from her, he drove his 8 inches into her virginity.

“Oh god…” he gasped out. “This is a dream come true…” Then he chuckled for a moment, noticing the pun he’d made.

As he pumped her hard, I straddled her face, the cum from my pussy dripping onto her awaiting lips. Her tongue shot out and flicked around in the air for the source and I lowered myself to her. She licked my hungrily, sliding over every inch of my slit as though she had done it a hundred times before. I grabbed hold of the headboard just to be able to keep myself steady… My knees were weak from the pleasure.

“Are you ready, Kat? I’m gonna shoot my load inside you…” Jimmy informed her, sweat dripping from his brow.

All she did was moan, digging her tongue deeper inside me. Jimmy let a long guttural moan escape as his balls began to fill his youngest sister’s pussy with his hot cum. His moan set me off and I came into Kat’s mouth, moaning in unison with them. Her entire body shuddered as she joined in the cumming.

Once the heavy breathing has calmed and we had physically recovered from cumming so hard, I got off Kat’s face and Jimmy withdrew his limp dick.

“You girls are amazing!” Jimmy smiled at us, kisses us both on the forehead. “If you ever want to learn anything else, don’t hesitate to ask.”

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2013-12-27 15:18:43
Oh yeah! that was quite arousing.

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2010-08-30 12:35:50
yes...was written good. I loved it. Nothing like young tight cunt.


2009-04-24 02:31:47
decent...just don't really understand how you go from using words like we are 4 like pee hole, to usinig limp dick

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2009-02-22 00:54:29
Started out alright, but then it got a little too smutty. 6/10


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very good 4 a amature

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